OFF GRID 永遠に TV Ep7: Biblical “Pagan” Nations Are Different Levels of Sleep. (LIST)

Here is a list of different levels of Source Fractals or dissociations from God or to what *IS*. These various Levels of seeming-eternal- sleep are over-carnalized & calcified constellations the Ancient Biblical scribes labeled some as “Pagans” or Natural Gentiles who are trying to establish a Cult of Individuated Oneness or NWO. They are marked for a mercy kill in COVID19-Ukraine-Israel or WW3 era for using belief systems, vaccines & microchips – dissociating them to a point their metaphysical umbilical cord, Light body or Merkaba to all that *IS* is cut. Hence, are in a Just position to be Celestially mercy killed & enslaved which is their last means to kick start their Ancestral Purgation to purge Karma for erecting rationalizations, like NATO/EU, that tries to justify Attack. Inflated Egos always miscreate Systems aiming to Adjust minds to find rest or Salvation in Sin. The rest of Carnal minds or constellations are addicted to preserve Ego sensations & will follow the Inflated (Clean Leper) minds in secret hopes (Alliances) they will together not have to pay a heavy price for this perversive preservation of Ego Thought System which denies all means to Truly Forgive the Content of our Maya & experience we are The Maya or The One. A preservation of ego which is also clearly at other peoples, countries, and the Heavens expense: Starting from the bloodline of The True Priests or Native Men. The point of this Article or Mystical Theology is to mainly prepare these Carnal minds for their nearing Superb Just killing, that can not be escaped even trough up coming Atomic Bombings which is about to be acted out in desperation. Yes, many Christians or Lutherians love to claim by shouting “WE ARE THE SAME BECAUSE WE ALL CAME FROM ADAM & EVE”. Well, it is true my dear, but after this, we  all went trough a DNA process or Inner Alchemy where our Intent or thoughts predetermined us to represent certain Constellations or Nations, in times of 5D (Fluid Manifestations), not 5G (Deadly Radiation), dummy. It has already been proven again & again how our thoughts effect our body drastically. How we can shape the structure of water molecules with words. And we are made of 75% water; we arose from waters as Adamites or trees. So, please, study Japanese rice experiment to get further understanding. So in short, our thinking determined which Nation we will eventually “magnetize” towards to from our Adam-Eve standard state. Our thoughts or intentions are the reason we became separated in belief of Self. Some went fully into carnality which results in inflammation of Mind & a projected Clean Leper condition. Some are not willing to go as deep to carnality but find it attractive enough to participate in it, but without taking the charge. And finally, there are the few whose thought patterns were not taking the Physical Dream & it’s Pineal Codes as seriously, & are using Ecclestiastical Proxy means to put reprobate minds, Donald Trump, Biden & other Carnal Time-enslaved leaders to Death.

Biblical Edomites: Clean Lepers from Mt Seir & Caucasus Mt.

1.³While you believe you are in a body, however, you can choose between loveless and miraculous channels of expression. ⁴You can make an empty shell, but you cannot express nothing at all. ⁵You can wait, delay, paralyze yourself, or reduce your creativity almost to nothing. ⁶But you cannot abolish it. (ACIM, T-1.V.1:1-6)

I: The Bibles “Wicked” or Edomites from Caucasus human-ape mountains (a.k.a Caucasians) are suffering the deepest level of sleep within this illusion of duality which is the sleeping One Son of Gods or Super Egos nightmare state of quasi dreaming, hence, they are swine-fleshly, hairy, & smell like sock sweat. They are all sentenced to death for using Demons to block themselves to receive their Ancestral means to come in terms with their Mt Seir – Caucasus Mountain past & the vicious fear to not repeat it, but trough violent means due to believing in the reality of an external world. They are struggling with the ending of this Collective Physical Dream which we agreed – by writing the Bible & Prophecies – to eventually take the form of Edom’s Kingdom being replaced with a Native Government, in order for eveyrone to Ascend as spirits, not bodies. This transition of worlds is a Natural condition of a Dualistic Cosmos of shift & changes, hence, has nothing to do with Israel being a better or special Nation, but less invested in the dream, which results in exceptional & eccentric attributes, yes. The Edomites became most motivated to contribute to our miscreated *Collective Cancer Consciousness* for they (Esau) received the most carnal oriented Biblical blessing from Iisac, meaning; their iron age machines & Reptilian or empty vessel Demonic insectoid entities who are their overseers & guide Edom how to use witchcraft to circumvent the One suffering Collective Mind with concepts of Sin, then maintain our Maya state to generate guilt driven bodies as vanity-workers, then childishly pose to all as gods, or special, & why the Bible was written the way it was written. Edomites, as a constellation, functions very close to Hyenas & suffer inflammation of mind, a paralyzed spiritual voyage, that projects a Clean Leper or a nigger body as an expression of it’s inner conflict in spirit, no different from gut inflammation, that projects ezcema or other pink nigger patches on the skin as a result of gut disease, & gut is a brain… We are all splintered egos of a Larger Super Ego (Sleeping Son of God) who is suffering a multipersona disorder within a dream or maya state of multiplicity that spawned from a deformed or biopolar thought known as guilt, for as we believe we are bodies & in a world, we are stating as one Deformed Son we have stolen the creative ability of God, then wrote the Bible to cover the origins of our levels of deformity which among other texts motivates us to make up a complicated system with distinct vortexes or so-called countries, that enables us to make up altered Awerenesses or Clans. So then, part of the concept of separation, or sickness of the Larger Dreaming Mind is to mis-create separate Nations, constellations or star systems of selves that distract one another to a deeper sleep without any moment of serenity being given, or proper moment for meditation allowed, which is our current system of complications, noise, radiation, over working, & stress. The least motivated Nation to uphold a civilization vaxing to flesh are the less deformed minds known as Natives or Israelites, hence their heredity is athletic, intelligence, inventive, attractive – the basic stuff that comes with being an organic portal, but not a big deal, because we all agreed, as One Son, how this realm should operate before time. It’s a story we wrote together & not techincally real as the more grounding End Time Ministers unfortunately promote it to be. But since we manipulated our simulation towards seriousness or Amnesia – that comes with density, & now 5G-density – the Natives are now unconsciously attacked by other self hating nations, including 2/3rd Natives paralyzed to Ancestral carnality trough their Treaty of Rome, NATO & EU alliance & the culture that comes with it. And who project their body odor & other fleshly insecurities or conditions on Natives trough their NATO media from cable TV to Youtube-Google. Since 2020 nano-vaccinations, this attack also includes Hermetically scanned actors & movies (a.k.a 100% Deep Fake film or Meaninglessness), where the Native/Native Gentile scanned actors goes to another Level of abominations as a humiliation ritual. These projections by NATO/EU will never stop due to over learning this distorted world better than the “Children of Light” (Israel). It’s nothing personal, but an addiction to flesh that needs external help now, which is death trough the Biblical plegue we also idealized as One; to be our final escape plan, in case some of us get too lost in the Hermetical Black Mirror oriented Hologram, which has appeared to happened, thus are in just position to be killed mercifully. Ironically, it is the maternal twin counter part of Semitic Natives (Jacob) known as the Red Hebrew or  Esau-Edomites (Caucasus mt) who received Saturns demonic help to weaponize projections & are the main target to be cut off as a Nation for re-taking the charge, during Renessaince, to try & quarantine our planet from “5D” waves which a Caucasus body was not built to receive. In our time of Aquarius this should be obvious & basic knowledge by now. But since it is denied, so is the majority around the chosen elect marked for treason against this planet. Again, Caucasus mountain blood, Clean Leper, swine red, or Biblical nigger condition, is a symbol of an over carnal mind (inflammation of mind) or mind that has fully engrossed it self to the dream of death & bodies which is an illusion. It sees the body as it’s salvation, rather than a means to an end, thus loves to distract it self with sexual exploitation of all sorts – like Epstein, Biden etc. It loves construction noises, fire alarm, police alarm, urban noises, or unhealthy frequencies in general, that over stimulates bodily awareness, keeping everyone rooted in the 1st chakra, but the rest of the chakras out of awareness. Their women allow their monkey children to smash walls, stomp their foots heavy on the ground, making these noises that prevents cosmic intelligence to carve trough their skulls & reach their pineal gland to fuse them with sense (Logos), & realize they are insane as Sons of God & the image of Jesus does not represent their spirit of carnality. Hence, the Teachers & Prophets are in just position to spill the beans harshly, because the boat is sinking, but the ones who know the simple way out are attacked by the sons addicted to the sinking ship, & brilliant to deny it! And so, Edomite body is regressed to a point Reptilian worm entities body snatch them too, both love to dwell in complicated systems, & particularly to uphold a childish game of differences, because the lack of fear, or the lack of enemy awareness in the collective consciousness, means the evaporation of the entire dream of body-selves which a Clean Leper body can not re-adjust to anymore due to over anchoring or magnetizing it self to personal & Ancestral guilt, which spawns & projects a Clean Leper condition as a warning to it self it is literally in a red zone to be put to death Biblically for being over defensive of others that did nothing to a Leper, but vice versa. Their spirits will be ripped from their chains of Leprosy so they can be free. They will be melted with focused “UFO” lasers, slowly, starting from their lower gut, & reaching up, trough their spines, to the brain, & then explode them in half to death as a means to teach the cost of carnality, & the need to maintain it by reinforcing the need of duality on others via hellenic philosophy, & it’s civilizations utilizing  a serpents tounge smoother than butter. Again, a Leper body – a – so- called- Caucasus, can not receive 4D-downloads. It is a body only meant for 3D realms not able to maintain Mystical Wisdom which is a Matrinomy with God Mind. Clean Leper was an unfortunate decision to limit one self, which further takes a form to limit one self from life, by rebelling inside caves or indoors, then virtual reality; their perceived salvation. Since this earth is letting go of it’s 3D state, and Ascending – literally dissapearing to source energy – so it must mark Leper-3D bodies to extinct trough initiated Native Prophets, Evangelics & Teachers of God: The best & most high ranked occupation in this physical planet that never happened. The only enjoyment or motivation for being a Leper was the temporal illusion of autonomy, physicality or linear time which appeared to take place. And the epic chaos that comes with them, believing there is no cost to be paid. The cost to be paid is the unability to integrate with 4D-5D where there is no illusion of an individual Will or body left anymore, for autonomy can be only experienced in time-space mirage, which again, literally never happened as one becomes reaccustomed to the Sinless One Son. Cannabis & psychedelics, although far from the truth, are usually experienced as a bad-trip because it hints an egoless state which are not received well by carnalized minds, hence they prefer cementing the mind with alcohol & other mind cementing activities or relationships meant to crucify the collective consciousness with mindlessness the edomite system was purposefully made.

Bodies or flesh are a symbol of witchcraft towards God for the bodies sensory organs are screaming pain & death is real & God is external to us. A Caucasus human-ape or niggers, have had a long history of walking all fours because it is the minds decision to remain in between animal & human realm or try, & humiliate creation by saying “look at me because at your hands I die or fail as your Creation”. First of all here it gives it’s self out by proving a Leper can not be a god or even christ, because here it has given causative power to other forces of it’s poor conditions. Others are god – not Leper – because It blames something outside for it’s poor inheritance, starting from the Nation of Israel, during the times of Jacob & Esau. How can you not win a mind, then, that comes from a metaphysical dwelling place & physical  manifestation of constant blame, which is a testament of ones weakness if you have the eyes to see why mt seir is bound to die? Know this as true & the Lepers in your perception are already dead & so will the quality of your graceful presence be exalted among them too who are in need to be guided to die by the gentle Angle of Death.

Clean Leper: A Symbol of Paralyzed Minds in Maya.

Netflix releasing Films with Hermetically Scanned Actors: Deep Fake or Epilepsy Triggers (Universal Warning)

So, a Clean Leper is a Herald of a distorted mind, it is a form of Stigmata – a concept of a Mark popularized trough Padre Pio & Francis of Assisi although stigmata is usually used in a different context when it comes to these two men. In it’s complete investment to flesh or fear, a Clean Leper wants to prove God is not perfect & bodies are reality, not spirit. Their “elites” worship an artifical deity known as spiritual Satan, Saturn,  & it’s different distinct Legions with just different names that can not be pleased, because these discrete deities are dependant on humanities acceptance of them, hence they will deteriorate by definition; coming from a place of void or need, which is why we experience the need to eat, breath, sleep, sharing the same thought system of autonomy with these self created demi gods, but secretly mortal. A Clean Leper limits it self with these false beliefs to prove Creation we are not omnipresent-omnipotential, as we all try to prove Creation wrong, with our desired autonomy & concreted stones of dead gods. But not on the extreme level a Caucasus mt dweller unconsciously does, & will attempt to prove it all true, even when it will be put to death. It is actually a spiritual rebellion against Creations intelligence that does not interfere with this world Karmically, nor with our problems, except trough a long & tactical war-like process of suggestion that appears as if God is involved with this, but a truth which Caucasus mt, in their tragic inheritance, do not want to accept as true, thus, in their Ancestral hurt for not inheriting much as special, or due to their algorithm of self-sabotage, they are committed to take the role of Creation by trying to catch our focus to worship Ancient gods made of stones & sticks which would limit us further to their level: To become unforgivable, which would be the ultimate mockery on Creation, for now Sin has been made reality. This is still just a form of self-sabotage that happens to take a form of an collective of people, that have agreed together to destroy their own lives, but also try & drag the entire Creation with them. This is why they will all be put to death. Edom: You were not given a spot to rule by simple logic: Esau gave up his first born planetary blessing because he was mad by guilt for what he did as Kain. In his self sabotage, which guilt is, Esau allowed his blessing & inheritance to slip to Jacob by making poor choices which guilt does to ones mind as self punishment, trying to spiritually bargain with God trough sacrifice. What I just said is a monumental statement about Esau if the reader can really listen. Edom: You love to be a noisy busy body (Puuha Pete) that does not take time to properly meditate, & dwell in abstraction where we receive hardcore cosmic downloads our current bodies can not fully receive, except trough new satellites or glorified bodies. Currently, Freemasonic downloads are received by CERN Portal-cheat code, which is still limited in it’s ability because it was made by bodies of limitation: Caucasus mt bloodline, a symbol of limitation or sleep. This is why Freemasonry is extremely soddish, or a group of people using violent magical means to be special, noticed, & nothing else.

The Sons of Men: Frightened To Release Maya.

Many peoples will come and say,“Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the temple of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths.” The law will go out from Zion, the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. (Isaiah 2:2)

In the last days the mountain of the Lord’s temple will be established as the highest of the mountains; it will be exalted above the hills, and all nations will stream to it. (Isaiah 2:3)

II: The Sons of Men are majority of modern Arabic, Modern North and East Africans, East Indians and People with Chinese or Japanese Ancestry. As prophecied trough Isaiah, they will eventually admit they destroyed their lives by over investing to flesh. Basically The Sons of Men are in need to either be guided to further carnality or sleep, which is always led by Caucasus mt. Another beneficial extreme is to be led out of the cycle of birth & death dreaming state by following the Priesthood Nation or star system of selves known as Israel, or what I just call Natives. Natives Mountain (Government), if in their right minds, stands for Absolute Truth, not Relative Truth, which is specific with specific gods The Sons of Men worship as a defense. The Biblical Sons of Men are not able to decide which way to go without physical example, & follows the lead of either Priest (Hebrews) or the nation of Flesh-Edom (Leavened Hebrews). Since we have fallen to a deep sleep of carnality & it has become an addiction, the Sons of Men, like a heroin addict, are extremely fearful to let go of Relative Truths (demi gods or values), hence, they took part in Renessance criminality to try & kill the Priesthood Nation or Native Israel. Again, we are in an Ancient dream state, very much like our nocturnal dreams, so the fear to wake up & realize this world never happened is extremely strong & even personally insulting. As egos we prefer dying as a body or as an ego self, which COVID19 is all about; Your need to die as an ego & deny the means to return to your abstraction, or standard state of Creation being everything. Which is also a gradual bio-chemical transformation, for our bodies must be re-wired to a forgiven consciousness which activates the readiness to gently lay your body aside, like a tool that served it’s purpose or Dharma. This re-awakening requires an extremely courageous mind like Jesus, Moses & the rest of the Ancient, Medievil, & today prophets or oracles. We came here to receive a readiness, not a full blown abstract awakening, which would make our bodies explode, but the readiness to receive is why we appear here. The Native Kingdom or Kingdom of Heaven is a bridge towards literally evaporating the dream of hate, sin, murder & death. The body can not function when the awareness of danger is gone. The mind must be re-adjusted to this Thought System of Antiquity that *IS*, before it can perceive correctly, or even invite “UFOS”.

Natives Mesmerized by the Illusion of Time Are 2/3rds.

The One Collective Super Ego, or One Son (One Begotten Son) favours minds ego or flesh preserving, hence the world is the way it was supposed be: a body rooting confusion device. Being highly ecclestiastical though, it must let go of Edomites & Annunaki now to avoid being getting caught up with their Capital Sin, then absorbed by a black hole. It will try to sneak trough the coming golden years because many of the “UFO” saved ones have not activated their Light Body for having Biblical or we’ll groomed religious egos like Noah; not full Ascension from the entire solar system trough the 7 so-called Planets or Portals. 

III: Like the film Apocalypto by Mel Gibson, where the Northern Kingdom, or “Incas”, were at a mindless civil war & sacrificing each other to their false Reptilian gods, like emperor Huascar & Atalhuapa, but only to be back stabbed by these two alien hybrids with a sudden attack of Caucasus cave dellers; The  2/3 of Israel is a concept of Natives, of both South & Northern Kingdom, who are almost like the Sons of Men, thus, are also extremely fearful to realize we are all One. The 2/3rds are fearful to experiencee that this seeming world was a passing dream, & to which we hold on to trough acting out abominations or sin, fear & guilt that anchors our minds back to chains of darkness, or bodies, which is what guilt does as the minds self punishment, which includes Astronomical forgetfullness: The most fundamental act of suicide & from which the rest of self harm & bad decisions follow like a Domino effect, the ultimate one is the belief in body & world being separate, rather than a projection of what is within: A mind of sickness. The Greco-Roman empire & other Hellenistic or Babylonian systems are means to maintain these carnal-mind cementing dreams or thoughts of hate, which Native Jews acted out first by South & North Kingdom fighting & separating from each other, leading majority of the Northern Kingdom to America, & then both Kingdoms fighting within themselves, only to be enslaved by Natural gentiles & lastly, the Caucasus mt bloodline – and understandably so – as explained in the Bible. Again this does NOT mean that Natives are not the only ones to have the ability to become exceptional minds, or special, within the dualistic dream. And are the proper rulers of this planet, while other minds, known as pagans, did not work hard enough, going trough the logical concequences of being lazy, while others did the hard work. You can not be a great composer like Mozart without dedication & practice right? You can not be a great martial artist & stoic like Bruce Lee without motivation right? Well, the same principile applies in everything. So, what ever Natives focus upon, it is always quality. A salt to the earth or like an Art that finishes that which Nature it self does not finish. So, people with Native Ancestry are a collective of selves with more motivation to practice, hence, the so-called “Taino Incas” or North of Israel have Bruno Mars, Bruce Lee, Prophet Samuel, & Elvis from the “Puerto Rico” tribe of Ephraim. Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson comes from the so-called Negro tribe of South or Judah Tribe. Jimi Hendrix & Michael Jackson from so-called “Native Indian” Tribe of Gad. The list of the best- at least in our world of duality – goes on, & on – starring classical Natives, & the ones with less classical Native resemblance, but are Natives by blood: Seal, Phil Collins, Joni Mitchell, Pat Matheny, Nipsy Hussle, Brandon Lee, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel etc. And which is why they are eventually either killed or must go trough gay rituals, wear womens clothing publicly to sustain their fame. This motivational or spiritual energy can be applied by all, but also denied, which can effect the bloodline dramatically, if apathy to life, as a bloodline, becomes repeatedly more attractive, as it happened with the Biblical so-called pagans, who over used Israelites as a work force, only to destroy their own Ancestral lineage, or the ability to function as a family, without Judahs & Israelites on going societal contributions that adds meaning. The so called pagans (addicted to flesh) are Caucasus-Westerners (Edomites), Afrikans (Hamites), Chinese (Moab), Japanese (Ammonites), Arabics (Ismael) & Polynesian people (Japheth) according to scriptures. All so-called pagans have made a covenant with the illusion or dream of death by repeating decisions that vexes the dreaming mind to cement carnality as a belief of self. This belief of self sacrifices it’s self to the legions or demi gods that sustains something that does not exist, which is this world & our bodies of illusion. The Caucasus mt are the most extreme examples of a collective of people that  have no ability to sustain themselves alone, & are finally going extinct. Their entire collective was based upon forging lies or patenting inventions & platforms not invented by their bloodline – a lie consciously supported by the rest of pagans too afraid to release this Ancient Maya state by becoming truly Kundalini Awakened or Enlightened or to die before actual physical death by atoning or remembering ones innocent state of being. After patenting inventions trough mindless violence, the next Ancient deception is to obscure our collective memory bank by making Hollywood propaganda movies, history, media & video games, that desperately tries to reinforce their lies or self betrayal on others, which only reinforces Caucasus mt own self hate, & self hate demands punishment by death. Again it is a consistent & logical thought system we are refering here & cannot be escaped with chaos magic or Atomic Bombs: The last chaos magic. And so, the Edomites are called the Devil, but which just means Self deceiver which automatically projects it’s meaning or Herald as a Clean Leper or a Niggard. And who seeks to see his self hate (Acidic Body odor, paralyzed movement & normalized psoriasis condition) casted/projected on others, then adjust the rest to this world view, which only attracts death to us all in the forms of “UFOs” & Zombie Apocalypse, which series like The Game of Thrones was really about: A Drama seeking Collective Attracting the inevitable plegue of Death Angels, by following a self hating inbreeding Monarch family – The metaphorical Borgia-Rothchilds & their little plotting minions. And who live lies by lying, so much that maintaining the lie becomes a quiet complicated desperation (Fake Moon landing, Fake WTC attack, Fake Jesus image, Fake history, Fake Composers, Witchcraft, Hollywood). As one major example: The Red Devil with a pitchfork is also among their biggest lies to confuse the meaning of the word; let’s thank the Hebrew Curriculums for reminding us about this. South Park Animators – who deserve death – are examples of the “Good Cop” unit of the “Bad Cop” Fake-Jews who are lying to you by bombarding you with not only the Red pitchforked Devil lie, but also bombarding you with the Fake image of Borgia-Jesus. And posing the character Kyle & his skankhunt father as a Jew. They are not the Jews. The main simple proof can be found in Deuteronomy 28 where you can see how none of the Ancestral curses applies to the “Jews” in Israel now, such as being brought to Egypt by ships (Deuteronomy 28:68), which Prophecies about the Southern Tribe being shipped to America (Spiritual Egypt) during Atlantic slavery, including shipping the little amount of Northerners, Indians or Ephraimites to Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico & Cuba who were dwelling among the so called blacks in West Africa. Then placing the Northerners to reservation camps with the already reformed Indians-Ephraimites we know as “American Indians”. GMS Greatmillstone has several History lessons on this subject. Thank you Apostle elders of Greatmillstone. So, In spirituality Natives have also shown the ability to repent by the few among them, & even the 2/3rds will integrate back to spirit, after death, unlike the wicked, & the Sons of Men, whose Ancestral DNA pattern has overlearned the horizontal-animal-plane. They are not able to intergrate back to Spirit even after re-generation. The other Nations have become temporarely over engrossed with the hologram simulation, or carnality, while the Caucasus cave bloodline has become spiritually paralyzed because of super-carnality, which shows forth as a Clean Leper, or swine, & smelly-sock-sweat-flesh condition where their blood shows forward, & where the name Esau derives from: Wasted away. They will be burned extinct back to the hands of God: It *IS*. Again, the bodily state has become an addiction much worse than any addiction in the seeming world – like the need to eat food, drink water, or even to breath, which are all Magic. The fact that only a remnant of Natives will make it, should already tell you that the fear to let go of this dream is very strong, so we want to fight against the new Kingdom to come because this Kingdom is about evaporating the dream of bodies or the dream of needs trough divine order. The remnant of Natives waking up are attacked by NATO/EU & Russian Federation Psy Ops as we speak. Because of this fear to let go of the world, which is a dream, they do not want Awakened Native presence in the seeming world because their presence stimulates the Larger Sleeping Mind – The One Collective Son of God – to open it self to “UFOs”, which are a symbol of an ending of our miscreated Collective Nightmare hijacked by insect entities from the bottomless pit. But which are really only effects of our assuming-unintegrated stability of minds. This means, that the insectoids are not separate beings, but literally figures or a mirage of our own imaginations that are trying to make them selves real by using empty vessels. Then seeking our attention (energy) like ghosts. The insanity behind all this, is that we never had the motivation to question all this, because we like to maintain a weary Collective Spirit; starting with the Edomites. It is an extremely alien concept to live a life without a sense of enemies, or problems to be solved. Hence, the mind is called to re-adjust it’s will back to Spirit trough forgiveness that sees past trough peoples sins to the cause of their insanity which comes from the distortion of reality in ones belief system. And the addiction to remain distorted rather than attracted to the Force of God. To see others in this naturally forgiving Light is a process, & requires much training when it comes to judging others properly or placing limits on people who are cleary seeking for problems in order to anchor ones being as flesh; still praying to substantiate our mindfulness as One Spirit. All problems in the world are our need to remain in the dream or concrete our minds to a deeper sleep. Our world of noise, false concepts, hate or radioacitivity – all the same in meaning – is to dim our Celestial Awereness – by Astronomically investing our focusing on the body, & cementing this belief as a body by commiting levels of harm. When you fear/ react to the world, you are literally teaching your self, & others, that a seeming world is real & not done by you; that you are not an abstract perfect mind that can not die; this is what guilt does people. And since human brain releases geometric wave patterns, so is the language guilt speaks geometric rather than alphabetical, for the fading Universe is shaped as 12-sided Dodecahedron that within consists artificial pythagorian solids like cube or hex – shapes nature does not really produce – but shapes we deathwished as part of ones self crucifixion or self hypnosis to become conscious, instead of Being. Here you reinforce bodily awareness while simultaneously losing the awareness of spirit/mind. Here you are pretending it is the world that dreams you trough it’s 1G-5G mediums, & you are just their satellite obeying The Master Of Puppets. The ones that are going to make it out from this quicksand of frequency-deceptions or distortions, are different levels of readiness-states to receive more cosmic information or downloads that will reinforce the Knowing we never were in a world or body, nor did we really reincarnate into bodies because we are all abstract minds that have fallen into a cosmic coma state that appears to reincarnate or regenerate as a body within the Sleeping Super Ego mind, and it’s constructs of worlds, eventually hijacked by insect humanoid-demons in cahoots with Fake-Jews or wizard family who used portals like CERN to let them in. This Larger Mind has projected it self trough an atomic hole – like a cylinder – with the most minimal awareness of self, which is why we feel concrete or solid. It is a perversive distortion of Self, but a distortion we perversively feel comfortable being with, for here our separation rests undisturbed or to be sincerely looked at, questioned, then finally dispelled as untrue. The dynamics of your static or decision making mind at unison with the Larger Sleeping Mind (Super Ego) in action must be first evaluated as painful or meaningless by accepting your daily means, which is the process of true reasoning or evaluation beloved by God. Here you perceive your every day as a classroom where you must *Quantum Forgive* anything that seems to make you feel negative, & open your heart to see how you have set up events to trigger you. Punitive Judgements on peoples attacks must be organically experienced unworthy before the motivation for spirit comes at play, which is another way of describing experiences like The Dark Night Of the Soul – a place where Sin has left & now there is a void – a void which Reptlians deny existing because in this experience the pull of God becomes apparent & too strong to ever view peoples attacks from a personal lense, even if you are killed. Look, there is a split part of us we are keeping latent by our participation in the Khazarian world, which is all a colossal distraction. This hidden split part of us likes our pains, because it makes the separation so real in our belief which is Ancient, although a lie. Trough ego free forgiveness or letting go of grievences, we actually permeate that in-between Heaven, seemingly fenced by a thick barrier ornamented with barbwires & garrisons:Demons. Salvation is in the context of relationships for they reflect our unconscious conflicting communion with God by crucifying his One son with spells & strikes. By forgiving the One Sleeping Sons content, you are peeling the cementing etheric layers, which were really just dark clouds of guilt echoing & amplifying our shame we eventually must project on others again, in hopes to keep our sense of innocence alive, but also keep Sin alive in our Awereness, by seeing Sin on others. As a result of recycling this attack-defense cycle, no one will ever leave this world. And the only remaining way out is to set our entire generation & their ephermal Kings for a Euthanization seremony, which this page is preparing minds for, as did Noah back in his generation who were too tired, weeping with tears, but far too gone in Unforgiveness.

Women Abusing Their Bodies To Defend Against Redemption.

Women are minds like men are minds & are equal to men as minds in the process to become Spiritual Adults with no bodies, hence the Biblical notion of women being only servants is a technical statement that applies only within a dream which is dualistic. (

Lord Indra himself has said, ‘The mind of woman cannot be disciplined; she has very little intelligence. (Rig Veda 8.33.17)

Women are powerless, have no inheritance, and speak more humbly than even a bad man. (Krishna Yajur Veda Taittiriya Samhita

Women by nature are crooked, their love is fickle, devoid of religious knowledge, and bring about difference between father and sons (Valmiki Ramayana, Aranya Kanda, Sarga 45.29-30)

IV: Like man, so is woman a concept that technically was never meant to work – like our plastic Universe falling apart – hence even in the oldest scriptures – the Vedas – it is also denoted how minds trapped in a womans body tends to over indulge with worldy pleasures, gravitates only to powers, & will not accept the earthly order to Ascend this planet. Yet here is a fast wisdom from Nicolya Christi regarding the Awereness of our reality being more of an siderial cacoon nature we penetrate alive trough taming ones mind in order to resurrect the Capital or Siderial Mind beyond time & prophecy: The lightbody is predominantly active and is connected to your physical body via ‘spin points’, which are positioned within a ‘light-grid’ that overlays the physical acupuncture meridians and is composed of lines of light intersecting in intricate and intelligent geometries. So, although women abuse the system, this does not take away that there has been Enlightened women in a Prophetical role, but a contribution destroyed by sovinist scholars who did not give them credits as seen with books like the Bible. Women are minds like men are minds & are equal to men as minds in the process to become Spiritual Adults with no bodies, hence the Biblical notion of women being only servants is a technical statement that applies only within a dream which is dualistic, hence unfairly fixed trough our own desire to experience life as dualistic rigged creatures. Having an extra entrence between the legs, women become posessed since birth & made a pack with Saturn to exploit life in flesh, & are in majority marked for death for becoming over carnal; losing the ability to function socially & transforming almost all women meaningless, or a means which results only with an ambigious answer – answer with equivocal meaning that is – hence are a perfect partner only in death & lies, with zero ability to help or comfort. This again, boils down to the fear of redemption, which results in the experience we were never a body in a world as male or female. Acts like abortion should summarize why among Caucasus mt, the top failed souls marked for death are females, some that are starting to smell like rotten fish due to their abused wombs, which is a decision to keep the radiance of truth out of this world by remaining buried in different levels of self made sickness. The Bible & it’s Preachers use Isaiah saying some females will flock to them in WW3 but only for them to reject girls as WW3 & famine hits all countries, which are simply inevitable effects of this collective Maya state to root our attention to counter space & forget the Cause. Thus, average men of the world will rape even kill women in revenge for being played around, which is all a deliberate initiation by the insane Abrahamic Dualistic God, not Yahawah that *IS*. Some Damsels will be renegerated back for a loving re-education where womens addiction or attraction for guilt, trough sexual abuse of self, & it’s anchoring to everlasting Maya state, will be gradually dispelled, then they will leave this realm, not stay as wives & breeders for a 1000 years. So my sisters, do not fear, for that is a misconception, not to mention men today have past & future incarnations as women as did Jesus or Yahawahshi too. To deny this is simply ego preservation trying to establish sexes real. But modern women are body addicted, thus called to play  temporal part, or communicate directly again, without sending dual meaning to the Universe which is same as meaningless sharing where manifestations remains impossible. Since God is genderless, yes, women can find salvation without a man, for women are minds, but minds that are in a collective dept to men for abusing the system that is catered to women, so much that women can call the police with no valid reason, & she will be listened, not the man. This ambiguous communication always leads the planet – the entire creation, to compute you as something which is not human. So my dear child, daughters & sisters in Christ, your bitter end is not required in truth. Free God’s One guilty riddled Son by embracing your natural motherly heritage or meaningful communication. Accept Polygomy – assuming you will stay on Earth – for even that, is only a means to be One, or evaporate perception – not a sovinistic fantasy. I personally was always lazy with women hence do not desire women anymore, save to teach non-dual being – a typical effect of Kundalini, & why Dr Manhattan as a known reference for Ascending Masters is personally spot on. But for some, marriage & children is important means to an end to hopefully release your psychological (etheric) body & the physical body you named & find precious. Let us make the last step to the formless Heart of  Father-Mother God together by accepting the orderly means to achieve the Final Fantasy where Oneness gets joined as One; where the Awareness of bodies & Universe disappears forever. Yes, we can do this. Yes, we can reach the soft lawns of Heaven in the world of darkness.

Egregors or Reptilian Insectoid Entities Within Maya.

Reptilians or Nephlim beings are the logical or Saturnian end result of our collective unconscious guilt projected outward that takes the form where vampiric beings from the subterranian Kingdom below us appear to rule our planet & are task forcing us to depletion. They are serving our need to be punished which is guilt & are Ecclestiasctically or Systematically keeping us in a self hateful state by bating us to attack & sacrifice one another. In that sense, they are not an enemy, yet they are extraterrestial illegal entities who can be only escorted out of this plane trough Anointed Semitic Jews & Natives.

David Icke and/or Richard Branson are the same shapeshifter serpent entity.

Many Hybrid Reptiles in rich circles are used as sex toys even by the one that breeds them. Some Reptiles or Annunki’s & among us in million & basic Knowledge, function like snails & are highly sensory.

V: The Reptilian, Nagan, Djinn, Annunaki, Bigfoots, Sasquatch, or Demon (intellect) “They Live” sulfur odored entities are not alive nor asleep. In Baghavad gita, it says they come from the 7 subterranian planes below our sphere, meaning they come below earth & are the real extraterrestrial, not UFOs or Angeles. They reflect our dead state of being for we are born dead & why Awakening or Enlightennent is about resurrecting ones mind from it’s cosmic coma, not remain for a pleasent coma, or a Kingdom. The lesser Demon bodies are usually 3-D printed by humans in labs, thus there are many species of extraterrestrials along Reptiles, yet they all need a human body vessel to walk among us & hopefully also learn forgiveness. Films like They Live is about a Boarder Line dimension of our system where Gang Stalking trough Salamanders, or Reptilians takes place. They guide Khazars to ripple effect all dimensions of flesh by adjusting their perceived Herds to break the Laws of God, by incorporating their doctors to assist Demons to figure how human brain works. Their troll farms that attack Critical Thinkers consist of Alumine foil hat using hybrid-reptiles, who use the hat in order for us not to find them, or their thoughts. Carlos Castaneda & Don Juan calls these beings Allies, or inorganic beings, but people themselves can also be posessed by these beings, such as in cases like sleepwalking. Or by capturing perhaps a recently deceased body because it’s brain still jolts electrical charges, producing even nail growth for months. NASA and/or Hollywood people are breeders who are agents employed to have sex with Reptilians like the film Good Luck To you Leo Grande, starring Emma Thompson having sex with 3-D printed entity she handles in the film. These actors produce hybrid insects Hollywood has confessed again & again in many films like 9 Months or We Need to Talk About Kevin. Please pay attention to these film references, for I know what I speak as a former Producer who dealt with jealous Hollywood minds deliberately sending spells, hoping my film production would fail, but it won’t. They are Agents, literally matched together as husband & wife by their handlers, then employed to breed hybrids who have the ability to astral project & posess feeble minded people trough suggestions, & becoming familiar to their target trough movies & porn. As revealed in Afrikan Hieroglyphs, where a brain of a Mummy is their obsession, Demon possession focuses to learn about mapping human brain, for Demons are also known as swamp people having no brains & bones. They are the ones that can spontaniously combust, not humans. Demons – meaning the entire race of Vampires – nemesis is ironically The Beast (Edomites or Caucasus Dwellers) because The Beast as a nation is also seeking to forever preserve flesh, but to do that they would have to wipeout all pre-adamites or Demons in order to switch places, then pretend to be gods, as all Demons do now & why all of them are in high positions. And if not, they are travelling the world with infinite money as VIP members who do not need extra attention, which they get with money anyway, knowing they have the Jesuit-Vatican connections to launch a YT page with their smart phone & have billions of followers by doing nothing with meaning, which is why majority of mega YT pages are Reptile kids, like Teemu Vehkala, who is a Hybrid being & just one example out of millions farmed in MK-Ultra labs: They Live! Many deformed children – like Elephant man – are really Reptilians born from a Native woman who made a mistake sexing with a Reptilian, hence the half breed insect gets born deformed, acts weird & will not live long, because Native-Native Gentile women are not as regressed as Edomite or Moab women are, who can give birth to these insects with ease, producng a more functioning Hybrid, like the Asiatic hybrid Keanu Reeves, having the 6th sun sign of Virgo. Demons justification to destroy their human host is the hosts suicidal tendency or negativity explained trough movies like The Minus Man starring Owen Wilson, a Reptile. Demons are minds or sons resting at the treshold of death, but trying to preserve their physical existence by looshing energy for the fear to disappear. And since we also kill insects like mosquitoes, so & understandably, Demons see us in the same light, but not exactly with T.I’s because some T.I’s are sanctified means towards a unifying Thought System. The film Body Snatchers is a medium to confess entities body snatching people in their sleep; keeping the dreaming mind fragmented to parallel realities that appears similiar to this one, yet keeping the host unaware he or she is snatched. This is occuring in a global scale with the COVID19 vaxinated ones. The concept of a Bigfoot or Sasquatch, is an exiled Reptilian entity that during the middle ages has meddled then body snatched an all-4-walking hairy Edomite-Neanderthal or a Caucasus mt dwellers body, who suffer a nigger perception, meaning, who are the most regressed organic portal & have sold their souls as an entire collective by having sex with Demons, which again & thought by the Prophets to us, means intellect or “Pre-A.I” which Satan *IS* as a hive, that extends to physicality in forms of biotech-entities. Their only purpose is to reinforce meaninglessness. A Demon is not evil per-se, but part of the Unholy Trinity of dualistic dream frequencies, where animals, micro-organisms & plants are also as much involved in this dualistic craft, for even plants are pre-occupied preying or fighting for survival by blocking each others roots to receive water, then protect it’s self from expected attack the plant it self caused to another within this quarantined dream state (Physical Universe) with chaotic laws, not created by God, but by His *Willed* Sleeping Sons Illusions The One Son (Buddha) hallucinates within the mind of The Father – like a molecule (Son) within a molecule (Father) – but now perceives a world where things appear inverted, external & palable. And due to the need to exploit an inverted or distorted (dense) realm, the One son eventually employs Demons & the most carnal separated sons to form an alliance to adjust everyones mind to the belief we are here under purgation, inherently evil, unworthy to return home, keeping the mind feverishly forever dense as self punishmet, which the Bible’s Genesis story & other events maps, but without the Hebrew writers knowing about this, who were also still part of the collective drive to mis-create dualistic frequencies, but without being too extreme with this concept, as the non-Hebrews (“pagans”) are, thus are now sentenced to death, for going too far. This spiritual self deception “pagans” pushed too far takes a form of Freemasonry which keeps our realm magically radioactive from Harmonic Convergence to reach it’s fullest capacity, by our own concent. Masonry is an Corporeal Body without a face & is simply a One Body Of Satan or a Hive Mind, connected to multiple possessed bodies who decided to give up their Will Power to have a temporal psychic power, but maintained by complicated rituals, vanity & drinking human blood, preferably a Native Infants blood, which is why they push abortion. These same powers can be activated in ones right mind too & go beyond them, but a power of Christ which depraved Khazarians are preventing from being activated, with the assistance of Egregors, who are keeping peoples brain function in less than 5% & are gradually connecting these people to this same Hive mind, but with zero or zombie Awareness. As a side note: The News broadcasters in CNN, MTV 3 news, Al Jazeera etc, are increasingly just Empty Vessels or Body Snatched bodies, hence they appear in their countenance as if we are not living a pre-societal collapse where the majority are going to die. Freemasonry Corporeal entity of Reptilians & human vessels tempts humanity to destroy themselves or unconsciously cannibalize each other, but uses Afrikan witchcraft to place deep emphasis on attacking the 12 Tribe Natives, then dismiss all the attacks done on Natives who were set up to contribute salvation the most. This attack Reptilians are harvesting people to act is a means to tempt Absolute Reality to react, or make Sin real to keep the firmament solid. An Absolute Reality who answered our insane wish trough his Holy Spirit medium by gradually & strategically establishing 12 Tribe Native Patriots, Ascended Masters & Angels as Fundamental means to keep connection to the heavens nonseparate, for the obviousness of the dream becoming serious in each ones seeking of specialness under the principle of “One or The Other” or “Kill or be Killed”: Duality Frequencies or principles our world of Biblical or systematic sacrifice can not live without hence must be destroyed for a proper restart to occur. Reptiles, Nagan Serpents or Mesoamericas Quetzacoatl, are thought emotions within our abused Maya Holographic Dream or Matrix State, & are looshing and/or harvesting mankinds energy by using their “good cop” unit Demons (a.k.a Reptilians) to physically & trough youtube videos; promote all the fun, sodom & drug culture stuff, but mixing this subtle conditioning towards Autism (easier to sacrifice…) with knowledge, especially when they infiltrate rich bohemian but smart communities, which is filled with Insectoid Half Breeds who are there to apathize the youth to be outside of their body as Boarder Lined, which is same as to condition the youth towards a reinforced dismissive attitude, but which only roots the youth to a deeper unconscious guilt & a required death sentence trough the Natives, for the youths abused comfort zone oriented & hedoinistic dream state, but which always calls the sacrifice of other people, countries & nations supplies, in order to maintain this pleasure, or Philosophical wine. Sweden & Finland – two lands dwelling in Biblical bottomless pit – meaning, a land that has no ability to produce agriculture – are lands that literally live on other countries expenses & are sentenced to death, as a whole, for building these systematic blocks to normalize these dangerous dismissive attitudes reinforced trough false history & narratives that justifies this Ancestral Crime since the times of Mikael Agricola: A devote student of Martin Luther. New Age or Cosmos Festival community & other similiar Burning man communes are perfect examples of Boarder Lined people who easily attract insectoids around them to further their comfort zones, hence stand no chance to survive our already set WW3 narrative because the quantity of their unconscious guilt, that was produced by being over dismissive, has reached the heavens as a stink. The goofy Reptilians are cautious of experienced Natives presence because their scanners can’t link well to Ascended Masters (Dominus) nervous system, for the Master radiates naturally the worlds deepest fear: A reminder to the Collective dream that it is time to wake up from this “fun” stuff & finally become at unison with ones *Purgatory Contemplation*. Purgatory Contemplation is an advanced level of ones mind training. It comes after ones ego is more than half dead. Here the Light of Creation outside time-space-vortex becomes easier to look upon & where you take the obvious bull by the horn, by gradually fusing your Soul with the divine union of God, for the motivation for God is stronger at this point than exploiting the worlds ego based concepts of self, including all it’s relations. After getting comfortable with ones impersonal nature, he or she may return to establish Heaven on Earth after Edom-Flesh-world is physically gone, for in this dwelling place, one knows & appreciates how they worked hard for their Spiritual Mastery from the bottom up, by putting their hands on the plow. And that there is really no destiny, no where else to go, for the voyage was always within & we are not really anywhere as minds, because there is no physical cosmos. Anyway, the goofy Half Breeds do interrupt disturbed if you perform experienced music or melancholic tunes preparing minds for death & war, meaning, to purge the interference for Heaven. Demons do not want their sodomized & Boarder Lined youths to grasp how the ugliness of our world is covered with the seeming beauty & festivals we have made up as One, to never look directly at the problem: Unconscious guilt that escapes it self trough dissociation or projection. Half Breeds also distract people from reading materials with Biblical terminology or any other Gnostic material outside of Human Design, New age, Echart Tolle or Teal Swans garbage, which are literally designed to cope or adjust our minds with the creeping NWO structure. But again, the more you become suspicious your friend is a Reptilian empty vessel, they will eventually flee from your life or they will try to shapeshift like the actor Jude Law, who shapeshifts as Imogen Poot, with the exact same mannerism no different with the actor Peter O toole who after Lawrence of Arabia played the female role in Dr Zhivago. So, this is the filth we are dealing with family: Hollywood actors – the organic ones & Natives – who are forced to breed with entities to produce Half Breed aliens. This includes the military, pentagon, white house etc. They are cemented in sodomy. Reptilian Half Breed like drinking Coca Cola (Baby fetus) to ground themselves & are beneficial means to Ecclestiastically Quantum entangle Natives on Fake-Jews hidden or Unholy vortex of stink, guilt & carnal flesh, before physically entering their hiding places to mercy kill the Fake-Jews from their filth; too seductive to be released from by themselves. This is why as you spot a Khazar, they leave the scene for the entangelment not to manifest. This is also why when a Khazar Fake-Jew sees you around a Half Breed, they become highly alerted because they have allowed to be possessed by a Dybbuk that gives them a sharp awareness. Again, a 22 year old Swedish-Fin Khazar owning a flat in Hämeentie & who was forced to a Psychosis (MK-Ultra) clinic by his parents, was aware of this too. The Khazars are an embodiment of Yidish or Plausible Deniability personafied, hence – like the famous Faust incident in Germany – they are guided by 4D-Insectoids & maintain their ambigious spirit to remain as Unholy: A separate unseen dimension by the Mundane, but not by “UFO” sanctified Natives. I visited this equivocally uttering Swede-Fin fool in Asylum with one Half Breed entity I used in order to prepare his families death, which includes Juha Luuri too & politicians like Ben Zyskowicz, who are nothing but egregor dependant Fake-Jew degenerates, death sentenced by the approaching “UFO” harvest season & the Natives who call upon Yahawahshi that directs these celestial forces. Khazars, the rich & celebrities are imprisoning their relatives & other celebrities to MK-Ultra asylums because the ones imprisoned know about the coming Harvest Season, yet do crack open when they get angry, but for unjust & selfish reasons, with no intent to demonstrate other seeming sons a *Capital Alternative*: An inner dwelling place where a shift of worlds truly takes place. A dwelling, where the projector of our private Hologram of a physical Universe becomes heightened in Awereness, so we can meaningfully decide for God.


Unfortunately the world & almost all teachers are failing to realize we are energy harvested as food by inorgnic beings & elemental demons among us in the unseen world admitted by their mascots David Icke & David Wilcock & explained trough Khabbalah/double means in Vatican’s Matrix films & dozens of others. There are less known Agents like Laura Eisenhower doing the same thing. The Annunaki-Nephlim or pre-adamites are the Grey’s who recruite our planets subterranians (Reptilian or Demons) & a post-adamite-collective at the treshhold of becoming subterranians (Edom-Neanderthals) to preserve their expired existence artificially, because “it’s too good to be true” for the planet it self seems to serve them more rather than supporting awakening. These coward beings rest at the treshold of death – hence pass as extra sensory – but unwilling to return to spirit by creating a Dodecahedron fencing surrounding our grid. They hoard a lot of knowledge, but which is not powered by anything, hence Natives, Native gentiles or less leavened beings, are energy harvested as food the most, because they have more neurons hence more pathways in the brain meaning Natives are the “Duracell Battery”, the rest are less powerful as batteries for choosing to dim their Light or Will Power Ancestrally. So when you hear Orientals, Arabs & Natives saying Cauacasus do not invent, only patent, this is due to the entities farming Caucasus mt leaders & commoners to apathy, creating an invalid collective with less reference to creativity & the joy of working hard. It’s not that Caucasus mt are untalented, just under demonic witchcraft as means to establish upside down values where people get uplifted for doing nothing. People have given way too much credit or mysticsm on these entities among us; they are very fearful beings & Sons of God too, but using their intellect to preserve their already expired ego existence & why they fear illuminated humans more than anything else in this world. There are some decent among them trying to start their forgiveness work. One  entity bloodline were some of the Pharisees who influenced others to kill Jesus or Yahawahshi in order to perpetuate our Guilty Consciousness now gone out of hand not only on prime model of earth, but in all dimensions of time, or propabilities.