Top 5 similiar films to Watch before watching Top Rank Business inc.

Top 5 similiar films to watch before watching Top Rank Business inc. movie (and trailer) with imdb links attached..

1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
2. Easy Rider
3. koyaanisqatsi (Documentary) (and sountrack)
4. Mads Brügger The Ambassador (Documentary)
5. Spike Lee’s – Do The Right Thing

fear and loathingTo be more aware of the effects of companies like Shell, a by-product of a failed colonization attempt. The Real Story Of Nigeria is a story that can be generalized about the violence in effect in Africa, middle east that came out of these faceless corporate decisions. Most western documentaries of this serious subject do not cover in detail how these companies reached the African land and how the hell managed to persuade or seduce an African landowner to allow everything around him to be controlled by these basic corporations we all know too well. Causing a generational mess and close to destruction of the over all image of a continent which is the main feeder of minerals and natural resources to all corporations and all other countries. Including the land I was born! Since the director is not a filmmaker but a businessman with a do-gooder attempt, the documentary tends to be over long though. Still. Learn. Learn that there is no need to feel sorry for people living in these so called third world countries because they are part of the same mess of guilt with a very unique sheep-like (not robot-like like in our west) variation of ignorance followed by its every day cultural behaviourism you can only understand by experiencing it. This documentary however, can show you at least some harsh images that will shock you. We are not about saving world hunger in Top Rank, but to uncover an underlying hidden guilt within us all that is perpetuated by these matters we think has nothing to do with us when its so the opposite.

PS> As I was publishing this post I heard that ironically the Real Story Of Nigeria has been blocked in Nigeria! Very very fishy. You see? 😀





Vivid Memories Full EP

And as the following goes in my facebook fan page

I am not happy.. But I am fu*?ing happy to announce the [Full EP] of Vivid Memories is now at Youtube and soundcloud! Play it on repeat but without getting too stuck in nostalgia.


ps: It is actually freeing to be able to release these materials and see the release timed for summer period for you guys. Might as well smoke because of it. lol


fff“I do not care if you do not believe me or not. Physical life is a gigantic nostalgia you project externally as a wishful thinking… So in order to peel this nostalgic onion that covers you within a dense like sphere from which you gaze the world, ALL your desires and yearning of the past (which are influencing your decision NOW to repeat a same pattern in life) … all these desires, nostalgia must go. Beyond your childhood memories lies the memory of heaven, which your childhood memories both good and bad cover. In order to start a full blown mind evaporation, you must boil your desires, nostalgia and let the steam out. You must let your body oriented nostalgia evaporate out of your mind and realize how dense your mind has become due to cluttering your mind with thoughts of yearning, only to reinforce your self as not the perfect son of god who is dreaming of death at all levels. Emotional, relationships, inconstant health and ultimately death of the body, But be glad this is not so, and you can awaken and you will!”

Klem Kaan’s Vivid Memories EP (Published)


Klem Kaan’s Vivid Memories EP (Published)

This disk from Jabi Lake 1984 battles did reach its distribution goals (another story) thus my new EP is now available in all digital stores. From Spotify to xboxmusic to Google Play etc.


I did show some gratitude months back. This time I will skip that part and say something else. Releasing this EP is a symbol of dynamic changes at least in my life. When I was recording this, I was extremely ill. Death was so close. Even after recovery my capital ventures within capitalistic dreams was a epic discovery of getting kidnapped by jealous officials, close to getting shot, betrayed losing big figures of cash of five digits. And then of course, the Awakening thing… trough these repeated series of deaths or hopelessness it had to be so. So to me this is my 8th Symphony. Ha-ha.

My documentary feature film Top Rank Business will however remain exclusive with private screenings, smoking and talking. I received guidance to continue this way and I trust this guidance or intuition so i cant say more. I hope you enjoy the EP but do not get stuck in nostalgia! KLMKN 永遠に

“Awakening has to do a lot with walking trough your mistakes and others mistakes in life and after repetition of mistakes, finally discover that there is no SIN, only MISTAKES. You are not asked to be perfect within a capitalistic utopia which in and of it self is a colossal broken dream where you and “others” with their broken desires still dwell. You are not asked to like someone but to understand their pain of being stuck in the dream and love them (which means the same) The road trough broken dreams, this world, is not easy but I promise you, just by discovering my kick ass EP and all the articles I have written so far… I guarantee… you are already on the right track and no one, and I mean no one, your family, friends even me can NOT stop you from discovering your reality as the dreamer of physicality and set your mind free and make your last contribution to the world as an after echo. It does not matter if it is great or something small and simple like smiling to a passers by. Remember, in eternity even 100.000 years is an blink of an eye”


Jabi Lake Brawl II and III (Light body fight scenes)

It all happened very fast. There was this feeling, I acted upon it although it can be challenging to balance a light body in such a physical act and the sun… People do not know it is like 35 degrees warm. So as you can see. Let this information combined with the videos motivate you more in your path.

Looking at these clips. I tend to be satisfied of many things. It is ultimately boils down to the expression of yourself. Your goal in awakening is to learn to be your true authentic selves regardless of your situation.

Humans from all around the world are great even if I don’t like that person and beat the crap out of him or get beaten to the pulp my self. There is that respect of sharing a rather “dangerous” level of consciousness.

Stuntmen Theme 1984 – EP single – Video – Jabi Lake Brawl 1984 fight scene – Out Now

A new Vivid memories EP single with a new video and Jabi Lake Brawl fight scene. An all-star 80s of low budget action and gymnastics for motivational purposes. Music video also Includes a short fight scene test with me and a new stunt member with Aikido back ground. Stuntmen Theme 1984!

Jabi Lake Brawl 1984 (A light-body fight scene)

Music video. Content Warning! Half of the music video gets rough. but hey, its the 80s.

Listen to the track. Soundcloud.

Vivid Memories ep_Teaser_2016

Klem Kaan Vivid Memories Cover Front Another milestone achieved for this year is Vivid Memories ep. The recording started in July 2014 after having a break from filming Top Rank Business Documentary. The ep is part of the release of Top Rank Business Documentary film.Klem Kaan Vivid Memories Cover Back

Unlike the previous set of tracks all gathered together in Designers ep, Vivid Memories taps into retro 80s, with content, stuff based on real time events, capitalism and nostalgia, utilizing elements from sub genres such as vaporwave mall sounds, italodisco and trash metal.

“This is a work to be proud of. Few of my favorite technical mixing executions are in this record. The ep also serves as a tribute to my stunt team known as Team Animal house and its members and ex members around the world. None of them born in 1984. Lol.”


Coming out April 18th 2016

知觉 – The Meaning of Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization


After reading the introduction. Click the picture to read the  secret article. The most successful business ventures and the most chaotic ones are all the same. Both are part of multiple formalities and bodily rituals of the same attempt to convince that we are a mind captive in a concrete self that holds the mind captive trough its holographic self that seems so real. It lives in a convincingly complicated system where behaviour counts rather than the content from where behaviour follows. This is the body we are speaking of. Business opportunities if  ran from this classic capitalistic state of mind will inevitably take a tragic turn because the only force or the only motivation riding the body literally, is survival and to avoid pain. There is no inherent friendship in this walking state but we have sugar coat it it with seductive promises. The nostalgia nature of our tv perfume commercials and real estate dreams from the corporate 1980s are enshrined to us to preserve only the pleasure of the body while contrasting the seeming beauty with heavy imagery of scarcity in the middle east at your late night cable news. The thought that there is pain is then hold, entertained and ultimately it comes to the surface, leaving dreamer (you) more confused and luxuriating in a feverish dream of fear not knowing that you are the one motivating the content of the dream to remain as fear.

Luckily we have cool stuff to read that will help your mystical ventures. As said earlier, click the article picture above to read the secret article.


A Moment Of Gratitude.

henkoiChristmas is coming and new year dawns upon us. Today I send my gratitude to all of you. My gratitude goes across the world to all friends and even fans in this page who are my family. 2014 was intense, 2015 a resurrection!

So many things to come however. Top Rank Business documentary is divided into two feature volumes, my ep is done and our Monday night blues rock jams is forming into a platform and a band. I’m shooting a fight… Allah hallah, so much stuff!

Picture captured at one of my grandmothers funeral celebration. Love has forgotten no one.

-Klem Kaan-

Top Rank Business inc. (a.k.a Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization) show_reel (2016)

Top Rank Business inc. documentary film to be released in the early months of 2016.

Specific dates and a Movie Trailer to be announced as we get closer.

-Enjoy the final show reel on video.-

“Although the variation of the story is very unique, the classic path from hardship and failures, to be among the 1 percent so to speak, is evident. Establishing an “easy to follow” foundation but with a shocking realism that will inspire hard workers with a sense of mission in this lifetime.

The first volume out of two manifestos of extreme challenges to riches is rumored to have a free web release as a tool to help or guide your thinking trough the faceless realm of capitalistic dreams. Stay tuned.”

The Path Of Overcoming The Screen Memory ( Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization)

The Path Of Overcoming The Screen Memory.The nature of this perception is to figure out others motives. No matter how hard men hide this trough smiles and shake of hand, tension has been already created, not peace.”

Top Rank Business inc. Full synopsis & Snapshots. Extended press kit release.


Full Synopsis.

Top Rank Business inc. (Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization). Is a gritty documentary feature film shot with a micro budget of 20 000 $ since july 2014. The narrative, vaporwave, dream pop and retro synth driven documentary film, is a biographical story, about overcoming creativity pain, challenged by a young, hard working stunt-team founder and a dj producer called Klem Kaan, a self employed not-so-diplomatic filmmaker musician, who later in life (mostly because of global economic repression) has no other option but to cut loose all familiarity and go all in with the Great Hearts desire calling his name to drop the old world, and to embrace something more real, something alligned with our hearts but something very unfamiliar to most of us. This would Include all members of the homo sapiens family like Africans who are generally considered with tranquil IQ, perceived as strong willed and spiritually aligned nation. Yet the never ending problems are perceived in Africa as well.

inhale, exhaleThe film takes place during the time of chibok girls kidnappings, the spread of ebola and the so called bokoharam. It begins in Nigeria with a road trip from Abuja to Sokoto, a military environment in the north of Nigeria and a city next to Sahara deserts. A place where a radical market venture and a great opportunity to learn, is estimated to receive a positive closing. However, when things turn seemingly wary, and important decisions become self imposed, we end our venture with final thoughts, metaphors and maybe a contract to launch a platform larger than life… or come to the brave but deep understanding of the start-up being no more or less, but a means to reach yet another “level” of self realization that which is the true treasure of the universe, of the cosmos, a treasure within us all, and it can be remembered with a little willingness. With faith if you will.

trb swaga

Although Top Rank Business inc. (a.k.a Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization) is a true story of Klem kaan as a start-up company. With the collaboration of “vhs video filtering” vaporwave and Klem Kaan’s retro synth ep, the feature film ultimately attempts to reveal the wary perceptual nature of us as homo sapiens growing up within ancient, unchanged business formalities and expectations.

klem kaan investment ltd

 “A seeming individual, a mere fish out of water with a start-up plan of his own. Apparently catapulted out from all familiarity, used as a means, or symbolism to reveal the wary perceptual nature of us as homo sapiens, growing up within ancient, unchanged business formalities and expectations.”

Scroll down for previous Top Rank related articles.

The Nativity Of Nostalgia (Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization)

The Nativity Of Nostalgia

trb extension one

“Although nostalgia helps us cope with the world so that we don”t go out there and shoot everybody, nostalgia or yearning distorts our perception of the present moment.”

Click the article for full reading.

Top Rank Business inc. (a.k.a Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization)

Top Rank Business inc. Is not only a feature documentary film I wrote directed and edited.

“It was a promise I made for my self.” 

Cover Sheet.

TRB Front Cover Sheet

A seeming individual, a mere fish out of water with a start-up plan of his own. Apparently catapulted out from all familiarity, used as a means, or symbolism to reveal the wary perceptual nature of us as homo sapiens, growing up within ancient, unchanged business formalities and expectations.

A True Story.
Click the pictures for full resolution.

Medium Synopsis

“Top Rank Business inc. (a.k.a Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization) Is a gritty documentary feature film shot with a micro budget of 20. 000 $. The narrative, vaporwave, dream pop and retro synth driven documentary film, is a biographical story, about overcoming creativity pain, challenged by a young, hard working stunt-team founder and dj producer called Klem Kaan, a seeming individual, a mere fish out of water with a start-up plan of his own, apparently catapulted out from all familiarity in to Nigerias federal realms, and used as a means, or symbolism to, reveal the wary perceptual nature of us as homo sapiens growing up within ancient, unchanged business formalities and expectations.”

Film snapshots captured from Top Rank Business inc. press kit.

Snap shots

Official release dates of Top Rank Business inc. are to be announced on November 2015.

KLMKN 永遠に- åSTEAL_ THIS_ EP#ä “Download full ep”

KLMKN 永遠に- åSTEAL_THIS_EP#ä - cover klmkn 永遠に- steal this ep back

These are close to 10 years old lost original KLMKN 永遠に soundtracks/recordings ripped from untitled cd:s found in our garage. Then, re-used, remixed even vaporwaved to serve our content, which, due to our embarking on a gigantic announcement, should prepare you well enough for us, to not make our future surprise too shocking for you to understand.

Although it is supposed to be a collection of lofty VHS_trash and distorted dreams. The so called EP “available from your local super market”, is special however. It Includes the last Klem Kaan Live analog_Guitar + Traktor performance in Helsinki Finland before accepting a life time project in Nigeria forcing Klem Kaan to lay his guitar and 4 virtual turntables aside.

Download STEAL_ THIS_ EP from link below.

City Under Moonlight (Vocal Mix) – Single – In All Digital Stores


This is it! Thank you guys and yes, It was though.
Special credits to the people from the U.S.A for spreading Klem Kaan like a bunch of super market candies. This keeps the motivation high. iTunes buy link below.

Click to Buy from iTunes

iTunes, Spotify, xboxmusic… In All Digital Stores.

Vocals: Klem Kaan

Mixed and mastered: Klem Kaan
Vocals mixed by: Valo Lankinen (a.k.a DJ Oval, Pinewoods)

The beautiful space art was provided by

Klem Kaan Designers EP on itunes

The EP is a collection of sound designs that were later on structured to song – like – of – a thing. I found an urge to establish a more transparent sound engineer recording as my first release. It is not supposed to be too personal release, although it is true, that the first track Another Year Passing By establishes a darkness and melancholia, even longing, that is well experienced in Finland’s winter season combined with it’s own late night underground culture.

Like a story of a midnight plan to dj perform inside a hard core rave, in fact, a memorial party within a rave of a death person who also happens to be a person you know. All lost souls gathering to the rave to have a good time or either see their very selves in that dead boy who tragically died trough his own friends hands.

 Another Year Passing By. True story – Available in most digital platforms.

Click to Buy EP from iTunes


Once again guys, the art cover is done by Christer Hongisto. Not only a media designer, but also a guy with a good sense of humor although it may not appear that way.

A single from the new Klem Kaan EP.

Klem Kaan Designers EP faced a lot of adversities on the road especially with publishing. But alternatives were found.

Here is the fresh progressive house track.

My special thanks which I want to mention here would go to my brother Omos and good party buddies such as Jyri, Sami, Häkä, Stani, Jape, Tapsa, Joona and few other characters who were highly involved influentially.


Cover Art By Christer Hongisto.