Top Rank Business inc. Trailer (film) and Words of discernment.

I have heard that there is about one million people and I may say even more than a million by now, who are indeed Awakening to the fact that our true nature as emphatic beings literally opens a portal or a bridge to a vibrational world that was always inside of us. Just like we discovered the world is not flat but round and just like we discovered trough telescopes that there are other planets that can contain life. The final layer is to realize all this is happening within us like a dream thus we are the ones who created the entire universe. Empathy at the very core of your being is the key that will evaporate your physical primary 5 senses well enough for a higher vibration to flow trough, fluidly trough the brain, it’s glands then enveloping your sensory organs. It is a very dense biological kundalini transformation you can literally feel it in your skull for years to come. The world however, our relationships, the system at large has been man made to not allow relaxation, evaporation or melting of our concreted minds to occur. Which is why our system was made over complicated to live stress free, especially in the west. The more attune with faith or intuition, a state where thinking is  seacefire, the part of you that was so used to the dreaming state as a concrete individual self, the part still addicted to thinking and planning of things will become fearful of the process, interpreting the process of Awakening as if getting closer to dying rather than eternal life form, sending requests outside it self within a state of dream to defend from it self from the unknown which enlightenment is gently introducing to you. Within a dream (your entire life), this fear sends very subtle messages of fear “outside” to the quantum external world of dreams thus it is as if events will start to shift accordingly where your most hidden fears are encountered more rapidly as if you are cursed. This is nothing to be feared of however! Your mind has to be released from fearful concepts and it only happens by not running away from them. You are not called to extremes like the crucifixion or even the ones I went trough while shooting Top Rank Business inc, but you have to look at your minds content that is the dreamer in order to know that there is fear (and the external or holographic 3D expression of it) first things first… And this fear communicates with a quantum world of dreams in great collaboration to reinforce or clutter the fear:ish thinking of mind to its concreted extreme which ultimately does manifest in to seemingly disturbing symbolism which is always about convincing you that you are not a mind but a mortal body (sickness, money issues, relationship issues, job issues, nightmares etc. This is why you must look at your fearful content of mind and see the repetitive content of fear, what it is about, and to become familiar with its agenda before you can laugh at it. Looking and acknowledging the fear is there, is the process of peeling the ego layered onion. Not a single spot of darkness can remain in your mind! So the call of fear, by the part of you still used to the dream state as a cemented body, should be accepted as a blessing regardless of the messiness of lesson/ situation// events that will seem to produce more fear. This process of witnessing the sleeping part of you in its expression outside of you is where the world may offer a great series of overwhelming intimidations by people still sleeping, such as family and friends, your local government , ufo abductions and satanic dreams etc, which may tempt and emphatic character (a person in the process of Awakening) to react out of his or her great sensitivity to see un-truth. eliteIn a world where great series of exploitation is allowed by their neighbours, the consequences, although coming from a person in the process of awakening, may still be very crucifixion or dramatic type of an outcome, which is understandably not so funny and this is why much courage is required. But this is also why after being harshly pushed by the society as a whole, these individuals (such as Teal Swan who was imprisoned by a cult for years) in awakening process tend to get enlightened rather faster than usually, but this approach is only for the hard-core ones who really want to leave the matrix behind. As we all should for the sake of mankind evolution. The point here today is to remind you that in the process of enlightenment, the whole hippie approach must go. The world is not a nice place and the ability to discern every relationships (including the relationship with your own body) rather than judging is important to stay in course. There is an highly developed artificial intelligence that has taken within a dream a reptilian/ ufo / annunaki type of an formic expression where you are not allowed to wake up in order to serve their own survival. Yes, exactly like in the movie matrix. ancient_sumeria-fdfsThis is the only reason we have the whole pyramidic hierarchy in the first place. A higher race call it reptilians, annunaki or whatever, controlling our state of mind trough implants, is simply an inevitable expression within a physical dream like world. They are all there as a part to establish a very real like sensation of separation within us.The idea of quantum like matrix and a hierarchy controlling everything within the matrix is just an inevitable result of a shared selfish will to dream of separation or uniqueness outside Oneness or God that has been operating for thousand of years due our fascination towards this idea. These beings were part of every single so called biblical events as well, such as the construction of pyramid Giza in Africa Egypt, crossing the sea by Moses and many more events from the past and yet to come such as the recent rumours, about secret societies and fbi having access to other planets, the growing number of people seeing ufo space ships landing behind our moon and a growing number of people (like my self) remembering or seeing memories regarding an alien abduction scenario just before they were seemingly born in to this world. These memories are covered deep under nostalgia and childhood memories and your current desires. They are a trick. Although fascinating to many, just like the entire world, these are all distractions within the dream (your life) to place a sense of false purpose in a temporary life form which is the world, the entire cosmos you see. It is as if the higher artificial intelligence is desperately trying to add meaning to this dream of bodies which is not meaningful at all, because it is a looping dream of death and specialness (egocentricity) as long as you perceive your self as body and believe in it (they think they are special since they live long and have highly advanced technology to create us). Death is simply an seemingly never ending actment of any adversity where your mind looses focus or POWER of being the creator or dreamer of the dream. Most people in this world, indeed most of your friends and family are in this state and acting from a scripted intelligence perfectly constructed by a higher artificial intelligence taking an expression within this dream to channel dialogue against your awakening without them even knowing why they are doing this. The idea of our minds being captured like in the movie matrix is however inevitable expressions, symbolism or metaphors (metaphor is my favorite word for it)) of dreaming a physical universe of hierarchy and if your mind is not monitored by you, your thoughts are literally heard by strangers who use your thought impulses that are very much like sound impulses because thoughts are vibration… The strangers use your energy as their advantage in a way you can not even imagine at this moment of growth. We have given these strangers, who are “out-there” to survive and to stay god (special) like to us (since they think they are our creators) to use us for their own advantage, mostly to mine gold. They seem to be friendly but that is usually to sustain their own belief system, since these races have a belief system and expression of this strong belief system that sustains an illusion of being able to live millions of years… As our fellow Annunakis, the manipulators of our inherent dna are told to live.

dfhdhdfhThis shit is no different from facebook being monitored by secret societies. The whole thing with facebook is just a mimic of a larger monitoring system. A system that knows you whenever you react to something positive or negative. Our thoughts are monitored trough implants which some people have reported discovering in their own bodies. I havent checked my implants yet but I dont care really. I just care about awakening and letting go of a limited self concept followed by a rather harsh dictating system which is indeed just a dream or a projection but it all sure looks so real! Like I said before… I do not care if you do not believe this. Most people including almost all of my gifted friends and family have dropped their creativity more than a half and chosen a mundane life of nine to five life styles wherein to literally witness these so called paranormal activities is simply too fearful for them to grasp and could cause a sense of psychosis. Not so different like somebody being an absolute coward regarding the use of psychedelics and facing the mind alterations that comes with it. When you are in the process of awakening (an expansion of your brain functioning) understand that most of your old relationships will drop due to your polarized self that is not in any match with a mundane world anymore. In a sense you are too AWESOME for that! Your connection with old relationships must go in order for you to reach higher dimensions trough the expansion of your awareness. And when the time is ready, leave this matrix called earth behind in grace. Top rank Business inc. starts from the very bottom of dealing with ascension symptoms, and that is dealing or coping with a sleeping zombie like society trough out the world that tries to uncounciously pull your polarized focus from the esoteric back to a nine to five mentality controlled by secret societies, white house, the so called royal family of Britain and ultimately the boss of the bosses which is the so called Reptilians, Annunakis (our ancestors who cloned us trough their dna mixed with some animal dna) or whatever. These expressions are part of the mesmerism of mind which our system was build to do in order for us to get confused about reality. To make things sound (such as the world is just a bad re-occurring dream and you can awaken) more complicated than it is.To fall for their agenda, is death indeed. And you will be shocked how most of the people close to you are indeed dead with human emotions and desires that do not point but to a life of mundane distractions (Nothing wrong with that but it is a very limited life that has the danger to slip your life away) Ask questions, have an open mind!

You might be wondering what does this all have to do with Top Rank Business inc? After all, it is just A dense capital venture within an oil and mineral industry in Sokoto Nigeria. Yet you must understand that our corporeal expectations and rituals of “acting nice to one another” in business associations are actually perpetuating a fixed behavioral mechanism constructed by our ancestors some call the Annunakis or whatever. When you break these behaviours, like an alchemy in a risk like experiment, it is common to experience persecution from “others” for cutting your self loose from our “ancestorial” matrix like system which, again, is this entire world which people around you think is real and something that needs to be taken seriously, when it is the exact opposite. It is not serious. Its a false world, scripted to stay nightmare:ish forever but if you know its a dream, everything becomes as if inside a theme park ghost house (although its not easy). The persecution tends to be even more aggressive in a more sheep-like environment you can find easily just by going to a village or talking to a person born in a village because they have absolutely no open mindedness to even connect the dots of a great possibility of them being actually transported in to that specific spot. It is hard for them to grasp ideas such as the virgin Mary being implanted with pregnancy in order to create a sense of sheep-like wonderment in planet earth rather than becoming more open or aware to a much higher truth that stretches trough out the cosmos… I want to copy paste something as a closure from a website I just read trough.

Baalbke Terrace

“Anyone with a computer can research these facts on their own and come to their own conclusions. Anyone with common sense can objectively examine the facts and determine that “we’re not in Kansas anymore”. By exploring these facts, we change everything we’ve ever believed in… In the end, only the reader can choose to explore for his/herself or continue to stand true to his/her faith and trust in the authority of their Church. It would be sad for people to not explore the role of Religion in controlling the population. It would be sad for people to not explore the way the various Churches have changed their doctrine to stay modern with the times” a small part of a larger text copy pasted from link below.