Why the law of attraction (LOA) can kill us

Physical universe, the world, your body are a dream. Accept it now. There was no god that created the universe as we are told in religions nor is the newtonian science getting it right either because it also claims that the world of time and space is real just without an external god. Both are wrong. The world is a hologram/illusion that indeed looks real. It is a world that never reveals it’s dream nature because dreams inherent nature is to KEEP THE SLEEPER ASLEEP. This is the basic law of dreams, to keep the sleeper asleep. It is not a sin but very destructive because it keeps us stuck, in fact cemented in the dream. The world of dreams does this by popularizing people, books, arts and holy scriptures that always addresses us as concrete selves (bodies) living inside a concrete physical universe. When we are fed with this misinformation all our lives we then believe all this is true thus in our minds (the cause) we establish ourselves as flesh and bone not realizing that our bodies are just a holographic dream image. A dream figure.


Since the world you see is a holographic dream. An ancient one, law attraction can indeed kill us because we are not in this dream of good and bad (life and death) to manifest a life that we want. We are here to entirely awaken from the dream of birth and death and realise we were dreaming our life from birth to death all along. If you follow the law of attraction movement, all that will happen is that you will extend your experience within this dream world of illusions and never actually awaken to reality in heaven where you “sleep in your bed”. Most people in the world have already fallen into this law of attraction trap by trying to manifest a life they want and if they succeed in it, the motivation to actually awaken is very dim. The point of movements like The Secret, in truth, is not to help you to make your life better within a dream of birth and death where everything must die. The only reason it was released was to make a larger population more conscious of the fact that our external reality and our thinking are in fact joined as one not separate and that the power to awaken lies in our mind.

As Ken Wapnick points out well: we are not here to build a new Jerusalem (make our lives better in the dream) but to awaken from the dream entirely.