A DJ producer, Filmmaker, Editor, Fight choreographer, Guitarist, Reality Researchers, you know… The artistic stuff. I have an Advanced Certificate of Life long Learning in Art, Design and Media in London Metropolitan film school located in Ealing studios. The certificate is approved by University Of West London. Links to Facebook, music, videos and fight scenes productions below as you scroll down.

But that is not all… You see, somewhere around 2011 an esoteric phase struck me. My awakening. Not was I only an artist, but now a personality having much to say about Sword Of Discernment which is more popularly known as spiritual awakening. I started to write and talk more about it as a past time fun (which annoyed some people), became a 2nd Degree Reiki Healer, and now I update my website with articles once in a while. It was never my intention to start to do the things I do today. My original plan was to become a successful Artist, a business man, and sleep with different female models. So when it comes to my  character I think it is fair to say that I am a Renegade or Wanderer type, I am not into traditional concepts, I enjoy aloness, so I may appear arrogant to some people, and if so, I do not mind that. I will eventually wish you all the best anyway. What I am trying to say here in summery, is that I pray, that no one puts me on their Pedestal. Majority of our Film and pop stars did and do that.  You will see me as failing you, because only you can free your self from mental imprisonment. Use discernment with my materials too, and go to the doctor if you feel that the pain you go trough may not be Awakening related. The person must eventually tune into his or her own Guidance, which is what this page is for, until you need it no more. This inward Guiding is Divine, but has been forgotten, and as a result, we created a world that is trying to reinforce this forgetfullness by creating Cult-ures and folk tales that have been” remixed” over the years, yet the content to reinforce the amnesia regarding who we really are remains the same, and people continue ruining their lives, and the planet.


My waking up was a typical modern day one: A loss of desire for my earthly goals, letting go off many relationships, going trough addictions, problems or  suffering. I had a great longing to disappear, and return back to God. The challenge did not last forever, but it did seem that way. This is all very typical when it comes to Awakening from the dream, and will usually lead to the Dark Night of the Soul which is very much like dying, but it is actually something else dying, and I want you to find out about it your self.  Anyway, the toughest challenges will pass, you become more alive, stronger and smarter, and new goals will emerge to replace the old ego based ones that were not Universally beneficial decisions, they were actually poor decisions to participate in rooting humanity deeper into a dense 3 Dimensional dream of birth and death.

So, a lot of things will go away when you start to wake up, yet you will be taken care of. The reason a lot of things will start to disappear, is because they were keeping you stuck in a fixed linear script of a life . It will take time to grasp that this fixed linear time – space based life form you are experiencing, and never really questioned, is actually a life meant to keep you stuck in a dream like state of a Universe, and a life as a body, and never reveal to you that you are actually a mind dreaming of a world and body! This means that the belief systems of the world are distractions, trying to keep humanity rooted in the dream of birth and death. These distractions have being reinforced and gladly promoted by individuals what the pop culture calls the “Elites”. They have done this since the birth of humanity. Their idea is to keep their insane utopia of a world going so that they are glorified like Gods. The same bloodline was also behind the murder of  Jesus and many more unknown people, who knew their atomic or spiritual self and started to talk. However, we live a time where the so called elites are loosing their grip.

Like Jesus, Mandela or Buddha, and many unknown masters of the seeming past,  many are today waking up regarding the lies of our system, it’s deliberately distorted history to control the masses, and how it all began. The people who  are Awakening are making radical changes because they are ready for it. Awakening is about taking your power back as the creator or dreamer of the dream of physical life, and use your remaining illusion of linear time here on earth wisely, by living with an open forgiving mind, taking responsibility for dreaming your life no matter what happens in your earthly experience, the good and the bad. It is not an easy path, especially in the beginning when the dream of birth and death will try to convince you of it’s reality more stubbornly than before, and you may also discover that the majority of people, friends and family, are not ready for this. But you can do it. As you progress, and become more aware that you are the dreamer of your life, then life will move with ease and will be more like a fairy tail, the unknown.

You will still see death or separation, you will still be challenged, but now you know it is all a holographic dream, and that the man made world outside of you is lying to you by plotting to root humanity in to the 3 dimensional dream state trough toxic means. It is not funny to get to the nitty gritty as you Awaken, but realizing the state of this planet is also part of the plan. It is not only about Third Eye Pineal Christ openings or being high or blissed out.

A motivational day to us all, we are one, now and forever. – Klem Kaan


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