Klem Kaan

PS: The Bottom line… (Many can not handle the Truth)

PS: The bottom line… As you can see, you will have to abandon everyone from your old life. They simply did not get it, cowards, who are afraid way too much, some are too vagina whipped by their dumb wives or girlfriends, some are escaping they are clearly Israelites, by believing they are something they are not. It is amazing how many people cringed when I told them I know they are Israelites, and not Edomites (blueblood), but have been cursed by their Edomite family member to see something else. They did not want to understand that although perhaps their father is an edomite idiot, their mother is an Israel, but somewhere along the line, due to survival issues, they had to be quiet about it… From there on, they started to normalize to remain quiet, still, they are not blueblood Edomites at all, just “confusion of face” Israelites. It is only when War hits full blown, in your doorstep, you can not escape it anymore, because the system will remind you of your heritage, just like it happened with the Israel jews in 1940s who were comfortable for a while, running away from their heritage, mingled with Edomites, but BANG, they were not accepted after all. Retarded Edomites, with their down syndrome spiritual intelligence, had to play around with heritage stuff again.

Again, you will have to abandon those that are failing in life, who are accepting their boring nine to five lives, which is literally an enslaved state, that has been covered with beach vacations, christmas party, boring sex partners, and entertainment. They can not handle the multidimensional truth… And indeed you must be prepared for it, by first realizing, that everything you have been told to bring you everlasting peace of mind is not doing that at all, and will never do it. No man, or woman can fulfill you.

I personally abandoned everyone, in my mind, they are gone, and dead, our shared history does not matter to me, our shared goals, projects does not matter… It is very much like your loved one becoming a zombie, and you have to exterminate them, so that they will not bite you… People from my old life are a living dead, and do not even know it, have no clue the serious commitment they have made to be part of a hidden sinister problem, that is the cause of our insane world.

The word “abandonment” hits home very well, it is not mockery. If the people are constantly trying to drag you to some dumb arguments, getting offended, lying to your face, being sarcastic, listening to your advanced wisdom, only to forget all of it in a second, thenn you have to release them immediately. Many are heading towards their grave, and will be harvested back. The ones who are Finnish people (Edomites) in this life time, are harvested to be Somalians in their next life, Somalians will be harvested back as Finnish/ Edomite people, and will most likely mis-treat and rape the ex-Finnish people- now Somalians, who in their Finnish/Edomite life time raped and abused Somalians… They cycle must be cut eventually…

Some of my friends admitted to be about “fake it until you make it” and yes, you indeed were fake, which is why you had to be cut loose, so that I will not offend you with truth ever again. We were not actually meant to be together, even if we knew each other for many years… That is how deep the lie goes. Majority of people in my life were there to use my skills to prosper in their own agenda, look cool, have a better portfolio, look more interesting to get girls… No problem,  I always knew this, and we had good moments regardless.

Bodies can not join! We can only join at the level of mind by becoming one mind! No way, can you be one with people still coward to face the worlds suffering as it truly is, not just in the news or films. You must go inside the cesspool, not even shit, GO INSIDE THE CESSPOOL, and you will see, not only shit, you will also see broken cut fingers, broken nails, puss, human veins, worms, dead raped children bodies, expired pharmacy drugs, heroin needles, used condoms, animal and human corps, old peoples pharmacy coctail pill poo… You know where I am going with this: CESSPOOL… That is how insane this world really is, but has been covered pathetically to look otherwise, but even the cover it self is cracking all the time, and has to be reconstructed over, and over again, which is a gigantic noisy mess, that people in their deep fear are allowing to be normalized, thus can not be saved… The Bible is about blood and gore guys… After dumb Echart Tolle “pain body” comfort zone seeking concepts, and other new age crap disguised (human design) it is good to let it all go, and face the world as it really is: blood and gore, so that you can come to the fast conclusion that there is no way you want to be part of this game by doing all the things people find normal. Having children must be questioned, because there is no need for it: having a child is not holier than anything else. Many edomites, such as Finns should stop producing their unhealthy children, because their bodies can not stand the coming energies of this planet anymore. Their bodies are already too golum type, the gene is not strong enough. Grey eye color is a clear sign of leprasy ancestral sickness. If two Edomites, with grey eye color produce a child, rarely anything potential comes out of it, the child is bound to suffer leprasy as well. Leprasy tends to bring spiritual retardation with it as well, and Finland is a great example of spiritual retardation, and the country is clearly dying, but denied but everyone, when it is right in your face, the country has failed…

Truth is very bitter, to a point you do not want to be here for too long anymore, and it is all good. You will most likely loose everything, and be betrayed by everyone, its all good. You will be hated by your own children, its all good. Again, many will remain in their dumb comfort, at other people expense, and will be bridged towards their own end, by stubbornly insisting to remain in their fleeting comfort, at other peoples expense. Their next life will be the exact opposite, a life where others will live at their expense. Finland is a country where everyone is waiting for a life time to be used, so that other can live at their expense, because today Finnish-collective still insists to sustain themselves at other countries expense, and do not want to learn an alternative. That there is a better way than this…

So, the Bottom line, the grand finale? Well, in summary… I never cared about your dumb feelings anyway, I cared about your Soul…

Matthew 10:34-36 King James Version (KJV)

34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household



End of Chapter… (NEW FILM)

Hello everyone. This will be an ending of an Chapter. A very important Chapter because my life is in a position of no return to the old ways many still find comfortable, and something that might make others happy. They still have to learn none of it matters. To know thy self matters the most, and you have to be prepared to hear the truth about your purpose (A.K.A knowing thy self)

I can not promise anything… New articles, new movies, new music… I am living in the unknown, literally… My life is more like a Sci-fi movie, and nothing is guaranteed except the fact that finding my self made me the TOP joyful people among the few, who also discovered the magical aspect of life or their stolen inner teenager. It was kept hidden deliberately by a small group of people…And you must take it back in order to not fail in life like the rest…

Living in the unknown is like being a teen or child, but with the wisdom of a experienced man. It is fantastic, but the price to get there is great. But if I can do it, you can do it to.

Kiitos ja Kumarrus…

A motivational day to us all, we are one, now and forever.

A Day in The Life Of Adamus.

The Path of Aloneness. <3

OFF GRID 永遠に (Fight Scene) [4K] OFFICIAL | Short Film (2019)

A 80s HK Fight Scene, Short Film & Documentary about Ascension and being under Public Persecution (Gang Stalking) which is secretly organized by Vatican – criminal – corporations, as was in the past. Nothing new under the sun guys. Wake up.

Filmmaking is one of those art forms I still enjoy even though Advanced awakening (Ascension or vertical perception) tends to make you become tired of the man made world, and its meaningless, one dimensional offerings… However, this 10 minute action film faced so much organized attacks that creating a new Film in this part of the world is not wise. It will only drag your energy, your life force. My film set was often patrolled by idiot cops, too many drug addicts or drunk people deliberately stood in our key film locations shouting and cussing, basically tried to destroy the scene. Many random idiots passed trough the camera when there was clearly other ways to walk past it. Even my “none Awakened” film crew members were questioning the bizzarness, which I tried to explain, but they are not ready to hear the truth behind the attacks. In short, filming in Finland, a Biblical land of people who ruined their own life, failed themselves, and want to ruin yours, is currently not a wise option. Anyway, the film OFF GRID turned out be great regardless.

Written, Directed, Edited: Klem Kaan
Screenplay: Klem Kaan
Produced: Klem Kaan, Niko Karppinen
Executive Producer: Klem Kaan
Fight Choreograph: Klem Kaan
Camera OP & Equipment Producer: Christer Hongisto
OST: Klem Kaan
Starring: Niko Karppinen, Klem Kaan, Bruno Rivera, Ira Saari


New channel re- opened with a new url. Do not be ruining your life by being weak like the rest. You are the one you were looking for, answer your call to become a light in the world, and be ready to face the wild world your light will expose.

A video about how to use adversities such as being under organized gang stalking and witchcraft to use as a means to transform one self, rather than fail in life, a fate waiting for so many people even today.

TOP reasons why my videos are obscured by social media shadow criminal corporations.

Another important video. We must understand that majority are not ready to see or realize what the world is really about, and what we are about. Learning your true nature, the basics is at least a 10 year project. Too many are failing, and instead want to drag you to their own personal hell. In this video, we focus on certain media figures that are all about dragging their people to hell. The video is in Finnish language though.

Vivid Memories Full EP

A motivational Day to us all, we are One, Now and Forever.

fff“I do not care if you do not believe me or not. Physical life is a gigantic nostalgia you project externally as a wishful thinking… So in order to peel this nostalgic onion that covers you within a dense like sphere from which you gaze the world, ALL your desires and yearning of the past (which are influencing your decision NOW to repeat a same pattern in life) … all these desires, nostalgia must go. Beyond your childhood memories lies the memory of heaven, which your childhood memories both good and bad cover. In order to start a full blown mind evaporation, you must boil your desires, nostalgia and let the steam out. You must let your body oriented nostalgia evaporate out of your mind and realize how dense your mind has become due to cluttering your mind with thoughts of yearning, only to reinforce your self deeper into the dream with all the rest who are doing the same, and have infact developed a civilization to reinforce the deep hellenic dream state nobody in their right mind would want to dwell.  Awaken my friend, and have the courage to face the insanity of this dream state in order to see it fully, and to decide organically that this is not a dream state of life you want to dwell in for too long, even when others around you seem content within a dying world which is literally a dream state of physicality, and from which you can Awaken from by being vigilant for knowing thy self which is beyond the 5 sense or horizontal 3 dimensional perception!”

Sports Entertainment (4K) Vimeo

HAND SIGN: Egypt Afrika or Ancient Afrikan Shaman “muddra” to transit Wisdom

Howdey… Hope you are not ruining your life just like the rest. Are you Awakening, are you eating healthy, thinking healthy, reading healthy, watching healthy things and hanging around the right people? It is the little things that counts in order to win this game. You can do it. So lets go! Anyhow, Hand symbol for Yogi mudra purposes. A motivational day to us all, we are one, Now and forever.

SYMPHONY OF DEATH Official Movie [HD] Post Apocalypse (2008)

Symphony of Death is one of those Hardcore Post- Apocalypse movies. It was gone for a while. But now it is back in HD, and Directors Cut! In this Psychedelic, neurotic, psychological and physically action packed Post-Apocalyptic fiction, A bunch of unknown cavemen type junkie criminals tend to kill a lonesome drifter who just happens to pass by. But things do not work out as planned.. The drifter takes one of the female members with him and… Well, you will see.

The Soundtrack of the film is now downloadable and Royalty free for other Artist and Filmmakers.

Written, Directed & edited: Klem Kaan

Original Soundtrack: Klem Kaan

Producers: Klem Kaan, Niko Karppinen, Joonas Vaattovaara

Visual FX: Niko Karppinen, Klem Kaan

Camera OP: Klem Kaan

Year: 2008