Awakening From the Dream of Birth and Death: Raising your Frequency and Allowing others to ruin their lives.

The title will surely trigger people but here it goes: humanity is under the control of egocentric consciousness. The indoctrinated stupified luciferians who are in charge of media and governments are aware of this and are using external stimuli (such as promoting the culture of crappy junk food, subliminal sex messages in music and films, false flag terrorist attacks, over exaggerating romance movies, poor medical care etc) to cement mankind into this way of being. This being – ego consciousness is not our friend however. It is in fact here to kill us or to put it more PG: it is here to “direct” us to ruin our lives so we can blame others and never take responsibility of our lives and embrace our true identity as co-creators of life. When we blame, we are telling ourselves we are helpless victims and if we are victims then we are bodies and if we are bodies then death is real. The whole plot of this dream like matrix is to make us think we are powerless so that we can have a false experience of separation by convincing us we are our bodies. Again, if we are our bodies and the body is real then so is death real. In a nutshell, the ego consciousness that has the majority of people in its control is trying to convince we are bodies so that death is real! Get it? The stupified luciferians in power serve this ego consciousness (bible calls the devil) which is why they perpetuate our unhealthy culture, music and films in order to harvest souls by making sure we are not able to mentally digest higher dimensions due to our addiction to ego consciousness we thought to be ourselves since birth. The idea is too keep us dense by making us as stupid as luciferians themselves. Stress, neediness, anger and guilt are one of the biggest ways to keep us dense or in low vibration. I personally must say that it has worked very well although it is collapsing which is a good thing and ultimately, when the common man themselves stop resisting the change, the system will disappear. The faster humanity literally wakes up, the faster all the crap will collapse. It will not happen yet because, as you know, many of our loved ones, friends and even the so called spiritual people we have come across during our incarnation to planet earth are not willing to allow change to take place thus are making unconscious choices to keep the system alive in their personal and collective lives. It is important to use discernment within these relationships because it will have the danger to drag you down. It is even more intense if you get closer to the “heart” of our collective insanity, you know, if you get closer to the big guys, like vatican, that actually thrive in all this sickness.  The same insanity happened during the time of Jesus and he got killed, the same thing happened to Martin Luther King and he got killed, the same thing happened to Gandhi and he got killed. I have also heard that there were attempts to ruin Mother Teresas image so that our global awakening could be slowed down. There already is an attempt to sensor articles of this nature by claiming they are “adult” content like porn and It is obvious that 911 was all about slowing down humanities change towards the age of Aquarius, which sounds like a new age phrase to me but all it means is that humanity is waking up from a long lasting sleep (by sleep I do not mean stupidity but literal sleep!) and that the few who enjoyed their specialness as demigods will use all their might so that they can continue to act like gods (such as vatican). The priceless pearl in our physical universe is to seek the experience of specialness. This is what our so called powers at be are just doing – enjoying specialness/ false experience of godhood. It is only specialness that gives us a poor illusion of godhood and this is why people seek power, fame and lots of money. Everybody is doing this but in more subtle ways. I once met a mentally handicapped person who proudly said he is a special breed and a genius. Seeking specialness is however a futile journey because deep inside we all know we are all one. Many celebrities commit suicide because although they gained some sense of specialness and adoration from the outside world, none of that fulfilled them and since they were not able to channel their depression in the right way which  is by going within and asking for a change, some decide to immortalize themselves by actually killing themselves because we have this strange culture where the younger, tragically you die, the more people will remember you and worship you…

The following is a well known quote from the movie The matrix. The reason the movie became so iconic is because it includes so much information that rings true to us deep inside but since it comes in a form of a movie people tend to underestimate the message by saying “its just a movie”. No! Hollywood is very aware of this stuff and are masters at using black magic to twist truthful messages as just “fictional stuff” by actually throwing truth right in to our face! I am not into magic stuff but I do know that part of black magic is to add truth in to it as well otherwise it wont work. It is basically like a parasite. In order for a parasite to survive it has to attach to the host without the host being aware of it. Well, same goes with manipulation of humanity. The parasitic attempt to control people is right in our face but we are not aware of it. Anyway, here is the quote.

When you raise your frequency trough forgiveness, taking good care of your self by being kind to yourself and others, the thing that will come as some what of a sad thing is to notice how incredibly insane the people around us actually are. That they are ruining their lives by making decisions that will sabotage their evolution. The most basic way people do this (and we did as well before we had enough) are by doing poor choices regarding having a mate, poor choices regarding a job or career, poor choices with food, poor choices with whom to hang out with, poor choices in controlling anger and so on. All these poor choices boils down to the simple fact that the addiction to ego consciousness is too strong and the fear of noticing we are all one, the world was over long ago and there is nobody out there is too great. Humanity, the majority are not willing to accept we are not separated but are actually the one so all the humans can do is to make choices to reinforce their own sense of separation which is why they will make choices that will perpetuate drama in their lives. Without drama, ego consciousness can not survive. The drama does not have to be, lets say, getting shot by a person or being in a fist fight. That also happens and it is a very unconscious behavior. The drama I am addressing are usually the very subtle ones, lets say, like a marriage or intimate relationship that seems to be working but ultimately both partners chose that relationships because they are to cowards to be alone and face their own internal shit. It is not beneficial for you to enter a relationship when you are still wounded and you are keeping it as a secret! It will get further denied trough daily rituals, you know, like going to work, having 2.5 children and a dog and of course, a house and a car in mortgage and having sex 3 times a week. This one is actually a very big problem in our world. Boys and girls hooking up without any understanding of what they are actually doing and why. It will eventually turn in to a disaster which explains well why majority of marriages in the west will end in divorce and so will the next one and the next. If you are reading this and it is pushing your buttons then I am talking to you.

As you know, you have to use your ability to discern these materials, my own as well. Based on my encounters with some so called esoteric people I have noticed that some of them are not authentic at all. I recently came across a guy I thought to be a potential friend due to his ability to communicate about stuff like kundalini but eventually, thanks to the warnings from the people in my life and my ability to discern, the guy ultimately came across as a black magic abuser. Sure, he can talk about kundalini and occult stuff but all that is nothing if you are not able to practice forgiveness and self love. He came across very aggressive and was using words (spells) to drag my energy when I told him that I am not going to spend time with him anymore. I also know people from my old life who are not for the highest good for me even though we share a long history together and I can communicate with them mostly trough social media while avoiding face to face encounters. I am basically very careful with all people now days and I can assure you this is not a “us versus them mentality” but pure experience. So, please, use your ability to discern all materials on the internet. There are many so called spiritual people who are doing their thing to serve their own needs of specialness, the biggest virus of all not so many teachers talk about. I have been in many “esoteric” community parties and although there are authentic people, there are also “leaks” who are there for the free group hugs and cuddling, sex, drugs and music stuff. Be passerby my dear friend and respect people for where they are in their evolution by allowing them to do their own mistakes which usually means to allow them to ruin their lives until they have also had enough of their way of perceiving the world thus are finally ready to make a change trough their daily choices that will benefit everybody.