Kung fu films and physical stunts from Klem Kaan

New Whitie ja Blackie kung fu web series (2006-2007) is moved to Youtube with a better quality. What is New Whitie ja Blackie? For those unfamiliar, it was an unfinished series made with zero budget which got a good amount of attention during the times of physical cd:s and spreading trough windows messenger before youtube became the shit. So much dedication and hard work were done. Believe it or not, it was easy to get a summer job just by mentioning Whitie ja Blackie. We were a local hit. At that time, accepting life is a dream would have been out of the question. We were so physical and dense. Watch the film so you can get my point. Regardless of the lack of subtitles in the first two episodes. It is still watchable. Check my youtube channel for more fight scenes

Life is an illusion but it does not mean that you can not enjoy the illusion and have fun.