A DJ producer, Filmmaker, Guitarist, Reality Researchers, you know,  that artistic stuff. I have an Advanced Certificate of Life long Learning in Art, Design and Media in London Metropolitan film school located in Ealing studios. The certificate is approved by University Of West London. Links to facebook, music, videos and fight scenes productions below as you scroll down.

 But that is not all… You see, somewhere around 2011 an esoteric phase struck me. My awakening. Not was I only an artist, but now a personality having much to say about Sword Of Discernment which is more popularly known as spiritual awakening. I started to write and talk more about it as a past time fun (which annoyed some people) and now I update my website with articles every once in a while. It was never my intention to start to do the things I do today. My original plan was to become a successful artist, a business man, and date models.

My waking up was a typical modern day one: A loss of desire for my earthly goals, letting go off many relationships, and a great longing to get the hell out of this world and return back to God. As result, I experienced a loss of material possessions such as losing my business by getting betrayed by a partner and government,  became homeless for a short period, went trough a many year lasting chronic illness which started to hinder my ability to do movies and music. The challenge did not last forever, but it did seem that way. This is all very typical when it comes to Awakening from the dream, and will usually lead to the Dark Night of the Soul. All this, will however pass, you become more alive, and new goals will emerge to replace the old ego based ones. Old passions may come as well, but perhaps more as a fun oriented thing, rather than seeking happiness, fame or love outside of yourself. You are already perfect. Interestingly, these things you do not care about anymore, may manifest to your life, once your ego is out of the way, and some of you will notice, that you really do not need that much money or fame in the first place because they may have the danger to tempt you to stay in the dream rather than using your lifetime to wake up to a totally different and forgotten life form. We as bodies, are all caterpillars, afraid to become butterflies which is a metaphor for abstract spirit.

A lot of things will go away when you start to wake up, yet you will be taken care of. The reason a lot of things gets taken away, maybe forever, is because they were keeping you stuck in a fixed script of a life. It will take time to grasp that this fixed linear time based life you had, and never really questioned, was actually a life meant to keep you stuck in a dream like state of a Universe and a life as a body, and never reveal to you that you are actually a mind dreaming of a world and body! Awakening is about taking your power back as the creator or dreamer of the dream of physical life, and use your remaining illusion of linear time here on earth wisely, by living with an open forgiving mind no matter what happens in your earthly experience, the good and the bad. It is not an easy path, especially at the beginning when the dream will try to convince you of its reality more stubbornly than ever. But you can do it.

There is no Law of attraction in reality, which is why I do not talk about it. The self help movements such as The Secret is all about staying in the dream of life and death by making the dream more comfortable. Self help is not meant to wake you up. Self help sells because we fear awakening from the dream, which means literally the end of physicality and disappearance of the universe. The teachers behind self help, such as The Secret, do seem well meaning. Just keep in mind, that it was simply their turn to have all the wealth that seemed to appear in their life in a form of manifestation! The seeming manifestation, which got them excited, thus wrote best seller books out of it, were all scripted for them. This will not happen to most of us unless it is our turn. If you look at Jesus at the end of his life, well, things did not go really well for him, but it did not matter to him, because he knew he was not his body, it was just a dream projection. The Bible was written from a distorted perception which is why it depicts a suffering Jesus. The book, and other religions before The bible has been used by a group of people to enslave humanity trough fear, to stay stuck in this physical false reality. Fear is best way to keep us stuck to identify as bodies.

I can not guarantee I will write or even talk about this in the future unless I get real support to go forward with this. I am kind of getting bored about all this, and I am more willing to let go of everything. Make the best out of my site while it is still running. I am just a dude writing my own understanding down. I do not want to be a leader or teacher and I am not Enlightened so do not put me on a pedestal.

A motivational day to us all, we are one, now and forever. – Klem Kaan


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