When Life Falls Apart Due to Awakening

If you are awakening, your old life has by now fallen apart or is falling apart. you think you are a failure because everything you do in societies terms has failed and does not work. Today I want to remind you to give your self a break. Remember, you are the few braves who is going trough a metaphysical and ancient process of letting go of this world called physical universe, including your own body. Awakening is not for the faint heart which is why most people are not awakening in this life time.

It is important to understand that awakening happens to people who are usually fed up with their lives and do not find the man made world sensible, in other words, it is important to honor the fact that you are miserable. Without being miserable of the world, you would place goals and desires that would only divert your attention from awakening back to the noise of the world which was architectured by the illuminati to keep people away from “hearing” god or awaken as minds. This is why it is fair to say that the world is not a nice place and should be only used as a means to awaken not to save it or make it a better place. Once you realize that you are the dreamer outside time and space, the dream world will be now under your control and you can enjoy your remaining time here.