OFF GRID 永遠に TV: A Brief, weekly, perhaps daily Updating (777) Ep6

OFF GRID 永遠に Fight scene Short film now comes in forms of brief updates. The theme and message remains the same as in the Film; Leave the hopes for a new normal, or die within a 1984 dystopia, which is just another manifestation against creation… Planet will not tolerate it anymore, and to hope for a new normal means you are against this planet. WARNING: COVID19-Ukraine/Israel war is a secret Rothchild Rebellion against their Nations Biblical “UFO” euthanasia Channeled by Native Israelites. Sumerian pagan Tablets called them Annunaki, for distraction purposes; to hijack their meaning. This is no different from what Ancient Greek Mythology did, and now, what Hollywood “green men from mars” propaganda is trying to achieve. Finland is also part of  this Ancient deception to hijack the meaning of Biblical “UFOs”, & is also unfortunately marked for death. The purpose here is to balance the misunderstanding people suffer in regards a seeming “UFO” invasion which is really a Euthanazation Operation taking place directed at over carnal minds belief as a Body-Self.

TV Episode 6: A Message to Bodi Channel Type Preppers.
(To All Preppers, You are still screwed…)

Youtubers: Juha Ahola VS Bodi.

EDIT EDIT 2023: Bodi is basically an example of a man in a Native Gentile state who regardless of his Gang Stalking experience, is progressively complying publicly with SUPO or Jluuri, an Amalekite Fake-Jew. The idea is not to put Bodi down, like everyone else, he is only showing his real self in WW3-era where selfishness or preservation of self, is a sure way to die, hence a personality I can call an SOB & with all names, because self preservation is murder. There are Youtubers like Juha Ahola some-what coming out as a Biblical Ephraim, & who is exposing Bodi as we speak, for Bodi is a wussy by joining his oppressors that broke his mind to remain a possessed gentile who over-smokes weed. Yet unfortunately, even Juha Ahola needs way more experience, & at best, is a pick as the great multitude, not 144 000 he claims, for he has no “UFO encounters” under his belt which directly reveals he is not trusted by them, for Juha still believes other options exists in physical salvation when there is none. And does not whole heartedly come forward as Ephraim a.k.a, a gypsy man, which in Finnish language (Mustalainen) is synonym with words like Ethiopian, Nigeria and/or Egyptian: Burnt face. Regarding salvation, dear Juha: There is only Samadhi Kundalini expansion which releases the body, & if not ready – as majority are not – will the person be beamed to “UFOs” but only after they have at least detached themselves spiritually from their Earthly affairs & desires which includes their corporal identity Native Gentiles like Bodi insists as real, & denies he is most likely an extremely lost gypsy, like the painter Van Gogh was, & was experimented by masons & reptilians in labs, who deliberately confuse Native Gentiles identity. The unloosing of ones corporate identity will include especially singing songs about the Prototype of a Jesus to some extent, but which Juha is not doing although kindly promoting me, & top reasons he just may be among the multitude who will not be crowned, but still considered worthy enough within the illusion of time, which the great multitude & even some crowned ones, are in majority not ready to accept as an unreal dream state translated to a happier one, & will eventually disappear to the formless. And where the true essence of Jesus dwells, not in the world. Basically, my Dear Juha Ahola is too careful what to say & not really doing much for the physically appearing essence of Jesus, who is really as illusion as we are, but this would be too much for many to handle, for this is extremely escaped truth among the men claiming to be modern prophets too, & who think the Kingdom is something that needs to be waited for, rather than a projection of mind within us that has already gone by, like a fiction or a movie we watch in split awareness, where part of us is engaged with the epic movie or play, but another part of us is still aware we are sitting in the chair next to all Ascended Masters & watching a fiction. Hence, the happy illusion – Heaven on Earth – & that appears to happen within a Cosmic Instant (6000+ years) is already filmed, for perceptual worlds never last. It will eventually evaporate to Light, for it is only an after image of stored memories or “kaledoiscopic films”. Yes, the so-called magnificent food to come, the so-called clean air, Crystal Castles, exotic animals, the so- called planetary adventures & so-called Heaven to come; are not *IT’s” reality, but a happy illusion a Spiritual Adult minds readiness will let go eventually too, & reach an Interior Castle, a Inner Wine Cellar within us which is an impersonal *IT*, with Nomad qualities & certainly not a Biblical punishing god which is only a means to an end. There is only The One observer in this dwelling place for I am picturing a High Anointed state between the 6th – 7th dwelling place – in the Eye Brows – most Prophets do not shine trough their active Biblical belief system, for in this contemplative Internal Castle, the sense of an “I” is most minimal & the body remains only to serve god as a Teacher of Teachers, if the soul survives this divine intercourse. To me personally, Prophets are like the Watchmen Comics ground troops who still enjoy the world, but the “Dr. Manhattan” ones, becomes even more difficult to find, not that Manhattan is special, but it is a less personal way of being not as deep into the Platos Cave of Shadows rearranged to a pleasant one. I have discovered only one Mexican guitarist & Gang Stalker Expert from Texas with a 32-degree Mason history – who appeared to like Final Fantasy 7 & Chrono Trigger – & who knows the Absolute to some extent too, for sure. And more than likely no-offensively shakes his head too when listening authentic Youtubers like Juha & Prophets speaking, but who’s perceptions are making the world of time real. And will not be able to let it go for times to come. The state of Heaven is not a place, it is a state of God Consciousness, or intercourse with *IT* that can be activated on dense Earth too, & is not dependant to be “UFO” beamed from the Atomic Bomb event, which is a limiting concept Prophets push, for it limits God, as the Bible did, which still promotes bodies, reincarnation & the world as if created by God. And narrates a bodily resurrection rather than the minds awakening it is hallucinating the entire physical cosmos that has no substance no matter how palatable & complicated it seems. This belief denies the power of our Abstract minds projecting Universes, & can elect to let it go Here & Now, assuming the mind is matured in Faith, by fulfilling his/her Atonement, which centers around “Quantum Forgiving” Ancestral Relationships, before another realm of Forgiveness opportunities arises within our insane Great Projection, yet a projection we can exit after Whole Hearted Decision for God. Yes, dear, many Hebrew Prophets belief system may rob the ability to decide for God Now, due to it’s dependency on a seeming Abduction event within Maya’s time, & within a dualistic Universe where Galaxies also shoot toxic radiation particles upon one another. Can a Cosmos that is falling apart be fantastic? Again, this is why the Street Prophets are mistaken with the Absolute, but as a relative belief system, my Reality Research & Ministry admits they are the most decent ones that will penetrate god-wards physical salvation, regardless of a perception, which is still distorted & not spiritually as mature as some may think it is. Many of them appear young souls who are geared spiritually for a physical revenge, hence are a good means to get rid of over carnal minds, but eventually the physical universe must be released & return to Universe within. So, since these materials here are too much to handle for preppers especially, I want to quote a kinder garden wisdom to you preppers, by a Biblical Teman criminal. Bodi will eventually give up his smirks & will take the vax, or chip. Without bringing these truths, so will guys like Bodi be cut off from eternal link to life by life it self. So here is a quote from another MK-Ultra criminal wizard behind Atomic Bombs & other classified experimentations on humanity. Another one is from Nicola Tesla who was not a criminal, but a Native gentile, thus – like Da Vinci & other smart Native gentiles – Tesla had to use left hand enlightenment (semi-sell out) in order to enter Reptile-Thomas-Edisons circles, which he tried to leave eventually. Every genius Native gentile goes trough this hence must be viewed from a graceful perspective.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

-Albert Einstein

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

-Nicola Tesla

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