Klem Kaan

KLMKN 永遠に- åSTEAL_ THIS_ EP#ä “Download full ep”

These are close to 10 years old lost original KLMKN 永遠に soundtracks/recordings ripped from untitled cd:s found in our garage. Then, re-used, remixed even vaporwaved to serve our content, which, due to our embarking on a gigantic announcement, should prepare you well enough for us, to not make our future surprise too shocking for you to understand.

Although it is supposed to be a collection of lofty VHS_trash and distorted dreams. The so called EP “available from your local super market”, is special however. It Includes the last Klem Kaan Live analog_Guitar + Traktor performance in Helsinki Finland before accepting a life time project in Nigeria forcing Klem Kaan to lay his guitar and 4 virtual turntables aside.

Download STEAL_ THIS_ EP from link below.


Finn & Maurice Episodes | HK Action Film [HQ] (2006-2008)

Finn & Maurice | HK Action Film

FULL Episodes

Synopsis: In the far north town of boring Oulu, two young dafts doing illegal odd jobs, and desperate for adventure, agree to set up a strangers death. The youngsters expect their salary, only to find out the stranger has left the scene, which brings more problems to be solved… Mostly trough kicking ass, and breaking places.

All Episodes are now back as Unlisted on Youtube for the people who crave a dose of Mini DV-Home- camcoder 2006 – 2008 nostalgia.

Links to Full episodes are listed in the description box of this youtube video.