Let The Dead Bury The Dead.

A small reminder for those who read my stuff.

Although I am not a follower of the bible nor was born under the bible belt and know that the bible was edited in order to control the masses to think in a certain way so that humanity can be kept in linear time as servants for the few, there are quotes from Jesus here and there in the bible that did take place 2000 years ago. One of them goes like this… And it is not a pretty one and I will explain why.

Let the dead bury the dead (Luke 9:60)

When Jesus said that to a man who was worried to follow Jesus Christ due to the mans fathers up coming burial and perhaps gaining the fathers full inheritance, Jesus basically told the man that humanity is already dead because they are not aware of their reality as the entire Universe. That humans are made of mass of  universal energy known as atoms that contains all knowledge. That humans are not aware that they are dreaming their lives (inspiring atoms) and have the ability to change their mind so that everything else will change as well. He is saying that majority are ruining their lives by seeking happiness outside of themselves trough commonly accepted activities such marriages, having children, sex, eating and seeking intellectual understanding about life from external sources such as priests, rabbis, schools and as we modern people tend to do the same trough our politicians, scientist, psychologist and some still do with religion.  We are constantly seeking happiness outside ourselves because we are programmed with a thought system of lack: Belief in objective reality and its so called natural laws. No worries, I have also been there. I have also numbed my self with many different activities but lucky to me it became too painful so I was able to start letting it go.  Once I did let go and I was looking back above the battleground, I noticed how comfortable we have gotten with this limited one dimensional life and actually accept it as life. None of that will ever work. All you have to do is look back into our history which has been filled with massacre, rape, slavery, wars and pain, you know, all that basic stuff that has happened in human history.  This means that eventually we will not be very comfortable but will perpetuate the mistake even further by blaming others regarding the lot in our lives and BOOM!.. War happens, we get tired of war and we set up a truce/ tolerance for one another for a while, until things get uncomfortable again and we start the cycle of blame/ war all over again. In our private lives and collectively. Some are so aware of this seemingly never ending insane cycle of humanity by actually making billion dollar businesses out of human ignorance and arrogance by investing money in any drama driven and promoting business and marketing ideas. Hah, what a waste of time however. Our history as humanity: all of that is irrelevant except to pin point that the way we have been thinking and the pop culture religious and political ways of viewing life has not been working very well and in order for salvation to occur, a change of mind has to occur which will automatically reflect in our external world which is just an effect of the change of mind (projector). It is you who has to do the job. You cant expect Jesus or God to do the job for you. The bible was designed for people to make them expect someone to save them rather than realizing their own power within. One thing I have not said so far is that it amazes me that people never think that although in the Jesus metaphor Jesus got resurrected, well, did he stay here on earth? The answer is no! He did not. Why? Because it is up to you to do the work from there. We are the ones who closed our minds and started to dream now we are the ones who have to open it by allowing the universe to guide our lives for us to make the right decisions that are beneficial for the entire one dreaming mind which we are all part of although we appear separate. By opening I mean to release your rigidness of mind. You are the same as Christ. We live  in a world of vibration. When an individual like Jesus vibrates in a high frequency it is simply not possible to stay on a dense earth dimension anymore. Many so called Alien races do not appear because of this same issue.  They are “there”, they are simply vibrating too high to come to a world full of negativity and hate: dense atoms. They also cant interrupt with peoples lessons otherwise people would not be able to integrate their own lessons of a seeming life of separation. When you vibrate high it just means you are overly sensitive to the entire universe, the mass of atoms that you are made of are vibrating and open thus you open to ancient information and at that point you do not want to be sensitive around people who are filled with thoughts of hate. You do not want that because you become like a sponge that sucks information which means you suck other peoples emotions and thoughts. This is why many relationships end when someone starts to wake up. They are vibrating in higher frequencies, their mass of atoms which humans are made of (universal energy) are vibrating while some in their lives are stuck in rigidness of mind thus their inner world, mass of atoms stay stiff and they start to repel each other.

It is very important to mention now that there is nothing wrong with having children, marriages, sex, eating… you know all the basic human stuff and as long we do not over do them. Yet they will not bring the happiness we have been looking for and in fact many of these things will become irrelevant if you truly understand what I and many others today are talking about. The obsession to find a partner or raise kids will fade away. The more cosmic energy flows trough your body over the coming years, so does the idea of physical sex diminish. When it comes to marriages, family, having children in many cases they have become distractions and have rooted humanity to the 3 dimensional world even further. Spiritual or universal energy is basically a mass of atomic energy that contains the knowledge of the universe. We are all made of mass of atoms thus the same knowledge of all creation is within us. We can cure any disease with this knowledge because it has the energy to radiate all diseases away. Unfortunately our parents were not able to teach this to us because their parents and grand parents and further down were all programmed by fear based, objective and religious ego consciousness which is all about taking the world seriously and giving our power to an external figure known as God (and his spokesman such as priests, politicians etc) rather than taking our power back as being part of all creation. People have done this to themselves, screwing up their lives, because that is what their parents and society as a whole secretly expected them to do so that they can continue their eternal drama together and since they did not have the courage to rebel or question societies value system (same values that killed Christ and many others in the past, not to mention wars and genocide) they sell themselves out and join the consensus thought system that keeps them in a spiritual slavery and they take their children with them. They are basically a walking dead and expect their children to follow and many do follow. I once heard a close person actually tell me that “if you cant win them, join them”. Hah, pathetic! True definition how much misery likes company. 😀

So what does “Let the dead bury the dead” mean again? It means that majority of people are spiritually dead and have accepted human pleasure and comfort as their path while fighting to avoid pain.  So many are called but few have the courage to go all the way. This will include friends, family, lovers, so called leaders, doctors. You name it. Inside in their subconcious they know that following God will turn their worlds upside down because you are called to remember your perfection and let go of your limited self and all that perpetuated and sustained that limited self.

Why I was inspired to write this today is because while I was walking the city center of Helsinki I saw like 3 different scenarios: women with their screaming kids and none of the women were happy and in fact I bet they resented the fact of ever having a child. The kids were already damaged, seeking validation and attention true nonsensical screaming which the parents can never give because the parents are not spiritually intelligent enough to guide their children. This is majority of humanity in all around the world, rejecting and denying their inheritance as the child of god and basically dying before physically dying.

By the way, if you do not like what I am writing and think I am some kind of narcissist, then please, before you decide something retarded regarding my post, I have stated many different ways that this ascension, awakening or whatever name we give it, is not that big of a deal and does not make you an elite… Sort of… It is a remembrance of a fantastic life but all that will settle as well. Life will be extraordinary and you are allowed to be exactly as you are. It is just that humanity is not seeing this simplicity because they have been programmed to think upside down and live in a world that was also build as an extension of this upside down way of perceiving life so now almost everything our past decisions were aimed at rooting us to go further down rather than up the ladder. Reversing all this can be indeed a very painful process because the life that was holding you down must fade away. When you come out of it though, and you feel great about it yet you look back at others who are still caught in the past, it is quite natural to want to help by at least sharing your own experiences and what have you learned. As I am writing this, I still have not figured everything out in my life and still find challenges coming up. I do admit that this summer was fantastic! Simple, extraordinary and lovely people. I am very optimistic however that everything will be alright with all of us and our destiny as homo sapiens is beyond our wildest dreams.