SYMPHONY OF DEATH Official Movie [HD] Post Apocalypse (2008)

Symphony of Death is one of those hardcore post apocalypse movies. It was gone for a while. But now it is back in HD and Directors Cut! In this neurotic, psychological and action packed post-apocalyptic, A bunch of unknown junkie criminals tend to kill a lonesome drifter who just happens to pass by. But things do not work out as planned. The drifter takes one of the female members with him and… Well, you will see.

Written, Directed & edited: Klem Kaan

Original Soundtrack: Klem Kaan

Producers: Klem Kaan, Niko Karppinen, Joonas Vaattovaara

Visual FX: Niko Karppinen, Klem Kaan

Camera OP: Klem Kaan

Year: 2008