End of Chapter… (NEW FILM)

Hello everyone. This will be an ending of an Chapter. A very important Chapter because my life is in a position of no return to the old ways many still find comfortable, and something that might make others happy. They still have to learn none of it matters. To know thy self matters the most, and you have to be prepared to hear the truth about your purpose (A.K.A knowing thy self)

I can not promise anything… New articles, new movies, new music… I am living in the unknown, literally… My life is more like a Sci-fi movie, and nothing is guaranteed except the fact that finding my self made me the TOP joyful people among the few, who also discovered the magical aspect of life or their stolen inner teenager. It was kept hidden deliberately by a small group of people…And you must take it back in order to not fail in life like the rest…

Living in the unknown is like being a teen or child, but with the wisdom of a experienced man. It is fantastic, but the price to get there is great. But if I can do it, you can do it to.

Kiitos ja Kumarrus…

A motivational day to us all, we are one, now and forever.

A Day in The Life Of Adamus.

The Path of Aloneness. <3