A DJ producer, filmmaker, guitarist, reality researchers, esoteric writer, you know,  that artistic stuff. Also, a certified Film director from London’s metropolitan film school in Ealing studios. I am known for directing physical hong kong cinema inspired action short films and producing various electronic music and 80s synth sounds under the artist name of Klem Kaan. Alternative dream beats and VHS filtered demos, synthwaves are found under my other name KLMKN 永遠に . Links to music, video productions and facebook page below.

 But that is not all… You see, somewhere around 2011 a spiritual phase struck me. My awakening. Not was I only an artist but now a personality having much to say about Sword Of Discernment which is more popularly known as esoteric knowledge or spiritual awakening. I started to write and talk more about it as a past time fun (which annoyed some people) and now I update my website with articles every once in a while that I am sure will help some of those who will also go trough their own stages of Ascension. I am in no way the best demonstrator in action of Enlightenment, but I also know that enlightenment is sure as hell NOT about hugging people and telling them how nice they are. I am not a guru, a spiritual teacher but If life/Universe wants to utilize me in such a role then why not. When it comes to mission, its cool but I do not take it seriously.

My waking up was a typical one. A loss of desire for my earthly goals and dreams, letting go of relationships and a great longing to get the hell out of this world and return back to god. I also experienced a great loss of material things such as losing my business by getting betrayed by a partner even government, and went trough a physical illness which started to hinder my ability to do my physical movies and even tour as a dj for a while. This is all very typical when it comes to awakening and usually leads to the dark night of the soul. All this will however pass and new goals will emerge to replace the old ego based ones. Old passions may come as well but perhaps more as a fun oriented thing rather than seeking happiness, fame or love outside of yourself. You are already perfect. Interestingly, these things usually manifest to your life once your ego is out of the way and some will notice they really do not want that much money or fame in the first place.

A lot of things will go away when you start to wake up but you will be always be taken care of. The reason a lot of things gets taken away is because they were keeping you esoterically or spiritually stuck in “low frequencies” hindering your evolution.  Awakening is about taking your power back as the creator or dreamer of the dream and use your remaining time here on earth wisely by living in gratitude no matter what happens in your earthly experience, the good and the bad. It is not an easy path, especially at the beginning. But you can do it.


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