Awakening From The Dream: Re-entering Society After Divine Transformation.

Once you have gone trough the dark night of the soul (which can last from months to years) there is no turning back. So much has shifted within you. You have mentally, physically and some of you quite literally seeing glimpses of hell in the astral realms (the realm of nocturnal dreams or out of body experiences) and you have come back out of it stronger than ever. It will be harder to piss you of because you have seeing the inner realms of heaven and hell even the best UFC fighter does not have the courage to enter yet. One major quality within you by this time is that you re-become highly sensitive to your surroundings and you can now honor this sensitivity and use it well to navigate trough life. In other words you have become an empath or psychic. Once you come out of the metaphorical cocoon and re-enter society, your acquired wisdom and the lack of addiction to ego consciousness gets automatically contrasted with the deep misery, search for validation and meaning the majority of others around you are going trough from all ages and races. Majority of them so distracted by the world that they are not aware that they are miserable by searching for happiness outside of themselves. You will see the cosmic drama being acted out right in front of you… And boy that can be quite funny actually!

A word of warning which is that if you are not meant to wake up in this lifetime then what I have written so far will make no sense to you and will sound crazy. It gets more intense as we progress the ladder up as you will see as you read this. I am sorry to break your sense of reality. Bare in mind tough that this is becoming more common. There are 7 billion people on earth now so of course there must be more people waking up compared to 2000 years ago at the time of Jesus when there was perhaps only 2 million people on earth thus only 1-20 people waking up. One of them historically known as Jesus.

Before I go on with the topic of re-entering the societal matrix I would like to write a summary of the basic phases of awakening from the dream of separation (the dream of leaving God/Oneness and to dream to be born in to a physical false dream like universe to survive as a body and eventually die as a body)

1. Initiation: Everybody starts from this phase and majority of humanity have been stuck here for a long time. This phase is simply to be born into this world. Once you are born you get conditioned by your care takers and later on by your friends, school system, media and society. Unless you were born to an Enlightened being, which is rare, the conditioning you received while growing up were all objective. They all believed in a mysterious external world outside of themselves and something that should be taken seriously for the sake of survival. Once you take things seriously for many years you become addicted to that state and know no other way to navigate trough life. Once you reach adulthood and you notice that you are not happy, that you are still serious or unhappy, you are motivated to question everything you have been thought. Many people however suppress their real feelings regarding their unhappiness by distracting themselves trough relationships, abuse of sex, abuse of substances, beach vocations, overworking and overeating to a point the feeling of misery gets denied and hidden in the unconsciouss. When this happens the next step your soul will try to do to warn you is trough bodily sickness to motivate you to question what you pass as life but even this will not work in many cases because we will find satisfaction in blaming other people regarding the lot in our lives and the unconscious self hatred of not having the care to do anything about it but blame. The old grumpy man is a good example. Hitler found immense pervasive satisfaction in blaming others of his misery and even killed many to gain some sense of power. Many people at this point of initiation will find interest in conspiracy theories and although the basics are true, that a group of insane powerful individuals are not for the highest good of all and are plotting for a one world government to keep people more in bondage, the people who are miserable will then get stuck in blaming the insane elites yet not seeing the full picture of it which is that the miserable people are actually dreaming the elites up and the elites are just serving their wish to remain in literal and eternal sleep. They are also innocent.

NOTE: This does not mean that these global scammers which the pop culture refers to as the “powers that be” should not be responsible for their actions and put to a forced mental institution or even prison. 

2. Undoing or Letting go: If you are lucky and you listen to your unhappiness or the sickness, you will start to rebel against everything you have been thought.  You will attract esoteric books, few friends who are also awakening and the right videos and you will notice the importance of letting go of the false self: your old life which was working as an distraction. Dropping your old life will be a process because we fear the unknown after all of the old is gone. Many people will not go trough this phase and will jump back to their old lives and/ or comfort zones because they fear peer pressure that will inevitably happen with relationships. So many do not want you to be free and very few from your old life will allow you to go trough this radical process of letting go. The people from your old life will channel words and act out unconsciouss behaviors that will try to root you back in to the comfort zone you were part of for so long. Awakening is a road without distance so you really are not going anywhere but the change occurs at the level of the mind and once you have raised your awareness your life will picture this awareness accordingly which means your external world (the effect) will change based on the change in your thinking (the cause or projector). This is perhaps the most intense process of waking up and can also last for some time. If you live with a spouse, with family, it has been quite typical for them to suggest you should visit a psychiatrist and if you do that (some will be forced to do it) the psychiatrist, unless he/she is aware of jungian or any esoteric psychology, will usually diagnose your behavior as mental illness and you may have to go trough medication. Since you are the dreamer of your life and the people who seem to be outside of you are actually you, you will eventually have to forgive these people who hurt you by trying to drag you down to the old ways. Without forgiving them you will not be able to forgive yourself and release yourself from the experience of linear time: the sins of the past, the absence of present peace due to the fearful expectations of the unforgiving future.. All this will be gone only trough forgiveness in a quantum sense. Forgiveness is the key to be released from time. None of us came here pure and waking up from the insane dream of birth and death, time and space, will make you more aware of this. We are all doing our best with our current state of awareness. I also want to add that although the psychiatrist have no clue what is happening within you (psychology is still in its infancy), they are there to keep you more grounded without knowing that is what they are for. Going to a mental health professional will also be a good justification for others to allow you to take it easy and rest to digest all that is happening with you rather than pushing you to get a job or a career. Use this time wisely. Rest whenever you feel like doing so. Rest for 16 hours a day? Yes!

When you start to let go of your old life you will notice some ascension symptoms arising both at the physical and mental level. There are many ascension symptom lists on the internet so google search them and use discernment. Very common ones are sleep issues, digestive issues, tinnitus, need to change diet, mood swings, lack or increase in libido, change in brain, skull and bone structure etc. Once you are changing your thinking your biological self shifts accordingly as well to a more light based body and by that I mean that your psychological and physical self are getting trained being a dreamer outside time and space while still maintaining a body in a dense dream thus why all these radical biological shifts in the body (brain, organs etc) and the intense need to rest a lot. When things balance out (which can take time) the body will feel more lighter, healthier and elastic like a figure in a dream which it really is. When Jesus was crucified he was completely outside of his body and did not feel any pain when the nails went trough his body. The bible gave a different interpretation based on a suffering Jesus unfortunately because bible (influenced by power hungry extraterrestials and elitist) is trying to concrete the sleeping mind and make pain, sin, quilt and sacrifice real. It has done a very good job on many. Even those who do not belong to the bible belt like my self found it hard to miss these pain, sin, quilt and sacrifice oriented concepts because so many books, films and music have borrowed these painful concepts from religious stories just like the religious stories are actually borrowed from older prophecies. The seed of manipulating the mind to believe in the dream trough concepts of sin, quilt and fear was placed long time ago even before our modern day religions. The Sumerian tablets and Egypt hieroglyphs are a statement of that.

3. Dark night of the soul: At this point you have lost so much and your body is still trying to catch on to all these radical changes. Many from your old life are gone and all that is left is the possibility of there being a God who might help you out. Many are not able to work in a job or will radically reduce their working to have more space for this cocoon process. Here is an earlier post about the dark night. At this point it will be hard to relate with anybody who have not gone trough this themselves thus you isolate yourself and become a hermit to digest your experiences alone. The best healing you can find in this phase is to surrender, walk in nature and do gentle exercises. Be glad if you are still diagnosed with mental illness because the few people in your life at this point will be more prone to leave you alone and rest. You are dwelling in a place of the unknown with no reference points which your old life including the initiation and letting go phase of awakening was showing you as you were progressing trough these phases.  At first you found meaning in the process of initiation and letting go but once you have let go enough of your old life even letting go loses its meaning and now suddenly there is no meaning in anything. There was no meaning in your old life/ initiation and even this spiritual letting go thing has lost its meaning! Yes, there really is no meaning in life and this is EXACTLY what humanity fears because the world is like a carrot in a stick trick for us to try and find meaning outside of God when there is none. This world was literally born from the wish to find meaning outside heaven trough dream symbols but it was all a dream. We have been all tricked trough lies. In the dark night of the soul you are trained to become content with the lack of meaning in life that there literally is nothing out there in the world that can make you happy – even spirituality. That happiness is within. The reason why many describe dark night of the soul as “the absence of God” is because we feel deeply the meaninglesness of everything and our systems get shocked. Some commit suicide at this point. Saying that the world is meaningless may sound depressing and harsh to the ones still entrenched in the 3D world but once you have gone trough this and come out of the dark night the paradox about this is that life becomes fantastic and more dreamy than ever! Again, happiness is within not without. The point of the dark night is to accept or love the meaninglesness of everything because this is what God is able to do and since we are not separated from God but the thought (“image”) of God we must think accordingly like It to be able to experience It. I know using the word “God” will intimidate some of you because for so long it has being used for manipulation and reinforcing sin, quilt and fear. All are false concepts because we are living in a dream.

Re – entering society after divine transformation.

I have had an awesome time lately. A lot of wild things have happened and I recently went to Santana concert having a nice view of him without paying a ticket. Thanks to forgiveness, my confidence has skyrocketed and the bliss of being a nobody and everything at the same time and not needing anything or anybody is like tripping on acid without taking acid. You have to come back from the high and integrate it once in a while so that you can function in the world and your body while you still appear to be here… And unlike the dark night of the soul phase, at this point, you do want to be here on earth as homo sanctus!

Many seem to sense my energy and people want to talk to me and meeting people is more simple when you need nothing outside of you. When I look in the mirror I can see my self smiling more frequently and my forehead is more serene. I have bunch of awakened friends and also the ones still asleep or in between but I just go trough the motions of life without any investment on any outcome enjoying all levels of human interactions. I do not care if people like me or not. I know that there is one of us appearing as many. One dreamer that is dreaming a life of multiplicity so im not really aware of “others” as much as before.

When you come out of the dark the dream nature of this world becomes more apparent. The ancient dream/matrix will start to fall apart and glitch once in a while and it will intensify as you progress. This is because you are becoming aware that planet earth, the universe is not linear it is multidimensional or holographic. You can skip dimensions of time if is beneficial for you and see alternative realities. A good example I can come up with is that if you walked to work trough a certain street and you usually saw the same buildings, same people, same cars parked in the same place, this time you will see slight differences. Instead of seeing the same old drunk sitting next to the store and cussing you might see a bunch of beautiful girls, instead of seeing the same buildings perhaps you will see a hotel that was not supposed to be there before.  The changes in your world will not be too radical so you will not panic. As you raise you frequency your old relationships will also not manifest to your reality as often as usual and some of them will completely disappear.

You will start to notice synhcro events such as seeing repeating numbers on the clock and boards such as 1111 and other numbers that are meaningful to you. It is a personal message to you and only you know what it will mean. In my case it was about engaging with my new career activities and have fun because at that time I was half jokingly experimenting with a career move I could do with my new awareness but was not sure, until I started to see these repeating numbers like crazy thus I took inspired action. Challenges still come but there is more clarity to navigate trough them. Every encounter in life is about growing. Nothing is random and never was. Some of your old passions may re-surface as well. In my case they are more fun oriented not career seeking.

Psychic emergence .

Since you are less rigid in your mind and have evaporated a great chunk of garbage thoughts that distracted you from the present moment, you are gaining your forgotten abilities as an empath/psychic and are able to see the state of others, majority who are stuck in their mind chatter and are divided to the past, present and future. They are still in ego consciousness, in a lower vibration fully engrossed in the holographic dream so be ready for not everybody embracing your freedom. This is the law of attraction or vibration at play now. If you stick around low vibrating people happy and free it will make them aware of their state of misery and their investment to stay miserable which is why they will prefer not to be around you and will choose people vibrating at the same level as them. Low vibrating people will not be able to stick around your world too much unless you climb back down to their vibrational level and pretend to be not free which is not beneficial to you. When you are vibrating high, yes, your body appears to be existing to others (not all), but not only they will be intimidated by your freedom due to becoming aware of their own unhappiness, they will also sense deep within, although unaware, that you can read them like an open book because you are outside of the dream in tune with the one dreamer that is dreaming everybody.

The people who will be in your life are there to learn something from your presence but you will not have attachments to the result of their learning nor are you meant to talk about anything esoteric unless they ask. You will also need discernment in these relationships with lower vibrating friends because they may get depended on your high energy and try leech onto you though not knowing they are doing that. This is why its also beneficial to not have any random sexual encounters with low vibrating beings to avoid etheric attachments which can bind you to that person. The reason relationships with low vibrating people will require discernment is because they are attracted to ego consciousness and the only way the ego sustains it self is trough drama so if you hang around low vibrating people for a long time you will notice that they tend to attract weird situations and weird people in to their lives without them knowing they are doing so just like a young woman tend to date with a jerk hoping it will work out. Another thing you will notice unconscious people doing to one another are things such as subtle sarcastic humor, subtle competition and so on. Basically, mentally cannibalizing one another. Since they are not sensitive or psychic enough to see what they are doing with their lives, they think all this is normal when it is the exact opposite. I actually have buddies who are not aware that one of their older friend who seems nice is actually very aggressive and can explode at any time. Again, awakening can be disturbing at times but you will get used to it. I will also add one more time that Awakening does not make you better or worse. It is a natural process of evolution. As you know at this point, many people who are not going trough the process of waking up, who are fully engrossed in the holographic dream state are actually more prone to be able to function in regular jobs and careers because they have suppressed their feelings and are numb. We still need them so that our global system can be held together. The ones waking up will find the demands of the world tough and it is very rare if not impossible to be a CEO, a football player, a ufc fighter and to be Enlightened. These kind of activities absorb your energy to the matrix so allow unconscious people do their thing. If everyone would wake up at the same time, nobody would be able to work in the system because remembering your self being a Child of God outside time and space is a shock to the bodies system and demands time to integrate this knowledge/ universal energy on a biological level as well before you truly experience the body is actually an avatar within a projected holographic simulation or as some, including my self, refer as a holographic dream. The excelerated experience of not being a body is very orgasmic and the bodies internal system needs to learn how to handle these intense sexual energies. The process can take years to master and as you advance the need for physical sex tends to diminish.

A lot of people will come and go in this phase of your life so be ready for nothing to last forever and time to speed up in your experience. The point of letting go and the dark night/ cocoon was a gift for you to learn to enjoy to be alone because all relationships come with an expiration date and unlike most people who try to immortalize their relationships, the ones awakened are about letting go. This goes to your like minded esoteric friends as well, be ready to reach a moment of releasing them in joy as well because we are all here for different expressions of the same mission which is to spread light and glory trough out the universe by just being us. Not everybody is supposed to blog or make youtube videos with million hits. Some share their light in total obscurity and their life is still THE shit man… Magical and weird. Not all awakened people are meant to be together which is why forgiveness needs to be applied to awakened individuals as well. Once the purpose of the relationship has been served with a person, you release them in joy.

A lot of weird things continue to unfold, some have already experienced extraeterrestial encounters and prophecies at this point since they have become so sensitive to the universe and are ready to be contacted. The dream will still try to lure you back and some things you will see can be quite random at times. People will love you for no reason and people will hate you for no reason but neither one will have much effect on you anymore because you have learned to be content by being alone in silence with absolutely no meaning whatsoever in life.