The Sinister Propaganda Of Mika Waltari Distorting the Origins of Afrika Egypt (EXPOSED)

Advice to the reader: If you get triggered by this article then you are already part of the problem, and there is nothing that can be done. How can I be a racist? Just scroll down my site, and find the picture of my mother. Like Slash the guitarist, Vin Diesel, Dwayne The Rock Johnson etc I am trying to be as neutral about this as possible. I actually think I am more neutral than these guys mentioned above, who do not want to be involved in this topic, because they will be forced out from their comfort zone. So here it goes…

I will not mention the name of the book I am about to talk about. It is the only book by this guilty little bastard that talked about Ancient Egypt. It was a successful book, and perhaps the most appreciated book by the Finnish public. However the book is filled with lies, and sinister masonic distortions of Egyptians, which is why I am writing this article, in order to put things back into perspective, since this man is considered a hero among Finnish political parties, and ordinary people as well. The hit book that talks about Ancient Egypt is easily found in many old timers book shelf, and I remember coming across it as a kid in public schools as well. Hollywood also made a poor adaptation out of it. When I discovered my Egyptian DNA in a test, and mentioned about my Turkish-Afrikan origins (basically a typical modern day Egyptian origin, who are either Turkish Afrikans or Greek Afrikans) a young dumb girl in her ignorance asked me “so have your red Mika Waltaris book called *****”. These are subconscious forms of resistance promoted by heavy metal bands, that have a lot of Egyptian symbolism in them, but have nothing to do with these bands, which are mostly UK or America based heavy metal bands (Deep purple, Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin etc) The only band that has the right to play around with these Ancient Egyptians concepts, in my opinion, would be Thin Lizzy/ Phill Lynott who was a Nubian (Native Egyptian) and Irish. No wonder bands like Metallica or Iron Maiden were influenced by him. Link to the audio video version of the article at very below, or just continue reading.

So like I said I am not going to mention the book of this man called Mika Waltari. No reason to promote lies from a man in rage with God. The books first 10 pages says enough about the mans masonic psyche, and even the people who support this dude, well, I will be discerning about them in the future. No time for bullshit. No wonder many people in Finland are behaving the way they behave, because Finland is having a hard time admitting, that their ancestors were people who lived in caves, were very hairy for centuries, and did not do very well to a point their pineal glands got so calsifyed that their decision making skills became based on self sabotaging (calsifying the brain even more) to a point of normalizing this attitude that runs in many peoples veins today. Sure, Finnish people were originally Afrikans who ventured to the north ages ago, they were Afrikans who discovered the harsh climate of this part of the world which was the contribution to them having no choice but to hide in caves from cold winters, and had to eat meat that would contain the energy supply they normally found from plants back in Afrika where they once lived before settling in Europe. As you can guess, due to living in caves, people in northern parts of the world, such as Finland, had less and less sun, and the vitamins that go along with it. You can’t blame the attitude, and there are Finnish people waking up. But since the majority of Finland tends to collectively glorify their rather dark past, again, I am just putting this guys famous and influential work back in to place, since these kinds of works have become normalized.

Ancient Afrika-Egypt history is very simple, and does not need much explanation. It all started at the heart or center of Afrika, the womb of this realm. The carbon dark natives started to build different civilizations trough inspiration or spirit/ Christ / Ma-aat, all mentioned in hieroglyphs that are found in different parts of Afrika and NOT only Egypt: Another misconception. The native Egyptians hieroglyphs are found all across Afrika, and it’s original history is much better documented, and known by Afrikans  rather than the European Egyptologist because back in the time when Christianity started to spread it’s ways to Egypt, the Nubians (Ancient Egyptians) left the country, and migrated to places such as Sudan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and to different parts of modern Egypt. Most popular is Aswan and Luxor, to keep the knowledge of Afrikans glorious history for those who are ready to listen. So many Sudanese, Nigerians, Ethiopians, basically many Nubians (Native Egyptians) have been indoctrinated by religion not meant for them unfortunately, and have gone along with hellenic mind set, thus have abandoned their chill out, and creative heritage which I refuse to do and I am ready to die for it. The image above is an image of two Nubians creating Cannabis. Pure Cannabis was a gate way to expand your consciousness, have semi out of body experience, and communicate with spirits. Dumb religion would call this a pagan ritual and thus All Nubians all around Afrika are ruining their lives, and will die without knowing who they are. What a waste. Oh well…

Bible Proof of Ancient Kemet/Egypt Origins. Hey, Mika
Waltari, are you listening?

1. Sons of Noah = Shem, Ham, Japheth
2. Sons of Ham (Noahs youngest son) = Kush, Mizraim, Put and Canaan.
3. Ham means black in Egypt
4. Egypt means black in Greek and Ancient Greek.
5. Kemet, the original name of Egypt, means black land.
6. Mizraim (son of Ham) is another name Egyptians call themselves.

Moses, who was a Hebrew Egyptian, was simply a mixture of Nubian/ Native Egyptian, and white Arabs (Syrians or Turkish people) The modern day Egyptians today are Syrian or Turkish- Nubians. Mixed people. I know this because I am one, and so do the modern Egyptians consider me as one, to a point they approach me in the streets, and harass me regarding my mannerism which is foreign to them, The minority in today Egypt are complete Turkish or other Arabs, and they want to claim being Egyptians, but they simply are not ready to learn that they are from Turkey or other Arab countries for what ever reason. Egypt is still very carbon or melanated country which means people of light brown, brown and Nubians/dark is dominant. Nubians are the native Egyptians, period, and are found all across Afrika (Sudanese are Nubians, Nigerians are Nubians, Ethiopians are Nubians, Ghanians are Nubians etc). The modern day Egyptians are Hebrews Egyptians due to having Arabic blood due to Nubians mingling with Greeks and Turks. Geti it? It is only colonization that deliberately divided the lands so that dumb Queen Elizabeth and Waltari can claim being from Egypt bloodline, and now all the dumb religious people in Afrika do not even know or care that the entire land is actually “Egypt” because back in the day the people living in Afrika did not even call Afrika Afrika. Every civilization was called carbon/dark/black with their own tribe language, and the languages all sounded very much alike that they eventually gathered their talents together, and build the first Afrikan multicultural civilization known as Kemet (Ancient Egypt) The family of Mika Waltari who promote his name, and people who support this man should be a shamed for promoting this mans work, the same way people should stop promoting Kevin Spacey, Michael Jackson, and many other MTV stars who promote music, and attitudes that are not healthy for young children.

Here is a fast summery of why Ancient Egypt collapsed to a point people like Mika Waltari, and Hollywood, and Queen Elizabeth are obsessed to distort it’s history and original imagery.

1. The carbon dark natives of Kemet/ Ancient Egypt, who came along Nile river are the closest to Annunaki bloodline.

2. Ancient Egypt lasted for 60 000 years and was bombarded many times by hungry Assyrians, Turkish and Eventually Greeks.

3. The last Nubian, but Agnostic Pharaoh, who did not take his ancestor traditions seriously called Pharaoh Wahibre, allowed the Ancient Greeks to come in to Egypt for trading, and establish their own reservations among Egypt, and practice their hellenic religions. Wahibre became in love with Hellenic lust and sacrifice oriented cult-ure. The same cult-ure still practiced today especially in Hollywood and Vatican.

4. A Greek royal, while in Kemet, tried and managed to impregnate a young Kemet royal bloodline and things started to change.

5. Plato and other Greek scholars deliberately distorted ancient Egypt/ kemet origins. As a result we have poor Hollywood attempts like Cleopatra depicting Elizabeth Taylor and Turkish or Arab women as a Kemet woman…

As you can see, I am not exactly a fan of this man called Waltari, and I am currently dealing with my deep hate towards this man, and his family if he has one. I am a spiritual person, thus I know I will get over it. Righteous anger is good though… It motivates you to put things into the right perspective, before it is too late. Finland was part of Nazi Germany agenda, and it does continue today in it’s own way. It tends to be dismissed by many sincere Finnish people as well, which is why I was motivated to right this article for sincere people with Finnish heritage, who are starting to wake up in their own unique paths, and perhaps will be guided to put things into the right perspective. Egypt is an Afrikan country, and is not Christian or Arabic at all. These religious movements are not integrating well in the country, which is why there is so much problems in Egypt, all around Afrika. The Nubian (Native Egyptian) people in Luxor and Aswan, still pray to Nefertiti. The conscious native Egyptians living in America known as the so called “Afrikan Americans” and the mixed Egyptians (Hebrew Egyptians) living in Western countries, are all currently targeted, put into mental hospitals, and even stalked, due to these revelations I have written about, and Mika Waltari, and his supporters, who have unconscious resistance to release their fake history, and take responsibility to find out about themselves, rather than being spoon fed with sinister lies, are all part of the psy-op, and contributors to this sinister movement trying to hide this valuable message, that would empower people with organic connections to Egypt, which is their melanin, and the talent, and creativity, that goes along with it, which musroomed the Pyramids, and many other inventions in our modern technology era. Women from all back grounds tend to lean towards melanated men: number one reason why other men hate melanted people, and want to keep them in their place. I write music, direct and edit my films. I blog, I am social, but also a pro in being alone, if motivated I can do business etc. I rarely approach girls, they approach me. Just see the quality videos Infinite Waters is producing! That is carbon speaking to you. Rarely I see the same motivation in Finland. Here the youngters drop their passion, get married, have kids, and pretend to be happy. The fear of being alone, and find a spouse seems to be an epidemic, perhaps due to the country having long dark winters, that is when, people mingle, break up, and soon they have another partner… Perhaps it is different in America, UK or France, but the so called Caucasians there have some Afrikan blood in them anyway, plus America seems like a third world country in my eyes, no consistent social care system, so they must come up with ideas, produce something, unless they come from a wealthy family. Not all Finnish people are lazy bums, pointing, and blaming foreigners of stealing their women and careers. Like I said, there is a new breed of conscious people, who are ready to lay down their opinions, and realize we are all one, thus use their remaining time here fully expressing themselves, and not holding back. I hope you are you one of them as well, if you red this, then you are, or ready to become one. Be glad.