OFF GRID 永遠に TV: A Brief, weekly, perhaps daily Updating (777) Ep3

OFF GRID 永遠に Fight scene Short film now comes in forms of brief updates. The theme and message remains the same as in the Film; Leave the hopes for a new normal, or die within a 1984 dystopia, which is just another manifestation against creation… Planet will not tolerate it anymore, and to hope for a new normal means you are against this planet. WARNING: COVID19-Ukraine-Israel war is a secret Rothchild Rebellion against their Nations Biblical “UFO” euthanasia Channeled by Native Israelites. Sumerian pagan Tablets called them Annunaki, for distraction purposes; to hijack their meaning. This is no different from what Ancient Greek Mythology did, and now, what Hollywood “green men from mars” propaganda is trying to achieve. Finland is also part of  this Ancient deception to hijack the meaning of Biblical “UFOs”, & is also unfortunately marked for death. The purpose here is to balance the misunderstanding people suffer in regards a seeming “UFO” invasion which is really a Euthanazation Operation taking place directed at over carnal minds belief as a Body-Self.

TV Episode 3: EU & NATO-Russian Nations Biblical “UFO” Euthanasia (Basics) Video in English.

Koko Suomen Kansa Vihitty Hautaan Vaipuneitten Joukkoon.

Today we go trough all the basics regarding Finlands family lines “UFO” euthanasia, and the end of their allies, happening 144+% in COVID19-Ukraine-Israel War or global Martial Law era, which is really a secret rebellion orchestrated by Central banking & Black Nobility family who are from the same Caucasus mountain-human-ape or Neanderthal familytree as majority of modern Finns are also. They are coccooned inside a perversive spiritual demon posession known as Satan or Spirit of Flesh & linear time-animal perception. Although all their allies are marked for death as well (like China, Somalians, Sudanese, Japanese, Arabis, Turkish etc) the top destination is really to wipe out the Caucasus family line, who took the bait to over vex to flesh by plaigrlizing the tower of babel concept, and take it to a much extreme level than Africa’s notorious Nimrod to a point they are paralized and will be killed by Kundalini awakened Natives. Putin and China have already implicitly declared war towards America, yet all this is really ensembled by Cosmic intelligence or heavenly father, with his mastered tactic of suggestions. Brains (Egos) receive orders from One Sleeping Super ego mind, The Son of God, and the son is in conflict with the voice for god & concrete or ego consciousness. Ego conscisouness focuses cementing our belief in carnality which is the result of ancient guilt that keeps us anchored in the Matrix. This one sleeping son of god, that fragmented to billions of peaces, including bodies, is at one with God mind, although in his illusion, he or we, as the one, can believe otherwise, but belief does not make individual thinking real.

Caucasus Walking All Fours: Blaming God For a Miserable Existence.

Finland was hijacked during Reneissane (Reincarnation of Esau) by a Fake-Spanish Cristopher Columbus’s separate unit – a team led by a Fake-Finn known as Mikael Agricola, and who was supervised By a Fake-German man, Martin Luther. All of these men were financed by their Caucasus cave human-ape brothers from the main human-ape tribe of Amalek: The Fake Jews or Khazars – a crime family known as The Borgias, who switched names to Redshields, and now are the modern Rothchilds, Orsinis etc. These men have all inherited only Caucasus mountains, as said in the Biblical scriptures. The business of Reneissance and its new Enterprise- NATO, is to perish the memory of the Moors (murjaani) 1000 year lasting European ruler ship a.k.a Holy Roman or Byzantian Empire during medievil times (Revelation 20:7-8). Medievil is when the entire Caucasus people or the Dragon, relapsed back to a Biblical Nigger state or in their standard human-ape state – walking all fours inside their caves, until Black Plaque hit the Moors Natives, and the human-apes were released from caved slavery to deceive the nations, or to infiltrate Vatican for a season, but as a final, 500 years lasting means, to gradually suggest the human-apes to be put to death as an entire collective, when they have all enjoyed raping, robbing and murdering as an entire collective, not just America.

Revelation 20:7-10

7And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, 8And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. 9And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them. 10And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

NOTE: Satan is a made up thought pattern, a pattern of thinking based on carnality or linear thinking, or mental illness, which leads to an inflated swine flesh or leper ancestral sickness. It does not refer to a red giant with a pitch fork. That was a Pagan Greek myth, once again – made up by pink or red human apes from Caucasus mountains, who killed off the Japhetic Greeks back in the day, and started to deny their mountain heritage by pretending to be Greeks, and reinforcing lies by the help of sages & wizards such as Aristotle. South Park staff is also part of Kabbalah-Talmud witchcraft and will be put to death for their deliberate false information about the real Biblical jews, real Jesus, and the concept of Satan. Satan means a collective of people that have over cluttered their minds with principalities which is mutually exclusive with Holy spirit. The Satanic or carnal possession starts from the denial of Self, or deceiving ones self with thinking lies, hence, the word Devil – which just means a Deceiver of self, and automatically deceiving all the rest. Living a lie always demands defending from truth, and will lead a mind to play the role of Satan, a word that comes from the etymology of False Accuser.

Arcangel Michael Bounds Spiritual Demon Satan (Spirit of Flesh) For 1000 years.

Entity or Reptilian David Wilcock lies about the Nativity of Archangels within a Carbon-Matrix.

Clean Leper: An Ancient Herald of Flesh or Extreme Perversion.

NOTE: Moors or vikings is just another word for medievils 12 tribe of Natives or Israel. In lands like Japan, they were called Samurais. Yes, Japan or Biblical Ammon-Mongoloids, are part of NATO that weaponized their history too. What do you expect? Mongoloid is a scientific term for a normalized down syndrome family blood line. NATO is all about denying the Biblical Native or Priest family line getting back to their roles, and rule as means to serve eveyrones desire to remain in a dense Collective Dream condition which has become hellenic. To go deeper, it is really the attraction to guilt and cement Sin as our reality. The difference with other failed nations of NATO with the Biblical Edomites (Caucasus mt) is that they are not willing to go as far as Caucasus human-apes, who not only led all Natives to genocide, but also painted God, the angels, and the prophets in their own Clean Leper suffering, and naked images – with penises, naked kids and leper women’s exposed breasts all over the place, as we see in Vatican walls still today, designed by a sell out painter and warlock Micheangelo. Caucasus mountain also normalized abominations such as eating pork, shrimp and lobster. This bloodline normalized feminism, gay and transgenderism: all a means to reinforce equivocal communication with the Universe that led no where but to more confusion. This is why countries like China, Japan, Somalis, Arabic, Turkish and the rest of NATO are not going to face the same end as Caucasus mountain blood line, which Finland, a so-called land of obscurity – is marked as top target for slaughter after America. The end of NATO allies, and their average citizens will be horrible though.

Natives: The Last Remaining Vortex To keep The Memory of God Alive.

NOTE: The main focus in EU, particularly in SUPO Finland Military of Psy Op, is to gradually channel “Saame” people (Gad tribe) and “Gypsys” (Ephraim tribe) to become poor, drug addicts, criminals, social care bums, rap-shoot-em-up-death culture artist, and gay. The same applies to the Southern tribe of Israel as well, including the Native Israelites who have a European, Chinese, east indian, Arabic or Egyptian-Hamitic physical traits, but somewhere, and somehow, their line goes back to Abraham, Iisac & Jacob, and not to the Nations that are classified in the Bible as son of men, and the ones classified as the wicked. Sons of men and the sons of the wicked are expressions of minds who have deeper investment into the belief of concrete perception or carnality than the sons of god. The Biblical sons of god still share a dim memory of Spirit, hence they are attacked by the nations outside the Biblical Sons of God collective a.k.a Israel. NOTE: All of my past friends in Finland and with talent, who worked in my Media projects, but gave up their goals, are still not having impressive positions as phone salesmen, computer coder, and the other semi-fancy sounding- positions – no matter what nationality they may get mistaken to be physically, and regardless of their Germanic corporate names their sell out Native Jew Ancestors made up for them while escaping Nazi German persecution. “Gypsys” in Finland are Top example. None of them have their own companies. The worst is that they do not know why. I literally have a friend who is  great at salsa, locking-funk dance, and heavy to Bruno mars and Elvis, yet has no clue he is Puerto Rican, and has often made comments that indicate he would not even want to be one – hence, the man became bald at his teens still thinking it is a biological disfunction, just like eventually Native Gentiles like John Cena and darker Gentiles like The Rock Dwayne Johnson from the movie Black Adam, also became bald, and must use wigs like a woman. It is a testament of a curse set upon one self for going too far denying his own heritage, and by giving it all up to Khazars-Fake Jews. There are other forms of In-your-face-self-curses but balding is at the top of the list for it’s stigmatas. Clean Leper, Nigger or Neanderthal is number one self curse, and the only one punishable by death because it is mark of a murderer at loose within our reincarnation cycle, and who has not yet payed his due, hence is always anxious, looking behind his soulders especially when around other Nations. Due to our request to forget the dynamics of nature, which includes the basic understanding of the meaning or symbolism of a Clean Leper (Caucasus mt), we allowed Clean Leper condition to be normalized, hence we are surrounded by Clean lepers (Caucasus mt), who are, again, really abstract but inflated minds in enslaved by guilt. And who have not paid their penalty of murdering someone in their deliberately forgotten past life. The forgetting was done trough self hypnosis as explained in movies like Andrei Rublev & 23.

The Insane Desire To Forget Cause.

Majority of the Native Jews in Finland are going to be forced to sleep by Biblical “UFOs” because they fell under the War tactics orchestrated by NATO, EU and the local Finnish military, to further the forgetfulness of the real land mass inheritors. Natives have fallen to a deep forgetfulness and are, in majority, acting stupid, with nothing or no priest like example to share. The ones who do not fall for EU & NATO MK-Ultra tactics will be intimidated with Gang Stalking- persecutions, such as Voice to Skull electronic harassment, construction noise campaign, smear campaign by paid off neighbors, death threats, and eventually, framing the none-compliant with mental illness, especially if the person is Educated with a University certificate, and has a back ground of high business ownership as my self. In Espoo Finland, Jorvin sairalaa, Provesta Kielo, Iso Omena EMPPU and SUPO are together at this, and are marked for a war crime, thus, have led themselves to Biblical death either trough the approaching “UFOs” or to die trough other methods. He who kills with the sword shall be killed with a sword. The tunes from strings are here to escort your souls to your private oblivion and seeming everlasting torture. Your last dose of andrenaline. #Ephraim #gad


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