OFF GRID 永遠に (Fight Scene) [4K] OFFICIAL | Short Film (2019)

A 80s HK Fight Scene, Short Film & Documentary about Ascension and being under Public Persecution (Gang Stalking) which is secretly organized by Vatican – criminal – corporations, as was in the past. Nothing new under the sun guys. Wake up.

Filmmaking is one of those art forms I still enjoy even though Advanced awakening (Ascension or vertical perception) tends to make you become tired of the man made world, and its meaningless, one dimensional offerings… However, this 10 minute action film faced so much organized attacks that creating a new Film in Finland is not wise for now. It will only drag my energy, our life force. My film set was often patrolled by idiot (SUPO) cops, too many payed of drug addicts, or drunk people, deliberately standing in our key film locations, few times cussing and smirking, basically trying to destroy the scene. Many random idiots passed trough the camera when there was clearly other ways to walk past. Even my “none Awakened” film crew members were questioning the bizzarness, which I tried to explain, but they are not ready to hear the truth behind the attacks, and I will respect that. In short, filming in Finland, a Biblical land of people who ruined their own life by failing themselves, and want to ruin everyone else life, is not a wise option… The film OFF GRID turned out be great regardless. The end of an era is nigh. Repent or die… Majority will be put to death in the coming wars and bibles UFO plegue. Let us be hopeful we are elected not to be one of them.

Written, Directed, Edited: Klem Kaan
Screenplay: Klem Kaan
Produced: Klem Kaan, Niko Karppinen
Executive Producer: Klem Kaan
Fight Choreograph: Klem Kaan
Camera OP & Equipment Producer: Christer Hongisto
OST: Klem Kaan
Starring: Niko Karppinen, Klem Kaan, Bruno Rivera, Ira Saari










PPS: The Bottom line… Be Excited About WW3 (Many can not handle the Truth or Die for Truth)

PS: Satan does not attack those he already owns… World war 3 baby…Many missed the signs, and are for a rude Awakening… It is inevitable to abandon everyone from your old life who stubbornly insist to be in their comfort zone, thus are loved by Vatican, a satanic entity in disguise.

Living in ones comfort zone at other peoples expense is the ultimate sin. The unconcsiouss, and denied sense of quilt that comes with it, will metaphysically demand punishment, sooner or later. When people insist to hold on to their old life, world war is inevitable. Many demand more things as to have a sense of comfort, and are deluded to see nothing outside brings contentment. These minds, that are unknowingly one with a twisted-collective-mind did not invest enough to understand our purpose, and navigate life trough such Awareness…Many supposed to be Awakening individuals (reading too much Echart Tolle  or Human design) do not even know what a Dark Night Of The Soul is, and cringe when I explain about it…. So, let the Dead bury the Dead. Some are not meant to get it… Some are fallen friends, Ancestors, or just cowards who over fell in love with a dying world. Some are too vagina whipped by their dumb wives, or girlfriends, due to the Ancient Roman Hex of Romance, which is the worst hex of all time…

Satan does not Attack those he already owns… (So, no Abandonment for you, no Dark Night of the Soul for you, no Shamanic sickness, Gang stalking, no Public persecution & character Assasination by Vatican… All this because of your righteousness for spreading the truth about our individual, and collective purpose, right here, and right now… You will be kept inside a Truman Show fakery, as a Living dead, missing out the “Christ Underground” of men & women of All ages, who have finally realized the world is an ancient dream state, that has been hijacked seemingly long time ago. But with proper Awareness of actually dreaming your life, the sleeping mind (the person you think as you) can finally balance his mind, and biology, thus navigate trough this labyrinth world, supposed to be Universe, and realize you are actually part of One mind dreaming of separation. Awareness of Dreaming sets your self free from this Ancient Wickedness, or Insanity that is a dream state)

Again, you will have to abandon those who are failing in life. The ones accepting their nine to five lives, which is literally an enslaved state, that has been covered with beach vacations, christmas party, boring sex partners, and entertainment. I have come across so called spiritual warriors who were into combat martial arts, and all of them have failed, were not able to even perform in my Kung fu film projects without complaining! They complained in secret of course, but then after questioning their martial arts status, they tried to trick my suspicion about them. Heh, but that dumb edomite political psy-op shit, dos not work on me… Freemasonry is so faggish, desperate, and one dimensional, it is surprising we even got this far.

Again, like the popular esoteric youtubers, the so called warriors, so called renegades, and shamans,  they were all using these concepts to get laid, and hug people,. This is not different from fake Yogis in India trying to get leid with their customers. They can not handle the multidimensional truth… And indeed you must be prepared for it, by first realizing, that everything you have been told to bring you everlasting peace of mind is not doing that at all, and will never do it. No man, or woman can fulfill you. No hippie community with group hugs will make you happy,  no Ancient-Gay-Greece toga party will make you happy… Feel free to prove me wrong with your Enlightenment. You have to to walk the mud first. You can not let the whole World go spiritually, perhaps even physically, unless you first see fully for what it is. Only by seeing what the World stands for, can you make the ultimate decision to let the dreaming of a World go, and never look back, and complain about leaving everything behind. The ghosts of the past will try to hunt you, and you will have to say no all the time.

I personally abandoned everyone… In my mind, they are gone, and dead, our shared history does not matter to me, our shared goals, projects, does not matter… It is very much like your loved one becoming a zombie, and you have to exterminate them, so that they will not bite you… It is so obvious WW3 is now baby, but people have become apathetic to see this. Hollywood movies, has turned men to have a homosexual vibe in them. They fight when I question all of this, passively cannibalizing me, sometimes physically threatening. You will be amazed if you would hear about the different attacks I have gone trough for spreading these words.

The word “abandonment” hits home very well, it is not a mockery. When the entire world has been dumped down to the max, and these types of information gets pushed to be obscured, shadow banned, stalked and harassed by others, then of course you have to abandon everyone. They have become normalized to this Ancient madness our forefathers questioned, and died for. As we will do as well. If the people are constantly trying to drag you to some dumb gay like intellect arguments, getting offended like a girl, lying to your face, listening to your advanced wisdom, only to forget all of it, then you have to release them immediately. Many are heading towards their grave, and will be harvested back anyway. They cycle or birth and death must be cut eventually, and the coming UFO Eutanasia is of one them…

Bodies can not join! We can only join at the level of mind by becoming One mind! No way, can you be one with people still coward to face the worlds suffering as it truly is… You must go inside the cesspool…It is not even a shit, IT IS A CESSPOOL, and you will see, not only shit, you will also see puss, human veins, worms, dead raped children, ghouls, ghosts, expired pharmacy drugs, heroin needles, used condoms, animal corps, old peoples pharmacy coctail pill-poop… You know where I am going with this: CESSPOOL… That is how insane this World really is, but has been covered pathetically to look otherwise. Yet even the cover is cracking, and has to be reconstructed over, and over again, which is a gigantic noisy mess.

The Bible is about blood and gore guys… After dumb Echart Tolle “pain body” comfort zone seeking concepts, and other new age crap disguised (human design) it is good to let it all go, and face the world as it really is: blood and gore, so that you can come to the fast conclusion that there is no way you want to be part of this game by doing all the things people find normal. Having children must be questioned, because there is no need for it in this planet: having a child is not holier than anything else. Finns, a Nation where all suffer from leprosy/ Albino Negroidism ro caucasus cave human ape condition must consider to stop producing their unhealthy children, because their bodies can not stand the coming energies of this planet anymore. Their bodies are already too golum or Albino Negroid type, thus the gene is not strong enough to last in the coming, and more dramatic climate changes. Grey eye color is a clear sign of leprosy: an Ancestral sickness denied. If two Edomites, with grey eye color produce a child, rarely anything potential comes out of it, the child is bound to suffer leprosy as well, and spiritual retardation known as Golum. Finland as a Nation is a great example of spiritual retardation due to its hardcore homogenic inheritance of Golum or caucasus cave human ape genes. The country is clearly being over consumed by the people living here, who are absolutely wicked, and unconsciouly enraged with Creator. All this, is however denied by everyone trough entertainment, over consuming, sodomy… You know the story. Nothing new under the sun. The Western civilization is simply another Ancient Afrika Egypt, Ancient Greek or Rome…This Era is dying as well, as they all did. And we are living hardcore times where nobody can deny this.

Truth is very bitter, to a point you do not want to be here for too long, and it is all good. You will most likely loose everything, and be betrayed, by everyone, it is still all good. You will be hated by your own children, it is good… Again, many will remain in their dumb ass comfort zone, at other peoples expense, and will be bridged towards their own end, by stubbornly insisting to remain in their fleeting comfort, at other peoples expense. Enlightenment or opening your so called third eye is all about mastering how to walk this life being beneficial to everything. I can assure you, it is not about hugging people, and people pleasing them. We have lived a life of truce, but truce is not peace. Now we are at war, which is escalating everyday. Some of us know this, because our knowledge has led us to become targeted, by forces talked about in fiction. But truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Hollywood films are extremely one dimensional, and retarded, when you reach high experience points (EXP) in life. It only happens by facing everything and gathering those points trough experience. I can assure you, that even Jackie Chan, Tupac, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, and all the rest Masonic artist, are not ready for this, and in fact, did not make it in this life time. Only Yahawhashi that the world in deep ignorance insist to call Jesus, even Yeshua, is still the true example, and so are the rest of men, and women who worked themselves to tap to that same consciousness, but have been deliberately been obscured by the faggot Mason archetypes of that time .

So, the Bottom line? The grand finale? Well, in summary… I never cared about your dumb feelings anyway, I cared about your Soul… World War 3 baby.

Matthew 10:34-36 King James Version (KJV)

34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household

Only by Awakening from the dream or Awakening to your senses, will you be truly beneficial to the world, and our future. All else is vanity. You have to be in spirit to see the wickedness or Vanity of this World to activate Vertical perception or Enlightened. You will be called to stand for Truth, trough proper actions, and expressing your truth, even if it may lead to Death.  Are you ready for this? Are you ready to be betrayed in all levels? Are you ready to see what Public persecution means? I can assure dumb Echart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Jackie Chan, Michael Jackson stuff were not ready for this… Let’s read this parable…


Matthew 10:22 (KJV)

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. 23But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come. 24The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord. 25It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household?

I am excited of the coming war, because everything is going to fall, which must happen. Almost everyone failed! My friends, and family are not an exception. The western Albino Negroid Cave dweller kahazarians from Caucasoid mountains will not give up with their madness, and will drag their own worker class to their death as well. I will have the last laugh anyway, because I went trough a though road trying to alert people of the coming psy ops… And all was vanity. I was put trough hell just by speaking. So Of course the man made world has to die to start all over again, but this time, guys like me ruling the rest of you, enslaving you, because the scriptures are saying indeed, that the Western spiritual retardation, or Albino Negroid Golum cave dweller-Europa era failed, and are marked for death.


Moni Suomalainen on Raamatun Caucasoid luolien albiino neekeri-peikko kansaa, mutta Vapaamuurareiden merkattu uhrilammas kansa maailman sota 3 tilanteessamme. Suomalaiset eivät syntyneet Albiino negroidi peikko kansan Kanta-isästä eli Esaun vaimoista, vaan syntyivät Esaun Piika tai talonemännistä; englanniksi Handmaidit. Muurareiden kantaperhe kuten Rothchildit on merkannut Suomen uhrilampaiksi, jonka Suomen koko sell out porvaristo tulee seuraamaan sivusta. The end is nigh.

EN OLE RASISTI! Nyt loppuu turhat syyttelyt. Heitä henkinen apaattisuus ulos ikkunasta. Ei ole aikaa pelleillä, nyt pitää herätä. Moni on vakavasti epäonnistumassa elämän tarkoituksessaan. Tämä sama traaginen henkinen (ja lopulta fyysinen) epäonnistuminen pätee muihin maalaisin myös.




PS: Suomalaisia Nukutetaan pois, osa orjiksi? (Suomen Tuleva UFO Eutanasia, Maailman Sota 3, )

Nyt lähtee seuraava artikkeli Suomen, eli Raamatun Albiino neekeri röllipeikko, tai menninkäiskansan kielellä, koska olemme hätätilanteessa ja koska moni Suomalainen, eli raamatun albiino neekeri röllipeikot ei tehnyt asian eteen yhtään mitään, eli kuolevat kohta eutanasiassaan, koska pakenivat caucsoidluolien luolamies perintöään eli karkasivat kanta-isänsä Esauta, eli raamatun ensimmäinen karvainen Albiino neekeri menninkäinen joka hävisi maailman perintönsä Natiivi veljelleen Jaakobille eli Abrahamin pojanpojalle, joka on Natiivi taustaisten kantaisä ja jonka koko maailmanperintö kuuluu Nativiii taustaisille, eli 12 heimon Israel heimolle. Heimoon kuuluu mm. Mexicolaiset, Afro Amerikalaiset ja Natiivi Intiaanit ja heidän sekarotuiset jatkumot. Olen tavannut vain yhden matemaatikko taustaisen, joka kasvotusten puhui varoituksista hellävaraisemmin muille ihmisille ja joutui myös ongelmiin, eli joutui valtion ja paska kirkkojen vainotuksi. Osa tapaamistani ihmisistä tämän 2 vuoden aikana ovat suht koht hereillä, mutta heissä on edelleen Muurari tai Nazi systeemiin sitoutuva asenne ja rakkaus sen maailmaan. He pelkäävät jättää perheitään jotka huijasivat heidät tähän systeemiin magnetisoimalla heidän koko keskittymisen systeemiin, joka on holografinen. Magnetisoiminen tapahtuu konsepteilla…. Osa tapaamistani tulivat muurariperheistä, eli heillä on vahva mukavuusalue toistaiseksi päällä ja pelkäävät nähdä karmean totuuden siitä, mitä heidän äpärä Muurariperhe oikeasti edustaa ja mitä heidän perhe on valmis tekemään omille lapsilleen pitääkseen perhe asiat salassa…

Vaikka Suomi on Raamatun Edomikansa, eli raamatun punanahkaiset Albiino neekerit jotka kusivat koko maan perinnön 12 heimon Israelilaisille (Mexicolaiset, Natiivi inkkarit, Afro amerikkalaiset, tietyt Afrikan ja aasian maat) niin Suomessakin on Israelilaisa jotka menevät läpi Suomalaisina. Näitä kutsutaan Raamatussa Israel ulkomaalaiseksi, eli ovat 100% Israel heimosta mutta näyttävät tulevan muaalta. Tiedän paljon Israelilaisia Suomessa jotka eivät tiedä ovat Iraelilaisia ja kuolee tietätämättä. Minulla meni vuosia omaksua oikea taustani, koska tuntemattomat lähestyy minua Arabialaisena, Intialaisena marokkolaisena, Brazilisialaisena… Lista vain jatkuu.

Monille Echart Tollen faneille vertikaalinen tietoisuus/ havaintokyky venähtää vuosilla sekä tulevat saamamaan turpiin jotta nöyrtyy, eikä siinä mitään, parempi kuin ei mitään, koska loput 98% kansalaisista tulee RFID chipatuksi eli ovat Raamatun “Mark of The Beast” uhreja: ehdollistuivat Nazi/Fasismi/Kommunistien maailankuvaan, eli VapaaMuurareiden agendaan tulla uhrilampaaksi, tapetuksi. Monet Raamatun Edomit, eli Albiino neekeri kansat, kuten Suomalaiset, Venäläiset, scandinavia tulevat ansaitsemaan tämän kohtalon, koska röyhkeydessään olettivat, olevansa Nazi kaltaisen agendan valittu kansaa. Elivät salaisesti sen mukaisesti… Mutta Raamatun Albiino neekerit, esimerkiksi Suomalaiset, eivät valitettavasti ymmärtäneet Albiino-Neekeri sekä puna-perse-bavianismissaan, että kyseessä on henkinen sota joka manifestoituu fyysiseksi vuosien varrella, eli Albinismilla ei ollut mitään vaikutusta siihen säilytetäänkö kansa hengissä vai ei. Sota on alkanut jo Suomessa, eli ei vain ulkomailla, mitä Suomessa seurataan passiivisesti TV uutsisista ja huokaillaan helpotuksesta, koska uutinen ei koska Suomea… Hyvät naiset ja herrat, maailman soita on yltynyt jo Suomeen ja tulee olemaan yhä selkeämpi mattimeikäläisille, jotka elivät klonkkumaisessa-pienessä kuplassaan, kieltäen kasvavasta ongelmasta, ja joille sota tulee olemaan shokki ja eivät tästä syystä tule selviämään.

Liian moni vastaantulija Suomessa on käyttämässä esoteerisiä konsepteja, magiikkatiedettä seksin, lomamatkan tai jonkun muun materiaalin manifestoimiseen, eli pysyääkseen mukavuusalueella. He röyhkeästi välttelevät tulla taistelurintamalle sotimaan viimeistä henkistä ja fyysistä sotaa nimeltä Maailman Sota 3. Kasvava tietoisuus itsestäsi, maailmasta, sekä sotatilanteestamme, voi johtaa monien kohdalla kuolemaan, koska me diilataan itse Saatanan-tietoisuuden kanssa ja Saatanan fyysisen sekä Biblikaalisen manifestaation kanssa nimeltä Edomiitit (sika tai punanahkaiset Albiino neekerit) johon Suomalaiset kuuluvat myös, mutta ovatkin Röllipeikko-Demonien eli Albino neekeri Zion “elitistien” hylkiöitä, ja joita ollaan tänään myrkyttämässä kuoliaaksi kemikaalivanoin, radiolla ja myrkkydieetillä. Tämä kaikki, on tyypillinen Albiino neekeri-Röllipeikkojen, eli Edomiittien mentaliteetti joka on toistanut itseään Antiikin Kreikasta saakka. Tässä ei ole mitään uutta. Edomien eli Albino neekeri- röllipeikkojen vahva eläimellisyys ja vahva metsästystaito on tehnyt heistä henkisesti ja teknisesti vammainen kansa ja vain Natiivi kansalaiset, joiden kuului olla henkisesti kypsempiä, voi tuoda balanssin takaisin maailmaan. Tämäkään ei mennyt Natiiveilla nappiin, joten Albino-Neekerit eli Suomalaiset, vaikka ovat down syndrooman tasolla, niin heitä ei voi syyttää, mutta orjuuttaa ja vakavasti kuritella 1000 vuotta. Eli Suomessa asuvat ulkomaalaiset ovat myös hyväksyneet nopean kuoleman olemalla omalla tavallaan osana maailmamme ongelmaa

Artikkelissa keskityn Punanahkaisiin/ Suomalaisiin/ Edomeihein, eli Raamatun Albiino neekereihin, jotka kollektiivisesti kärsii Antiikin aikaisesta Albinismi kirouksesta joka tulee mielenterveyshäiriöstä, ei fyysisestä lähteestä. Kirous lähti käyntiin kun Cain tappoi Abelin ja Cainin veriryhmä mutaatioitui Albiino neekeriksi… Kirous voimistui yhä epämääräisemmäksi kun karvainen Esau syntyi Albiino Neekerinä ja kadehti kekseliämpää ja viehättävää Natiivin näköistä veljeään. Koko raamattu kertoo näiden kahden eri henkien ristiriidasta. Natiivien takaisin tulo on lähtenyt käyntiin, koska Albiino neekereiden down syndrooman kaltainen henkinen kypsyys johti koko Albiino neekeri kansan helvettiin. Se syy miten Albiino neekerit pääsi valtaistuimelle on pitkä tarina, mutta raamatussa… He homostelivat itsensä kruunuun, ehdollistamalla Natiivit unohtamaan itsensä kaiken maailman Tooga-seksi tai Sodom rituaaleilla. Tämä alkoi ensin Antiikin Egyptin loppu aikoina, sitten Antiikin kreikassa, Atiikin Roomassa ja nyt kaatuvassa henkisessä Egyptissä, eli Amerikassa. Moni Natiivi on herännyt tästä ja tämän takia UFO havainnot ovat kasvaneet, josta selitän kohta lisää.

Se syy miksi moni Suomi on kusessa on selvä: Suurin osa Suomalalaisista ovat Albiino neekeri Edomeita, mutta Edomien Zion elitistit, jotka vasta ehdollistuivat sotimaan ulkoavaruudesta tulleiden humanoidien kanssa, ovat myös myrkyttämässä Suomalaisia päästääkseen hylkiöistään eroon, jotka ei pysty lisääntymään kunnolla. Toinen vahva ja vakavempi syy on se, että nämä spotatut ulkoavaruudesta tulleet vahvat humanoidit ovat itseasiassa Natiivi Israel-Egypti-Bantu taustaisten näköisiä humanoideja. UFO humanoidit ovat siis Natiivi taustaisia, joita länsimaalaiset ovat tähän päivään saakka raiskanneet, tappaneet, eli kaltoinkohdellut silmittömästi ja jonka eteen kukaan Suomen Albiino neekeri-tavis ei tehnyt mitään, jopa iloitsivat “Onneksi en näytä heiltä, olen Suomalainen!”.

Tämä viesti koskee myös monia tuttaviani, joita olen fiilistellyt ja ennustanut myös kuolevan. Toivon vain, että heidän kuolema olisi nopea ja kivutonta, tai että heidät voisi vain orjuuttaa ja hakata se Albiino neekeri- punapersebavianismi pois, ja sitten vapauttaa pitämään hauskaa Natiivien uudelleen syntyneessä maassa, kun Ameriikka räjäyttää itsensä kohta. Vielä kerran, maailman uutisissa kovasti puhuttu UFO havainnot kertoo Natiivi Israel-Egypti Bantu, Mexico, Philippine ja Amerikan Intiaani taustaisista UFO:ista. Heidän johtajavat ovat todella tummia enkeli-humanoideja kuten Antiikin Egyptiläiset olivat, eli kyseessä ovat Tummveriset orgaaniset enkeli-humanoidit neljännestä ulottovuudesta jota osa teistä kutsuu Annunakeiksi. UFO:t eivät ole blondi siivikkäitä enkelin kaltaisia Edomeja eli Albiino neekreitä, tai Vitiligoa kärsivää kansaa (Raamatun Leprosy tauti eli Albiino neekeri) Miksi ihmeessä enkelit edustaisivat Albiino neekerismiä joka on raamattussa kaikista eniten puhuttu biologinen kirous? Albinismi rajoittaa kehoa pysymään terveenä ja hylkii auringon valoa muuttamlla ihon yhä punaisemmaksi. Sen seurauksena käpyrauhanen surkastuu ja ihmisestä tulee baviaani tai luolamies. Seuraamalla Suomen yhteiskuntaa ja kuinka vähän motivaatiota nuorisollakin on tuottaa mitään ihan perus taiteellisella tasolla, on Albinismin vaikutus selvä ja vaikea kieltää. Suomen nuoriso ei ole saanut mitään erikoista aikaiseksi ja ne jotka aloittavat jotain fiksua, viskaavat taitonsa ikkunasta ulos kun eteen astuu poikaystävä tai tyttöystävä joka ei edes toivo heille taivaallista menestystä, vaan etsivät nopean keinon asettautua paikoilleen toisensa kustannuksella, jotta ei tarvisi säädellä elämän kanssa liikaa.

Viha Natiiveja kohtaan on viljelty Trumpin avulla niin suureksi, että UFO identiteettejä ei haluta myöntää mediassa, muuten Albiino neekeri kansan Raamattutulkinta, media sekä hollwyood paljastuu potaskaksi. Tämän takia Iranissa pässit päättivät alkaa ampumaan UFO humanoideja ja paljastavia videoita tästä poistetaan välittömästi. Natiivi Humanoidien tehtävä on puhdistaa koko maa, eli orjuutta ja myös eutanasioida Albiino neekeri kansa, jotka sisimmässään halusi kuolla, mutta eivät tienneet kuinka sen voi tehdä kivuttomasti. Voi ei Suomalaiset, te albiino neekeri-punapersebaviaanit mitä menitte tekmään… Sanon tämän, koska tunnen Suomalaisia, pelasimme jalkapalloa lapsena, vaikka en koskaan luottanut heidän henkeen. En siltikään toivo sitä, mitä monia odottaa.

Kyseiset Natiivi tautaiset ulkoavaruus-humnaoidit maailman uutisissa ovat Natiivien esi-isiä, koska feikki nimi Jeesus, oikea nimi Yahawhashi, on Natiivi Israel-Egyptiläisen Bantun näköinen mies. Israelilaiset mm. Moseksen sekä Yahawhasin aikana olivat tummaverisiä miehiä, ei Edomeita, eli Albiino neekereitä. Nyky 12 heimon Israel kansa tulee monessa eri muodossa. Selkeimmät ovat Mexico taustauset, Natiivi inkkarit, Afro amerikkalaiset, phillipiinot, mutta seassa on niitäkin jotka näyttää aasialaisilta (Bruce lee), arabeilta, Cubalaisilta, Suomalaisilta jne, mutta se ei tee heistä sen maan kansalaisia. Heitä kaikkia yhdistää Abraham eli sama kanta-isä. Syy miksi Suomalaiset, eli albiino neekerit kuolee ja ne jotka selviää, orjuutetaan, johtuu siitä, koska Suomalaiset ovat puoli tahallisesti puskeneet Albiinopestyä propagandaa ja mentaliteettiä liian pitkään. Moni hyötyi tästä jollain tavalla, kun taas Mexicaanit, Natiivi Inkkarit, Afro Amerikkalaiset ja muut alkuperäisen Israelin, eli “Jeesuksen” jälkeläiset kävi täyttä helvettiä ja sortoa… Suomi seurasi sivusta, ei tehnyt mitään. Jopa vaativat, että saavat pitää Tiernapoika nöyryytys seremonioistaan kiinni. Seremonia jossa Suomen keskiajan Natiivi pelastaja St Maurice yritetään kaataa kokonaan unohdukseen… Voi ei teitä paska kasoja… Tuntuu oudolta tiedostaa, että moni vanha ystäväni lähtee karmeasti pois täältä. Ne ihmiset CIA kaltaisissa sontalaatikko tiedustelupiireissä, jotka olivat osana organisoitua vainoamistani, vainota, pilata nimeni ja murhata minua, tulevat kokemaan täyttä helvettiä.

  1. Eli Suomalaiset kusi hommat. Teidän johtajat kusetti teidät kuolemaan koska eivät tule päihittämään Natiivi taustaisia “UFO” aluksia. Teidän johtajat kaasuttavat teitä myrkyillä päivittäin jo tänään. Kemikaalivanat ovat vain yksi esimerkki.
  2. UFO (Itseasiassa IFO eli Identified Flying Objects) tulevat eutanasioimaan monia Suomalaisia jotka vuosia mantrasi itsemurhaa. Suomessa on yleistä tehdä itsemurha, jotkut vain tekevät sen hitaasti, mutta heidän loppu tulee Natiivi UFO muodoissa jotka posauttaa Suomalaiset pois bavinismistaan, eli henkisestä kärsimyksestään, jotta voivat uudelleen syntyä orjiksi ja joita rakkaudella ja ankarasti pistetään takaisin henkiseen älykkyyteen, eikä punaperse-bavianismiin, johon Suomalaiset papat, mummot, äidit ja isät johdatti teidät. Ne jotka selviää tulevasta ja todella päräyttävästä maailman sodasta orjuutetaan välittömästi. Orjuutus ei ole Sodomia eli Nazismia jota Suomi passiivisen röyhkeästi edusti, vaan orjuutus tehdään todella ankarasti, mutta rakkaudella. UFO ja maailmamme viisaimmat, eli heränneet yksilöt tietää, että Suomen Edomi kansa, ja muut Edomit ovat aina olleet punaperse-apinan tasolla, koska Suomen klonkku eli röllipeikko mutaatio ei keskiaikana saatu kokonaan evaporisoiduttua. Ideana on siis evaporisoida Suomalaisten röllipeikko-Albiino neekeri tila. Eli nyt skarptkaa.

Lyhyt kuvallinen esitys Suomen surullisesta kohtalosta maailman sota 3 tilanteessamme jonka ihmiset myöntää olevan käynnissä ja jonka COVID19 siltaa tahallisesti kohti sotastrategisesti.

Tärkeä audio versio, jossa paljastan enemmän koskien helkeensalpaavaa tulevaisuuttamme johon todella pieni määrä Suomalaisia selviää, koska epäonnistuivat metafyysisessä kypsyydessään ja heidän itsetuhoisuus sai päätöksen Natiivi UFO ehdollistamalla eutanasialla, jonka lähes koko Suomen kollektiivi manasi itselleen silmittömästi, ja täten nukutetaan pois.

(Youtube Banned Video, siirretty uuteen sivustoon)


YOUTUBE POLICY HAS CHANGED TO A POINT OF NO RETURN, REMOVING VIDEOS THAT DO NOT HAVE MARKET VALUE FOR YOUTUBE. THIS IS LITERALLY AN END OF INTERNET, END OF TIMES ACTUALLY. My videos have been removed, and I have less motivation to upload them because the doors or repentance is closing anyway so those who will make it will make. I have a New channel RE – opened with a new url however, just for fun. Do not be ruining your life by being part of the problem like the rest.

Why Finland has failed and are marked by death by Native 12 tribes Israel-egypt UFO chariots mentioned even in the bible. Word war 3 baby, the end is nigh.


5 Signs You Are a hardcore Seeker of Light Dying Consciously.

Renegade: Lack of Interest To Learn the left brain Oriented educational system.

Educational system in the west is all about propaganda and separation. It currently gives the illusion of favoring mostly the people of Europe, you know the “great” Napoleaon Bonaparte, Cristopher Columbus and all that nonsense, so that the people of Europe can live in denial of the fact that their basic supplies such as water and food, cotton are all poisoned (chemtrailed) to dumb you down by the rulers most think in arrogance would be on their side if there would ever be a holy war against other nations. Like I said in an earlier article, it has gone so out of hand that Hollywood makes movies like Gods of Egypt and Exodus: Gods and kings starring with European actors so that all of a sudden Europeans are the only kings who build the great pyramids, invented science, astrology, spirituality and art. A definition of self hatred. When you tell this to some of the older European generation about their foods being chemtrailed or poisoned by the same people they worship, they get very aggressive and defensive about these statements because secretly they are attracted to the story of blood and rape their perceived ancestors have done to the people outside their fake boarders. Many spiritual hippies are passively doing the same thing. They have a fake sense of superiority and do not want to acknowledge they were tricked. However these people have ruined their lives already and will not make it and many younger ones too are not going to make it. We are talking about everybody in all countries, not just Europe. Everybody has been programmed to separate. That is what cultures are for and today im talking more about the European manifestation of a culture that has made peoples mind wicked and self hating to a point the need to see hate on others has become chronic. All nations are doing the same. You see, Quantum physics quantum entanglement has shown us that when you separate two electrons, basically super macro bits of matter, when these two electrons are separated from another, even if they are light years away from one another, their communication is instant. It is telepathic. If you shake one electron the other one light years away reacts instantly so if you have any national pride of your seeming ancestor who murdered, raped and enslaved other people then the energy of pride to separate (murder, judgement, rape, sarcasm, prejudice etc) will all come back to you due to putting so much energy or focus on to it and since there is nobody really out there, we are all one or as Einsteins relativity says we are interconnected, your subconscious mind that rules 90 percent of your life will interpret all that pride and hate towards others as you. It interprets you wanting to be an embodiment of conflict thus you fall sick mentally, physically, basically creating hell on earth for your self rather than heaven. As it is happening. There are older generation that did not get it and are going trough serious physical pains and are dying now as earth is going trough its ascension. The old generation lived by the sword (aggression) and died by the sword. The elites know this and have done a good job to reduce the population in Europe without too much false flag events and man made natural disasters. They inject the so called Europeans with a mentality that sneakily leads them to ruin their lives. This is why the suicide rate is so big here. The food you eat, the water you eat and the sex driven pop culture has made people to hate and shame their bodies thus they need to find some form of way to escape themselves, usually trough projections such as passively finding themselves superior to others. Is it financial, race, location oriented its all the same.

So when it comes to the individuals who are potential, hardcore seekers of light, they simply know something is off with schools and their brains will not be able to find any interest to learn or even continue school once they reach a certain age where parents consent is not needed anymore. Educational system wants you to think in a certain way, so that you make the same old ancient fear based decisions just like our dumb down ancestors that were sodomised by rulers of their time did as well. If you have slavery in your cellular memories then creating the life you really want will not work. You will not even know what you want because you are so used to enslavement and serving others.

Not able to tolerate authorities.

This is kind of same like the first one. You face adversities with curiosity and the best way to face adversity is to be around people who think they have power over you. I am talking about teachers, lawyers, psychologist, doctors, social workers, parents and so forth. Authorities have not found their atomic selves, their spiritual selves, and are ruled by the same linear thinking, fear and slave based DNA that their enslaved ancestors had. Remember, you are an extension of your ancestors, basically a reborn version of them. You literally carry all the cellular memories, traumatized memories of humanity sodomised since the beginning of man when we, adam and eves, were abandoned by false gods the Annunakis. The adam and eve story in the bible, although a metaphor is ultimately our limited understanding of what the Sumerians and ancient Africans were trying to tell us. That we were once, and most still are, primitive beings that were not able to handle higher dimensional thinking and planes due to not having the ability to see ourselves as equal with all the rest of the humanoids in other planets. Since Annunakis have a more tranquil, balanced mind with natural abilities such as telepathy, telecanesis and so forth, we gave the Annunakis the credit of being gods and limited our selves to be their worshippers. Monotheism serves the original creator of homo sapiens called Enki while polytheism serves all Annunakis as god. Dumb homo sapiens started to make their own tribes and started to fight about who is god and who is not, same stuff many do today. Its all a dejavu in a new form when we started to argue as netherdals who is god and who is not. Its all in our cellular memory so we repeat the same mistake. Seeing that homo sapiens are to excited to stay primitive, the Annunakis left us to our own grace and are waiting for us to destroy ourselves or raise our consciousness so that we can mentally receive them into our lives once the astrological alignments is set without freaking out. This is why dreams become so vivid when you start to ascend. You are being prepared for a lost ancient life by remembering your multidimensionality.

You are not attached to anyone or anything. You are ok to be alone.

This okeyness to be alone comes from many years of experience where you notice that majority of people around you do not have vision, dreams and desire to know who they are. It is mostly primitive desires, intelligence hijacked by hormones, to find a mate and to get noticed by others to feel worthy (usually by the mate and children if they have one). This experience of being okey to be alone does come with a price, something that can lead you to be humiliated, abused and betrayed by others, basically to get crucified/ shamanically killed in a modern world setup. The catch 22 is that in majority of cases, you asked for it! If you want to become God dependent then you must organically, in a soulful level learn not to expect anything from anybody. This only comes by experience, not reading. The experience to trust yourself will ultimately give you confidence to also stand for yourself when it comes to what we call higher dimensional beings like Plaeidians, the Annunakis and so forth. We are now more able to discern, even with humanoids we have been fixed since our times of neanderthals to think as gods, although they are not.

In order to reverse time space experience and go back to before big bang you must have the mental ability to discern all symbols within this simulation of life because there are also beings that do not want humanity to evolve. Ultimately, all of this is all a dream but you will still need to learn to use ALL symbolism of this universe as a means to go beyond physical universe. This is why forgiveness/ let it go is so so so important. Without forgiveness none of the yoga practices, kundalini activations or psychedelic experiences will last. You will always come down from the high and be miserable just like the rest!

You experiment with forgiveness, celibacy, meditation, food and psychedelics.


in a quantum sense is the key to get out from the cycle of birth and death. It is the ultimate and I am not sure If I will be able to explain this because it is so fundamental. Since we live in a telepathic hologram of a universe that is very much like a dream, what you give is what you get. When you get angry at something, what you have done is that you have established sin real in your mind. If you have established sin real in your mind then so is quilt (wanting to be punished) real in your mind and if quilt is real then so is pain real which means the body is real, which means death is real. Learning to reverse this spiritual cycle of suicide requires you to have an INTENT to reverse your judgement and just understand that the people in your life who hurt you really do not know what they are doing and are ultimately treating you that way because that is the way they treat themselves in their mind… Mostly denied and numbed with overeating, abuse of sex, alcohol, too many children, drugs and entertainment which is why they are so promoted.

Celibacy for men is a great way to enhance motivation, creativity and confidence. There is a movement called nofap which explains this further. Many professional athletes do not have sex the day before their game so just think about that. You do not have to become a complete celibate. Experiment once in a while and be amazed!

Food is a big one. If you eat death such as meat then you are ingesting traumatized disrespected and tortured animals into your body. Your subconscious, once again, will interpret this as you and will further the experience by bringing more death into your life. Emotional death, mental death and physical death such as cancer (which is more and more known to be easy to cure with right diet and in some cases by taking cannabis). Please do not start with me with a debate of “but red Indians killed animals”. They respected the animal and helped the animal transition. Now the animals are caged in a small space, fed with other animal bones and meat and not allowed to move. There is no guns used to kill them anymore, just this weird nail pistol they shoot on the animals skull… It is all up to you what you wan to do though. As Ralph Smart, the modern day Alan Watts points out greatly “If you would not feed your plants with a coca cola then why are you giving coce to your kids?”

Psychedelics if used correctly give a temporary expansion of consciousness and gives you glimpses of what to expect as you raise your vibration trough forgiveness. Forgiveness is same as ego death because you are more able to see from other peoples perspective now. Psychedelics such as cannabis and mushrooms are experiences of temporary ego death where many realize new things about themselves. The good and the bad. The bad trip comes from the fact that the individual has been so numb to all the pain gathered from ancestors and daily life and handling them during the psychedelic experience is too much. Many people who come out from a bad trip have however experienced healing due to discovering that this is the case. Psychedelics is not for everyone but I will leave that explanation to the people who have not done this stuff. In my personal life it was a catalyst.

You are willing to be “crucified to the cross”

This is where many will turn back and go back to their comfort zone and will fail once they leave this plain. If you have lived in a man made system, gained materials, gained a sense of self and relationships that runs based on this gained sense of self, all that will be torn down once you become curious and serious of your divine light. The tearing down of the life you thought you loved is so that you can experience an everlasting ego death that so many pot heads and psychonauts want to experience but they cant since they are still in the system, you know, attracted to the hedoinistic way of living and surrounded by people who are miserable numbing the pain with hedoinism. Psychedelics will not erase ego and will keep you in an never ending loop of being dependent on substances to gain a sense of expansion of consciousness or Awakening. Crucifixion, also known as the shamanic journey, is where, to put it simply, the matrix and its entities will not like you anymore and will do all that dumb stuff they have done to all beings of light god knows how long. When I say “beings of light” I am simply talking about beings that are having a different awareness and know that in order to sustain this awareness you have to be balanced and make smart choices. These choices are choices that are beneficial for everyone which means in a physical level that many times you will have to let people go from your life and allow them to do their own mistakes. People are telepathic in nature and will sense your detachment which is why in most cases they will perceive you as selfish for deciding to become your own creator.

What I am sharing is my truth. Everyone should share their truth so that we can come to the conclusion how identical they are regardless of the time frame in this space/time experience. You have the potential for a amazing life but the few years of the awakening process comes with a cost. You can do it!


Top Rank Business inc. Film. Full synopsis & Snapshots. Extended press kit release.


Full Synopsis.

Top Rank Business inc. (Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization). Is a gritty documentary feature film About a very tough Egyptian Shaman-Initiation shot with a micro budget of 20 000 $ since july 2014. It is a biographical story, about overcoming the initiation stage toward advanced Enlightenment, challenged by a young, hard working stunt-team founder and a DJ  producer called Klem Kaan (thats me), who decides to leave his comfort zone, find answers to lives deepest questions, thus has no other option but to cut loose all familiarity, the old life, and go all in with the Universal will calling his name to drop the old world, relationships and passions, and to embrace something more real, something alligned with our hearts, but something very unfamiliar to most of us, and trapped with Masonic booby traps, that were placed before hand by The Winsdors Masonic Family who are under Hellenic Vatican and are aware the Atomic vibration of certain people is now raising, and can see trough the global lies. These discoveries eventually led to multiple Gang stalking episodes, organized by the Masonic Windsor family, and the Psy-ops ha lasted since. It starts as you are ready to expose their occult deceptions to humanity, or anything that has to do with them (Hollywood, Mika Waltari, Vatican, fake wtc/911, fake moon landing, transgenders occupying entire entertainment industry etc)

inhale, exhaleThe film takes place during the time of chibok girls kidnappings, the spread of ebola and bokoharam. It is a business trip to Sahara towns, where we attempt to make a Kung fu film, and a documentary about it. As we dive deep to the very hart of Afrika Saharas corporate world and what the hell really is going on there, well you can guess, we are hit with resistance, the self claimed “Royals” of Britain step in, and turned to be the ones running an operation using fear to distract people regarding what is going on there (an open pool and unprotected nation funds being leaked to certain few),  we realized too much too fast, and things turn into a psy-ops episode. The psy-ops became worse as I returned to Finland which is among the Top countries of hellenic Gang staling countries and people do not see this, Finnish Gang staling has sinister elements of trying to push certain people to kill them selves, who are thus not being able to do their own unique part in exposing aspects of an Ancient sinister intelligence that is giving Vatican all its orders, which are carried out to the Rothchilds, The bush creatures, and so forth. This one is about the Windsors though, since their “department” among many others is Sahara area.

trb swaga

Top Rank Business inc. (a.k.a Vaporware Dreams 永遠に Organization) is a true story of Kemetian/Native Egyptian awakening in a corporeal Sahara at it’s best, but the progression gets attacked by Masonic entities that look like human, but their thinking is far from it, and too many people too dumb to see this. The feature documentary film ultimately attempts to reveal the progression of a difficult Egyptian- shamanic journey that is empowering indeed, but may walk the soul trough episodes that are very disturbing, and not of the mundane world anymore.

1111 Duration 1h 20min

Written, Directed, Edited: Klem Kaan

 “A seeming individual, a mere fish out of water with a start-up plan of his own. Apparently catapulted out from all familiarity, and used as a means, or symbolism to reveal the Hellenic Greek-Roman, and Vatican entity that is receiving sinister orders from God knows where, and to keep people dumbed down, and work as slaves, and some as 9-17 slaves, while their lives are also exploited under different mind control tactics, that are meant to keep huanity in the same loop forever. The ones behind this darkness have found ways, and fake doctrines to rationalize their actions and have become to addicted to their stolen power and are not able to let it go, thus everyone else must escape the system, and leave these wicked minds into their own fate”

Realizing The Insanity of This world in Order to Detach.

I do not care about Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung. Two guys that were on the right place at the right time, and gave information in a none threatening way, to blend with the rest. Freud was actually one of those dumb freemasons actually, to confuse the masses with so called psychology, which is now a normalized mentality to treat people with mental challenges… But Carl Jung did say that a typical Western man tends to spend his first 35 years of life learning to integrate to the world, and once he hits the age of 35 – 40 years of age, another phase hits him, which is to realize that nothing works (career, children, spouse, vacations) and that it is time to learn how to detach from the world, and ultimately let it go. To die consciously while still in a body.

However Carl Jung was not aware of Nations that are a Biblical failure. I am talking about Finland. People here, not just the locals, but people from all backgrounds , ages and spirituality, have invested so much on their mates, jobs, and children that I can’t really say much will happen in their lives Awakening wise. Letting go seems to be too much of a threat, and their time is spent in the grid, and around people who are reinforcing the grid, and also expecting you to do the same: to run the grid, for their own survival. You see, Finland is one of those comfort zone type of places with social security, and an ancient collective attitude of embracing not taking big risks, or leap of fates. This is the reason why the youth does not create or push their works at all or despise the idea of greatness without others expense.

Friends and family have all fallen for this comfort zone trap, and they actually believe in the lie, even some authentic conscious individuals in their 20s, and early 30s are currently in this place, still questioning… But I can not blame them… Awakening at the end of the day is literally about dying consciously, and allowing your world to break down, and to see what lies beyond the mundane, while still dwelling in the mundane at the same time. Once you have let go enough of the things, and habits, that were messing up your perception, then life will become more deep, your perception has more clarity, and a deeper initiation is activated… And things can get a bit weird I kid you not. But All this will be a means for you to learn to let go of the old world even more, and to become prepared for anything which would include manifestation, if it is necessary. The last thing to catch up with letting go, in my innerstanding, and overstanding, is our physical body and brain complex. Again this world is not a nice place. Its packed with noisy unconscious people who are mindless thus a walking dead, programmed to distract one another, and normalize this sodomite behaviour… Or they simply are a none player character, or bots within our holographic, amazing reality simulation.

We live in a system born and governed by swine hellenic – genetics that took over Israel. The hellenic masons used Ancient Afrika spirituality, and magic upside down by creating religion which is the first “level” to govern people to act perpetually only rooting them into a de javu slave Mary go around. Even the Bible uses the same swine imagery to depict the shadow so called “powers” that be, and Many classical art paintings of hell images are not so far from depicting this semi swine- semi human mutant type of humanoid that has mastered being a virus, and leeching on other peoples souls, eating these souls in order to survive.

We are not at the top of the food chain. And this is not to scare, because too many are waking up due to traveling, reading, and simply being tired to see the same theme of confusion, and separation everywhere. The Pyramids are telling us that we have fallen to a deep state of sleep, and have normalized behaviors, social constructs, relationship patterns, so called modern arts, noisy music, and films, all that are influenced, one way or another, by biblical, and historical propaganda, meant to keep us stuck in a hellenic (hell) or sodomite dream like state of body, and world. A system which came from the Greek – Romans who, once again, eventually hijacked Ancient Afrika, Israel and it’s hermetics. Ancient Afrika Egypt or Israel were basically a collective where a lot of people knew their “Christhood” originating from the word Ma-ati (meaning of Ma-ati explained at the end) The indigenous people were able to have passion, and talents, thus build Pyramids, and much more, but denied by dumb Alien theories I also fell for, but all lies. We are amazing beings. Jesus (Yahawashi) who was a Hebrew with Native Egyptian (Bantu) roots, thus called a Hebrew, is just one man who discovered humanities hidden powers within him self, and going to Ancient Afrika such as Egypt, was part of Jesus (Yahawashi) story where he was becoming initiated to discover the ability to manipulate this dream reality known as planet earth… But also to use his discoveries to return, and to reveal the lies the so called common men were told by the Roman or Edomite so called Empire.

The Swine philhellenic  genes or The Greek or Romans stole, and copied Ancient Afrikan spirituality, as said before, they used the Ancient Afrikan organic life principles or hermetics, made it upside down, in order to create religions and to patiently create a culture where they can exploit souls. As you probably know by now, All official religions are upside down perceptions, and copied versions of Afrikan hieroglyphs, found all around Afrika, not just Ancient Egypt or as some would call Kemet. The upside down distortions of Afrikan hierolglyphs known as religion, was eventually imposed first subliminaly, and then trough force, and was normalized. The Hebrews were known to respect these Ancient Laws the most, and still do that, once they remember who they are.

All official religions APPEAR different, but the subtext, the attempt to twist percetpion is the same. It is The blueblood swine-hellenic family tree, who are a reincarnation, or enetic continuation of Ancient Roman Empire family. This is why nothing has changed. The same 2000+ year old mentality is running today, just with different names known as corporations. So instead of Kings running the show, we have corporations. The corporations, however, all lead back to a family tree that never inherited this world, and were supposed accept their working class inheritance because that is what their forefathers. If the Rotchchilds really would be meant for rulership, the world would be a paradise.

This Phil-Hellenic way of living, which the last Carbon dark Kemetian (Egyptian) but Agnostic Pharaoh-Wahibre was attracted to, without considering the future effects, is basically about gay orgies, sacrifice, normalizing pedophilia, normalizing abuse of sex and over consumption of foods/ materials. The idea is to turn morality upside down, and make people to become never forgiven. You know, the “Do what thou wilt thing that Alestoy Crowley parroted. That quote by Crowley is hellenic in a nutshell, and very much acted out in hollywood. Which is constantly ratted out now, and what a joy is that… The stuff they do in Hollywoods behind the scenes is the same Ancient Greeks – Romans were known for. It is a behavior that came way back in time by Caucasoid cave dweller albino negroids who lost their divine DNA blueprint for various reasons (survival mentality, meat eating, lack of sun, lack of melanin skin protection, Calsifying their Pineal-Glands) and started to act out homosexual behaviors, denying spirituality, mated with their closest siblings, became committed to not balance their Carbon or have anything to do with melanin, thus became more out of balance, hated their brothers with stronger Carbon etc. They have since then escaped their inheritance, and are trying to force themselves to be from Israel. They force themselves to be everything else but their true Golum identity.

The statue of “Sphinx” (real name Horemakute) stands for the original Carbon dark mother of the Native Egyptian men. The face of Horemakhute (Sphinx) is pointed to the east, to high- light the original mothers pitch dark skin tone that was able to withstand super heat of the sun, and so were all her Native children of Egypt. There is more meaning to why Horemakhure statue (sphinx) is faced to east. It has to do with astrology as well, but I will not go there in this post.

So, once you know Life is a dream you know that life is indeed magical, but we have misused magic, and it has turned to a collective, and very dense unconscious mess. Majority are scared to face head on, and are actually denying this in their every day life. Do your best not to be one of them. You can do it. If you are reading this, and have finished the article, then you are on the right track.

The Meaning Of Ma-Ati (Christhood)

The picture below is a collective of Native Egyptians, also known as Bantus, Israelian, and some call Nubians who were among Israel men. The picture depicts beings who attained their Ma-Ati state of mind or Christhood, or a very high state of expanded Atomic Awareness. The same atomic state, Jesus (Yahawashi) re-discovered 2000 years ago. These Native Egyptians in the picture however were “Christed” many thousand years before Yahawashi was, or at least gathered an Awareness that would lead them to life times of more expanded awareness.

Just like Jesus (real name Yahawashi) who was said to manipulate the dream reality here and there, such as walking on water/ levitation, so were these guys having their own natural skills activated. They were a collective of highly conscious people. Not all of them, but a bunch of them indeed, thus were able to do the things they left behind in Ancient Afrika such as Egypt. We are re-remembering these skills once again as well. At least some of us. Many are throwing their potential outside the window too…

The feathers on top of the Native Egyptians or Bantu Israel helmets represents their hearts that are lighter than a feather. The measuring of their christhood (Ma-Ati) was based if their hearts were lighter than a feather. If you heart is purified from guilt, anger, hate, sarcasm, lust, grievence etc, then you have passed the initiation. You have no more a grab bag of heaviness in your heart, and will be able to travel to higher vibratory dream states majority of people tap briefly while sleeping at night.

As a person with a modern Egyptian or “Arab” bloodline I must caution that Modern Egyptians, considering themselves only Arabic is very Self defeating…If you consider your self as a modern day Egyptian, you are still a continuation from Native Egyptians Bantu Israel. Egypt is Afrikan, and had to be renamed back to Egypt during the 60s when “Arabic republic” was turning the country to hell fast. The few, and the masons know this: the spirits there will not allow Egypt to be renamed due to the new names satanic frequency, and DNA manipulation effects. Forgetting, and not doing anything to remember your Native Egyptian Bantu Israel heritage, who invented and still invent secretly everything we have today (no only the pyramids) You are cutting your Totemic Ancestral connection, and are doomed to fail by attaching to only one Totem, which would be our so called Arab heritage, which is also filled with sodomy, slavery, betrayal, and especially Ancestral abandonment of the lines of such as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, going trough Moses. You would be failing to understand your Totemic connection to these men. All this needs repentance. Egypt has become very Gay. Too many gays in the streets, and too many European old women buying men prostitutes… All This is a manifestation of a failed Afrikan Nation, so called Egypt, that sold their entire Ancestral connection for few pennies… Other Afrikan countries like Marocco, Lebya, Tunisia are no different, they failed as well… Even the modern Egyptian flag is a statement of a failed Nation. When you look at Egyptian flag, the supposed to be Totemic Ancestral Eagle symbol is covered with a bastardized Masonic symbols, Jewish Christian stuff.






Awakening Will Destroy Everything: Losing Friends and Family. (Public Persecution)

Anyone who is embracing this rather difficult life curriculum will notice the people you thought you knew dropping out from your life bit by bit. You are literally jumping timelines or dimensions, which creates cognitive dissonance with the ones strongly magnetized to the Archonic framwork, or Linear, one dimensional perception of life.

The people who are trapped in the nine to five grid chose to go that way, due to having an unconscious rage towards God which must be projected outward. We have all been there, but some snap out of it, while others wont. I have had many talented friends who wasted it all, these people chose to have meaningless spouses,  sex and romance (Romance comes from the word Rome, and Roma was about death) The rest who did not choose romance, kids and sex, chose to listen to their parents, got a job (which means persecution in Hebrew) and did not question their parents, and the other so called authorities. The so called authorities, starting with the so called Banking family, are actually the most rebellious beings, due to their ability to express their wrath of God on the entire world. They have blamed God to the point of sabotaging anything living on this planet, and are thus marked to be euthanized by the Loving forces of Creation known as UFO chariots. Unfortunately one of the Elites best mocking towards God, was to use subliminal witchcraft to hijack peoples essence or spirit, and turn almost the entire mankind adherering to a thought system that is against God, or the Universal intelligence which guides according to the laws of Oneness. This is why A Course in miracles says that the World was created as an attack on God. The situation has indeed escalated to a point that there is noway we have many years to go. The ones that claim otherwise do not seem to be gang stalked enough to realize the wickedness is un-cureable. You have to use your brains here dude, we live a time where sodomy is worse than the times of Sodom and Gomorrah, and that place got destroyed in one night! The end is nigh, and those who can not see this, or are denying this, are for a rude Awakening. For many it has become too late. The country where I was born is a Biblical failure because I came across only one person that was able to prove me wrong, but I have my suspicion that he was actually one of those good Reptilian hybrids who is going trough their own unique lessons in order to be saved from uncontrolled reincarnation. The rest, especially the ones that are considered as humans, have a long way to go, and some are not going to make it.

The old 3d matrix based relationships are breaking down because majority of the people from your past are addicted to their linear misery, and want to marvel in it due to their fascination towards being miserable.  Misery is very seductive. Majority of you Awakening from this reality, which is a dream, know that to detach from the dream, we are also asked to look at everything that would keep us cemented in the dream. Majority of our old habits, our thinking, our relationships were doing exactly that: cementing us into the dream. You will be asked, even forced to let them go. Something dramatic comes eventually to separate you from others, if you have resistance.

If you go back to your old relationships, it is not unheard that the people of higher consciousness feel depleted after spending time with people still not aware of the things happening on this planet. We live in an atomic or vibratory Universe, a deeply quarantined part of it that pretends to be solid, or dense. It seems that we are separated, apart from one another, but we are indeed just one mass of Atoms. A soup of consciousness, meaning we are all one Mind. Your Old friends perceive the world as solid, and like to pretend we are separated like Iisac Newton and other masons insist to believe. It takes many years to change your perception from upside down to right side up perception. It takes time to change your perception from linear perception to a vertical one. These changes will effect the physical body as well, and will cause a de-mutation process which becomes obvious as your observe your brain, and bone activity. You will literally feel your inside changing, which is why a lot of rest will be required. You will need so much rest, that you may not be able to work for a long time. This is where fate comes in because we live in a system, that attacks God, which means even Gods initiatives will become questioned or persecuted along their already hard tasking transformation, and attacking your peace or rest is one the worlds favorite ways to distract your divine downloads. This is where gang stalking steps in for example. It is a phase that reminds you that your transformation is becoming alarmingly obvious that you become classified as Extrterrestial or threat to the government…

So when it comes to your old friends and family… Allow the miserable people from your old life be miserable. Some will come back to you, because conscious people are needed on this planet right now. But before that, as your vibration gets higher, the jealousy, and hatred from your old relationships will become apparent, thus the idea to spend time with these people will loose meaning. Heh… I personally wish the people from my old life to suffer beyond imagination so that they will let go of their dumb comfort zones, and come to a place of being where I am,  so that I do not have to hate them anymore for being cowards, boring and dumb. They used to be cool, interesting people with so much potential, and talent. I saw light in their eyes.

Awakening is a life or death thing. You see. If your brain is not rewired in a way that can absorb higher consciousness, as earth is raising its atomic vibration, then all the other realms that are less dense than earth, will rip you apart. This same consciousness is coming to this planet day by day which is why there is much confusion on the planet. Awakening is very biological. That is why it is also known as Kundalini awakening. It is a big blow for the system, organs, brain etc. When a person is not aware of these planetary changes, they get depressed, sick, addicted to things or will have compulsions to distract themselves with overworking, and all other madness. Then the body breaks down, and you age fast, most likely will not make it. In my observation, people past the age of 30 without any spiritual initiation or even basic understanding of our global ponze scheme situation are doomed.

My personal life has been filled with loss of  many different things, but the joy that comes out of it is something that can not be explained. I still talk to my mother once in a while, who is dear to me, and I am open to communicate with my brother when it is truly needed. All the rest in my life: perhaps gone forever. I am a wanderer now, people come and then I release them in joy when it is time. My relationships so far have not lasted long because I out grow them very fast. I learn the lessons behind these relationships fast, so there is no need to sustain something that has already expired. Awakening is an isolating path because the path prepares you spiritually to leave this world behind. Without getting tired of your old live you will not have the motivation to release everything. Many have found ways to replace their boredom of life with new concepts… We have reached an era now, where peoples unfulfillment can be replaced soon with virtual reality trough a RFID micro chip. I would not go there If I were you…

Serene Reality (Demo)

Serene Reality..

Oh, Glorious Serene Reality..

Awaken from The Phil-Hellenic Dream or illusion of Birth and Death by letting it go. You can do it. The insane physical dream is covered with glamour to convince people that the planet has value when it doesn’t.

666 =Six Electorns, Six Nutrons, Six Protons = Carbon/Dark Matter/Dark Energy/Melanin.