Ascension: The Hollywood and Queen Elizabeth Obsession to lie the Origins of Egyptians.

First of all, what I am about to say is not a white, asian or black race thing because from an ignorant point of view I am neither one of these things. Both biologically and mentally. People have not figured out my back ground and I like it to stay it that way. All that said, here is my thoughts about modern Egyptians or the so called Afrikans in general.

Dear modern day Egyptians, in fact, almost All ones living in Afrika..  You are ruining your life… just like the Rest. Find your Afrikan Totem, fast. Time is ticking… The belief systems you hold coming from Ancient Greeks and Romans are not compatible with your carbon dark native Egyptian (Kemetian/Afrikan) Past, unless you find your Afrikan Totem first, and even then, the system is not guaranteed to work at all, because the continent it self can not sustain a Capitalist structure, because the Western world it self also CAN NOT sustain it! This is not a political things. Just facts… Anyway, hen you find your Totem, you will also have to let go of your Ancestors, the concept of races, Kemet. All cocnepts will eventually have to go after your honeymoon period with your re-discovered and deliberately hidden Totem is over, but before that, there is No need to allow Hollywood and their pathetic Cleopatra, and deliberately distorted Moses movies make you ashamed of your glorious Afrikan heritage before the Greeks and Turkish came, and people started to mingle and mixed up together, producing mixed children, and using this to eventually hijack  Kemetian (Afrika Egypt) origins and using propaganda like dump Mika Waltari and Hollywood movies to further distort your origins, and who you really are in order to dumb you down and make you a mental slave just like the rest of the world are, but who do not even know that they are walking a life of Ancient slaves, and are actually unaware that their schools history and education  is a distraction, and a sinister propaganda in order for people from all backgrounds, not discover that they are slaves and must learn who they really are. Everybody from all around the world are still slaves and it is not wise to dwell on Ancient Kemet (Ancient Egypt) either, because we are here to graduate from this physical cycle of birth and death, and embrace what truly appears or disappears beyond physical death, rather than dwelling in Nostalgia of Ancient pasts, and even our childhood, only to reincarnate to another dense body- brain complex, and loose a lot of  memory once again in hopes to catch up with truth in the next dream incarnation false experience of life.