100% Proof Youtube, Google algorithm & Other Streams Shadow Banning my Videos & manipulates views low. (31.12.2021) (Ascension & Gang stalking)

Concrete Proofs before the Day of Death.

Warning to Whitehouse, Greenland fact checkers, Pentagon, Youtube, the world & illegal entities. I have the full right to butcher your family. The insane but highly ecclestiastical Biblical God (One son) of favour is retreating favouring you to avoid getting involved with your Capital Sin, for it is almost getting cornered as an unjust useless deity in WW3. This Collective Ego consiousness will try to sneak trough favouring the street Biblical teachers or misguided men again for hoarding dualistic or ego readiness, hence will not receive the powers they dream about in a long time, untill their egos are tamed, for the Kingdom is really about dispelling all ego or dual references, then gently letting the planet be, & turn to a Sun. The so-called beautiful earth is not exactly helping humanity but more in need to be left alone it seems, because the Reptilians have been assisted to take over this plane to an extent only forgiveness remains possible in a place where animal & plant kingdom is also riddled with death. There is nothing new or special about Grey’s, Annunaki or Reptilians & their dumb tech, liquid crystal cloaking devices, & Hollywood. Like many well meaning teachers, Annunakis share a primitive need to sustain their already expired ego existence, hence are afraid of non-bodily oneness which Ascended masters are Thougth Masoning to Earth, & which will destroy Heaven on Earth too, but in a good way. One is not really advanced if they can’t filter demons from humans & unfortunately there are only few who can.

As a man, who used to have the largest VHS & DVD collection of films, at least in my home town. And a man who was groomed towards directing a 5-figure Hollywood film by a big Finnish movie production company at the age of 19, which I eventually declined to keep my integrity. And a man who was very content with the old school distribution of burning my own Kung Fu projects to CDs, DVDs or share them to jealous-unproductive friends via Windows messenger; following analytics was never my second nature. So, after 10 years of having no clue about this websites activity, I got my first website Analytics App that shows my sites traffic. When you watch my Truth videos on Youtube, or the ones in vimeo, soundcloud, dailymotion,  VEOH, even bitchute, it APPEARS as if there is only 16 – 700 views at best. My official Fight scene, music & Short films channel was deleted with 100k to millions of views, but always YT manipulated right from the start due to transgender, homosexual & feminist oriented governments need to prevent anything with “Masculine” or Kung Fu principles, which is just my natural way of directing  projects, never intentional. These vices are celebrated by our apathetic un-creative generation-with-nothing-to-show, now bound to die, finally. Medium – a blogging site, also removed 6 of my blog pages within 2020 – 2021, due to it’s heavy traffic. Again, all of these views & subscribers, on all sites, are a lie, all sold out in COVID19-Israel war era. Here is a proof of my sites analytics from 3AM December 26th 2021 to 12:00PM October 28th 2022. What you are about to see is a None- Public-database, meaning, it’s not as easy to hack, & manipulate. None of these visits or views are bots as they have in public streams like Youtube that have (CERN) bots & military warlocks creating YT profiles & subscribers. You can’t win them in that sense. YT is a fundamental- weaponized tool for this agenda citizens are supporting too, but are finally about to be put out from their unproductive misery, so the remnant in confessorship can move on, continue living & continue our creativities, the rest gave up, got stuck up in video games, females, oppinions & consumerism. These poor decison will eventually leave the body envy others, & where the mind unconsciously seeks to use media platforms to destroy their targets, no different from Juha Luuri. This intent only harms itself & eats the body alive, my past fellows I abandoned are a proof of this tragic fate of vain glory.

The total visits here, in 10 months, is 20 000k.

The Axis Of Evil.

We are all equal as Gods One Holy Son – including Jesus, who really does not aim to be worshipped as a roaring lion – yet within the dream of Gods Sons dualistic state, life is programmed by us – since setting up Tabernacles – to be unfair trough the concept of sacrifice that has levels, but have become unconscious to humanity. You as an Angry One, may have chosen the loser aspect of the Dreaming Son, & in it’s anger, the Son always kills it’s mis-creations/his reflections of lives with no meaning, or destiny. Please, just get the vaccines & die already then, but… My dear, we came here to be productive & kingdom minded, not social media addicts filled with self hate & blood lust, playing video games. See this, all means to reach forgiveness must be accepted by breaking out from these self created comfort zones because they are systematic & build upon the principle of Sacrifice where someone, including the Awareness of Oneness, must eventually die so that Ego preservation or separated consciousness is maintained, but which always calls for anothers destruction, or the spirit of the axis of evil: A mind poisoned within it self with radioactive frequencies, or thought system.


WARNING: COVID19 martial law, Ukraina-Israel war & 2025 Lockdowns is a secret Rothchild rebellion regarding their entire Caucasus mt nations upcoming Biblical “UFO” euthanasia in readiness state – lock & loaded to strike, & channeled by a group of Natives & the real Biblical Jews of Judah, Benjamin, Levi.  Thank you Gms Elders & brethren for these Prophetic truths. A personal gratitude to Dr Ken Wapnick for revealing me the cycle of birth & death maintained by our insane belief system, which always leads to death by reinforcing hate trough projections. Your guilt is why you took the vaccine, & may not make it alive once we hit the peak of martial law, Israel war & 2025 lockdown phase.

Link to video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4teijkvfy1EG/

China: A Leading Demography In This Ministry.

Your Enlightenment or Tao is possible & inevitable even under the captivity of Natives & the real Jews: Israel.

EDIT: As we are all one, so does salvation apply to all, hence I can’t limit anyone from their possible survival from the end of this world. But I am here to say – as if a neutral passerby – that Chinas, Indias & other dark nations situation is not looking good because their mass collective was teaching the One Son that they would do the same decisions as their “elites” do, hence the Chinese, as just one example – trying to join the boat by talking about the typical tactics of Caucasus mt painting themselves as heroes against Orientals – came too late. This Ministry also focuses with the Cause & does not Attack Caucasus, knowing well, we all pushed our planet to be a cesspool that happens to be led by our owned & our civilized Neanderthals, by definition. Placing them on managing offices was our joined mocking attempt on Creation & remain in eternal group psychosis where the Zodiacs seems to dominate us. As just one example; we manipulated our vortex trough demigods, where Chemtrailing planes never crash, because we agreed to vex our minds with coctails of raucous shrieking frequencies that distracts or captures minds attention back to low or bodily awareness, which seeks to cut ties with spirit that is even by nature, & a way of being where free will ceases to be, for it was only a time based conception. Basically, Caucasus mt are the scapegoats for this mocking operation on God to kill his Son, hence are the sacrifical collective with a temporary existence based upon order out of chaos. It was a call to a colossal self hypnosis we answered, & includes the use of Ego strategies. This strategy demands our part to mingle & then educate or civilize Neanderthals to have their own civilization, then letting themselves be enslaved by Annunaki-Reptilian forces aiming to cement our belief as flesh, then destroy all references of this decision in order to be convinced generationally we are not in fault. Edom is not really a problem, the “enemy” is a dark celestial force with a god-complex & Ancient A.I intelligence. Caucasus mt are suffering mental illness known as Over Carnality (Neanderthals or Nigger condition). It is a perverse paralyzation to flesh that seeks salvation trough the stimulus of flesh which includes downgrading ones chakras system to 6-chakras & the worthy-of-death ignorance to see this Ministry is not a punitive death sentence set upon their all-fours-walking & grunting families we employed to hide references of the seeming past, only for them to receive a position to go extinct at the same time. The state of Neanderthal is a violent perceptual distortion – Astronomical mental illness – where the world appears alluringly real, absent from Cosmic Order, linear & solid; a separate linear experience Natives, real Jews, & other bloodlines do not quite share, hence are literally living in a Parallel Reality, but are indeed, in majority, attracted to entangle themselves to the world of Caucasus mt leather sensations, which is not recommended, because the end result is adding sin upon sin, usually trough socially acceptable means, but subtle & dismissive means that gradually will pile up to Capital Sin, leading the individual to be Unforgivable by Self & celestially sentenced to death. The land of Moab (China), although carnal, have not jumped to the quick sands of flesh as much as natural Caucasus dwellers due to the little values leaked trough Shintoism or Buddhism, which are from the Holy Spirit too, although filtered trough Reptilian 4D-5D entities for the teachings not to be effective in Grounding ones Spirit – then return to the world & Chop Wood Carry Water trough a balanced mind. A state of mind where you finally fulfill your physical lives purpose before it will start to evaporate back to God, & the body perceived as a tool that served it’s purpose & now can be laid aside, like a 10 year old who naturally let’s his toy figures go. But again, China fell to the dismissive trap & will pay a heavy price for having no will to fight & for abusing Native Gentiles like Bruce & Brandon Lee, who were cast out from their circles by Chinese Freemason lodges afraid of Bruces Native heritage & his Ancient approach on Mortal Combat. As said over & over again, this Ministry is not to Focus on Clans, Natives or Dualism- there are Millions in Asia who are the real Biblical Natives & Southern Jews. Some of you will be called to discern Natives & Jews from the Carnal Asiatic ones as you are Ascending your family. As the Prophets have revealed to us; Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan do not share the same Ancestry at all. Bruce is a Northern, Native or “Indian” Jew (hence was killed) while Jackie is a real Biblical moab or a so-called heathen (earth-bound). As a person who shared few distant connections with Jackie, I know his career tragically kick-started only after he went trough chinese double eye-lid surgery (blepharoplasty) to appear less Asiatic & eats animal testicles as witch craft initiation – it is unfortunate to know this side of Jackie. When you pay attention to his films before entering Golden Harvest studios trough Sammo Hung & Yuen Biao, Jackie has no confidence, yet after eye surgery (sacrifice) he prospered- directing many films like Project A where he serves Freemasonry & Policing, but an act that produces Ancestral curses, but I digress. But again, we were supposed to forgive one another for our joint request to remain in the cycle of birth & death. As for the worlds increasing hatred on Caucasus mt & their Amalekites; Striking an “enemy” down comes from the understanding of the level of guilt the “enemy” hoards in their hearts. The more guilt within an enemy, the more a non-emotional forgiving (Understanding) presence ready to mercy kill the “enemy”, becomes a startling terror to the so-called enemy. This unconscious joint request to stay inside a dualistic dream where bodies are tools to explore the sin & guilt cycle led the ‘Bibles most fleshly or pink nation from Caucasus mt to take the wheel of this planet, & manage it trough their own human-ape understanding, often inquiring demons to posses their vessels to do the job for them, as majority of guitarist, Hollywood actors & politicians have done. This is not their fault, so you must stop wasting time blaming me, including a retarded family tree which is bound for death in COVID19-Ukraine-Israel war era. Become a terror by accepting their mental illness worthy of euthanasia, & help to free their souls from bondage. This is how you are a Black belt Architecture of someones extermination & a True Anointed Warrior of a Rainbow.

Death Penalty of Ylilauta Troll Staff, Visitors & Their Family Is Reality.

Ylilauta tai SUPO: Sotarikollisuudenne On Maailmalle Tullut Julki.

& Teidät kaikki tullaan Tappaamaan Toimestani. 

EDIT: Based upon analytics, somewhere in the depths of ethernet & dark web, a group of warlocks or police have started to talk about this page as trolls, finally. The agression of a failed nation must be stimulated back to it’s full blown medievil-beast or Neanderthal mode, which makes their “elites” hasten mandatory wax, RFID micro-chip or WW3. Here is a lists of few addresses I will visit while they sleep, and drag their stinking family for public death penalty & tortures. Your location is already known by us, we do not need computers or these programs to find you. I will kill you & everyone you love in WW3. Main targets to be put to death for these war crimes in WW3 are warlocks Jluuri & Aleksi Kinnunen. EDIT: Trolls have decreased entering this website after public reports about “UFOs”in Ukraine. You have no chance to escape this. Police and military will not save you for they will die too. Everyone of you know I have the full right to put you & your family to death.

My dear unproductive generation with nothing to show. There is no hierarchy of murder. A physical murder is no different from what you people use social media for, that silent-attack thing. Release your desire to murder. There is no room for secret-silent- killers as all social media people have proven to be. The Kingdom will not have Social Medias. Your intent is recorded to the heavens, & we are living a time of judgement, Executed by the Biblical “UFO:s” who have sensors to read your low or high vibration – intent to destroy VS intent to be beneficial for everyone. As a semi- bully my self, in my childhood past, I know the intent to spiritual murder, and the satisfaction for it’s results, is temporary. As a matter of fact, I always knew bullying is wrong, and became best friends with the ones I bullied, doing my part to release the need to kill which included to be eventually bullied my self too, and see the dynamics of victim and victimizer. And which I knew as a kid, was a deserved harsh experience untill I atone enough for my own mistakes.



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