Realizing The Insanity of This world in Order to let The Dream world go.

I do not care about Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung. Two guys that were on the right place at the right time and gave information in a none threatening way to blend with the rest. Freud was actually one of those dumb masons actually… But Carl Jung did say that a typical Western man tends to spend his 35 years of life learning to integrate to the world and once he hits the age of 35 – 40 years of age, another phase hits him, which is to realize that nothing works (career, children, spouse, vacations) and that it is time to learn how to detach from the world and ultimately let it go. To die consciously while still in a body.

Anyway, in my experience this is not the case, at least in this damned country I am currently residing. People here, not just the locals, but people from all backgrounds , ages and spirituality, have invested so much on their mates, jobs and children that I cant really say much will happen in their lives Awakening wise. Letting go is too much of a threat and their time is spent in the grid and around people who are reinforcing the grid and also expecting you to do the same. You see, Finland is one of those comfort zone type of places with social security, and an ancient collective attitude of embracing not taking big risks, or leap of fates.  Friends and family have all fallen for this, and they actually believe thy are taken cared of, even some authentic conscious individuals in their 20s and early 30s are currently in this place… But I can not blame them… Awakening at the end of the day is literally about dying consciously, and allowing your world to break down to see what lies beyond the mundane while still dwelling in the mundane for  a while. Once you have let go enough, then life will become more deep, your perception has more clarity, and a deeper initiation is activated… And things can get a bit weird I kid you not. But All this will be a means for you to learn to let go of the world even more, and to become prepared for anything which would include manifestation if it is necessary. The last thing to catch up with letting go, in my overstanding, is our physical body and brain complex. Again this world is not a nice place. Its packed with noisy unconscious people who are mindless thus a walking dead. Or they simply are a none player character or bots within our simulation. We live in a system born and governed by swine hellenic – genetics that took over Afrika Egypt, and used its spirituality upside down by creating religion which is the first “level” to govern people to act ritualisticly rooting them into a de javu. Even the Bible uses the same swine imagery of the shadow “powers” that be, and Many reneissance and more classical art paintings of hell images are not so far from this semi swine- semi human mutant type of humanoid that has mastered being a virus and leeching on other peoples souls. And this is not to scare, because too many are waking up due to traveling, reading and simply being tired to see the same theme of confusion and separation everywhere.  The Pyramids are telling us that we have fallen to a deep state of sleep, and have normalized behaviors, social constructs, relationship patterns, so called modern arts, music and films, all that are influenced one way or another by biblical, and historical propaganda, meant to keep us stuck in a hellenic (hell) dream like state of body and world, asystem which came from the Greek – Romans who, once again, eventually hijacked Ancient Afrika, and its spirituality, by first Hijacking their center, and major accomplisment known as Kemet (Ancient Egypt). Kemet (Ancient Egypt) was a gate way and beholder to all other Afrikan civilizations. It was a collective where a lot of people knew their “Christhood” and were able to have passion and talents and build pyramids and much more. Jesus is just one man who discovered humanities hidden powers within him self, and going to Ancient Egypt was part of Jesus untold story where he was becoming prepped to discover the ability to manipulate this dream reality known as planet earth.

Anyway, the swine philhellenic  genes – The Greek- Romans stole and copied Afrikan spirituality, they used the Ancient Afrikan spirituality in order to create religion which is an upside down version of Afrikan hierooglyphs that are found all around Afrika, not just Kemet (Egypt). The upside down distortions of Afrikan hierolglyphs known as religion, was eventually imposed first subliminaly, and then trough force on everybody and was normalized. All official religions APPEAR different but the subtext, and corporation behind it all is the same blueblood swine-hellenic family who are a reincarnation continuation of Ancient Roman empire. This is why nothing has changed.

This Phil-Hellenic way of living, which the last Carbon dark Kemetian (Egyptian) but Agnostic Pharaoh-Wahibre was attracted to, without considering the future effects, is basically about orgies, gay orgies,  sacrifice, normalizing pedophilia, normalizing abuse of sex and over consumption of foods/ materials. You know the “Do what thou wilt thing by Alestoy Crowley. That is hellenic in a nutshell, and very much acted out in hollywood. Which is constantly ratted out now, and what a joy is that… The stuff they do in Hollywoods behind the scenes is the same Ancient Greeks – Romans were known for. It is a behavior that came way back in time by Caucasoid/ albino humans who lost their divine DNA blueprint for various reasons (survival mentality, meat eating, lack of sun, lack of melanin skin protection, Calsifying their Pineal-Glands) and started to act out homosexual behaviors, denying spirituality, mated with their closest siblings, became committed to not balance their Carbon or have anything to do with melanin, thus became more out of balance, hated their brothers with stronger Carbon. The Caucasoid albinos were Kemetians who wandered to the north, a mistake, thus the physical appearance after repeating of mistakes was  drastically changed farther from the image of Sphinx statue, that stands for the original Carbon dark face of the mother of men. The face of Sphinx is pointed to sun to high- light the original mothers strong carbon dark skin that was able to withstand super heat and sun, and so were all her carbon strong children, some who ventured to the north, and eventually started to loose their divine DNA blueprint due to getting hijacked by survival mentality, which led them to the path of many stupid earth, and self destructive mistakes, and out of balance. This out of balance eventually did hijack Kemet, entire Afrika. It hijacked all continents, and placed us under one blueblood leadership trough black magic, and a many dynasties, and centuries lasting propaganda project.

Once you know Life is a dream you know that life is indeed magical but we have misused magic and it has turned to a collective, and very dense unconscious mess each much awake from. Majority are scared to face head on, and are actually denying this in their every day life. Do your best not to be one of them. You can do it although it can me very very difficult at times. I have been there many times and still struggle, and sometimes just want to leave this planet.