Awakening from the dream: The Dark Night Of The Soul

The dark night of the soul is a phase in the beginning stages of Awakening where you are not ready to move forward and you try to cling in to your old life and old relationships. It is a grieving process of a life that is now lost and you dont know what to do next. It usually feels depressing because we feel stuck and unproductive in this stage. It is also very common to not have any passion for anything and due to the depression that follows from the lack of passion, we tend to be very fatigued and sleep a lot. It is very good to know that this phase will pass and the whole purpose of this process is to make your biological self aligned with source/god/universe so remember to rest a lot, your brain is literally rewired to receive more energy and de-clutter your mind from past concrete thinking. You are on an important phase of realizing you are the dreamer of the dream (physical universe) so allow your physical  biological self to catch on to this realization by resting as much as you can. Try to enjoy the fact that you are in a sped up process of self realization or Awakening from the dream of birth and death.