Awakening from the dream: The Dark Night Of The Soul

The dark night of the soul is a phase in the beginning stages of Awakening where you are not ready to move forward and you try to cling in to your old life and old relationships. It is a grieving process of a life that is now lost and you dont know what to do next. It usually feels depressing because we feel stuck and unproductive in this stage. We are basically a moving corpse and this is why It is very common to not have any passion for anything and due to the depression that follows from the lack of passion, we tend to be very fatigued and sleep a lot just to have some sense of peace. All in all it feels like God has left us because there is no inspiration for life (again, thus we sleep a lot). It is very good to know that this phase will pass and the whole purpose of this process is to make your biological self aligned with source/god/universe so remember to rest a lot, your brain is literally rewired to receive more energy and de-clutter your mind from past concrete linear thinking. Without feeling dead you would be placing goals based on your old way to thinking, your ego.

You are officially becoming multidimensional and after this, small manifestations like syncro events will be more obvious to you. You are on an important phase of realizing you are the dreamer of the dream (physical universe and people) so allow your physical  biological self to catch on to this realization by resting as much as you can. Try to enjoy the fact that you are in a sped up process of self realization or Awakening from the dream of birth and death. Once you are in a dark night of the soul it is fair to say that there is no turning back anymore. You have basically raised your consciousness to a degree that it will be very hard to go back into your old habits, old friends and some family members. You cant go back because you are ascending now and this time you can feel it. It is not an intellectual spiritual mumbo jambo but real. Dark night of the soul is very painful process but once you get out of it, you will have intense confidence in you to a point some people, especially children, animals will sense it and will be attracted to your aura. You may also find weird encounters with people in general. Some may look at you with ave and be curious to know about you while others will get a hell away from you and be angry at you for no reason. Some people may even fall in love with you. Some times the same sex as you! Nocturnal dreams will get more intense. Its also good to to mention that some old relationships with family and old friends will come back but you will be more discerning with them this time. You will be discerning because by this time you have already met few like minded people you deeply connect with for you to see what connection really is and if your family and old friends are not willing to grow, you will be more discerning which means you may not spend too much time with them anymore. Another important thing to add is that you will get your energy back and start to get hints of what you should be doing with your life. You will discover spiritual gifts (healing, counselling, guidance) at this point and you will eventually find the right platform to express this. The benefits are incredible. Hang in there because things will get beautiful.

I want to quote something from Patrick John Colemans blog. A Shaman from Chicago who helped me few times in my toughest days.

What most don’t realize is that the dark night is a gift and you leapfrog over years of spiritual development in a mere matter of weeks or months. Some can stay locked in a Dark Night for years and the quickest way out of it is to just yield and give up. That’s right just let it happen. Let yourself feel terrible because chances are you’ve covered up those feelings in the past. Perhaps you’ve drowned your terrible feelings in distractions such as TV or engaged in addictions to make you feel artificially better. What’s happening in the Dark Night is that things are being set back into balance. You’re being reset and emotionally cleared for the next phase of your life as a spiritually awakened person. Where the shattered aspects of your soul have been collected and healed and you are now free to move through life unhindered by negative thought patterns or limiting behaviors. For that is the ultimate blessing of the DNOTS…your freedom.

As you can see the dark night of the soul is not exactly fun but the benefits are great. It will not look like that for a while and it may take a while before things get brighter but it will because it did for me. When I say that things will get brighter I am referring to a state of mind and nothing external. You can be in peace and bliss regardless of what happens externally. When you are at peace which is the Cause then the outside world which is the effect may appear to change. It usually does change but that is not the point. The point is to heal our mind which is what the dark night of the soul does in a much excelerated way which is why it is painful and there may come more dark nights as you progress but this time you will navigate trough them better than before.

I made a good video, just for you explaining the basics of what Dark night of the soul is really about, and what happens when you have SURVIVED this rather challenging but extremely rewarding experience.