New channel re- opened with a new url. Do not be ruining your life by being weak like the rest. You are the one you were looking for, answer your call to become a light in the world, and be ready to face the wild world your light will expose.

A video about how to use adversities such as being under organized gang stalking and witchcraft to use as a means to transform one self, rather than fail in life, a fate waiting for so many people even today.

TOP reasons why my videos are obscured by social media shadow criminal corporations.

Another important video. We must understand that majority are not ready to see or realize what the world is really about, and what we are about. Learning your true nature, the basics is at least a 10 year project. Too many are failing, and instead want to drag you to their own personal hell. In this video, we focus on certain media figures that are all about dragging their people to hell. The video is in Finnish language though.