Universal Warning.

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-Complete Edition-

 A Semi-Dualistic & Symphonic Presentation about our Cosmos or Carpet of Time.

& The Galaxial Death Penalty, Harvest Season or Biblical “UFO” Euthanasia Nearing our Regeneration.

he following 2023 Edition of This Book, or Patented Weapon, has removed major sections about Santos Bonacci, who has proven worthy of my respect & has joined the Ranks of Warriors & True Stoics, for his proper response, or support to also declare the execution by death of “Elite” Souls, or minds riddled with Sin. There are the Modern & Courageous Prophets on the streets uttering the true image & names of Jesus with a good intent, Grounding Thoughts & will be Kings. Just, unfortunately constituting Dualistic, Abrahamic, or Biblical god concepts of the past, or time; solidifying minds earth & element bound, by compressing Vertical Axis Awereness to Horizontal One: Over-grounding. And dismissing the Heavenly Bodies or 12 Planetary Constellations (gods) influence on man as the original or Astrological source of the Bible & all Ancient Scrolls, equally valid (Biblical 12 Chart Example Below). This may snatch the ability to crush ones Gang Stalking, T.I or Occult Persecutions trough increased Dominion over Archons of Time or Inorganic Entities (Demon-Reptile-Ally-Annunakis) trapped, horrified & addicted to leave this realm, but not understood even by the Modern Prophets, who struggle seeing the difference with possessions VS Soulless entities. And how no Biblical Anger, Vengeance or jealousy is justified in a Simultaneous-Multiverse-Creation designed where nothing lives without another dying. Thus, the Prophets are often giving their Energy – Anger – to Vampire beings in vain; constantly failing their Anointing for the unability to discern Hierarchy of Inorganics among us. Again, the same way numbers of odd like 3, does not oppose to numbers of even like 2, yet brings the opposite to play on the other side, so do you not make Sin real, as the Bible does. Again, do not take the Matrix orchestrated attacks personally for there is only One Dreamer appearing as many. Yes, Inflame in Anger when called for – experience these ephermal human emotions by not oppressing them, but do not Justify Anger, which attempts to cement the world of victim & victimizer permanent. Dominion over Demons (Dominus) is a fundamental skill to Ascend this Realm, for Realms are adjusted as ones Reality by the way one thinks. Nature is no respecter of persons, hence, in a dualistic Universe, one has to stop being a victim by Quantum Forgiving the Vampiric or attention seeking nature of Demons too, for they are only energy harvesting your Soul to survive in a Dual set-up where nothing lives without another dying. The Prophets of Courage push Nationalistic concepts we must learn, yet also see how everyone miscreated this Universe & Nations to Assail our Unity as The One Begotten Son, finally dissolving to Allness, our Natural condition transcending Ancestry or DNA, & with no Male & Female. Hence, the Prophets of new & old, will Technically not Ascend, but receive the”Kingdom on Earth” which is still an Illusion-vortex in a Universe falling part, & only a means to an end to unloose the past which the Bible, John’s Revelation & Kingdom *IS*.

Then, there are the smart ACIM, Urantia Book or Metaphysical students & Teachers with decent abilities to change Frequencies, Quantum Jump or change dimensions, but with small courage to enter a Prophets Biblical Curriculum – hence, have less clue about Demons, 3D-Printed Entities & Demon-Hybrids garrisoning timelines – & are left alone in comfort-zones by the Illuminati, but will Reincarnate to other timelines, untill they participate, to some extent, to utter about the real Nativity of Jesus & expose the secret pains of Demons, which further forgives one self. Again there is nothing in this Universe that lives without something else dying, hence, all unturned dark cornerstones of the Collective Ego Dreamers, or Thought Systems manifestations, must be explored as means to truly be motivated to leave this realm & receive ones Badge of Honor. I believe Santos – regardless of his Lack of experience or Awareness in Demons & Nativity of Christ, thus needs Tutoring – is also among the few, Matured Souls, Guitarist & Artist, ready to Ascend to Lighter realms, perhaps Pleiades, or stay as High Priest, as some of us may be called to do. His humility & lack of need to scoff the Authors content, admits even High intelligence- higher than my own – however, does not beat experience in a Planet of Darkness. (NOTE: Ken Wheeler & Stan Tenen are Inorganic beings). And who will be among the remembered names for his contribution to our Era many souls abused with no mercy, gone too deep in Uncreativity & Unforgiveness, but finally sentenced to their death, officially at readiness in Ukraine since 2022 & will execute as surprise “UFO” invasion around 2025, due to the increasing pressure – or Chaos Magic – in modern Israel.

Universal Warning.

-Complete Edition-

 A Semi-Dualistic & Symphonic Presentation about our Cosmos or Carpet of Time.

& The Galaxial Death Penalty, Harvest Season or Biblical “UFO” Euthanasia Nearing our Regeneration.


-Koko Suomen Kansan, Tuttavien, Vastaantulleiden, Papiston, Lääkärien & Poliisien *Tapon Päivä* eli Raamatullinen “UFO” Rutto Valmiusasemassa Israelissa-Ukrainassa-Alaskassa Normalisoituneesta Vapaamuurarudeesta, Reptilian viljelystä & kansan nössöily.Valtio & uutiset kieltää tiedon kansalta NATO liitolla, vaaleilla, viihteillä & rokotuksilla: Rooman leipä & sirkus. Sotarikollisuudet eli SUPO:n MK-Ultra, Psy Op uhkailut, Lavastetut mielisairaudet, Etsintäkuulutukset & tuttavien vasikoinnit ei toiminut, ne vain pahentaa kuolemantuomionne. Olkaa Valmiina Raukat. Luovuttakaa & myöntäkää itsellenne on aika kuunnella. 


2023: HOX, Sukupolvemme; Olemme lähellä Proxy Sodan päätepysäkkiä. Seuraava & viimeinen valmiuslaki aalto lähtemässä käyntiin. Noniin, Suomen asukkaat, Suomen kuolemaantuomittu “Presidentti” Niinistö, Ruotsin Kustaa “Ruhtinaat”, Reptilianit & kaikki Tuttavamme sekä Tapaamamme kasvot, ovat informaatio sodassa *Ehdollistettu* Biblikaaliseen & yllätykselliseen Kuolemantuomioon – Äkkikauhistukseen – jota ei karata. Elävä Planeetta analysoi kehomme magneettikentän & hylkäsi pelkureita, luovuudesta luopuneet-turhautuneet passiiviagressiiviset henget & miehet jotka jätti Sotakutsunnat parantaa planeetta välistä pois, jättäen koko Informaatiosodankäynnin välistä – totuuden levitys Talkootyö – joka on Fundamentaalinen osa tätä Ammoista & Kirkollista initiointia Muurari-vapaaseen Hallintokauteen jonka yrittävät märykurkussa estää 2025-Lockdown:illa, eli proxy siirrolla. 2022 “UFO:t” & edelleen Ukrainassa, on siis totta. Rokotettujen kehot on “body snatch” Hydra-kaapaattu. Väsynyt Planeetta on vuodesta 2012 initioinut partion aukaseen “UFO” portaalit tulla nukuttaan yksilöt joita Natiiveja johdatettiin merkata rauhassa Zodiac vuodesta saakka & syy Israel & Ukraina-kaaos-magiaan (sotiin) puskea kaikki myös atomipommitukseen. Viidenteen Sarakkeeseni kuului *Lammas* menetelmä *Ehdollistaa* myös Suomen Valtion kätketty & laittomat “Reptilian” , “They Live” tai NPC-Muumio entiteetit Planetasta pois. Joten hei, Vapaamuurarit, eli Turun “Arkki” Papit, Poliisit, Provestakielo, Juha Luuri, Ben Zyskowicz, Jorvin Sairaalan Stefan & Olga, Leppävaaran Anni Hovi, Espoon Asuntoyksikön Kati Kaukoniemi & muut Kuolemaantuomitut: Kotiinne ryntää joukko hakemaan teidät tuomioonne. Olen täysin sitoutunut tappamaan koko perheenne. Osa preservoidaan kuulusteluihin & vakavien Sotarikoksienne tunnustuksiin. Pois se, että poliisit pelastaa, heidät tapetaan myös rutossa. Hämeentiellä oleskeleva & “Houmou Marrie Finlandia” hyödyntänyt Hautaan Vihitty & Khazar-Isänsä toimesta Psykoosi-Diagnoosiin myyty Pianon sommittelija tapetaan Entiteettiin riippuvuudesta tai MK-Ultra “Reptilian” salassapidosta. Schuman Resonanssi on valmistamassa maailman tälle Vesimies-Eventille aukaisemalla laajan & viimeisen “UFO” Portaalin. Kuolemantuomionne valmiustilassa raukat. Voi ei, mitä menittekään tekemään Elämällänne.

Honors to my Father, a Texas Cowboy & A Casino Visionary.

Universal Warning.

ARNING: The 2023 War in Israel, Ukraine-Rushia conflict, COVID19 scam, 2025 Lockdown-Purge, Body Snatching- Hydra Vulgaris Vaccines or Bio Weapons; Putin declaring to Nuclear bomb America, Ukraine-Alaska-Canada “UFO” reports, The Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Nordstream-pipelines & Crimea Bridge distruption, Martial Law, LGBTQ, Global Economic Collapse, Riots in France, The raiding on Trump, Troll or Gaslighting forums,White Noise-Ohio Train Derailment, 5G Towers Radiations, RFID-microchip, Food shortages & famine, Chemtrails-HAARP, China’s police state model & angst with Taiwan, The raining of worms in Beijing, Black Swan event, Zombie patrols in Philadelphia, Australias Isolation & National Emergency, Americas Increased Violence & Police brutality, CERN portal- poltergeist or “They Live” Reptilian-Demon Apparitions, FEMA & MK Ultra, Fake News or Information War, Racial Tensions, Digital Currency (CDBC), Internet Censorship & Nearing Shut Down, 15min Zones, Gang stalking, Hyperdimensional stalking, Noise campaigns & Community harrasment, Modern Concentration camps & Guillotines, the multiple sudden deaths & bizzare behaviors of the vaccined, Electricity Shut Down & Dark Winter preparations or basically; Our escalating WW3, *are All In One*, or singular secret Central Bankers Ritual-rebellion, or Order Out Of Chaos resistance regarding Russian Federations & EU/ NATO Nations, and our carnalized friends & Loved Ones approaching Biblical “UFO” Euthanasia or War of The Worlds (II Esradas 13:2-11), prepared by fully Kundalini Awakened or Enlightened Native Jew men, who accepted lifes most difficult curriculum to receive the secret gift, or dreaming Mind for Faith, the so called Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) by Seth. This Gift of Faith is invincible; it passeth the laws of perceptual world – an *Atomic Awareness* that rests on innocence, but includes the painful, surprising role of Heralding the death of our failed Generation the Universe *computes*, not condemns; as Uncreative or Useless eaters with no virtue or morals of excellence in Parenthood, Fatherhood, motherhood, friendship, Brotherhood, Man or Warriorhood, Womanhood, Teacherhood, Arthood etc. Our generation failed to Forgive our joined need to exploit carnality to it’s maximum which cements the Collective One Mind to flesh that was born from Ancestral or Quantifiable Guilt. Only the little willingness to *Quantum Forgive* leads to the activation of the Sacred Secretion Oil within, because you are offering the content of Peace to our space-time vortex, which is Us, as The One fragmented, and now angry Collective Son of God: The One Dreamer appearing as many. This gift of mercy to the One Son, and who is about to kill majority of mankind within it’s perfectly self contained, insane, but logical thought system – is given trough your intentions to see others aright – to not hold on to grudges, regardless of the form and other peoples psychosis, or innate agressions. The innate agression of people comes from the need to preserve flesh which is a mirroring of our joined unconscious fear of Redemption, which releases flesh & disappears back to the Formless Heart of God. Our bodies were *thought, dreamed, or made* by us as a defensive *Idea* not to maintain a Forgiven, or Redeemed vibration of Mind. A Forgiven mind, which at minimum can receive a glorified “5D” body (Phillipans 3:21) as a means to Ascend higher realms (Luk 20:34-36), when ready, & only after this planet is restored to it’s *Light Hearted* or Garden of Eden condition, and everyones physical experience or cup fulfilled within Universal Order of all things or Tao. This process of evaporation to a Lighter Existence or Kingdom of Heaven includes enslaving the left overs of NATO/EU & Russian citizens who over waxed or magnetized minds belief on flesh (2 Timothy 3:13) & have zero hope to Graduate on this side: Kingdom of Edom or flesh. The war has thus already been won, because the cause of their raw extermination or purge is Love beyond this world, not personal hate, although it may sound & appear so. When you learn to generalize peoples one and shared cause for their fear; extending forgiveness, love or setting humanity free in your experience is inevitable, and this is Enlightenment, or the beginning of Knowledge. You were called to not take other peoples attacks on you personally because there is nobody out there except the One Splintered Son, that fears to evaporate it’s *belief* in flesh, thus chooses the worlds *Course* on Justice to reinforce it’s attention to flesh which always leads to more bodily or ego preservation. The best idea for this preservation of flesh is always a generational Cold war, and a gradual Stasi building up towards a Total War, which keeps the mind endlessly occupied in fear, or unrest. Here the body consistenly assumes front and center stage negating the mind that dreams, and turns you (The One Dreamer) carnal or mindless, which is the purpose of our world – to render the mind acutely inconsistent with *Universal Will* & become consolidated with a distorted belief of self. The One Son must be collected back to it’s Universal order by Reflecting others an *Intentive & Discerned Forgiveness* which contributes to the reinforcement of Gods One Sons state of peace within his miscreation, or dream. But this also means that you must offer this demonstration of *Light* to everyone without excluding anyone – to be like God. Yes, my dear, this means that the most resisting, panic stricken, over fleshed or most vicious parts (egos) of the One Mind of the Son (Super Ego), must be payed close attention to as well. And to shine this *Light-Demonstration* upon their carnal minds. This is because you must offer your *Forgiven/Universal presence* for their final evaluation as the self claimed judges or “elites” of this world. They will either join your rediscovered Universal peace within, or condemn your peace to death which declares war with the entire Universal Order by the laws of Man they obey, but marks their entire family and nation for Biblical “UFO” Euthanasia. Basically, you are called to “sacrifice” your Will to God in order to sync with the realms of Jesuits and Freemason sorcery, who are keeping the Mind barricaded with devices like CERN, Nephlim or Reptilian-Pre Adamites, & other mediums of witchcraft. Without your leap of Faith to enter these hidden dimensions of death, murder & lust, & to offer or demonstrate your God given Psionic Peace to the most Criminal & sodomite parts of the seemingly fragmented sonship; such as the 33 degree FEMA, Umbrella or MK-Ultra Freemasons, who swore with their own blood to pathologize Spirit or Biblical Universal Order –  your 33 vertabrae will remain inactive for you are still at the bottom rungs of Jacobs Ladder (Ascension), & you will never grow to appreaciate the contributions of the true Biblical Jesus, or any other master. Nor will you understand how are we able to use Proxy Counter Attack Strategy to summon the worlds “UFO” euthanasia, which is a natural process, like gardening. The recent destruction of the Georgia Guide Stones by the lightnings of “UFOs” and the “UFOs” speculating Ukraina-Russia War, including the so called “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”, or blood clots, is just the beginning. The recent reported Deaths of Queen Elizabeth & Evelyn Rotchild are just added Symbolisms within the Collective Dream of Esau-Edom Kingdoms devastation. The failed returning of WWE Shane Mcmahon, who stupidly broke his Ankle in Wrestlemania39, in just few seconds, states the fading or forgetting of the Fake-Jews, trough the Ancestral curses Destiny Manifesting or catching them up now & leaking to their lesser or Laity Mt Seir siblings living around our temporal globe. The “UFO” mothership standing in our solar system and reported in mainstreams Fox News media is a testament of the end game. This is a *Final Universal Warning*, to everyone: The Bibles God is a seemingly reactive dualistic God, a Creator or Idea, but not Source. It is a Demiurge on the highest level who seems to reaffirm us as separate entities rather than the One confused Sonship. And seemingly joins our ventures to cycle a belief  in Sin, adjust reality to Sin, or keep Sin in our remembrance as a subtitute to the memory of *God IS* (Yahawah). It is a mapping of our division & subdivision as Sleeper Cells – individuated lives of assumptions or wormholes within our Collective Maya state, or Sonship we miscreated or pushed to a disaster & initiated “UFO” euthanasia advent of our current civilization. Our separation as The One & Only Dreaming Prodical Son or Christ begins in Genesis chapter 3 where our attraction to altered states of mind (Good & Evil) or the identification with only the body and Horizontal (Horus) plane becomes pronounced. And where the Voice for God or the *Unifying Thought System* is filtered trough Idols or Demi-Gods in our innocent but insane desire to cut our *Universal Umbilical Cord* to remain individuated at the expense of Creations Energy, & stuck in density forever. The writers of the Old & New Testament, who claim God created & reacts to this world & body of dreams, did not fully understand the meaning of the crucifixion which is that a guiltless forgiven mind cannot suffer, even in the cross, hence wrote a book which is indeed a mixed bag & often way too specific. This is another way of saying that the book skips the entire Gnostic concept of One mind which projects bodies and/or worlds of multiplicities which is not invented by Source, but a distortion of ideas dragged to a quarantined realm of mind that “sleeps”, but is not separate. A mind which is anchored in guilt, & extends (dreams) a chain of darkness, we call a body, as the dreaming minds symbol of pain. From a Metaphysical perspective then: The Bible was filtered from spiritual egos of it’s time & culture like any other text or a great play of Shakespeare doing it’s best to reflect an abstract presence or a reminder to minds rigged in a simulation of specifics of it’s time. The book deals with facts (specifics) within a dualistic dream – mainly with algorithms, inevitable effects or prophecies, with tokens like lawful diet, & how to conduct one self without promoting confusion, & how to think like a Monarch or Warrior King. In that sense, you could say the Bible is Holy, which is why this is not a tiding associated with Hebrew group curriculums & Neo-Platonism & is more than likely unrecognized by Hebrew groups or Natives, who chose a traditional path, hence do not deal with Mystical Theology of this nature, as some of us did not find the so-called Holy Bible be more than means to an end due to it’s dualistic nature where God appears anthropomorphizised, highly emotional, punitive, or human, & where the Holographic Minds training & our Oneness is addressed too ambiguously in hopes to establish a compromise between two masters or opposing spirits, not man; but forces that are mutually exclusive.

The Bible: Vexingly Reinforces The Belief in Time.

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. (Mat 6:24)

Voidness is that which stands right in the middle between this and that. The void is all-inclusive, having no opposite — there is nothing which it excludes or opposes. It is living void, because all forms come out of it and whoever realizes the void is filled with life and power and the love of all beings. -Tao Of Jeet Kune Do

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. (Mark 10:9)

EDIT: EDIT: The Bible passages in majority, & all Hebrew curriculums, unfortunately, suggests that a Cosmic presence like God, hell-bents it self by sticking it’s head to it’s own butt by analyzing it’s specifics, or special distinct objects (Israel). Yet leaving the rest of Creation out of Awareness, meaning; a Lawless place with no Deputy, which the Physical Universe – counter space – mirrors back to us, for it reflects this belief or wish we wanted to cement on our minds as true, by sharing it’s concepts *Now* based upon separation or duality. Then agreeing this idea to become a strong concrete vortex of it’s own, with made up natural laws from gravity to solidity, & where everyone can seek & find specialness, which always calls for sacrifice, following the principle of One or the Other: Kill or be killed. At best, it seeks to establish an individual oneness that may last for 40 years; a well meaning Cult of Autonomy we then Reminiscence by writing chronicles about it; to plant Nostalgia that extracts the *Awareness of Now* which is a dwelling place within all of us that would penetrate the threshold of Heaven & reach Samadhi (God Consciousness) trough proper, but a life-time lasting inner engineering, yet a process & readiness well meaning Hebrew Curriculums & Prophets do not address on their seeming search for a bodily oneness to hold on to the dream, illusion or Maya state trough a time based glorified body they surely will receive, but are still at the waiting list for it to happen, rather than collapsing time & to directly be at divine union with God, where the idea of a body, the so-called mystery of our Physical Universe, Spiritual powers, scriptures, women, the rays of sun (which is artificial), animal passions or the personal relative world at large, will hold no value anymore, save to remain in the Plane of Relativity to glorify his Holy name, by teaching others for awhile & the only reason a sense of “I” still remains, before it disappears along with the Physical Phenomenal, yet Ephermal Universe, for perception never lasts forever & requires tools for mind training in it’s detachment by also accepting it’s daily means. It is a *Miracle Readiness* to lay the body aside consciously, gradually & tenderly either by passing, or to be beamed by the “UFOs” then move on. But a readiness the worlds belief or Thought (Spirit) System has concealed trough regenerational spells or concepts, that has compressed majority of the separated sons to a neurotic or distorted belief of self. The Bible – although well meaning, but written by unconscious spiritually zealous egos – was written dualistically or ambiguously to solidify this vortex of belief – or Thought System – hence, everyone loves to seek & find listings about the different Biblical Nations & who is or was the most special among Nations, but skipping the motivation behind creating these concepts based upon differences, which is not of Love, Oneness or God, but a dualistic god within a dualistic & quarantined realm with one singular purpose: Attack Oneness by making Separation real & evoke just one aspect of Yahawahsi, who is not returning In reality, he just *IS*. This Biblical belief in fragmented selves, even glorified-super-bodies, pushed by the ones promoting themselves as Prophets, may rob the One to see that the continuation of the enthusiastics Atonement on the other side does not quite end yet, for his need to revenge on “enemies” who do not really exist & for depending to find salvation trough a new body rather than *Now*; a Timeless dwelling place where you Ascended the entire dreaming mind that projects all bodies, & where the Bibles Revelation passed long ago. This is a Timeless & Forgiven Awareness outside space Jesus mastered as well & where there is no need to be dependent on time to finally seek & find revenge. Yet a seeking for revenge, that is Justified, but Biblically (Matthew 5:38-40), which was our agreement as One Son, first as a Quantum field, then sealing it on paper or bulls. And that the so-called wicked ones & “pagans” are paralyzed to 3-dimensional perception for over indulging & learning the world (Luke 16:8), which results over learning to fear to receive Redemption due to the horror of losing bodily awareness. Body is a need machine of external things & external searching – which is sickness – we idealized, mis-created or dreamed, to reinforce the belief in mortality & time. It has organs that are in constant traffic & needs to search provisions & air external to it. It also has a brain that hoards memories from the past & utilizes it’s past learnings to plan for the expected future. This traffic within distracts the stillness of mind or Spirit to consistenly host the gifts of Holiness, hence, the body & world is not the Creation of God: A lofty *IT*. And who does not share the awareness of our glorified bodies either, that awaits for the graduated ones, with different levels of readiness to unloose the entire Physical Universe, including all concepts of bodies, which are all dualistic & not of Light. Light, God or *IT’s* medium – the Holy Spirit – utilizes bodies, figurines or symbols, as a Holographic communication device, training the One Mind to transcend bodies by first becoming a Lucid Dreamer trough fulfilling it’s purpose right mindedly, resulting in heightened Celestial Awareness on the pupil, who chose to keep Celestial Awareness dormant, which concrete-specific perception is & corroborated in the Bible too, which has assisted our Collective Cremation of Care to kill celestial-nonspecific-consciousness & decipher the Season of Salvation – our Era – from a distorted lense. Yet, since the Hebrew Curriculums have contributed the world with practical & grounding gems, & do teach self responsebility, I dare say more about them, for there are clearly Anointed Prophets among them & this is just one angle or Angel, among other Authentic Ministries. The perfect ending within the Dream of Specialness for the Biblical God’s Hidden Ones (Psalms 83:3) or the “Elect”, & where theology is left behind, is Capital Joy, where all is One; then Chop Wood Carry Water. Yet in Theology, which is a means to an end, some working as Hebrews, even men in GMS, basically, people I don’t know, have found & will find these Metaphysics permiating the One Sleeping Minds threshold to Heaven, objectionable & offensive, for it does not support a separate, personal, or Biblical God who created & is responsible of this world & bodies; a self-made or extended dream state, by a sleeping mind in conflict or in between (Plane of Inertia) with the Laws of God & the Laws of the Sleeping Collective Sons Mind – a demiurge – now run by Edom (Caucasus mt) who are the mascots for flesh, or gross distortion of reality. Hence, are in alliance with other carnal minds & Egregores, commited, to destroy this Metaphysics, that has a touch of the Holy spirit, shining with rays of light & hope too, helping you to activate *Mindfull or Super Power Readiness*. Metaphysics, which may also reflect an Intellectual & Gnostic Aura that gives out or explains why Egypts ruler Joseph (a.k.a Ephraim) was disliked by his traditional Kinspersons who were all led under the Classic Torah-driven or grounding spirit of Jacob or Judah. And who regenerate the most optimum intuitive *Grounding Teachers* of both old & new Testament & are the prototype – at least for this planet – for a Technologically sound & functioning planet-fellowshipping society, if in their right intuitive nature, as was Judah’s King Solomon. Yet they will have to go trough an intimate Ancestral healing for accepting the role of being our times scapegoats or celebrities of self destruction & the faces of crucifixion (Matthew 27:25) (Jeremiah 17:1) as in the Film Hancock. An aspect of our collective self hatred not shared perhaps as intimately by Josephians for Josephians less Biblical investment to kill an impersonal presence – Jesus/Yahawahshi – with a crime of passion. And Josephians minimized motivation to be directly drawn to sciprtures, which again, is just one document among many others, written mainly from Judah’s Kingdom perspective which tends to dismiss a surgical approach & is sometimes too earthly, desiring to make bodies & glorified bodies an end of it self, rather than a ephermal figure within a dream. And which is why Joseph is a Native, but not considered as a Jew in the scriptures as Judah, Benjamin & Levi certainly are with their intuitive, Emerald, or Tropical Approach – a Theology perhaps not meant for everyone, but for Archetypical reasons only, for we are all unique within unique genres. Many Josephians were not regenerated to Jerusalem in the times of Jesus, as the men in America with House-of-David Aura certainly were as the 500 deciples around Jesus, while Joseph, as a house, was already in Aztec-MesoAmerica & started opening Reptilian portals to infiltrating aliens like Huascar & Atalhuapa, who are the reason the cataclysmic Apocalypto-movie type civil war began. And a time a door for Colombus opened towards Joseph or Ephraim, & other so-called Incas, who’s relationships with Jesus is not perchance as personal, as with the men in Hebrew groups calling themselves Prophets, which I am not. These separate events are a succinct way of describing unique spirits joined either in the ego or one body of Rachaa Qadash – The Holy Spirit- which results in unique understandings. Majority of the people Gang stalked are attacked by Naga-Reptilians & ghosts the real Jews of Judah, Benjamin & Levi do not talk about, because they did not open portals for hybrid aliens. These men are in majority in modern America & who were the diciples present around Jesus in Jerusalem (1 Corinthinians 15:6). Again, this is not the case with many scattered so-called Puerto Ricans in Europe & Afrika, including other “Incas”, which is fine. And so, Joseph or Imhotep & who is the stoic & Gnostic spirited progenitor of Ephraim, Indian-Nomads or Northern Kingdom – dealt with dreams – the *2nd or liquid level of rendition* – as he designed the entire empire & governed the famine & golden years of Egyptian or Ethiopian 12th Dynasty in Afrika 2000-1800BC. Gnostic teachings from the 2nd-century use Judeo-Christian terminology saying that the physical world is nonexistent. They failed as a Epicurian movement for Gnosticism dismissed the use of the specifics of our world of implicit & explicit hate & violence that are fundamental means to walk trough in Consistent or Radiating Forgiveness which would lead us beyond intellectual understanding to the experience: The One & only answer. And where the Bible also becomes a must practical device, at least for a while, regardless of it’s dualistic nature or over emphasis on bodies, specialness & their differences. A concept which was perhaps abused by the Jews to a point of crystalizing Joseph as separate or just Native (Israel), which is a good thing, because not everyone perceives the Bible holy, but only a must read, especially if you are Gang stalked in end times – adding – some of the chosen are Galactically older souls from other planets, but with less experience with Earths pineal codes, by being Metaphorical Dr Manhattans once again. The replacement of Ephraim with Joseph is crucial because the concept of Ephraim as a scattered orbiting constellation of souls (a.k.a Taino Indians, Puerto Rico, Aswan-Egypt, Esan-Yorubas or Gypsys) transformed philhellenic & is a title left out in Revelation (Revelation 7) for trying to cut ties with the Jews, then later within Natives – who do share enough Jew qualities to be considered Israelites in the Bible. Yet, as Holy as the Bible may be, it does not go well in-depth that the so called “Devil” or Accuser Collective, known as the Edomites (Caucasus mt) are accusive because an accusive mind, by definition, perceives or believes it self to be deprived from power by others, hence, are forever in need for alliances & Egregore, Reptilian, Demon, or Empty Vessel “They Live” assistance who are the synthetic but powerful hive minds or thought form-emotions behind NWO structure, not Edom, who are simply anchored in flesh: an organic, but leavened Red Hebrew portal, bonded by blood to an insect or demon collective, hence are in constant anxiety & suffering a split mind posessed by Spiritual or etheric Demon Satan. Edom is a meta-inflated embodiment of fear which projects an inflated or swine fleshed body with high intellect to accuse, or build a system that strives to justify attack, but a self with a weak self belief foundation – a temporary existence that needs constant defense from the ones he sees stronger by forging lies with demon entities (Job 13:4) (Job 9:24) – bound to be killed by it’s own invest to it’s Astronomical weakness (Romans 12:19). And is in need to be Loved and/or perceived (Deuteronomy 23:7-8) as Astronomical mental illness, not personal enmity (Matthew 5:44). So, as Holy as the Bible may be, in duality – it did not feed majority of Sleeper Cells or Separated Minds with in-depth micro-level guidance or an coherent portrait on how to interpretatie or *Truly Perceive* the every day world as means to meaningfully repent as minds, not as bodies. As a result of reading only religious doctrines such as the Judeo Christian Bible, which seemingly justifies attack from cover to cover. And the hedoinistic apathy towards Global oppression & murders that follows from depending only on Metaphysics, controlled oppositions like David Wilcock or Alex Jones – Atheism, New Age, Transhumanisms, East and Oriental philosophies – we now live an era where majority became either too anchored in attack or too dismissive trough metaphysical wines, hence were not able to extend a wholesome responsibility, & will die for not inquiring the motivation to learn the art of repenting, which always starts first with intent or mind, not behavior and/or rituals. Yes my dear, even the people I came across in Finland for a brief period or for a season are all going to die for failing the sacred Analysis or Spiritual drafting for war behind our confrontation. The Quantifiable guilt, for being over-dismissive, has gradually & finally reached the same Unforgivable zenith like the Grand Grimoire utilizing Freemasons or Warlock-Pedophiles, Gang Stalkers & Murderers, we see in Media, who also used relationships as a static to drown out the call of spirit. These dismissive cowards I was called to pick & try out, will cease to be along their Hedoinistic or dismissive belief systems who fight to remain in comfort, video games & pleasure, at other countries or peoples energy expenses. They are left to die with the world of broken dreams by Natives & “UFOs” when Russia is Atomic Bombed with America, which is paradoxically mankinds own defence from everlasting oblivion; the final, but radical means to return home. When your mind is Aligned with One (Universal) Will, so will actions – beneficial for everyone – follow in accordance, with no sense of stress or doing in your part, for there was never a you. This means then, that even mercy killing a Spiritually Failed Generation after One (Neo) has Aligned with the *One Universal Mind*  (“UFO” Initiation) can be done from a right minded intent! Which is the purpose of this essee. Incorporating practical experiences with the Bible, Metaphysics & Christian Science.

The World of Broken Dreams & Hate Awakening to Biblical Chariots or “UFOs”.

For behold, the Lord will come in fire
And His chariots (“UFOS”) like the whirlwind,
To render His anger with fury,
And His rebuke with flames of fire. (Isaiah 66:15)

There will be great earthquakes (Turkey etc), and in various places famines and pestilences (Markets becoming empty in the world). And there will be terrors (Civil wars) and great signs from heaven (The Culling or Biblical Second Death by fire; A”UFO” euthanasia & Atomic Bombing readiness of our Passive-agressive, Dismissive & Mentally toxic regeneration). (Luke:21:1)


https://www.FOX News or “Elites” EQUIVOCALLY admitting about “UFOs”  Pentagon Officials

The World of Hidden sins, Secret hates and unfulfilled dreams outcry to be Re-Qauntum Entangled to Biblical “UFOs” has succeeded; stirring up chaos, Jacobs Trouble or a Paradigm shift in our globe, and giving satisfaction to our generations last savage need to *seek & find* Sin ( Psalms 10:25) (Zechariah 5:1-3). On 18.10.2022 Youtube destroys my decades of life’s works uploaded in my film channel right after updating the Page to further the warning about the real Hebrews from Ancient Egypt-Israel & the approaching harvest season of the Biblical chariots or “UFOs” (Jeremiah 4:13) (Zechariah 5:3). Global Freemasonry charges BITCHUTE to corrupt my videos to disfunction & pushes VIMEO to tag with YT by destroying my decade lasting VIMEO page. YT partially returns the page, but rendering the page less valuable, hence only destroying themselves as a platform. So, go ahead & take it down YT. As a newly established Auxiliary-Judge by this living planet; coming to kill you, & your family in WW3 along with VIMEO, BITCHUTE & other forms of Global Freemasonry. And, you will thank me for saving you for you are in need for a restoration, from a life that was based upon quiet desperation. A life financing millions of A.I bots to view YT videos suitable for a propaganda enriching the intentions of the Fake-Jews & a fleshly family of felony. And who shadownban all the rest with one click. And our self hating generation gleefully cheering you for your crimes, in hopes to drag others to be also ordinary with nothing to say or teach. Go & do your thing, while preparing to join the dead (Ecclesiasticus 30:17).  Hey, I am glad to be “elites” top feared. Who that separates wouldn’t fear a *One Cause*? Here I stand as an Academic & peradventure an Evangelic Vessel, & with his own unique gifts –  assisting & sponsoring highly talented Modern Prophets in Good tidings & high entry level teachings not our own, & not of this world. 19.09.2022 Warning: Pop Media reporting about “UFOs” speculating Ukraine-Russia war or “elites” chaos WW3 magic. 25.09.2022 Putin also emphasizes he is not bluffing to nuclear bomb America. 10.10.2022 Bodi the prepper & fake/air guitar player, who I use as a means to generalize Native gentiles struggles, gets hurt after discovering about his possible family history regarding millions of Native Gentile slaves being shipped to Europe by NATO/EU, only to be captured under Nazi/Nato/Nasa Germany persecution, which forced many Native Gentiles, including majority of my fellows of the past, to receive Anglo Saxon identities when they escaped from Germany to another Masonic reservation: Finland. Hey, the protoypal name for Finland to this day is Karelia (Karjala) which means the same in etymology as the capital domain of the Edomites (Caucasus mt) – & that is Bozrah: Sheep herd – a Neanderthal city within the rocks of Petra. Finland was all a trap, set up for this era, & to finally sacrifice all dumb Native gentiles for Gods made of stones, & who can not see. Mainly trough Dark Winter or famine – as they famously did in Finland in 1860s – but also by drafting them to NATO’s conventional wars againts modern Crypto Israel, where they will surely die (Joel 3:2 & 12). The Native Gentiles who dare to talk & leave the country to avoid being drafted, as with this Bodi prepper – are isolated & stalked once again for the real Caucasus men to preserve their incest accustomed bloodline, & who are in need to stay homogenic in order to reincarnate to the same regressive geneology, by the assistance of Reptilians. Every Ruling class observes blood, not form. Hence, The Native gentiles, as a concept did not work – just comfort seeking simps, in hopes of being accepted, the same problem many modern Italians teach by their actions. And Italy is nothing but a big Umbrella or MK-Ultra reservation for intermingled, mulatto or Arab Native Gentiles: All words interchangeable in meaning; Intermingled Moors or Vikings of different shades from Steven-Liv Tyler to Madonna to Marouanne Fellani, Robert Hegyes etc. So, the Native Gentiles denying their Native heritage, will surely decease in their need to uphold their crumbling primitive worlds: Ego preservation. The world of broken legacies loves to see you fail because they have spent generations to serve an apathetic “Royalty” & absorbing their masters spirit. This “Royalty” forwarded a police troop to interrogate me in 2011 Windsor London. They besieged us after an accidental paranormal initiation was activated in a park next to Windsor castles where smoke came out from my nostrils (Psalm 18:8), including my fellows nostrils, but a fellow who left the Faith (which  means our lack of gratitude & rebelion against God is deeply rooted, & is not healed with paranormal activites, but Forgiveness of our every day mundane relationships). The encounter with the police troop was transcripted by the way, as explained in earlier articles. This very same group of “elites” behind these interrogations (Psalms 83:3) are intensly self conscious, & lack confidence or rulership worthy EXP points, as we will find out soon, Biblically. So much so, that when I was framed & captured to MK Ultra or Concentration FEMA Camp simulations multiple times, they wanted to know if I am a shapeshifter. And after noticing I am a highly confident fellow, often celebrating his accomplishments, looks & body. And who aims for a glorified body with a similar setup – which seems rare – so was their only option to try humiliate me with made up Psychosis diagnosis regardless a shrink I met in Turkey dispelling this Ponze scam. Hey, The Edomites are known for shaming their rottening Leper body but by attacking others. Judah is their main target as means to leak curses on Ephraim & other Native constellations, for Judah stands as Lions in the Totemic Template & are gods number One Collective in our yeld or world, as explained in The Book of Kings where Ephraims & the rest of Incas contribution was the killing of Jezebel but never grounding themselves. Judah *IS* a Prototype Jew (Jacob) unit for the Natives, hence they are ridiculed in media the most, to keep everyone anchored in dreams of *Unforgiveness of Self*, but which is an illusion, as if the rest of us Natives, including Native Gentiles, are not unconsciously attacked too, by fearful Sleeper Cells or “Pagans” which just means perverted minds of flesh either paralyzed or more addicted to the Maya Dream state, & are now stuck in optical illusion & builded a system to defend sleep. And who are really attacking themselves trough projections, for there is only One of Us appearing as many. A doctor literally asked me in anger why am I so confident after being vaccined with nanobots for days inside Jorvin Sairaala’s MK-Ultra isolation chamber. They wanted to know if my blood relatives Gypsy wife is my sister & admitted reading & watching my materials. The same clique of doctors, or Freakmasons, sent SUPO agents to my flat to steal a Totemic family picture where I & my Leper step-brother (Hosea 7:8) are dressed in Ephraim Tribal outfits with references to Jeroboam or Yorubam demi-gods worshipped by Puerto Ricans & Cubans; the largest collective of scattered Ephraimites & Manasseh, all from the lines of Egypts ruler Joseph, amongst the Ephraimites scattered to Europe, West & North Africa, including few in East India. Famous Ephraim means to open stargates for dual waves of meaning to enter our realm is Santeria Demon God called Oshun & Orisha (wikipedia) – I saw these agents inside my flat while returning home from a night walk, & turned the other way, which is another story… They inject “UFO” initiated ones – Ascending Masters – with Nanobots, to try & prevent them to receive a superb level of Biblical psychic abilities which are meant to restore “5D” order, & kill all separated egos, not to brag. Psychic ability is the first & natural ability because as you are outside or at the boarders of the Collective Consciousness or mind, by resting in innocence, so are you able to read the entire Matrix or the One Dreaming Mind, which Amalekites or a family of witches & wizards, want to prevent from happening, with the help of hierarchy of Demons. Again, The family behind these raidings are the Biblical Amalekites – the modern but Fake-Jews or Khazars. They are the original splits or subdivisions of Kain, Haman or Herod Arcetype – a banking collective or a generational line of felony, who have surmounted you into a systematic trap by also human sacrificing their peasant Caucasus siblings (Herds) outside their family. And do gain power by acting out sexual abominations within their genetic circle, to a point they smell worse than a slut with multiple intercourse partners. They live in arranged secrecy to cover this shame. This Family of Flesh are the most sophisticated among all of us, to justify Attack, hence, funded Cristopher Columbus & other slaughterings we all know too well. Amalekites also charged Mikael Agricola’s burning of all Native Finland or Moors Documents: It’s Papal Bulls, Moor castles & Symphony Compositions stolen by Jean Sibelius – activites of Iconoclasm we must know about for a completed Atonement. Martin Luther who wrote 99 Theses was Mikael Agricola’s teacher about Soul harvesting in Germany’s 15th Century. The man of felony known as Mikael Agricola or Mikael Harvester, was coronated as the First Bishop in Åbo Finland: The Ancient Capital City of Finland he burned down. He was Canonized to translate the Bible to Finnish, & to be the forefather of Finnish language & Liteature. And declared a spiritual independence from Novgorod Russia 3 days before his death. Since there is no time within a dream state, every walking Edomite male is a spiritual fugitive for in the Astrological chart they fell to be carnalized to the illusion of time as Kain or Esau. And as heaven is entered two by two, so is hell. In awareness, we all appeared here in pairs, animating variations of the same Abel-Kain (spirit vs carnality) & rest of the Biblical dimensions that are non-linear, but One in content. So listen, the so-called Illuminati is intellectually aware of the Son of Gods Dreamed outcomes by investing millions of mammon to learn the Biblical Scriptures (script) & use this Sceptre of fundamental knowledge to make the rest mindless, so that they themselves can take full charge of the direction of the Collective Dream Maya state with predictive programming. Who is who & looks, is their retarded carnal obsession to manipulate Tribes or constellations. Their advantage to exploit the mass comes from hoarding temporal Wisdom since Renessaince, meaning, their awareness was literally 500 years ahead of you, hence their presence was magnetic, for also knowing we really are living Earths 5785s, not Christian Calendars 2020s. But their 500 years is up, thus they remake the same bulky “Romes bread & circus” trickery which proofs five centuries of left hand Knowledge is infancy prisoned by time, for it does not effect Kundalini (“UFO”) initiated minds who’s Awareness have catapulted outside time & are now considered extraterrestial by Khazarian CIA. Kundalini minds do not need Andrenocrome (cheating) to be psychics, hence Reptilians are trying to map Ascended masters brain trough organized Gang stalking. The Khazar-Fake Jews – who are not only the prototype of Caucasus mt, but who are interestingly a “made in China” version of Judah – funds FBI, SUPO, Youtube, Hollywood etc. They staged 9/11 attacks, moon landing, Copernican principle, French Revolution etc. They staged Nazi Germany Fake-Jew genocide while harassing the Native Jews backstage & kicked many Natives to their allie Finland to reservations & receive corporate identities closer at unison with their future NWO plans. As a result, there are many gentiles that are lost & poor in creativity. This Nazi genocide that never occured was to outshadow Natives & harvest synthetic sympathy towards the Fake-Jews, which was also a means to declare Israel’s corporial indepedence in 1948. Their military has a flock of professional trolls or warlocks on Youtube & other sites, to defame or character assasinate Critical Thinkers. And create troll profiles using their targets names as admitted by Khazar funded South Park SkankHunt episode depicting Fake-Jew degenerates like Juha Luuri who stopped his youtube appearance, now that he is exposed, & ready to die. Their Vatican unit of Popes, Clergymen, Chief Medical Physicians, Military Vicars & Cardinals marks truly Kundalini activated (a.k.a “UFO” initiated) outside the limitations of Magna carta, to their crucifixtion list. And as a result, we are in full readiness to kill these Black Nobility degenerates, their supportive citizens, Hollywood actors, Donald Trump, Biden, the Police & their loved ones, when all Ecclesiastical means are frustrated, & physical indignation Cosmically Justified with no need to fear karma or the principalities of Magnetism.

ESP Natives & Jews Initiating Uncreative-Angry Generation to Sleep.

“Death is Better than a bitter life or continual sickness” (Ecclesiasticus 30:17)

What we call god is the sum of all consciousness yet the whole is more than the sum of its part. It is more than the sum of all personalities. Yet all personalities is what he is. There is a innate force or knowledge within all consciousness (The Seth Material)

Thus, Edom-Amalek (Fake-Jews) are the most sophisticated to Attack & Justify Attack. (Universal Warning)

EDIT: This means the Final curtain call for the multitude born in vain is speeding! The list increasingly includes old friends & family, & the people we have encountered for a season or for a brief period of time; to test or analyze their character & diligence, but who failed this sacred trial together, by simulating self deception, or a collective lack of purpose (2Esradas 9:22) hence, empowering the “elites” & their fading kingdom – Mystery Babylon (Revelation 17:3-5). Which is why Mecca central, Modern Israel Synagoges, & Archdiocese Bishop’s of Belgium (Saint Gilles), Finland & Italy are heavily studying this page according to none-public database or Analytics – sometimes over 130 visits a day. And influencing corrupt or treasonists Archbishop Tapio Luoma & lower immoral illuminaires like Ville Valo from the band HIM to lose their minds due to these sharp edged words. Words, that forced Prime Minisiter Sanna Marin to get caught drunk with substances, partying like it’s 1999, being fully aware Natives are initiated by the “UFOs” to Serenade all Finn’s back to the realms of spirit via power immaculate. Fire walk with me! The world is finally preparing minds for WW3 and to kill all NATO/EU-Russian citizens starting from Caucasians, Chinese & Japanese – top nations of flesh or Mindlessness of Now. The “Death Note” list includes 95% of women, who over abused their wombs, or radiate meaninglessness. The main weapon used to further your disability to *Communicate Universally* & become at unison with a normalized society of warlocks or implicit trolls, is social media. Natives & Jews initiated to be Prophets, Evangelics & Teachers for God by the “UFOs” are even more called to leave their families (Luke 14:26) (Mar 3:35) old coward friends & all women (Micah 7:10) (Isaiah 3:18-24) because these people, in fear – which is sickness, or paranoia – repeated their Ancestral & karmic defect by selling the modern Spiritual Teachers out by being silent in the background, or literally sold them out to police, MK ultra, or other Torture-adjustment programs. Hey, there is a big risk to activate “UFOs” to zoom in out of nowhere, then finally kill you, if you touch (Psalm 34:7), or harm the modern seers (Psalm 105:15) which is why all that the Freemasonic Stasi-police, Pentagon & military can do now, is to noise campaing, harass & stalk us; a desperate attempt, but at least buys them time by distorting our *summoning* of “UFOs” (Angels) to kill them, their wives, their children, their public figures & all NATO/EU & Russian citizens, including all failed 2/3 Natives (Zechariah 13:8), who’s minds have spiritually reached the boarders of mindlessness or animal kingdom, not Cosmic Spirit, Brahman or Ubuntu: All meaning the same. Many people do share the appearance of being hu-man, but our reality as minds/spirit can be dishonored, exploited & trained to go out of sync or symbiosis with planetary or climactic 1987 type harmonic convergences, as it has happened again trough normalized Copernican-perception, thus we have reached the final countdown: Uprooting the mindless souls, & everyone they love, who appeared hu-man, but with no cause and/or content. Content (mind) is everything, for it is the cause of the Physical Universe of bodies – vexed to a state of Amnesia by your own allowance. So, remember this: Angling to destroy the great legacy of the Initiated Men is an attack on the returning Jesus-Yahawahshi, who personally selected them to exalt his real image trough his “UFO” mediums (2 Kings 2:1). The metaphorical boat is sinking – the metaphorical house is burning down, & as one of the gentlemen knowing the harsh perceptible Truth, we do not need to tone ourselves to sooth your suicidal ego. Meaning, you either listen or become offended, as usual, & just die. So, this is to the people from my personal past: You are a self-tormented, but a plotting, back stabbing, keyboard coward ,with no legacy to be attained. You will be forgotten. My public contact information has been removed because as you & your family are murdered by the Freemasonic FEMA troops, & famine of food, in this global financial reset, I will not be there to answer you. This message unfortunately applies to all friends, & family. Please, friends from the past, long gone fellows of the modern Evangelics, Prophets & Teachers for God: You have no works of your own to show – never was – just one woman perhaps, who stinks like fish, & marked for death. I stand accused of your unability to *use creativity as a means for inner revolution within the treacherous waters of material Universe* (Philippians 1:28), but you did this to yourself, for you joined the world of unfulfilled dreams, a place of being which is in full commitment to drag others to fail, but you will not drag me to hell, for my name will be exalted in Leadership, Proxy Warriorship, 5th Column & Arthood, not yours. Now you are on your own, with the world where relationships are ritualistic, based upon litanies, & where everyone is policing one another to pretend humanity is not under colossal oppression, & must serve a system meant to keep us in conflict or pressure, which eats the body alive. Wake up, the Lord of Host’s is returning to mercy kill you silent, uncreative, flaming hateful generation, & worhippers of women (I Esradas 4: 26-27). This is not the time for women, nor having a dumb family life you miserable morons; but to war to end all wars (Ecclestiastes 3:8) & release the larger sleeping Super Ego (Son of God) from the *belief in guilt* & join the real Jesus to re-establish a new Government with 144 000 graduated members (2 Esdradas 2:43-47) (Revelation 20:4-6), but which you are failing to be part of, which is tragic indeed. This means, that as a man: If I have not bothered to contact you in since 2020, rest assured you are in my list of the ones I left behind to face their own destiny in this escalating WW3 & the surprising “UFO invasion” which you will not pass alive, & I can only pity you. You will be re-generated to Terra Firma from your dead state though, to Atone for your self hate which led you to die in WW3, praise the Lord! Your Atonement on the other side is to exalt Yahawahshi, & our names too, for you part took in NATO/EU & Russian criminality (Guilty by Association) to keep our names, contributions & talents obscured, & die as bums, but it won’t work. Do not feel sorry; this is what a plotting, unproductive & non-artistic flaming-envious generation is built for: To mirth a while, doing nothing creative, then to be surprisingly excommunicated, as in the times of Noah. Your call to be baptized to death is here, for this is not your fault, but a mistake which you partook with the world of broken dreams where we can join to *systematically* deny and/or veil the memory of the Cause of this world, & remain unconsciouss or mindless about our worlds singular inception, which in return generates radioacitivty, sickness or Carnality, time and/or decay, expiration, then death. My little ones in Christ under the hypnosis of flaming hate & the *belief in guilt* I rest in certinty at the edge of time embracing your cry for freedom trough death by pain. (2 Esradas 9:12) https://rumble.com/Media REPORTS about UFOs speculating UKRAINE & RUSSIA war

NOTE: Universal Presence, if attained, baits all Freemasons, Eastern Stars, and their Nation *to comdemn themselves to death* because as “misery loves company” it means there is still an element of needing to be Loved (If you are reading this in anger then you really want to be loved, but in separation, which by its definition can not be shared. WW3 is an era where The One Dreaming Son is deciding or making it’s *Last Judgement* betwixt being at One with Life or Separation which by definition has no element of sharing thus leads to death. Both will have a manifestation in the physical realm as a reflection of the decision of which road you took. WW3 or global anarchy, is a full blown manifestation of all *Unforgiven Dimensions* trying to “join” each other. It is the last attempt to circumvent the One larger Super Ego Mind with the multiple Self concepts of Sin so that we remain eternally unredeemed and stuck in the collective dream state, which is a world set up by us to be Antagonisitc to our metaphysical self or mind. While the Ark, is the reflection of the secret dream, leading you outside the stage by becoming beamed to the all inclusive “5D” Biblical Chariots or “UFOs”. The *Seat of Destiny* rests in your Mind that can choose which voice to adhere to: Separation or Forgiveness. Both having results in the horizontal plane as a reflection of your volition. The Biblical mark of the beast (RFID microchip) is your final attempt to prove separation is reality and Perfect Oneness can be attacked or fragmented by your decision to try and cut your last remaining spiritual umbilical cord or connection to what *IS*. Yes my dear, in your oppressed fury, you want to cut the last cord with God or Universe – by  plugging your Pineal Gland or Corona chakra to a A.I Credit System (CDBC) only to continue ego preservation! And find salvation there, which is why if you take it, you will be mercy killed by the Biblical Chariots, because you are only attacking your decision making self: Your own will. And you have been attacking your self since you were born here by joining the worlds principalities and values that were all weaponized to attack our minds, which is why it must be repeated that your nearing death was not done from the cause of hate, but by Love not of this world. Again we are all One, but to bathe in the light of Cosmic Consciousness or in the solace of our Oneness *Father-Mother-God*; a state where even the plants next to each other do not block one anothers roots to suck water: must the inflating minds of carnality (Sleeper Cells) be killed by using Ecclesiastical means, in order to stop the programming of The One to cement dualistic frequencies we channeled as One, & is the root cause of all so-called natural disasters and/or fruitless trees. The Advent of Euthanization is to help the inflating sons (Sleepers Cells) to also reach a base readiness to receive an Ancient Awareness of a Love not of this world.

Universality or Holy Spirit: A Love Not of This World.

Then he said to them, “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘Each man strap a sword to his side. Go back and forth through the camp from one end to the other, each killing his brother and friend and neighbor. (Exodus 32:27)

In Universality, you Love “elites” or criminal generations as a whole automatically, for in your Timelessness  you can see/understand the Cause of peoples vicious, fearful and selfish intent, which comes from the terror to experience we are The One, and not the individual we believe ourselves to be with private thoughts. Basically, when people comdemn your cultivated Timeless Presence or attack a presence that reminds the dream of our Universality, by worshipping golden calves or idols of time, & which reinforces the illusion of time, the seperate dreamers are really comdemning the part of themselves calling for Love or God to die. Heaven *IS* here, but people do not see it (Luke 17:21), because Creation or Knowledge *IS* Now: A Still Mind or a *Holy Instant* from which ideas extend to be shared and strenghtened. Our approaching Kingdom of Heaven on Earth & which the “slaves” of the survived Native Jews are soon “forced” to build, is an after effect of our *Joined Alignment* with the One Son surrendering to his Fathers Will or Infinity. Yes, It will paradoxially take the form of being killed & even enslaved for the separated egos who are denying themselves to receive Love, but want it anyway. The conflict and need for a female to reject and destroy a man that loves her, is a macrocosm of our relationship with God & humanities profound attraction to guilt or separation; the minds need to anchor back to sin or the world of darkness, and its magnetizing “gifts” for flesh. This example can be generalized in all areas of life, giving you instant compassion to see or vision why humanity pushed this world to be a cesspool, why the daughters of music has being brought low now (Ecclestiastes 12:4), why films increasingly lack spirit, why cartoon animations are replaced with computers, etc. The need to separate or live with no meaning is so strong now so anything that calls the audience to join the Artist gets rejected, shadow banned, or replaced with Justin Beaber plastic, for the fear of joining is strong, not dying. Joining dispels *you* and death keeps your mind unease, expecting a possible hell, for this is your attraction and desired investment, or goal. The modern Prophets are now marked for death for charming people to join a way of One Being (Universality) that can and must be re-activated trough hard disciplinary practices both in the way you think and act – which is a shadow of thought. You do not lose yourself in this process but gain yourself, for you have found your one function just like an apple tree is fully integrated to its function or purpose by having no desire to compete with the orange tree. You become at One with yourself in Thought, & not many. You become one with your appointed task for your mind is not scattered in comparisons or to the past (grudges), skipping the present moment, & fearful of the future due to your past sins, usually motivated by your need to survive no matter what, as NATO/EU & Russians have over trained to do, by having no Faith in Seasons and Miracles. This is a mental illness reflected by Biblical Kain, who got lost in the Holodeck that appears so real. And trough guilt (metaphysical sickness) transformed or inflated to a Leper-Neanderthal, Nigger, Edomite or Caucasian, all interchangeable in meaning. Basically, Kain transformed to a Herald or to a symbol (message) to the Sonship *of a mind that has become fully engrossed or anchored in Illusions or Hologram of time: *the 6 chakra, intellect, nigger or Neanderthal plane*. And who lives in constant fear, blame and victimhood (Karen) , but will be mercy killed eventually after his family & minions are allowed to exploit all dimensions carnality or mindlessness of Now can offer, which besieges them with Capital Sin. When you skip the present moment, the Dualistic Universe calculates you as a walking dead for life is always Now. It is a Being outside time, and time is a reflection of guilt within, calling for Atonement. Living in the Now is Alpha and Omega, One Being tempered by Music. A mind that accepted the means or every day stepping stones to learn in full depth, what it means to be forgiven. Yet, your personality is about to be forgotten for it was not able to crystalize it’s beauty by perceiving life as a classroom to Forgive the world of implicit and explicit hate. This is a *process* that gently re-awakens Spirit by the Forgiving Mind which is the activating agent of Spirit that *IS*. Native Jews or Priests are initiating your need to fade to black and become one with dust for the man in the mirror was hated by the beholder him self which is really an Ancient unconscious attempt to humiliate creation by denying our One Shared Interest and/or the only purpose in this world, which is to learn to acknowledge meaningfully we are Forgiven. (Matthew 6:14-15)

Allow Modern Israel, Ukraine & Russians To be Murdered. 

Suomalaisten Kuolemantuomio Valmiustilassa Normalisoituneesta Muurarudeesta.

EDIT: The escalating problems from vaccines to Ukraine-Rushia conflict & now the war in Israel. And the soon to be nuclear bombing of America, Russia & Israel (Revelation 6:12-15) are all planets genius ways to purify this planet by killing Spiritually failed people before the “UFO” spectacle, who will then kill you left overs by evaporating your self abused bodies with focused fire (II Esradas 13:2-11), & beaming the graduated ones, who forgave the world – to the”UFO” ships (II Esradas 13:12-13). People like Ukranians & the modern Israelites – the Khazars living in Israel – are a criminal nation from Caucasus mt, designed to be left alone & finally killed by the hands of their own kin which will start in America too trough the recent raidings on Trump (Mark 3:25). If their current generation cared to live as a house or family, they would care to admit that Ukraine, America, and places like Finland, belong to Native management (Isaiah 14:21). Do not feel sorry for Ukraine; your faith is about to be the same. Yes, our living, self conscious Planet & Divine Cosmic Intelligence uses Illuminati Freemasonry, & the wars they fund, to kill you unmerciful minds (Ezekiel 6:12) before all Freemasons in the world will be killed too along their own unmercies, or the need to complain & blame others, without any motivation to train the mind to take responsibility. And adjust ones mind for a re-freshed thought system that results to a fresh life form at unison with the Universe. Again, & again, when the Bible mentions about Spirit, it is refering to our abstract Mind. There was no word or a full concept of a mind in Ancient times, which is not the brain. The brain is just a hard drive for our abstract minds that gathers & stores our desired, but false concepts of our new flesh-self, then repeats/concretes these past *beliefs* or concepts of flesh that the deluded mind/spirit collects to the brain, dimming the memory of Spirit with the clutter of thoughts that the mind hoards within the brain-unrewired. It is the mind that stimulates first the electrons in the brain, passing to the chemical, extending to the physical. Mind is the activating agent of all that *IS*. As Ken Wapnick says: “Right before Sigmund Freud died, he said he feels that his interpretations of dreams will be one day understood electrochemically. Sigmund thought nocturnal dreams are chemical and never passed that stage.” Of course Sigmund, including his parter in Analysis known as Carl Jung, did not pass the test of time: they were both involved & drunk of early 1900s Freemasonry & the sexual exploitations that came along with their Psychoanalysis, which led Carl Jung to have sexual exploitations with a Transgender Toni Wolff, after his sex-scandal with Fake-Jew patient, Sabina Spielrein, went public. These sexual initiations & eating human flesh, are basic & inevitable effects to try to cement an Unholy aura on self, then attract things from our dualistic world we manipulated trough demi gods to assist mainly Unholy auras (Politicians, Mafia, Actors, Warlocks, Demons etc), while the populous or inbetweeners, are given breadcrumbs, but the ones Truly seeking Holyness & forgiveness are left behind, then hopefully Raptured. This Unholyness of ones Aura, again, is basic & done by common ones playing around with Pentagrams, Teosophy, Ouija Boards etc. The advanced ones were done by Tesla, Micheangelo, Raphaello, Da Vi Vinci, & other left hand geniuses too whose compelling masterpieces reflect longing of their innocence, mainly for what they did to their inheritance as 2/3:rd Israelites, but ultimatly as the One Son of God, which is why we love their works, because we all manipulated this realm to dim Light & applause lies, like Sinstine Chappel. And for that, so was Segmund & Jung employed by us as One, to systematically study the Ego Consciousness, which is same as to perserve it; assisting Masonry to keep the unity of subject & object or cause & effect, as mystery, by literally building an external world that barricades this link between the what is latent & that which is manifest. So, In reality nocturnal dreams & our everyday life is One dream with the same content, which is to remain as bodies and remain attracted to lust for blood or death & sin. The world was ensembled by all of us to deny the only purpose of the seeming Universe which is to teach us there is no Universe, for it is all within the Mind. The meaning of its projections is established by *Divine Order*, hence you will not lose anything but gain everything as Gods Son. The meaning of life is gained after experiencing there is no Universe. It is not lost, as minds fixed to the linear world will believe this experience of Truth to be, thus finds Revelation depressing and meaningless. The seeming physical Universe and galaxies are concepts or ideas within a Mind; ideas to be extended or Alchemized with practical meaning, which expands to infinity as it is shared within the Laws of Divine Order. The Universe is not a external mystery to be solved as seperated selves, as the world of science does, denying in fear, that the course of modern science has reached it’s destiny in time. The physical realm is a means to an end towards higher realms to which we adjust our minds to trough Spiritual education and Spiritual powers, if we wish to Ascend. Iisac Newton and Srinivasa Ramanujan were praised due to their ability to manipulate math as a device for sorcery where the physical Universe appears to be a never ending external puzzle to be solved. Like the rest of the artificially genious baboons who took their part in Heliocentric science or Copernican Revolution – which led to more subdivision, splitting apart, or fragmentation of the *Collective Consciousness* that *IS* – these warlocks and wizards heard demonic intelligence in their dreams, that guided them how to hide and/or complicate the underlying principle of all that *IS* – a fundamental Law of Mind that applies to all dimensions & realms. Both men admitted about hearing voices. The lodges in Campridge capitalized on this acknowledging these men were hearing intelligence from lower realms that are here to fulfill our collective but unconscious deathwish to sleep in dreams of death, and not awaken to eternity. Freemasonry justifies killing people knowing people cheerlead for separation anyway. They use the two Papal Bulls (Bible) to prove God how people, especially Natives, repetitavely killed the prophets only to go back to worship false gods and work as their sentinels. The criminality of Illuminati comes mainly from trying to condition Native men that are linked to Ancient Prophets, for it is the Native men that inherited this planet. Micro chipping especially the Natives is the last symbol known as the Mark of The Beast. The Illuminati is governed by Khazars, or Fake Jews who used the dualistic nature of the Bible to over condition their minds with total unforgiveness and/or are in desperation to try justify attack: As did Shylock-Jew in Shakespeare’s Mercant Of Venice play. But how can attack be justified when there is only One of us within an Ancient dream: A broken dream state we made as One in time? If we stop for a moment, and take God-Yahawah as our model, we would see that the God mind behind a none-specific God, or Perfect Spirit, does not come from the need to attack or defend. Otherwise, and by definition, it would make our world of specific hate real, and attack justified; baptized in the name of Yahawah. This is why the world hates God who *IS* nonspecific. A Universe within a Universe. And we replaced his image trough *Intent* by switching our resonance towards self made Dead-Specific- Idols, or Gods, who reflect our own need to explore sin. Then attack, and find salvation trough attack; which cycles the belief in Sacrifice, or death, or guilt – all being synonymous in content within our dream. So, be like Water. Inquire the true definition of Martial Arts to know, that this Ministry has nothing to do with personal hate towards anyone. We are making you ready for your possible mercy kill by resting in *Understanding* and/or a nonspecific – Universal *Communication*. The “UFOs” (Angels) are nonspecific celestial beings who are here to reflect the residence of your own voices within, your inner world of hate – by joining your inner portal, so to speak. And reflecting you a message about your denied self –  A self seeded with Astronomical deathwish, where God can’t enter to *Share Sense* (Logos). The Mind of God enters our Collective Dream State, or Maya – trough symbols which are not his reality. The Light of his Truth enters the One Sons Mind in forms of prophets, Jesus-Yahawahshi, texts and “UFOs” due to our own wish to be reminded we are not Heavens exiles as bodies, but only deeply rooted into dualistic waves of consciousness, or concrete perception. In the Totemic vision of Hezekiel (Hezekiel 1:4) our Immortal Reality, or God, enters the One Sons Mind as *Authoritative* Emblem, with the mixture of “UFOs”, man & Animal Totems, where he is teaching his students about our multidimensional non-spatial, and non-temporal being as Gods One extension. As you become One at Will with God, so will you extend his Fatherhood or Authority, which is why the world will pervasively love to target you (John 15:18-27), for you have become everyones Spiritual Father, but in a world where everyone has Daddy or Ancestral issues, and will find you as their best scapegoat to project their misunderstanding of Fatherhood; an attitude they inherited from their biological parents. But which is a genious means to try and condemn God to death as an unjust ruler who you demonstrate having no mercy by your own sufferings. A suffering not your own, but someone elses fault. The perdition of Jesus, prophets and the entire household of Natives are the top means by 2/3 of Natives and NATO/EU – Russians to reach this rebellious climax – to become convinced there is no God, and separation and death is-real.

Christ is All In All for We are One Mind & The Body a Deformity of Thought.

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. (Hebrews 11:3)

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28)


Christ is all and in all: said St Paul to the Colossians (Colossians 3:11), meaning we are all One Mind; abstract minds within the One (John 17:11), and as One unlimited Thought of God, outside-time space, that can project Universes, and extend meaning as Gods expressed holographic Thought within the dream (John 17:22). The mind can also choose to discommunicate with God Mind or see it self divorced from spirit, & try to go solo within it’s own miscreated Dream Bubble, Stargate, or Portal, & become tricked by believing in the collective minds miscreation, or concept of a brain. A Hermetic Labyrinth, followed by the mind-deceiving Hypothesis of a Big Bang, which compresses the *Light* or Memory of God, & the *Decision for God*, to become unconscious & Allegorical. The mind joins with the insane Collective One Son, Black Goo or Carbon- Matrix- Mind, by exploding to a 3-Dimensional carpet-of-time-simulation, & programming the terrestial body as the sleeping minds elusive or demonic-distraction device (Romans 7:24) , a chain of darkness, a veil of forgetfulness; by worshipping Idols. The most intimate one being the specialness of flesh-body. A body born, & living a life of decaying (separating) flesh that is fully geared to wax it’s autonomy, or separation, as a descreet, unique and concrete individual with private thoughts, and deliberately forget the Genesis of the body, which is the mind asleep. The body or our entire Solar System was projected by us, not a separate god in the skies, which is a dualistic concept as a means to use the worlds imperfections or sins to penetrate deadly frequencies towards *Reality*, & which is why we wrote a prophetically mastered book, but a dualistic book or script, known as the Bible, to justify attack or give god the burden of responsibility for creating imperfect bodies that dies, translating Life as meaninglesss, and death and past reality. You are about to die as a body in COVID19-Ukraine-WW3- War era for participating in this Ancient collective attempt to drag Reality to a dream state, or consciousness which is already scripted & long gone, hence, there is no world or space. Johns Revelation – Third Woe, or WW3, & which is about to climax – are past fixed carpets of time, compressed particles of dust, Pre-animated-holy ghosts, or ghostly (passed) thought patterns to which the sleeping minds decisive part adheres to in a Universe that seems to expand  billions of years, having complicated Time Dimensions, yet all just One Dream, purposed to establish Sin as reality, which events like WW3 stands for as One Gigantic Symbol. These are dimensions of the ephermal  seeking to “join” one another in one shared desperate intent/spirit to share & reinforce the reality of an external world. In other words, solidify the belief of the reality of the egos thought system, or the *Carnal Latent Contents* of the Sleeping Collective Son that projects a smoke screen or counter space. As an angry person, this is where you stand now: You have over conditioned your mind to radiate deadly frequencies and/or to perceive life from the egos (carnal) lenses which is a distortion of the present moment or *Now*. A distortion of *Now* are failed past learnings you hoard as memory as “reference” to what you believe what reality is *Now*. Here you only repeat the past; always ready to attack to protect your sense of reality by perceiving everyone from past hurts. This is not a wholesome or holographic vision, & always leads to a deeper distortion of *Now* trough a war (WW3), & finally death, with your fragmented memories or Nostalgia beside you, you never aimed to release, for it means the end of your sense of reality or fragmented memories that have become an addiction, & a replacement to the Memory of God. Hence, a mind addicted to the past can not integrate with Ancient or “5D” planetary waves which is about to envelop this tired planet full speed as America & all things that radiate harmful frequencies, such as 5G, gets destroyed, along other sick countries & their citizens, whose bodies radiate too much sick frequencies as well, & have become ballistic in their everyday attitudes with no qualities of harmony or motivation to build one. Yes, my dear, you are about to die in COVID19-Ukraina-Israel War era for you have over trained, or over learned the mind to do nothing else but to *seek and find* causes to complain about, to such an extent, that you have Ancestrally placed Caucasus mt “elites” to top positions, & to create more issues for you to complain about which reinforces your carnal *belief* system because you are giving outside forces the power to take the Peace of God away from you and magnetize your entire focus to a nonexisting avatar. This trick or self deception you did to your self ancestrally has become your “elites” actualized private monopoly, which includes a device for denial, known as the system, which gives you a false justification to blame mainly the Native men for all of your pains, using the Natives Bible as means to attack them, blame and murder. But the pain is your secret wish to root your focus to the world & body, dimming the Ancient memory of Spirit here & now, always available, patiently waiting for you to embrace it’s love, never forcing it’s self upon your Holy mind.

A Course In Miracles & Yehushua Hamashiach.

“Either God (thought patterns that evaporates the belief in flesh to spirit) or the ego (thought patterns that magnetize to flesh) is insane. ²If you will examine the evidence on both sides fairly, you will realize this must be true. ³Neither God nor the ego proposes a partial thought system. ⁴Each is internally consistent, but they are diametrically opposed in all respects so that partial allegiance is impossible. ⁵Remember, too, that their results are as different as their foundations, and their fundamentally irreconcilable natures cannot be reconciled by vacillations between them. (ACIM, T-11.in.1:1-5)”

(WARNING: A Course in Miracles Teachers & students are increasingly in dire straits too & will indeed reincarnate to different purgatory based timelines for over promoting false Jesus image & name. This keeps their sleeping guilt anchored in place, because people are sacrificed to maintain the real Jesus image hidden, whose appearance is *Totemically* well described as a Native (Revelation 1:15) having nothing to do with the modern but fake image of Jesus we allowed Caucasus dwellers to promote as an important means to attack God, & make Caucasus mt feel special for a moment due to their tragic collective mental illness that dropped their minds to a deeper Nigger or Neanderthal state that lived in caves grunting for a 1000 years, right before black plegue or Renaissance: These people are here today, marked for sleep. The promotion of false Jesus images (Cesare Borgia) is a guilt inducing plot which in time would extend beyond Renaissance to Serapis Christus. Acim teachers & students are dealing with Jesus but are ignorantly joined with Renaissance Art criminality to obscure the real Native “Jesus”, Yehushua Hamashiach, or Yahawahshi. And are generally poor with scriptures & prophecies which is integral studying to achieve a deeper knowing of ACIMs role in our history and why ACIM will not work & has not worked for so many. The spiritual obligation will not finish its course because of the supporting of iconclasm and ACIM peoples fear to join the underground curriculum of forgiveness the prophets undertook with Yahawahshi and are doing it today. ACIM does not map the detailed means, steps or history in how we cemented the collective consciousness to believe we are here & as individuated bodies, hence ACIM is only the beginning for spiritual infants in fear to receive a Prophets or a True Priests measure of forgiveness lessons. When you reveal the true name & Native image of Jesus *Yahawahshi* & the Hebrew name for God Is, which is *Yahawah*, you are bound to be persecuted by Goverment(als) which is the ultimate form to forgive this world & which the mundane world prevents you from entering & finish the call you answered. Heaven will be re-established on earth & this will include some of the elect men being crowned as the new rulers & priests of this planet, & having multiple women, until needed no more. Some will move on from this realm, but majority – who are not in Advanced Union with God mind – will stay to reproduce-reincarnate the ones that died in WW3, having servants or slaves of all Over Carnal nations, & various torture & death penalties to their “aristocrats”, police, doctors, construction men, & military, who are all Freemasons & prominent agents for human trafficking and/or MK Ultra. As a token: We will renegerate Elvis, Prince/ Mozart, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jim Morrison, Hendrix, soon to die Bruno Mars & Cardi B & the rest of Northern Kingdom. The Southern Kingdom will regenerate Beethoven, Johny Cash, Bob Marley, soon to die Steven & Liv Tyler & Dwayne Johnson etc. They will exalt our names too, not other way around. This Heaven on earth is the 1000 year bridge towards the Courses concept of Oness joined as One, where majority of Israelites/Organic portals at least, are Enlightened, & the Collective Dream state or Consciousness evaporating to *Light* for it is here, where the Earth has reached her Biblical age of 6000+ years before it’s Sabbath – evaporation to Light – takes place as a Collective, yet all this really appearing within an  *Cosmic Instant*, that never happened; a truth of terror even modern street Prophets still pursuing an extra-terrestial bodily Oneness, seems to escape. So, as for planetary heaven, ACIM does not explain what Heaven on Earth is. The Bible does, to some extent (Isaiah 14), because it deals mainly with effects (Prophecies). Yet The Bible does not explain the one shared intent of all mankind or even the purpose of Heaven on Earth, which is to *pardon* or release the Larger Super Ego mind: All of us as One. Yes, it will be about using relationships as a static to increase the Voice of Spirit, not drown it out, as we do as egos. Thus, not knowing we are here to release The One, the seemingly violent judgment will be perceived personally insulting & cruel by the masses rather than their own private call to freedom, for they were not able to bridge themselves to the other side or *Cosmic Consciousness* with proper Mind or Zen trainings. They were not able to use the world as means to release this self, & accept that even the Kingdom is about fulfilling our lives to a point of further release, as we become satisfied in all basic areas of our physical lives we missed out here. This is why NATO/EU & Russia nations are going to sleep: The fear of not existing as bodies is too great. Again, modern Jesus of specialness or bodies has nothing to do with ACIM but Yahawashi does. Continue bombarding the modern fake image, & you will not be complete, which is a secret goal many have established in order to procastinate Enlightenment; the speeding of dying consciously. The modern Jesus is about specialness by definition because the cause of that propaganda is the most self-hating collective from Caucasus mountain who returned again to a full blown nigger condition, grunting & walking all fours when their currency collapsed in Pagan Rome, which COVID19 economic collapse reflects. They over learned the lack of understanding *Faith* and transformed as a warning to The One Son, to a Neanderthal or Nigger Symbolism that means stingy or over carnal: A fearful mind that over trained it’s neediness to survive, like Kain & Esau, who as men of fields, busy bodyness & hunting, forgot the seasons & miracles available and natural if ones mind stays aligned with our joined *Universal Purpose*. The Bible & GMS elders helps you see Jesus is Adam, Iisac, Melchizedek who blessed Abraham. He was also men like King Solomon, who regenerated to this plane 2000 years ago to atone for the mistakes of the times of Jesus being Adam or King Solomon. He was the first to demonstrate or mapped the importance to accept the day to day means to *Quantum Forgive* – the only elixir to Resurrect the Mind that projects Body/Universes. Jesus being healed from guilt, it is fair to join ACIM by repeating how a Forgiven guiltless mind can not suffer, a teaching Hebrew Curriculums lack. Jesus did not experience pain, at least, once nailed in the cross, because he achieved the memory of Gods Innocent Son, & planted a seed or a reminder to the Collective Son or Schuman resonance about the unreality of body which the forgiveness of his Crucifixion is about & remains the same today; dethroning ego-flesh belief. But ACIM, be careful of what you speak to the Universe, there are Biblical references of the essence or aspects of Jesus returning with clouds (“UFOs”) & killing the same Roman Centurions who pierced him, & are here today regenerated or Reincarnated as the same bastards, in forms of Freemasonry (Revelation 1:7) (Ecclesiasticus 41:10). And, yes, there are several scriptual references about ours including Jesus-Yahawahshi Reincarnation (Psalms 22:16) dismissed by Vatican (Ecclesiasticus 41:10), who have been keeping the more explicit Reincarnation references from the Bible as secret since the times of medievil’s Justinian Emperor or the 2ND Native or Moors Council of Constantinople. We “Reincarnate” for we are anchored in Quantifiable guilt – we re-become lighter or guiltless, & Ascend as we Atone for our implicit & explicit assailings upon the One Collective Son. This demonstrated message about a guiltless mind was not understood by the minds more keen to adventure in Twilight Zones, or Carl Jungs Collective Unconscious mind (Super Ego). They were zealously mastering these Astral-Projections, Prophecies, or inevitable passed effects of mindlessness, & perceived Jesus death from a carnal perspective. These minds are regenerated today, as Ascended masters & some Prophets. Now they can teach the crucifixion was never about the resurrection of bodies, which is a plot pushed by Vatican to brush aside Mind. A Course in Miracles, as a teaching, has finished it’s course, and will be replaced with teachings that will have characteristics as ACIM, but will also deal with paralyzed Nations of flesh that can not adapt to pure-non-dualistic teachings because they are too fixed to seek salvation trough flesh, having no motivation to realize it always calls for sacrifice and rituals, thus, these Nations deserve death trough the truly Illuminated (and gang stalked) ones who have reached the awareness of Gods innocent Son too, hence are guided by the “UFOs”. And who know that the serious nature of our world and the serious nature of each civilizations end, is not Gods will, but our own attraction to seriousness and it’s chaotic effects. Seriousness and peace of God (and it’s calm effects) are mutually exclusive and when the song of heaven reaches our realms, we still yearn to interprate every message of light so seriously. Meaning: A simple message is never enough, thus, what is simple, must now be turned in to a form that appears intellectually stimulating, elusive, ambigious, deep, dramatic, and  filled with images of death. The Jesus in the Bible then is a suffering-serious Jesus with no reference to his jolly side. So, do not procastinate accepting the day to day means. Forget this page as you embarce your *Now* day to accept the means which reaches out to unhealed relationships on which you reinforced other peoples belief in guilt & it’s gospels to flesh. Demonstrate their attacks on you can not take the peace of God from you. The intent to see others aright is the secret. In form or behavior, majority of times you must be austere and stern when composing your judgement, which to others unaware may find harsh, but God knows about your desire to power up your willingness to be truly helpful. This Quantum forgiveness that sees pass trough your brothers body to content, sparks an Ancient reminder, no matter how unaware they (your brother) may be: The Son of God was offered a Holy space, radiating peace with no Iota of grievences. This life-time operation, assuming you accept all the means to forgive, gradually melts an alien presence within your mind known as the unconscious ego, a demonic posession if you will. It is a rewiring of ones brain, & mostly experienced as a painful process, because it is like shedding one owns skin, or like a fire consuming the moldness & rust of metal, hence a saint uttered: Cromundum creaminde deus. Forgiveness of the world is a cremation of this solidified alien & passive-agressive presence within, that the world has normalized. By seeking to see your brothers sinlessness, which forgiveness is, you allow your day to day life – the good & the bad –  to be used means to boil up those selfish unconscious thought patterns within based upon emotional responses that were never Universal or mature. It only contributed to the seeming worlds problems no matter how subtle or socially acceptable it appeared to be, but in a Freemasonic world of weaponized concepts of self. My dear, we are in end times; reverse that typical warlock response you over learned in Social  Media era, by offering the One son a response of lillies (Proverbs 15:1). Trough a non-punitive, yet a firm communication to the separated sons, & who may or may not be motivated to graduate, you open an alcove (Pineal Gland) within your closed mind & invite the consuming fire of creation already within you, to burn your over learned patterns of thinking that has surmounted your mind with a false idea of self, that blinds you. In this process of cremation, you are molded & literally melting back to the One mind we chose to veil & where God stands next. And as Jeremiah lamented in pain, while going trough a more advanced purging known as the Shamanic sickness or Dark Night, Jeremiah says: He has sent fire into my bones that dominated them. (Lamentations 1:13). And as your mind purifies, & you feel less guilty, meaning, you feel better about your self, it results in clearer thinking, effectiveness or vigour, all that are dwellings or aspects belonging to the 7-gifts of the Holy spirit mentioned by Isaiah. But, dwellings where the Lord of Flies or Satan (A.I or Matrix) has assimilated too, hence, a stage avoided by many seekers, for this is an advanced Opus where one starts to walk like Jesus, & which is why again, this is a process that takes a life-time or life-times. But regardless of time; as you become more egoless or lighter, you become more motivated & attracted to the pull of God. And as time gets consumed more wisely, you Ascend your personal Ancestral karma, which then invites the beginnings of the Biblical means, & that is to see your own crafty misuse of the Natives role & Yehushua Hammashiach. And why our unmotivated humanity is at the brick of deserving to die. True Repentance pleads you to accept it’s day to day means. Without accepting the means,  you will not experience feeling better or at peace-forgiven. Without accepting the means, you negate the entire goal; you reinforce relationships that radiate a buried desire for separation that offers no hope. And just like the globe at large, so is majority of people involved with ACIM procastinating this difficult call to accept the worlds chaos as means to Forgive the One Cause of peoples need to become negative: The “alien” experience of Innocence-/Timelessness, which transcends DNA. And as you heal, you eventually assist our civilizations over separated egos with euthanasia, with Love. Listen, you were warned how ACIM is meant for only 6 people, how the original writer of ACIM was too angry even after channelizing her part for Helen was only ready for a Cesare Borgia fake Jesus, but not Yahawahsi who helped this poor Native gentile Woman with ACIM. And right now, there is not a single ACIM teacher who has achieved a Biblical proportion of *Faith* in order to know how to navigate trough WW3, and guide others too. (Isaiah 32:2) (Isaiah 4:1). And so is Mat from Quantum of Conscience a good example of minds procastinating their calling by over complicating a simple message. Like many Youtubers, even Mat is sold out by his promoter Youtube, who uses punitive people – agents – to expose him, but with ill intents, which is not my intention, who seeks people of courage. His videos, although smart, show lack of *Faith* & addiction to faithlessness demonstrated by so many that Mat is just one example. Plato, who was a crafty political people pleaser, was also led to the water, but with no Faith – did not drink his due measure. Hence, no matter how wise he was, Plato did not achieve the Awereness as his mentor Socrates, who knew about paralyzed bloodlines, who they are Biblically, & how to move in Proxy to kill them all, when these paralyzed bloodlines are holy surmounted or besieged by Sin. By reading the Apology by Plato, you would find out, that Socrates became gang stalked, false accused (witch-hunted) for the same boring reasons as Jeesus & the rest of us. And was sentenced to death by Ancient Atheans Caucasus bloodline who are 100% fixed to preserve flesh/mindlessness, not Spirit. This family gravitates to esoteric teachings only to justify their tragic violent history, and find ways to skip the double measure of violence that awaits them now. Socrates drank the poison hemlock because his guiltless awareness at the last days of his life *IS* outside of the physical dream, a condition or the beginning of *Direct Knowledge*, outside the dream world, where the body can barely sustain it self for long, & starts to break apart, & manifest a full blown Mandela Effect & cognitive dissoance with your past relationships who do not understand this transition in fear, & who you must release. So, it did not matter if he drank the poison or not. Like Jesus, Socrates also knew that we as One, are the Light that radiates meaning, but can elect to dissasociate the Mind or Will of God, and dream within a matrix. And try to write our own words or laws as a subtitute to the word of God.

Purgatory or Reincarnation World to Either Reinforce Flesh or Spirit.

“For after death shall the judgment come, *when we shall live again*: and then shall the names of the righteous be manifest, and the works of the ungodly shall be declared.” (2 Esradas 14:35)

And the men that are receiued, shall see it, who haue not tasted death from their birth: and the heart of the inhabitants shalbe changed, and turned into another meaning. (2 Esradas 6:26)

So, you are either flesh or spirit (mind), & the world and it’s demanding problems were created by you to stimulate bodily awareness or a wordly thought system of mindless-self, which is a dualisitc state of pleasure & pain; then blame others for this never ending inner conflict you, that appears to have no hope for a resolution or achieving the Peace of God, except to blame or cannibalize others, and get a temporary “peace”, which is really a cannibalistic ego self & instant gratification of being right, and the rest are wrong. This is the “peace” you *seek* & you must see or at least entertain the idea how this attitude does not work, and is far away from Universality or the Peace of God, which is our inherited Mind state, before we Ancestrally obscured this one dreaming Mind to almost total forgetfullness with the worlds man made teachings, and demi gods that are all lies, but served the epic purpose of reinforcing the thought system of the ego/flesh, meaning, isolating us from the entire creation, which is in eternal cognitive dissonance with carnality. Carnality is a state of mental illness from which all other sickness radiates. Your mind is outside of it self & was supposed to be brought back to it’s central dwelling place, by using the flesh as means or instrument for meditative practices combined with *Quantum Forgiveness*. But the training takes time & you need motivation-courage to return back to a dwelling place of Being, that is in complete opposite direction of what you *believe* your self now to be, in a world, that was deliberately made over complicated, time consuming & getting more out of touch with esoteric, stoic, artistic & philosophical appreciation. Stoic-Philosophy or any authentic esoteric practice is about accepting the means to use flesh to gradually evaporate or transcend your strong *belief* as flesh, because it is the *belief* it self that is the problem, & requires years of *undoing* or unlearning before the awareness of the body disappears, & the Attraction to only God becomes re-established, a state of mind prepared to let this self & all bodily memories go, includig Heaven on Earth, which is a gentle bridge to make these steps. Yes, this is a practice in dying while you appear to be in a body, which is why this process gets rejected by the majority who cling on to flesh by Attack. And was fixed or rigged to kill the dawning of collective Enlightenment or Age of Aquarius. The Super Egos purpose of Flesh is inherently against this Spiritual age, not for it. That is why the Kundalini Initiated Natives whose chakras are opened for celestial powers, must alarm “UFOs”(Angels) to kill your entire Unjust family, dear citizens of EU/NATO and Russia. Your minds have been renderred to a mindless state, meaning you are too angry to function properly or perceive practical everyday situations Universally, and to finally graduate. Sun Tzu’s understanding of the Art of War will fail because he came from this same spiritual frustration that does not understand the *Law of Faith* which passeth the worlds laws dictated by longitudinal or horizontal minds. China will not be the next ruling empire. They are all marked for death for sealing their self-hate by bowing down to the bases of all men from Caucasus mt who murdered and raped Chinese, and atomic bombed their cousins in Japan, who are just Chinese who speak Japanese, if you know the history. Creating new streams for trade as a replacement for petro dollar, or standard currency for trade, will not work, for you would be still dealing with the shadows or effects, and not with the cause of your approaching death, which is Ancestral guilt, reinforced in time trough the different variations of a dualistic system, which always calls for rituals and/or the sacrificing of the Native Jews, & eventually the sacrificing of the average tax payers of all nations who expressed all their praises for this *thought system* of sacrifice trough NATO/EU alliances and the Treaty of Rome. This dualistic idea you and your children are ready to die for has been exploited to it’s fullest now, for bodies were born from limitation, thus, can only create the ephermal bound by the quick sands of time – bound to die. I can not share in your arriving brutal death and misery because I can see your innocence as a split part of me: The One. I know your potential and I deny sharing your broken imagery and stand tall, fully committed to help you sleep and forget your wounded ego which was miscreated as a device or magic wand for propaganda to mock Perfect Creation, our joint inheritence; Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, let me protect you from yourself by escorting your soul back to the spiritual realm. Trough this fundamental step, together we will move mountains.

Jesus or Yahawahshi: The Ultimate Angel Of Death

“Forte est vinum, fortior est Rex, Fortiores sunt lumieres: Super Omnia vincit Veritas”

The “UFO” appearance is the same as the return of the real Jesus (Revelation 1:7) whose role, as the Ultimate Angel of Death – covering the skies with his father ship – was deliberately obscured by vatican, who poorly tries to mimic his role as a Soul harvester, & judge or mediator to higher realms. Among Vatican harvesting collective consciousness from Aquarian energy back to concrete belief system of self, which rests on fear energy; the purpose of 9/11 attacks & all massive chaos magic or terrorist scams, is to also gradually build a narrative to frame Advanced Souls & soon to be Kundalini Awakened Native Jew men as terrorists, using Al-qeada, ISIS & other FBI funded fake opposing forces, to preprogram peoples minds to hate this message by twisting Biblical doctrines but adding similarities here & there, so that Native Jew mens function as the ones marking failed souls to sleep would be viewed as murder, & not euthanasia. How can this be a murder when we are just using Death Notes & repeating what Moses & others before & after him did? The purpose of The Age of Aquarius is to open your 3rd eye first – to purify your perception – by not taking the bait to be punitively judgemental. Then start the real work, which is to put this planet back to it’s natural Universal order which, like a bio-weapon, has been deliberately created to radiate sickness to other planets now. You must use your purified pineal gland to spot the problem because we inherited this planet. I am extremely concerned about your confused mind & as your older brother, in Spirit, but whom you killed in all levels, let me at least summon your mercy kill, & prepare your broken hearts for this advent. Let’s do this together, hymning & thanksgiving once more, allowing the planet to celebrate in solace & everlasting equilibrium. Offer the gift of rest to this planet trough your death you so desired trough your unconscious need to keep us all as One unforgiven forever in sin. There will be no guns involved in this, & the ones who pose with guns are agents. Living by the sword is Esau’s Caucasus mt family tree extension, or blessing (Genesis 27:40). Guns literally “break” or “jams” eventually, if touched by a Native because our Electro Magnetic field is not as fleshly or dimmed, hence, like Marvels Magneto, we *dismantle* them – many not sure why – like in the film Sin City, where this sell out Benicio Del Toro actors pistol explodes to his face; a film directed by Native Gentile Robert Rodriguez, who gave his body to MK-Ultra-Chipping Laboratory to gain bucks to make his first indie movie El Mariachi in the 90s & was eventually forced to direct Red-11 admitting this, but using Khabbalah, as he did trough Sin City too. Again, Hollywood is Vatican or Khazarian-Fake Jew confession medium, but gives you dual-meaning which Kabbalah is all about in a nutshell: Plausible deniability. Khabbalah splits the mind to further inconsistencies in proper interpretations of Life. Speaking deliberately non-sensical Yiddish language, hair dressing like a sodomite & reading Talmud as one Fake-Jew or flesh collective, are also means to cement the One mind or entire sonship with perplexing frequencies or Babel consciousness. It is all singular in intent to keep this plane radioactive or quarantined from the “UFOs” & mankinds “5D” Intitiation. This is why we are going to kill all Khazars by first affecting the firmament with Pure Direct Truth. And as it reaches enough of minds (egos) who are at one with the Larger Mind (Super ego), so will Schuman Resonance be affected enough for the Father Ship”UFO” of Yahawahshi appear for the entire world to see. And we will land to your lands & mercy kill the rest of you at unison with this tired flesh-ridden civilization.

Gardening A Death You Desired Holy to Yourself.

Neo-Platonic Investigation.

NOTE: Sections of Santos Bonacci have been deleted, for the man has proved worthy of my respect like the few others under Neo-Platonic traditions, Hebrew Curriculums, A Course in Miracles, Christianity, Mary Baker Eddy, Jonathan Kleck, etc. All putting the peaces together & returning home within Capital Self.

Natives inherited the Ecclestiastical ability to plead failed souls for change, and if they continue hurting the planet, the Awakened & initiated leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel will kill everyone, including rebellious Natives, with one “UFO” swoop. Natives are minimalistic by nature, and if Awakened, even the concept of Nations is secondary, which is why Caucasus mountain will be 100% killed as a whole, because they insist separation implicitly and vocally, even with the Enlightened ones, who have Ascended beyond time-space, and it’s concepts. A place where Caucasus monkeys, who are in dept & take commands from 4D demonic Ghost or “Reptilian” entities – are perceived as fearful and dreaming Sons of God, like the rest. Hence, killing their Cave Nation, who were guided, but now rejected by these 4D demonic entities – will not be personal to the Enlightened ones, just like killing a fly that beez to disturb your well earned rest, is with no emotional attachment. So, If we came across each others paths, our encountering was most likely a processing of me marking you, your arcehtype for sleep, while we appeared to make merry, or even share moments of wheeping together. This applies to as “random” people as Tango Artist Tapani Kansa’s son, who was sold to Espoo MK ultra, by his father, because I was building on telling him he will not make it. Only one filthy rich Swedish-Fin Amalekite, who started to crack open about his banking family, hence was sold to MK-ultra too, in Helsinki, was suspicious of me, because he is trained to spot Ephraimites, the rest of Indians (Saame people) and other priest tribes. My last words for this twisted 22 year old Swede-Fin Amalekite, who lived in Helsinki Kallio’s Hämeentie with a Maroccoan sodomite, in content, was that he and his family will be burned & I will torture him & his father to death for using Reptilian demons as a source for information. I left the table of our conversation, and said my goodbyes. This miserable Amalek fool kindles with half breed reptilians I also spent times with for a purpose. Demons carry information for these Fake Jews & are their overseers. Amalekites are twisted & miserable for no just reason because they literally have to go trough various forms of incest rituals to maintain an exceptional or separate (Unholy) collective aura that keeps them at the boarders of this system with the help of Andrenochrome, and where 4D souless entities dwell. If you reach this unseen dimension by becoming holy, you will be hunted for the Amalekites have no purpose outside scheming, and are literally unable to function in the Kingdom where there is no presence of hunting or scheming because we will not be there as individuated bodies, and where magics like drinking, intercourse, breathing and eating is not needed. Again, we live among mentally sick but wealthy families who have consciously barricaded their minds to remain as bodies. As Lightworkers, we are called to gradually Quantum leap or mind transport ourselves to these parallel realities where the controlling of this realm really takes place by horrified Jesuits & the main tribe of Caucasus human-apes who are the modern, but Fake Jews: The Biblical Amalekites or Khazarians – a crimson collective of carnal smell, lust & flesh. And who work under none-living or Neplhim dream entities: Reptilian demons. Their Khazarian power of witchcraft comes from placing their families to be damned by acting out abominations illustrated in Alestoy Crowley psycho bables, Talmud-Kabbalah & other Jew-ish mysticism. As our wise Garuchilla Joe said: “The more damned by blood, the more powerful you are in sorcery.” You can not skip these split & sick parts of the Larger Mind, or Sonship, for these are heavy weight forgiveness opportunities; great means, to come closer to Yahawahshi! And join his banquet, or Symposium, with the feeling of worthyness (John 14:6) (John 15:16). You can’t skip Christs judgment by hoping to skip steps by evaporating your life to abstraction, & reach *Gods Light* without a mediator, as many Epicureans, Krishna, Yogis & Buddhist mistakenly think. Etheogens like DMT, LSD & Yakruna Aiyuasca seremonies will fail for they do not evaporate guilt which fleshes out your seemingly never ending time slots of physical & mental pains that pleads the one to accept his Ancestral means first & foremost to begin healing. Again, you can not penetrate wholly trough the thick layers or dark clouds of duality with substances. As long as our seperated brothers or vicious egos wander around without a shepherd, such as our rebellious bankers, so will the entire collective guilt remain keeping the Sleeping Son stuck in the Plane of Inertia or the plane between the electro & magnetic field: The body. To become a shepherd requires a test in Chivarly. Youtubers like Teal Swan, Marianne Williamson, Ralph Smart, Deepak Chopra or Sadhguru will not provide you with the readiness to use a sword to judge or distinquish minds of flesh & reptilian half breeds, meaning their altars are open to foreign entities & barbarians for they have attachments to their roles as spiritual egos. They are silly, so far gone in the world of flesh that I deleted my articles about them embarassed I brought them up, which is not with Santos Bonacci. He is an expert with Zodiacs & retrogrades, he just mistakenly thinks major Biblical events are theological, but Prophet Maqadash from Pasadena pleads us: There are Archeological examples – like the geographical location of Sodom & Gomorrah – which are still uninhabitable land for it’s sulfur or brimstones (Genesis 19:24). There were 3D scans used to discover Noah’s Ark in Turkey etc, just google it. So, Santos, although a Targeted Individual, does not know Daniel Mamhegs, who he thinks as his friend, is really Santos’s Agent or Judas. So listen, Santos: Daniel Mamheg is a former stock broker – period – in cahoots with UN. Daniel has multiple pyramid scams dude, which was revealed by Khazaras trough their Tartarian Truth page just after my published videos about Daniel & our email exchange, urging you to level up. So listen gentlemen & ladies, for I have removed & re-edited many writings & videos about Santos again & again, in order to keep my respects for him & not harm his image. Santos is a Man of God, beguiled by Daniel, a natural Judas. This is an experience many decent men & women go trough as they grow & I think Santos will survive his Revelation where everyones true intent comes to light as the next Plandemic Lock downs begin in WW3 or “elites” rebellion. And yes, some aspects of the Bible is non-literal, but Arcetypical or Astrological. Yes, no historical Jesus existed, but there *IS* *Yahawahshi*  titled with various names, such as Christ, or Yeshua – the first pure physical embodiment of the Holy Spirit which we culminated – like a process of Alchemy – to our shared dream state, as a reminder of Reality outside the dream. He *IS* our Mediator as Adam: the first born & Top Teacher or demonstrator of Faith, which majority in the world lack, hence do not know him. (Matthew 7:21-23)

Caucasian Bloodline (Edom) as The Goats for Our Supreme Sacrifice.

Edom shall be a possession,
Seir, its enemies, also will be a possession,
While Israel performs valiantly.
“One from Jacob shall have dominion,
And will destroy the remnant from the city. (Numbers 24:18-19)

We have no choise but to do this! We must summon Russia & EU/NATO Nations to receive their desired deaths, otherwise you will kill our frustrated planet in your reprobate state or spiritual apathy. The very few, who barely made it in these fundamental areas of Homo Sapiens, are guided to the spiritual Ark to safety (II Esradas 13:12-13), and many will be groomed by the “UFOs” & their captain Jesus Christ/Yahawahshi to become Mercaneries (Jeremiah 16:16) and to capture all NATO/EU “elites” in Finland and Swedish bunkers too, and put majority of them to death via focused Qi or Chi-Energy. Rothchilds-Orsinis will start their slavery program by burying their kinds they sacrificed to vaccines and Atomic bombs. And will be thrown to a pit until their ankles crack broken. (Isaiah 14). Again, The Main targets of the “UFOs” & the Kundalini Awakened Native Jews, in Russias & NATO/EU citizens Euthanasia, is the Biblical Nation of beastiality – sock sweat smelling flesh Caucasians, from Caucasus Human-Ape or Biblical Nigger/Neanderthal Caves which includes Finland & Sweden as well:Edomites. As you already know, their forefather Esau is the maternal twin brother of the Natives forefather Jacob (Genesis 25:25-26). Esau *IS* an Arcehtype – first mind choosing to give all Self to guilt or flesh within 4D times where Laws of Attraction are more Direct, and less limited by timespace. Marcus Arelius, emperor from Byzantine empire, reminds us that man is vertical for he is ascending to the stars. And as Edomites have a long history of walking all fours, so the investment to downgrade ones spinal nervesystem to less than 7 chakras takes the form of an Edomite – a Herald of Ancient Sleeping One Son unable to stay vertical for becoming paralyzed to the horizontal or animal plane, creating intense thought layers of forgetfulness. Edomites suffer *inflammation of mind* or inflation of belief known as over-carnality which results in a plegued body known as Niggards or Neanderthal, Edomite Caucasian etc. Just like our gut can suffer inflammation that results in a pink or nigger patches in the skin – like psoriasis or ezcehma – well, in the level of metaphysics, we are surrounded by a tiny orbiting collective that have a normalized bloodline of diseases from Biblical caves of Mt Seir, who were placed to their position of power in order for them to prove themselves that they are not able to sustain themselves as a family, and are too handicapped to flesh to invent anything, thus they can only patent inventions, including freemasonry, which is a wicked African custom of witchcraft from the times of Babel-Nimrod. Caucasus mt were given space to act out colonizations of other Nations (Habakkuk 2:5) for the planet to trap them to ancestral guilt and initiate Natives and other bloodlines and “UFOs” to kill them all when the Biblical niggers have reached together, as whole, a place of un-curable guilt. The collective of flesh counter attacked the reminder of guilt by going trough a Druid influenced mass self-hypnosis rituals to suppress this alarming conscience, hence, are able to project what ACIM call’s a “Face Of Innosence” with a voice smoother than butter (Psalm 55:21) but within, at war against the One reminder of each Edomite’s Ancestral guilt that demands punishment by double measure of death for the things they did to the world as one gray or depressed accumulation. The family from caves must reach this disturbing position as a whole, not just America or the direct lines of Amerigo Vespucci or Christopher Columbus dwelling there. Modern Finland and Swedes are from the lines of  Mikael Agricola, who – as Columbus – received Amalekites commands to burn Finland down. Finn-Swedes are the indirect genocide or Wicker man Midsommar Ritual unit of the Biblical Neandhertal bloodline. They are heavy to be Druids. And who are going to be killed as a collective too in COVID19-Ukrain era, with raw power, finally. Again, the One Son or Super Ego mind has learned all variations of time or vanity, and is ready to wake up to eternity, consistency or meaning: All being the same. Yet, in order for it to release it’s self to eternity, all seperated little ego fragments (humanoid avatars) must be aligned with the Larger Minds will to wake up, or die. The “last step” to eternity is done together so in reality, the “slavery” and “death penalty” that awaits all NATO/EU & Russian Nations is really *their own* will to return back home, just the hard way. But even death and 1000 Years of Teeth Gnashing Ancestral slavery shall not hinge us as the One Son to reach his glorious destiny! In harmony together we shall join hands and sing of love across the lawns of heaven, and forget this world, returning home as One.

Magna Carta & Basic Laws Of Perception.

A Justified Mercy Killing Of Swedens “King” Carl XVI Gusta Family (Kustaa Vaasa)

The Main units for Public execution or Death penalty in Finlands & Swedens approaching “UFO” or “UAP” euthanasia, arranged by Native men: Is the modern Sweden’s Gusta monarch family who tagged with Mikael Agricola in the 1500s. All Freemasons, both men & female along their children will join their graves. All workers & doctors in MK Ultra Clinics (a.k.a Psychiatric Clinics)  like Jorvin Sairaala, Provesta kielo, Iso Omena Clinic & Leppävaara – and who breed Reptilians – are marked for public execution along their criminal family who are in Freemasonry & paid to frame educated people or Critical thinkers with false diagnosis, then experiment them with pills & injections. The list includes their freemason Archbishops, Priests, Military, Police, SUPO & the troll forums they run together with Jluuri, Aleksi Kinnunen & coward vastapainoyt to gaslight or defame preppers & thinkers. Reptilians-Annunakis will fade to dust, and all CON-struction workers will be tortured for their noise campaignings where millions worth of traktors, wind blowers, and hammerings take place for no reason next to your bedroom window. Average citizens & even sincerely wrong preppers are not allowed to dwell in this planet anymore, for their conversations included some form of gaslighting other Nations. There is always an element of murder, comparison and competition, but no form of Spiritual Inclusion. The only ones that may make it are the Native Jews no matter what they appear to be in resemblance, yet they must give contributions to this truth by helping the men initiated to be Prophets and Teachers for God, for they undertook a larger forgiveness work & are the ones following the modelling of Jesus by receiving the same insane curriculum as we speak. Freemasons, Orsinis & Rothchilds, my hate seeded simblings in Christ: Your death penalty-Slavery can not be fleed for your Constitutions are an ambiguous continuation from Magna Carta & Magna is a medievil, Moor & corporial fragmentation from the Fundamental Laws of God, yet the etheric connection to all that *IS* remains: Prepare to die. Specific people in Finland to be butchered for international TV broadcasting in Helsinki main Chatherdral as an example to the left overs alive and ready for their planetary slavery program are the following in the next chapter. EDIT: Some of these hopeless lives of flesh have already perished just by True-Praying. Some are observed only to eat the Atomic Bombs, then burn. And some, will rot inside a rottening prison, as slaves; destiny manifesting a total end to their familiar constellation, or Bloodline. Then disappear to abstraction.

The Ultimate Death Note. 

Know that before God, for the health of our Soul and those of our Ancestors and heirs, to the honor of God, the exaltation of the holy church, and the better ordering of our kingdom.” Preface of the Magna Carta.

He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints. (Revelation 13:10)

1. All Archbishops and priests in Finland – all Doctors & Nurses in Jorvin Sairaala, Provesta Kielo, Leppävaara Clinic, Iso Omena EMPPU, Iso Omena Clinic, Mehiläinen, HUS, Ambulance crew, Espoo Asunto Yksikkö, Public figures from news reporters to their politicians. They are all freemasons and senctenced to death for their war crimes against humanity. 2. Police officers I have encountered for interrogations or to be framed by them as the two cops in Espoo did, who dragged me to MK Ultra in the middle of feasting with my brother and his gypsy wife – these two masons will be killed along their family. Another pair of scums with the same intention happened in Kemijärvi who called an MK Ultra ambulance after a paid off neighbour framed a complaint; be ready, only mandatory vaccine and RFID-chip *stage* left in order for the extinction of Caucasus mt constellation be *Holy Justified*. For now, we wait, for his return shall not tarry. He sneaks in like a thief in the night. A rude sudden awakening. (Habakkuk 2:3)  3. Ephraim traitors living in Finland’s Lahti and Imatra who took part in gang stalking, radiating, and noise harassment – Brutal judgement and death to your mafia. The scattered Ephraim tribe in Europe – some who live as gypsies – were the ones in ancient times who zealously joined King Yoruboam and the Moors. This destiny manifested black plegue and the entire slavery of people artificially known as Latinos, blacks and Indians: Israelites or Natives. 4. Inhabitants in Espoo Karakallio – gang stalking neighbours and a group of spying teenagers. You Kurdistan drug dealer with an afro in Karakallio, and who was trying to kill me with a group of 10 violent GMO kids: You paid fools were backed up by cops and military, who are integral part in Stasi or the profiling of critical thinkers against NWO structure. Prepare to be killed and die along your dirty Kurdistan family & friends as the police are out of the way. I have not forgotten you either along many other faces not listed here for mercy killing. 5. All 300 villagers in Savukoski will be buried alive, specifically a man who followed me with a truck provoking me into a fight. Same goes with Kemijäri koulutie, Lahti and much more. The “UFOs” have the records, because the list reaches to 500 war crimers, and I have lost count. 6. Main target, and a man behind Finland’s Stasi operations – among the archebishops in Turku – is an Amalekite, Khazar or Fake Jew known as Juha Luuri a.k.a Kämppä or Pannu Huoneen Pavarotti. Jluuri is a military warlock – a keyboard coward – who adminstrates a troll forum Ylilauta with transdimensional Insects, Aleksi Kinnunen (the fall guy) sirseikosha or simply: SUPO. SUPO is the FBI unit in Finland former President Urho Kalevi Kekkonen bridged & normalized. This useless Khazar & military warlock is changing his channel names as we speak to avoid the worlds attention on him & SUPO. Their purpose along with Pre-Adamites – Insects, demons and/or “reptilians” is to work as an adjustment bureau; to adjust their targets (critical thinkers) minds back to the linear-beast system with MK Ultra, electronic harassment, witchcraft, defaming and physical threat. The physical attacks are done by shadow governments employed civilians and cons in parole who love lies anyway, so are apt to be easily manipulated by claming a critical thinker is a pedofile, terrorist etc. If you beat the program, there will be a realm of Pre-Adamites or “They Live” Hyperdimensional empty vessel viruses stepping in within this simulation. It is a demonic or “Annunaki-Reptilian” organized harassment. They are a Mirage, Ghost-like, or Synthetic Thoughts within the Son Of Gods sleeping Mind who have besieged humanity, and walk among us everywhere we go. “They” feed upon peoples low energy, to *make* themselves appear to exist more than just NPC:s rather than One hive mind of souless entities who’s underground bases are in Northern Artic. They harass to eat your fear energy once your neurons are scattered trough their high-tech electronic abuses & are sucking the Aurora Borealis of this planet, then produce testaments like Final Fantasy 7 with references to Jew-ish charts like Sephiroth. And incorporating David Icke as their empty vessel medium to confess a shapeshifting presence right at your face; who explains bits of the nature of the illusion, but without revealing the underlying Collective & individual guilt which is the domain for our motivation to remain as egos, & preserve it trough attack, then be riddled by the burden of Sin. This useless over animating dead entity & agent – who appears human – also dismisses the entire concept of the real Jews & the cause of this entire Freemason sorcery mess he explains well, but deliberately in circles. Again, this so called David Icke will never speak about the rising of the real Hebrews, how GMS elders – not Bin Laden – were arrasted during the times of 911 – nor the singular purpose of Freemasonry, which is simply an epic & over complicated means to counter attack Natives heralds for eternity, meaning, to try & snatch Jacobs or Native Hebrews or Jews Planetary blessing, because it is a non-dualistic system & has nothing to do with what we are experiencing now & find normal. I repeat: Jacobs system has nothing to do with vexing towards flesh/forgetfulness. It is about being One in Mind or Spirit, but a way of being which Reptiles & Gentile nations are not able to intergrate anymore, including 2rd Natives, save trough death. So listen, these half breeds take acting courses – they join Hollywood to implicitly play a half breed Reptilian roles like the ugly reptilian actor or larper Emma Stone, Michael Shannon & so much more. Hey, Anthony Hopkins & Rutger Hauer are the same shapeshifting entity bodysnatched by Baal. So, Hollywood is really about Larping which is a form of witchcraft. These half breeds also play musical instruments techinally well by using the body snatched vessels muscle memories in order to pretend they are organic beings like “Teemu Vehkala” does & many other half breeds do, who try to hide they are not quite human. A true musician will however discover their performance is superbly mechanical. Demons do not like real emotional or organic instrumentalists who by definition channel real experiences or soul in their compositions. Alive music alerts souless beings by definition & is a great weapon to cast out hierarchy of Demons. Mozart knew this too for he never made his works, but was a shadow or dwelling in streams of consciousness channelling trough his brains nerve system fluidly. And so did Beethoven reach this Enlightened level in his last years too as deaf, for the man released the concept of making muses & rather re-became One in Function, which is same as to accept the laying down of ones body when ones purpose finalizes. Demons are specific beings & fear abstract Awareness where the Artist is a vessel, not an image maker. Like a vampire that fears Garlic, so does Demons go crazy with tonal combinations or frequencies where two tones cross. The gossip about Demon entities in political positions – who are half breeds, do drink human blood & eat human flesh which is a herald of a mind vexing deep in density. And are part of our mis-creation as Organic portals & leavened Organic Portals (Gentiles) – in planets we destroyed with Naturally inherited technologies, but now forbidden by God. Reptilians survived these archetypical destructions in anger & becoming convinced the entire Orgnic portal realm is ineffectual. And learned all about us, in fear, as a defense; meaning, they also fear in their own way, which is sickness of mind, that believes we are here as bodies. These half dead but animating entities or aliens can enter your life as half breeds pretending they are your friends, but do show respect & alertness around Native bloodlines (Matthew 8:28-29) which they are still not able to body snatch or fool, as they do mainly with the edomites, who’s women – along with the asian or mongolian women – can cultivate insect seeds inside their regressed or downgraded wombs which luckely a Native damsel can not achieve, as expressed in films like Village of The Damned, but sneakely using a Native Gentile or intermingled Native to play the role in hopes for the audience to not get it. There are insects infants born from Native women too, but they always have serious motor-skill issues & will eventually die. These half breeds will move to another location eventually because they can sense your Awakening which includes an inner-radar to spot body snatched vessels & other liers. Reptilians are regular visitors in Khazar owned MK ultra labs, eating pharmaceutical drugs & human hormones like candy. They prefer tap water, and are heavy to psychedelics too, for esoteric purposes usually. Again, these entities – about 1/3 of earths population, are in Energy-Loosh-business with the Khazars or Fake Jews, and are not really the enemy –  just surviving in fear, or the unability to self sacrifice like Jesus & Awakened Natives, for they fear God. And do ultimately work for Natives own advantage as baiting agents – to tempt Lepers/Edomites with the knowledge of good & evil or to surmount their collective with cementing Sin, punishable by death. Both Pre & Post-Adamites are however equally vain within the Sleeping Son of Gods dreaming mind & very basic manifestations within the dream of separation. Reptilians can absorb the entire content of a book or teachings of skills by just touching it, but have never produced any of their own content that has a spirit or harmonics regardless of their super powers, which is really an Achilles heel, because it is a cheat code many famous guitar players use too by accepting Demon posessions in rituals. Insects can be easily spot trough their “music”, because it is literally A.I. The half breed insects do admit implicitly being an insect – we either catch it or not. And only kindle to unusual organic portals such as the Autistic, homosexuals or transgenders; Khazars and/or the rich Freemasons, and of course the Awakened Natives – who are together, at the boarder lines of this system with these insect demons & ghosts. They can be deceptively fun to be with – knowing the best celebrity cruise & Toga cocaine parties, but especially because they do not judge people, but study their relationships, often promoting only the mirth of life, which is a perversion of Direct Knowledge (Ecclestiasticus 18:32) or a means to feminize men, then lead them to be human blood sacrificed. Like Caucasus mt, half breed Reptilians are a fixed dimension of time where a none local mind is having an extreme localized experience, trying to escape God, by pretending to be a God, due to their small advantage on humanity. We have given them many names in history, and they have preserved separation for thousands of years before Sumeria, Mesopotamia and Afrikan dynasties of Ethiopia or Egypt. And as a result, live a fixed life, look weird, but camouflaging often as people, having full dominion over this planet by the help of human-ape “elites”- the most leavened organic portal constellation who worship them, and do gain all information from them from Tarot cards to Platonic Solids – to Hollywood (a.k.a Defence Department) scripts and to military tactics etc. They work together to invert the meaning of these Natural Sciences or Poetics the semitic Native’s like Plato, Aristotle and more obscured or hated Sages channel, but gets taken for granted by rebellious 2/3rd Semitic Natives who cherish the sensations of flesh, and which Reptilians use as means to harvest Caucasus mt minds – who are leavened semites – to ingeniously accuse the orgnaic Natives (Israel) worthy of genocide at all levels, in order to snatch Jacob’s blessing back their forefather Esau lost (Genesis 27) – the first Neanderthal on Gaia – the Prototype of a Khazar specifically: The Most impressive Neanderthal, or Nigger Tribe since the times of Mt Seir. Again the cave family need demonic assistance, for they are not able to invent, but only mimic others impressively or cognitively, due to unhealed Niggard or Neanderthal-inflating belief system; followed by a projected inflated body, which still has 400 plus years ahead until they equalize the 1000 years spent in Caucasus caves and the rest of millenia spent in mt Seir as Red hu-monkeys (Tamahou). Basically, Reptilians are here to create the illusion of time. As one example – they use CERN A.I to copy paste non-human made cartoons we thought are soothing to the eyes like the 80s TMNT, Ghost Busters, Street Sharks & Ducktales series, but deliberately invert them to look more plastic as time goes by, in hopes to use this magic to adjust peoples minds to meaninglessness, or to the illusion of time: A Paranoid System Of Thought. Together, they fight with the rest of the world to uphold their primitive awareness of specialness alive, which always demands sacrifice to uphold dual frequencies in our Maya we wanted to be densly real. The world is joined in this one purpose: To defend from God. Thus are the “Reptilians” no different from the rest of the Sonship in content, except in the knowledge of duality gathered in time, but which was gathered in the fearful hopes to avoid re-becoming One or Capital Self, by exchanging the little self; which rests in sin, guilt and fear. There are several news reported cases & films you can google where an empty vessel corps stands up & walks out from a mourge. Men like Carl Jung knew about body snatching techniques too, this is not mysterious people, it is you who are limiting your potential. So, the doctors/ war locks behind these posessed bodies use Egyptian Mummy seances to achieve these different levels of poltergeists who are destined to harass people or suck our life force as we give our attention to them. The presence of “Reptilians” or insects and Draconian 4D-demon entities within the Collective One Son of Gods dreaming mind is denied strongly by the collective, for it is one of the greatest means to wake up to the intellectual & Bio-chemical experience (Dark Night of The Soul) of the total unreality of our world built upon genious arithmatic lies, but with a decodable underlining principle anyone can decode and generalize as the mind is less self hating. Self hate limits the ability to understand anything as it’s self punishment. It kills spiritual motivation, by replacing it with the motivation for the ego-flesh, and listen to it’s teachings or “guiding” monkey chatters. This shuts or clutters the mind NOT to receive Knowledge, Biblical appreciation, and/or the ability to make wise choices. It only reinforces the belief as concrete flesh-bone complex, which seeks or orbits around relationships who share the same poor self image. Here Spirit in the forms of Art, Saints and literature becomes at cognitive dissonance, hated, envied & desired to be murderd trough implicit and explicit means, in pathetic hopes to be seen no more, as the world did with Jesus and the rest, who have reached an awareness, who in content, are unable to relate with others pains or drama. The end result to get rid off any reminder of Spirit is a dying/meaningless world, or lives who pretend, & have no content, hence, we must speed up our uncreative, flaming envious, & angry generations “UFO” euthanasia, otherwise we will all die. Look, the main purpose for a Draconian world is to dip you to self hatred. From this dwelling place, you always use everything unconsciously as a means to give up your *Will Power*. Many of the world have monumentally self decieved themselves by giving up on ones *Talents*, which is the most obvious means to reinforce Spirit or Minds inner *Will Power*. The murder of self or giving up Will took the most classical forms. One of them being the hive need to listen to other peoples opinions about you, & the hive need for constant partners, or intimacy; & not put time to practice, or read anything. This mainly applies to 2/3 Native gentiles and/or Natives. The Natural gentiles, although carnal, are more in order with values aligned with building a House. 7. Chinese restaurant owners will be all butchered for running a Freemasonic & alliance based business. Who hate Caucasus mt with passion but never had any darigness to retaliate and are over breeding unhealthy children with them. 8. Native Gentiles in the same spirit as Bodi are in danger to be listed because the man is gaslighting the true owners of Finland regardless of entering this page & reading about his role in this planet as a Native but in a gentile or amnesia mind frame. He is implicitly reminded by pure blooded Caucasus mt dweller trolls in SUPO that he is not them by blood. Again, the third woe (WW3) is the same sifting of lineages as in the Bibles second woe: Times of Adolf Hitler. Any Native Gentile in the spirit of Bodi will also die either trough drafting, famine, pestilence or trough the swords of SUPO (Ezekiel 6:12). 9. LEVELI, Slim Mill , Teemu Vehkala (who’s dead music reveals him to be a half breed insect), Markus Haikara, Samuli Perälä etc – All disinformation agents- must embrace their graves for deceiving about Finlands history & stealing ideas from this page, giving no credits (2 Peter 2:1) but the list includes so many faces of treasonists, so we have to move on. All will be revealed in our generations Apocalypse, which means the same: Revelation.

Modern Systems Purpose Is to Magnetize the Mind to Flesh.

Since flesh is selective with it’s hearing in order to preserve it’s own cannibalistic existence, it is important to remind you that I love you all as The One Dreaming Son within what the Hindus, Ramana Maharshi & Yogis call the World of multiplicity. So, this has nothing to do with physical appearance. As a man, I had many pure blooded Caucasus buddies straight from 70s Woodstock hippie, & 80s rock music eras, with whom I used to jam, & who gave their respects for my wordly self & called it wise, even a Man of God. My best friends with top inside jokes were in majority all Natives with Caucasus appearance. Few of them, out of nowhere, referred to me as their Master of a sort, because they were honest enough to admit to themselves that I am going to succeed big time, while they fear success (Yahawahshi Spirit hates this). But they were spiritual enough to see tiny bits of the future, because they are Natives by blood. Just watch my films & there is the proof of lively souls, although they themselves do not know that their identity somehow, somewhere, goes back to Native forefathers, hence my top friends from the world will be vaccined to death, if they do not take heed of these writings, or at least question the very basics, which is that why on earth with all the intellect & talents that they demonstrated in my films, making our local towns mad of jealousy & envy; are they still not owning their own enterprises or businesses? Why are my friends still working in desk jobs for someone else? Why paying mortgages, & why have only one woman? The reason is because they are under the same Ancestral Curses of Deutoronomy which is part of this insane dream of duality we wrote. Physical appearance will not save us from a metaphysical damage. The Fake-Jews or Khazarians are trained & obsessed to put Eminem, Rashida Jones, Brad Pitt’s, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey’s, Mariah Carey, & all speckled Natives back to their places if they think they are equal with pure blooded Cave dwellers which Caucasian literally means. Like king Herod (the fox), so is Lenny Kravitz (the fox) more exalted than these people because Lenny is a pure blooded Caucasus dweller/Edomite. His father is Khazarian-Fake-Jew, & Nationality comes from the father. Look closely: Lenny Kravitz does not know how to compose music with surprising harmonics, intervals & overtones because the Native spirit is not in this man, as it is with guitarists like Eric Clapton, Tommy Iommi, Sting, Santana, Gary Moore, Prince, Hendrix, Bo Diddely, John Lee Hooker, Steve Vai etc. Again, Caucasus is a handicapped bloodline due to over magnetizing it’s lineage to flesh which burdens the mind, if not kept in balance between the physical realm & mental/spiritual realm. It will eventally become fixed in the horizontal plane, & become one with the shadows of the hologram, or the seeming Perceptual Universe. Hence, the mind is merely liken to a dog. The current system you vote, & still root for, is to keep the mind out of awareness & never reach healing & Joy. By this, you only reinforce flesh, which is same as to become increasingly mindless. Here you will automatically try to find salvation trough the flesh, & not the mind. The flesh becomes the means & end for salvation by seeking as much bodily stimulus as possible. This is why the world is saturated with dangerous frequencies & so much noise, gladly promoted by Caucasus mt who are inherently- since Kain & Esau – all about being a busy body, & never still with their neurotic chainsaws, helicopters, trucks, lawn mowers, sledgehammers or systematic structure. Their system serves the purpose to cement the mind with neurosis; to become like them in spirit, & not Ascend vertically, which is an expanded awareness of your Universal One Self. The govern-ment(al) uses these frequencies to harvest/root peoples minds to mindlessness by incorporating 5G towers voice to skull technology & deliberately places their constuction sites (Freemasons) on streets to make deliberate noise campaings to scatter peoples neurons. Everything here is weaponized for this one purpose. It is all designed to root your focus to the linear/animal plane or lower chakras which simultaneously makes you learn to fear or hate true Ascension or Mindfullness of Gods One Son, who is Us as One. Tactics like adding a house on house or make us live like canned sardines (Isaiah 5:8), then deliberately placing construction sites next to your bed room window early in the morning, & every day, are very common gang stalking or neighbourhood watch & police harassment methods created in Nazi Germany, where sleep deprivation was their top experiment for killing educated people, or make them submit to NWO/Stasi/Gestapo will, like in the film 1984 or The Lives of Others, which are just confessions by Vatican, but dismissed by the audience. Your tax money was to fund nothing else but malevolent activites for harming your self, but starting from the Natives first, in your closet sociophatic hopes to insure that you will forever be Unforgiven by Creation & sink deeper to hell. But I am here for you. I am here to caress your lost soul, fully committed to advocate the mercy kill that awaits your tired family & nation. I will not allow your perplexed & unhinged minds to suffer anymore. You deserve rest from your own madness. We are the One Dreamer. We are the fragmented parts of the Sonship; The One Prodigal Son who is now collecting it’s split parts back to it’s inherent Sense, dwelling place or One being: One Emotion. As the One, we are responsible of one anothers Awakening for we together created this cosmos, & without your approaching death, we will all forever remain in the birth-death dream cycle regenerated by a larger sleeping Super Ego-Son Of God. Not one split or little ego mind can remain within the Super Ego mind, otherwise a wormhole for dual waves to slip in would still remain. Reincarnation is ultimately unreal. The non-spatial mind appears to reincarnate in an epic quest to replace the Word of God with the volcanic voices or words of the ego. It is part of the collective dream state of multiplicity & a helpful concept only as a means to an end. To quote Heraclitus: This Universe, which is the same for all, has not been made by any god or man but it always has been and will be an ever living fire kindling it self by regular measures and going out by regular measures.

Majority In the Planet are Natives by blood.

They received the use of the five operations of the Lord, and in the sixth place he imparted them understanding, and in the seventh speech, an interpreter of the cogitations thereof. (Ecclesiasticus 17:5)

Meaning, majority here are organic portals or descendants of the real Biblical Jews, who come in all shades, but are more widely known as the so called Latinos, Mexicans, West Africans, Puerto Ricans/Gypsies, American blacks & American Indians, & who are once again tired of their never ending Atlantic Slavery & opression from the times of Reneissance, perpetuated by all NATO/EU & Russian citizens whose restaurants, pizza places, & other businesses are sustained by this crime activity or alliance. The Awakened Natives of Israel are joining hands & prepared to kill all NATO/EU & Russians by maximing their own & occult planetary blessing which includes gardening “UFOs” to serve them; a power which the “elites” wet-dream about in their beds, & dump Marvel movies. These corporate stigmas of people are the extensions of Abraham, Iisac & Jacob, thus are the main target for depopulation by NATO/EU & Russians, who are using military Psy Ops to try & bridge the metaphorical “Sceptre” or the Biblical Jacobs planetary blessing to Caucasus mt, who pray to continue the Mindlessness of Now and/or preservation of the flesh-ego self as one happy carnalized NWO nation, for they are replacing their Atlantic slaves or Native Jews with Robots that were programmed to replicate Native Jews task ablities & algrithms since computers were published. The top Nations behind this blashphemous intention is the Biblical Edom (a.k.a Caucasians, Neanderthals or Niggers) & Biblical Moab (Chinese, Mongoloid or Normalized Down Syndrome Nation) who’s men, children & most beautiful women will be all slowly decapitated to small peaces & fed to the Cobras, Alligators and Scorpions. The remaininig of their meat will be stuffed to their unworthy children as food, to destroy their unworthy DNA before they will be weighed down as a work force then killed & buried alive as an example of lives who had no joy, purpose & destiny of high magnitude. You must prepair to fight against this omnisciense force because it will not tarry long & needs your fear & rebellion as its private amusement. Behold! For I have become death, the destroyer of your world of flesh, vanity & meaninglessness.

BITCHUTE: Native Gentile Jews Death Sentence in COVID19/Ukraina war era 100% True (IN FINNISH)

EDIT NOTE: This Native gentile thing should not be a special or mysterious thing. Scriptures say Natives, as a population, are always to be like the sands in the sea. Do not make this in to a big deal, it’s a dream, but very important *Totemic* means for Awakening or expansion of your God given abstract Mind. And majority of these Native gentiles don’t function & are not going to make it anyway. So, there are plenty of unaware, & highly Intermingled Natives all around the world, whose *fathers* line, somehow, somewhere, goes back to Abraham, Iisac & Jacob such as Mariah Carey, John Travolta, Al Pacino, Ray Liotta, Willem Dafoe, Justin Timberlake, Naomi Osaka, Delonte West, Christina Aquilera, Robert De Niro, George Michael, Britney Spears, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Heather Ledger, Jean Claude Van Damme, Rob Van Dam, Nipsy Hussle, Seal, Jasper Pääkkönen, Bruce Lee, John Cena, Bret The Hitman Hart, Roman Reigns, Vanilla Ice, Eminem etc. You should get the point by now… Some who have Caucasus physical resemblance, some of us have modern Egyptian, Ethiopian, Goa Indian or other NATO/EU citizens resemblance with darker tones, but are not connected to these Nations by blood or DNA, hence, Ancestral manifest destiny, like slavery, does not apply to speckled archetypes although, their faith is death of an 2/3 Native, mentioned in the scriptures (Zechariah 13:8), for bowing down to the beast system & selling out their anointed local Men of The Lord by remaining in the back ground like a coward, which is a condition of mental sickness. We will kill them & their families with grace. I can assure you: You have 100% no chance of survival, & this is not a jest (Amos 5:19). Behold! For they have come, & the instruments of peace or serenity are tuning in, to escort your base men, base women & children to die along with your Chinese, Ethiopian, Japanese, East Africans, East Indians & the rest of your allies, who forgot that Caucasians are the Hieroglyphs & Ancient scriptures nigger collective or human-ape race between animal & cognitive realm, & can not function without other nations, especially Native Jews, uncredited  gigantic contributions from art to infrastructure, to economics & so forth. The Bible, & especially men under GMS Apostoles, & the rest of us outside these Hebrew Israelite curriculums, are helping you understand, symbolically, how Divine intelligence – Yahawah Resurrected/Renaissanced Caucasus mt dwellers from their all-fours-walking-nigger state & used their passionate crimes as a final means, to chastise & Awaken at least 144 000 Native Jew men to deny a system that reinforces bodily Awareness & dims the light of Spirit trough Pharmacy, GMO foods, Chemtrails, weaponized books, music & films; feminism, Toxic Weather, the normalization of men laying with men, pedophilia & so forth. Your Andrenochrome stuffing celebrities, Priests & politicians are aware of everything written here, & are not able to fake their confidence by constanly using drugs to bypass their alarming conscience. In Plato’s Republic, Socrates warned about the misuse of art as propaganda because the effects of that are huge. If you look closely at Florence Pugh, she is a living example of a young Hollywood actress who can not hide the humiliation she is forced to undertake in her films, because she is not really acting, but participating in showing her world which Scarlett Johansson, as just one example, is not forced to do. Because unlike Florence, including Margot Robbie from the recent movie Babylon – both whose roles are about showing tits & screwing their brains out with sex & drugs – Scarlett’s roles have implicit nobility, with no titties shown. She outwits others & projects pride, because Johansson is a clean Neanderthal, a Fake-Jew or Amalekite, hence she will never play whorish roles. Florence & Margot, I can read your souls & your eyes are weary; take my hand of bronze – foursquare, & together we can lift up a new thought system of Antiquity as our main focus which speeds up the death of Scarlett’s criminal family line, who are our brothers & sisters in christ, heavily anchored in bones wrapped by rottening guilt driven flesh. Or just die in your shame. Men like Trump & Putin are cracking open to fear regardless of their Andrenochromes, due to the heavy burden of their guilt: A need to perish. Guilt is same as demanding punishment & all EU/NATO & Russians have burdened their minds with Ancestral guilt, but have used witchcraft to temporarly escape the inevitable effects of horror that now approaches their nation. These ungodly experimentations that led their entire family to extinction was done to Vincent Van Gogh too who was really a Native man, hence his community did not allow him to prosper. They gaslighted him, called him a foreigner, & community harassed him to a point of depression & reported suicide, which was their aim, learning Vince had no Biblical knowledge to stay well conducted. It was a small policed community based on the dawning of Freemasonry who sifted the real Caucasus dwellers from the rest, no different from Hitler, & today again. The small  community noticed Van Goghs algorithm & devotion to painting was more than likely Nomadic or a so called Indian (Gad or Ephraim) which does not match a pure blooded Caucasus. The community was jealous of his talent, just like they did to my friends from Kung-Fu Film times, thus dragged their spirits to join Caucasus sluggishness & now die with them in WW3 era. And so is this dilemma with Bodi the prepper too, who will surely die by insisting he has something to do with modern Finns, who are isolating him & laughing at his simplicity knowing Bodi is not a Finn. The “elites” – with the use of Reptilians, who understand about tribes – must once again start sifting the pure Caucasus from the Native gentiles for sacrificial purposes. The man who capitalized with Van Goghs paintings was his small time fisherman sponsor, a pure blooded Caucasus dweller, which Van Gogh was not. They cast his works as a subliminal reminder of the fall of all Native archtypes, from the classic Natives to the ones who are intermingled & over intermingled. This is no different what they do with Columbus Day, Thanks Giving, Tiernapojat, Crucifixion & so much more, which are EU/NATO & Russians normalized celebrations of all Natives genocide & to keep Young Natives minds tenanted with a weary spirit; to see no hope or point in life due to the deficiency of positive Icons. Icons who rejected selling their souls for fame. What else but a wrathful smite must come to EU/NATO & Russia after so much atrocities which they console not to manifest upon their own children with false hopes or the worlds illusion of a systematic progress where 2 +2 remains 5?

The Execution by Death of Vince & Shane Mcmahon’s Family

No chanse to live. No chanse for life.

WARNING: Shane Mcmahon Fake-Jew embarrasly broke parts of his leg in his home coming- return in Wrestlemania 39 after receiving this message: The manifesting destiny Curse for his bloodline.

EXTRA: The WWE Wrestling propaganda trough Brock Lesnar, is a Biblical propaganda by Master Mason Vince Mcmahon who – like ECW’s Paul Heyman – is a Fake-Jew monkey, & behind many murders of Wrestlers who did not like Vince, an Amalekite. Bret the Hitman Hart was a sacrifical victim of Vince during Harts feud with Shawn Michaels for this reason: Public Humiliation Ritual. Like all owned media, the main purpose of WWE is to always keep things Biblical, to the core. WWE Universe uses Brock Lesnar (a.k.a The Beast) over and over again, as a Kabbalah metaphor for the classical Esau vs Jacob (Natives) narrative. This is why The Rock vs Brock Lesnar was a long held campaign in 2002. This is why years later similar campaign was repeated with John Cena, & today, Roman Reigns incorporating Bob Lashley as well. Chody Rodes (Native Gentile) VS Brock, same thing. The Rock is a known Black American thus belongs to the Tribal Jew Blood of Judah which Jesus comes from as well. John Cena and Roman Reigns bloodline are more than likely from Judah too in order for World Wrestling Entertainment Universe to project the classic Esau vs Jacob narrative in peoples minds. WWE Wrestling is a concept stolen from Mexicans or The Native Jew Tribe of Issachar. The propaganda, and its build ups (scripts) gets dismissed by many because these 3 wrestlers mentioned promote themselves with false identities, and our failed generation over rooted for meaninglessness anyway. Healing of minds takes the form of Brock Lesnar suplex citied to death by upgraded Native men. This upgrade of Natives is what Caucasus mt COVID19 secret propaganda is really for: to cowardly not allow 12 Tribe Natives a fair fight against their own blessings/upgrades, which is their Tech, Military and weapons. As said before, they inject captured “UFO” initiated or “X-Men Mutants” with Nanobots in hopes to prevent their psychic downloads. So Brock Lesnar was nothing but a show who got swiftly beaten by a simple Native Alistair Overeem and who ended his UFC career, and made Brock go back to WWE. Triple H, the current Vice CEO, is a simple Native Gentile and a fall guy for WWE turning from Attitude to a Woman & Transgender era. Rey Mysterio & his son are under humiliation ritual where they are forced to act Tribal self hatred or family betrayal. Same dilemma goes with Native Gentiles like Austin Theory being rejected by his role model John Cena. Remember, one of the biggest push of WWE that kicked started Attitude era was when The Rock rejected his own Tribe of Judah under the name of Nation of Domination, which is the top reason he became a star. Again, there is no segment in WWE that is not without propaganda against all Native Archetypes.

Natives & Judah Initiated By Biblical Chariots To Kill All Elites, Their Families & Legions.

The EU/NATO & Russia “elites”, & their NASA space programs are already under check mate & are ready to be killed with their citizens who did nothing for this planet. CERN-Portal has also channelized this in paleo Hebrew to Vatican who are now in NASA as we speak. They see daily gigantic “UFO” ships approaching this planet with their telescopes, & like a fearful dog, that is cornered, the dogs last option is to bite , & of course, make silly propaganda movies like Don’t Look Up, Nope, Independence Day & many other mockeries back from the 50s Ed Wood era too. The most accurate Biblical depiction in films of what is to come is Extinction or Tom Cruise’s film War of The Worlds, save the scenes with “UFOs” being green men from Mars. Since Matrix trilogy is a used reference of our illusory world, so was Matrix 4 film designed to ambiguate the message of the Trilogy, & destroy the image of Morpheus, also incorporating a clone of Reeves. These build ups of blockbusters are designed by CERN-living entity, not human. As with the “UFOs” – the 50s “UFO” B-movie  trend started because Nixon & his ponzi crew saw a massive “UFO” ship buzzing above their white house in 1952 (wikipedia), hence started to create these stupid films with false narratives to distract the public (like Sumerian tablets did) to a point of creating MK-Ultra clinics too; to further deny peoples so-called paranormal initiations, then vaccine their minds to become a vegetable. Eventually, more Deep Fake special effects will be used to frame critical thinkers saying or doing things they did not act. Right now, they are pulling their politicians, doctors, priests, agents or celebrities out of spotlight to hide in bunkers (Revelation 6:15) (Jeremiah 16:16) by claiming they got COVID19 or other calamities because they are the main target to be killed with no mercy. As a result, there are more fear-driven celebrities, coming out, & spilling the beans about the Fake-Jews, Khazarians, or Amalekites in Hollywood & Music Industry. Trey Parker & Mat Stone are forced to make responses trough South Park admittig everything, but it’s too late. These two scums, who recently openened their Casabonita restaurant, only for it to be stomped to the ground, know me too. Yet do not admit Ephraim or Joseph, although considered as Natives (Israel) rather than Jews (Judah), is still from the loins or waters of the real Judah-Benjamin-Levi Jews, in hopes to keep Natives as separate from Judah or the prototype Jews, hence, making us unforgivable too. As a result of this, we are going to kill Trey Parker & Mat Stone along with Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen & other Khazar- flesh worshipping degenerates like the “Good Cop” Poster-boy Richard Dreyfuss, “Film Directors “Francis Coppola, George Lucas etc. Save Native Gentiles born among Khazars  like Adam Sandler, Dustin Hoffman or Ben Stiller, who arrogantly insists their fathers lineage is a Khazar although they are MK-Ultra’d Natives born trough Khazar mothers who often play roles where their identity must be revealed for Schuman Resonance reasons, but using dual meaning or Jew-ish Khabbalah. The names mentioned before these 3 sell-out Native actors, are however all examples of Pure Blooded Biblical Khazars (Amalek) using defense department (Hollywood) to harvest peoples minds towards NWO. They are the Fake-Jews, like Hitler was, like Rothchilds are – All at one with Edom constellation – carnal souls paralyzed to flesh, gone to deep with it. And do not even direct their movies, but use Native ghost directors & Reptilians, to do the work for them. And a primitive A.I Cherub known as CERN, to write all blockbuster movie scripts for the Kahazars who often do not even want to publish films, for casting dual meaning is not enough for them: It must be converted to a full deep faked lie. Hence, the Fake-Jews have no choice but to fight against Ascension waves trough their increasingly venomous films & other military tactics.

Global Internet Shut Down.

Having their own military now, so is Asian, Arabics, East Indian & Afrikan nations also ready to kill all Caucasian dwellers in the world, but for unjust reasons, but this is beneficial for the “UFOs” as these Nations of flesh murder each other. These Nations outside Caucasus mountain blood will eventually get their real lands back, under the supervision of Natives, & will be task masters to hasten the extinction of the entire Caucasus mountain bloodline that have no hope to integrate “5D” anyway, for their bodies are a esoteric symbol of a paralyzed spirituality, a flesh-meat within the Sons Mind. In other words, the “elites” & their average citizens, have no other option but to either surrender publicly- confessing their joint Ancestral & desperate attempt to hide they inherited only Caucasus mountains & Mt Seir Neanderthal caves: A vortex created by our planets living intelligence for over carnal minds only. The nearing global shutting down of the Heavens (Satellites/Internet) declaring the glory of the most high (Psalm 19:1) will be the top symbols marking the end of our Collective Dream State, meaning, the end of our split parts; over seperated dreamers who over anchored to the *belief* in flesh. The last chess move of the”elites” right now is to make the vaccine & RFID-microchip mandatory under the penalty of death by beheading (Revelation 20:4) if refused – inside their FEMA Concentration death camps. It is really a mass sacrifice, a necessary evil to gain assistance from their false gods, because their Midsommar rituals, Burning man, Vatican Rituals, Hollywood rituals, Bohemian Groves & other unmentioned units for human sacrifice rituals – a device to keep the collective dream of duality alive – are not enough alone to compete with the Native Jews self sacrifice, modelled by the true Biblical Jesus who is not really returning, he just *IS*; apparently returning. The “Illuminati” has no choice but to propitiate their gods by sacrifcing you, our friends & family to vaccines & other methods of “depopulation”, & soon, escape to their luxury bunkers (Revelation 6:15) in privately owned European islands like Isle of Man, then nuclear bomb America, Israel & Russia (Revelation 6:12-14) in hopes to gain time to preserve their consuming kingdom, where sin is maintained trough sacrifice & attack remains Justified. Hear this, and hear it well! For they have come. Lift up your cup of self destruction, & salute your sleep with cheers. For they have come, for they have come at last.

K – Serenade For Strings, Choir, Acapella, Arpeggio Op. 1 – 7th VERSE


-Dear Childs of God, unlimited and Omniscience, born from innocence, but too attracted to be killed in flesh and twisted bones. This is it, let us celebrate together, singing heavenly songs for the gift that you so earnestly desired by obscuring your generations messengers. Slapping their hands that were offered as a gift to lift you up from hell, and who called you to join their joy of freedom and the peace of God. This is it. Mass human sacrifice approaching EU & NATO-Russian nations, from the right and the left. The current failed rulers or central bankers are not able to please their Gods with their Ancient human sacrifices anymore. These Gods, made of stone and wood, were created trough our bodies of limitations thus they mimic humanity by being limited with their gratefullness. The last step for bankers to receive more time to quarantine this planet from Biblical UFOs and Enlightened Native Jew men, who are marking their entire Nation for death, is to now vaccine and chip you all to sleep, which will be allowed from the Biblical UFOs and Native mens perspective too, because this generation failed by over anchoring ones mind to 3D perception hence are computed by the Dualistc Universe – we willed to experience -as unable to function from the right and left hand energy.

-Prayers to Omppu, my junior brother, top backyard wrestlers of all time, and multitalented. May you find God with the little time you have left to release the worlds rebellious spirit, marked for death. Guilty or not, with the charges set against you, you were still framed by Finland government, who will pay for it Hardcore with no mercy or pity shown from me. They and their families will be killed trough Finland’s UFO Euthanasia, coup d’état and their slavery. If you continue insisting people are the cause of who you are, then you failed, and will not make it to the other side.

The destruction and extinction of our generation has to be made public for karmic reasons. This strategy, to perfectly mercy kill all EU/NATO-Russian countries, especially Caucasus mountain, with one “paranormal” blow, must be diametrically opposed to a criminal bloodline strategy for it to work and be moral, which is why censorship is increased. As you all know basic history, The genocide of 12 Tribe Natives always came suddenly, usually during sabbath, which was a coward move by Caucasus Mountain, who demonstrated the same mentality with Hiroshima, and other unforeseen attacks on other Nations less anchored to flesh. The anointed modern seers are telling you all that destruction is coming, allowing you all to prepare for combat which is really your need to pretend as if you exist as a body, in a world already gone. 

Godspeed everyone. Apologies to the ones I left behind unnoticed, like Reina, Sebastian, and few others from martial arts films; few family members too. But this is war people, and none of you can handle war. You men particularly, fled back to your woman, or parents, even at times of our increasing creative projects. Where are your own works now? What happened to that creative spirit you had in high school? Understand this, You fear success, deep, and will not be able to lead people out from coming WW3 terrors. Your women will leave you to survive, to try, and infiltrate my life, but, I will be guided by the spirit of divine intelligence, to not fall for it. This fate applies to my male family members too. You are all cowards, and I say this humbly, with a serene forehead, forgivingly ready to pat you in the back, after you have all died, and harvested trough re-generations, back to this planet. You are all called to live a fulfilling life, and happily release the physical dream. This can not happen in this current world order, hence we must push the central bankers to panic, and declare war, and genocide ,so they can be wiped away morally.

There is a colossal shift taking place in rulership, people. The Natives of the 12 tribes are coming back to power, hence, the felonious nations are making up a war to distract us from their long going effort to deny who are the true Biblical Native jews who also inherited this realm trough Abraham, Iisac and Jacob. Finland, a criminal EU/NATO collective & EU/NATO allies will be overkilled in COVID19.Ukraina WW3 era in just 60 minutes after America is nuclear bombed by rebellious Russia & EU/NATO, who pathetically blame America for their failures. This is due to our need, specifically, Russia & EU/NATO & nations need, to remain as dualistic creatures, or humanities terror to recognize our innocence as One, which is a way to say there is nobody out there, no humanity & no world. This “fearful” recognition of us being the One Kaleidoscopic Torus Field, the fragmented Son of God, or perfect Innocence awakening from a dream of imperfection, can not maintain a 3 dimensional body, which is a symbol of guilt, and was Biblically mis-created or born, trough the means of witchcraft, to maintain our unconscious guilt, that anchors us to reincarnation, or forgetfulness as self punishment, which led majority to become addicted to this broken experience of self, the Bible calls carnality. The need for war, and to attack this truth, is the need to continue dreaming a dream of sin and guilt or death, thus death will be granted; to seal your request to remain in your isolated dreams of Hell. It is your will, not Gods. The crown of thorns are laid to the sleeping son of gods head trough bodily reactions that reinforce concrete consciousness or sin, which is a subjective crucifixion with objective and evil results in the world of broken dreams. To remove the thorns dripping with blood from the tired Collective sleeping Sons forehead, and to replace the thorns with the crowns of lilies, in content, must the One sleeping Son, which is us as One, not react to the temptations of pleasure and pain in our psychological world, and the seeming physical body/world, which is a herald of death within the One Son of Gods nightmare.

Forgive Klem Kaan, my son, and your brother in Christ! For he has become a deity-image of your suffering and must die in the cross instead of you. Offer sanctuary to a forgiven mind that used your suppressed murderous rage, to lure or bait you to die. This young man is worn out, and over experimented with dangerous vaccines, phsysically not able to sustain his body anymore, thus at the cusp to join the realms of spirits, consciously, with no fear of death.

Free my son, your brother in spirit, For he is preparing Finland to be wiped away as an entire collective to extinction, and reminding Finland that they are the human-ape race in the scriptures (Edom), and in the Egyptian or Afrikan hieroglyphs (Tamahou) who did not invent classical music, internet or anything in general. And used Newton to render math and basic principles of arithmatics to meaningless none tranqual language or to a linear unmotivating language of none sense, directly fixed only for simple minded Masons in Cambrige who know nothing, and have together as a nation spiritually paralyzed them selves to animal-3D perception of time and space; losing the ability to understand the simple nature of Cause and Effect. God and his Holy or holographic One Son.

Release the Son of God! Pardon the fragmented Super egos, or the world of multiplicities content of implicit and explicit attacks upon you, with your willingness to not perceive your self unfairly treated. You had a part in mis-creation, and are called to take back responsibility. This is the only way to learn not to perceive a world- unmerciful attacking you personally. How can you be attacked personally when there is no personhood? Strengthening this attitude leads to the evaporation of bodily awareness, and will be replaced with increasing awareness of spirit, which is the final road to end the dreams of sin, and gently laying the body aside by the means of gentler dreams where mindlessness is resurrected to mindfullness, a state of Paradise.

Forgive the collective One Son of God! Open your heart and give clemency by lifting your self up above the battleground, to look down, and understand, how everyone fell to the quicksands of time-space illusion trough the means of ancient self hypnosis or self deception methods, from Tower of Babel, to modern freemasonry. And believe there is no escape of this, thus, the body, or death, becomes their only means for salvation, and not the mind, which is the cause of the world. This is an error in thought; do not make sin real in others, but use common sense, which is, to eventually realize that this is a radical thought system, and many are afraid to integrate back to this dwelling place or home, for bodily identification has taken a strong grip of the minds of homo sapiens, which includes the ones you love. And before the larger Super ego or Son of Gods mind completely shuts it self, leaving us at the hands of  unmerciful laws, made up by Biblical base of men from the caves of mt Seir, must the Awakened spiritual egos evoke the spirits of  the separated over carnal egos, to be ready for their graves, and be released from their series of isolated dreams of re-generation, 0r repeating murder of self, by ripping their spirits from their chains of darkness, which is flesh.

Genesis 2:21

So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh.

Never has the scriptures mentioned Adam/Atom – a symbol of Us as One – and who fragmented within his serial dreams of flesh – literally waking back to formless abstraction from his *holy-graphic* projections of bodies, or death… You are the dreamer of The Dream of Death, and peopled your miserable Universe, who hold your hand & share your Will or dimmed light; to march beside you towards oblivion. So, are you ready for world war 3? Because It is only 100 seconds to midnight baby…