City Under Moonlight (Vocal Mix) – Single – In All Digital Stores


This is it! Thank you guys and yes, It was though.
Special credits to the people from the U.S.A for spreading Klem Kaan like a bunch of super market candies. This keeps the motivation high. iTunes buy link below.

iTunes, Spotify, xboxmusic… In All Digital Stores.

Vocals: Klem Kaan

Mixed and mastered: Klem Kaan
Vocals mixed by: Valo Lankinen (a.k.a DJ Oval, Pinewoods)

The beautiful space art was provided by

Klem Kaan Designers EP on itunes

Actually it has been there for some time now, but due to so many things happening here in Nigeria, where I am working as a movie producer and film director, project manager, even a stunt men… Well you do not always have time for music! I like to impress my self in all fields so to speak, so let me do my thing best. Here is my music however. It is also on Spotify, google play you name it! I am the best and pro!


Once again guys, the art cover done by Christer Hongisto. Not only a media designer but also a guy with a big sense of humor.

First track from the new Klem Kaan EP is out!

Klem Kaan Designers EP faced a lot of adversities on the road especially with publishing. But alternatives were found!

Here is the fresh progressive house track. My special thanks which I want to mention on my website would go to my bother Omos and good friends such as Jyri, Sami, Häkä, Stani, Jape, Tapsa, Joona and few other characters who were highly involved in my crazier phase of life. A phase which was complete partying and serious fun actually becouse ultimately it was the partying which led me to become a pretty hot dj producer, so thank you guys!


Cover Art By Christer Hongisto. Peace out bro!