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The title says everything. A lot of people in my field: the conscious group, have being viciously attacked by google bot censorship, and their paid trolls or troll bots. There is no point for me to continue doing the valuable things I do if people in general are not interested to hear this, or support anything that comes out from here such as films or music. All that are healing, entertaining, and if not, will at least raise questions in your mind or piss you off, which is good too.

You are free to watch Hollywood, and listen what they have to say. I know people are miserable anyway and need to escape which is why I am ok to leave this planet to its own fate, especially Finland which is a lost country of all time… I really do not care, I will grab my bag and vanish. I am actually waiting for that to happen because I do not have people I can call friends or family anyway so there is nothing to loose anymore. The people in my life have fallen in love with the world (which is hellenic) and there is nothing I can do for them. The phase of trying to talk about these issues is over. They will reincarnate, hopefully have a good time, but most importantly, hopefully will wake up from the birth and death cycle. The cycle is supposed to be controlled NOT it to control us…

There is music, films and articles all over the place I have done with dedication by my self for many years now. And I have been attacked right from the start not knowing why, until recently. I record my music, I play each instrument and I mix and master all my songs my self. Same goes with films. Even Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Black sabbath Michael Jackson, Prince and other artist from the past and today are not capable of doing that, they just sang or played an instrument, and were in fact over hyped because their talents were one dimensional that was just glamoured with the help of the MTV media. I mean guys seriously, I can dance if not better than the illusion of Michael Jackson, a made up character, that was not even a man but a transgender, and replaced many times by look a likes (another whole story). If you know my videos you know I can also do backflip, front flips, and moonwalk on stage, so please, let these characters like Michael Jackson, and other idols go. They are entertaining to watch, but not Gods, which was the agendas aim. These artist have also turned out to be CIA agents who were part of a blood oath, and hellenic sexual orgies, which is a ritual to remain silent regarding how celebrities become initiated for such stardom. So please, try to let go of these idols. Some of them were talented for that time, but once you discover the system, and all the help these people got, then the whole icon thing they established themselves to be will crash fast, and you will learn to love yourself even more. You know you have purpose. Celebrities are literally agents to convince you the world has glamour, although it is hellenic, unbalanced, and does not work. The world, which is a living organism is very tired, and wants to return to source, and we as it’s cells, are here to tune ourselves with earths transition to higher dimensions so screw the flesh and bone oriented glamour.

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