Stuntmen Theme 1984 – EP single – Video – Jabi Lake Brawl 1984 fight scene – Out Now

A new Vivid memories EP single with a new video and Jabi Lake Brawl fight scene. An all-star 80s of low budget action and gymnastics for motivational purposes. Music video also Includes a short fight scene test with me and a new stunt member with Aikido back ground. Stuntmen Theme 1984!

Jabi Lake Brawl 1984 (A light-body fight scene)

Music video. Content Warning! Half of the music video gets rough. but hey, its the 80s.

Listen to the track. Soundcloud.

知觉 – The Meaning of Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization


After reading the introduction. Click the picture to read the  secret article. The most successful business ventures and the most chaotic ones are all the same. Both are part of multiple formalities and bodily rituals of the same attempt to convince that we are a mind captive in a concrete self that holds the mind captive trough its holographic self that seems so real. It lives in a convincingly complicated system where behaviour counts rather than the content from where behaviour follows. This is the body we are speaking of. Business opportunities if  ran from this classic capitalistic state of mind will inevitably take a tragic turn because the only force or the only motivation riding the body literally, is survival and to avoid pain. There is no inherent friendship in this walking state but we have sugar coat it it with seductive promises. The nostalgia nature of our tv perfume commercials and real estate dreams from the corporate 1980s are enshrined to us to preserve only the pleasure of the body while contrasting the seeming beauty with heavy imagery of scarcity in the middle east at your late night cable news. The thought that there is pain is then hold, entertained and ultimately it comes to the surface, leaving dreamer (you) more confused and luxuriating in a feverish dream of fear not knowing that you are the one motivating the content of the dream to remain as fear.

Luckily we have cool stuff to read that will help your mystical ventures. As said earlier, click the article picture above to read the secret article.


Top Rank Business inc. Film. Full synopsis & Snapshots. Extended press kit release.


Full Synopsis.

Top Rank Business inc. (Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization). Is a gritty documentary feature film shot with a micro budget of 20 000 $ since july 2014. The narrative, vaporwave, dream pop and retro synth driven documentary film, is a biographical story, about overcoming creativity pain, challenged by a young, hard working stunt-team founder and a dj producer called Klem Kaan, a self employed not-so-diplomatic filmmaker musician, who later in life (mostly because of global economic repression) has no other option but to cut loose all familiarity and go all in with the Great Hearts desire calling his name to drop the old world, and to embrace something more real, something alligned with our hearts but something very unfamiliar to most of us. This would Include all members of the homo sapiens family like Africans who are generally considered with tranquil IQ, perceived as strong willed and spiritually aligned nation. Yet the never ending problems are perceived in Africa as well.

inhale, exhaleThe film takes place during the time of chibok girls kidnappings, the spread of ebola and the so called bokoharam. It begins in Nigeria with a road trip from Abuja to Sokoto, a military environment in the north of Nigeria and a city next to Sahara deserts. A place where a radical market venture and a great opportunity to learn, is estimated to receive a positive closing. However, when things turn seemingly wary, and important decisions become self imposed, we end our venture with final thoughts, metaphors and maybe a contract to launch a platform larger than life… or come to the brave but deep understanding of the start-up being no more or less, but a means to reach yet another “level” of self realization that which is the true treasure of the universe, of the cosmos, a treasure within us all, and it can be remembered with a little willingness. With faith if you will.

trb swaga

Although Top Rank Business inc. (a.k.a Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization) is a true story of Klem kaan as a start-up company. With the collaboration of “vhs video filtering” vaporwave and Klem Kaan’s retro synth ep, the feature film ultimately attempts to reveal the wary perceptual nature of us as homo sapiens growing up within ancient, unchanged business formalities and expectations.

klem kaan investment ltd

 “A seeming individual, a mere fish out of water with a start-up plan of his own. Apparently catapulted out from all familiarity, used as a means, or symbolism to reveal the wary perceptual nature of us as homo sapiens, growing up within ancient, unchanged business formalities and expectations.”