OFF GRID 永遠に TV: A Brief, weekly, perhaps daily Updating (777) Ep5

Assisting Finland-Scandinavia To Desolate.

Shakespeare name comes from a Family Crest (Totem) that bore the image of a Lion shakin a speare (a.k.a Moors Coats of Arms). As you can see my dear over-comfortable ACIM students, your dismiss with Totems is why reincarnation hunts you. 

The 12 tribes should not be taken literally as if a biological fact. Each seperate tribe, including the “heathens” were established more like a soccer team in order to quantum mechanically splinter karma, or not establish Sin or Unforgiveness real on any individuals consciousness. This is where Freemasonry comes from too; to avoid specifically directed karma by taking responsebility as a team. It is a defence mechanism based upon numerology or siderial nodes conjoined with the bodies pressure, 12 meridian or acupuncture points. Stop resisting Earthlings, you know I am right. You know The Bible & ACIM were a bridge to what I teach & only 2 men have proven to be more powerful in thought & it is not the Prophets, or any living ACIM teacher. Even Santos Bonacci, Jonathan Kleck & Richard Bruce have steps to take & I have faith they & Prophets, will make it. But It sure as Hell ain’t David Wilcock or Laura Eisenhower, who are both over-babeling inorganic Agent entities. 

A simplified list of basic esoteric reasons why modern Sweden-Finland must embrace my love for them, for they are not going to Nirvana in comfort, but trough death by pain, as said in the scriptures. Here it goes: Caucasus mt bloodline are sentenced to death by themselves for building systematic defences, with the help of Reptilians, that blocks Caucasus dwellers to come in terms with their Neanderthal or nigger past, by accepting their Ancestral forgiveness means, usually starting from their blood family unit. This micro -aggressive defending against their Ancestral means confirms the dualistic Collective Unconscious/Son of God that they hate themselves & want to get rid of themselves by death, by definition. They are a Herald of a shut-chakra-portal system – a Leavened Organic portal – or a barricaded mind hoarding clutters of guilt & Ancestral guilt, which produces an inflated, swine-red or over fleshed time-enslaved Clean Leper body which, for Cosmic safety reasons, is only meant to function in 3D-realms so that they can not escape to other planets with Neanderthal or Earth Bound Hellenic mentality. This mentality does not live by Faith, but by flesh, as did Kain, & Esau. They did not live by seasons, hence they hunted for food, & over trained their minds towards individuality/seperation, that comes from the need to interfere with creation by being a noisy busy body-Puuha Pete. The Ancient-Caucasus-based-pagan-Greek empire manipulated the meaning of a Leper or swine-red humanoids to a Muscular Satan with a pitch fork as explained by the Prophets & elders singing in the streets, who have their unique gifts in history, etymology & more. We initiated to a Mystical role have our own gifts too, & together we are heralding the destruction of Babylon who know – with the help of Vatican – the traditional routes of Biblical plagues & haved blocked their death penalty by Dynamiting the area, confusing the planets grid. Another form of their plague are the few Native men born to the planet, who are capable to summon a “UFO” form of their assasination, which they think can be manipulated by a Atomic Bomb & massive human sacrifice, or WW3. But I digress. Let us return to the concept of Clean Lepers within the Sleepig Son of Gods insane dream finally ready to kill everyone, save the few.

The Face Of Innocence: Ancestral Self Hypnosis.

https://:Caucasus Mt FREED from CAVES & Ancestral Self Hypnosis to FORGET it-scene in films.

EDIT: A Clean Leper means a fearful mind that projects a pink-ish Leper body with a strange nigger body odor, as a symbol of it’s fear, & rebellion to Faith based creation, & it’s divine order or Laws. During middle ages, after coming out from Caucasus mt, the mass of their nation went trough a self hypnosis ritual, where the mass can forget their Iconclasm criminality or covering the judges of this world (Job:9-24) then project a “face of innosence” persona where their 3rd generation is actually convinced they did no crime against humanity (Psalm 55:21). Biblical Leper from Golum Ancestry will always fight against 4D-5D waves that Biblically will always arrive to the planet once the need of time, Chronology or linearity is over, but which the leper it self is an embodiment & dependant of, so it can exist & maintain it’s own self deception of being a brother. The leper body can not live without it’s spacesuits in 4D & higher dimensions because it is also a state with no sense of boarders, time or guilt that calls for Atonement. How can, then, a gregorian calendar mentality unwind it’s mind to none-linearity in one swoop? Well, it can’t, and you need years of preparation, & Ancestral preparation to have a some-what healthy body to receive this energy. People aware here, you know too; we are all barely, going to make it too, because the planet, the air, the food, the water are all in an extremely filthy state, and many of us have been vaccined in schools with metals – injected when we were born, and so forth. It was all a normalized & gradual attempt to actually stop you from receiving these downloads; a criminality approved by modern day vatican of priests  who receive orders from a insect race we call Reptilians, Annunakis etc – they are Angels from the left side and are here to concrete the One Collective Mind & barricade it for us to remain forever regenerating or reincarnate. COVID19 vaccines are just a coctail of all the abominations we have received for many years to cement ourselves to Maya: An optical illusion done in multisensory scale. COVID19 vax also contains much worse abominations. Finlands 1618 Lapland flag during the Swedish reign of Gustav II Adolf, in your left. The Amalekites & Rothchilds love to claim Finss are the only human-apes from Caucasus mt & originally named the place Karelia (Karjala) which in etymology means the same as Bozrah: sheep herd. Bozrah is the first capital city of Neanderthals situated within the caves of Petra. Several human-ape based movies are produced only in Finland like Röllipeikko series. Even Border, the swedish-arabic 2018 Golum movie mentions Finland, when the Golum protagonist was told to meet her kind by going to Finland. I really recommend that movie before euthanasia hits our planet & some men groomed by the “UFOs” to lynch Lepers next to Chinese & the rest of tired Nato Allies who are also ready to get rid of Lepers, but for reasons that are not Justified, for Lepers are simply fearful minds anchored in the Illusion of a Universe but have gone too deep in believing in the reality of a non existing world or Maya, & must be uprooted by their brothers to unblock their meridians.

Clean Leper: Caucasus Mt Unability To Adapt 4D. 

II: Because a Clean Leper body can not manage 4D-downloads, & is not able to handle entering Biblical chariots, which are also 4D-5D based anyway, the Caucasus mt “elites” are using vaccines to hijack peoples “God Gene” that absorbs these 4D-energies or ability to function after Biblical “UFO” euthanasia hits NATO/EU & Russian Nations. The 4D-waves are creeping daily; time is speeding. Thus, the vaccined people are acting more noisy, angry, bitter or crazy, & must start a war in order to try & concrete the planetary energy back to a fear cemented realm of flesh or death. NATO/EU & Russians are betraying one another to actually maintain their own individual sense of guilt, a secret carnal belief system that crucify mind to body, & that is all. Once you take the vaccine, you are joining Caucasus cave misery of shadows & dimmed light. Some will place a crown of thorns or guilt to their minds by taking the role of killing you vaccined ones – like Jorvin Hospital MK-Ultra staff is doing as we speak. Some will be cops who frame whistle-blowers. And some will take the vaccine, become very sick, & justify themselves to use their sickness to attack the government. But all together, still, it is the same boring Ancient need to keep the illusion of duality running, literally in empty space, because we are the One Fragmented Son of God or Prodigal Son, dreaming a nightmare of exile. Word became flesh indeed should be placed “Thought appeared to become flesh”. A word follows from thought. And thought is a Holographically projected (believed) mirroring of what is within.

Lepers: A Herald or Embodiment Inevitable Extinction.

III: A Leper body is a Herald of an extremely fearful sleeping over fleshed mind- a Son of God too. It fears it’s abstract reality like a vagabond expecting attack from all sides, but a distorted sensation of self it loves, for this sense of self is the gift of the belief in Ego. And always creates systems to preserve it’s flesh, it’s sensualities. Clean Lepers or Natural Caucasians are basically fearful to return back to the Heart of God, which is an abstract Awareness with no sense of boarders, no sense of a city, no sense of enemies, no sense of other races, no sense of man, no sense of woman, no sense of caves, as indicated by Jesus in the removed Gospel Of Thomas found in Afrika Nag hammadi Egypt. This fragmented ego mind chose to cement it self deep into guilt & sin (which projects a Clean Leper Ancestry). Ancestral unconscious guilt always blocks, & acts out all the means of blocking planetary 4D-downloads. The entire Caucasus empire or Greko-Roman system, that re-started during Renessaince, & is about to be destroyed entirely in Vaccine-Israel-Ukraine-War-era, is for this purpose. But radioactive weapons against humanity like 5G & other dangerous radioactive frequencies are not able to uphold majority of peoples wish to be in an isolated planet based upon flesh-body “spirituality”, because everyones heart still seeks forgiveness. The main reason for our current governmental systems collapse are the few remaining Natives that are constantly raising their vibration. And are chased by Agents & Reptilians, just like Herod was hunting the soon to be born Jesus. Same goes with Moses, and on and on. It is the One Collective Unconsciousness seeking to destroy any reminder that we do not exist as bodies, & there is no world outside of us that can be blamed for our lots. Some of us have thus become fugitives just in order to maintain this Awareness outside of the dream, which is an important part to Herald Finlands Biblical “UFO” Euthanasia as well, but especially to be a pillar of rest for others when the “UFO” ships appear. Moses shared the same role when they crossed the Red Sea. The Harvest event is our defence not to remain forever asleep. It must prepare Ascending Natives & condition Clean Lepers, even animals, as means to kill 2/3 Natives too, for God does not interfere with the Son of Gods dream state, establishing it as reality. Instead, God uses the Holy spirit, which is not an entity really but a *Universal communication device*, to suggest people to contrast between life & death. Here you execute a decision which way to go. Again, Holy Spirit is not an entity, It is a gift within everyone – not just Israel – to train ones Astronomical or Powerful Mind & take responsebility, or just fail the test One set up.

Ancient Ephraim has arrived with his horse to plead Ephraim to let go for his love for his friends marked for Biblical slaughter.

Clean Lepers: Unability To Receive Cosmic Consciousness.

IV: A Clean Leper body can not handle 4D-planetary energies anyway, so Rothchilds & their Nation gave up the game long ago, & want to prevent *4D Streams Of Consciousness* with 5G-Chemtrails in order to maintain carnality they over learned. Their main target is to shut the receiver for these streams by specifically shutting Native peoples pineal glands, because Natives inherited a star system of selves known as “Israel” who are more in tune with the planet, but only by the few Natives. Once 4D energies are received by Natives of all lands, so will all the rest of inhabitants receive their own measure of understanding, save Caucasus mt, who have paralyzed their Ascension. However, the-rest -of -inhabitants are known as NATO/EU, who want the collective One Son of God dreaming to remain linear or horizontal too, because the fear to disappear as a problematic collective is alien. Every ego secretly asks themselves “who would I be without my problems, what would I become if I have no sense of enemies or allies that protect me from enemies?”

Caucasus Mountain: A Lineage Paralyzed To Flesh.

The fear to have no sense of threat is alien to Clean Lepers who are used to run away from karmic debt, & have made karma a made up enemy. All bodies were born from Ancestral guilt hence are a deformity of thought on different levels. Clean Lepers or Caucasus mt suffer the worst Ancestral guilt. Bodies do not channel a non-dualistic state, because we, together, Biblically dimmed the bodies ability to receive the state of Knowledge in order to experience as carnal or physical life as possible which by definition includes the state of amnesia of our genesis. Caucasus mt family went to the extreme measures, to a point their bodies are in a hopeless or paralyzed state for a meaningful spiritual evolution, hence they are going to be put to death by “UFO” euthanasia, once their “Elites” are checkmated to have no choice but to declare a made up Cyber Attack & WW3, which is really a rebellion, or the fear to be forced to release this physical simulation trough a Galaxial Court Gesture.

Majority of Natives Are going to Die Too.

Ephraim Shame: Bruno Mars, Cardi B, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Takeshi 69 etc.

V: Natives in the same spirit with these “Artists” mentioned above are in majority also going to die because they are not able to receive these 4D downloads, which is exactly why they are forcing you with vaccines & GMO products, chemtrails etc. And using these sell-out “Artist” to promote these mindless activities. It is all a frequencyfence, a defense against the truth by those gone mad by Ancient guilt. Once you take too much of their coctails, and in many cases, one vaccine is enough, then the 4D energies will make you explode or implode anyway, because your pineal gland got over calcified. Caucasus blood line,”naturally” calcified themselves to forgetfulness long time ago with Caucasus mountain and mt Seir culture or food habits of swine, worms, human dung, human piss, raw blood and so forth. You are the one to be blamed for listening to a mind that is long barricaded in between animal and human realm – not me, nor our human-ape siblings marked for death.

The Native Gentiles According to GMS.

Films like W. (2008) or Vice (2018) about Dick Cheneys role in 911-scam uses sell-out Native gentiles like Christian Bale & Steve Carell to play edomite roles in White House in order to channel blame on Natives & hide the metaphysical dynamics of the staff of Pentagon & White House mainly run by edomites & their Reptilian so-called Puppet Masters sentenced to death. “Actress” Amy Adams is a Reptilian. The Prophets, syncretist, Ti’s & ACIM teachers are failing their Reptilian anointing, although will make it. The awareness & gift to see them is crucial because their existence is fragile & would literally evaporate as human are aware & trained to spot them in everyday life, but a skill even the best of brains, or Prophets, have failed. Listen,  Part of being in timeline wars is to notice how demons use tarot to confuse our purpose, hence if you have an analytical zodiac, they will destroy all logic in your life as one example. As you can see, since mother nature has no respects of persons, for some reason I have higher justifications in spirit than many teachers. Yes, there are few men to whom I will give prayses accepting my unworthyness. 

EDIT: The topic of Native Gentiles or Speckled Bird Natives is not the real purpose of this Ministry but it is a required information. Films like Killers of the Flower Moon are about Native Gentiles being used by Freemasonry & Reptilians, as means to destroy their own Nation within it’s self. Leonardo Dicaprio is in a Native gentile (amnesia) state in the film, but Robert De Niro’s so-called character is a 32 degree mason, so he knows he is really a Native, as both do in real life. So, in the next section below I will explain why GMS particularly is a great tool to learn the Bible, save a path I have never tried & not my business, who finds the Bible over anthropomorphizing God. The book skips entirely we live in a distorted quarantined realm we miscreated or dreamed to an Astrological point of over cluttering thoughts where effects or stars seems independent from it’s maker. And where the only way reason or Logos can enter our collective Maya is to first write a dualistic Bible to please our egos, before other helpful concepts can emerge the Sleeping Son of Gods mind to reveal the egos strategy & purpose, which is to keep our belief rooted in bodies trough Generational Sin, but which also does not exist as one forgives. The Bible was written in a way that is not too of a threat to our egos, hence it comes in a form which is a mixed bag of specialness, then parables. But this approach has confused many, for we wanted the book to be written equivocally – a book picturing the objective world of effects, yet leaving the mind or content, as mystery. And where atoning is agreed, by all of us, to take the form of sacrifice of innocent blood; a concept cemented trough Isaiah centuries before Jesus, where by his wound we are supposed to be healed. This perspective means that my contribution as an End Time Messenger took a different form, but it did include to raise the awareness of the Hebrews for a brief moment, because their System of Thought, or theology, also takes responsebility back to one self that results the one to receive their deserved position in Paradise on earth, although an Illusion too. Some may be transported to more Nomadic (Dr Manhattan) realms like Plaedians, leaving the second volume of Earths movie behind. And so, according to Hebrew Curriculums, the Biblical Speckled birds are Natives that are mistaken often as pagan nations, some appear 100% pagan, period; like Eminem. Some of us come in darker shades & mistaken by all sorts like The Rock Dwayne Johnson, or Slash Saul Hudson from Guns N Roses, – save Caucasus – depending where we are. As I matured this augmentation also made my friends envious. This has to be mentioned so that I can reinforce you the understanding of the mistake Speckles do & very well demonstraed trough Dwayne Johnsons political stand, which is the act of abusing the little scraps of “peace” for being able to avoid certain stigmas a more traditional American Indian, Afro American & Latinos go trough, especially in America. The movie Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman is also about this disaster too. This abuse of benefit is mainly done by Natives that share Caucasus resemblance – this current temporal Kingdom is Caucasus mt based after all – but only to be very subliminally rejected by the pure blooded Caucasus, or Clean Lepers, who can spot the Speckles origins eventually, by analyzing the Speckles spirit, which is a natural obsession of Freemasonry baring the Totem of an Eagle, & who by default preserves flesh in a mission to dim all channels of Spirit. Fake-Jews lineage are literally trained to spot Native Gentiles, which is why Hollywood actors are mainly Speckled Birds (Native gentiles) & traditional Natives (Latinos, Blacks, Indians) exposing their bodies. And men forced to wear womens clothing eventually, like John Cena & darker Native gentiles like Dwayne Johnson. The ones outside of Caucasus resemblance, as my self, or men like Slash or Dwayne Johnson (although they deny this), have at least gone trough various explicit experiences of being systematically ridiculed, which other naturally dark nations like East Indians, Ethiopians, Chinese, Gypsys, Arabians, Somalians, Modern Egyptians, Maroccoans & so many other Nations go trough daily in Europe. Confident guys as my self is a big no to the system which is why the curse I played out was not really about self image, or not having women, but mainly dealing with acute bad luck & accidents. My lineage killed Ancient Jezebel with no sweat, so women are not my passion. Again you will be forced to see certain events of my life, as you will be put to death with your families. Truth is wholesome, & anything you deny will be brought to light in the etheric rendition. So please madam, please sir; listen, the entire Bagavaghita is about Krishna councelling Arjun cosmologically to kill his reprobate generation, demons, women, friends & family in order to be translated like Enoch & Elijah was. This entire Page is about Martial Arts where we aim to perceive universally in zen, but self-defend from a generation of suicidal minds normalizing chemtrailing, pedophilia, banning of the scriptures, banning cannabis, Hollywood propaganda & etc. The attempt to create a world with no meaning is the ultimate attempt to drag creation to a material level. 

The Bible Is Just One Path: Hebrew Curriculums.

The Bible was made dualistic by us to pretend time is not over & all Physical creations, star systems or galaxies were simultaneous – a puff of smoke – where the One looks upon him self from all possible angles to either be free, or try & establish Sin (time) real by surmounting the One deformed begotten sons mind with unforgiveness or guilt, that roots the minds focus to body as self punishment. The Bible was written to dissociate from this experience & compromise with the fallen Universe trough rituals & deny there is no male & female in heaven for we all incarnate as both genders in order to release the concept of separate sexes. (

Hebrew Israel materials are Biblical tools who seek quality Grounding Truths & history. Their Elders have contributed the world with the Awereness of Esau-Edoms history & Mark of the Beast. I view them as Men of Power & surely elected to experience the remnants of time on Earth for they show more servitude to the Abrahamic god, while some of us are not motivated with that. This is because like St Paul, who proposed Jesus as a medium adopting us as differientiated sons (Galatians 4:4), so do certain teachings render an abtsract presence to be of the world, jealous & vengeful; as if God is a separated consciousness that perceives himself to be in a relationship with his son Christ, even counting parts of the sons body! And where the son – within his made up sandbox game – has a conscious relationship to him (Matthew 10:30). This again, preserves a dualistic framework by rendering the God Mind or *IT* as split. And casting *IT* out, as a separate external deity who we now claim to have a personality we must wait under the Archons of Time, in order to be saved trough Gods so-called only begotten son – a man who was really a wisdom teacher, our equal – & not a man who had favorites among his deciples. Like Buddha, Jesus or Yahawahshi knew more he was not here, hence everyone became one or equal in his perception. The returning or biolocating Jesus, & who will kill people, is just one aspect of his multidimensional reality, because we are all everywhere & all at once, in multiple timelines, which Hebrew Curriculums do not teach by also dismissing the Gospel of Thomas which is reported to be the oldest & most accurate gospel, because it was at least written by one who knew Jesus/Yahawahshi. The Bible does not speak highly of women too, but it is obvious that todays women are abusing the system & are hyper sexualized, hence, there must come a time to balance vortexes, which is polygomy. But this realm as a whole may not attract people with sun signs ruled by genderless Mercury. The Asceding women – who know the Universe is already over – are not to be restricted with Biblical concepts, because in a full blown Kundalini Awakening – which a Biblical Prophets thought system may not activate – the entire concept of marriage & children has little value & a experience one may skip. Look, Yahawah wa Yahawahshi is a Grounding Truth, a step, or a means to an end. The Bible focuses on objective truths or agreed facts, but which anthropomorphizes God. Many of the men as Prophets & who claim Jesus suffered pain in the cross – when he did not feel pain, for he was healed from guilt – do however speak 100% truth within the illusion of time as former Sunday Church goers, which I am not, but do think is the cause of their distorted foundation when it comes to metaphysics behind certain events, but not a fatal defect. Yet, Hebrew Curriculums are not surgical with Mystical Knowledge, The One Mind, Insect-Demons, Ghosts, Gang Stalking, Reptilians etc; all which would assist some of their Gang stalking & struggles. They are a proficient Bible group & Historians who’s videos confirmed me Caucasus mt is Edom, the mystery of gentiles, what Johns Reveleation is all about &  the name Yahawah Wa Yahawahshi. The Curriculum tends to miss the meaning of Biblical events as One, & suggests protocols that may not be practical, just like the complications of Tabernacle nonsense & sacrifice rituals are logically pastense, because ultimately there is no Sin for there is no world where Edom can be pointed as the Devil, although they are indeed paralyzed to flesh & will not Ascend. There are seniors among Hebrew curriculums dismissing Nephlim-Reptilian invasion who are here to destroy this planet, then move to the next target. These curriculums may confuse novices thinking Heaven is about joining as super-special-bodies rather than minds that do not need a Physical Heaven, & eventually must Ascend the entire concept of Heaven on Earth to become a Spiritual Adult rather than depending on Jesus & bodies all the time. The mentality of Heaven on earth as a means to an end was the same reason Jesus was killed by Judites who over emphasized Clan values which Jesus did not share as Universal Holy Spirit, hence was attacked by them who projected their Ancestral issues on him, justifying they have the right, because Jesus came from their Clan, hence negating Jesus’s impersonal-individuality & should not wonder why their females escape them by becoming our worlds mascots of self destruction. This same defect was done by the early stages of the deciples of Jesus who thought it was only about staying in a “alliance” with Jesus, while perceiving others as heretics. Then enter a physical Promised Land, but not solving their emotional blocks to stabilize their guilt driven minds, that eventually repeats the same patterns they learned in past times & keeps the mind locked in the body belief system Hebrew Curriculums suffer because it is a belief in the reality of a physical Universe & the seeming progression within it. Biblical belief system on it’s own fixes minds in time it can’t receive a Spirit at sync with Cosmos, that is not dependant on form, man or woman – all that are concepts within a demiurge (Son of God) dreaming us as it’s dense extensions, yet are not reality. And will eventually disappear, when forgiveness is done. We are ultimately called to be spirits & not bodies. The Bible reinforces linear time,”us & them” mentality, sacrifice & specialness, hence it is the worlds most beloved device for ego perservation, which explains it’s popularity. I am not suggesting all Brehtrens as Prophets share the same confusion as the deciples of Jesus 2000 years ago did, but majority yes, for they may be driven by desires like Prophet Daniel, who was not ready to unloose the Physical Universe (Daniel 10:19). Like any Authentic path, which eventually must threat our egos, so does Hebrew Israel curriculums attract young men-women who fell off. Those who fell off do not see The Bible does not alert us of our unconscious minds Collective Unconscious Guilt which is the content (Secret Dream) of every action & rituals in our world: The manifest content or objective illusion of symbols. The book can only be filtered professionally, like the few Hebrew Prophets, once your perception is purified, which is interchangeable in meaning with The Holy Spirit: A natural or nonspecific interpretation of all things. Mind is the activating agent of the Holy spirit, not rituals. The means to stimulate the mind are the forgiveness lessons the world of sickness or hate offers gladly – where you aim to see your siblings innocent by understanding the cause of their actions explained here: The Ancient & sophisticated addiction to perserve ego which is based upon the principle of “One Or The Other” to keep the dualistic frequencies running. Appearance, Sabbath or behaviors will not fully solve peoples Ancient inner obsession to be double minded with mixed emotions, then miscreate problems even among conscious people, as the deciples in their beginnings did with Jesus, by vexing their simplicity on him, like a succubus whos ego felt left behind, realizing their perceived epic mission “to be sent out & save people” was not about them or even about Lord Jesus. There are currently many sifted men & women turning “enemies” because their ego resistance is kicking in, which is really an evoked Ancient spirit that tenaciously enjoys exploiting guilt, then try & escape the anticipated future punishment by finding sinners – trough projection – outside of it self, in order to dissociate from this painful image of self by escaping punishment, pain-body or “Karma” by perceiving Sin in others. Here the mind never feels alive or Now, for the Sin that is perceived to be casted out still remains in the mind that dreams, for there is no world. And as the mind gets adjusted to guilt or Sins sensations, it becomes it’s reality, & prefers orbiting around other dead beings. Hence, any reminder of an egoless or specialness-free Kingdom – where all talents are shared – becomes personally insulting, because no one will be there to react on a guilt driven minds attacks; guilt is an addiction no one will feed by reacting back, in content. This is what being under the Law of Kingdom *IS*. The specialness of Israel is declared by a demiurge or Idea (Son of God), not the observing God Head that *IS” (Yahawah). This is another way of saying that the specialness of “God’s chosen people” is happening only within a serious Astro-logical dream state. They are established as meaningful by God Head’s higher mediums to collect all fragmented sons, which is why Natives covenant is also described as a marriage while the rest are meaningless or “pagans” because their life is cyclical: Eat, sleep, work, repeat, yet part of the sonship too. With this realization there comes a balanced attitude that can smile, but earnestly enjoy at the concept of being “special” among self-regressed minds, rather than taking the story so seriously in ones epic quest to avenge everybody, forgetting that there is nobody out there but the One – an actualized experience of Spirit. And how this is really about discovering your own purpose after you have gone a proper Esoteric & Biblical purgation. Then become at peace with your function – Chop-Wood-Carry Water – so that you can radiate peace on others, which automatically brings healing to the entire sonship without you having to know about the details.

Khazars (Fake Jews): Trained to Spot Native Gentiles.

This topic focuses on the speckle birds that resemble Caucasus features, not Arabic, Asian, East Indian, Samoan, or hamitic-etiophian Nation features. These Nations are not considered Natives in the scriptures although some appear bronze or with melanin. It is important to mention that Natives with Caucasus features go trough their own unique Ancestral curses too. Khazarians or the Fake-Jews weaponize these people differently, just like the ones outside your traditional so-called Mexican, African American & Red Indians, go trough their individualized Israelite curse. But the curse is there & in content, it is the same, no matter where you are. You can feel enchantments holding you back, as it happened with my friends & my self when we were creating Martial Arts Cult-classic contents, which is still spoken about. I was even recognized physically in other countries by Kung Fu fans, yet I felt the curses. And so is the Speckle Bird under Deuturonomy 28 curses too – the John Cena & Dwayne Johnson types – both archetypes suffer. Greatmillstone Professionals would handle this subject using scriptures – google it –  but I will explain in brief, although, again, this is not my main topic, for it deals with facts, not content. We all have our unique gifts as end time Messengers & Teachers of God. Christianity made a great mistake of not revealing the power of our minds to choose to dream a spiritual suicide voyage which keeps us stuck in a Hologram where creeping death inflitrates our lives trough Sin. We can also choose in our day to day life to use the ephemeral world as a means to an end trough *Quantum Forgiveness* which is same as to truly perceive why people choose to attack or misperceive relationships eventually. This page pleads you to accept the world as a classroom to achieve this Vision so that you can escape your “Paranormal” death sentence which may include “UFO” Initiated men to enter your house & mercy kill you once your “elites” have no choice but to push the new Digital Central Banking System which Hollywood promotes. Again, Hollywood & the entire Fake-Jew media projects Native Gentile series & movies like The Simpsons series for this reason: To condition Native minds to fade in their Totemic strenght & take the RFID-chip. The Fake-Jews are obsessed about Natives. CERN-hive-entity has always written their scripts, not a movie buff, like Quentin Tarantino. Yes, some sophisticated prototype scripts gets written by humans, like Sophia Stewart, a female behind The Matrix series, Google her. But back to the subject; an explicit film about a conflicted Native Gentile is Dustin Hoffman’s Self-Testament film Little Big Man, which could have being played by Tom Cruise as well, for he belongs to the same category of a conflicted Native Gentile spirit trying to adjust him self as an Edomite, hence appears neurotic, ready to implode, as he did famously in Opera show. All actors or Hollywood agents, must project their real self in films for Schuman Resonance not to receive intense lies a portal for Celestial “UFOs” would open immediately. Little Big Man shows how an intermingled Native Gentile very subtely abuses his position as a “special body” more excelent than his brown Indian peers because his late mother was an Caucasus mt dweller. This very crafty & subtle abuse leads his tribe destroyed, for Dustin was trying to be accepted by a Caucasus mt reformist community, by revealing his secrets. The small Freemasonic & sheriff society consistenly treats Dustin Hoffman as Indian by naming him as mule – using MK-Ultra in order to inquire information about the Indian tribe he comes from. Many The Rock Dwayne Johnson’s movies are good examples when it comes to the dynamics of dark or half-breed Native Gentiles & how they are used as weapons to disown their Native Tribe. So is Vin Diesel weaponized for this same reason. Take notice, however, that eventually they will have to wear a womans dress or act in roles of being a robot in Terminator type movies. Hey, Arnold Swartznegger Terminator movie is a deceptive film where a Native Gentile or Gentile Moor are pictured as robots (RFID-microchipped) & are bombarding this same unnatural concept with Mortal Combat’s Jax, Robocop, Final Fantasy 7 Barret, Ironman etc. Robocob movies are about a Native Gentile being augmented from a half dead state to a Cyborg. Mj turns to a robot in Moonwalk, Jean Claude Van Damme’s career kick started with movies like The Cyborg. Johny Depp, a sell-out Indian is transformed to a computer in Transendance film. Stan Lee’s Robot or Tech characters in Marvel Avengers are all Natives while the only celestial one – Thor (Jupiter) – is played by a Reptilian cloaking as an Nordic man, which is a weaponized concept by Stan who knew the scriptures well as a warlock. Characters like Captain America & Black Widow are semi-celestial (Hercules) in Avengers played by Edomite actors not dependant on tech; Annunaki’s favour Edomites as their favorite pet because their minds are paralyzed to flesh, having no will to fight the Annunaki invesion. And so is Native Gentile’s like Chris Pratt augmented in A Tomorrow War film to cement the belief that we are supposed to use machines rather than our minds power & why the tribe of Dan is transformed to a Native Gentile community who are mainly Europeans in appearance & in deepest amnesia-incarnation to a point they are blotted out from Revelation. So look, Arnold Swartzneggers fame skyrocketed trough Terminator for this reason only: Reptilian Propaganda. His 1987 Predator film depicts a bunch of Natives & Native Gentiles trying to hunt a “Predator” which is a Reptilian or Khabbalah metaphor of the Biblical harvest Angels & Yahawahshi the Natives inherited as an Ecclestiastical defense & are supposed to summon them to kill Hollywood; a team of warlocks & wizards who are using their movies as a military tactic to confuse a Natives Ecclestiastical function to pray the killing of not only Hollywood, Reptilians, Fake-Jews, but our entire failed generation. It is Reptilian CERN-entity that consults Hollywood how & when these movies are made & released – not that these Khazars really want to publish them in fear that the audience will one day decode their Khabbalah or Plausible deniability. Their fear gets reflected in movie ratings, meaning, the more truth in the film the less stars it receives regardless of it’s popularity. Battlefield Earth film is top example, because it depicts Native Gentiles & Natives in “UFO” ships enslaving Caucasus mt, a film directed by an insider who went renegade. However, the main dude in that film is a Native Gentile acting a cave dweller so use discernment, because caveman roles are mainly played by Native gentiles to hide the true Edomite dynamics. The Predator VS Alien films are also underrated because it depicts The Predators (Natives) ability to deal with Demons, & kill the humans (Caucasus mt) who are the cause of these Alien or Reptilian illegal entities they allowed to enter our planet, as explained/confessed trough Dark City film. Yes, The Predator, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & many others, are really Totemic depictions of what Natives & “UFOs” are, but using Khabbalah, like Sumerian Tablets & Hieroglyphs in Afrika did, but failed to a point of destruction. Esaus Robotic augmentations & cloning on Natives in films is nothing but enchantments sent upon Natives mind to keep his planetary & Occult (Spiritual Power) cognitivity hopefully latent forever, but which was a primitive trick, hence easily unlocked during our Zodiac siqn of Aquarius.

Native Gentiles: All Around Us & Malfunctions.

As you can see, & for obvious reasons, not all people are Clean Lepers or Caucasus by blood, but by resemblance, yes. They are Biblically called Speckled Birds. Although Biblical belief system will not dispel the belief in a world, but reinforces it, it reminds us of carnal laws, meaning, The Father determines Nationality for the father carries the seed. Apostle Gabar, an elder, reminds us that the word “Husband” literally means Planter of Sperma. So, according to their dogma, & for obvious reasons, resemblance has nothing to do with blood line; there is still Oil enough to be saved from 4D energies. Again, Tom Cruise is from Cuban (Manasseh) Ancestry, but their vibrations gets highly altered trough homosexual Anal-probe-rituals which kills the soul & extracts the Light from their eyes; this is how you sell your Soul & become a vessel for a Demon. Films like Vanilla Sky & Firm is about a Native Gentile under MK-Ultra or gang stalking.


Unfortunately Native Gentiles have absorbed a primitive Awareness & have become drunk for the little scrap of peace they Ancestrally made up by switching their names in Nazi times & trough intermingled marriages. This so-called peace is not shared by the Native Gentiles of darker shades or Natives with Asiatic & Arabic customizations living in Europe, hence, it is faster for them to learn to not trust the Reptilian-Edomite system. Again, there is no motivation expressed trough Europes Native Gentiles to join this final battle save Juha Ahola who is a young Ephraim Truther & I encourage him to do more, valiantly though I am suspicious. Basically, The Native Gentiles are Michael Jackson’s, just without the surgery operation. Yet the same confusion is there, for their vibration does not match their  environment. The eerie feeling must remain because there are Khazarian Agents & Reptilian Police patrols denoting each Native Gentiles activities as discovered trough painter Vincent Van Gogh’s community based Gang Stalking & murder. Again, Native Gentiles suffering is more subtle. In movies, they are always outwitted by the real Caucasus men, women & child. Native Gentile actors, like Margot Robbie plays whorish roles etc. In the movie Cable Guy Jim Carrey is desperate to be friends with an Amalekite (Fake-Jew) Matthew Broderick etc. You should know by now Hollywood means Hollows-wood: A rod to cast spells. It is a military unite who use Astrological charts to make weaponized films where the main goal is to confuse identities & over sexualize, which effects the *Collective Memory Bank*. The operation to lead Native Gentiles to genocide is more unconscious which Native Gentiles dismiss none-serious, only for them to realize that their life was weaponized against them trough subtle lies which is getting ready to prick them explicitly, for Vatican will try to inform every Native Gentiles whereabouts in WW3 in order to re-adjust The One Sleeping Son’s mind to Sin driven counter space. And so, the Nations living mixed up with each other in the same cities – house – upon – house, is not recommended scripturally for it creates a confusing, inconsistent or leavened vortex: Babel-Babylon. It confuses the Planets digestive system – so to speak. And is the reason for the so called natural disasters as much as physical pollution. Mingling takes place only once “Divine order” is re-established by the ones who stay on earth, which includes having Concubines – minds who are Cosmically infants & are not crystallized as functioning eternal beings, hence they are not meant to be a companion or wife, for eventually they will age & die. Some Ascended Masters will not stay on earth but continue Ascending to what I understood to be Plaedies, for their less desire to dream on earth, which tends to be a Prophets desire, which is not an ideal state. As with the so-called Nation’s not recommended to mingle within the illusion of time: when you go to a restaurant food buffet, don’t you prefer the carbs, meat & veggies in their own separate buckets rather than all of them stuffed in one bucket mixed up? That would not be a buffet then! You can’t plant a palm tree in Iceland expecting it to harmonize with pine trees right? The same principle applies with Nations; we have different Auras/ Energy fields & ideal lands for dwelling that serves the Auric body. And when we are too close to each other, that energy rubs on others, which is why Freemasonry packs people like sardines. It looshes energy & numbs the Spirit of Israel when forcing Natives to mingle with Carnalized Nations & their daughters, in hopes to Carnalize all Natives who still posses *The Power Of The Glow* or Aura. Reptilians use siderial knowledge to plant people to wrong areas, like trying to plant a palm tree somewhere in North Pole; the tree will wither & die. The mind is hexed to a carbon body of 6 protons, 6 electrons & 6 neutrons which is the “first” Mark of The Beast, the chip is the seal. There is an unseen world, timeline or realm that looks like Earth & garrisoned by physical Demonic entities. It is crucial to know about power animals or totems that are more available in guiding than the “UFOs”. To depend on “UFOs” only may be for younger souls who do not understand about spirit totems like black crow & deer. This is the stage the Truman Show ending is all about & notice how it did not include any “UFO” event because it is not the only exit, nor the most ideal one, for it is a Collective script of duality which will keep you in reincarnation regardless of a new body; the ego references are still there. Ultimately, the RFID-Chip (Mark of The Best) & the other problems mentioned above, are all the same attempts to block all mediums or satellites to receive *Cosmic Streams of Consciousness* to enter The Sleeping Super Ego or The Sleeping Collective Son of Gods unhealed Maya or Dream state: Us as The One Hallucinating Son.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark (Eternal Sealing of Sleep) in their right hand, or in their foreheads. Revelation 13:16



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