Michael Jackson (Corybantes) and Hollywood Occult Deception.

Hollyweird has become a gigantic mess. They are currently ratting each other out in order to reorganize themselves for a new era. Transgender is one of their moves at the moment. They say people get killed within their Occult circles but many of them are just escorted out of the scene to locations unknown to many normal people. Today I am going to copy paste updates from my facebook followpage regarding a philhellenic mentally ill man called Michael Jackson, and all the rest smooth criminals people have falsely fell in love with, and must awaken from their slumber ASAP. Are you ready to let go of your dumb false idols, and sex offenders? Ok, here we go.

Why surprised Michael Jackson (Corybantes) was a sexual abuser? Look, Hollywood is hellenic (Greek- Rome orgies and Gay rituals) it’s part of initiating to CIA stardom, and different orgy rituals are normalized among hollyweirdos, thus they rationalize their actions TOGETHER. MJ, Paul walker, Marlon Brando, Kevin Spacey, Rihanna, Drake, Tupac (gaypac), Lil Wayne etc, were all sold out to be prostitutes by their parents to the producers, run by Vatican. These people just did what was done to them. Alestoy Crowley, who did gay rituals, was occult satanist who brought the cult-ure to Hollywood trough rock music (Kizz, Dio, Black sabbath etc). Bands that read his materials in awe. Tick Tock my friends… Be ready to receive a bullet in your head but at least you are telling the truth, and a fast gate way to heaven. Too many awakened souls still in love with the world, and locked in their closet..

The image on the right is an image of your beloved MJ. MJ was a puppet who accepted a cunning Ancient Greek- Rome demonic deity known as Corybantes into his life and avatar right from the start. We are talking about exorcism which is very common among Hollyweirdos. He was sold to the hellenic sex industry at a young age by his parents, and sexual abuse and submission was normalized in his world just like Kevin Spacey, R Kelly, Paul walker etc, and so many other stars today who are still on the big screen . If you look closely on the right image of MJ. The jacket MJ is wearing is full of masonic and CIA mind control symbols. They have to reveal this in order to cheat debt or karma.  His entire costume selections in his performances had all kinds of occultist illuminati symbols, and he compleately went along being a possessed sex slave. Beyonce, who is actually a transgender like Kim Kardashian is no different. Beyonce also has accepted an abstract alien entity “Sasha” into her avatar in order to become a CIA initiate star. They do this by drinking human blood. This all boils down to a deep rage towards God actually, which these people are all about, because they had it so rough, thus they concluded by saying “fuck it”.

I will now post another update I made in my facebook follow page regarding why transgenderism is smacked onto our face now days. They are trying to normalize it so that perhaps the MTV “female” stars can come out as men which they really are. So here is another facebook update I made.

Why are normal women so confused? Why normalizing transgenders now? Ok, here we go. There is a war on women. Without de-calcifying your pineal gland, with meditation, right diet, OBE’s, and right people, astrology, you will miss this.

1. Kim Kardashian = Transgender
2. Beyonce, Aquilera, Pink, Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Lopez, Denise Richards = All tansgenders.
3. Michael jackson = Corybantes. Period. Replaced many times with a look a like women and “married” Debbie Row who is a man.. MJ never wrote his songs.
3. Marlon Brando, Paul walker, Tyree Gibson etc = Gay prostitutes for hollywood… Girls think they love them.
4. Drake, Liil Wayne, Tupac, Jay z = intense gay rituals with jewish investors, and guys like Quincy jones. Supposed to be “thugs or gangsta”
5. Tom cruise = Orsini mafia. Does not have to go trough too many rituals being an orsini but was part of stanley kubrick sacrifice.

And the list goes on and on. The ones reported being dead are not dead. The people you think are women but are actually man are there to send a distorted vibratory message to human psyche which will prevent a normal person to do beneficial decisions, and remain a prisoner in lower animal chakras not knowing him/her self fully.

The agenda of Hollyweird, which is a religious organization ran by the most powerful entity in our planet called the vatican, is there to hypnotize you to rationalize weird sexual actions (watching porn but especially having sex with a transgender and males rather than sleeping with women) just like they are doing it TOGETHER in hollywood. The male stars in Hollyweird are mostly having sodomite sex with transgenders. Many knew MJ was a pedo, because Vatican or catholic church are filled with pedophilia. They are all in this together, and are trying to rationalize these actions and make us to become part of this mentality in order to root us in to his 3 dimensional dream reality which has gone out of control, and the planet has become very tired, and wants us to tune our brains (pineal glands) with its return to higher realms and back to God. If people are not able to do this, then their bodies, especially psyche, will not be able to handle the higher molecular frequencies that are rising day by day. This is why meditation, alkaline diet, forgiveness, meeting balanced people, and in many cases, using the tree of life known as cannabis (has the same DNA as humans and is alkaline) are vital tools in order to use our remaining time in this tired planet in order to learn that we are not our bodies but powerful minds dreaming being a body. The hollyweirdos are there to root you into bodily pleasures so that you stay addicted to your humanity and remain scared regarding what lies beyond when the time comes to leave your body. My advice? You might as well work on your self because most of us after 30+ years will die anyway so why not do it gently, and consciously as many prophets, herbalist, renegades have done in the past and today.

The image on you right is an old art painting describing Ancient Greek orgies still practiced by hollyweirdos. Nothing has changed under the sun… Use discernment when listening or watching Hollywood materials because their images and music involve magic which are not created by any of these artist, but by humanoids who are well trained in occult science and mind control in order to make people think in a certain way.