OFF GRID 永遠に TV: A Brief, weekly, perhaps daily Updating (777) Ep2

TV Episode II: Why Troll Forums Remove Discussions About Me (5D, Schuman Resonance, Euclidean geometry, CERN)

As for the second TV subject, we deal with Anonymous or in-cognito Forum sites or discussion sites like Ylilauta or Suomi 24 where discussions about their up coming Biblical death most likely has started, but are most likely taken down by SUPO or are fake discussions, where someone pretends to be the one they scoff: one of them is Juha Luuri who got busted, alive and ready to be put to death with his entire family. So, although I am unfamiliar with both sites, It is obvious that these platforms are used these ways to attack public speakers just based on different search results on public speakers. Thus, sites like Ylilauta or Suomi 24 are top sites where Trolls or failed people (marked for death) gather to spend their final moments, like crabs in a boiling pot, to try and smear campaign the end result of Zeitgeist, which is reminding all of us, with increasing volume, that there is a Biblical soul harvest coming, and majority are failing miserably… Yet, if you only would have changed your mind about your entire understanding of a world, by admitting to your self that your entire existence was based upon assumptions or pathetic collections of bread crumbs, you would have had the experience – after proper mind training, or taming – a readiness, to walk a process of replacing your perception with a purified perception of your self, and the world, which are One. To become Holy means to be whole, where you do not add anything from the past to the now, thus allow creation be, by dwelling in the center of not-knowing; resurrecting to Knowledge which just *IS*. To live a life of assumptions means you have the need to hold on to the negative as contrast, for you perceive life as feeble, unfaithful, with no solid foundation at all, thus needs to be judged trough attack. This obviously can not be gods omnipotential creation or Will, for as you can see, this belief in uncertainty makes the mind weary of attacked-produced-guilt, and sickness, aging, and death are inevitable. All this, however, is only an after effect of a decision to stay limited or lack in Faith trough attack.

Here is a Death Psalm Tutorial or prayer from an Advanced Gentleman to assist each self engineering individual under Public Occult Persecution to initiate FBI’s, Bidens, SUPOs, Reptile Aleksi Kinnunen, Trumps, David Wilcocks, Hollywood’s etc- harassment operatives full blown death: You know, like the movie Final Destination.

Juha Luuri: Technially Also Innocent.

Suomen Suojelupoliisit & Juha Luuri ovat tuomittu kuolemaan sotarikollisuudesta virallisessa WW3.

Your everyday was not based on knowledge, not even a wicked wisdom, which Jesuits like Juha Luuri – King of Trolls – use against you. Your life literally had no spiritual foundation. A life of assuming is not wholesome, it is not universal or holy spirit, but a fragmented or filtered perception, where nothing means anything – where nothing can be used as a means to an end. This is not completely your fault either, but you have become carnal in mind, and your behavior, thus, you are part of the problem, by insisting that your everyday assumptions about the universe, which would include your perceptions of other people, is right. If you are unable to listen to your only spiritual compass back Home, which would be your negative feelings like jealousy, fear, envy, a sick body, or over cluttered mind; all meaning the same thing – you will have no other option but to be put to sleep by a symbol which would represent a higher intelligence in a way you can accept, and understand, sincerely, that you failed, while your life flashes in your eyes. “UFO” euthanasia is a concept introduced to the Capital Mind so long locked with chains of darkness from Ancient “5D” concepts which would evaporate your insecurities about life and speed your melting in to our shared One Mind. But would also evaporate your entire belief of your current self, and it is this the world still wants to fight against. And why is this?

The Fear To Set Fear Free.

The new and real concepts of self are known as 4D-5D which are expressions of a geometry re- introduced to us which is foreign to a mind only used to Euclidean geometry which is a hellenic perception, and like tower of babel, is also an inevitable continuation to the need to remain horizontal or separated in our belief systems, which is the same as saying; the need to perceive mankind as not One mind in Christ, but separated concrete individuals where individuated brains appear to do the thinking. The simplicity of statements like “keep thine eye single” can not be understood from this place. Truth is holographic or holy, where all aspects fits to the whole. Egos are selective with judgement, and can never be just, by only zooming to specifics, and denying the whole picture. A good relations with Creation must be re-established before any monumental judgement can be made.

Salvation Needs Your Invitation First.

Spiritual Awakening is about being ready to receive. But you can not be ready if you are still guilty, and Caucasus mountain family tree, such as Finland, are too heavy in guilt, and are mutated by this guilt to a leper or over swine fleshed body condition due to their heavy ancestral crimes of unjust Biblical cause. Due to using the Bible as in 5th Column to justify hate or murder, and not taking heed that they are already in a leper condition or Caucasus cave “humanape“ condition of over carnality, they will not be able to receive these energies anymore, because the tuning is set to attack based frequencies. A leper body is statement or testament for a carnal journey which can only maintain 3D, hence they are marked for euthanasia. They can only enter 4D with their spacesuits, but that would not be living because they would have to use it all the time! There is no reason to think this is personal. How can there be a person to be personal with when we are all One and there is no world? World is synonym with time, and time is temporal. There never was a world but a passing dream of a world, yes.

A Passing Dream of A World.

We are all One, but there are separated egos that invested wrongly a.k.a to carnality which always needs to perceive evil and threat in order to feel alive. Ego can not be maintained in serenity because in serenity there are no concepts of time, and space or people, or need. All mean the same thing. There are no needs in heaven, nor a body. We are talking about a being diametrically opposed with all values of this world. Do not underestimate the fear of God or Love. If Biblical Israelites – the “chosen people” are by majority going to be put to death, then it is fair to warn people that the fear for us to disappear as dualistic creatures is very strong, thus we prefer death, because at least there is an “I” that dies. The vaccine is literally peoples need to die as egos, and not to remember their abstraction. The “in-between” life that leads you back to regeneration, or reincarnation is actually familiar to you. This time however, majority of you will return as slaves because the next Kingdom is really a project to disappear as dualistic creatures, and become celestial again using our avatar as secondary instrumental means to achieve a goal of healing. The closer we fix the planet back to it’s original Garden of Eden state, the dream of death and bodies evaporates… And this is what you fear. This is why our friends and family must betray us in COVID19-WW3 era as Judas did; the fear Unify in Spirit. So, when they “betray”, they anchor their minds to guilt. Guilt demands punishment, and the hidden level of self sabotage is when guilt locks the mind back to the bodily sensors, which are witnesses of their believe in their committed sin punished by the seeming never ending cycle of birth and death.

Ylilauta and other Troll Forums role.

As explained in the video (in Finnish) Ylilauta and other in-cognito sites will only affect the planets chakra system by over spreading these “UFO” euthanasia channelings. The more people hear this (which is happening in speed) the more peoples vibration or aura/chakra field will stimulate the planets own resonance or magnetic/chakra field. We are one body with this seeming planet. An even more simple way to describe the process would be to refer the world as a larger dreaming mind, or Super Ego mind, and we are fragmented personalities of this one gigantic mind which is dreaming all seeming 8 billion bodies, which in reality, are really, all the same one sleeping Super Ego that thinks it is here. The more the separated little selves (people) hear these concepts, the more the larger Super Ego opens up it’s barricaded mind. The lock is sealed with the image of CERN Portal- to forever keep the larger one mind locked, and use it to make God into our own image. We started to lock this mind especially during the Biblical times of Nimrod’s Babel so that we can quarantine the part of the larger-one-mind known as “planet earth”, and basically play a childish game of who is the biggest, strongest, richest, wisest or most miserable ego. The Ego does not care if the means to maintain it’s seeming existence is positive or negative. Pleasure and pain are different sides of the same coin of Illusions to avoid our Atomic Awareness of no needs, because you, as the one Son, are everything. The Gift of God is wholesome, or nothing at all. Holy or unholy.


We wanted a planet where one can be special individual over everyone else. It was never about money or fame. The world, as we know it, is a colossal means to reach a sensation of being a god but only if others worship your pain or conquest first: they must react to you as a descreet creation. This is literally why Esau Edom or Biblical Caucasus mountain humanape bloodlines “Elites” have this never ending God complex to a point they want you to be RFID-chipped, to know about their presence, then follow all your moves in a police state so that they can bombard you with their images, posing as gods & kill anyone who threats their sandbox game of specialness.






#Marsilio Ficino