Vivid Memories Full EP

A motivational Day to us all, we are One, Now and Forever.

fff“I do not care if you do not believe me or not. Physical life is a gigantic nostalgia you project externally as a wishful thinking… So in order to peel this nostalgic onion that covers you within a dense like sphere from which you gaze the world, ALL your desires and yearning of the past (which are influencing your decision NOW to repeat a same pattern in life) … all these desires, nostalgia must go. Beyond your childhood memories lies the memory of heaven, which your childhood memories both good and bad cover. In order to start a full blown mind evaporation, you must boil your desires, nostalgia and let the steam out. You must let your body oriented nostalgia evaporate out of your mind and realize how dense your mind has become due to cluttering your mind with thoughts of yearning, only to reinforce your self deeper into the dream with all the rest who are doing the same, and have infact developed a civilization to reinforce the deep hellenic dream state nobody in their right mind would want to dwell.  Awaken my friend, and have the courage to face the insanity of this dream state in order to see it fully, and to decide organically that this is not a dream state of life you want to dwell in for too long, even when others around you seem content within a dying world which is literally a dream state of physicality, and from which you can Awaken from by being vigilant for knowing thy self which is beyond the 5 sense or horizontal 3 dimensional perception!”