Why do we suffer when we awaken from the dream or matrix.

We go trough suffering (dark night of the soul) because we are so identified with the false self which is the holographic 3D body. We have accepted our everyday lives as a normal condition where we avoid pain and seek pleasure without knowing that the pleasure aspect is a trap of cluttering the minds belief as a body even further. So although we are really minds dreaming as if we are bodies our belief as bodies has become so wrapped up to a point we have fusioned ourselves to this bodily state thus the body, which is really a dream figure, has literally become our skin. We then continue establishing our belief as bodies by listening to the external world, the matrix, that keeps telling us that the body is real. Our parents refer to us as bodies, our school system teaches us we are biological physical selves and there is nothing in this world that does not perpetuate the idea of survival of this biological body. Our lives has thus become about surviving, keeping the body well fed, sheltered and educated about the physical world so that we can get a job that can sustain a body. At this point we have overcluttered our minds with bodily thoughts so much where the remembrance of our reality as a mind dreaming of physical universe has become very dim, blocked with bodily thoughts with its thickness and intensity which is why we feel so concrete. The thickness and intensity of our belief as bodies comes from our addiction to this bodily state since we have forgotten its all a dream. This amnesia has been going on for thousands of years which is why we are so cluttered or cemented as bodies. symbol

In order to de-clutter the mind from bodily thoughts and awaken from the dream, the physical universe, you must go trough a difficult process where the world as you know it needs to be shaken and let go. Your career or job may have to go, your relationships with people will break down, you may lose a loved one, you may become extremely ill, you will lose your passion and motivation for physical goals… All this will most likely occur to you because once it occurs to you, you will see trough your own painful reactions how deeply you have tried to sustain your identification as a body trough these means without even knowing that you have been doing this for millenia. Once the means are gone, so is the investment in the body and its way of thinking bit by bit removed. This is why it is important to understand that once your world is falling part, once you go trough the dark night of the soul, you are actually on the right track. Do not give up. Without these major losses we would not be motivated to let go of the entire dream which is really a nightmare with all its illuminati and dark agendas trying to convince you you are something you are really not, a human body. The more your belief being a human body evaporates the more you will realize that there is a beautiful forgotten life form awaiting for you.