Top 5 similiar films to Watch before watching Top Rank Business inc.

Top 5 similiar films to watch before watching Top Rank Business inc. movie (and trailer) with imdb links attached..

1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
2. Easy Rider
3. koyaanisqatsi (Documentary) (and sountrack)
4. Mads Brügger The Ambassador (Documentary)
5. Spike Lee’s – Do The Right Thing

fear and loathingTo be more aware of the effects of companies like Shell, a by-product of a failed colonization attempt. The Real Story Of Nigeria is a story that can be generalized about the violence in effect in Africa, middle east that came out of these faceless corporate decisions. Most western documentaries of this serious subject do not cover in detail how these companies reached the African land and how the hell managed to persuade or seduce an African landowner to allow everything around him to be controlled by these basic corporations we all know too well. Causing a generational mess and close to destruction of the over all image of a continent which is the main feeder of minerals and natural resources to all corporations and all other countries. Including the land I was born! Since the director is not a filmmaker but a businessman with a do-gooder attempt, the documentary tends to be over long though. Still. Learn. Learn that there is no need to feel sorry for people living in these so called third world countries because they are part of the same mess of guilt with a very unique sheep-like (not robot-like like in our west) variation of ignorance followed by its every day cultural behaviourism you can only understand by experiencing it. This documentary however, can show you at least some harsh images that will shock you. We are not about saving world hunger in Top Rank, but to uncover an underlying hidden guilt within us all that is perpetuated by these matters we think has nothing to do with us when its so the opposite.

PS> As I was publishing this post I heard that ironically the Real Story Of Nigeria has been blocked in Nigeria! Very very fishy. You see? 😀