SYMPHONY OF DEATH Official Movie [HD] Post – Apocalypse (2008) Vimeo Re-upload

Symphony of Death Post-Apocalypse action film Re-uploaded on Vimeo.

In this Psychedelic, neurotic, and very Physically Action packed Post-Apocalypse film, A bunch of unknown criminals aim to kill a lonely drifter who just happens to pass by in a fallen world, where people hear sinister voices to murder. But things do not work out as planned… The drifter takes one of the female members with him and… Well, you will see. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED due to hard language, and perhaps imagery, used in the Film for entertainment purposes only. Do not take things seriously, please. Thank you.

Written, Directed & edited: Klem Kaan

Screenplay: Klem Kaan

Original Soundtrack: Klem Kaan
Producers: Klem Kaan, Niko Karppinen, Joonas Vaattovaara
Visual FX: Niko Karppinen, Klem Kaan
Camera OP: Klem Kaan
Year: 2008
Country: Finland

Speculations Regarding Ralph Smart Infinite Waters (Diving Deep).

I came across Ralph smart videos somewhere around 2011. I did not pay much attention to his work, and returned back to his videos as a bench watcher many years later. I had an on, and off thing about his style, and eventually felt off about the whole thing. I felt bad for coming to this conclusion, and even rooted for Ralph smart afterwards anyway, to help his platform grow, in order to raise the awareness of his listeners, and humanity. But like so many consciousness movements, so is Ralph giving you a “Coca cola spirituality” that tastes so good, but will not nourish the soul, and release you from the insane cycle of birth and death, thus release everything that was there to keep you stuck within that insane cycle…

Awakening from the Dream of birth and death is tough, and the toughest road anyone can pick within a Greek-Roman hellenic system that is not master friendly at all. The game is not as it was 2000 years ago, and many people will fall from your life, and the Matrix will make you a Matrix reject, and obscure. The ego thought system that runs the matrix hologram is not meant to be your friend because it feeds off of you. You are it’s energy source. You are it’s food supply. Yes, very much like in the movie The Matrix…

You defeat the ego by accepting the frailty of the body, and the entire world. You stay open to the fact that this is a world of shift and changes, and that nothing lasts here. You can enjoy the “tragic” play of dense life, like watching a movie, but by first noticing we live in a dense dream state, which is a nightmare state of separation, covered with glamour. Don’t believe me? Am I still a cynic to you? Look, I am having a good time, but that is because I am also releasing the world consciously. Like Buffy the Vampire slayer, I do the same dirty work by facing the cesspool the man made world is trying to cover with all sorts of distractions, entertainment, and fake romance meanings, so that we will never meaningfully release our attachments to the world, and our expectations of it.

Before jumping to Ralph Smart, here is a quote from A Course in Miracles, where the voice of holy spirit or Yeshua speaks trough the book regarding the hellenic nature of our world covered with glamour.

T-17.IV.8. The special relationship has the most imposing and deceptive frame of all the defenses the ego uses. 2 Its thought system is offered here, surrounded by a frame so heavy and so elaborate that the picture is almost obliterated by its imposing structure. 3 Into the frame are woven all sorts of fanciful and fragmented illusions of love, set with dreams of sacrifice and self-aggrandizement, and interlaced with gilded threads of self-destruction. 4 The glitter of blood shines like rubies, and the tears are faceted like diamonds and gleam in the dim light in which the offering is made.

Again, feel free to have fun in physicality while it lasts, but also allow the hellenic nature of this world to sink in by facing the darkness, otherwise you will not have the motivation to release the dream meaningfully or organically. Ralph Smart is convincing it’s desperate people who over love the world, and it’s pleasures, that there is some kind of hope in this world. The real hope is to Awaken from this world by escaping the dream, being an example to others without people-pleasing, and let the so called powerful entities of this world that fed from your energy, to starve to death: esoterically speaking, by not giving your energy, or investment to the holographic matrix dream state ever again. Few spiritual paths are set for this release, because they are pointing at the glamour of this world, and how to behave nicer or more spiritual in order to make friends with the matrix. They are not assisting you to see the neurotic cesspool, in the mental level, and physical level as well in order to meaningfully release it. The sinister nature thus remains obscure, due to the seekers need to still fit in, find a mate, eat grapes, eat peanuts, and eat seeds, and find more gatherings, and intellectual concepts that reinforce this way of being..

Ralph is most likely a nice guy, yet the tools, like so many other paths, will not prepare the person to really see the dualistic nature of our world, and find the motivation to use our every day life as a classroom where we learn to unlearn the world, by embracing a none filtered perception. Ralph does not cover the meaning of crucifixion or Shamanic journey or Shamanic death or dark night of the soul, all that are synonym, and are about an intense transformational process very much like a messy caterpillar within it’s cocoon darkness, finally becoming a butterfly, and embracing an entirely different life form!

The world is a living organism, but also a dying one, so it wants to ascend, and\or transform by letting it’s former self go. Since you are part of this world, a cell so to speak, it is vital to consider tuning with the worlds transformation, or puberty. Do not expect puberty to be without transformational pains. Youtube promotes esoteric videos that tend to dismiss the growing discomfort of esoteric transformation, all that are meant to help you out-grow this world just like we out-grew playing with children toys back in the days.

Your body will die anyway, so why not use your lifetime wisely by gently detaching from your humanity, rather than reinforcing your love with a world which is an illusion. The pop culture spiritual paths that are promoted by Youtube, and end to Oprah show will not dispel your illusions, they will most likely reinforce them. The life you think you want in this planet will keep you as much inside the matrix as are the things of nightmares that you wanted to a void. The only good use of nightmares is to realize we do not want to eat, grapes, peanuts and vegans every single day with a smile on our face, and the cat down the road, only to go trough the digestive process, get the food out of our system, and sooner or later eat again. Human body, that does not last, is glorified by many seekers… The ones in their 20s, some even in their 30s are not expected to realize the temporariness of all. Let them have their moments learning the world has nothing to offer. Once you know the outside world really has nothing to offer, you learn more to depend only on God,. This only happens after you have nothing else left but God.

As said before I have rooted this guy in my earlier works just to support another artist. I never agreed his way of giving “sugar candy” esoteric information to children, but I justified his ways by thinking that “perhaps children need candy once in a while”. By children I mean his young listeners, and fans. However, too much sugar messes up with your system, and calcifyes the brain. In other words, the cuddly information he gives will not really lead the person to spiritual fulfillment, and spiritual maturity, which is a journey of courage, and preparation for a totally different life form, unsupported by the matrix world, and all the people who love the world.

I have linked an article about a lady sharing her interesting moments with the fans of Ralph Smart, and their reactions to her and other people who questioned Ralph Smarts works publicly. I ended up doing my own experimentation by commenting on one of Ralph Smart videos. I ended up having  similiar results. When I commented on one of Ralph Smart videos, asking him to prove his degrees on psychology I was hit with 3 negative comments by his fans. One account was deleted after it trolled me. My personal message to Ralph trough his website regarding his school degree has not received response.

I do not mind being wrong about Ralph. He seems like a nice guy. Yet his website About section is also very dismissive about his education, and Awakenings.

The article, and discussion also points out Infinite water website About section lacking depth, about his academic achievements.




Realizing The Insanity of This world in Order to Detach.

I do not care about Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung. Two guys that were on the right place at the right time, and gave information in a none threatening way, to blend with the rest. Freud was actually one of those dumb freemasons actuallym to confuse the masses with so called psychology, which is now a normalized mentality to treat people with mental challenges… But Carl Jung did say that a typical Western man tends to spend his first 35 years of life learning to integrate to the world, and once he hits the age of 35 – 40 years of age, another phase hits him, which is to realize that nothing works (career, children, spouse, vacations) and that it is time to learn how to detach from the world, and ultimately let it go. To die consciously while still in a body.

Anyway, in my experience, at least at the moment, this is not the case with many, at least in this damned country I am currently residing. People here, not just the locals, but people from all backgrounds , ages and spirituality, have invested so much on their mates, jobs, and children that I can’t really say much will happen in their lives Awakening wise. Letting go seems to be too much of a threat, and their time is spent in the grid, and around people who are reinforcing the grid, and also expecting you to do the same: to run the grid, for their own survival. You see, Finland is one of those comfort zone type of places with social security, and an ancient collective attitude of embracing not taking big risks, or leap of fates. The biggest mistake the youth living here, are doing to themselves.

Friends and family have all fallen for this comfort zone trap, and they actually believe in the lie, even some authentic conscious individuals in their 20s, and early 30s are currently in this place, still questioning… But I can not blame them… Awakening at the end of the day is literally about dying consciously, and allowing your world to break down, and to see what lies beyond the mundane, while still dwelling in the mundane at the same time. Once you have let go enough of the things, and habits, that were messing up your perception, then life will become more deep, your perception has more clarity, and a deeper initiation is activated… And things can get a bit weird I kid you not. But All this will be a means for you to learn to let go of the old world even more, and to become prepared for anything which would be include manifestation, if it is necessary. The last thing to catch up with letting go, in my innerstanding, and overstanding, is our physical body and brain complex. Again this world is not a nice place. Its packed with noisy unconscious people who are mindless thus a walking dead, programmed to distract one another, and normalize this sodomite behaviour. Or they simply are a none player character, or bots within our holographic, amazing reality simulation.

We live in a system born and governed by swine hellenic – genetics that took over Ancient Afrika, one of the least is known as Ancient Egypt. The hellenic masons used Ancient Afrika spirituality, and magic upside down by creating religion which is the first “level” to govern people to act ritualisticly rooting them into a de javu slave Mary go around. Even the Bible uses the same swine imagery to depict the shadow so called “powers” that be, and Many classical art paintings of hell images are not so far from depicting this semi swine- semi human mutant type of humanoid that has mastered being a virus, and leeching on other peoples souls, eating these souls in order to survive.

We are not at the top of the food chain. And this is not to scare, because too many are waking up due to traveling, reading, and simply being tired to see the same theme of confusion, and separation everywhere. The Pyramids are telling us that we have fallen to a deep state of sleep, and have normalized behaviors, construction ways, social constructs, relationship patterns, so called modern arts, noisy music, and films, all that are influenced, one way or another, by biblical, and historical propaganda, meant to keep us stuck in a hellenic (hell) or sodomite dream like state of body, and world. A system which came from the Greek – Romans who, once again, eventually hijacked Ancient Afrika, and it’s hermetics, by first Hijacking their center, and major accomplishment known as Kemet (Ancient Egypt). Kemet (Ancient Egypt) was a gate way, and beholder to all other Afrikan civilizations, that were all well functioning civilizations, and would still be functioning, if not the hermitcs were stolen by Greek, and Romans. Ancient Afrika is an obession to all who live in the Knowing, and masons ufortunately have their way to Know too. Ancient Afrika was basically a collective where a lot of people knew their “Christhood” originating from the word Ma-ati (meaning of Ma-ati explained at the end) The indigenous people were able to have passion, and talents, thus build Pyramids, and much more denied by dumb Alien theories I also fell for, but all lies. We are amazing beings. Jesus (Yeshua) who was a Hebrew with Native Egyptian (Bantu) roots, thus called a Hebrew, is just one man who discovered humanities hidden powers within him self, and going to Ancient Afrika such as Egypt, was part of Jesus  story where he was becoming initiated to discover the ability to manipulate this dream reality known as planet earth… But also to use his discoveries to return, and to reveal the lies the so called common men were told by the Roman so called Empire.

Anyway, the swine philhellenic  genes – The Greek- Romans stole, and copied Afrikan spirituality as said before, they used the Ancient Afrikan organic life principles or hermetics, made it upside down, in order to create religion to exploit souls. As you probably know by now, All official religions are upside down copied versions of Afrikan hieroglyphs, found all around Afrika, not just Ancient Egypt or as some would call Kemet. The upside down distortions of Afrikan hierolglyphs known as religion, was eventually imposed first subliminaly, and then trough force, and was normalized. All official religions APPEAR different, but the subtext, and corporation behind it is the same blueblood swine-hellenic family, who are a reincarnation or continuation of Ancient Roman Empire family. This is why nothing has changed. The same 2000+ year old mentality is running today, just with different names. So instead of Kings running the show, we have corporations. The corporations, however, all lead back to the exploitive Kings, and other royals of Ancient times.

This Phil-Hellenic way of living, which the last Carbon dark Kemetian (Egyptian) but Agnostic Pharaoh-Wahibre was attracted to, without considering the future effects, is basically about orgies, gay orgies, sacrifice, normalizing pedophilia, normalizing abuse of sex and over consumption of foods/ materials. The idea is to turn morality upside down, and never be forgiven. You know, the “Do what thou wilt thing by Alestoy Crowley parroted. That quote by Crowley is hellenic in a nutshell, and very much acted out in hollywood. Which is constantly ratted out now, and what a joy is that… The stuff they do in Hollywoods behind the scenes is the same Ancient Greeks – Romans were known for. It is a behavior that came way back in time by Caucasoid/ albino humans who lost their divine DNA blueprint for various reasons (survival mentality, meat eating, lack of sun, lack of melanin skin protection, Calsifying their Pineal-Glands) and started to act out homosexual behaviors, denying spirituality, mated with their closest siblings, became committed to not balance their Carbon or have anything to do with melanin, thus became more out of balance, hated their brothers with stronger Carbon etc. All going downhill. The Caucasoid albinos were Kemetians who wandered to the north, a mistake, thus the physical appearance after the repeating of mistakes was  drastically changed farther from the image of Horemakhute statue in Cairo (Greeks mis-spelled as Sphinx). The statue of “Sphinx” stands for the original Carbon dark face of the mother of the indigenous men. The face of Horemakhute (Sphinx) is pointed to the east, to high- light the original mothers strong carbon dark skin that was able to withstand super heat and sun, and so were all her carbon strong children, some who ventured to the north, and eventually started to loose their divine DNA blueprint due to getting hijacked by survival mentality, which led them to the path of many stupid earth, and self destructive mistakes, and out of balance. This out of balance eventually did hijackAncient Egypt/ Kemet, entire Afrika. and entire world, and indeed did enslave everyone, without many realizing this. It hijacked all continents, and placed us under one blueblood leadership trough black magic, and a many dynasties, and centuries lasting propaganda project. A very patient one.

There is more meaning to why Horemakhure statue (sphinx) is faced to east. It has to do with astrology as well, but I will not go there in this post.

So, once you know Life is a dream you know that life is indeed magical, but we have misused magic, and it has turned to a collective, and very dense unconscious mess each much Awake from. Majority are scared to face head on, and are actually denying this in their every day life. Do your best not to be one of them. You can do it. If you are reading this, and have finished the article, then you are going somewhere.

The Meaning Of Ma-Ati (Christhood)

The picture below is a collective of Native Egyptians, also known as Bantus, and some call Nubians. The picture depicts beings who attained their Ma-Ati state of mind or Christhood, or a very high state of expanded Atomic Awareness. The same atomic state, Jesus character as well re-discovered so called 2000 years ago. These Native Egyptians in the picture however were “Christed” many thousand years before Jesus was. Just like Jesus (real name Yeshua) who was said to manipulate the dream reality here and there, such as walking on water/ levitation, so were these guys having their own natural skills activated once again, if not even more, because they were a collective of highly conscious people. Not all of them, but a bunch of them indeed, thus were able to do the things they left behind in Ancient Afrika such as Egypt. We are re-remembering these skills once again as well. At least some of us. Many are throwing their potential outside the window too…

The feathers on top of the Native Egyptians or Bantus helmets represents their hearts that are lighter than a feather. The measuring of their christhood (Ma-Ati) was based if their hearts were lighter than a feather. If you heart is purified from guilt, anger, hate, sarcasm, lust, grievence etc, then you have passed the initiation. You have no more a grab back of heaviness within you, and will be able to travel to higher vibratory dream states majority of people tap briefly while sleeping at night.




Mika Waltari on Vapaamuurari Valehtelija ja Tahallisesti Väärensi Muinais Egyptin eli Afrikkalaisten Alkuperää

Hi. This is a rare take in Finnish, once again regarding Mika Waltaris cheating. Finland is country of about 5 million who are still escaping themselves regarding this matter. I am thus the first one to put this mans work out of the picutre as fast as possibl,e or at least the one starting the process, so that our younger generation, especially the ones from Egypt Afrika do not have to be fed with this mans lies ever again.

Tämä on sivustoni ensimmäinen Suomenkielinen artikkeli koska aika tikittää ja tämä vale on ollut Suomalaisten kesken niin pitkään haudattu, pisteeseen missä jokainen täysiverinen Suomalainen on mukavuusalueella ja luulee olevansa Egyptiläisten eli Afrikkalaisten jälkeläisiä ja näin se vain mene, eikä tule koskaan menemään.

Mika Waltari on jäänyt kiinni muinais Egyptiläisten tahallisesti väärentämisestä olemalla mukana vapaapuurari propagandan edustajana (vasemmalla kuvassa Mika Waltari vapaamuurari käsi asento). Mika Waltari on kuulemma arvostettu ja sankari Suomen porvari poppoossa ja hänen tietty kirja joka kertoo Afrika Egyptistä löytyy koulujen kirjahyllyistä ja monien Suomalaisten hyllyistä. Kirja on kuitenkin täyttä valetta ja propagandaa, tyypillinen muurari materiaalia. Muurareilla on hämmennyksessään obsessio linkittää itsensä muinais Afrika Egyptiläisiin, jotka ovat toisella nimellä Numibialaisia eli Natiivi Egyptiläisiä. Minä tiedän tämän koska olen Heprealainen eli Numibia-Turkkilainen.  Numibilaiset pakenivat Kreikka-Rooman valloituksen aikana eri puolelle Afrikkaa (mm. Sudaniiin, Nigeriaan, Ethiopiaan, Ghanaan, ja myös eri puolelle nyky Egyptiä kuten Aswan ja Luxoriin) Muurarit ja koko Suomen historia on siis ylösalaisin toinen käärmemäinen tapa miten he yrittävät linkittää itsensä Egyptiin on väittämällä se on Arabialainen maa, eikä se ole näin.  Waltarin kaltaisilla ihmisillä ei ole linkkiä muinais Egyptiin vaikka kuinka yrittävät linkittää itsensä sinne kirjoillaan ja musiikillaan. Heidän muinais tausta on tod näk Plaedialaisia jne, joka kuulostaa mielenkiintoiselta, mutta ei mun juttu, koska olen Egyptistä, eli todella fyysinen olento kovalla kallolla, joka osaa ottaa iskuja vastaan. Se on jokaisen täys Suomalaisen vastuu ensin jättää Egypti taakse, meditoida ja sitten katsoa, mihin sydän vie. En ole rasisti, videossa on kuvia itsestäni ja äidistäni jonka pitäisi rauhoittaa niitä joilla on resistanssii jättää Egypti konsepti taakse ja motivoida itsensä löytämään biologisen juurensa. Yleinen idea Euroopplaisista on että he olivat Afrikkalaisia jotka asettuivat Eurooppaan. Kylmyys pakoitti heidät luoliin, ei voinut syödä kasveja ja sen seurauksena raaka lihan söynti normalisoitiin, joka ei ole ihmisille tarkoitettu mutta ainoa keino selviytyä. Raaka lihan syönti vaikutti käpyrauhasen kalkkiutumiseen ja siitä eteenpäin Eurooppalaisten päättely kyky johti yhä enemmän tilanteisiin joissa aivot kalkkiutui mm. sisarusten parittelu (Game of thrones muistuttaa tästä). Videossa selitän Englanniksi enemmän tästä. Toivon kaikille Suomalaisille onnea löytämään itsensä, mutta ensimmäinen askel on unohtaa Egyptin fantasioiminen ja rakastaa itseänne sellaisena kuin olette. Osa teistä on tod näk eri tähti järjestlemistä joka on joutunut syvään unohdukseen tässä uni/quantum todellisuudessa, eikä siitä voi syyttää ketään, mutta vain pistää asiat takaisin järjestykseen, jonka nyt teen, koska 5 miljoonan mailmassa kukaan ei ole vaivautnut korjaamaan ja jättämään tämän kirjailian ns. hitti teoksen taakse. Mika Waltari, Agatha Cristie ja niin moni Euroopassa asuva ei kuitenkaan halua, tai välitä tehdä tätä, eli he tuohovat oman elämänsä ja epäonnistuvat valmistautumaan tästä koulusta nimeltä fyysinen elämä. Meidän elämä on kuin yliopisto, jos tämän ei pikaisesti tunnista tietoisesti, niin tervemenoa, koska toivon kaikkea parasta kaikille, mutta se vaatii myös, että asiat pistetään takaisin perspektiiviin, muuten on liian myöhäistä ja monien Suomalaisten kohdalla valaistuminen on liian myöhäistä. Porukalla on vääristetty kuva maailmankaikkeudesta eli Jumalasta joka on johtanut masenukkseen ja suureen raivoon. Masennus johtaa masennukseen, eli aivot surkastuu/ kalkkiutuu taas jälleen, ja vaikka henkilö ei fyysisesti tee itsemurhaa, on itsemurha jokapäiväinen mantra ja kuin rapu kiehuvassa vedessä, henkilöllä tulee tarve vetää muitakin hänen masennukseen, jonka Mika Waltari ja myös Agath Cristie on tehnyt. Keskityn tänään Waltariin.

Video alhaalla on englannin kielinen ja menee yksityiskohtiin munais Egyptiläisten eli Numibilaisten alkuperästä joka on meidän Heprealaisten, Egyptiläisten eli Afrikkalaisten kesken tuttua, joten tämän kirjailijan puheet ei ole tervetullut Egyptiin. Haluan kuitenkin yksin kertaistaa pieniä faktoja muinais Egyptiläisten eli Numibialaisten alkuperästä joka on kirjoitettu Raamattuun myös. Genesis 9:18, Genesis 10:6.

Raamattu todiste ja paljastus Munais Kemetin eli Egyptin alkuperästä
Hei, Mika Waltari ja hänen kannattajat. Onko korvat  kuulolla?

1. Noah lapset = Shem, Ham, Japheth
2. Hamin lapset (Noahin nuorin poika) = Kush, Mizraim, Put ja Canaan.
3. Ham tarkoittaa Egyptiksi Musta.
4. Egypt tarkoittaa Musta Kreikaksi ja muinais Kreikaksi.
5. Kemet, Egyptin alkuperäinen nimi tarkoittaa Mustien maa.
6. Mizraim (Hamin poika) on toinen Egyptiläisten kutsuma nimi.


1. Hiili voimakkaat Kemetiäläiset/ Muinais Egyptiläiset jotka rakensivat eri siviilisaatioita ympäri Afrikkaa ja purjehti Niilen jokea pitkin Egyptiin ovat kaikista lähempänä Annunaki veriryhmää. En aio puhua Annunakeista tässä artikelissa, koska haluan pitää artikkelin mahd maallisena)

2. Muinais Kemet eli Muinais Afrika Egyptin valtakunta pysyi kasassa 60 000 vuotta jonka nälkäiset Assyrialaiset, Turkkilaiset ja Kreikkalaiset yritti valloittaa.

3. Muinais Egyptin viimeinen Bantulainen eli Natiivi Egyptiläinen (nyky Sudanilaiset, Nigerialaiset, Etiopilaset, Somali jne) mutta Agnostinen Faarao nimeltä Wahibre (Raamatun Faaro Apries) joka ei ottanut hänen esi-isien sääntöjä vakavast, päästi nälkäisen Turkin, Assyrian ja Kreikan Afrika Egyptin sisälle kauppaamaan, mutta myös perustamaan omia reservejään. Faarao Wahibre antoi vieraille luvan harrastaa omia hellenistiä uskontoja ja tyhmyydessään itse rakastui hellenistiseen seksi-himo ja uhrilammas kultt-uuriin (kultti) myös, jota Hollywood, vapaamuurari porvaristo ympäri maailmaa ja Vaticaani poppoo harrastaa tänäkin päivänä. Tämän takia uskonnolla on kova himo rationalisoida esim pedofiliaa, transgenderismiä ja lisääntymistä, jotta poppoo voi harrastaa kyseenalaistamatonta paritteluaeli olla huomaamatta, että parittelu ei ole niin tärkeää, koska tarve lisääntymiseen ja vanhaan perhe mentaliteettin ei ole vesimiehen aikakautena enään tarvetta. Meidän potentiaali on paljon suurempaa. Potentiaalilla en tarkoita maallista potentiaalia vaan henkistä/ metafyysistä.

4. Macedonia-Kreikkalainen rojaali joka vieraili Muinais Egyptissä onnistui saamaan Bantulaisen eli Natiivi Egyptiläisen rojaalitytön raskaaksi ja asiat alkoivat muuttumaan.

5. Plato ja muut kreikkalaiset historioitsijat tahalleen puoli väärensi, eli antoivat puoli totuuksia maalaaksen itsensä Natiivi Egyptiläisiksi jotka keksivät kaiken tarvittavat ihmiskunnalle ilman agendaa. Samaa väärennöstä yrittää Mika Waltari tehdä. Hollywood on pitkään ollut mukana tässä agendassa tekemällä elokuvia kuten Elizabeth Taylerin Cleopatra, 1999 Muumio trilogia, Christian Balen Mooses elokuva jne. Kaikki on propagandaa ja valetta. Jättäkää Afrika Egypti, Bantulaiset Numibialaiset ja Heprealaiset (Mooseksen jälkeläiset eli Numibia Syyria tai Numibia Turkkilaiset) rauhaan. Jopa heprealaisten tausta on väärennetty. Muinais Egyptiläisten eli koko Afrikan Hermetiikka on varastettu ja piilotettu Vaticaaniin. Sitä on käytetty mustaan magiaan ja kaikkien ihmisten orjuuttamiseen, koska Vaticaani ei osaa Hermetiikka. He kusivat totaalisesti keskiaikana, kun koko Eurooppa oli 500 vuoden pimeydessä ja Euroopan kansa meni takaisin luoliin asumaan. Ihmiset alko luolaelämässä mutaatioitumaan ihmisapinoiksi tai luolamiehiksi. Klonkku hahmo Taru Sormusten Herroista on kirjailijan oma tapa tuoda tämä totuus esille.

Tässä on tekemäni Englannin kielinen video. Saatte arvata mikä Waltarin kirja on kyseessä. Kirjaa lukee tänäkin päivänä moni Suomalainen ja väärin koodaavat DNA:taan informaatiolla joka ei sovi heidän aivokemiaan. Videon kannessa on Mika Waltari ja kolme Heprea taustaista komeaa nuorta miestä:  Minä, Thin Lizzy ja Guns n Rosesin kitaristi Slash. Me ei olla mustia, mutta auringon alla meistä tulee tummempia ja muinais Egyptiläiset, jotka on hiilivoimakkaita eli mustia hyväksyy meidät ominaan kuten Moosekselle kävi, joka oli Heprealainen eli valko-arabi Bantu (Natiivi Egypti) hybridi eli sekoitus ja niin oli Jeesuskin. Video kannen alareunassa on kolme täysiveristä Bantulaista, eli, vielä kerran, Muinais tai Natiivi Egyptiläsiä jotka ovat Niilen virtaa pitkin mennyt kohti nyky Egyptiä perustamaan Afrikan ensimmäisen monikulttuurisen siviilisaation nimeltä Kemet/ Egypti. Vielä kerran, Bantulaiset, eli muinais tai Natiivi Eyptiläiset asuvat tällä hetkellä paikoissa kuten Sudan, Nigeria, Etiopia, Ghana ja myös nyky Egyptissä kuten Aswan ja Luxor. He eivät ole kadonneet mihinkään. Henkilönä joka on viettänyt vuosia Afrikassa ja ollut Egyptissä, pyramiideja ja muinais Afrikan siviilisaation jäännökösiä, jotka on samaa arkkitehtuuria kuin muinais Egyptin, on joka puolella Afrikkaa. Ei vain Egyptissä. Piste. Halutteko että painumme muualle Suomesta? Ei haittaa, mielellään. Afrika on loistava mesta, mutta ensin kristinuskonto ja Islamin täytyy siirtää takaisin Suomalaisille ja Syyrialaisille (Turkki, Iran jne) voitte omin keinoin sumplia toimiiko se teillekkään. Jos olisi toiminut, ei olisi Mika Waltarilla, englannin kuningattarella tai jenkki dollarin takana muinais Afrikkalaisia symbooleja, joilla ei ole tekemistä heidän perinnön kanssa. Tämä sama plagioiminen on toistunut esim musiikkimaailmassa missä musiikki genren, esim rokin ja jopa klassisen musiikin pioneerit ovat Bantu eli Natiivi Egypti taustaisia. Sama pätee teknologissa. Internet, jonka kaikki tällä hetkellä käyttää, on Natiivi Egypti taustaisen ihmisen keksimä jonka onnistui patentoimaan Juutalainen korporaatio. Kännykkä, jääkaapit, instrumentit sama juttu. Monet naiset fantasioi tummista miehistä johtuen Murjaaneista keskajalla. Näiden asioiden takia propaganda Natiivi Egyptitaustaisia vastaan on niin vahva. Tarkoitus on pitää heitä epätietoisina ja orjina ja käyttä epätietoisia Eurooppalaisia syntipukkeina kantamaan likaisimmat tehtävät. Hah, ei tule onnistumaan sanon minä.

The Sinister Propaganda Of Mika Waltari Distorting the Origins of Afrika Egypt (EXPOSED)

Advice to the reader: If you get triggered by this article then you are already part of the problem, and there is nothing that can be done. How can I be a racist? Just scroll down my site, and find the picture of my mother. Like Slash the guitarist, Vin Diesel, Dwayne The Rock Johnson etc I am trying to be as neutral about this as possible. I actually think I am more neutral than these guys mentioned above, who do not want to be involved in this topic, because they will be forced out from their comfort zone. So here it goes…

I will not mention the name of the book I am about to talk about. It is the only book by this guilty little bastard that talked about Ancient Egypt. It was a successful book, and perhaps the most appreciated book by the Finnish public. However the book is filled with lies, and sinister masonic distortions of Egyptians, which is why I am writing this article, in order to put things back into perspective, since this man is considered a hero among Finnish political parties, and ordinary people as well. The hit book that talks about Ancient Egypt is easily found in many old timers book shelf, and I remember coming across it as a kid in public schools as well. Hollywood also made a poor adaptation out of it. When I discovered my Egyptian DNA in a test, and mentioned about my Turkish-Afrikan origins (basically a typical modern day Egyptian origin, who are either Turkish Afrikans or Greek Afrikans) a young dumb girl in her ignorance asked me “so have your red Mika Waltaris book called *****”. These are subconscious forms of resistance promoted by heavy metal bands, that have a lot of Egyptian symbolism in them, but have nothing to do with these bands, which are mostly UK or America based heavy metal bands (Deep purple, Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin etc) The only band that has the right to play around with these Ancient Egyptians concepts, in my opinion, would be Thin Lizzy/ Phill Lynott who was a Nubian (Native Egyptian) and Irish. No wonder bands like Metallica or Iron Maiden were influenced by him. Link to the audio video version of the article at very below, or just continue reading.

So like I said I am not going to mention the book of this man called Mika Waltari. No reason to promote lies from a man in rage with God. The books first 10 pages says enough about the mans masonic psyche, and even the people who support this dude, well, I will be discerning about them in the future. No time for bullshit. No wonder many people in Finland are behaving the way they behave, because Finland is having a hard time admitting, that their ancestors were people who lived in caves, were very hairy for centuries, and did not do very well to a point their pineal glands got so calsifyed that their decision making skills became based on self sabotaging (calsifying the brain even more) to a point of normalizing this attitude that runs in many peoples veins today. Sure, Finnish people were originally Afrikans who ventured to the north ages ago, they were Afrikans who discovered the harsh climate of this part of the world which was the contribution to them having no choice but to hide in caves from cold winters, and had to eat meat that would contain the energy supply they normally found from plants back in Afrika where they once lived before settling in Europe. As you can guess, due to living in caves, people in northern parts of the world, such as Finland, had less and less sun, and the vitamins that go along with it. You can’t blame the attitude, and there are Finnish people waking up. But since the majority of Finland tends to collectively glorify their rather dark past, again, I am just putting this guys famous and influential work back in to place, since these kinds of works have become normalized.

Ancient Afrika-Egypt history is very simple, and does not need much explanation. It all started at the heart or center of Afrika, the womb of this realm. The carbon dark natives started to build different civilizations trough inspiration or spirit/ Christ / Ma-aat, all mentioned in hieroglyphs that are found in different parts of Afrika and NOT only Egypt: Another misconception. The native Egyptians hieroglyphs are found all across Afrika, and it’s original history is much better documented, and known by Afrikans  rather than the European Egyptologist because back in the time when Christianity started to spread it’s ways to Egypt, the Nubians (Ancient Egyptians) left the country, and migrated to places such as Sudan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and to different parts of modern Egypt. Most popular is Aswan and Luxor, to keep the knowledge of Afrikans glorious history for those who are ready to listen. So many Sudanese, Nigerians, Ethiopians, basically many Nubians (Native Egyptians) have been indoctrinated by religion not meant for them unfortunately, and have gone along with hellenic mind set, thus have abandoned their chill out, and creative heritage which I refuse to do and I am ready to die for it. The image above is an image of two Nubians creating Cannabis. Pure Cannabis was a gate way to expand your consciousness, have semi out of body experience, and communicate with spirits. Dumb religion would call this a pagan ritual and thus All Nubians all around Afrika are ruining their lives, and will die without knowing who they are. What a waste. Oh well…

Bible Proof of Ancient Kemet/Egypt Origins. Hey, Mika
Waltari, are you listening?

1. Sons of Noah = Shem, Ham, Japheth
2. Sons of Ham (Noahs youngest son) = Kush, Mizraim, Put and Canaan.
3. Ham means black in Egypt
4. Egypt means black in Greek and Ancient Greek.
5. Kemet, the original name of Egypt, means black land.
6. Mizraim (son of Ham) is another name Egyptians call themselves.

Moses, who was a Hebrew Egyptian, was simply a mixture of Nubian/ Native Egyptian, and white Arabs (Syrians or Turkish people) The modern day Egyptians today are Syrian or Turkish- Nubians. Mixed people. I know this because I am one, and so do the modern Egyptians consider me as one, to a point they approach me in the streets, and harass me regarding my mannerism which is foreign to them, The minority in today Egypt are complete Turkish or other Arabs, and they want to claim being Egyptians, but they simply are not ready to learn that they are from Turkey or other Arab countries for what ever reason. Egypt is still very carbon or melanated country which means people of light brown, brown and Nubians/dark is dominant. Nubians are the native Egyptians, period, and are found all across Afrika (Sudanese are Nubians, Nigerians are Nubians, Ethiopians are Nubians, Ghanians are Nubians etc). The modern day Egyptians are Hebrews Egyptians due to having Arabic blood due to Nubians mingling with Greeks and Turks. Geti it? It is only colonization that deliberately divided the lands so that dumb Queen Elizabeth and Waltari can claim being from Egypt bloodline, and now all the dumb religious people in Afrika do not even know or care that the entire land is actually “Egypt” because back in the day the people living in Afrika did not even call Afrika Afrika. Every civilization was called carbon/dark/black with their own tribe language, and the languages all sounded very much alike that they eventually gathered their talents together, and build the first Afrikan multicultural civilization known as Kemet (Ancient Egypt) The family of Mika Waltari who promote his name, and people who support this man should be a shamed for promoting this mans work, the same way people should stop promoting Kevin Spacey, Michael Jackson, and many other MTV stars who promote music, and attitudes that are not healthy for young children.

Here is a fast summery of why Ancient Egypt collapsed to a point people like Mika Waltari, and Hollywood, and Queen Elizabeth are obsessed to distort it’s history and original imagery.

1. The carbon dark natives of Kemet/ Ancient Egypt, who came along Nile river are the closest to Annunaki bloodline.

2. Ancient Egypt lasted for 60 000 years and was bombarded many times by hungry Assyrians, Turkish and Eventually Greeks.

3. The last Nubian, but Agnostic Pharaoh, who did not take his ancestor traditions seriously called Pharaoh Wahibre, allowed the Ancient Greeks to come in to Egypt for trading, and establish their own reservations among Egypt, and practice their hellenic religions. Wahibre became in love with Hellenic lust and sacrifice oriented cult-ure. The same cult-ure still practiced today especially in Hollywood and Vatican.

4. A Greek royal, while in Kemet, tried and managed to impregnate a young Kemet royal bloodline and things started to change.

5. Plato and other Greek scholars deliberately distorted ancient Egypt/ kemet origins. As a result we have poor Hollywood attempts like Cleopatra depicting Elizabeth Taylor and Turkish or Arab women as a Kemet woman…

As you can see, I am not exactly a fan of this man called Waltari, and I am currently dealing with my deep hate towards this man, and his family if he has one. I am a spiritual person, thus I know I will get over it. Righteous anger is good though… It motivates you to put things into the right perspective, before it is too late. Finland was part of Nazi Germany agenda, and it does continue today in it’s own way. It tends to be dismissed by many sincere Finnish people as well, which is why I was motivated to right this article for sincere people with Finnish heritage, who are starting to wake up in their own unique paths, and perhaps will be guided to put things into the right perspective. Egypt is an Afrikan country, and is not Christian or Arabic at all. These religious movements are not integrating well in the country, which is why there is so much problems in Egypt, all around Afrika. The Nubian (Native Egyptian) people in Luxor and Aswan, still pray to Nefertiti. The conscious native Egyptians living in America known as the so called “Afrikan Americans” and the mixed Egyptians (Hebrew Egyptians) living in Western countries, are all currently targeted, put into mental hospitals, and even stalked, due to these revelations I have written about, and Mika Waltari, and his supporters, who have unconscious resistance to release their fake history, and take responsibility to find out about themselves, rather than being spoon fed with sinister lies, are all part of the psy-op, and contributors to this sinister movement trying to hide this valuable message, that would empower people with organic connections to Egypt, which is their melanin, and the talent, and creativity, that goes along with it, which musroomed the Pyramids, and many other inventions in our modern technology era. Women from all back grounds tend to lean towards melanated men: number one reason why other men hate melanted people, and want to keep them in their place. I write music, direct and edit my films. I blog, I am social, but also a pro in being alone, if motivated I can do business etc. I rarely approach girls, they approach me. Just see the quality videos Infinite Waters is producing! That is carbon speaking to you. Rarely I see the same motivation in Finland. Here the youngters drop their passion, get married, have kids, and pretend to be happy. The fear of being alone, and find a spouse seems to be an epidemic, perhaps due to the country having long dark winters, that is when, people mingle, break up, and soon they have another partner… Perhaps it is different in America, UK or France, but the so called Caucasians there have some Afrikan blood in them anyway, plus America seems like a third world country in my eyes, no consistent social care system, so they must come up with ideas, produce something, unless they come from a wealthy family. Not all Finnish people are lazy bums, pointing, and blaming foreigners of stealing their women and careers. Like I said, there is a new breed of conscious people, who are ready to lay down their opinions, and realize we are all one, thus use their remaining time here fully expressing themselves, and not holding back. I hope you are you one of them as well, if you red this, then you are, or ready to become one. Be glad.


Awakening Will Destroy Everything: Losing Friends and Family.

Everyone who are embracing this rather difficult life curriculum will notice the people you love dropping out of your life but by bit. I have covered this issue in a gentle fashion. Today I will be blunt.

The people who are trapped in the nine to five grid chose to go that way due to having an unconscious rage to God. We have all been there, some snap out of it while other still wont. I have had many talented friends who wasted it all, these people chose to have meaningless spouses,  sex and romance (Romance comes from the word Rome, and Roma was about death. In my opinion, they have enslaved themselves… The rest who did not choose romance, kids and sex, chose to listen to their parents, got a job (which means persecution in Hebrew) and did not question they parents, and other so called authorities at all. A common quote by Ken Wapnick, a premiere ACIM teacher, was that parents and children are the most difficult class rooms. So do not wonder why the people you love or are closest to you are stuck in the old paradigm, your friends as well. I sure as hell remember that dealing with certain so called relatives was not an easy trip, due to having feelings for them but also knowing I have to release them. Some relatives, and friends were easier to let go than others, and some have come back for a brief time, or for a longer period.

At the moment I do not have people I consider friends per-se. There is no such thing because only minds can join, not bodies. The like minded friends you meet on your journey, are also in their own path, and will go towards their own destiny. We hang around, learn from another, and then we move on without attachment. If you are a renegade type like my self, then most likely the idea to have kids will not be something you will resonate with, while few people, here and there, even after Awakening, may be interested to give it a try, although, at this stage of spiritual growth, it is very common to question having children. If you are into kids, and finding a spouse in your Awakening, then the idea to hang around by your self, smoking a blunt, blogging or playing a guitar, may not be your thing. Change or trasformation where we appear to separate happens even among like minded people. I was suddenly left by a person recently with whom I shared important moments with a mystic friend from Finland that bridged me to a deeper understanding of magic. I have done the same thing several times to other people.

The old 3d matrix based relationships are breaking down because majority of the people from your past miserable, and want to stay there due to fascination humans have for drama. Misery is very seductive. Majority of you Awakening from this reality, which is a dream, know that to detach from the dream, we are also asked to look at everything that would keep us cemented in the dream, and as you have seen, majority of our old habits, our thinkin that led to drama were doing exactly that: cementing us into the dream. And so did our old relationships with friends, and family, most who still see meaning in drama, romance, nostalgia etc.

If you go back to your old relationships, it is not unheard that the people of higher consciousness feel depleted after spending time with old pals still not aware of the things happening on this so called planet. We live in a atomic or vibratory Universe, a deeply quarantined part of it that pretends to be solid or dense. It seems that we are separated, apart from one another, but we are indeed just one mass of Atoms. A pool of consciousness, and we are all one Mind. Your Old friends perceive the world as solid, and like to pretend we are separated. As a Turkish- Native Egyptian (Hebrew and Bantu) who has relatives, and friends from each continent and beyond, many from my past who are still caught in the old educational version of history, have resistance to hear historical truths, hidden by freemasons. Many Europeans are obsessed with skin tones, and heritage issues, and abroad many have religious resistance due to strong investment in a Vatican or Masonic deity that does not exist. In other places it’s a combination of both, mixed with so many other bitter truths about their personal and collective lives, which they have to face, otherwise they have failed in life. Since this is the case, that many of my older friends are not aware of anything, especially history, there is a sarcastic element vibrating from my “unconscious” old friends when it comes to history, especially when I talk about the fall of Rome or dark ages that lasted 500 years. And it must be so. These people go to theaters to actually watch propaganda based movies like Avengers “Captain America” who saves all the helpless Asian people, or other so called minorities. The imagery in these films, although they are “PG” movies is very sinister in nature, and if you watch these materials your whole life without discernment, well, there is an sinister element implanted within you now, and I personally avoid these people, or limit my exposure to them. There is no time to waste now that we are bridging to the age of Aquarius, and  have the chance to graduate from this planet, which, again, is a living organism, and also wants to return, and awaken in higher realms, and wants us, the cells, to tap into mother earths decisions to raise like a new born Phoenix. Sounds interesting right?

So when it comes to your old friends and family… Allow the miserable people from your old life be miserable. Some will come back to you, because conscious people are needed on this planet anyway. But before that, as your vibration gets higher, the jealousy, and hatred from your old relationships will become apparent, thus the idea to spend time with these people will loose meaning. Heh… I personally wish the people from my old life to suffer beyond imagination so that they will let go of their dumb comfort zones, and come to a place of being where I am at the moment.What I am saying is not Enlightenment, but it sure as hell is a more joy based, weird, and wonder based reality, rather than the mundane walking dead kind of a thing.

Awakening is actually a life or death thing. You see. If your brain is not rewired in a way that can absorb higher consciousness as earth is raisin its atomic vibration, then all the other realms that are less dense than earth, will rip you apart. This same consciousness is coming to this planet day by day which is why there is much confusion on the planet. Awakening is very biological. That is why it is also known as Kundalini awakening. It is a big blow for the system, organ, brains etc. When a person is not aware of these planetary changes, they get depressed, sick, addicted to things or will have compulsions to distract themselves with overworking. Then the body breaks down, and you age fast.

The people you once called friends, and even family are still into coca cola, and satanic propaganda movies, and will deny this is the case, because it is overwhelming to hear we actually live in a dream world very close to hell. They still hang around with other people who are into the same denial, and their perception of the world is set in “tube vision”. It is linear, or left brain thinking. It is actually harmful for their brains for you to drop an information bomb of what is happening. It may stimulate the entire brain too much, and perhaps lead them to some kind of psychosis.

My personal life has been filled with losses of many different things, but the joy that comes out of it is something that can not be explained. I still talk to my mother once in a while, who is dear to me, and I am open to communicate with my brother when it is truly needed. All the rest in my life: perhaps gone forever. My mother is becoming aware that the person called Klem Kaan actually died years ago, so she will have to adjust to this new being that still does not mind being called Klem Kaan, but indeed represents a different consciousness, that does not find meaning in the things many people still see as meaningful (hollywood, dating, romance, having children, gossiping, partying etc). I honor my relationship with my mom, and brother due to going trough so much with them. I had a great none religious child hood which was a great contribution to regain the awareness I have now, and it is still raising. Many loves to my mom and junior brother.

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The title says everything. A lot of people in my field: the conscious group, have being viciously attacked by google bot censorship, and their paid trolls or troll bots. There is no point for me to continue doing the valuable things I do if people in general are not interested to hear this, or support anything that comes out from here such as films or music. All that are healing, entertaining, and if not, will at least raise questions in your mind or piss you off, which is good too.

You are free to watch Hollywood, and listen what they have to say. I know people are miserable anyway and need to escape which is why I am ok to leave this planet to its own fate, especially Finland which is a lost country of all time… I really do not care, I will grab my bag and vanish. I am actually waiting for that to happen because I do not have people I can call friends or family anyway so there is nothing to loose anymore. The people in my life have fallen in love with the world (which is hellenic) and there is nothing I can do for them. The phase of trying to talk about these issues is over. They will reincarnate, hopefully have a good time, but most importantly, hopefully will wake up from the birth and death cycle. The cycle is supposed to be controlled NOT it to control us…

There is music, films and articles all over the place I have done with dedication by my self for many years now. And I have been attacked right from the start not knowing why, until recently. I record my music, I play each instrument and I mix and master all my songs my self. Same goes with films. Even Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Black sabbath Michael Jackson, Prince and other artist from the past and today are not capable of doing that, they just sang or played an instrument, and were in fact over hyped because their talents were one dimensional that was just glamoured with the help of the MTV media. I mean guys seriously, I can dance if not better than the illusion of Michael Jackson, a made up character, that was not even a man but a transgender, and replaced many times by look a likes (another whole story). If you know my videos you know I can also do backflip, front flips, and moonwalk on stage, so please, let these characters like Michael Jackson, and other idols go. They are entertaining to watch, but not Gods, which was the agendas aim. These artist have also turned out to be CIA agents who were part of a blood oath, and hellenic sexual orgies, which is a ritual to remain silent regarding how celebrities become initiated for such stardom. So please, try to let go of these idols. Some of them were talented for that time, but once you discover the system, and all the help these people got, then the whole icon thing they established themselves to be will crash fast, and you will learn to love yourself even more. You know you have purpose. Celebrities are literally agents to convince you the world has glamour, although it is hellenic, unbalanced, and does not work. The world, which is a living organism is very tired, and wants to return to source, and we as it’s cells, are here to tune ourselves with earths transition to higher dimensions so screw the flesh and bone oriented glamour.

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A Course in Miracles is not meant for everyone… Be glad.

Before you read this. I am not a racist. Majority of my friends,  girls, were western. My biological mother is Russian-Turkish.  I am not even black, but nor do I consider my self as white. I do have carbon though, so  like the famous guitarist called Slash, Dwayne the rock Johnson, Vin diesel etc. Like these dudes, If I stay under the sun for some time, I can get quite brown, which is why you will hear me saying the things I am about to say. Also, like the rest of the world, the so called black people such as Indians, many Asians, and all so called Afrikans who are not aware of metaphysics, atoms, spirits, well, they aint gonna do shit for you, and are not trust worthy as you grow in spirit. They are attached to the pleasures of the 5 senses just like the majority of the westerners. It is just the way it is… There will be no support for you from these people as you raise your consciousness, because your high vibration has made you a matrix reject. Hell, some people, like my self have even being targeted, and gang stalked due to the raising of our atomic vibration, something which our system is rigged not to allow to happen otherwise it can not feed from us anymore, and will die faster than it should.

So, My road to Ascension actually started with A Course in Miracles related books that were able to explain easier what a book called A Course in Miracles is all about. When I stumbled upon these books I was in my early 20s and was not as aware of my Egyptian (Ancient and modern Egyptian or Turkish-Kemetian-Nubian heritage and DNA. WOHOO!).

The ACIM related books, and authors were very entertaining, and are people with pure hearts no doubt, but as I started to walk, and grow in my own path I noticed that these teachers are all westerners, Christians, Jews etc. Basically people I have DNA heritage wise not much to do with, and we cant ignore the biological aspect of Awakening, and ACIM does not go into physics, nor do the ACIM teachers go much about physics. Majority do not go into the deceptions of this world (Michael jackson deception, Martin Luther king, history etc) which is a huge deal now because so many of these people are turning out to be masonic criminals and Michael jackson is actually a Corybantes hellenic deity. I do not want to blame these ACIM teachers though, because majority were born before, or in the 60s, so it is as different ball game for them, since they have invested their beliefs on the things of those times. ACIM, and the few good teachers out there have pointed out that each curriculum is highly individualized.

Not having a religious back ground since birth (my mother converted from islam to christianity due to marriage that ended when I was 6 years) the Christian terminology of these teachers and A course in miracles did not resonate with me no matter how many years I spent reading the books on and off, and spent a lot of time following these western teachers whose paths were radically different than mine. When I eventually red A Course in miracles, terms like holy spirit, Jesus and God were putting me off. All these terminologies are terms that did not come from Egypt, Afrika in general. They were forced upon that continent trough rape, submission, black magic, and sneaky lies. I have done a small break down, in my other articles of how Ancient Egypt Afrika was invaded by Greeks and Romans so I will not go into that.

Even the word Egypt or Afrika is coming from the Christians. Afrika was originally just called then land of the dark people. Each civilization in “Afrika”, including Kemet (Egypt) meant black, carbon, melanin. Egypt still means black in Greek. The sphinx statue of an Afrikan Negroid woman facing to the east is an epic statement that their skin was able to withstand heat. Dumb Napoleon Bonaparte, Greek scholars, Egyptologist, Alestoy Crowley and Hollywood is part of an agenda to deny this and so are many other western authors such as a looser called Mika Waltari.

The more I am discovering my connection to Thoth ( Greeks renamed as Hermes and Rome renamed as Jesus) the more I cant stand anything that has to do with words like Jesus, god or holy spirit, which is why I am selling all my Course in miracles related books. They were activating agents to start this Ascension thing, and find my Totem, and I thank these materials for that.

The majority of the people studying ACIM are westerners, and the more we awaken the more we will discover that this game of life is very black and white: Duality. Yes, we must forgive the game. I will not be surprised if people with Egyptian heritage will not read the Course or hinduism, buddhism. They were not exactly designed for people of stronger carbon who are Egyptians and the rest of the dark land (Dumb ass Christians/Jews renamed as Afrika, India, Indonesia etc). Even Buddha means black face for crying out loud.

Unlike Christians, Catholics, Jehowas, and all other Christian divisions, that claim A Course in miracles is bad and evil. This is not what I am saying. I think all westerners should grab it, and heal their dumb down minds as fast as possible other wise they will not make it. The western people, especially in Scandinavia, are way too comfortable in their sleep state because the system is currently rigged to serve them a little better, while the rest, the so called minorities are designed to fail in their pursuits, and die while the rest are watching… Which is fine as well because we are meant to leave this planet anyway. The problems we face as “minorities” due to western ignorance gives us much more power to not submit, and trust the system, and the real terrorist or police mafia that runs the system. And more importantly, the limitation we have gives us the motivation to never come back to this earth. Leave the world to the westerners since they want it so bad. The world is a tired living organism anyway, thus they are doomed to fail beyond imagination while their leaders are already planning for an escape. I say, let them all suffer beyond imagination. Only when they suffer of the coming diseases, will the majority of the west have motivation to let go of their ignorance, and embrace their divinity by re-becoming one with all Creation.


Serene Reality (Demo) (Ballad)

Serene Reality..

Oh, Glorious Serene Reality..

Awaken from The Phil-Hellenic Dream or illusion of Birth and Death by letting it go. You can do it. The insane physical dream is covered with glamour to convince people that the planet has value when it doesn’t. Kemet (Egypt) is gone, and will not come back. Let us move on and embrace the unknown that is beyond physical realm.. One step at a time and still, quite difficult to do, but we will do it.

666 =Six Electorns, Six Nutrons, Six Protons = Carbon/Dark Matter/Dark Energy/Melanin.

Ascension: The Hollywood and Queen Elizabeth Obsession to lie the Origins of Egyptians.

First of all, what I am about to say is not a white, asian or black race thing because from an ignorant point of view I am neither one of these things. Both biologically and mentally. People have not figured out my back ground and I like it to stay it that way. All that said, here is my thoughts about modern Egyptians or the so called Afrikans in general.

Dear modern day Egyptians, in fact, almost All ones living in Afrika..  You are ruining your life… just like the Rest. Find your Afrikan Totem, fast. Time is ticking… The belief systems you hold coming from Ancient Greeks and Romans are not compatible with your carbon dark native Egyptian (Kemetian/Afrikan) Past, unless you find your Afrikan Totem first, and even then, the system is not guaranteed to work at all, because the continent it self can not sustain a Capitalist structure, because the Western world it self also CAN NOT sustain it! This is not a political things. Just facts… Anyway, hen you find your Totem, you will also have to let go of your Ancestors, the concept of races, Kemet. All cocnepts will eventually have to go after your honeymoon period with your re-discovered and deliberately hidden Totem is over, but before that, there is No need to allow Hollywood and their pathetic Cleopatra, and deliberately distorted Moses movies make you ashamed of your glorious Afrikan heritage before the Greeks and Turkish came, and people started to mingle and mixed up together, producing mixed children, and using this to eventually hijack  Kemetian (Afrika Egypt) origins and using propaganda like dump Mika Waltari and Hollywood movies to further distort your origins, and who you really are in order to dumb you down and make you a mental slave just like the rest of the world are, but who do not even know that they are walking a life of Ancient slaves, and are actually unaware that their schools history and education  is a distraction, and a sinister propaganda in order for people from all backgrounds, not discover that they are slaves and must learn who they really are. Everybody from all around the world are still slaves and it is not wise to dwell on Ancient Kemet (Ancient Egypt) either, because we are here to graduate from this physical cycle of birth and death, and embrace what truly appears or disappears beyond physical death, rather than dwelling in Nostalgia of Ancient pasts, and even our childhood, only to reincarnate to another dense body- brain complex, and loose a lot of  memory once again in hopes to catch up with truth in the next dream incarnation false experience of life.