Modern Prophets Are Quantum Entangling Humanity Towards UFOs (COLLECTIVE QUANTUM JUMP)

Collective & Shocking Quantum Jump.

Solar Eclipse or Timeline shift Readiness.

Humanities pineal glands are attacked by Freemasonic 5g towers and vaccines in order to prevent mankind to re-quantum entangle themselves to creational fluid or Biblical 4D waves. The modern prophets are thus called to step in to re-entagle humanties awareness back to higher realms but only for humanity to see that they were supposed to do the tuning of frequency-work themselves because our minds are holy, hence, the decision for life eternal must be wholly called for; it must be holy, which means the same. Without this whole like investment to a new and eternal life form, the minds represent a state of conflict between two opposing worlds (world of time vs eternal world) and will be literally split apart, hence they are marked for euthanasia for not being able to come out of the quick sands of conflict. Can you saddle two horses that are going to diametrically opposed directions? Can light and darkness co-exist at the same time?

Audio Recording:

Your Personal Belief: A Belief Where God can Enter Not.

UFOs/Biblical Angels are masters avoiding Quantum Entangelment to humanity by not sharing humanities pain or making humanities pain reality. If they would acknowledge your illusions, which your physical and psychological pain really is, they would join your rebellion proving creation is indeed wrong and failed to create you perfect. They would only reinforce your illusions of suffering. This is where the modern Seers, Teachers of God or Prophets step in as the Angels ground troops, who once shared your illusions of pain, and are now a secret Agent or medium at dispelling your illusions by giving you demonstrations of a healed mind shining with brightness, hence, here you are given an opportunity to see that the illusion of pain can be dispelled but only by your own concent which is based upon a decision that requires first a wholly/holy conviction that your failed life, including your temptations to take the vaccine and RFID-microchip was really your private witchcraft or warlock type need to die or vax you to another incarnation in order to prove Heavenly realms perfection is a lie and flesh or the sea of Conrete consciousness is the only reality & where God can enter not.