Sports Entertainment (fight scene)

Summer 2018 was a revolution for me. I think people who are aware noticed that Finland particularly was going trough a historical and a rather long hot summer. Fantastic! The energy of the past 4 months motivated me to shoot a fight scene. Enjoy the video and have a wonderful day.



NOTE: My self and the people who help me with my projects can not advance and be independent in our thing unless we get some support. There is ridiculous support for the hollywood stuff and its people, who, by most part really do not care about you at all anyway (asian, mixed, black or white) and the people in the industry prefer to serve like slaves hollywoods subliminal propaganda that is meant to separate us and distort humanities history, particularly the history of ancient civilizations that have nothing to do with modern Americans at all yet hollywood insist that civilizations, lets say, ancient kemet in Africa actually had something in common with the looks like Christian Bale. With all the money he has already, the guy actually allowed him self to play Moses..

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So why not serve yourself, your loved ones and humanity once in a while by actually contributing that has value by simply liking, sharing or subscribing? Humanity, especially in the west, are ruining their lives anyway, big time, and majority of people will fail in this life time regarding this ascension thing. You do not have to fail unless you want to remain in the old paradigm and watch mind numbing hollywood propaganda. Remember one of hollywoods first feature films called The Birth Of Our Nation?

To not sound too harsh about hollywood which does not serve humanity, there are “leaks” here and there like Jim Carrey, Russel Brand and Kanye West that have come forward about hollywoods attempt to dumb us down regarding the wide spread of new discoveries of who we all really are: mass of atoms. However the platform they are in may have become their comfort zone… The awakening energy tears down all that is not beneficial and many “normal” people like us know that we had to let go of careers, hobbies, old friends and families just to reach this point of awareness where we are now. I am not sure if Jim or Kanye will be able to do the same just like John Lennon and Michael Jackson, both who became more vocal about hollywoods satanic agenda, were not really able to take that leap (such as Dark Night of The Soul) and ended up remaining as corporate record company slaves until they died. From a higher perspective, It is sad..

Reverse your thinking to make beneficial choices and you will little by little stop ruining your life that the rest are doing. The man made system depends on it that you are sick, depressed, angry, hateful and blame oriented because that is the way separation can be sustained and you can be controlled and programmed.