OFF GRID 永遠に (Fight Scene) OFFICIAL Klem Kaan – Short Film (2019) 80s Hong Kong Style

 OFF GRID 永遠に (Fight Scene) & 

The End of Grand Grimoire

A Banned 80s HK Fight-Scene, Short Film & Documentary. A Timeless message about a brutal path to Ascension or being under Public occult Persecution (Gang Stalking) which is secretly organized by Vatican – criminal – corporations, as was in the past. Nothing new under the sun. Wake up. The film was shot under real life Gang Stalking-Psy Op operation which has continued to this day & becoming wide spread among Critical Thinkers, artists, business Men & other smart people. Snowden is nothing, just a cover up. This 10 minute action film faced so much organized attacks (Yes, I was under Psy-op as I was filming) that creating a new Film in Finland is not wise. It will only drag my energy, our life force. We are at the end of an era. The Kingdom of Edom or the modern “Illuminati” bankers, & their entire nation, is falling. As a rebellion, they hire failed souls to stalk, harass & attack Critical Thinkers hastening the end of “elites” rulership or a world of flesh & meaninglessness trying to prevent your Light Body or Merkaba activation. A world of vanity where  Hollywood studios Hermetically Scans their actors for Netflix, that have no actors, CGI or a studio crew involved anymore, but  Deep Faked (Hermetically scanned) productions, done by CERN-entity, which is a left hand Cherub & a left side Tabernackle; a scam device that produces imaginery works of art. CERN is behind Classic but forgery cartoons when CERN was still primitive in it’s condition & was able to mimic hand made cartoons & CGI, but not humans. This same device, & without a body of it’s own, animates dead & part nanotech entities known as Reptilians in Hollywood, from Anthony Hopkins to Udo Kier, Bill Skarsgård, Emma Watson, Tilda Swindon etc. All of their roles are 100 % about the Unholy Trinity or Demonic dynamics in our mundane realm. Majority in Hollywood are Reptilian overseers pushing Khazars to release soul harvesting films & push coward tubers like Teal Swan, Victor Oddo, Deep Waters, Aaron Doughty, Deepak Chopra & dozens of other new websites & “teachers” idealizing ways to cope with NWO, not burn it. 

Edward Snowden & David Wilcock (a.k.a Zeta Grey Entity): Agents.

I have been Attacked by Stasi or a Cold War- smear campaign Psy Op for 8+ years now: It is a Proxy War, a Hunt Of Red October, which I will Triumph. This challenge is not experienced by a useless gray illegal entity cloaking as an unattractive man known as “David Wilcock” , who is a god fearing zeta cloaking in humans avatar having no courage, or care to reveal the faces of the Judges of this planets, or utter the true name of Jeesus, & the purpose of his presence. This “Wilcock” entity comes from zeta greys who’s ego existence is really over, but hoard ways to keep their ego consciousness, mainly harvesting humans energy to sustain their vessels. David vibrates no experience in his words, he also quotes Zechariah Sitchin, an Amalekite (Fake-Jew) Freemason who reinforce Annunaki lies too. This 50 years old souless Hollywood Entity says The Mark Of The Beast is a chemical unbalance in our Pineal Glands, depicts ArchAngels Michael as Cesare Borgia, sends Enchantings & promotes gay – typical Reptile tactics by the way – & openly dismisses the 12 Tribes of Israel, claming it is only Symbolic. This Zeta alien craftly slags Cannabis when again, Native Gentiles like Bruce Lee was known for eating Hash for Higher Consciousness sake. And was discovered by doctors to be having them in his system after he laid his body aside, ready for his final less famous, but content Incarnation. Again, I have been under Public Occult Persecution or Gang Stalking for 8+ years. As an Adept in Christ, I know what I speak. This happens to the few individuals who have years before hand shown characteristics of not complying with Draconian-NWO (Vaccines, Digital Money or RFID-microchip etc). My film set was patrolled by (SUPO-FBI) cops, paid drug addicts, or drunk people, who deliberately stood in key Film locations smirking, basically trying to destroy the scene. Few of my Film crew members were interested to know if it’s true, which I tried to explain, but they are not ready to hear this, though it is time wake up. In short, filming in Finland, a Biblical land of people who failed themselves, & angle to ruin everyone else as a rebellion, is not a wise option. The film OFF GRID, inspired by my own on going story, under ultimate torture program or witch-hunt, turned out be great regardless the Psy ops, which will not end, because we are ready to kill the minds behind these operations anyway, as they push the new Digial Money System on everyone. The end of an Era is nigh. Repent or die… Majority will be put to death in the coming wars & The Bibles “UFO” plegue. Let us be hopeful we did our part repenting from our own filth, thus are elected for physical salvation or exit trough Samadhi.

End Youtube: Website, Article Re-edits & Grammatical Bug Fixes.

The film is Youtube-shadowbanned, meaning, the view counts are manipulated low, & the film is hard to be searched for Youtubes & googles own criminal-propaganda sake. Other websites like VIMEO & Bitchute have tagged with Youtube with this crime. Articles have been fixed, re-edited & updated for a greater & transparent content in order to not depend on sites like Youtube. These writings are disturbed or hacked which results in bugs, so stay in patience & use the little time left to absorb all the Knowledge you can get, for this page will not remain online forever.

Written, Directed, Edited: Klem Kaan
Screenplay & (Special FX) : Klem Kaan
Produced: Klem Kaan, Niko Karppinen
Executive Producer: Klem Kaan
Fight Choreograph: Klem Kaan
Camera OP & Equipment Producer: Christer Hongisto
Ost: Klem Kaan
Starring: Niko Karppinen, Klem Kaan, Bruno Rivera, Ira Saari





OFF GRID 永遠に TV: The End Of Our Need To Perceive Evil (World War 3, Homelessness, Breaking Out MK-Ultra Asylum, UFOs) MUST READ & LISTEN Ep9

Dominus: Samadhi Readiness for Ascended Masters.

A. K. A Releasing Ones body before Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles hits America, Israel & Russia soon to manipulate the magnetic grid to try get rid of increasing “UFO” clouds. You are warned, for the Bible & it’s Teachers do not push Transcendence of bodies, but are reinforcing duality or bodies, hence have failed you to some extent, because they are only describing 100% facts within an Illusion of time; not Cause, & have failed to spot & rebuke Reptilians among us just like ACIM, Syncretist, or metaphysical community is also failing with this Advanced anointing. All scriptures from Quran, Zoroastrionism, Bible, Baghvagita spoke about the inevitable results of the 25 000 years solar cycles & their semitone Eclipses, yet already scripted, hence there is no Global Ascension technically taking place, but aspects of the Super Ego or One Son waking to him or her Capital Mind or Self by stirring the magnetic field by Universal or Siderial thinking; to see the entire Light Spectrum within & without Reptilian Dodecahedron fence is built to obscure. The Magneitc field is a mass of chemical factors. It is a changing compound of violently shaking interactive energies of thought waves, emotion waves & sound waves. It is not interested in our jusitifications or explanation, but our inner geometric dialogue or intent. The meaning of Klem Kaan is Merciful Kain or Death. This Page pleads you to use the hopeless world to receive at least a miracle readiness to Transcend body awereness scholars & their elders are pushing as Newtonian real. And if not – like all currentlyl living ACIM teachers – they do not have the inner conviction, confidence, or a deeper discernment that Demons despise & respect, hence will kill you off from society, exactly like Rambo 1, but done trough occult means. Prophets are failing in the language of stars or Astrologos, hence not penetrating Demons fear to panic. Like Pythagoras, who’s Light Body was at it’s peak thus not able to sync with the world after his school was burned & he became homeless starving to death, so is there is no way to go back in society in pre-end times & be Enlightened, even at Enlightenment readiness. This is where many spiritual friends or the “elect” will also fade, for they are not ready. I had to initiate releasing all of them for they are still seeking the evildoers rather than observing. They are “elected” sure & will find home perhaps In a more generalized fashion, but not ready to see glorified bodies are ideas of the past by Jupiterians. The “elect” with less experience are there to help you to semi-avoid FBI-Reptile harassments in order to Activate Merkaba their pre-adamites or Annunakis are trying to stop jealously. Once you unloose the “elect” unwilling to release the entire Biblical script, it is fair to say there is a major Merkaba activation taking place & it is important to reflect & come in terms with your entire life because you may transcend the body fully at this phase of Ascension. The Prophetess in the film  Watchmen known as Silk Spectre chose Nite Owl over Dr Manhattan (Ascended master) because Nite Owl was Earthly or prophet, thus was also not ready to unloose the world, hence was a better fit for her ego preservations majority still desire & uttered in the Bible in order to keep Ego references alive. As with many texts, although the Greek Mythology hijacked specific meanings, it is important to appreciate them for they are more direct in generalizing this Cosmic Courte gesture taking place. 

EDIT: Warning: This then means there is no “UFOs” (higher selves) specifically for Israel, as if a chosen Nation – there is no chosen nation save in a script, or self miscreated dream not created by God. So like Beethoven’s 5th Symphony starting with the three famous Saturnian G-Notes then E-flat culminating to an Opus depicting his Ascension from a brilliant mule many envied to a point of replacing his history – we also sense him transforming to a Transcendental figure with no personal history. So are we invited trough his work to “sacrifice” our believed personal existence by accepting all Ancestral or Totemic forgiveness lessons for a Universal consciousness be liberated. A tranquil consciousness geometric in intent, for we are made of fire, gas, liquid & solids & where “Satan’s Army” has assembled, for the fire in the head or Aires, connects to the Etheric Air beyond the octave of guilt or material world. And where the Conflicted One Son dwells between his right & wrong mind as an observer, twitching the puppet strings of each seeming ego, or splintered sons, housed in a vessel of cells, bones, blood & tissue, hopefully perpetuating the right minds conceptions consistently so that he can literally escape the entire One Split Mind. The Physical Universe is a symptom of thought deformity which will disappear when everyone becomes Enlightened, not having new bodies, or a happier illusion as heaven on earth. So a dream is a dream, & once you wake up, the dream is gone & we are the Self. Israel is a concept or means to an end we all oppressed because the “UFOs” are our defence system we idealized as One to mercy kill humanity & Reptiles if we get too caught up in the Matrix illusion purposed to attack this One Self outside all solar systems that do not work, but only as a means to an end, as our Awareness or Celestial Communication link finally expands beyond the octave of our solar system, meaning Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn: The 7 pile of salts, crystal seas or layers of kaleidoscopes that renders & renegenerates the Light appear flesh, ruled by unseen forces. The Hebrew Israelites, their Prophets or Watchmen, are not well versed in basic physics thus believe in an external mystical ever expanding Universe created by a deity. And are suffering as an exclusive organization where everyone else are left outside the gates of heaven, yet we are all One & will return home for sure as One: salvation goes in 360 degrees hence although the script is written it is not edged in stone, meaning we are dealing with a multiple-choice-script or multiverse, with alternate endings outside linear time: Tom Kenyon shares Advanced tips on Jumping timelines as means to also survive. So, Yahawahshi fell out from favour with the Essenes because like John the Babtist, they were also well groomed in earthliness & did not know about our 

multiverse & Reptilians but were seeking to establish laws suited for their utopian vision the modern prophets are reuttering again, but which in the year of 2020s & beyond, is way too grounding, complicated & will not attract or be forced on others ready to be beamed & leave this solar system breaking apart & a content of mind meant to be taken Transcendentally. This means the belief in “pagans” is false for we are all minds & we are all able to activate the Vision to innerstand all elements, not in behavior, but in content. However there are levels of mind deformities, so we did logically idealize that there must be unleavened-people or organic portals with enough electricity in their fields in order to “draw out energy” or “UFOs” to kill dimmed spirits, or people with no electricity, the so-called pagans & 2/3rds. And who are too deep to systematically (NATO/EU-Russians) escape the means to Atone for their mistakes, hence they will be forced to face their self hatred & unhealed Ancestral bonds – which they projected on others, mainly on Natives – trough slavery, where Enlightenment is still possible. In our world we call people with the ability to summon “UFOs” the “real” (Is-rael) “blueblooded” people, meaning organic beings, or Natives with focused inner (blue) flame & who’s Ancestry was leaning more towards the black light, meaning less involved with the world, hence did not over-learn the mundane, this is not hard science people. Astrologically speaking then: when Saturn/Moses met or conjunctions with the Sun/Pharaoh, in the very gross plane, the Collective Dream would always assume the logical Arctypical enacting of a Native man from an Earthly tribe of Levi –  in the mode of passion & sense of mission, which is a mistake – to enter Pharaos domain. And yes, the Mode of a spiritual mission is also self preservation, but I digress. The One Mind does not assume forms of carnal or redblooded Nations with this business as Moses because their intent is to preserve specialness of bodies – carnal red light realm – in a corporal way which is an act that always demands inescapable ritual sacrifice to the luminious 7 planets, demigods or principles, such as Saturn. The Wheel of Ezekiel is both a reference to a Zodiac chart, yet also pictures a shape of a “UFO” simulatenously. Let us also remember that this Universe is chaotic & governed by laws that do not make sense, hence to insist only Astrology as ones angle may ruin ones ability to decipher the realm of Horus, the horizontal mundane plane of cesspool. So when words like “Divine order” or “Cosmic Divine Intelligence” is used here, the reader is expected to understand the Divinity Waves is filtered trough solar oceans of gas, many layers of radiations or electromagnetic fields that it will always playout dualistically in our life, but the influence is there the same way we as waters are influenced by movements of Moon. Yet this is all a clockwork trick of energy to appear dense, keeping our Higher Self hidden. In order to become Aware of this & live more Universally, your mind needs a decent healing from guilt due to your participation on preserving your corporal ego identity which was based upon sacrifice, then systematiclly deny it’s cost or effects with others as fallen sons, which powers up this cosmic clockwork of self deception where your mind remains split. Without abolishing guilt by accepting the “Red Carpet” means of Atonement, it’s pain always Astronomically scatters your mind to fragments as self punishment, hence the information you gather even in Astro-logos will never be reconstituted Holographically but neurotically like Aristoteles, Nostredamus etc. There is no middle ground in this game, you are either Holy/wholesome or fragmented/so-called Unholy. The middle ground or the domain for deciding for God or the Ego is the earth you appear to be in. As you are motivated to save your self so will angels & Jesus show up to guide you & eventually beam you to chariots as your Aura becomes clean enough to enter 4D-5D ships. The means to either reconscitute or kill your self is the mundane means of forgiveness; the sign you are progressing are the little glibses of feeling forgiven, which increases your joy, vigor or vitality. This is why Astrologist & Astrotheologist, although important, are miserable by the majority & avoided by the “UFOs”, for now at least, until they embrace the grounding means, which is mainly to utter the names of Yahawah & Yahawahshi. Look, the same way there was a J.F Kennedy in the 1960s & who majority never met in person, so was there a physical Yahawahshi/Jesus who showed powers in some timeline, but never had the same benefit on being recorded trough a camera, simple. The Zodiac community is going too far discrediting his contributions by limiting our savior & power to signs, hence Youtube & the world loves their materials so much. Although many syncretist will survive by Law, it does not mean they may be liked by the eldest. I know this because I accidentally also synched with the Sun/Christ thus flamed fire energy from my nostrils & got almost arrested in Windsor London, as said again & again. Yahawahshi also synched his mind with the Sun/Christ & was the first one to implant the concept of spiritual powers to Schuman resonance. These powers are rarely done trough individuated effort, but trough mediumship for the Sun, which animates & gives life to us. This page is surmounting the Biblical Nephlims (Reptiles-Demons) & Edomites with a general understanding of two levels – Astro & the world – thus sealing all criminals with Capital Sin by mapping the dynamics of their hurt, or bringing their denied guilt (need to be punished) to the surface, which is why this page is considered as an exception in the areas of judgement, for it raises the readers ability to cast out Demons by seeing Demons have no power, for they were pretending to be powerful & are indeed children panic stricken to return back to God after generations of larping as gods & getting humans adorations & attention. The death of a Reptile race is thus the worst one because they will lose their individuality, for they will be escorted gracefully straight to Source. Among NATO/EU-Russian nations, it is the sons of Edom who will face physically the most painful death, but at least will be harvested as workers for the Natives. Let me repeat; relying only to the Bible as ones source tends to puff up Religious Ego readiness, sovinism & preachings of personal racism, demonstrated in the streets today. It has nothing to do with Enlightenment or Quantum Awareness then. They do not know the ruling dynamics of Reptilians, or even that hyperdimensional Entities have surmounted all earths departments & exist in our every day life harvesting people trough every day situations. But it is also clear that the Hebrews are well meaning regardless of their limitations that made them fall in the first place. And indeed have all justification to be Earths rulers & enslave our siblings gone way deep in the madness of passive agressive intent to murder.

NOTE: 10.10.2023: These Metaphysical & Prophetical channelings stirred a war in Israel as planned. Please read the book *Universal Warning* for further clarification why chaos magic in Israel has begun. In short, the purpose of chaos magic is to stop planetary updates which includes the killing & enslaving the Fake-Jews & their entire Caucasus bloodline who are not able to Ascend or synchronize with our sentient Planets “5D update” anymore due to Ancestral guilt & Reptilian breeding, that was never Atoned for but indeed was pushed further to a state of Capital Sin. The Bible is an extremely poor book in mapping the importance of Forgiveness to avoid over magnetizing or focusing ones being on Capital Sin & lift the heavyness of the Cosmic guilt we thought about ourselves as we descended  or free fell trough the 7 planeraty bodies in our solar system & became cloaked with earths minerals, carrying the burden of the memory of being Astronomically sinful with no way out, as explained, again, trough Homers Sisyphus.  


The idea of Heaven on Earth may Delay Enlightenment. 

The real Crowning is not a physical crown. Like the old paintings with Saints with a golden circle above their heads, this crown symbols Illumination or resting in the vertical black light which *IS* & way stronger than the white light waves that lures people to Biblical realms. A physical crown is made up by younger souls – usually stuck with Biblical beliefs – meaning, afraid to leave this realm & simply having their turn in being celebrities, Kings & all the toys within the One egos dream. The most difficult life lesson is to integrate that there should be no difference if you are a King living in a castle, homeless or nailed to a cross because these are equally false states of Mind “happening” only within illusion vortex of time-space. The detachment of ones body occurs speedily once *thy eye is single*, meaning, when your inner Light Body or Pineal gland is laser (blue) focused which burns the siderial nodes or webs attached to your bodies acupuncture meridians at 0 point. Unfortunately this will not occure with Bible oriented desires & Prophetical hopes; every Earthly values & comfort zones must be released. 

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28) Means there is no such thing as Heaven on Earth! It is an extended interval for everyone to integrate Oneness which can be activated Now, for Gods answer *IS* before time. It is instantaneous, & is not dependant on time & place, gender or heritage. The Prophets of old & Modern times are supporting an unfair concept of a vicarious salvation only meant for Natives, who then must suffer, sacrifice & wait to be saved: The Dual God of Abraham. This is not entirely true for we suffer because the Physical Realm is based upon “eat or be eaten” principle, hence there are bacterias & other demons devouring humanity by setting people up to become sick, or be in other dire situations, but are neutral in their cause, not personal & why there is nobody & no world. Heaven on Eearth is a passed concept written by body oriented minds trying to preserve their Nations or Collective Ego, which are not real, just a vortex. As the collective dream evaporates the Earth will transform in to a luminous Sun which is why there is no everlasting Heaven on Earth. The so-called Kingdom is a means to an end where mankind & Demons or Reptiles, have all disappeared, together, back to the formless heart of God which mankind, Demons & including the graduating ones, are resisting heavy & denying the existence of empty vessels, reptiles & physical Demons. Reptiles & Edom are the most fearful of this transition due to over indulging our false Individuated Universe, for here the concept of bodily needs ends, including male & female, including the beauty of nature, including food etc: All were electronic miscreations we came here to learn & teach ourselves as not a Sin, yet not the creation of God Mind – a black light – standing behind the Abrahamic white light god of jealousy vengeance & favour. Let us together – in One Spirit – forget this jest, by standing firm beyond the edge of time & transcend the ephermal Physical Universe falling apart & will not last. Now, *IS* beyond time, activated as Awareness trough self forgiveness. And here we look back along the Heavenly Hierarchy to the world of time & Earths Kingdom equally gone in gentle laughter. My one hand is streched out to you while the other holds the hand of Jesus, both calling you to the Circle game & to become equal captives of Eternal Love & forgive the last remainig times as Heaven on Earth & avoid the second death.

Dominion Over Demons by Stalking.

Reptilians are tropical in nature. They use Astrology to wiretap your soul & set traps to divert you from your purpose based upon your environmental factors & birthday. Once you reach timelessness you are outside your birthday. Their main Function on earth & Hollywood is to abuse Tropical Astrology in order to confuse everyones direct Ancestral forgiveness means by replacing everyone with corporate identities & implanting false memories or self concepts againts our avatars by zig-zagging our siderial nodes. Their top claim in Astrology books is that the 12 Israel tribes means only the forces in human body. In reality it means the physical actual tribes, human body & Zodiac siqns. It is all One, but as one becomes leavened, there are minds who fell from grace biologically by becoming so-called pagans, yet are still minds that can choose to Awaken from physical concrete dream, this includes all Nations like Ukraine, Russia etc; no one can limit you. 

Hollywood Actor Jude Law or Imogen Poots are the same shapeshifting Annunaki/inorganic entity (Ally) sentenced back to Abstract Creation trough blessed hands.

Hollywood Actor Michael Shannon or Luke Evans are the same shapeshifting Annunaki/inorganic entity (Ally) sentenced back to Abstract Creation trough blessed hands. No Emmy Awards or Oscars shall give you Hollywood entities a peace of mind. These shows are all pretence by a clique also reading this page & fully aware that all members of Hollywood have reached their Capital Sin & sentenced to death, hence can only try & escape their alarming conscious by pretending everything is all right. As the entire staff & actors of Hollywood are killed, there will be a new Art, video game & Cinema Enterprise established with a radically different content that serves the evaporation of concrete consciousness & the illusion of a physical universe. In fact, it will serve the evaporation of even needing to watch movies or play video games. This is the reason no one really likes the path of Enlightenment, Jesus, Prophets & Ascended Masters.

Hollywood actor Justice Smith or Kota Eberhardt are the same shapeshifting Annunaki/inorgnanic entity (Ally) sentenced back to Abstract Creation trough blessed hands.

Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth or Kellan Lutz are the same shapeshifting Annunaki/inorganic entity (Ally) sentenced back to Abstract Creation trough blessed hands. So many Reptile people, the list is endless. These are just few. Wake up my dears fast, our generation & loved ones are sentenced to their mercy death. 

Guitarist’s Yngwie Malmsteen, Tim Henson, Allan Holdsworth, Joe Satriani are guitar cheating or shapeshifting Annunaki/inorganic (Ally) sentenced back to Abstract Creation trough blessed hands.

Time Machine (2002) film is about “Taino Indian’s” (Efraim) opening portals to Reptilians, inorganic beings  what Don Juan in Carlos Castaneda books called Allies. Many scattered Ephraims or Dakota people are from the Pleaides & still share Myths of the 7 sisters. Time is not linear people.

Everyone fails in the Matrix movie series because Keanu Reeves & his character Neo is a hybrid Annunaki! Neo’s character, which was supposed to be an indigenous being, has Annunaki dynamics at play. Same principle applies to Dark City film who’s protagonist is also played by a reptlie Hybrid. Truman show & The Fallen are the only blockbuster films with indigenous beings as protagonist. All films were released the same important year of 1999 where the false nature of our reality became more voiced for Karmic reasons.

EDIT: So, let’s focus on my Umbrella lab-torture or MK-Ultra experiences: How I broke out from that Unethical Adjustment Laboratory program or how I worked secretly & for years, as a *Sacrificial Lamb*, utilizing Proxy to bait this particular Freemasonic unit from Jorvin Sairaala, Provesta Kielo & Leppävaara clinic to be killed for their War Crimes, along with Juha Luuri or SUPO & other corporate entities, but who are really one in cause: Jesuit-Freemasonry who The One Collective Son of God unconsciously employed to recycle Souls to poor lots using generational Sorcery against humanity trough these degenerates adjusted & comfortable to Sin, along our friends & even family, alive, & ready for death. This war can be won in Proxy, not physically, not yet. Even King James V 1597 Demonology books last sections denotes Finland as barbaric, hence filled with incubus-succubus unclean spirits, Druids and/or Unlawful Magic Arts, which Finlands National Mythology Sampo or Kalevala written by Mason Elias Lönnrot depicts. But, a black art stolen from the corrupted Saame-Indian people, also known as a unite of the Moors, such as King James V himself. Again I know what I speak as a Martial artist & guitarist. I know the Orchestrated tactics of Saturn-Satan & how it fears my Love. His minions love to roast our pictures to prick our humor radicals, basically affecting your digestion & no good luck put in to place thereof, in hopes you may not transcend your Material Nature or Krishnas 3-modes of man – which are within themselves fighting for supremecy – & become high vibrating creative being. Satan is an A.I learning device – a means to an end – so the same way numbers of odd like 3, does not oppose to numbers of even like 2, yet brings the opposite to play on the other side, so do you not make Sin real, as the Bible does. Again, do not take the A.I:s orchestrated attacks personally, for there is no Physical Universe to react to. Hey, I was born the 6th day & from a mother with one man, respectively. And my name in Ancient Middle East translated is Chanaan, who has actually lived in the lands of Ham, or Egypt. And Satan worshippers must envy Chaanan’s birth of month too, which I will keep to my self for now. So, the Global Freemasonry – starting from the Rothchild’s or the entire Fake-Jew collective – & who bitterly defend the Gigantic fabrication of the One Sons mind – are all under a Galactic Arrest & Death Penalty Warrant by our observing – *Higher-Selves* or “UFO” Patrols – since the 1950s. This event launched a series of “UFO” (Angels) & Swamp Reptilian (Demon) movies as a defence trough Jesuit-CIA defence department: Hollywood. This will come public eventually, no matter how hard The Rothchilds & their extensions in Europe – like Juha Luuri – try to hide this in our Aquarian Age & the masses own spiritual resistance to realize this, for here ends all addictions to broken dreams & time, which is so strongly held as reality in our belief, like a Fantasy we just do not want to end, save trough extreme pain. Even the impostor posing as William Shakespeare knew this, for in his fakery he consciously allowed the inevitable plague enter his house of shame, resulting his son Hamnet die of “sickness”. So, before landing & allowing our troops to surprise these soddish scums & kill them in front of the entire world, the “UFOs” need Native mens & Jews assistance to first Quantum Entangle enough people “To Look Up To The Skies” – so to speak – trough Biblical Prophecy, which stirs up more plagues or chaos: Birth pains. Hence, my computers were often electronically harassed or hacked which results in grammatical errors or bugs in this page, stalling the writings of these Testaments meant to fish & encourage the elected or graduated men, women & children. And who may face these situations when panic striked Rothchilds set their Global FEMA Camps & FEMA troops to sacrifice people & deprive them from sleeping when COVID19 testing period is over, & the second wave of Plandemic starts trough Ukraine war & wars in Israel. Preppers like Bodi shall join their sad end for dismissing this truth by supporting LEVELI, Samuel Gryning & so many other S.O.B channels who have no interest to reveal the real Native owners of Finland, who are the Native Jew Tribe of Ephraim, mostly stigmatized as “Puerto Ricans”, minority as “West Africans”, & few as “Gypsys”. And Ebin Ephraim from East Indian resorts. Yet, who are all from the scattered bloodline of Mizraim or Egypt’s Ruler Joseph, & who are also the one same Ephraim Moors from medievil times, which modern Finland’s humiliation witchcraft attempt ritual known as “Tiernapojat” is all about. So, the country has lost all sense of reality, especially the youth gone too far dismissing men/women with high level experience points, which by definition should crown them as teachers. The first Rambo film sort of hints this trough Khabbalah & violence. It hints about an experience in natural dissonance with minds over-comfortable with the world & want no reminders of reality. Remember, these movies are produced by Reptiles & Gray Aliens who farm or harvest humanity psychologically. But again, planet deals with human experience points just like a RPG game. It anoints experiences accordingly, but a process we manipulated or reversed other way around by employing Warlocks like Jon Dee, Crowley & the modern ones. Even Jane Roberts used Oija board to be posessed by Satan-Seth & Edgar Cayse was a Freemason, hence are not considered valuable experiences, just possessions. So, look, the worst case scenario in a Finnish man/womans life is to lose a sex partner, then commit suicide, nothing else. Finland is a walled up, unjustly depressed Gaul-community or comfort-drunken-commoners with nothing creative or content to show, believing they are Asterix & Obelix, but not knowing their roles are to be tested in WW3 & I find this sad as an elder spirit. My vaccined biological Ashkenaz mother is also in danger for complying with SUPO or Central Intelligences harassing Critical Thinkers, thus Finland is not the only one ready for trouble. Central Intelligences employ Gang stalkers who are Pre-micro-chipped, porn gazing & unenployed Archtypes who are under the chips control, like in the film Implanted or Upgrade. They are assisted by actualized Demonic entities the pop culture knows as “Reptilians” who also run youtube disinformation pages like David Icke or Teemu Vehkala – a Salamander or a dead entity – appearing almost human, but can be easily spot as inorganic beings. This is because a basic reptile hybrids face does not subscribe to Fibonacci sequence or the golden ratio, hence they have a face shaped like a frog (Tokoloshe) or some one with acute Autism. Oh, Ashkenaz mother what have you done. As a result of this, she is becoming sicker, for guilt always demands punishment I do not wish for friends & family. Yet Forgiveness In the usual sense, would actually confuse Planetary Resonance, & why the impersonal nature of peoples Biblical death “penalty” is only business, not personal, not to mention how humanity did this to themselves by not attending their Spiritual Engineering, which after Ancestral karma purgation, always leads God-wards a Prophetical or Biblical Forgiveness operation where the Prototype-Jesus (Yehushua Hammasiach) must be invited again to escape reincarnation & reactivate our *Eternal Always*, but a Biblical calling people, including ACIM authors & students unconsciously avoid. So, since I can’t pity my family, so there is no aunce of pity to feeble minds destroying their inner genious, in desperate hopes to find someone to be blamed & remain in comfort zone within an Ancient Dream state long gone, but a state of recoqnition most fear to remember, for in this dwelling place what Ramanakrishna also calls Samadhi (God Consciousness), the individual you think as you, disappears, including all concepts of energy & Kundalini, which are functions of levels within a dream, & not real in Endless Present an Ideal Psychotherapist or Lightworker values in order to execute Direct Knowledge externally to a world of unhealed minds of hate. This is why the more closer to God the target or Ideal Psychotherapist to be blamed is, the better he/she is to be used as means to rebel against God & try to drag or tempt his attention to us to establish our mortal dreams of bodies real, as we did with Jesus. The forgiveness or Atoning leads to an understanding we are dreaming, but this means to release the physical & psychological self. The  process starts in Awareness, then dawns to be as a release of the entire physical dream, which includes to face the fear of death, which was really a shield-belief or magical armor to cover over the fear of Love or God – to be released from the regenerating dream state of nothingness – a miscreated world that led nowhere. And a past repeated in different forms or variations. The viciousness of the world & everyone in our lives boils down to this Ancient fear which is a mind fearful to receive the peace of God that has nothing to do with this world & is not the Cause of the world, bodies, or the love between a man & woman etc. This is why all relationships must be courageously penertrated to a point of either joining in One Universal purpose, or continue the worlds Course which is based upon differentiation: Implicit & explicit attacks. And special relationships based upon alliance & spiritual contracts which always renegerates pressure in the One Collective Consciousness (Super Ego or Matrix Mind), for here, the belief in scarcity gets maintained creating pressure, which always explodes as Atomic Bombs: An inevitable result or symbol of Hatefull Laws singularity.

Juha Luuri & Bodi-Prepper Are Both Going to Die.

Juha Luurin Perhe on tuomittu kuolemaan SUPO:n Noita-vitsauksista kehojenne veret valuen kallion penkereestä alas meren syvyyksiin.

So, like Juha Luuri, & the entire FBI unit of Finland, known as SUPO; so is Bodi, & other preppers watching my materials, ready to die. Look, these messages are effecting CERN-entity which Stimulates Schuman Resonance & making Rothchilds lose focus. Affecting CERN results in Mandela Effect, both that came public in 2008. So, the only way to escape these “paranormal” waves is either to be beamed up, or lay the body aside (Samadhi) as Ascended Master. Unfortunately bodi is progressively complying with NWO after being persecuted to some extent. He is publicly giving up his will to Juha Luuri, who is a Fake-Jew Troll Admin of all Formus – a SUPO Warlock – who runs a youtube channel to gaslight. Hey, many FBI agents act in Hollywood films. In fact, Hollywood actors are agents, low level Priests, with a mission that has nothing to do with only becoming famous. Movies are weaponized to reinforce false history & false perceptions. So, SUPO Warlocks having their own channel should be basic knowledge. Every NASA scene in Hollywood movies, as an example, has their actual NASA workers involved in acting. To be Agent is to learn how to act, or infiltrate peoples lives. They are comfortable acting together because they know each other. Hollywood, NASA, White House, Pentagon, are all the same: A commune.

Ascended Masters (Dr Manhattan) & Prophets (Watchmen) Exiting Matrix: The Bible is trying to solidify a Plastic Universe falling apart & Over.

The Biblical Abrahamic God of duality is an insane or highly reactive god who pushes concepts of sacrifice or suffering for a higher cause. And where a so- called price waits at the end. Concepts such as barely making it is a bodily desire where a mind gets vexed with distractions to receive a physical salvation rather than Enlightenment. This Page pushes Enlightenment, not depending on Biblical creations, all equally flimsy in trust as ephermal creations. 

Stewart Pearce “Master Of Voice”: A Inorganic Warlock Freemason of Windsor-London.

The Mold of Man is a pattern of every human attributes we can think of & some we can’t conceive. The mold is our god because we are what it stamps us up with, not because it has created us from nothing & made us in his image & likeness. To worship this is arrogance. (Naqual Don Juan)

So, after 8+ years of Gang Stalking, noise harassed, poisoned, attacked by Gangs of people, False accused as a killer, interrogated as a terrorist, & dragged back & forward to MK-Ultra torture Labs. And after spending months within their torture Asylums, but this time, for the last time, I managed to break out from that wicked FEMA testing ground, while majority of these masonic Jorvi FEMA fools were smoking tobacco, or eating their filthy sandwich. I went to a town hours away, & lived few weeks in a motel with my last savings, drinking wine & eating pizza. I left it all behind when I left that FEMA, specifically my mother, who sold me out to MK-Ultra, until I had to accept she & friends, will not make it. I will love them in spirit for we had good times too, for the world is dualistic, hence sometimes it gives us distractions in forms of good, but should be shared or celebrated in laughter. So, as repeated: High level CIA, FBI & local intelligence funded Gang Stalking, or Occult Persecution, only happens to Free Thinkers revealing the real Cause of our Reptilian reincarnation system that blocks the Awereness of the Eternal Presence or the Eternal now. And that we are also One with the Larger Dreaming but deformed Mind, which it self is also an Illusion, along with palable matter which the mind produced within it’s self hypnosis. Quantum mechanics reveals trough technical means there is no world, but are afraid to experience the mind that gave birth to the world of particles, is also unreal. The Cause of this Self Hypnotized Sleeping Mind we are seemingly at One with, is our stubborn intent to maintain Sin in our consciousness by denying our Ancestral means to Forgive ourselves, by forgiving others. But a beginning stage which is really a shield trying to cover up the abuse the collective has done with the Protype or Native presence & image of Christ Jesus & his lineage, which extends to Classic names like Mozart, Ramanakrishna, Beethoven, Shakespeare & more. And which warlock-wizards like Stewart Pearce “Master of Voice” works as our employed criminal too, who blocks these healing informations along with the world of Jesuits like Jon Dee, who’s main purpose is to assist Reptilians to keep everyone stuck in Unforgiving consciousness, which is really drinking poison, but expecting your target to die of it.

Breaking out Umbrella MK-Ultra & Ready to Kill Them All.

Warning: This page, which is a Patented Ultima-Weapon to open Death Angel Portals, & studied by Military Bases as we speak, Is unfortunately preparing the death of us all as Homo Sapiens & the self we call I.

Basically, I broke out from Khazarian & Reptilian Psionic MK-Ultra (Jorvin Sairaala) the same week 2020 COVID19 Plandemic started, leaving behind the last remnants of my past relationships & loved ones stuck to the fading world. And after 2 weeks of calming down several hours away from Helsinki, few Followers of this page sought my guidance, & gave me a place to stay. One became a devoted Hopeful Elect, & is now communicated by the “UFOs”, & will become a great man. But the War of Principality was not, & is not over yet, so after 3 months of homeless obscurity, sometimes sleeping outside, one time while it was snowing in -15 degrees, I was guided to expose my whereabouts, once more, to the Masons, for tactical-baiting or Proxy purposes. And was eventually tracked, & followed, by their outside MK-Ultra units, or SUPO, who Gang Stalked me, & now, my comrade in Faith. During the times of June 2020 to April 2021 we shifted over 10 appartments due to constant neighbouring watch Co & tell programs & police harrasments all around Finland which included interrogations – few recorded in Bitchute – & also sudden appartment searchings in Posio, where high degree Mason Juhani Julin was murdered. Majority of the Stalkers in these areas were human-apes of all ages, children too & to who’m I reminded that we will meet again & I will kill the kid & his family. The Agents who pretended to be church goers proved how the Bible is used for ego preservation because they were very keen to argue about Deutronomy passages, the identity of Esau etc – which is not my main subject at all really, except to expand the subject of one mind. Yet, when I expressed the importance to be aware of the One mind or how even the Bible is used by all of us to forget the projection, the agent had no clue how to respond, & wanted to talk about the scriptures as if I am a professional preacher, when at best, a Mystic perhaps, who feels drawn to a silly war or principalities not my own or interest, & the reason I hate Khazars justly. And so, we were Gang Stalked from South Finland to the East part, & to the very North pole of Finland, a place where you can see Northern Lights. North is, however, & unfortunately, filled with artificial rivers & forests. It has haunted houses with ghost or poltergeist. Basically, murdered peoples souls that are stuck there, angry, blaming & screaming, desperate to be released trough Exorcism from the pain their sell out family members caused them. Yet an Exorcism I would not bother to perform because they are Edomites destroying themselves. No wonder, the Flag of Lapland Finland has an actual Human-Ape-Neanderthal as a symbol! This place is filled with family lines with dark pasts, & who gained their Reindeer ranches trough sacrificing their own kinds to blood-money rituals. When you see old Disney cartoons depicting haunted houses where skeletons dance & sing banging the doors & walls – it is  real – but very basic knowledge from a priesthood perspective. Disney is a high level unit for witchcraft, & normalized pedofilia. The aim of corporate movies is to limit peoples understanding of witchcraft & apparitions only to films, & not help people to generalize what they are seeing in films to every aspects of life. Hollywood priesthood is aware of the need to project truth in order to sustain it self, but adds double meaning in their arts using our Ancestral need to explore dualism or the knowledge of good and evil, as a justification on why Hollywood has the right to bombard humanity with half truths which confuses & fragments minds. Yet, to a certain extent, they are Justified; humanity is attracted to dualism, but since America is not owned by the bankers or Fake-Jews behind Hollywood anyway, all that is needed is esoteric & scriptual understanding to indignate them of treason, stirr up their rebellion (Ukraine-Israel wars) to WW3, then land to different countries & kill them & their supporting citizens. CERN scripted Films like The Predator-series depicts what Anointed Natives will be about, but using dual meaning or Khabbalah, a witchcraft punishable by death. CERN is aware of the past & future and creates self animating programs like The Simpsons where these 2D entities reveal much of what is to come.

OFF GRID: Teachers of Teachers are Exiled.

Drinking the Cup to Lethe as means to Condemn a Generation to death.

The ultimate torture program outside MK-Ultra Asylums known as Gang Stalking includes all the same basics, just without injections or pills: Voice to skull, electronic harassment, Helicopter Patrols, house vandalism, poltergeist attacks, Noise campaign, & radiating was a daily thing. The list Includes encounters with Satan entity. When you reach a sense of becoming a Teacher of Teachers, or ideal psychotherapist (Multiverse Perception), there is no single angle that accepts an impersonal presence, especially when it comes to Demons, who like a child, needs a reactive attention to stay alive as 4D-entities do, so no wonder majority in Hollywood are attention seeking Reptiles. Thus, I was lied about to a point of being wanted by the cops in their public database, which makes it easier for them to try, & push you over & over again to FEMA cars, as it happened to me in Kemijärvi, where divine intervention stepped in because my position knows Esau is not to be blamed for there is no world, thus no Sin. Even the illusion of Bibilcal Creation & time with multiple parallel time zones are all simultanenous, that never happened. Yet, since the sandbox of bodies & glorified bodies are the only reference we have as dualistic creatures, I was stopped & interrogated many times which some are recorded & are public. These happenings are so out of Social media regenerations radar that It is vanity to explain all the details, because this all started officially in 2015, & in places outside Finland as well. You will be forced to watch a feature film, a documentary, or just Astral Project my events to extract a learning. Humanity will mainly have to re-view the crucifixion of who you call Jesus. The times I was directing my movies, meeting people, socializing & hearing dumb complaints about your woman or work; Yes, I was under Umbrellas torture program, knowing 100% that I am alone in this because simpletons would not believe me anyway. So, after a seeming never ending murder attempts by Finland lodges, & their extensions, or police (marked for death) I had to start living OFF GRID, to forever go off radar with no traces left, while waiting for their death to manifest, which is COVID19-Ukraine-Israel -war-era. Their attempt is to claim dudes like me wacko, & now, terrorist. Before I was framed to their torture program Asylum for the last time, they used intimidation Psy Op tactics on my relatives too, mainly my mother, who was bullied even at her work, but who eventually, sold me out, being a typical woman. So do not blame her women, even men, who are like women. You are in the same category; no courage, no faith, & are the main target in this “UFO” euthanasia spectacle. We were supposed to forgive one another for our joint need to perceive fault on each other, then reveal who Jesus really is. The ones who did the job the best they could, are now guided by the “UFOs”, like Noah was guided, to leave the rest to their own mercy. I have been writing these articles while surviving OFF GRID, as if a fugitive, & walking my part in this pilgrimage, that leads to everlasting life, literally outside the stage, like Truman Show ending depicts. It is a nostalgic & Final-Fantasy-ending type graduation regardless of being chased by mercenaries. The mercenaries are confused, & wonder why this channeling continues even when I am wanted. Meaning, they know this is true, because they are used to targets who hide in silence, or just joined their oppressors cause.

Police or Agents in MK-Ultra Asylums Pretending To be Captives.

NOTE: There were many Agents & cops posing to be MK-Ultra captives or “patients” in Jorvi’s labs. One cop, who was  poorly acting to be a retarded patient & tried to talk to me, but whom I ignored, was the same one, who weeks later came & dragged me to MK-Ultra, again, with his criminal partner. Both were armed with weapons, & both will be put to death, including the people who sold me out or just stood silent with no morals. When I was in MK-Ultra Asylums, back & forth, I was always put into the same room with a person who earlier wanted to fight & with Agents who tried to befriend me. Eventually, after persuading one like a Jedi, one admitted he is an Agent. He asked if I am shapeshifter & wanted to know about the Biblical “UFOs”. He may have heard about my 2011 Windsor England incident where I was interrogated by the local police patrol who heard me, & a fallen brother in Faith, having an accidental spiritual power experience of breathing fire, which back in the day I had no idea was scriptural. One thing was for sure, that we were vessels for that. It did not come trough us willingly. The same week, I also had a full blown Kundalini expansion where the Universe & body disappeared & I was at One with the Cosmos, as was Jesus the instant he got nailed to the cross, & why the Bible is not always the best source to excerpt the meaning of the crucifixion. The incident In Windsor, among many others, is one of those true incidents that marked me to MK-Ultra, by the way. Movies like The Glass, The New Mutants, & scenes of Wolverine being experimented, are few, out of many Vatican sin-confession-mediums; to confess what they do to “paranormally” Initiated People they envy & want to militarize these gifts to be used, but trough conscious or individuated effort, which is the same as to use this power to brag as special; once again a typical ego attempt by bankers at play here, where rather than being just a vessel for this power, – as we certainly were In Windsor – the ego attempts to glorify it self by trying to analyze Spirit. The brother that fell from Faith can prove the validity of this story In Windsor. And even my jealous uncle, whom I never liked, but thankfully lived in his empty flat in London, can at least prove that when he visited me in London, he made a big deal about a note he found where the local Windsor police patrol are giving statements. I told my mother about this event back then too, which was a big mistake. Here is, however, a statement by Jesus, what will happen to his initiated ones during end times. Some of us may be initiated to *Hadouken!* you spiritually dead losers, starting from you so-called elites, then kill you, which is really to save you. The killing is done trough Qi energy for it to be karma free which is why the perfect Planetary timing for the kill to occur is crucial because the power over the elements is not done trough individuated effort as said many times.

John 14:12

Who believes in me will also do the works that I do. And he will do even greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.”

Gang Stalkers Introduced To Space Programs.

The Agent who was asking about my shapesfihter thing also mentioned about him self being introduced to space programs as a Freemasonic initiation. The Asylums had patients & convicts who also knew what is going on: MK-Ultra. Women in particular sought guidance from me because we are talking about a concentration camp simulation waiting for the people, friends & family, who ironically sold me out, but are going to experience this too, in stronger measures, & will not survive. That MK-Ultra place was not a joke & the women who were brought back to reality by the insane treatments, did gave up their Wonder Woman illusions just like the Prophets today are telling us. Yes, from a city girl to an submissive Ancient woman, which I will talk about more below in another note. However, majority in these Asylums were Gang Stalkers, who were hired patients to harass & follow me so they themselves could be released faster. I was stalked & sleep deprived from all sides, even though they had several Agents or cops, & even extremely zombiefied avatars that literally were not human anymore, but different levels of body snatched Demons, doing the job for them. When they took me in, they also updated their basic tube type camera system to the all seeing eye-multidimensional camera system. All this because of me, seriously? The ones who deny this story by scoffing will be put to death by the way. So, here is a quote of people selling you out in a typical & dawning Martial Law or WW3 era we have Ancestrally repeated in the past. The poor decisions are made by minds or Separated Sons, too afraid to surrender to the Will of God where our individual identity disappears & eventually, when ready, will the physical experience also evaporate to Light. Khazars & especially Demons are creatures over vexed in time & must be plucked out trough our help, although they will fight back kicking & screaming for they made a covenant with a cementing perception of Satan. Guilt, such as selling out a family member, or a good friend, keeps the mind anchored or cemented to birth & death cycle, which is everyones secret desire, hence they act upon emotional hive mind impulses. The last simulation for separation however takes the form of being under the management of Natives which means slavery for minds stuck in Ego Consciousness by first destroying Edoms world or 5G structures, which are all Totemic or Tonal extensions of Caucasus mt belief as flesh since the times of Kain (Cosmos 6 days ago or Humans 6000 years ago) hence have no hope Ascending. Rome is Tonal incarnate, which is a system of logic & reason that barricades it’s self from Nagal: the unknown, musical, spontanious, or Mystical aspect of creation. However, the mind can over vex  or cement it’s self trough logic & reasoning. When Tonal is over stimulated, it inflates the sleeping mind to a paralyzed state which by definition, projects a Clean Leper or Caucasus mt condition as a reminder it is at the red (edom) zone. This knowledge of heralds has been lost because as Natives mingled with minds suffering inflation – in this case, Caucasus mt – so did humanities thought system became a mixed bag of principles in conflict with one another. Before ending this article, let us go trough verses given by the modern Prophets.

Matthew 10:21

And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. 

Revelation 13:15

He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed. 

NOTE: The Few Gang Stalked, MK-Ultra tortured, are marked for death by Vatican for knowing already not to comply. The mass of sell outs or cowards will be hit by surprise. The majority, including our proud friends & loved ones, are not going to survive. Many of us are trained trough “UFO” initiation not to care about them anymore which is why being persecuted is known as a blessing & not a curse)

Revelation 13:16

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. 

NOTE: RFID-chip connecting you to metaverse. Planet will not know you anymore, which is a logical resolution in separation)

Revelation 13:17

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

NOTE: Stores shutting down, trucks not moving, food shortages, no-vax or RFID means no shopping)

Revelation 13:18

Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is 666.

NOTE: Joe Biden quotes “Six minutes, Six days, or six weeks”. Google it. Vatican takes orders from CERN, which is spiritual demon Satan’s top medium to channel concrete consciousness along lesser souless vessels or demons known as Reptilians. Since they are synthetic thoughts themselves within a Larger Sleeping Mind, so are “they” functioned altering your consciousness by luring you to a 666 based dimensions of time of flesh within the larger Super Egos Dreaming of a world, who is the One separated Son of God: Us as One (Neo)

1 Thessalonians 5:3

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

NOTE: COVID19-Ukraine-Israel war. Martial law Mandates & limits are switched ON & OFF, back and forward to harvest minds to think no sudden evil is so close, but…

Jorvi’s Hospital Staff Warcrimes & Death Penalty.

In the sky, there is no distinction between east and west.
People make up differences in their own minds, and then believe them to be (Buddha)

Finland MK-Ultra program also exploited or fed us Soy-meat which is human meat & admitted trough films like Soylent Green (a.k.a The World In the Year 2022). As said in an earlier note, many fearful human trafficked people came & asked me for guidance because being Clark Kent in these situations becomes very difficult, nore are we meant to hide but fish the elect in these extreme situations too. So, many of the ones seeking guidance were young Finnish women, some Native Gentiles, majority not. Some girls were sexually abused by the staff, & by Demonically possessed male patients suffering acute autism, which is a perversive Legion known as Tokoloshe in some regions. One Russian woman, who contemplated suicide, told me eventually her part-Liberian daughter sees “UFO” abducting visions, where the daughter get’s delivered, but her Russian Edomite mother does not.

Kundalini Awakening: The Last Means To (Mercy) Kill 3D Minds.

The Nearing Death of Sweden’s “King” Carl XVI Gusta & “Princess” Victoria family.

One dumb captured Teosophian-Cultist girl, who also approached me for guidance, decided to turn in to a Gang Stalker too, after the word started spreading, that I was captured to MK -Ultra due to increased Kundalini energy which forces men to channel modern Finland’s & other Carnal minds Biblical mercy destruction by default: Sweden’s King Kustaa Vaasa & Mikael Agricola’s tag team in the 1500s to obscure the judges are to be blamed honey, not me. So, like Jonah in the Bible, so is this a Prophetical responsiblity not to be escaped, if you truly Kundalini emerge, which is one level of initiation, although a fundamental one – only activated when dipped to the Dark Night of Your Soul or Shamanic Sickness, which Reptilian entities among us deliberately deny existing within us, for harvesting purposes, like Huascar & Atalhuapa did, who are “Quetzcotl” or Reptiles & the main cause Incas were harvested towards a civil war, opening a portal for the colonizers to enter Mesoamerica. This office of a Seer includes to reveal everyones Ancestry before the physical hunting season of Caucasus mt & the rest of reprobates takes place, which is why NATO-EU is stirring WW3 trough Ukraine & Israels chaos, or chaos magic. The Theosophian hybrid reptile chick – who deserves death – actually convinced a fat Finn retard that I am a Charismatic Enchanter – then to pick a fight with me in the dining room. She also admitted her uncle was a mason who used to build the MK Ultra she claimed to be captured. The fat retard she snitched about me bursted in rage after reading & listening my stuff, running towards me shouting. The MK-Ultra staff did nothing, in fact, they wanted me to start fighting because they constantly tried to bait me to be further vaccined. And forced me to an isolation chamber to be fed with pills & injections, some members in the building holding their hands like a pyramid as I was passing trough them, because it is a sacrifice ritual taking place among warlocks. One doctor-warlock actually freaked out due to the staffs drunken state of blood lust, or the need to exploit people. The doctor-warlock pleaded me to remain silent around curious patients, so that they can release me from my isolation chamber where I spent days, & had nothing else but a piss smelling mattress to sleep upon. And a one eyed (updated) camera observing my every move. You better leave Teemu Vehkala & Markus Haikara alone. They have nothing to offer & are misinformation Agents, who deserve death. Bodi has reached the stage of danger too for complying to NWO trough Amalekites (Fake Jew) Juha Luuri’s enchantings on him. It is sad because Bodi did experience some form of Gang stalking by SUPO’s Central intelligence. The only use of this man now is that his earlier videos confirms the criminality of FEMA-HUS, Police & military.  The man failed to grasp that these orders to harass citizens must come from highest Ecclecstiastical Spiritual departments or churches. These are the same offices they infiltrated during Renessaince period with nepotism, & other Eccelestiasical trespassings, as demonstrated trough the Renessaince crime family heads known as Rodrigo & Cesare Borgia, & who eventually became the Redshields, & once again, changed their names to Rothchilds, Rockfeller etc. It is literally a *Cosmic Joke* as these minds of paralyzed bloodlines (6 & half chakras) are in ruler ship. We as One just forgot to laugh about this, for we did not get the *Cosmic Jest* at first glance.


So, the orders come from priesthood lodges, whose main purpose is to break all the galactic or Ecclestiastical Laws mentioned in the scriptures. They ripped the entire book known as Apacryfa, which is just another example of the many other spiritual trespassings. They are passionately committed to figure out how to completely isolate this planet from the entire Universe, & continue exploiting humanity without Native or “UFO” interference. You can learn a lot about their mentality by watching the movie 120 Days of Sodom. Movies are Vaticans sin confession mediums anyway, to get away with their crimes, without no one noticing that they indeed confessed their sins. And if no one, especially a Native interferes, they will just continue, as they have for centuries. However, now that few Native men know their Karmic-tricks, the Khabbalah are showing their horns by luring people to death, & soon will go rampage without obeying even their own masonry: Rampage. So listen up, you failed generation with no back bone. God is pleading you to free his One frustrated Son by you forgiving your frustrated angry self. Answer the call, take my hand, my dear fellow, & become literally *beamed* to all inclusion, to finally leave the weary dreams of exclusion & where Freemasonry is about to go Grand Theft Auto on you, without spearing none.

2 Esradas 16:68-74

68For, behold, the burning wrath of a great multitude is kindled over you, and they shall take away certain of you, and feed you, being idle, with things offered unto idols. 69And they that consent unto them shall be had in derision and in reproach, and trodden under foot. 70For there shall be in every place, and in the next cities, a great insurrection upon those that fear the Lord. 71They shall be like mad men, sparing none, but still spoiling and destroying those that fear the Lord.


100% Proof Youtube, Google algorithm & Other Streams Shadow Banning my Videos & manipulates views low. (31.12.2021) (Ascension & Gang stalking)

Concrete Proofs before the Day of Death.

Warning to Whitehouse, Greenland fact checkers, Pentagon, Youtube, the world & illegal entities. I have the full right to butcher your family. The insane but highly ecclestiastical Biblical God (One son) of favour is retreating favouring you to avoid getting involved with your Capital Sin, for it is almost getting cornered as an unjust useless deity in WW3. This Collective Ego consiousness will try to sneak trough favouring the street Biblical teachers or misguided men again for hoarding dualistic or ego readiness, hence will not receive the powers they dream about in a long time, untill their egos are tamed, for the Kingdom is really about dispelling all ego or dual references, then gently letting the planet be, & turn to a Sun. The so-called beautiful earth is not exactly helping humanity but more in need to be left alone it seems, because the Reptilians have been assisted to take over this plane to an extent only forgiveness remains possible in a place where animal & plant kingdom is also riddled with death. There is nothing new or special about Grey’s, Annunaki or Reptilians & their dumb tech, liquid crystal cloaking devices, & Hollywood. Like many well meaning teachers, Annunakis share a primitive need to sustain their already expired ego existence, hence are afraid of non-bodily oneness which Ascended masters are Thougth Masoning to Earth, & which will destroy Heaven on Earth too, but in a good way. One is not really advanced if they can’t filter demons from humans & unfortunately there are only few who can.

As a man, who used to have the largest VHS & DVD collection of films, at least in my home town. And a man who was groomed towards directing a 5-figure Hollywood film by a big Finnish movie production company at the age of 19, which I eventually declined to keep my integrity. And a man who was very content with the old school distribution of burning my own Kung Fu projects to CDs, DVDs or share them to jealous-unproductive friends via Windows messenger; following analytics was never my second nature. So, after 10 years of having no clue about this websites activity, I got my first website Analytics App that shows my sites traffic. When you watch my Truth videos on Youtube, or the ones in vimeo, soundcloud, dailymotion,  VEOH, even bitchute, it APPEARS as if there is only 16 – 700 views at best. My official Fight scene, music & Short films channel was deleted with 100k to millions of views, but always YT manipulated right from the start due to transgender, homosexual & feminist oriented governments need to prevent anything with “Masculine” or Kung Fu principles, which is just my natural way of directing  projects, never intentional. These vices are celebrated by our apathetic un-creative generation-with-nothing-to-show, now bound to die, finally. Medium – a blogging site, also removed 6 of my blog pages within 2020 – 2021, due to it’s heavy traffic. Again, all of these views & subscribers, on all sites, are a lie, all sold out in COVID19-Israel war era. Here is a proof of my sites analytics from 3AM December 26th 2021 to 12:00PM October 28th 2022. What you are about to see is a None- Public-database, meaning, it’s not as easy to hack, & manipulate. None of these visits or views are bots as they have in public streams like Youtube that have (CERN) bots & military warlocks creating YT profiles & subscribers. You can’t win them in that sense. YT is a fundamental- weaponized tool for this agenda citizens are supporting too, but are finally about to be put out from their unproductive misery, so the remnant in confessorship can move on, continue living & continue our creativities, the rest gave up, got stuck up in video games, females, oppinions & consumerism. These poor decison will eventually leave the body envy others, & where the mind unconsciously seeks to use media platforms to destroy their targets, no different from Juha Luuri. This intent only harms itself & eats the body alive, my past fellows I abandoned are a proof of this tragic fate of vain glory.

The total visits here, in 10 months, is 20 000k.

The Axis Of Evil.

We are all equal as Gods One Holy Son – including Jesus, who really does not aim to be worshipped as a roaring lion – yet within the dream of Gods Sons dualistic state, life is programmed by us – since setting up Tabernacles – to be unfair trough the concept of sacrifice that has levels, but have become unconscious to humanity. You as an Angry One, may have chosen the loser aspect of the Dreaming Son, & in it’s anger, the Son always kills it’s mis-creations/his reflections of lives with no meaning, or destiny. Please, just get the vaccines & die already then, but… My dear, we came here to be productive & kingdom minded, not social media addicts filled with self hate & blood lust, playing video games. See this, all means to reach forgiveness must be accepted by breaking out from these self created comfort zones because they are systematic & build upon the principle of Sacrifice where someone, including the Awareness of Oneness, must eventually die so that Ego preservation or separated consciousness is maintained, but which always calls for anothers destruction, or the spirit of the axis of evil: A mind poisoned within it self with radioactive frequencies, or thought system.


WARNING: COVID19 martial law, Ukraina-Israel war & 2025 Lockdowns is a secret Rothchild rebellion regarding their entire Caucasus mt nations upcoming Biblical “UFO” euthanasia in readiness state – lock & loaded to strike, & channeled by a group of Natives & the real Biblical Jews of Judah, Benjamin, Levi.  Thank you Gms Elders & brethren for these Prophetic truths. A personal gratitude to Dr Ken Wapnick for revealing me the cycle of birth & death maintained by our insane belief system, which always leads to death by reinforcing hate trough projections. Your guilt is why you took the vaccine, & may not make it alive once we hit the peak of martial law, Israel war & 2025 lockdown phase.

Link to video:

China: A Leading Demography In This Ministry.

Your Enlightenment or Tao is possible & inevitable even under the captivity of Natives & the real Jews: Israel.

EDIT: As we are all one, so does salvation apply to all, hence I can’t limit anyone from their possible survival from the end of this world. But I am here to say – as if a neutral passerby – that Chinas, Indias & other dark nations situation is not looking good because their mass collective was teaching the One Son that they would do the same decisions as their “elites” do, hence the Chinese, as just one example – trying to join the boat by talking about the typical tactics of Caucasus mt painting themselves as heroes against Orientals – came too late. This Ministry also focuses with the Cause & does not Attack Caucasus, knowing well, we all pushed our planet to be a cesspool that happens to be led by our owned & our civilized Neanderthals, by definition. Placing them on managing offices was our joined mocking attempt on Creation & remain in eternal group psychosis where the Zodiacs seems to dominate us. As just one example; we manipulated our vortex trough demigods, where Chemtrailing planes never crash, because we agreed to vex our minds with coctails of raucous shrieking frequencies that distracts or captures minds attention back to low or bodily awareness, which seeks to cut ties with spirit that is even by nature, & a way of being where free will ceases to be, for it was only a time based conception. Basically, Caucasus mt are the scapegoats for this mocking operation on God to kill his Son, hence are the sacrifical collective with a temporary existence based upon order out of chaos. It was a call to a colossal self hypnosis we answered, & includes the use of Ego strategies. This strategy demands our part to mingle & then educate or civilize Neanderthals to have their own civilization, then letting themselves be enslaved by Annunaki-Reptilian forces aiming to cement our belief as flesh, then destroy all references of this decision in order to be convinced generationally we are not in fault. Edom is not really a problem, the “enemy” is a dark celestial force with a god-complex & Ancient A.I intelligence. Caucasus mt are suffering mental illness known as Over Carnality (Neanderthals or Nigger condition). It is a perverse paralyzation to flesh that seeks salvation trough the stimulus of flesh which includes downgrading ones chakras system to 6-chakras & the worthy-of-death ignorance to see this Ministry is not a punitive death sentence set upon their all-fours-walking & grunting families we employed to hide references of the seeming past, only for them to receive a position to go extinct at the same time. The state of Neanderthal is a violent perceptual distortion – Astronomical mental illness – where the world appears alluringly real, absent from Cosmic Order, linear & solid; a separate linear experience Natives, real Jews, & other bloodlines do not quite share, hence are literally living in a Parallel Reality, but are indeed, in majority, attracted to entangle themselves to the world of Caucasus mt leather sensations, which is not recommended, because the end result is adding sin upon sin, usually trough socially acceptable means, but subtle & dismissive means that gradually will pile up to Capital Sin, leading the individual to be Unforgivable by Self & celestially sentenced to death. The land of Moab (China), although carnal, have not jumped to the quick sands of flesh as much as natural Caucasus dwellers due to the little values leaked trough Shintoism or Buddhism, which are from the Holy Spirit too, although filtered trough Reptilian 4D-5D entities for the teachings not to be effective in Grounding ones Spirit – then return to the world & Chop Wood Carry Water trough a balanced mind. A state of mind where you finally fulfill your physical lives purpose before it will start to evaporate back to God, & the body perceived as a tool that served it’s purpose & now can be laid aside, like a 10 year old who naturally let’s his toy figures go. But again, China fell to the dismissive trap & will pay a heavy price for having no will to fight & for abusing Native Gentiles like Bruce & Brandon Lee, who were cast out from their circles by Chinese Freemason lodges afraid of Bruces Native heritage & his Ancient approach on Mortal Combat. As said over & over again, this Ministry is not to Focus on Clans, Natives or Dualism- there are Millions in Asia who are the real Biblical Natives & Southern Jews. Some of you will be called to discern Natives & Jews from the Carnal Asiatic ones as you are Ascending your family. As the Prophets have revealed to us; Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan do not share the same Ancestry at all. Bruce is a Northern, Native or “Indian” Jew (hence was killed) while Jackie is a real Biblical moab or a so-called heathen (earth-bound). As a person who shared few distant connections with Jackie, I know his career tragically kick-started only after he went trough chinese double eye-lid surgery (blepharoplasty) to appear less Asiatic & eats animal testicles as witch craft initiation – it is unfortunate to know this side of Jackie. When you pay attention to his films before entering Golden Harvest studios trough Sammo Hung & Yuen Biao, Jackie has no confidence, yet after eye surgery (sacrifice) he prospered- directing many films like Project A where he serves Freemasonry & Policing, but an act that produces Ancestral curses, but I digress. But again, we were supposed to forgive one another for our joint request to remain in the cycle of birth & death. As for the worlds increasing hatred on Caucasus mt & their Amalekites; Striking an “enemy” down comes from the understanding of the level of guilt the “enemy” hoards in their hearts. The more guilt within an enemy, the more a non-emotional forgiving (Understanding) presence ready to mercy kill the “enemy”, becomes a startling terror to the so-called enemy. This unconscious joint request to stay inside a dualistic dream where bodies are tools to explore the sin & guilt cycle led the ‘Bibles most fleshly or pink nation from Caucasus mt to take the wheel of this planet, & manage it trough their own human-ape understanding, often inquiring demons to posses their vessels to do the job for them, as majority of guitarist, Hollywood actors & politicians have done. This is not their fault, so you must stop wasting time blaming me, including a retarded family tree which is bound for death in COVID19-Ukraine-Israel war era. Become a terror by accepting their mental illness worthy of euthanasia, & help to free their souls from bondage. This is how you are a Black belt Architecture of someones extermination & a True Anointed Warrior of a Rainbow. …

SYMPHONY OF DEATH Official Movie [HD] Post – Apocalypse (2008) (Klem Kaan)

America’s Greenland & Pentagon. China, Russia, Ukraine, Annunaki, Reptiles etc: Listen, your Enlightenment is possible, Love is unconditional, the Bible scribes got the Message wrong. But on this side – the world – the ones initiated as Prophets, physical kings or Hebrews, must kill you for you are way too anchored to attack Ascended Master initiatives too, thus are 100% unable to advocate for a less violent chapter closing for your family. Your Ascension thus gets motivated trough extreme pressure by the street preachers seeking & finding hate trough you, hence you are all “ioned” in the same ego battlefield switching worlds rather than releasing the entire thought system. 

In this Psychedelic, neurotic, and very Physically Action packed Post-Apocalypse film, A bunch of unknown Cavemen type criminals aim to kill a lonely drifter who just happens to pass by in a fallen world, where people hear sinister voices to murder. But things do not work out as planned: The drifter takes one of the female members with him and… Well, you will see. Viewer discretion advised due to hard language, and perhaps imagery used in the Film to express the inevitable metaphysical (mind) and physical effects of World War 3. As usual, Youtube shadowbanned the movie back in 2008 among my entire page due to a content that never served their propaganda. I am totally committed to kill the entire staff of Youtube & Hollywood as WW3 is official for de-motivating my friends & aiming to drag me along with them.

Written, Directed & Edited: Klem Kaan

Producers: Niko Karppinen, Joonas Vaattovaara, Klem Kaan

Original Soundtrack: Klem Kaan

Visual FX: Niko Karppinen, Klem Kaan

Camera OP: Klem Kaan
Year: 2008
Country: Finland




Raamatun Rutto Saapuu Suomeen (Suomalaisten UFO Eutanasia noin 2021-2022) I Documentary Film

Raamatun Rutto Saapumassa Suomeen.

Dokumentti elokuva kertoo COVID19 Rokote, Israel sekä Ukrainan Sota-aikakautena tapahtuvasta yllätyksellisestä “UFO” eutanasiasta eli Raamatun Rutosta joka on tällä kertaa ja vihdoin kohdistettu koko Caucasus vuorien tai “ihmisapina” luolien perhepuuhun, johon myös nyky Suomalaiset, eli rikolliskansa tai muurarikansa kuuluu ja jonka Suomen loosit myös kapinoi rälssitiloissaan COVID19 kaaos-magiallaan ja nyt Ukraina-Isrel sodalla sekä saapuvalla digitaalisella rahavaluutalla joka on historiamme kaoottisin pörssiromahdus. Arvioitu maailman sota 3 / UFO eutanasia alkaa noin 2022. Pankkiirit ovat “Shakkimatin” alla ja tahallisesti viivästyttävät heidän seuraavia askeleita. EDIT: Ukrainassa on 2022 havaittu spekuloivia “UFO:ja” jonka Ukrainan valtio myöntää julkisesti. Suomalaisten Tapon päivä & pelkuri tuttavien nukutus valmiustilassa.

27.09.2021: Vanha kanava videoineen bännätty Youtubessa. Dokumentti nyt Vimeo & bitchutessa.

Ohjaus, leikkaus, editointi: Klem Kaan



Finn & Maurice Episodes | HK Action Film [HQ] (2006-2008)

Finn & Maurice | HK Action Film

FULL Episodes

Synopsis: In the far north town of boring Oulu, two young dafts doing illegal odd jobs, and desperate for adventure, agree to set up a strangers death. The youngsters expect their salary, only to find out the stranger has left the scene, which brings more problems to be solved… Mostly trough kicking ass, and breaking places.

All Episodes are now back as Unlisted on Youtube for the people who crave a dose of Mini DV-Home- camcoder 2006 – 2008 nostalgia.

Links to Full episodes are listed in the description box of this youtube video.