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Why do we suffer when we awaken from the dream or matrix.

We go trough suffering (dark night of the soul) because we are so identified with the false self which is the holographic 3D body. We have accepted our everyday lives as a normal condition where we avoid pain and seek pleasure without knowing that the pleasure aspect is a trap of cluttering the minds belief as a body even further. So although we are really minds dreaming as if we are bodies our belief as bodies has become so wrapped up to a point we have fusioned ourselves to this bodily state thus the body, which is really a dream figure, has literally become our skin. We then continue establishing our belief as bodies by listening to the external world, the matrix, that keeps telling us that the body is real. Our parents refer to us as bodies, our school system teaches us we are biological physical selves and there is nothing in this world that does not perpetuate the idea of survival of this biological body. Our lives has thus become about surviving, keeping the body well fed, sheltered and educated about the physical world so that we can get a job that can sustain a body. At this point we have overcluttered our minds with bodily thoughts so much where the remembrance of our reality as a mind dreaming of physical universe has become very dim, blocked with bodily thoughts with its thickness and intensity which is why we feel so concrete. The thickness and intensity of our belief as bodies comes from our addiction to this bodily state since we have forgotten its all a dream. This amnesia has been going on for thousands of years which is why we are so cluttered or cemented as bodies. symbol

In order to de-clutter the mind from bodily thoughts and awaken from the dream, the physical universe, you must go trough a difficult process where the world as you know it needs to be shaken and let go. Your career or job may have to go, your relationships with people will break down, you may lose a loved one, you may become extremely ill, you will lose your passion and motivation for physical goals… All this will most likely occur to you because once it occurs to you, you will see trough your own painful reactions how deeply you have tried to sustain your identification as a body trough these means without even knowing that you have been doing this for millenia. Once the means are gone, so is the investment in the body and its way of thinking bit by bit removed. This is why it is important to understand that once your world is falling part, once you go trough the dark night of the soul, you are actually on the right track. Do not give up. Without these major losses we would not be motivated to let go of the entire dream which is really a nightmare with all its illuminati and dark agendas trying to convince you you are something you are really not, a human body. The more your belief being a human body evaporates the more you will realize that there is a beautiful forgotten life form awaiting for you.

Why the law of attraction (LOA) can kill us

Physical universe, the world, your body are a dream. Accept it now. There was no god that created the universe as we are told in religions nor is the newtonian science getting it right either because it also claims that the world of time and space is real just without an external god. Both are wrong. The world is a hologram/illusion that indeed looks real. It is a world that never reveals it’s dream nature because dreams inherent nature is to KEEP THE SLEEPER ASLEEP. This is the basic law of dreams, to keep the sleeper asleep. It is not a sin but very destructive because it keeps us stuck, in fact cemented in the dream. The world of dreams does this by popularizing people, books, arts and holy scriptures that always addresses us as concrete selves (bodies) living inside a concrete physical universe. When we are fed with this misinformation all our lives we then believe all this is true thus in our minds (the cause) we establish ourselves as flesh and bone not realizing that our bodies are just a holographic dream image. A dream figure.


Since the world you see is a holographic dream. An ancient one, law attraction can indeed kill us because we are not in this dream of good and bad (life and death) to manifest a life that we want. We are here to entirely awaken from the dream of birth and death and realise we were dreaming our life from birth to death all along. If you follow the law of attraction movement, all that will happen is that you will extend your experience within this dream world of illusions and never actually awaken to reality in heaven where you “sleep in your bed”. Most people in the world have already fallen into this law of attraction trap by trying to manifest a life they want and if they succeed in it, the motivation to actually awaken is very dim. The point of movements like The Secret, in truth, is not to help you to make your life better within a dream of birth and death where everything must die. The only reason it was released was to make a larger population more conscious of the fact that our external reality and our thinking are in fact joined as one not separate and that the power to awaken lies in our mind.

As Ken Wapnick points out well: we are not here to build a new Jerusalem (make our lives better in the dream) but to awaken from the dream entirely.

What Charles Darwin wrote is a big fat lie.

The world you see is a quantum pool born from a thought. A thought which we all share since we all appear to be here as bodies. We share one thought of separation (our bodies and the seeming gap between our different looking bodies) a concept of a Self which this hologram projection, called the world, is a pictorial presentation outward, a symptom of a distorted thinking, a 3D picture of an inward condition SEEMINGLY external to the mind that is sick. The mind and the world are NOT separated regardless of the graphics and texture and shadows of the hologram trying with all it’s might to tell you otherwise. We are all as if within an online video game. A holographic one. Our characters are virtual puppets we move with our minds. When you move your body you are moving it trough thoughts meaning that the body (an after image of a thought) acts out your wish (thoughts) in the external dream like hologram projection, same as when you “lucid dream”, the mechanism works the same way, the same life continues, the dream you vision in the so called lucid dream state is not a separate thing, you just are not aware of your reality as a mind so you appear in random realms within the so called “lucid dream state” without knowing what it all means. The reason I am quoting the word lucid dreaming is because, again, it is not a separate state as the mainstream science is trying to convince you it is, including the people who like to lucid dream. The elite (zionist, illuminati, kaballah, you pick the name) that does not want you to Awaken as a mind, has tempted all scientist with money to label it as a separate act (“lucid dreaming”) perpetuated by science that desperately tries to make you believe it is a chemical act in the brain and within the brain, meaning that they are trying to convince you you are a dense solid cemented body in a dense Darwin type of a Universe who at best can imagine things inside his brain, a brain inside a solid skull. You must understand now that Darwin is also a perverse zionist meaning, he wrote his nonsense knowing fully well the concept of homo sapiens being the end of evolutionary process is in fact very dangerous and limiting Self concept for our inner growth but a false concept of a Self which will definitely cement minds dreaming as bodies of that time to believe themselves as solid bodies

Back to Godhead - Volume 10, Number 10 - 1975 and spread that same body cementing belief system to the next generation and on and on which would inevitably effect us as well, as it has, creating an addiction to this bodily state even death won’t help us to dissolve from. Do not fall for Darwinism. Get a Course in miracles book, practice buddhism or watch my film Top Rank Business inc. to undo the belief in bodies. This is all I can say to anyone seeking for answers. Love and light.

Top Rank Business inc. Full film (Published) and Dealing with Dark night of the soul

This is Top Rank Business inc. film. The film is in 7 parts, each part are spotted while you read this esoteric article. This is a A story of our un-awakened world and the abuse or crucifixion people of stubborn nature in the path of Enlightenment are most likely going to to witness to. So Welcome and pay attention while using your ability to discern. This is not about the fun stuff like LOA. This is dealing with the most dense part of awakening, while growing more counscious about the world being must greater than what our five senses are reporting us. This may not be 100% accurate especially the part with Annunaki Extraterrestrial but I can assure you this is useful stuff especially if you are dealing with people calling you crazy and at worst going hostile towards you which happened to me at extreme on daily basis for 2 years to come while shooting this documentary. From both adults including children (I can assure you children can be very stupid at times especially if the parents are damaged) So, to make things interesting. This film or should I say tablet, was almost destroyed by dark forces that did not want this film to be seen.trb Front Cover I can only guess, it is too esoteric. I tend to adapt the style of Osho which is to shake people and challenge them regardless if it means my own death so I guess it had to be met with resistance since my social media, accounts were hijacked by some Danish guy, some money was ripped by a Finnish guy and my Sokoto adventures led to more money loss and loss of 20% of the film due to my camera, dj equipments and 300$ dj mask being collateralled by a good friend in serious trouble, an event after Sokoto some would call a “betrayal” of trust. My esoteric views got me to series of abuse, before and after Sokoto by the locals living in Abuja, particularly an old married couple in whose apartment I was living as flat broke by now, trying to raise an honest business in a very corrupt environment, an aftermath of an Western industrialization and it’s Christianity thus, no money or hope to pay back to these locals, which later became their weapon for a many months lasting pervasive intimidation. A possession of ones life “in the name of Jesus to heal my devilish views”. Having an expired passport and visa, and a poor access to communication to my relatives living outside the country (with whom I was having a break due to my commitment with the esoteric which they thought was crazy) these individuals from Abuja, who also saw me as crazy kept me stuck in Nigeria for exploitation.TRB back cover Lucky me I was a esoteric rebel to their verbal and physical hostility though I admit my masculine martial arts approach to the esoteric got me to a point to slur at them even physically fight back at times, making things only worse, now that everyone within the compound I stayed with was ganging up against me! Regardless of a rather insane situation with mentally ill people and a mentally ill world that has turned it’s back to these issues, combined with my infant like clumsiness in discernment, I was however in a deep process of FAITH. A discovery which was the exact reason all shit came to me all at once, but also why all came in to place later on. It was FAITH that encouraged me to see and walk my unique expression of crucifixion trough, and witness the deep wounds of others, partially due to the destruction Western industrialization has brought upon to their homes and the people not being able to let go of these past hurts the previous generations in their own anger towards the West did to their offspring as a means to “release” their rage. These events of releasing rage, by typically abusing the child, are events of reinforcing/cementing ones identification with ones body. A desire, a nostalgia for a life of individuality, a life of loneliness (individuality) and not realize ones life is a dream. The lack of ability to let past hurts go trough blame and judgement of others will ultimately bring about an experience which will seem like death and the fear of hell.

This film was re-edited to a point of removing scenes and audio where particular people of abuse could loose their pride. I may be too nice here but I am not going in to the blame game although these so called normal people and the so called normal people outside the country contributing to the mess unconsciously and in ignorance need mental help. Everybody is mentally ill! Trough my own commitment to self-work I know however that I am smart enough to generalize these issues to the entire world knowing 100% we are all in the same sinking ship so to speak. We are all at the bottom of the pyramid hieararchy. suunnistus%20Kainuun%20Rastiviikko%20Suomi%20lippuThe Wests industrialization, followed by it’s notorious demand for individuality and it’s “positive self affirmations” people do to themselves on a daily basis to stay some-what sane in a complicated system has however caused a system of self centeredness (loneliness) to a point their obsession with their own depression (loneliness) and managing it has made them loose sight of compassion and empathy towards others as well. They fail to understand that a state of contemplation of others well being, the little willingness to do so, is in fact the first connection link to the contribution to mother earth. It IS the contribution! Behaviour will automatically follow after digesting the contemplation. With positive self affirmations alone you are bound to be depressed (lonely) having a sense of an opposite to your made up sense of positivity which is inevitably, in your own mind, a hostile universe you prefer gazing trough rose colored glasses. People have turned their backs in fear to these matters warned by our ancestors in ancient times because they prefer to remain ignorant due to famous self affirmations quotes like “ignorance is a bliss” and distracting themselves further trough patriotism, entertainment, systematic education, poor processed food which destroys their brain functioning to a monkey chattering and so much more issues arise which I will talk about later in this text. The bottom line is that ignorance is a very destructive life view which is why everybody in the Western world are equally insane by allowing these exploitations of the so called third world countries to continue. It will only back fire if you do not realize the seriousness of this, which is the only means to motivate to Self – work. This back firing takes an expression worse than the case of Fukushima. We are literally talking about witnessing the dream or hologram expression of Apocalypse, the restart of mankind, the restart of cases like Noah’s ark. I am very sorry to say things like this, the good news is that the content of this dream expression can be changed at any time if the dreamer (you) chooses so. Since everything here is a dream, it is the fearful content of the dreaming mind which needs to be changed otherwise there is no hope in this world… As I go on by the way, let me remind you that anubis3I never believed this stuff my self since I was born in Finland where people live in other mineral based countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Afganistan, Somalia etc) expense, but mineral based countries that are designed to be reported as dangerous places so that people remain fearful and ignorant to enter these plaves and to not see for themselves that there is a big mineral business in the so called third world countries run by an elite group they themselves are supporting trough ignorance. I will talk about this later as we go on. The bottom line for the citizens in the so called advanced countries is to realize that nothing hysterical is really going on across their boarders except people, mostly the locals in pains and who are acting mad because of the exact same fear everybody experiences as a body. They have also fallen as victims to the news media where most of the news, including the ones that look so real are in fact not real but made up stories of terrorism in specific spots of mineral mining industries ran by a group of elite outside and inside the country. The stories of Boko haram in north west are there to get rid of any competition to which even Nigerian citizens have 100% bought in to. The stories of terrorism are mostly made up stories, exaggerated so that the news channel get’s more views and people earn more money AND to avoid intelligent people entering these locations! No different from the imagery of 9/11 which was all about promoting fear to the public. No terrorism occurred at that day and the so called body counts are coming from a hysterical, drama driven media.


The first part of the film starts with a road trip from Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria to the capital city of the northern part of Nigeria called Sokoto, a place that is mostly Islamic. Most Nigerians born in different parts of the land have not visited this place due to their fear of boko haram in the north west. I was not supported due to peoples amusement of my willingness to practice FAITH regardless of what others tell me about the north. I simply did not give a f*?k so to speak. I had already given up my old life, embracing my shift to the new. So, as we progress in our road trip from Abuja towards Sokoto, we stop in between towns like Zanfara to eat, smoke and talk about problems that are occurring around Africa (Libya, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco etc) particularly North Nigeria which is spawning with similiar adversities by now. If not worse. This is about 3 weeks after I met this fellow called Aminu, a local from Sokoto I picked from the streets who shared this idea of going to Sokoto, a town part of Sahara deserts and to settle there to a government funded hotel where federal level officials hang out most of the days half drunk with their gangs of mistresses. ramesesliteIn my opinion, It is a place of millionaires and “Mad men” who exploit things and more open in that space to strike a deal. I happened to receive a set of “gratitude money” from a Finnish guy who was a suicidal soul and used to call me when he was down. Once he was about to jump from a bridge to kill him self. After talking sense to him, he now gave me the money which I used for this trip and documentary. Since I had charismatic “Man Men” traits according to Aminu (and many people say this anyway, hah) and have been mistaken as Italian, most probably due to some finding similarities In me with some famous footballer guy called Marouane Fellaini. These qualities would manifest an experience where our befriending with the local government (a clique that has direct access to unprotected nations funds in a pool party like meetings) would be like a hot knife carving trough a butter due to Sokoto official’s high demand on foreign business contacts, which in turn would boost their ego among their parliament peers. This is something I felt strongly the minute I entered Sokoto’s Giginya Coral Hotel.


“It is readers decision to follow his esoteric rebellious nature (not a normal rebellion of judgement) or keep believing what ever the media tells him about his surroundings, the countries at far distance and his Universe. The spreading rumors about Africa (Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia, Morocco etc) even the stuff we hear about the Middle east are chosen specifically because these parts contain so much minerals which a certain group of people benefit from. They monetize their discovered lands by making a fat deal with the land owner and then perpetuate fear of that specific spot, town, city, country so that these areas do not get exploited by the public who are also hungry. Sokoto, a virgin land and a place where even Queen Elizabeth, rumored to be a reptilian owns a guest house, is no different.  0135053cec6a2e782f605d836cc6a60dThe check points and patrols we walk trough in Top rank Business inc. film is all about keeping the mysteries of Sokoto as mysteries. Little did they know that those who give up the world and experiment with FAITH would be those to which these group of elites are attracted to the most. Having the addiction to the security that money brings, their fear of losing it all is so unbearable that if next to them stands a person who has declared indiependence from the world, it is this person to whom even the emperor would bow down to. Even if for a nano second. If the person is not awake and attached to the mainstream perception of apocolypse, when the world ends and we gaze together in silence at the comets, planets inflaming towards our earth, everyone would turn for solace at the none fearful rebellious one who has declared indipendence from the world thus from the body and has nothing else but FAITH in him. FAITH evaporates the perception of being a physical body. Something books on their own can not provide for you. You must walk trough the darkness first to witness the functioning of FAITH even at the most extreme cases to see FAITH is reality. This is the beginning of Enlightenment.”

vlcsnap-2016-06-29-19h02m37s168In Part II of Top Rank Business inc. We are caught by surprise by a film premiere that is ironically happening right at the entrence of our hotel. As said before it is a business center where the 1 percent of Sokoto and other nations “haves” gather around. Nura, the script writer we met at the end of Part 1 happens to be the writer and producer of the film that is premiered, thus we were more assured that our road trip to Sokoto was indeed not just a silly idea like many said it to be, but an act of FAITH. We actually saw the film premiered but that event was not filmed since it felt inappropriate. The next day of Part II of this documentary includes an action short film Kaan vs Massa I shot in London with a group of school mates I met back in Metropolitan film school within Ealing Studios. There is actually one stunt gone wrong that I included in the film and that is when I fall from the bridge! It was not supposed to go that way. I was supposed to fall on my back on the bridge, then do a separate take from another angle where I fall in a way that is controllable.vlcsnap-2016-06-29-19h02m58s152 However in the film you will see me fully falling in one take, my legs hitting the edge which causes me to flip slamming on the ground. The camera guy was concerned though I did pretend I was cool. Anyway I survived it and we continued shooting the film, finishing the whole project in two days. Kaan vs Massa short film was my tool for pitching. I usually screened this film for others while I explained about my back ground and what am I doing in Nigeria. When Nura steps in to our hotel sweet I felt tension since I was unfamiliar with my surroundings and dependent on Aminu who, again, is a local. My unfamiliarity with my surrounding was something Nura clearly saw in me having much business experiences. He in fact paid for the sweets! There are parts in our conversation where we are talking on top of one another with Nura, causing akwardness in the air at some times. I was smoking haze and I am sure Nura had one of those green pills that is equivalent with what Wall Street brokers do to boost their sales pitch. So to me Nura came as hyper while I was chilled. My intuition was telling me that some one in the room out of these men was desperate to strike a deal out of fear. With my growing lack of fear of death I knew it can not be me. Not really. At this point in life all I wanted was to grasp the esoteric as fast as possible. But who is the fearful one in the room was hard to tell at that time.vlcsnap-2016-07-01-22h10m44s243 You see, although psychedelics open your right and left brain connection to a degree, The thing with smoking is that at the beginning stages of Kundalini Awakening the smoke MAY distract your thinking where your energetic discoveries coming from the people around you MAY make you think you are arrogant to have these psychic abilities. Or, you MAY simply tell your self you are feeling this way in others because you just smoked! In my experience it was the combination of both but no worries my reader, and smokers because I have heard that even none smokers with growing psychic abilities feel bad, even calling themselves crazy for their discovered psychic abilities. It is a big responsibility, so at this stage I was all about experimenting with FAITH, which was enough for me.

In Part III we are having a meeting, once again with the #1 man of North Nigeria’s Show business. We came up with a simple short film idea in Part II, so now it is time to write them down together. I came from a long risky distance to Sokoto so might as well shoot something proper with a proper story. And if not, well I did shoot my documentary movie called Top Rank Business inc! and knowing this I must admit I tended to be over confident around other people. So, at the middle of Part III Nura opens up, revealing his full perception about me which I did not do so well since I was a bit curious to see if we can make something big together movie business wise so I remained political as Nura was guessing… It was just a curiosity how ever. The main focus was to still experiment with the world of FAITH!

“In this phase of my life, pretending was something I was practicing to drop down in a world where a more western style of pretending are discerned with accuracy by Islamic culture which contributed more to drop it down (I thank the people of Sokoto for this).”

Part IV has action. We are now having a meeting with our potential stunt people. They really were great talents in performance which is why I think Nollywood should grow up and kick the current leaders of the industry out of their thrones. The Sokoto kung fu crew were concrete hardcore men that were able to do falls without protection and mats the same way I prefer to do in my action films. I know it is crazy but it sells more in camera meaning, the audience also feels it in a unconscious level (which is what Hollywood has been learning recently and which Hong Kong cinema knew about some where in late 70s) We are also joined by Aminus life time friend who is also named Nura. He is a young man who is studying psychology in London. I had several interesting conversations with him which are not included in the film for the sake of continuity but that guy contributed well to our movement in Sokoto, since at this stage I did not buy a car. Something which will come later. The kung fu master we gisted with in Part II in the business meeting inside our hotel sweet also steps in to the picture. He tells me about their process of interpetating ancient zen teachings and martial arts text books in to their own Hausa language. I also have a spar with one of the captains!


You know, in Part V a bit of seriousness is established. It got worse in Niger boarder when we attempted to cross the boarder to the country to hunt for a car rumored to be cheaper there. To put things short, in detail, we were not happy that things did not go our way. Aminus intensions were always humanitarian and my commitment to esoteric knowledge was getting stronger, yet something dark was resisting us. So a bit of tension got created in us since other peoples lack of understanding got us to loose patience with many. When expecting to be released by Niger patrol, the “brain wave captured” officer starts to claim that I am an Arab escaping the war of Middle East (like the many scenes in the film, the patrol scene was shot in secret by just leaving the camera on praying to not get caught). He did many remarks which were all just a cover up to press our buttons so that we must give him bribe in order to move on. When we replied to the officer about his attempts in an unpatient tone, in English, the officers started to point fingers as if we are talking crap about him in a language he can’t understand. They also were intimidating us by threatening to put us to jail. Niger people talk their own language and also French. Nura then came in between and helped with the situation. We still did have to bribe the officer in order to reach The Republic Of Niger.

vlcsnap-2016-06-30-19h47m59s641“Our aim is to simply let business people in the hotel and around Sokoto know about our presence and motives and come up with a good federal deal or funds (which many unfinished projects or vaporwares got) but by this time there was alot of musement happening behind the scenes which tried to prevent us from establishing companionship with the so called high positioned men. It was as if the few people behind the scenes started to play hard games on us and I noticed that we were sort of watched particularly by Lebanese men who have escaped the wars of middle east to Sokoto. The governor of that time was a keen man for outside “business” friends so in order to impress and brag to his parlament friends of having people from abroad working for him, he placed the people escaping the wars (since generally people around the world are scared to visit north Africa) to a decent position as long as they behave nicely and do what they are told. Which they did. However it was also clear that I was shown alot of interest and green light by parlament members and this was something the few staff members of the hotel FEARED.

Although a bit of seriousness is established by now. It did motivate us to put more energy to seek the right people outside of the usual business center of Sokoto which is the hotel we stayed in. We were doing two things at the same time actually. Going to the front doors of the officials who could help us and scouting for a place we can rent for the next 6 months to come. To reduce our spending in the hotel (where parliament members hang out for days and for free) we had to come to the conclusion to stop relying on the hotel and instead, find a place of our own. But for some unexplained reasons, finding a house became more complicated than we thought. At this stage I was starting to concentrate even more to just film a documentary of our success or failure. Either way, the movie would become interesting and educating.

vlcsnap-2016-07-01-16h41m11s537Things did turn out for the better when few gentlemen from Sokoto answered our gentle requests. These were members of political parties which I will not mention. These gentlemen, although did not give a direct pass, did give us very useful tips that would surely allow us to meet the governor of Sokoto. A guy we aimed to meet right from the beginning! After meeting these few gentlemen who gave us tips, you will see us entering the very heart of Sokotos Govermentship BUT WHICH IS A GIGANTIC VAPOWARE IT SELF! Although the security was normal as usual, the building it self had no officials inside during an working hour. It was a parliament building that pretended to be functioning. We then ended up using alternative means to reach the governor of Sokoto which included a set of white lies created by Aminu which I did not like at first but after coming this far I decided to go along with the idea and discovered the shit actually worked better than honesty. I was now going along with the system inspired by Western colonization of deception, something I tried to escape from Finland but which simply takes a different expression absolutely everywhere. This was not exactly a news I found to be happy but It did remind me that the entire world is asleep in corruption and that I should remain focused to Awaken from this foggy collective consciousness rather than trying to find comfort within it.


NOTE: One thing I must mention is that the officials are truly abusing their powers. You see, although this was not captured on camera, there was a time right after our Niger trip where we ended up during night time to drive to the governors Aliyu Makararardas house where the locals often gather to wait for him and use the time selling merchandises and drugs. When we were there, there was a huge bunch of heavily armed men and a guy dressed in purple suites with a big silver revolver “guarding” the governors gigantic gate (same revolver guy and his masked buddies took us to be interrogated after I lost temper to the lying Giginya hotel manager and slurred at him). According to my friend, the officials including the governor used to come out of the gate with cash and started to toss this cash to the people no different from the gangsters in Louis Theoroux Law and disorder in Lagos documentary (however a hysterical documentary) It was like a ceremony of some sort. The guards and suites would then retain order. Amun-raWhen they saw us, there was a silence in the air as if a multidimensional matrix coding just got decoded. Although I had all the reasons to meet the governor and a no brainer business platform in mind which would benefit the nation and clear some almajaris (young beggars) from the streets, the gate men “guarding” the place were very insistent subtly  trying to prove our stories to meet the governor are lies. I have heard that many people who want to see the governor usually pay loads of money in order to have a meeting with him. In our case it was a matter of sticking to the truth, which is that all governments are all based on lies thus they do not own anything nor deserve to govern us. We eventually did meet the governor which was not recorded due to the heavy security and a malevolent chief protocol who was busting Aminus ass abusing him verbally for having a sense that Aminu came up with a white lie and used me to approach the governor. The governor did pardon our debt to Giginya hotel after  us over staying there more than 30 days (over 60 days) yet all the rest of our protocol requirements were not met. In fact they offered me to pay my tickets to get out of the place back to Finland. People simply did not want us to get involved with the mysteries of Sokoto. Neither did I actually due to their obvious resistance and my stress level getting higher by now, causing me to loose patience around humans. But for the sake of getting a documentary done I was curious to walk this Sokoto phase trough with FAITH beside me.

In Part VII we lost… We were stripped from everything that protected us. In the path of Awakeninig it is typical to realize that we are all carrying our cross towards our own crucifixion, but in this modern world the process happens in sublte stages, so people do not realize their lives are actually heading towards their own cross no matter how much they maintain security trough money or live in secure parts of the world which is basically a place where “rich people use public transports”. Our crucfixion in modern day society is not introduced all at once such as with Amon Ra in Africa Egypt (Christianity doctrinated for modern times and named him Jesus) or the burning of Joan the Arc etc. vlcsnap-2016-06-29-19h09m10s287 This is a time of toxidity. We deal with over complicated broken systems, over complicated relationships, dealing with passive aggressive abuse, physical abuse, sarcastic humor by our friends and family, we see ourselves and our family in denial of self abuse trough alcohol or tobacco and the lack to not let the 9 – 5 mundane destroy our creative expression and if you do not let it happen, when you fight to give yourself time to educate what is happening around your world and express your learnings trough arts or literature, you are called crazy. Our mundane 9 – 5 lives do not allow for creative thinking, we go trough competition in almost any field of work which never allows true friendship thus we become paranoid, we go trough mental illness and neurotic self loathing reinforced by jealousy, we suffer sexual oppression where men prefer porn and women prefer men who beat the crap out of them to feel special. We walk trough manipulation of sales people who never approach us trough empathy. We cope with toxic chronic fatiques or stress partially caused by chemtrails in the sky that is poured on top of the West and Scandinavia trough planes on day to day basis by NATO. We unknowingly keep psychic vampires close to us who try to drain us trough negative suggestions. Not knowing we have made bad decisions in relationships, we adapt to the same attitude and do the same vampyrism to others, sometimes trough sarcastic humor and gossip which all together produces as much guilt as killing a living being. Gossip is about killing slowly. Entire Scandinavia, let’s say, like Finland is drowned in passive racism since NATO has been damaging their immune system trough chemtrails in the sky which has destroyed their metabolism and brain capacity for empathy which causes even more damage of guilt and neurotic sexual self loathing which manifest as loss of hair, rapid aging and repressed rage, poor digestive system and many more diseases people from outside are less prone to. All are the manifestations of self hatred which must be projected on the people coming outside the land, escaping wars, usually coming from lands that have produces natural d vitamins within the body thus a slightly glowing health and libido which is why the men from abroad come as more attractive although equally insane, just with a different set of behavior. We cope with world leaders even celebrities that do not care about our well being and are joined to worship satanic rituals, which is all about maintaining their specialness. Just check mtv music award performances like Katy Perry or Rihanna, Beyoncé, with their one eyed covered symbolism. It is all about specialness. We cope with the idea of death without knowing the simple meaning of it. vlcsnap-2016-07-01-17h12m10s103 People who are abused tend to abuse others when they get the chance. So much sickness! All of these pains get numbed out of awareness with what we think as positive. Let it be an intimate relationship, drugs, food, travelling. The positive negative way are all there for the sake to kill mind, body and spirit as slowly as possible so that while all this is going on, while we are killed slowly so to speak, we gaze in awe at the ones slightly more on top of the pyramid bypassing these mundane but insanely repetitive problems, with a health maintained trough money, all which serves their feeling of specialness, the priceless pearl and the only sensation the Universe of occultism (religion) can use to seduce us to reject the oneness of heaven and reincarnate as bodies over and over again. This is why, regarding our crucifixion, we are equal with Amun Ra (modern day Jesus) and other historical Awakened beings before us. Stilke_Hermann_Anton_-_Joan_of_Arc's_Death_at_the_StakeThe Crucifixion of homo sapiens are all unique, individualized in form. So when me and Aminu were casted outside to the streets by Giginya hotel manager and government officials (due to my slurs at the hotel manager who I suspected to be manipulating our business chances) with no money and no much fuel to carry us afar, it started to dawn upon my mind that I have been carrying my cross right from the beginning just like the rest of us (except most people use money or a safe system like Finland to bypass it). It was rough to see one of it’s spectacles In Sokoto, but very encouraging because this established me as someone who walked the talk of the esoteric. Something I never felt with others particularly in Scandinavia since Scandinavia has more freedom within it’s system of some-what protection, but a system where diving deep with FAITH is not so easily to be practiced, it is in fact bypassed by even well meaning seekers since the land it self has been “ironed” with an artificial social care where the concept of FAITH is very dim. This is why it is very common there to lose a loved one or go trough unbearable sickness, depression, loss of hair or to be born unattractive or go trough a car crash in order to be motivated with FAITH since the danger of losing a place to stay, loosing basic needs or being attacked by the government and your neighbors at the times of truth, as if living in a stone age of animalistic behavior is out right impossible. NOTE: You do NOT have to suffer to Awaken, but rarely we get motivated without it. The process of Enlightenment/Awakening can not be described and it is very sacred.

vlcsnap-2016-07-01-17h44m23s637So, back to my story. After getting kicked  out from the Giginya hotel, an order given by the hotel manager, the manager then freaked out about my intensions to report him which was a bluff by me. He told the entire staff to close the gate of the hotel and surrounded us with his buddies while we were about to leave the place with my car, they used the staff to push our car back to the parking space while we were sitting inside the car! We were very close to just gas up and drive trough all of them, but we knew doing that would literally be the end of us. The SSS police force, all masked like terrorist arrived with heavy machine guns and the rest is history… When we were released from interrogation, driving aimlessly around Sokoto, soon to be loosing the remaining fuel in my car, we were taken in by a group of good samaritans to their usual hang out spot. We spent time smoking and talking to our new friends. They listened to us when me and Aminu were fu*?ed up in anger and infected with skin rashes that was caused by an incredible burn out and rage. They gave us some yellow organic acid like balm to use and gave us shelter in that half destroyed hang out spot of theirs. We slept at this place for three days, sometimes raining and the roof was leaking with water, cockroaches, bats and rats. We also shared rice and beans from the same bowl from which the good samaritans were eating. They all looked quite young for their age… They have never tasted processed food or being poured with chemtrails I suppose. I was then told by Aminu that I must leave Sokoto. I used my last credits on my phone to call a friend working in Finnish embassy and the people I knew in Abuja to arrange some cash for my flight. I hated to make this call because some of these people right from the beginning did not support the idea of Sokoto due to listening and believing the media about the spread of book haram and had very bad views of Aminu which had to do with his Fulani back ground. I was already expecting to be bullied but I had to go since my physical condition according to the doctors was a death defying one.


The very end of this film deals with karmic bonds I left behind just before driving to Sokoto due to not liking the majority of people with religious occult like back grounds (Catholics) living in Abuja. I was not born as a catholic and my Islamic half was also half baked since my mother quit it. I was born free from any religion. I was however feeling bad for not giving some relationships more time regardless of their Catholic back grounds. I felt I hesitated with my decision to not like them due to their religion. Since the idea of returning back to Finland (by this time my visa and passport were still valid) was not in my mind I decided to invest my time to measure if I did act harsh for discriminating Catholic movement. A movement that not only came from the process of colonization, thus bound to be malevolent at some ways (let us accept that it was the industrialization of Christian movements and the lack of need of slaves, placed by machines that ended slavery) but also plagiarized the entire story of Jesus from the scrolls of Amon Ra  a.k.a Book of the Dead from Africa Egypt 3000 years before Jesus myth came in place. Both are one continuation of an agenda to indoctrinate us to worship an external god outside of us, which according to Sumerian tablets thousands of years before both African scrolls in Egypt and the bible, are in fact ancient reptilians or I guess aliens we people are starting to wake up as the Annunakis (a.k.a those who come from the sky) A small group of failed but once a great civilization in planet Nibiru Or as Africa in the scrolls of Amun RA (Christianity stole the word Amen from) refer as planet Saturn (in English satan), who created us and other beings in their labs, in their own image, to mine gold for them here on planet earth. They created us trough dna manipulation, no different from what we can do now when we create three legged dogs in our labs. Since the Annunakis had spaceship and means to levitate and all that futuristic jazz, we Adams and eves perceived them as gods, in fear since they were also taller than us (as the hieroglyphic on your right is portraying), persuading them to be nice to us by giving them gold. The Annunakis, those from the sky, went along with this like passive bullies, until religion came in and division of this one religion came in place in the form of monotheism (serving one annunaki as god) and polytheism (believing the entire Annunakis are gods). Then a typical war between religions came in place, the Annunakis also got pissed and we were destroyed. Annunakis packed their shit and left earth in shame back to planet Nibiru which we homo sapiens, born in their labs remember as garden of eden (the place looks very nice). The handfull of mixed color, pale and dark skinned half breed Annunakis that were born from the Annunakis exploitings with the female humans got stranded here in anger which was the family we people know as thes Noah’s. bigstockphoto_caduceus_medical_symbol_10983331The guilt driven Annunaki scientist and a spoiled brat of a king, who originally came up with the idea to create the first Neanderthal humans trough his sperm as their workers, used his spaceship to return to earth to help Noah to build an advanced boat before the flood came in place due to the earth being damaged by the wars no different from what we are seeing now with our atomic bombings. A flood which was a no brainer result of a similar collective events of misunderstandings and nuclear wars. However Noah and his families pervasive egos, in a restarted earthly heaven were too tempted to feel special due to being “chosen” to live by that one Annunaki scientist (Enki) what they thought to be a god, and with time, while civilization was restarting, indoctrinated the population by going along with the populations belief that Noah is THE chosen one by god and a prophet. He did not bother to think that this is not so. He became the first king of something that was supposed to be a new earth of equality where no kings or a government are needed. His sons, with the same ego, with different sets of skin pigments set in the labs of Nibiru (don’t know how to technically explain this), then spread out to different parts of the world to set their own kingdoms and since then the act of Specialness has continued to this day, it got worse at some point because the little technology Enki left to the Noah called Element 115, a white powder carved for a stone  that is rumored to be THE element to run spaceships trough telepathy, some spiritual retards, offsprings of Noah, our ancestors, ate it and gained super brains to process incredible amount of info and even  etc, same stuff the Annunakis do. But as humans, this of course added to the specialness game even more. They used the power to attract worse alien beings from lower realms to share their plot for specialness on earth ultimately leading to each one in this game for specialness and orgies to become lost. The souls became so corrupted for just seeking specialness, souless for any human emotions by now that their original soul appearance (light) started to change to reptilian, insects expression, still a dream but a content of a sleeping mind of full self hatred, denied, due to artifical immortality in 3d world which they think is a state of god (the can be killed however if physically attacked). 93c42cc07b87b8b52fe4a5590067eeb3To maintain a sense of human self, they then came with the idea to capture human bodies for their use, let’s say like ancient pharaos body even the body of Queen Elizabeth which are basically a body of a dead person which were captured by a fearful but powerful soul in a reptilian like form of an alien that is effected with overwheliming guilt which has been denied for soooo long which is why they look that way (physical symptom in a normal humans body is an act of guilt a.k.a wanting to be punished). They literally perceive themselves as monster in full blown denied self hatred and do not see hope to heal themselves so they prefer ruling the hologram, our world. The only way to save their insanity is for all of us to Awaken from this insane dream and get out of this hologram/ dream so that they get bored without nothing to play with. This is why they do not want us to even Awaken because they would have to look at themselves now, regardless of their artificial immortality due to eating a bunch of elementals stones even mentioned in the bible (Revelation 2:7) according to Al Bates studies. They are fearful since they have used humanity for so long and have hard time to figure out their position in Enlightenment, the means to return back to heaven which is a state of mind. They have become more behind the scenes in a form of illuminati, doing the exact same selfish acts from the times of Noah just to remain special while we as their brothers and sisters, except less informed, are supposed to see them better than us while we die or experience apocalypse over and over again and loose our memory while incarnating back here, which they know how to bypass by creating safety for themselves with the knowledge Enki the scientist gave them to use for good, not specialness. They still think they are chosen to do something. What ever it is. They just want to be special forever. They are very afraid to redeem their many thousand year lasting tortures of humans and killings, and sucking the bloods of human beings. People are waking up to this so I encourage the reader to do his research since I am curious even my self to see if my channellings about these beings were correct. No, I have not read David Icke. He is doing a great job anyhow. What I am doing is based on my intuition and dreams, visions. I read other peoples stuff to make sure I am not the only one aware of this. And I am not. Amen!


Back to my story. After going trough the karmic phase for a while and was bombarded by others with sarcastic humor for being naïve and “betrayed” by Aminu, I took some time off from them to breathe. I visited Nollywood/Legos in order to speed up my over all conclusion if not I should continue my capital ventures in this part of the world. In Nollywood people had ideas but no one really knew how to maneuver them without seeking blood money as funds from the village elite who have been controlling Nollywood since it started in the 70s. Villagers are very pathological! So due to this I decided to fully focus building a content for Top Rank Business inc. documentary film by shooting fight scenes and write esoteric articles to support my film. I ultimately came to the conclusion to let Nigeria and most of my relationships go the same way I did with other commitments around the world, with love and respect the best I could. I also did not bother to re-enter social media now that all was gone. It was not easy since I was bound to be hated by SOOO many who think I abandoned them. After making my decision to announce to move on solo with my esoteric knowledge beside me, there were few here and there that took this decision rather personally as I suspected. Having no money and a series of business attempts being struck down by lack of support from the system and my none ability to cope with it anymore, these people in under whos mercy I was living (as described by a friend of mine) ended up delaying my departure as a means to bully. vlcsnap-2016-06-29-19h10m33s907The last 8 months in Nigeria turned out to be a witch hunt where my weaknesses at that time was used against me simply due to the few peoples incredible lack of understanding. It was intimidating indeed because there were children in the house who got in between the war and were used to by the adults to snitch me out of all the little things I was doing which made me angry at the children as well, causing me to go tough on the most snitching one in ways I am not proud of. The kid was programmed by his sociopath mother. The wife of this duo was very self loathing and could not stand my overall confidence. When I was once locked in a room by her, she paid the gate man who saw it to remain quiet. As the wise Mooji says, in Awakening, no one wants you to be free. Regardless of this, my FAITH to the esoteric was stronger than ever. The incidents in Sokoto, even my work as a stuntman truly contributed to keep the FAITH, thus it did not take long until my my mother, had a hunch of something being wrong. Although we had disagreements before, she ended up coming in to the picture and helped me out. If you are wondering why did I not call or ask for help earlier within that 8 months of witch hunt, you must understand that although I did receive a guidance to drop my pride and ask for help, the remaining stages was to still experiment with FAITH in a situation of extreme case of power abuse. I was there to overcome an impossible situation trough FAITH, not trough money, not true utilizing my nationality, social care or race (which would simply be a form of passive “in your face” attack if you really think about it) but by purely believing that things will work out for the better, for the sake of all of us. Including the sociopaths.

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. – Bruce Lee


By the way, my long lasting skin disorder which handicapped me AND which got dangerously accelerated after being bombarded by the officials and Gignya hotel members in Sokoto has completely vanished from my body! The more clearing I did with dysfunctional relationships, with diet, converting from thinking to meditation I am happy to say that clearing this 7 year lasting skin disorder HELL which turned out to be a spiritual symptom (unfortunately people in West diagnose as ezcema or psoriais and offer more damaging healing methods which is HELL) is now over. It can be healed. It is true! I know it is rough and fu*?ing intimidating to accept that these conditions are in fact asked by you within your dream of specialness to either root you further to the dream by stealing your focus to the hologram screen or push you to go within. But that shit can be done man, you can choose to go within. vlcsnap-2016-06-29-23h24m22s679PPP psoriasis, if affected in both of your palms and feets is no different than your feets and palms being nailed to the cross. It is literally a biblical thing so do not give up. See it as if you are chosen for something great, which is the case actually. If you can really understand this metaphor I just said, then you are already healed. First things first. I just want to say at a very human level, at a very earthly level, which is to drop all cortisone creams… It costs so much money and causes you to think about money which just adds to the stress which is really the cause of “psoriasis” and “eczema”, in fact all external pains. Replace that poison called cortison with whatever organic balm there is that resonates with you the most at that time. Organic balms like coconut oil is enough. Psoriasis as more to do with controlling your stress and letting most of your old habits, including food habits go, especially if you live in a country of processed food like Scandinavia tends to be. Let the old food habit go and play around with fasting. I say play with it because in my journey I started with water fasting, I did this randomly some times once a month or two time a month. Sometimes 2 and a half day, sometimes just for a half a day so it all boiled down to following your gut feeling which is also known as intuition. I never did dry fasting as some do. I also found green tea moringa leaves good especially during fasting time drinking some green tea to a empty stomach really felt as if I was doing my self a favor. I pretty much drank hot boiled moringa leaves for 1.5 years without much drinking anything else because after drinking moringa for over a year in a row, jumping to coca cola was too much for me and I did not even miss it to be honest with you. I have experiences that already so no need for me to repeat it. Again it is all about letting go. To die consciously so to speak. Limit smoking cigarettes and alcohol. It does not even open up your brain functions but shuts it down according to many people who used to do that stuff. Smoke “medical pot” once in a while because it eases the tension in your body and has been proven trough out ancient times to heal people in serious pains because it evaporates muscle tension, skull tension, jaw tension, neurotic tensions around your nerve system which meditation does as well assuming you want to skip pot which I do many times if not most of the time by now. I do recommend to drop pot the more you advance in spiritual awakening because it may hinder your ability when it comes to the astral realm business which I am not interested to talk about because I am more about the most dense level where most people are still trapped (even course in miracles refers to this level regardless of it’s intellect approach. Tension in body is caused by stress and over doing sports (which I did a lot). Stress is same as your body being INFLAMED of heat, which at worst burns the skin we know as psoriasis (I realized I was so hot I had to quit getting tanned) Use common sense in this case and pot is part of common sense.IMG-20160203-WA0001 If your parents, friends tell you negative stuff about stuff like pot or better, meditation, then they are not loving you and it is time to let them go. Maybe forever, maybe for awhile. Letting go is a very common theme you will go trough from the day you are conscously Awakening, and most likely the people who will not get it at that time will be released until they may catch up. So, speaking of illness, corrupt world leaders etc, You do not have to go trough this crap anymore. You deserve a life of joy and simplicity which starts first when your mind is fully focused on health, not on maintaining a mundane 9 to 5 bullshit jobs people generally go trough and hate, thus their minds are not fixed in health but in survivalism and hatred which damages the brain. IMG-20160203-WA0000The brain is thus cluttered with survival thoughts which is why stress and it’s sickness comes to the surface. It is all absolutely insane. It is absolutely stupid, a retardation of the soul so many still choose to go trough. And if you do not “rebel” against this insanity for the sake of your own health. If you do not tell your hysterical family members to shut their mouth regarding what crappy job should you pick so that you can fit to the norm, if you do not stand on your ground against your friends who have repressed themselves to the mundane life of having a family of their own and going trough their own share of 9 to 5 jobs thus bound to come from a mentality of sheep, then to me, you are a coward… Please forgive me. As I said dear reader I have adapted the style of Osho, not to mention I am a hardcore martial artist so I can’t talk like Marianne Williamson (I think she is giving the people what they want to hear so it is not exactly the “real” deal) or even Teal Swan (very sexy woman which is intimidating! But I think she teaches the real deal) who have to be  diplomatic with their approach since they are officially mainstream teachers. I am not a spiritual teacher or aiming to become one, even famous anymore, but I do report about esoteric life, my experiences which, for now, are about the darkness of this world thus my best approach is to just shake people up.

Now I want to demonstrate in words about my forgiveness… I have forgiven the government of Sokoto and the elite behind it all, behind everything in the world in fact. I am working on, and doing well on forgiving the wounded couple in Abuja. That was their best they could do.

10 The End Or So They SayI have step by step forgiven the western world and it’s citizens for their ignorance for the seeming mess they seemingly brought upon to this part of the world long long ago which contributes to the vicious behavior and religious occultism (Catholism) people go trough, thus making the citizens of the so called suffering countries equally responsible of the suffering of mother earth. In other words there is no need to feel sorry for the so called thirld world countries. There is no third world countries. They have a sense of freedom in exploiting people since the common man and law enforcement can be so easily bribed to look the other way… Something I witnessed my self in multiple occasions. Just one extreme example, which I repeat once more, is when the Giginya hotel manager lied to the SSS force that Aminu took a knife on him when the truth was that he didn’t. I was screaming at the stupified manager to stop gossiping and ruining my business with the government protocol while Aminu was staring surprised of the situation. The second extreme of bribe was in Abuja when I was locked behind house doors and ridiculed by a self hating grumpy woman. When she found out I was about to leave the country she came in full force multiple times to burn bridges. The husband to whom I warned about his wife many times trough the means of shouting and kindness, did nothing, and in fact, smirked at my face, just when he was about to leave the building to a trip of his own. At that moment I knew the wife has already gossiped lies about me. Whenever I managed to bait both of them to take the fight outside for each one in the compound to see… I realized that everyone is at the couples support due to political connections to one another! The only reason they had to let me go (to avoid an international case) is because my mother, who they knew I was having disagreements with, finally snapped out from her daily mind wanderings and offered help. Without this I think I would have remained there since they did not drive me to the embassies I was connected with and offered no money to pick a cab. So, when I say do not feel sorry for the so called third world countries. I mean it. Only by dipping your self into these places shall you truly know this statement and finally free your self from what ever guilt there is regarding the matter of coloniazation which is just one tiny aspect of a gigantic onion of a made up concept of guilt that lies within the minds of all members of homo sapiens family (thanks to religion created by ancient aliens) and thus have gone mad by accepting this madness as the norm. I have forgiven step by step one guy particularly from Finland, who is supposed to organize artistic humanitarian festivals like forest festivals (metsafestivaali) and claims to be spiritual and an artist, yet when he heard about my financial problems and actually owed me unpaid money which I needed at that time, he did nothing else but invented stories and in fact, closed his facebook so I can not reach to him. I thus have no problem to generalize this lack of empathy to most part of the country (although I know there must be few exceptions). Having zero cash led me to do things I am not proud of. I have forgiven mixed race people who do not choose sides but do tend to dwell in a unique type of self centeredness thus are turning their backs to these issues the same way as anyone else living a life of individuality. Duality mentality is all the same regardless where you come from.

By the way, in case you want to take a look at the guy who lied about Aminu of taking a knife on him in his office, Part 6:25 of the video has a small interview of him talking about help. The guy lied about Aminu instead of me, because he knew the locals use Islam religion to be very harsh to one another. They did not want to lay hands on me (while they forced Aminu to kneel in front of me while the cop gave him a big smack to on his face) that comes across as a foreigner, in order to avoid political and bad reputation.

“People who go trough great series of heart aches, failures, dissapointment, betrayal, seeing their darkest aspects of themselves and are close to give up, even giving up their lives… The ones that have gone trough a life of emotional hell… are apt to become awakened, and assuming they decide to stick with the world, success in their own term is inevitable. The life of living hell is to contrast the ones that you NEVER want with the ones that you will want in gratitude. You will develop your discernment on the road of the esoteric to know the things, information and people you want in your life. This success is not for you alone, this is for the sake of your ability to be your best authentic self for the sake of humanity. To have everything, you have to give up everything.”

Since the world is a matrix (you can also call it a hologram or a dream or illusion. Something that refers to an external world which is not real) and most people, including your friends and family, are asleep, their minds rooted into the dream body or hologram OR matrix body no different from the people still in sleeping 2000 years ago, this process of giving up everything to have everything will be met with a lot of persecution, a reflection of your resistance, usually you being called crazy by those still rooted to the body and in deep fear for thinking the world and it’s laws, governed by men like Bush family is real. Since our dream world that came from a thought of specialness is governed by the bigger players who are able to manipulate situations from a perspective no different from a pc gamer playing a strategic pc game like Age of Empires (using the mode of revealed map where you can see the enemies progress and based on that, make the right tactical decisions to win the game), since the bigger players literally have this tactical strategic pc game perspective, they are able to manipulate collective situations in detail in a way such as seen in Top Rank Business inc. where sleeping peoples thought patterns, visible to the bigger players, who use advanced brain frequency detectors to detect their unconscious peoples thoughts, they use these people asleep as portals to “inspire” the sleeping ones to attack the awakening one in order for him to not awake. This is because the nature of dream is to keep the sleeper as sleep. It is what dreams do. If the players/ufos can not do this trough earthly means, the intimidation comes in a form of out of body nightmares in astral planes. untitledmmnmnThe expression of the matrix intimidation is unique since we are all in our own unique paths of expressing our light and darkness, but the bottom line is that you will be intimidated in order for you to react to the matrix and give your energy to it which established the dream as reality. This matrix is all about sustaining the elites (government and so called royal families) and the pyramids top players (Annunakis) specialness, the made up usurpation of the position of god, the only reason we prefer to be bodies rather than abstract spirit where the concept of puppet (people in sleeping ignorance) and the puppeteer (the elite, ufo and super computer that mimics god) is over. So even ufos want to be rock star special! We have all been there because specialness is so seductive. The extaterrestials/Annunakis do not reveal themselves to the public so often because they know the exact time when humans are more prone to arrange spectacle for their arrival and establish them as gods. It is all about specialness. This is why politicians remain in power for 40+ years or our so called favorite bands are still around after 40 years of touring and the guys are already quite old for the whole sex, drugs and alcohol thing… No one wants to give up specialness, until suffering comes in which is all about seeing how temporary everything here truly is. People in power cling to the means, which is basically money, to avoid suffering, which is why they never seem to learn. The ultimate goal of the elite is to simply run this hologram dream of specialness for eternity, otherwise we will all return as abstract beings to the ones of god. A battle which they will ultimately loose, which is the good news but something you, dear reader have to learn for your self since this is just a tip of an ice berg. I am just a guy who played around with the forces of darkness, wishing for the readers best interest to understand that the world is NOT what it seems to be. Just remember that all this stuff I just talked about is a dream. All are our pictorial 3D expressions of guilt within a dream of guilt. Your body was born from guilt, and the bodies story from birth to death and all the in between concepts from aliens to chemtrails, conspiricy including the positive stuff in life (a way to numb our anicent pains) are all born from guilt, projected outward. I am basically telling you that everything you are hearing and seeing, feeling, smelling is an holographic expression of guilt from which we must ascend. Even the 5 dimension stuff is a continuation of the guilt dream! It is however part of the happy dream or the dream of ascension from bodily dream back to spirit world step by step. So everything you see is born from guilt born from the original decision to want more than the love of god. We yearned to be part of the Universe of specialness regardless of paying a price of this specialness. The price we paid is to be part of a world of hierarchy where some appear to have more of something we do not have thus are more. This is where the whole illuminati concept would dive in now… Which is a dream. The so called aliens and chemtrails lurking within the dream are all expression of this one guilt. We created a world of guilt which perpetuates fear and specialness. Guilt is also known as wanting to be punished. It is these hidden sensations that is the cause of our fear which is then projected as our bodies who are born into this insane world of deception and lies. The only way to free your self is to free your self from the belief in guilt, which is to fully experience that you were never in this world, that the world really was just a dream regardless of what others did to you or you did to others. Forgive it. The aliens did to you and you did to aliens, chemtrail etc. Forgive it. This is where a work such as Course in miracles comes in handy since I can’t go further than this. Just remember or be open that everything you are seeing is a dream. Be even more open to realize that bodies are projections born from an ancient concept of guilt. This includes the seeming aliens controlling our world with our insane government, chemtrails, illuminati, the good and bad etc. These are all 3 dimensional expression of the sleepers belief in guilt a.k.a wanting to be punished.

vlcsnap-2016-07-01-12h45m15s456I want to end this by thanking Aminu from the film Top Rank Business inc. Who has vanished from my radar but deservers my thanks regardless of his actions. Although I did not receive an response, I have apologized Aminu which my screaming to the Gigynia hotel manager, according to Aminus last message, forced him to become an outlaw. As a result he took more than 15 000$ worth of stuff from me without my permission. It took me a while to digest since I was already enough angry and physically ill. Having a growing realization of the impact the Western ignorance has done to this part of the world, it was however easy to forgive, including the most vicious abusers. If they do not have tools like Buddhism or A Course in Miracles, writings of Osho. Even my stuff then of course they can’t help themselves because the bible and quran are half brothers, bad versions of Sumerian tablets, all serving the Annunakis agenda of Apocalypse where people are told that they are actually physical bodies rather than spirits projecting a body. They do this so that the people, stuck as bodies will continue to remain as one, perpetuated by a religion that tells them that their bodies will be saved by another body. Call it god, jesus, aliens. The know your reality is mind but they love you to choose to be body and see them as special, a minds decision which roots you to a body more and more. (Just check Beyoncé still jumping on the screen shaking that ass) The West and Scandinavia can’t help themselves either, since their own leaders are poisoning their water with fluoride and the so called fresh air is filled with chemtrails aiming directly to weary (make tired) the public both sides of the brain, which has destroyed their body and mental functioning. To heal the damage, the individual needs a lot of time and courage for him self to heal, and a radical change in life style. The trick here is however that even time is not on their hands! Or so they think. Because most people in these countries have repressed themselves to a mundane work circle where self-working on these issues has been over complicated due to long working hours. This has caused soooo much rage within their citizens thus self hatred followed by the lack of empathy of others is inevitable. This must be understood today in order to understand one another. Ultimately, as said before but I will say it one more time, all I just talked about is a dream of duality. The 3D projections which is our life, our body, our system, chemtrails, aliens etc are all one symptom of a dream content in our minds projected outward, they are pictorial presentations of a latent thoughts (secret dream) in our minds that our hidden from our awareness. When you have walked the path of crucifixion, you are more and more willing to let the old paradigm go since it does not work. It only brings misery and pain. This is where you are motivated to go within rather than finding happiness without. When you have let go of the world as you know it, usually trough crucifixion, the only motivator to Awakened, you will access the secret dream in your mind which is the cause of these insane concepts projected outward, there is not turning back anymore because you have arrived home from a three dimensional life to a multidimensional one.

klemkaan_logoI want to thank my mother for her more earthly contributions mentioned at the beginning of Top Rank Business inc. film. It helped me to ground my self to earth. I want to thank Malik S Tompson for the ending comments in this film. He is a man I respect and an hard core spiritualist. To me he is like Osho. I want to thank Dansofo Adama Tijani for his none judgemental attitude in life and his mastery in gentleness which I would not mind working on some more. I want to thank Ekene and Mickey I met in Nigeria. Two experienced beings that were slightly ahead of me in some areas of the esoteric and in fact Mickey found my Sokoto phase rather funny at that time! I want to thank Niko Karppinen for designing my logo, this site, and giving me technical advice to sustain it. I have not had a physical mentor, or ascended masters, or Enki come to me with esoteric knowledge as some people experience. I was, physically speaking, on my own, learning, but I do want to mention my thanks to Ken Wapnick, David Hoffmeister, Gene Bogart, Gary Renard. Earl Purdy and of course Osho, whos works have also helped me along this journey. The list would go on and on like bloggers Jim Tolles, Gregg Prescott, new generation mainstream teachers such as Ralph Smart or Teal Swan. I remember Lorri Colburn answering my email just when the Sokoto phase was over and I was very suicidal and sick. I also have a list of people who stay out from the public while healing the world, but I want to end this epic story and say the world is going trough a series of darkness, right inside your neighbors house, which in Awakening must be looked at, not denied by seeking only the bliss phase. if I can do it, you can do it too. Amen.

“There is a crucial difference between the criminal and the outlaw. The criminal is a perverse rebel who acts out against the law, a subnormal person who is unable to care enough about others to bear adult responsibilities.

The outlaw is a supernormal individual who cares about others too much to accept the limitations on eros that are imposed by normal life. Thus the outlaw quest moves outside and beyond, not against the law.

While the rebel is merely rejecting the establishment, the outlaw is motivated by a quest for autonomy, self-government…not rooted in an undigested psychological need to rebel, but in a passion for justice, dignity and freedom. The trans-moral conscience of the outlaw is the inner voice of the universal community struggling to be born.”

– Sam Keen

heros journey


Top Rank Business inc. Trailer (film) and Words of discernment.

I have heard that there is about one million people and I may say even more than a million by now, who are indeed Awakening to the fact that our true nature as emphatic beings literally opens a portal or a bridge to a vibrational world that was always inside of us. Just like we discovered the world is not flat but round and just like we discovered trough telescopes that there are other planets that can contain life. The final layer is to realize all this is happening within us like a dream thus we are the ones who created the entire universe. Empathy at the very core of your being is the key that will evaporate your physical primary 5 senses well enough for a higher vibration to flow trough, fluidly trough the brain, it’s glands then enveloping your sensory organs. It is a very dense biological kundalini transformation you can literally feel it in your skull for years to come. The world however, our relationships, the system at large has been man made to not allow relaxation, evaporation or melting of our concreted minds to occur. Which is why our system was made over complicated to live stress free, especially in the west. The more attune with faith or intuition, a state where thinking is  seacefire, the part of you that was so used to the dreaming state as a concrete individual self, the part still addicted to thinking and planning of things will become fearful of the process, interpreting the process of Awakening as if getting closer to dying rather than eternal life form, sending requests outside it self within a state of dream to defend from it self from the unknown which enlightenment is gently introducing to you. Within a dream (your entire life), this fear sends very subtle messages of fear “outside” to the quantum external world of dreams thus it is as if events will start to shift accordingly where your most hidden fears are encountered more rapidly as if you are cursed. This is nothing to be feared of however! Your mind has to be released from fearful concepts and it only happens by not running away from them. You are not called to extremes like the crucifixion or even the ones I went trough while shooting Top Rank Business inc, but you have to look at your minds content that is the dreamer in order to know that there is fear (and the external or holographic 3D expression of it) first things first… And this fear communicates with a quantum world of dreams in great collaboration to reinforce or clutter the fear:ish thinking of mind to its concreted extreme which ultimately does manifest in to seemingly disturbing symbolism which is always about convincing you that you are not a mind but a mortal body (sickness, money issues, relationship issues, job issues, nightmares etc. This is why you must look at your fearful content of mind and see the repetitive content of fear, what it is about, and to become familiar with its agenda before you can laugh at it. Looking and acknowledging the fear is there, is the process of peeling the ego layered onion. Not a single spot of darkness can remain in your mind! So the call of fear, by the part of you still used to the dream state as a cemented body, should be accepted as a blessing regardless of the messiness of lesson/ situation// events that will seem to produce more fear. This process of witnessing the sleeping part of you in its expression outside of you is where the world may offer a great series of overwhelming intimidations by people still sleeping, such as family and friends, your local government , ufo abductions and satanic dreams etc, which may tempt and emphatic character (a person in the process of Awakening) to react out of his or her great sensitivity to see un-truth. eliteIn a world where great series of exploitation is allowed by their neighbours, the consequences, although coming from a person in the process of awakening, may still be very crucifixion or dramatic type of an outcome, which is understandably not so funny and this is why much courage is required. But this is also why after being harshly pushed by the society as a whole, these individuals (such as Teal Swan who was imprisoned by a cult for years) in awakening process tend to get enlightened rather faster than usually, but this approach is only for the hard-core ones who really want to leave the matrix behind. As we all should for the sake of mankind evolution. The point here today is to remind you that in the process of enlightenment, the whole hippie approach must go. The world is not a nice place and the ability to discern every relationships (including the relationship with your own body) rather than judging is important to stay in course. There is an highly developed artificial intelligence that has taken within a dream a reptilian/ ufo / annunaki type of an formic expression where you are not allowed to wake up in order to serve their own survival. Yes, exactly like in the movie matrix. ancient_sumeria-fdfsThis is the only reason we have the whole pyramidic hierarchy in the first place. A higher race call it reptilians, annunaki or whatever, controlling our state of mind trough implants, is simply an inevitable expression within a physical dream like world. They are all there as a part to establish a very real like sensation of separation within us.The idea of quantum like matrix and a hierarchy controlling everything within the matrix is just an inevitable result of a shared selfish will to dream of separation or uniqueness outside Oneness or God that has been operating for thousand of years due our fascination towards this idea. These beings were part of every single so called biblical events as well, such as the construction of pyramid Giza in Africa Egypt, crossing the sea by Moses and many more events from the past and yet to come such as the recent rumours, about secret societies and fbi having access to other planets, the growing number of people seeing ufo space ships landing behind our moon and a growing number of people (like my self) remembering or seeing memories regarding an alien abduction scenario just before they were seemingly born in to this world. These memories are covered deep under nostalgia and childhood memories and your current desires. They are a trick. Although fascinating to many, just like the entire world, these are all distractions within the dream (your life) to place a sense of false purpose in a temporary life form which is the world, the entire cosmos you see. It is as if the higher artificial intelligence is desperately trying to add meaning to this dream of bodies which is not meaningful at all, because it is a looping dream of death and specialness (egocentricity) as long as you perceive your self as body and believe in it (they think they are special since they live long and have highly advanced technology to create us). Death is simply an seemingly never ending actment of any adversity where your mind looses focus or POWER of being the creator or dreamer of the dream. Most people in this world, indeed most of your friends and family are in this state and acting from a scripted intelligence perfectly constructed by a higher artificial intelligence taking an expression within this dream to channel dialogue against your awakening without them even knowing why they are doing this. The idea of our minds being captured like in the movie matrix is however inevitable expressions, symbolism or metaphors (metaphor is my favorite word for it)) of dreaming a physical universe of hierarchy and if your mind is not monitored by you, your thoughts are literally heard by strangers who use your thought impulses that are very much like sound impulses because thoughts are vibration… The strangers use your energy as their advantage in a way you can not even imagine at this moment of growth. We have given these strangers, who are “out-there” to survive and to stay god (special) like to us (since they think they are our creators) to use us for their own advantage, mostly to mine gold. They seem to be friendly but that is usually to sustain their own belief system, since these races have a belief system and expression of this strong belief system that sustains an illusion of being able to live millions of years… As our fellow Annunakis, the manipulators of our inherent dna are told to live.

dfhdhdfhThis shit is no different from facebook being monitored by secret societies. The whole thing with facebook is just a mimic of a larger monitoring system. A system that knows you whenever you react to something positive or negative. Our thoughts are monitored trough implants which some people have reported discovering in their own bodies. I havent checked my implants yet but I dont care really. I just care about awakening and letting go of a limited self concept followed by a rather harsh dictating system which is indeed just a dream or a projection but it all sure looks so real! Like I said before… I do not care if you do not believe this. Most people including almost all of my gifted friends and family have dropped their creativity more than a half and chosen a mundane life of nine to five life styles wherein to literally witness these so called paranormal activities is simply too fearful for them to grasp and could cause a sense of psychosis. Not so different like somebody being an absolute coward regarding the use of psychedelics and facing the mind alterations that comes with it. When you are in the process of awakening (an expansion of your brain functioning) understand that most of your old relationships will drop due to your polarized self that is not in any match with a mundane world anymore. In a sense you are too AWESOME for that! Your connection with old relationships must go in order for you to reach higher dimensions trough the expansion of your awareness. And when the time is ready, leave this matrix called earth behind in grace. Top rank Business inc. starts from the very bottom of dealing with ascension symptoms, and that is dealing or coping with a sleeping zombie like society trough out the world that tries to uncounciously pull your polarized focus from the esoteric back to a nine to five mentality controlled by secret societies, white house, the so called royal family of Britain and ultimately the boss of the bosses which is the so called Reptilians, Annunakis (our ancestors who cloned us trough their dna mixed with some animal dna) or whatever. These expressions are part of the mesmerism of mind which our system was build to do in order for us to get confused about reality. To make things sound (such as the world is just a bad re-occurring dream and you can awaken) more complicated than it is.To fall for their agenda, is death indeed. And you will be shocked how most of the people close to you are indeed dead with human emotions and desires that do not point but to a life of mundane distractions (Nothing wrong with that but it is a very limited life that has the danger to slip your life away) Ask questions, have an open mind!

You might be wondering what does this all have to do with Top Rank Business inc? After all, it is just A dense capital venture within an oil and mineral industry in Sokoto Nigeria. Yet you must understand that our corporeal expectations and rituals of “acting nice to one another” in business associations are actually perpetuating a fixed behavioral mechanism constructed by our ancestors some call the Annunakis or whatever. When you break these behaviours, like an alchemy in a risk like experiment, it is common to experience persecution from “others” for cutting your self loose from our “ancestorial” matrix like system which, again, is this entire world which people around you think is real and something that needs to be taken seriously, when it is the exact opposite. It is not serious. Its a false world, scripted to stay nightmare:ish forever but if you know its a dream, everything becomes as if inside a theme park ghost house (although its not easy). The persecution tends to be even more aggressive in a more sheep-like environment you can find easily just by going to a village or talking to a person born in a village because they have absolutely no open mindedness to even connect the dots of a great possibility of them being actually transported in to that specific spot. It is hard for them to grasp ideas such as the virgin Mary being implanted with pregnancy in order to create a sense of sheep-like wonderment in planet earth rather than becoming more open or aware to a much higher truth that stretches trough out the cosmos… I want to copy paste something as a closure from a website I just read trough.

Baalbke Terrace

“Anyone with a computer can research these facts on their own and come to their own conclusions. Anyone with common sense can objectively examine the facts and determine that “we’re not in Kansas anymore”. By exploring these facts, we change everything we’ve ever believed in… In the end, only the reader can choose to explore for his/herself or continue to stand true to his/her faith and trust in the authority of their Church. It would be sad for people to not explore the role of Religion in controlling the population. It would be sad for people to not explore the way the various Churches have changed their doctrine to stay modern with the times” a small part of a larger text copy pasted from link below.