Awakening Will Destroy Everything: Losing Friends and Family.

Everyone who are embracing this rather difficult life curriculum will notice the people you love dropping out of your life. I have covered this issue in a gentle fashion. Today I will be blunt.

The people who are trapped in the nine to five grid chose to go that way due to having an unconscious rage to God. I have had many talented friends, and with little patience, we could have achieved more creative things we can look back with smile while having fun at the same time, which is more important to me than the destination. However, these people chose to have kids, they chose to have a spouse,  sex and romance. They did that in a traditional way, and thus in my opinion enslaved themselves. The rest who did not choose romance, kids and sex, chose to listen to their parents, got a job (which means persecution in Hebrew) and did not question them at all. Although I have made it clear that I am not into a Course in Miracles anymore, one thing that was a common theme among the group, was that parents and children are the most difficult class rooms. So do not wonder why the people in your life are stuck in the old paradigm. I sure as hell remember that dealing with certain so called relatives was not an easy trip, due to having feelings for them, while for others not having feelings at all, which made me feel bad and guilty, until I realized there is no reason to feel bad about it. Bodies can not join, only minds can join.

At the moment I do not have people I consider friends. There is no such thing because only minds can join, not bodies. The like minded friends you meet on your journey, are also in their own path, and will go towards their own destiny. We hang around, learn from another, and then we move on without attachment. If you are a renegade type like my self, then most likely the idea to have kids will not be something you will resonate with. If you are into kids, and finding a spouse in your awakening, then the idea to hang around by your self smoking a joint, blogging, or playing guitar, may not be your thing. So loss happens even among like minded people. I was suddenly left by a person recently with whom I shared few good moments. I have done the same thing several times to other people.

The old 3d matrix based relationships are breaking down because majority of the people from your past are very miserable, and want to stay there. Misery is very seductive. Majority of you awakening from this reality, which is a dream, know that to detach from the dream, we are also asked to look at everything that would keep us cemented in the dream, and as you have seen, majority of our old habits were doing exactly that: cementing us into the dream. And so did our old relationships with friends and family.

If you go back to your old relationships, it is not unheard that the people of higher consciousness feel depleted after spending time with old pals still not aware of the things happening on this planet. This is a vibratory universe that pretends to be solid. It seems that we are separated, but we are indeed just one mass of Atoms. Old friends perceive the world as solid, and like to pretend we are separated. As a Turkish-Nubian Egyptian I can count all the people from my past who are still caught in the educational version of history, and thus are having resistance to hear the truth about the origin of Egptians who spread across Afrika to avoid Christianity which means Afrikans are all “Egyptians” although are not promoted as such, and that is just propaganda by UK royals who lie, and claim to be one. Since this is the case, that many of my older friends are not aware of anything, especially history, there is a sarcastic element vibrating from my unconscious old friend when it comes to none European people. And it must be so. These people go to theaters to actually watch propaganda based movies like Avengers with “Captain America” who saves all the helpless Asian people, or other so called minorities. The imagery in these films, although they are “PG” movies is very sinister in nature, and if you watch these materials your whole life, well, there is an sinister element within you, and I personally avoid these people, or limit my exposure to them. There is no time to wast,e now that we are getting closer to the age of Aquarius, and  have the chance to graduate from this planet, which, again, is a living organism, and also wants to return, and awaken in higher realms. Sounds interesting right?

So when it comes to your old friends and family… Allow the miserable people from your old life be miserable. Some will come back to you, because conscious people are needed on this planet anyway. But before that, as your vibration gets higher, the jealousy, and hatred from your old relationships will become apparent, thus the idea to spend time with these people will loose meaning. I personally wish the people from my old life to suffer beyond imagination so that they will let go of their dumb comfort zones, and be where I am at the moment.What I am saying is not Enlightenment, but it sure as hell is a more joy based, weird, and wonder based reality, rather than the mundane walking dead kind of a thing. The things I see It is very much like in the zombie movies, you know, you are a living being, and you see some of your friends and family members being zombies, and you have no choice but to exterminate them otherwise you become like them. Well in this Awakening thing, you do not exterminate them, but you will be asked to let them go by the Universe, otherwise you will be hindering your self, and their own growth, due to them leeching on you, and sucking out your life force without them even knowing they are doing so. This is not meant to make me sound perfect. Goosh I can still be an asshole in some cases, but at least I am an merciful asshole. My name means merciful king of kings in English.

Awakening is actually a life or death thing. You see. If your brain is not rewired in a way that can absorb higher consciousness, then all the other realms that are less dense than earth, will rip you apart. This same consciousness is coming to this planet day by day which is why there is much confusion on the planet. Awakening is very biological. That is why it is also known as Kundalini awakening. It is a big blow for the system, organ, brains etc. When a person is not aware of these planetary changes, they get depressed, sick, addicted to things or will have compulsions to distract themselves with overworking.

The people you once called friends, and even family are still into coca cola, and satanic propaganda movies, and will deny this is the case, because it is overwhelming to hear we actually live in a dream world very close to hell. They still hang around with other people who are into the same denial, and their perception of the world is set in “tube vision”. It is linear, or left brain thing. It is actually harmful for them for you to drop an information bomb of what is happening. It is very much like shaking some one from a deep sleep. Just by standing next to a person not ready for this will make them angry or triggered because energetically your are telling them there is another way.

My personal life has been filled with losses of many different things. Not just relationships, but the joy that comes out of it is something that can not be explained. I still talk to my mother once in a while, who is dear to me, and I am open to communicate with my brother whenever he needs my presence. All the rest perhaps gone forever. My mother is becoming aware that the person called Klem Kaan actually died years ago, so she will have to adjust to this new being that still does not mind being called Klem Kaan, but indeed represents a different consciousness, that does not find meaning in the things many people still see as meaningful (hollywood, dating, romance, having children, gossiping, partying etc). I honor my relationship with my mom and brother due to going trough so much with them. I had a great none religious child hood which was a great contribution to regain the awareness I have now, and it is still raising. Many loves to my mom and junior brother.