A Reality Ministry for Ascending Military Vicars. A Book Author, Filmmaker & editor, Martial Artist, Guitarist & Your Angel of Death 777. Ironically, born in the 6th day of a specific era. I have an Advanced Certificate of Life long Learning in Art, Design & Media in London Metropolitan Film Academy located within one of the oldest film studios, known as Ealing Studios. My certificate is approved by University Of West London. The studies included the Works of Carl Jung & Sigmund Freud.

Awakening From The Dream of Birth & Death.

Somewhere around 2011 My Awakening was activated with basic teachings & physical meditations: A personality singing about Sword Of Discernment, more popularly known as Awakening. This Page & Death Psalm is a preparation for Ones Physical Death, & kill the Unjust with style, hence often pissing people off, being Youtube deleted & shadowbanned with no mercy & quite often getting attacked, persecuted & Gang stalked by minds, who fell in love with the world, thus have resistance to this Page, which is for Laptops & Tablets, not phones. Look, it was never my intention to start this. I only work for Yahawahshi like a Hitman, then I am out, you know. So although the Bible is Prophetically extremely important, I approach scriptures with care or Transcendentally, because it skips mind & is a dualistic earthly book, with an Abrahamic God of jealousy, sacrifice & vengance. And the excluding concept of a chosen special people. But, an earned specialness, if done trough One Spirit, just like mastering a Musical Instrument like Mozart. I was raised financially semi-well-off mixed with humble beginnings & Agnostic-Islamic values. Parents, were not Church or Mosque goers, hence The Bible to me is a Manual, not Holy. Yet God was mentioned in our homes at times & I always found Atheism not cool. My original plan was to become a successful investor, sleep with female models, then leave them. But a life that has no serenity of God. So, I cover 10 years of serious Ascension, the Hardcore Holy ones & perhaps years enough to graduate. Ultimately, the person reading this must eventually tune into his/her own Guidance, which is what this Page is for. As you Ascend & perhaps revisit this Page, your less fearful mind will read everything here as if reading a new Page. This means you are less selective with your hearing, or more open adhering to your inward Guide, which pleads you to surrender your false will & accept a Universal One. This inward Guide is Divine, but has been forgotten. As a result, we created a world trying to reinforce this forgetfulness by creating Cult-ures & religious tales or medias, that have rooted humanity to amnesia cycle of linear perception or guilt, thus ruining their lives, the planet & will not make it alive.

The End of Our Personal World.

My waking up was a typical modern day one: A loss of desire, unloosing relationships, going trough addictions, problems or suffering. I had a great longing to return back to *God-Yahawah*. This is all typical when it comes to Awakening from the dream, & will usually lead to the Dark Night of the Soul, or Shamanic sickness, which is very much like dying, but it is actually something else dying within you known as the ego. Eventually you will have to start to understand scriptures in order to ground & to sync your non-ego mind with Universal Will, better known as Yahawah in Hebrew. This deeper understanding will most likely lead you to be persecuted, or even framed with mental illness by corrupt Freemason feds, & the world, due to your non-ability to comply with the man made Freemasonic & sodomite system that is based on attacking Yahawah. As a Course In Miracles states as well “The world was made as an attack on God”. Another way to say this, is that our system convinces us incredibly, how we do not have to take accountability of our mistakes. That someone in the past is always to be blamed of who we are, ultimately trying to use our relationships to Justify attacking Creation & live trough series of defenses. It is a primitive, but a Logical Ancient self deception device to Justify attack, like Hitler & all Fake-Jews or Amalekites do with their modern NWO structure, which is literally a clockwork device or witchcraft to achieve this self hypnosis. So, a lot of things will go away as you start to wake up, but have Faith. The reason a lot of things will disappear, is because they were keeping you stuck in a dense, fixed, & linear or horizontal perception where attack is perceived coming from all sides. It will take time to grasp that this fixed linear time-space based life form you are experiencing & thought to be normal, is actually a perception meant to keep you stuck in a 3-Dimensional dream like state of a Universe & *never* reveal to you that you are a mind dreaming of a world, & body & have tragically compressed mind from Vertical axis to a Linear or Horizontal animal perception.

Vertical Perception: The only Hope for Atoning.

Vertical Perception is multidimensional, Horizontal is linear. This would mean that the belief systems of the Longitudinal world are all distractions; trying to keep humanity rooted in the dream of birth & death. These distractions from educational system to family values are reinforced & gladly promoted by what the pop culture calls the Reptilians or Annunaki Inorganic beings, who guide human “Elites”, “Freemasons” or “Illuminati”. The same Consciousness entity does this trough Biblical Carnal Bloodlines, & restarted it’s plot during Renessaince period when the West or Caucasus mountain caves  Biblical Neanderthal (a.k.a Edom) & their “elites” were helped to come back to life by self sabotaging Native Israel. Caucasus mt blood is paralyzed to our Maya state & will naturally fight against releasing our collective Maya state, hence a perfect pick to preserve a Collective Carnal Cancer Consciousness for their Reptilian overseers. Their “elites” want their Utopia of flesh running, & continue pose as Gods, at others expenses. The same Consciousness lynched our judge Yehushua, Yahawahshi or Jesus. And who *IS* a Native man; not the Hippie one. The Hippie, Buddha & the rest are means to be traced back to the Native/Prototype the world keeps hidden to keep everyone Unforgiven & stuck within Maya. We live a time where the “elites” are sealed for a Biblical “UFO” euthanasia & slavery program, alongside with their lesser kins living in Finland, Sweden, Norway etc. Some of us may skip these Ascension timeliness, especially if one does not resonate with the fixed Biblical timeline or “UFO” abduction & a muscular returning blood dripping Jesus figure. Caucasus mt are marked for a Biblical-Genocide-Atonement due to being over fleshed, carnal, or in between animal & cognitive realms: 6 Chakras. They have blocked all ability to receive “5D” waves, so their Euthanasia is not personal, nor racism, just an inevitable Biblical result for being over carnal minded, within a Larger & Dreaming Super Ego Mind, or the One fragmented Son of God, which is us as One.




 A motivational day to us all, we are one, now and forever. – Klem Kaan Özcelik (A. K. A Merciful Kain or Death) 

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