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Actually it has been there for some time now, but due to so many things happening here in Nigeria, where I am working as a movie producer and film director, project manager, even a stunt men… Well you do not always have time for music! I like to impress my self in all fields so to speak, so let me do my thing best. Here is my music however. It is also on Spotify, google play you name it! I am the best and pro!



Once again guys, the art cover done by Christer Hongisto. Not only a media designer but also a guy with a big sense of humor.

Klem Kaan Designers EP faced a lot of adversities on the road especially with publishing. But alternatives were found!

Here is the fresh progressive house track. My special thanks which I want to mention on my website would go to my bother Omos and good friends such as Jyri, Sami, Häkä, Stani, Jape, Tapsa, Joona and few other characters who were highly involved in my crazier phase of life. A phase which was complete partying and serious fun actually becouse ultimately it was the partying which led me to become a pretty hot dj producer, so thank you guys!

You can listen to the track here.




Cover Art By Christer Hongisto. Peace out bro!


Haha this news is nothing special but It is good to create a separate article about this scenario.

So, like the title says. The ep release is delayed with at least one week. The original plan was to start the release this week but our recent Facebook page crash and the fact that I was in Nigeria without a decent internet connection made the release process hard.

The EP is super guaranteed to be released before mid of April. The plan is to release every single track of the EP one by one. Once every 3 weeks a new track will pop up here and to other streaming sites. You can check the preview of the EP herehttps://soundcloud.com/klem-kaan/klem-kaan_designers_preview


The son of gods hidden GUILT is the cause of physical universe. This guilt is something that Segmund Freud referred to as latent content. This guilt (latent content) then makes up a manifest content which is the physical world  and the world is a device for us as homo sapiens to NEVER look back to the latent content which is our guilt over our decision to tell god or unity “to fuck off I want to be an individual”. Every sickness and distress of the world is expression of guilt (a.k.a the wish to be punished). This wish to be punished is expressed in a form of a world, where the mind (or spirit) now appears to be in a slowly dying body and going trough a life which appears to be an endless series of problems. And none will be solved because the guilt within, in the mind has not been dealt with. It is the guilt in our minds that is the cause of EVERY problem. Even Einstein said that “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” In other words the solution is not external but internal, because everything in this world is expression of guilt in the mind over our decision to remain as separate individuals rather than returning home. Absolutely everything in the world is an expression of guilt!! Even the body of Marilyn Monroe is an expression of guilt! The body is the central figure of guilt. This is not easily accepted by anyone because, since guilt was the cause of big bang, the cause of the entire physical universe, to undo this guilt will literally dispel the physical universe and you will return to the heart of god (or oneness) meaning, your individuality, everything you thought about your self will be finally over and the dream of guilt, suffering, pain and death is gone and glory has entered in. In fact, glory was always there because all of this was just a bad dream and you are still in heaven!

Note:Words like god, spirit or heaven are used because these are symbols that are globally known and we have given them a larger meaning. Even if the person is none religious, most of us understand that these symbols usually refer to something abstract. You can still substitute the word like god or heaven with any other words. It doesnt really matter because all of these are just symbols that are part of a larger myth which again, is the entire world you appear to “live” in. I want to quote the word live because life in the world with all these problems is not life at all. It does get better tough when the seeming individual snaps out of its old thinking patterns. The world will continue to be chaotic and unreliable but at least, if the seeming person has studied eastern teaching or stuff like the Course in miracles, then at least the seeming person will know what all these problems are for. That is a major step!

When you tell stories to small children. Have you ever noticed how much they stick with all the gross and dramatic details describing pain, loss, suffering, quilt and death? In fact you can sometimes see the children smiling perversely after describing an horrific event!!! Freud was right when saying young children are, by nature, “polymorphously perverse. In other words, children get ALOT of kicks out of any external stimulus and eventually they are attached to the external and forget the internal and in fact, forget the fundamental reason they were born. Not a funny state btw.

That is why the only way out of the worlds curriculum (all of the things we have learned and will learn) are actually meant to be unlearned so that we can re-experience our true state of peace which will ultimately lift us to our natural state of oneness or heaven. The world came to existence from an agenda which is the exact opposite to oneness, heaven, god (they mean the same thing in this context). Luckily, believe it or not, the world is literally just a bad dream. Not so sure if collectively many are aware of this. I have heard that not many will undo their learning of the world in this life time (a learning which is the ultimate cause of our suffering. A mind that has learned the worlds ideas such as defense, attack, guilt, sin, differences, all ideas which are meant to prove that heavens/ oneness fragmentation is possible and real are ideas that produces a very distorted mimic of heaven. A parody. And the world is a parody because nothing here works and ultimately everything here will decompose and die. The world is literally just a carpet of time that rolled out of your own mind and now you are going trough a life where you are unconsciously trying to prove that life outside heaven is possible. Unfortunately life outside of heavens oneness does not work and this chaotic truth is expressed in all different forms of lack, pain, suffering and death. All the death and suffering you see outside your self is actually just a massive symbol of separation from unity because that is what separation WOULD be like if such a thing can be possible. But gladly separation is impossible and so all that can happen from such an insane thought is to fantasize about it.

The world and everything within the world which includes your body as well is a symbol of separation. An illusion, a picture which you are projecting out side time and space. You are still in heaven and all is well, but you seem to be in this world which is actually a false experience. Self realization, usually starts to dawn in the mind when the seeming individual realizes that there is no hope in the world, but there is indeed hope in the mind, because THERE IS NO WORLD!! THE WHOLE WORLD IS INSIDE YOUR MIND. You are dreaming a world of separation, a dream of death. The only good thing about suffering in any life time, is that it motivates us as gods one son to understand that there is no hope in the world but there is hope, great joy and peace within our own minds if we are willing to undo the stuff that we have learned during our experience in this physical “reality”. This would include to question EVERY single value that you hold as being something important because when you start to question all these things, you will realize that all of it is meaningless. The world is meaningless and in reality, there is really nothing to do or learn. This is so because there is no world. It is just a dream from which everyone will awaken sooner or later.

You heard it. It is gone. Maybe it is all over! It was disabled due to some unknown violations.

We move on anyway! What ever it means.

Just wanna mention an awakening symptom that seems to be very common yet not much appreciated by the public. The awakening symptom is when you start to see the “burning house” nature of the world and that everything here falls apart.  And there is not a damn thing you can do about it! Remember, the world came to existence from a thought of destruction and acts under this insane premise physically and also psychologically in each part of the entire cosmos. You launched your self what appears to be outiside your own mind. However, what can be more enlightening but to realize that the chaos of the world has nothing to do with you because it was all just a THOUGHT that is not true, but it appears to be so real simply because your powers are so powerful to produce ideas like the world of separation you see  hahaha. You should respect the power of the mind! You are the son of god, you had a thought of separation where life comes and ends on death, and you believed in this making and now there is death in all forms: from murder to parents divorcing, from parents divorcing to a nations holocaust. Feeling good, feeling bad.  They all fall under the same category, separation, for they are all just after products of the one insane thought, separation! You made it up in your mind which produced the experience.  The more you judge the world and its parts, cling in to negative, attacking, self destructing thinking… If you hold in to ideas where others are excluded, where others are different from you or situations where you find your self being so special, remember that you are holding separation in your mind, reinforcing an idea which is literally just in your own mind which god has no idea about and most unfortunately, you are delaying your divine experience of your true self which is god created self. You reach your true self trough cleansing and ultimately letting go of your thinking that wrapped your mental attention to a body which in reality does not live or die for it is just a projection of a thought. The crucifixion metaphor in the bible or Course in Miracles is a great symbolism of the minds own crucifixion in to the body. Every attack thought you hold is actually a nail you are hitting right in to your own wrist, because there is nobody out there to be blamed of your mistaken choice of being which is separation or need to be an individual. You are dreaming a content that fragments unity at many levels. Your negative, attacking thoughts produce a more concrete, stressful experience. This habit must be reversed trough much disipline. It is a lifetime process.


This is the first real time update for this website! Anyways, about an hour ago I found out that some people went inside my London flat and stole a bunch of stuffs. I had to speak out in my Facebook fanpage so check it out bitch!


But I also got the text in here! To be honest I am nervous about taking these issues up, but the past few months, that have been filled with intense and dramatic changes do seem to guide me to talk about few things here and there.

Ok my dad just called and told me that some hippies went to my apartment in London and stole a lot of my precious game collections I had and a projector, and god knows what else!! All I can say is that knowledge might lead to these sorts of situations to motivate you to understand that this world is not our home for real man.

I think now is a good time to say that I think seekers around the globe should understand that the purpose of all this mess in the world is to actually motivate us to awaken from the worlds dream. Not to make our lives better here in a world which is filled with mad ideas/darkness. That is the truth folks, sorry. If we think the world is filled with light and there is hope here, you will be SO greatly disappointed. The purpose is to awaken from the dream DAH! Study Freud, read Buddhism, Course in miracles, some parts of the Bible or whatever metaphysical teachings, APPLY it in your daily life and see the result. That is all you are really meant to do here. Everything else is just part of the play and temporary. :P

Just as an example… Did Jesus Christ have an SEEMING happy ending? Just think about it. Hes awareness was outside the world and so the form (tortured body) did not matter to him anymore no matter what people were doing to him. He did not feel pain for all there was left was a cleansed mind (aka heaven). So, search for that radical inner stunt man in you otherwise you will just be among all the rest who just end up talking talking and intellectualizing without the actual experience. Good luck! It is tough but doable for the radical of radicals.

Sweet are the uses of adversity, as Shakespeare used to say. Our lives are endless series of problems which are meant to be forgiven to the point where the mind has not a single negative thought no matter what APPEARS to happen in our lives.  It is one hell hole in the beginning, due to our massive identification with the worlds false way of thinking which has now become our skin and guides our lives and on which we depend on, not knowing of anything else, but we do feel that there must be something more than this what we think as life.

So, we have integrated ourselves in to an ego based thought system and have become one with this thought system which produces  our gross physical  experience. Very uncomfortable and seeming real that we managed to trick our own dreaming state in to believing that the dream what we see is now real. The healing of this happens in the level of the mind where the dream worlds ego based thinking is then reversed with gentle process so that we wont freak out.  Positive thinking is not the closest way to put how the healing goes. It is literally to withdraw all the thoughts, values we hold dearly, and ultimately holds the world right in our face on which we daily gaze on to with our physical eyes. Yes, it is just your thoughts that is running the world! You are the dreamer! However, there are unconscious thoughts that are making you see this world. When your thought system starts to be reversed trough enough mind training provided by different teachings some examples like Buddhism, some parts of the Bible, Course In Miracles etc, and thousand of more books, well, if you really practice the stuff that the “ancient” (haha) teachings says, then the outside world we think as planet earth might appear to change because cause (your mind) and effect (the world) are not separate.  God and his son are still one. The world you see is an outside picture of and inward condition. It is all just a dream.

We do not want to dwell in darkness today but to withdraw all the clutter of useless thoughts that hold the world. Let us bridge the gap towards creativity today! Klem Kaan – Designers EP preview  2014 material.

Estimated release date? Well, that is a little bit before April 2014 my friend.

Track description.

1. Another One Year Passing By. Progressive House, liquid trance, frequencies and European melancholia. Ironically one of my first ever produced house track and one of my favorite. Main melody recorded back in 2009. For collectors and sound design freaks.

2. We are right here. Interestingly, a track that is recorded with a laptop while on the road travelling around Africa. Intentionally made to sound easy to catch, definitely for the commercial charts and so gives me the access to my millions of dollars.

3 .Outrage. Experimental techno with a theme. A track for collectors and sound design freaks.

4. Digital Pleasure. Dreamwaves, synth and a vocoder massacre.

Art Cover By Christer Hongisto



The body, both psychological and physical experience which we all have subscribed our selves into works as a witness to our own state of mind. The whole world is a witness to our own state of mind because cause (mind) and effect (world) are not separated from each other though the world and it’s great discoveries, are continuously stating the exact opposite at all levels, thus making the world very very real and incredibly important to us… Even though it is nothing else but a sorry IDEA/THOUGHT projected outward which we all have of course forgotten, giving us the sense of being stuck here, having no idea how we got here , how to get out from here,  and so we end up coping with this existence, which is not existence at all but death.

The world is just a projection of this one sick mind that THINKS it is separate from its source (god or whatever) and this IDEA is then PICTURED what then appears to be an impressive, complex universe. There is nothing complex or impressive about this universe and this is not to put anybody down. Every seeming micro-organism that divides and subdivides, the seeming cancer cell that fragments it self in to billions of pieces, the seeming stars that collide each other and die to recreate a new one and the intensely complicated dialogue which we use to describe all these “wonders” around us are only AFTER IMAGES of this original thought of separation, which is, once again boys and girls, a thought of separation from unity (or whatever) acted out in the movie screen, and which we now think as our life and a very important one indeed hahah.

Everything is just a projection, just like your body is, and all the dramas or the seeming good things that happen in our lives as homo sapiens is just a projection. The death of your body is also a projection. The body does not really die because it was never really there in the first place. It only feels and looks that way because it is the mind that sends it self these fake impulses. The concrete solid sensation of the body and the world at large comes from distorted frequencies which are part of the trick of this world of separation to keep our attention on the screen and to deny the power of our mind to choose against our decision to remain separate. You might as well, dear reader, put the dots together by realizing that even sickness, physical or physiological is also a device to keep your focus outside, rather than looking within, where the key is.

There is nothing to learn in this world. Nothing to understand. Its “gifts” are just shabby substitutes to seal our true source of happiness which is ALREADY within our own minds (not the brain, the brain receives the information that the mind tells the brain to receive). We already have everything because we are everything. But, about that later cuz now there is a beautiful African acoustic guitar that needs to be tendered.

The world is nothing else but a hologram where we have projected our thoughts of separate interest, the idea of being separate from god (or unity, or Nirvana, or abstraction, whatever you want to call it) Everything we have labeled as physical expressions are actually reflections of this one thought. There is no such a thing as physical action and THEN the thought follows! Absolutely not, the entire world is a projection of your mind! This deeper understanding has become very unconscious to us because of our constant identification with the outside screen, the outside world (hologram) which again, only serves us to perpetuate our separated state which always leads to some form of exclusion/division. The world and our fixed personal life does not want us to remember our unity. It partially shows you expressions of love and abundance simply because this is a dualistic world where opposites seem to exist. The only reason the world gives you a temporary pay off whether it is physically or psychologically helpful is because this is the way how the world can persuade us (sons of god) to keep our belief in our dual state. A state of conflict instead of solution. A state where part of gods extension has misidentified it self with a projected after image (the body) and has allowed it self to sink deep in to a thinking pattern that comes along intacked with the body. In short, you are not really in the world at all, because the world is just a thought of this one thought of the son of god being separated from its source. As if cause (mind) and effect (world) are separated! As if god and son are separated! No, cause and effect are one! So, we can easily now say that, the you who seems to be reading this text, disagreeing with its words or embracing its words or doing whatever a person would do, is a false experience taken literally.

NOTE: We are using biblical symbols such as god and son because for now, they come in use to express these ideas. These symbols are not to be taken literally. We are talking about the mind and not about the world. Why should we even bother about the world, because there is no world? Everything is just a projected thought of separation, fragmentation, individuality. Ultimately all symbols will be left behind for they were just tools to lead us to an understanding (or not if you choose so). Using biblical symbols such as god and son will be also left out sooner or later because we are all one, and there is not a separate authority figure outside from us, even though the worlds wants to believe so. This is so, because we worship the idea of individuality and we need a made up god to support this thought system. Unfortunately this thought system does not work, the world does not work, people do not work. Nothing works in the world. The world has a TREMENDOUS resistance to grasp this.

The meaning we have given to the world, it’s history and it’s anticipated future has been distorted from the very beginning of time, because the source of our world (our thoughts included) came to existence from a selfish decision, where we, as the one son of god (a.k.a one shared thought system) decided to oppose against our original inherited attitude, and replace a totally upside down thought system pattern instead. A new thought system with a perceptive nature that realizes differences, thus keeping an idea of separation alive and well. This new thought system pattern which is now in our minds (not our brains), is now projected (or dreamed) outward in to the hologram, and this then what you believe as your life, meaning, that the outside picture is showing you your inner condition. The world is a symbol (a symptom actually…) of your inner condition.

And the inner condition is opposition followed by the experience of feeling guilty, and now you are suddenly also aware of new ideas such as sin, punishment, death, hate, pain suffering, attack, separation and on and on the flesh and blood just gets spilled out, until some one dares to challenge a thought system pattern which CLEARLY shows you that you have become insane. An outside picture, that shows you, a thought system in action, which has never served you anything else, but what appears to be the wrath of god perpetuating the coming death of your on going physical existence.

Not only does this execution happen so physically and psychologically painfully, but it actually takes 30,60,80 years until the body dies, and in between the beginning and the ending the body has to go trough SO much different conflicts that needs to be solved in the world. Conflicts like personal conflicts, social conflicts, material conflicts, ESPECIALLY psychological conflicts and conflicts which we have labeled as being normal mental activity like getting hungry, getting sick, having all kinds of urges and needs that need to be filled. Each and every aspect of your life, the purpose is to keep the mind outside it’s source, and to keep the mind focused on protecting the body, serving it’s needs. Only trough this set up, can the son of god (you) be deceived, that he has become a separate being, cast out from heaven to serve the script of death, bound to be come one with dust and with the corpses from around millenniums.

You have probably noticed, how much babies cry after being given birth by their mothers? Very very few have yet realized, that babies are born with fully developed egos ,and so, have already developed the ability to either judge or to let it be! The babies judgemental finger has already been set in motion, the instant, the baby comes out from the mothers womb. A screaming and crying baby, is not just a normal activity.

What the baby is really saying is. What we all as babies really say (tough this is automatacially denied) is ” I am crying because of you! The cause of me being born in to this world IS NOT MY FAULT, thus all of the dramas, which I will encounter, which seems to be caused by outside forces, gives me enough justification to be in a constant defensive and attack mode, excluding others and to speculate “other” peoples motives for the rest of my life. This also means that you, dear mom and daddy, will also be a huge cause of my behaviour and thinking, leaving me totally unresponsible of the things that happen in my life and giving me a perfect reason to continue to think  thoughts that do not point to our joint togetherness that is always united, but rather my thoughts are now pointing me to a world of paranoia and exclusion where there are either friends or enemies.

The world around you is a symbolic, projected demonstration of the first accusation finger trick you made upon abstract unity which is now, as a shadowly image, expressed in all different forms and in all different tongues. The world is a thought of attack, human body a symbol of individual special self. It starts with a story where we are helpless infants and by the minute we appear to this world, we already have a bunch of bodies that work as our escape goat on where we can project our attacking thoughts, to blame others of our miserable state, and to secretly develop a deeper sense of individual self, a space of your own, which we secretly wish for ourselves and only for ourselves. We keep this image framed with attack thoughts and here is where the need for an unbalanced and unfair world full of dramas comes in handy! They come in handy because it is the seeming unfairness of the world that gives us the opportunity to say “there is bad out there and so there is no heaven anymore and this is clearly not my fault because I didnt come here. I was forced here. God created me on his own image and has left me alone with these evil people”

These attack thoughts then, by time, create a sense of solidness and physicality which is actually more of the mind just getting more and more sick due to its identification with a thought system which has nothing to do with the thought system of our unity. The thought system of the world is trying to hide the minds power and keep you from looking at the world from a more universal perception which will inevitably and gently lead you to the understanding that the everything here is an illusion of an attack thought which then was expressed what appeared to be big bang and now continues to express this very same thought what appears to be our very own lives. All this, is of course is a lie. Everything here is a lie. The whole cosmos is a lie. Past present and future are all lies. The only thing that is true is that everything here is a lie. More explanation is of course needed and that happens with time whenever the author receives the light of motivation.

To hide behind slogans is self-defeating and unnecessary. It is life as a whole that works as your teacher, as long as you can keep your respect towards others, who are part of the whole (life). To stick with a set of slogans, is to deceive your self, excluding your brothers around you, who are also your teachers as you are a teacher to you brothers, to your self. There is only one life.

So, ignorance is a bliss some would say… Now, take a plane and fly as high as you can, and be free to be ignorant of the gravitational forces that surrounds planet earth. Now, jump out of the plane, and continue being ignorant! Guaranteed, the falling will be a wonderful experience, until you smash on the ground… Now be free to apply this same example in your daily existence. In other words, be ignorant of the worlds ego structure, get drunk, intoxicate your self and just wait until your cherished ignorance bites your head off.

Ignorance is a decision to remain asleep. It is a decision to exclude others, to remain blind and cling in to your own abilities to judge ahead, based on your own past experiences. This is a state of a zombie, and your part to support life as a whole is close to be wasted. You are not a waste product, yet, to worship ignorance, you are telling your self you are unworthy to go beyond limits. Ignorance is a limitation. Intellectualization is another form of ignorance. If you want to function at your highest peak, then respect the power of your heart, that which is in tune with everything.

As the old saying goes “Happiness brings all the riches than all the money in the world”

Tough this saying has the value to comfort a person temporary, the risk to a misleading interpretation is very high. This statement is simply to pat you on to your shoulder. You are not a child anymore, so listen to this… India became the most poorest countries simply because, collectively, India adapted it self to the none materialistic nature of spiritualism, thus it became a very lazy and none productive nation. Too dependent on god! Same goes with Africa, and all other places which we have labeled as third world countries. The West again, became integrated to ideologies such as Karl Marx’s Das Kapital, which is basically all about expanding material wealth, yet completely denying the existence as it is. It became an exploitation of mans ability to work without questioning his own actions. The West became dead inside! Constantly at war with it self. This war is then acted out trough each individuals “private” dramas.

If you can put the materialistic nature (money, luxury, materialism) and the inner dimension (self) together, you will have a great life. Without these two qualities (material and inner world) you will stay dead.

You don’t have to renounce the world, by hiding your self behind old sayings, which have become outdated and have never worked out anyway. Don’t be a coward! Seek to master both (inner and outer) dimensions of life, because these are your inheritance.