Top Rank Business Inc. Full Film And When spirituality Fails you

A Course in Miracles teaches us that we are all luxuriating in Guilt most of us do not even know that exist within us and that the outside world is a pictorial presentation of this guilt within which can be reversed to a better dream world (the real world) trough forgiveness by facing the darkness of our guilty world. This guilt manifest very nasty situations some demonstrated in this feature documentary film. This is not about manifestation or LOA. This is about dealing with the world of guilt. The dark night of the soul. This is about showing you how I walked some harsh situations that were there because of the belief in Guilt. This is about my journey of self discovery trough betrayal, abuse, liars and so much more we think as crap. This is a rare aspect of the teaching of a Course in miracles which, like many other spiritualities, tends to be misunderstood and viewed from a rose colored glass, hoping that these phases can be skipped. Even most profound teachers do not dwell much in detail about their suffering and I know we as humans like to compare one another so I want to come up clean with the suffering aspect of awakening and the messiness, hate of it and how to embrace it. How to embrace the imperfect aspect of Awakening when everything falls apart and you cant stop but go mad as if biopolar. All parts of this film are listed below chronologically. You are not alone.

The full feature film and the original article about awakening and ancient aliens that created us and the complicated world of guilt is explained in below link. Recommended.

Top Rank Business inc. Full film (Published) and Dealing with Abusive World

This film is a spiritual version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and koyaanisqatsi. The world will not survive unless each one walks trough their crucifixion, demonstrated in this film. Walk your crucifixion in FAITH before it is too late. Watch the film to get encouraged when you are at your worst and seem to fail at everything. Love.

As a final note regarding this project of my crucifixion… This project will not hit mass media. Never. But I will be very happy the minute I know that it has inspired few people to move forward in their hardship. Especially the most stubborn ones, please, do let me know!


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