7 Comforting Realizations due to Awakening from the dream of life and death.

Awakening from the dream of life (and death) is a process that will take time. It can take lifetimes (I hated this idea) because we are so rooted into the dream. It will most likely not be an easy process because our global system was made in a way so that nobody is able to awaken from our dreams of life and death.

For thousands of years The illuminati/ Cabal have been plotting with advanced beings/ extraterrestials by building a reincarnation harvesting grid, “the light at the end of the tunnel” which many people describe in their near death experience, but a light which lures our souls to come back to this world over and over again after we die, only to repeat the same nine to five slavery again and again with total amnesia regarding who we really are, and to be fed with false history about our self by a world outside of us. They have sodomised and exploited our souls for a long time. You cant beat the prison system (our world) because it is foolproof but you can escape it trough realizing that you are the dreamer and have the power to change the dream into a dream that hastens your awakening away from the dream and stop reincarnation. This is what the illuminati fears the most which is why they created the concept of Darwinism that completely denies the power of our minds and rendering us to believe in a physical brain. The brain is projected by the mind! Not other way around! Evolution never occurred because it was all just a bad dream of separation which is meant to keep us in a literal sleep. The world and the events/story you perceive are inevitable effects of separating from god which means, again, that its bound to be chaotic. Our bodies, that stand for individuality, are symbols of separation. The death of the body is a symbol of separation. The death of a star is a symbol of separation. Even things like peeing is a symbol separation because the water in your body is separating it self from your body! So everything here stands for separation.

Many people like your family and friends are most likely hypnotized by the world which means if you start to awaken you will most probably create tension around them because you are challenging their sense of reality by your very being. There will be times when people who are unaware of the dream nature of the world will uncounsiously attack and try to lure you back into concensus thinking, back to what is familiar and safe for them to understand, so you will have to say no many times because you now know that the only way to save this world is to truly awaken from the dream, by slowly realizing that we are not bodies and thus be a demonstrator of true inner peace to others because you know our lives as bodies are made up so there is nothing to fear. This is the ideal state for all of us and we can get there!

Today I want to list some comforting realizations.

  1. Although the world was build to attack those who awaken from the dream you will be able to take those attacks less seriously. You will be able to take EVERYTHING less seriously because you are slowly understanding it is all just an imagination/dream. Awakening does not guarantee a successfull life in terms of the world, the part of you that still wants to experience individuality/ separation as a body will not like this idea of Awakening which is why our desire for separation will manifest all these challenges in our lives to keep us distracted from our mind and keep us asleep. The dream can get more intense, beautiful and weird the more you awake. If you look at Jesus life, who was awakened completely, his life ultimately led to his crucifixion, so Awakening does not guarantee you millions of dollars or any of that Law Of Attraction stuff. The true miracle of your life is to experience that you are the dreamer of the physical universe. That is Enlightenment. All else will fall into place naturally. It is a gradual process otherwise our biological small self could not take it. The process of awakening is also a very physical process where our brain gets rewired to receive larger dose of universal energy trough our spines which is why it is very common to rest a lot at this time.
  2. Realizing you are the dreamer means that every animal you see are also you. You will have more abilities to communicate with them and animals will appear more human to you.
  3. You will live a life of contentment and gratitude no matter how tough things get.
  4. Although your career, your hobbies, people and even family members may fall away, and you will be in a limbo all alone, you will eventually attract the right people into your life who are on the same journey with you because like attracts like. There is no more ego based agenda (fear of being alone, seeking validation, likes, gossip etc) in the relationships but true, honest and unconditional communication. In other words,  slowly realizing life is just a dream leads you into a more feiry tail experience of life. Everything is more synhcronistic and different opportunities start to come up. The dream basically gets weird, beautiful and sometimes very intense especially in night time sleep.
  5. Even when the dream can get very intense to a point it overwhelms you, you just know there is a higher purpose behind everything that happens in your life. Your everyday life has meaning.
  6. Your body becomes more lighter and easier to carry around. It doesn’t feel like a heavy meat sack anymore.
  7. You will eventually stop judging other people and your self because there is no sense in judging something which is only a dream. Judgement is basically a decision to make sin real in your mind and  you will eventually learn not to do that for the sake of your own well being and others.

Hope you liked the list. These are based on my own understanding and not all are meant to resonate with you. I do feel however that you will find some common elements with your own awakening and most importantly, realize that you are not alone in this intense, beautiful and weird journey.

Your own self realization is the greatest service you can offer the world.” -Sri Ramana Maharshi

10 Uncomfortable Realizations due to Awakening from the Dream of life.

Now I want to keep it simple and list out some what might be disturbing realizations of what we thought to be our lives here on earth. These are not meant to scare anybody. This will be discovered by everyone when they are ready anyway. Hopefully this resonates with you.

1.  You slowly realize that God did not create the world because the world and the people are literally happening in your mind. You are the dreamer (creator) of the world and the people. The dream is the way it is because it is a dream of separation from god (a.k.a oneness) so its bound to be chaotic. It is a miscreation of thought which resulted into a very real experience which we now believe as reality and have completely forgotten its all made up. Our five senses (sight, hearing, smelling etc) are all made up in a dreaming mind.

2. Since you are the dreamer of the world and its people, all the people in your life are literally YOU! You do not really have parents that gave you life nor are the children you seemed to give birth to really your children. They are literally all fragmented parts of you because its all in your mind. Just like during night time bed when you sleep and dream a dream of places and people:all the people and places are you because they are within you. Realizing your children or parents are dream figures can be heartbreaking at first but this does not mean that your love for them will change or diminish. You will actually view them as powerful as you are and enjoy the time with them even more!

3. The dream world we seem to live in has been hijacked by selfish Satan worshipping beings the pop culture know now as illuminati. They created a man made system (religion, vatican, government, television, banking system, bureauocracy, hollywood etc) to keep us unaware of the fact that we are not really in the world at all but are minds dreaming as if we are in the world or matrix. In other words our entire system was created to keep us mindless/To not be aware we are the dreamer. Their main weapon to keep us believing in the reality of the body is trough fear by using false flag events such as 9/11. They have used religion to inject the concept of sin and guilt into our minds which only perpetuates the false state of being a body. They have basically lied to us about everything by using ancient sorcery they learned from other humanoid races thousand of years ago and still continue to work together to maintain people in an eternal state of sleep and never get out.

4. You will eventually have to forgive these satan worshipping beings (illuminati) because they are fragmented parts of you. In other words if you would be in their shoes fully engrossed in their experience of being a separated individual and have access to such power, you would have done the same decision to enslave humanity. No big deal. Forgive and let them go. They have already lost the battle because so many are fed up with the way the world is running right now and it is this organic way of being fed up with everything that catapults you into the path of Awakening from the dream of separation which is the life we all live in as one. There is only one of us appearing as many, and that one is you. You are the dreamer and there is nobody else.

5. The body is actually a deformity of thought. In other words the body is an after effect of a mind that is sick. Any sickness in the body is ultimately demonstrating a sickness that is in the mind which needs to be healed in an mental level trough self-work. The last sickness to overcome is the death of the body.

7. Friends and family members who are heavily invested into the dream or matrix will naturally fall away from your life. You will not be able to save them because the decision to awaken must be chosen by themselves. The beginning stages of Awakening is a lonely and gradual process where you slowly realize you are not here at all and to realize you do not exist can be horrifying. Realizing you do not exists takes an enormous courage and willingness so you can not force your loved ones to follow your path. You can also call awakening a conscious way of dying of the old life to the new and who wants to die really?

8. Although there are many moments of bliss and communication with god (oneness) during your awakening process you will also be intensily sensitive and aware of the state of our world which is dwelling in insanity and pain on many levels including universally. You will most likely be angry to the people around you of why they are not seeing they way you see things.

9. Hell and heaven are real only in the sleeping mind that dreams. The more you awaken the more you have to face your fears which may include embracing demonic or alien entities (usually during night time sleep). Being dedicated to truth means to embrace the bad things as well not only the comfortable ones which only our egos would attach to. Facing your fears includes more subtle experiences as well such as facing being broke, being homeless, losing a loved one, being alone etc. The purpose is to overcome these obstacles by trust and be willing to see that they are all part of the dream to keep you in fear which perpetuates the state of sleep. There is nothing to fear but that can be only experienced when you truly know you are the dreamer and not a dream figure (a body)

10. Awakening process is about getting used to letting go of the false self which is the life we think we live. It is about getting more in tune with your inner self (the dreamer) and ultimately have the courage to leave the dream entirely, not trough death but trough Enlightenment/ purification of mind that dreams a nightmare of life and death.

Stay tuned for the next article. I will try to write something nice this time. In the mean while, hear this. A song about reality!


Awakening From The Dream Of Separation.

If you read my articles you have probably noticed that I refer our physical universe, the entire cosmos  as only a dream. It is not a new idea in fact Hinduism, the oldest religion of our world, has also addressed the world to be not real, it is only a projection of our minds. There are many teachings of Jesus found in the Gospel of Thomas that are pointing to this exact same experience, not to mention buddhism that also supports this. So what I have said so far is nothing new and thank god more and more people are awakening in to this! Some people do this in obscurity so that they wont be called crazy or killed and some are more vocal about this subject… Who might get killed eventually. Lol.

However, telling a person that the world is just a dream is not really a good motivator to really dive deeper to realize how much we have invested our hopes and dreams of finding happiness here on earth which is really a dream of a world. A life which is not real. So what happens to those very few who are ready to listen and embark on a journey of truth or Self discovery is that they will go trough a lot of hardships in life so that they can organically dis-invest and ultimately release their hopes and dreams of ever finding happiness in this world. That their happiness can only be found in god.  It will be a process of letting go from a lot of things so that ultimately all that is left is you and god. At first loss is perceived as bad and we will regret of ever answering the call but the more you lose the more you have to be with yourself, in your mind, and become conscious that you are in fact a mind dreaming being a body in a physical universe. A convincing dream of separation from god. A nightmare state. Once you realize you are the dreamer you are however free!

Deeper in to the rabbit hole.

Not remembering about our true origin as spirit, most of us have  gotten comfortable with our seeming reality which is only a projection of a world. Some have a secure life like a secure job, house and friends and family and are never motivated to deeply question what we collectively pass as life here on earth which clearly has good in it but also a lot of pain and suffering.

Although it is clear that there is suffering in the world, when someone over learns the world and sets him self with specific skills he or she has developed and struggled for for many years, it becomes very difficult to let go of attachment to the thinking mind which has carried out the mortal thoughts of survival in this world for so long. Mortal fear to survive in this world separated from gods love has become an addictive state now. The addiction to mortality is so addictive that we have over cluttered our minds with thoughts of mortality and concreted our selves in to a projected image of the thought of mortality (separation) which is the body and the universe that goes with it, perpetuating mortality even further to a point mortality is all we know about now. We have basically made it more harder for ourselves to realize life is but a dream, that we are eternal beings or spirits that have mistakenly invested our entire belief into a world and a body. Everybody is in amnesia due to the convincing nature of our universe and has bought in to the dream by trying to measure and analyze it and making it real. The universe pretends to be mysterious so that we seek answers outside of ourselves and never realize we are the universe. There are however those who end up “suffering” a lot because they did not learn the world really well so they never got comfortable here. They end up living like a wreckloose, a renegade of some sort, never being able to set foot into this world and ground themselves. As much as they try to understand the world; relationships and the world it self are simply too complicated to be understood “so why even try” they say usually preferring entertainments, drugs, creativity and so on to escape their pain with their discontent with this world.

Are you one of these people? Congratulations! As crazy as it may sound, it is these people who are on the grandest journey of all, which is to awaken from this universe we know as life. They are following the path of enlightenment without even knowing it… until things in your life starts to get worse…. And worse and worse!

Nothing seems to be working in your life, you dont resonate with your old friends and biological family anymore, you get kicked out from your job, your career, even your own house. You are always tired and have lost passion in life. You feel weary of everything and your night time dreams are demonic sometimes.

Welcome to the initiation of your awakening.

Awakening is not only about bliss and light, it is also about tearing the aspects of yourself that have rooted you deeper into the matrix or dream. In other words, the reason many things will go away is because they were blocking our awareness of gods love. We can not be aware of God if we think we are in control of life as an individual self so what happens is that everything, absolutely everything that reinforced your state as an individual autonomous self will go away. The process of letting go will not be easy because our entire culture has been made to reinforce the dream of separation/ individuality and has been taken over by a small group of people who have been using our system for millenia to root us deeper into the dream and never wake up for their own pleasure. They basically feed us with bodily beliefs to a point we get addicted to this state and fear our abstract nature as formless spirit. They even removed the concept of reincarnation from the bible and added the hell fire concept nonsense so that we stay in fear which only reinforces our state as a body. The more you realize the world really is a dream, the more your awareness as a body will evaporate. That is true freedom. That is to live in a world but not being of it.

Although the world is not a nice place due to its agenda to keep everyone asleep, awakening is very possible, in fact it is inevitable for everyone. Illuminati or whatever you want to call it can not win. If we cant hear the calling to awaken the other route of awakening is to go trough the process I just mentioned earlier which is to go trough a lot of pain and suffering to a point you have to let all of it go. In many cases it has to be a gentle process because so many are caught up into the dream to a point if everything gets taken away just like that, they can go crazy and not trust the process of awakening at all. This is not gods will.

So if everything in your life is breaking down. You really are on the right track.It will not last forever and new people, places and goals will emerge to serve your new state of being as a conscious or awakened being in a human form. The dream will continue to try to convince you you are a body trough series of problems, sometimes intense problems that overwhelms you, but you now have the ability to take things less seriously because you now know it was all just a silly game/ dream. You now know what everything in your life is for. What a wonderful gift right? The body will grow old… The body will seem to die, but you will live a consious life of growing awareness of being a spirit – that has the ability to create like god – in a human form by letting go of of the mortal thoughts, the ego, the emotions that goes with it, and allow the universe to serve you with lessons that hastens your awakening process and the disappearance of the universe.


The world and body are not evil

Although the world indeed is not a nice place, it is still not a separated state from the heavens. It is still a spiritual realm. The idea is to respect your bodies (a dream figures) needs and to be normal while letting the world go. Don’t fall for the trap of making the world a better place. After you have left your old life, after you have let the old you go, it is the Universe that will place your life back on track and your life will be aligned for what is truly beneficial for the entire cosmos.

When Life Falls Apart Due to Awakening

If you are awakening, your old life has by now fallen apart or is falling apart. you think you are a failure because everything you do in societies terms has failed and does not work. Today I want to remind you to give your self a break. Remember, you are the few braves who is going trough a metaphysical and ancient process of letting go of this world called physical universe, including your own body. Awakening is not for the faint heart which is why most people are not awakening in this life time.

It is important to understand that awakening happens to people who are usually fed up with their lives and do not find the man made world sensible, in other words, it is important to honor the fact that you are miserable. Without being miserable of the world, you would place goals and desires that would only divert your attention from awakening back to the noise of the world which was architectured by the illuminati to keep people away from “hearing” god or awaken as minds. This is why it is fair to say that the world is not a nice place and should be only used as a means to awaken not to save it or make it a better place.

Why do we suffer when we awaken from the dream or matrix.

We go trough suffering (dark night of the soul) because we are so identified with the false self which is the holographic 3D body. We have accepted our everyday lives as a normal condition where we avoid pain and seek pleasure without knowing that the pleasure aspect is a trap of cluttering the minds belief as a body even further. So although we are really minds dreaming as if we are bodies our belief as bodies has become so wrapped up to a point we have fusioned ourselves to this bodily state thus the body, which is really a dream figure, has literally become our skin. We then continue establishing our belief as bodies by listening to the external world, the matrix, that keeps telling us that the body is real. Our parents refer to us as bodies, our school system teaches us we are biological physical selves and there is nothing in this world that does not perpetuate the idea of survival of this biological body. Our lives has thus become about surviving, keeping the body well fed, sheltered and educated about the physical world so that we can get a job that can sustain a body. At this point we have overcluttered our minds with bodily thoughts so much where the remembrance of our reality as a mind dreaming of physical universe has become very dim, blocked with bodily thoughts with its thickness and intensity which is why we feel so concrete. The thickness and intensity of our belief as bodies comes from our addiction to this bodily state since we have forgotten its all a dream. This amnesia has been going on for thousands of years which is why we are so cluttered or cemented as bodies. symbol

In order to de-clutter the mind from bodily thoughts and awaken from the dream, the physical universe, you must go trough a difficult process where the world as you know it needs to be shaken and let go. Your career or job may have to go, your relationships with people will break down, you may lose a loved one, you may become extremely ill, you will lose your passion and motivation for physical goals… All this will most likely occur to you because once it occurs to you, you will see trough your own painful reactions how deeply you have tried to sustain your identification as a body trough these means without even knowing that you have been doing this for millenia. Once the means are gone, so is the investment in the body and its way of thinking bit by bit removed. This is why it is important to understand that once your world is falling part, once you go trough the dark night of the soul, you are actually on the right track. Do not give up. Without these major losses we would not be motivated to let go of the entire dream which is really a nightmare with all its illuminati and dark agendas trying to convince you you are something you are really not, a human body. The more your belief being a human body evaporates the more you will realize that there is a beautiful forgotten life form awaiting for you.

SYMPHONY OF DEATH Official Movie (post apocalypse)

Symphony of Death is a long short film I directed, edited and composed the soundtrack. It has all the qualities a post apocalyptic fiction fan wants to see but due to a rather personal message, the film sort of got killed off by major corporations. This is one of those arts where the artists ego, in this case my ego, gets spilled on the table and revealed publicly. A set of thinking which we all share in our insanity yet rarely anyone wants to admit that this lies within us all. Luckily I did my part in this film by dealing with it and the fight scenes still remain one of the best fight scenes in the western cinema.

Original cut.

HD cut.

Why the law of attraction (LOA) can kill us

Physical universe, the world, your body are a dream. Accept it now. There was no god that created the universe as we are told in religions nor is the newtonian science getting it right either because it also claims that the world of time and space is real just without an external god. Both are wrong. The world is a hologram/illusion that indeed looks real. It is a world that never reveals it’s dream nature because dreams inherent nature is to KEEP THE SLEEPER ASLEEP. This is the basic law of dreams, to keep the sleeper asleep. It is not a sin but very destructive because it keeps us stuck, in fact cemented in the dream. The world of dreams does this by popularizing people, books, arts and holy scriptures that always addresses us as concrete selves (bodies) living inside a concrete physical universe. When we are fed with this misinformation all our lives we then believe all this is true thus in our minds (the cause) we establish ourselves as flesh and bone not realizing that our bodies are just a holographic dream image. A dream figure.


Since the world you see is a holographic dream. An ancient one, law attraction can indeed kill us because we are not in this dream of good and bad (life and death) to manifest a life that we want. We are here to entirely awaken from the dream of birth and death and realise we were dreaming our life from birth to death all along. If you follow the law of attraction movement, all that will happen is that you will extend your experience within this dream world of illusions and never actually awaken to reality in heaven where you “sleep in your bed”. Most people in the world have already fallen into this law of attraction trap by trying to manifest a life they want and if they succeed in it, the motivation to actually awaken is very dim. The point of movements like The Secret, in truth, is not to help you to make your life better within a dream of birth and death where everything must die. The only reason it was released was to make a larger population more conscious of the fact that our external reality and our thinking are in fact joined as one not separate and that the power to awaken lies in our mind.

As Ken Wapnick points out well: we are not here to build a new Jerusalem (make our lives better in the dream) but to awaken from the dream entirely.

Old school kung fu films and physical stunts from Klem Kaan

New Whitie ja Blackie kung fu web series (2006-2007) is moved to Youtube with a better quality. What is New Whitie ja Blackie? For those unfamiliar, it was an unfinished series made with zero budget which got an amount of attention during the times of physical cd:s and spreading trough windows messenger. So much dedication and hard work were done. I even got tanned for a month just to serve my blackie character. Believe it or not. It was easy to get a summer job just by mentioning Whitie ja Blackie. We were a local hit. At that time, accepting life is a dream would have been out of the question. We were so physical and dense. Watch the film so you can get my point. Regardless of the lack of subtitles in the first two episodes. It is still watchable. Check my youtube channel for more fight scenes

PS: We did receive haters as well, mostly from the professional industry who did all they can to silence me. Out of jealousy. I admit that back in the day I was ego brained enough and had all the energy to outweigh other filmmakers with less dedication to films. Not so different from my DJ times haha. A bad habit yes, but seriously, most people in Finnish entertainment do not challenge the industry so let me do it!