Awakening from the dream of birth and death: The use of Drugs

Let me say first that I do not consider cannabis as a drug actually but like anything in this world, it is recommended to be used responsibly and with the right intent. There are proofed medical benefits for smoking cannabis for those who are in physical and mental pain. For example, many people who have an never ending mind chatter or brain chatter will find benefits and revelations when smoking pot. This is because it gives you a hint of an none chattering mind and the benefits the none chatter of the mind has on the body. It will give them some clues of the state of meditation. However pot does not teach you how to get to this state of meditation without the help of pot so many get depended on pot. This recording is addressed to daily psychedelic users such as pot heads but who are already on the path of ascending from this physical dream. Now all that said, Ascension or awakening from the physical experience of birth and death is a process of reaching higher dimensions or higher states of consciousness. It is a process of becoming naturally blissful while you still appear to be in a body in a world. So if you use drugs such as marijuana on daily basis it may lead to a point where you realize it keeps you stuck in lower frequencies. It may have given you a temporary expansion of consciousness giving you clues that there is more to life but now it seems to drag you down… I know, I did not like this too. It can be quite shocking to realize that even the hippie and new age community in the 60s and 70s was part of the great deception and in fact promoted the culture of daily use of drugs to young people to keep them to stay dependent on drugs like marijuana rather than realizing the benefits of meditation and the simple desire to awaken. 🙂

Maybe smoking once in a rare while is not bad. I may try it one day.

All that said. Here is the recording below. There is no shortcuts to awakening such as using marijuana which is a 4th dimensional plant. The ego must be reluinquished to reach higher states of consciousness.