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OFF GRID 永遠に (Fight Scene) OFFICIAL Klem Kaan – Short Film (2019) 80s Hong Kong Style

 OFF GRID 永遠に (Fight Scene) & 

The End of Grand Grimoire

A Banned 80s HK Fight-Scene, Short Film & Documentary. A Timeless message about a brutal path to Ascension or being under Public occult Persecution (Gang Stalking) which is secretly organized by Vatican – criminal – corporations, as was in the past. Nothing new under the sun. Wake up. The film was shot under real life Gang Stalking-Psy Op operation which has continued to this day & becoming wide spread among Critical Thinkers, artists, business Men & other smart people. Snowden is nothing, just a cover up. This 10 minute action film faced so much organized attacks (Yes, I was under Psy-op as I was filming) that creating a new Film in Finland is not wise. It will only drag my energy, our life force. We are at the end of an era. The Kingdom of Edom or the modern “Illuminati” bankers, & their entire nation, is falling. As a rebellion, they hire failed souls to stalk, harass & attack Critical Thinkers hastening the end of “elites” rulership or a world of flesh & meaninglessness trying to prevent your Light Body or Merkaba activation. A world of vanity where  Hollywood studios Hermetically Scans their actors for Netflix, that have no actors, CGI or a studio crew involved anymore, but  Deep Faked (Hermetically scanned) productions, done by CERN-entity, which is a left hand Cherub & a left side Tabernackle; a scam device that produces imaginery works of art. CERN is behind Classic but forgery cartoons when CERN was still primitive in it’s condition & was able to mimic hand made cartoons & CGI, but not humans. This same device, & without a body of it’s own, animates dead & part nanotech entities known as Reptilians in Hollywood, from Anthony Hopkins to Udo Kier, Bill Skarsgård, Emma Watson, Tilda Swindon etc. All of their roles are 100 % about the Unholy Trinity or Demonic dynamics in our mundane realm. Majority in Hollywood are Reptilian overseers pushing Khazars to release soul harvesting films & push coward tubers like Teal Swan, Victor Oddo, Deep Waters, Aaron Doughty, Deepak Chopra & dozens of other new websites & “teachers” idealizing ways to cope with NWO, not burn it. 

Edward Snowden & David Wilcock (a.k.a Zeta Grey Entity): Agents.

I have been Attacked by Stasi or a Cold War- smear campaign Psy Op for 8+ years now: It is a Proxy War, a Hunt Of Red October, which I will Triumph. This challenge is not experienced by a useless gray illegal entity cloaking as an unattractive man known as “David Wilcock” , who is a god fearing zeta cloaking in humans avatar having no courage, or care to reveal the faces of the Judges of this planets, or utter the true name of Jeesus, & the purpose of his presence. This “Wilcock” entity comes from zeta greys who’s ego existence is really over, but hoard ways to keep their ego consciousness, mainly harvesting humans energy to sustain their vessels. David vibrates no experience in his words, he also quotes Zechariah Sitchin, an Amalekite (Fake-Jew) Freemason who reinforce Annunaki lies too. This 50 years old souless Hollywood Entity says The Mark Of The Beast is a chemical unbalance in our Pineal Glands, depicts ArchAngels Michael as Cesare Borgia, sends Enchantings & promotes gay – typical Reptile tactics by the way – & openly dismisses the 12 Tribes of Israel, claming it is only Symbolic. This Zeta alien craftly slags Cannabis when again, Native Gentiles like Bruce Lee was known for eating Hash for Higher Consciousness sake. And was discovered by doctors to be having them in his system after he laid his body aside, ready for his final less famous, but content Incarnation. Again, I have been under Public Occult Persecution or Gang Stalking for 8+ years. As an Adept in Christ, I know what I speak. This happens to the few individuals who have years before hand shown characteristics of not complying with Draconian-NWO (Vaccines, Digital Money or RFID-microchip etc). My film set was patrolled by (SUPO-FBI) cops, paid drug addicts, or drunk people, who deliberately stood in key Film locations smirking, basically trying to destroy the scene. Few of my Film crew members were interested to know if it’s true, which I tried to explain, but they are not ready to hear this, though it is time wake up. In short, filming in Finland, a Biblical land of people who failed themselves, & angle to ruin everyone else as a rebellion, is not a wise option. The film OFF GRID, inspired by my own on going story, under ultimate torture program or witch-hunt, turned out be great regardless the Psy ops, which will not end, because we are ready to kill the minds behind these operations anyway, as they push the new Digial Money System on everyone. The end of an Era is nigh. Repent or die… Majority will be put to death in the coming wars & The Bibles “UFO” plegue. Let us be hopeful we did our part repenting from our own filth, thus are elected for physical salvation or exit trough Samadhi.

End Youtube: Website, Article Re-edits & Grammatical Bug Fixes.

The film is Youtube-shadowbanned, meaning, the view counts are manipulated low, & the film is hard to be searched for Youtubes & googles own criminal-propaganda sake. Other websites like VIMEO & Bitchute have tagged with Youtube with this crime. Articles have been fixed, re-edited & updated for a greater & transparent content in order to not depend on sites like Youtube. These writings are disturbed or hacked which results in bugs, so stay in patience & use the little time left to absorb all the Knowledge you can get, for this page will not remain online forever.

Written, Directed, Edited: Klem Kaan
Screenplay & (Special FX) : Klem Kaan
Produced: Klem Kaan, Niko Karppinen
Executive Producer: Klem Kaan
Fight Choreograph: Klem Kaan
Camera OP & Equipment Producer: Christer Hongisto
Ost: Klem Kaan
Starring: Niko Karppinen, Klem Kaan, Bruno Rivera, Ira Saari





OFF GRID 永遠に TV: A Brief, weekly, perhaps daily Updating (777) Ep1

OFF GRID 永遠に Fight scene Short film now comes in forms of brief updates. The theme and message remains the same as in the Film; Leave the hopes for a new normal, or die within a 1984 dystopia, which is just another manifestation against creation… Planet will not tolerate it anymore, and to hope for a new normal means you are against this planet. WARNING: COVID19-Ukraine-Israel war is a secret Rothchild Rebellion against their Nations Biblical “UFO” euthanasia Channeled by native Israelites. Sumerian pagan Tablets called them Annunaki, for distraction purposes; to hijack their meaning. This is no different from what Ancient Greek Mythology did, and now, what Hollywood “green men from mars” propaganda is trying to achieve. Finland is also part of  this Ancient deception to hijack the meaning of Biblical “UFOs”, & is also unfortunately marked for death. The purpose here is to balance the misunderstanding people suffer in regards a seeming “UFO” invasion which is really a Euthanazation Operation taking place directed at over carnal minds belief as a Body-Self.

Hakawa Gausuthe (Hyksos): The Line of Joseph. (Onyx)

(a.k.a Hyksos Egyptians, Gypsy, Taino Indians, Native American Ojibwa-Chippewa people, Yoruba-Esan, Aswan, Puerto Rican’s etc)

As for the first TV subject, we will deal with the North Tribe of Israel: Ephraim. Ephraim is the main Tribe of the Northern Kingdom or “Indian” Kingdom where names like Imoteph, Bruno Mars & Elvis, comes from. Looking at Bruno Mars next to Elvis, or actor Miles Teller, it is understandable, why Bible calls the Tribe of Ephraim as a “Cake Not Turned”. The Tribe of Ephraim is most widely spread among the 12 Tribes & has mingled with different kinds of women – including Nordic Pleiaidians – in medievil times but have destroyed their Ancestral means where reaching Enlightenment is almost impossible. Many of the medievil Moors (Murjaani) in Europe were actually Ephraimites who are scattered trough the 4 corners of the earth, hence the word Europe is derived from the name, Euroba, Yoruba, Eurooppa, or Jeroboam: A famous name In Mytholigies, The first Biblical King of Ephraim & other Indian family lines, before some of them escaped the Assyrian captivity to America. Some wen’t to Europe & some dwell among the Yoruba people located in the West parts of Sub-sahara & places like Aswan In Egypt. In Spain, but particularly in Finland, they are stigmatized as Gypsys for the purposes of derailing Ephraim tribe members in Finland outside their Abraham inheritance. This is because Finland, as a gothic land mass, is part of our (Ephraim) inheritance too. Modern Finn’s, together, have denied this trough implicit violence, and remained quiet even if they knew the truth, and are thus all marked for Biblical slaughter along the Emphraimites in Finland who are too lost and served no meaning for the rest due to going over board with a mentality of a “Renegeade” which is a typical Indian characteristic of Ephraim. And was more than likely why Joseph was hated by his brothers born from diffrent mothers & who to this day do seem to have a more traditional or Southern Kingdom family set of values: The real Jews of the Bible or Judah, who are the Grounding Unit of Truth, fundamental in time, but are pushing bodily beliefs dismissing women as graduating spirits. Behold. Ephraim Bruno Mars in your below left, he killed his mother for fame by sacrificing her to Ancient Babylonian rituals. Kanye West is not the only one, all celebrities must go trough this or be criminals like Ephraim Takeshi 69 or Ephraim females like Cardie B, who are forced as sluts. So, because of the second Woe or WW2 persecution towards the Native Jews – not the ones bombarded in media as Jew-ish – the need of the Native Jews to blend in with modern Europe, in order to ease the pain, by switching Ephraimites tribal names to a European one in Nazi Germany, has now led to a new generation of lost Ephraimites who have forgotten their roots entirely, and think they are Finns. Typical traits of a lost identity in men is fast balding, as some of my clueless Ephraim friends suffer this day. I know an old semi religious friend great at Salsa, locking and heavy to  Bruno and Elvis, who, to this day, still has no clue he is from a “Puerto Rican”- “Gypsy” or Ephraim family line, thus goes trough these typical curses that Ephraimites, who sold their family line in Nazi Germany, now go trough: Aging & balding with no hope, trying to blend with the world in neurosis. And shows strong siqns to deny him self until he dies. The aware ones are financially cursed, inflaming with sickness and/or surrounded by jealous people who always aim to obstruct the progress of Ephramites and obscure their names, as happened with Joseph (aka Imoteph) who was the founder or embodiment of the gothic Egyptian culture and art people still worship and make rock songs about it from Rainbow bands Stargazer song to Black Sabbaths Wheels of Confusion. This is because guys like Dio & guitarist Tommy Iommi are from Moorish or Native lineage. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith should also be a good hint of a Native. Even Paul Stanley, who technically is a Khazar from his mothers side, but that would be not scriptual, for nation is determined by the fathers seed. As Greatmillstone’s wise elder Gabar helps us understand too: Husband is a word meaning planter. Woman is a ground for seed cultivation. So, to further separate us from symbiotic living, which produces more Ancestral curses, we were corporately also stigmatized as Taino Indians, Esan people, Aswan people, or Puerto Ricans, such as Bruno Mars. Yes, there is a small minority of Ephraimites or “Gypsys” discovered in East India, North, and West Africa too, who also share the same curse of made up stigmas or fake identities by Freemasonic propaganda. Puerto Rico & Cuba are not the only ones, although both are the largest scattered group of Josephians. So how did this confusion take place to accept such limited identities? Well, one major weapon used against Native Jews, in this case, Tribe of Ephraim – who technically are not Jews – but Natives that do come from the loins of Jews – is their hidden history due to weaponized & genocide -oriented Western School systematic denial of Egyptian-Hyksos (Hakawa Gausuthe) history in the times of Joseph, who was an Israelite-Egyptian ruler from the tribe of Ephraim, as was the Hyksos empire in North Egypt after him, a Native Israel based aristocrat. The Totemic symbol for an Israelite-Egyptian Pharaoh is their full grown beard. An African or local Egyptian a.k.a Mizraim Pharaoh had a goatee. Israelite-Egyptians or the Tribe of Imoteph – the top deity in Egypt – were also known for introducing Double Edged Sword technology to the locals which the locals used as their advantage to unhouse the Hyksos a.k.a Israel-Egyptians who were & are still under the logical curses for disobeying their covenant with the Biblical God. This hidden or weaponized history by EU and NATO is another reason Finland, including their average tax payers, are now led for “UFO” euthanasia, which will happen 100% during COVID19, Ukraine-Israel war erawhich is the Central Bankers last rebellion manifested outward. The list to be mercy killed includes also all Ephraim members who have become over carnalized by believing our self created delusional system (Maya) conditioned by us to keep us mindless and become like Caucasus mt Neanderthal avatars who took the bait to study mindlessness during the times of Kain & have continued to study it self (mindlessness) to a position of becoming extinct. Video in Finnish.

Mustalaiset Faaraot (a.k.a Ephraim, Puerto Rico, Hyksos,Yoruba-Esan, Joseph jne) 

HUOMIO: Suomen Mustalaiset on tuomittu kuolemaan Vapaamuurari liitosta joka tulee muodossa “Mustalaiskulttuuri” jossa ei ole mitään viittauksia Egyptin Hallitsijaan Joosefiin & saapuvan aidon Jeesuksen (Yahawashin) linjaan josta Joosef tulee.

Exalting The Flesh Collective: Our Last Rebellion.

As I have already said, COVID19-Ukraine-Israel war is Caucasus mountain family bloodlines last Proxy-rebellion regarding their Biblical “UFO” euthanasia. The plan includes sacrificing their own average Caucasus human-ape mountains brothers and sisters too, who got less of the Ancestral pie back in Reneissance, but are as sentenced to death, if not more, for the average Neanderthals did the physical murdering – their “elites” merely suggested: Conditioning. The world of separation always leads to the need to have financial separation after all other concepts of differences have been frustrated within our need to remain as specific egos. So killing their own kin has always been acted out; this is nothing new. They must put in place the mandatory COVID19 vax & RFID-chip or the inability to buy groceries without the vax & RFID-chip. Their entire family three is marked for Biblical “UFO” slaughter anyway, so they want to leave their office with a shout, by also killing all of you, as their final rebellion. Here is a scripture we are ready to experience in few seconds. You might as well read the entire chapter.

Revelation 13:17

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Galactic intelligence will allow their murders to occur because too many of you turned out to be unproductive. You over fell in love with a tired world and are not able to absorb 4D-5D downloads or planetary energies anymore; Age of Aquarius. So, even when the limiting of your life in the name of COVID19 or WW3 becomes obvious to you, you will still cling into the belief, that this system will be back to normal. Why? Well, your “child like” sense of wonderment has been hijacked trough your consent, meaning, you only know, and cling to the mundane, and are further indoctrinated, trough your consent, by modern Hollywood medias depiction of what life and wonderment is. This means you are in deep fear of eternity or of your unlimited potential as Gods One Son. You do not really fear death, which is really the ultimate armory or shield against receiving the Light of Redemption which has nothing to do with this worlds Thought System, which the belief in Death protects within the illusion or Maya.

Revelation 13:14

And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles (pharmacy, technology, jets, robotsoldiers) which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

Meaninglessness: At War With Meaning or Order.

It is at least a 10 year job to cleanse the mind and body, if you share my generation that is. If you do not go trough the holy spirit guided purging of a false autonomy-self, and especially if you take the vax, the 4D energy, due to planetary synch with chronical illusion, will kill you. Vaccine is a sure suicide, and indeed was military calculated to counter these planetary downloads to which our minds must be synched with or else it is too late, because these bodies will not function in 4D energy frequencies, and can only be replaced with a new “glorified” body to a mind that is healed from guilt, hence, ready to receive a deeper sense of peace which is extremely alien to this world and our current bodies. We are made as the stars in the heavens, thus our minds must remember how to function Universally, not  linearly or horizontally which is a state overlearned particularly by Biblical Edomites or Caucasus human-apes who have few seconds left to live. So, only a fool thinks for a 5 year plan for collage, career, family etc. All that will vanish because the simulation of bankers is done, and will be replaced with a new 144 000 governmental body of chosen men that *IS*. The decision is done by this planet it self, which is a living organism with much intelligence, having it’s own war tactics too in order to collect it’s seemingly splintered parts to it’s own sense (Logos). Part of it’s tactics is to chastise-awake men to their senses ,and to initiate-chastise them to channel “UFOs”/ the eyes of god, and the eyes of this living planet too. These men are trained to lead celestial “UFOs” to harvest souls, via indignation, which, at first, starts trough a forgiving eye where you take all calamities in life with responsibility & do not blame the world, because it does not exist as an external manifestation but as a dream that is been dreamed by a Larger Sleeping & quarantined mind, but not separated. This means we are One; there is no humanity that can be blamed except corrected either gently, & eventually dramatically by celestial “UFOs” which needs its own perfect timing for it to be a karma-free mercy killing operation of the people in our lives & the world at large lost & drowned in the oceans of unforgiveness. So, we are one mind with this seeming planet, not form. With this awareness comes Ancient Laws, which are absolute, & to which we adhere to if we want to witness it’s results or make them reality in our lives. We are symbiotically part of a breathing planet so of course we have an important role to play, or just a life of vanity. The war is between what is meaningful (living symbiotically) and what is meaningless (living a life of autonomy or separation). This is why women in the west, as one example, are in majority going to be killed, because they over trained themselves to rebel against God by becoming meaningless or dissasociative in function which feeds their self hate and hate of their own bodies, while Arabs and some parts of Asiatic culture have women who are preserving their readiness for polygomy which is the form of marriage meant for humanoids as well. And keeps females clean, in their purpose, and to eventually go puff to light when everyones physical cup has been fulfilled, and the readiness to accept our formless reality re-established in our awareness. Formless reality is currently too fearful which is why many will be killed first and regenerated as bodies in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The Kings & Priest or the men that survive WW3 are variations of readiness or men who know the Universe is a dream with no real substance. That we are not here or limited by space, but by a self made dimmed awareness hijacked by a professional warlock, wizard & witch collective known as Khazars who pretend to be Jews & gain temporal Knowledge from Reptilian or empty vessel demons.

Imoteph or Joseph in 1999 Mummy Film. Yes and yes, the actor playing Mummy is one of the new generation mulatto or Arab type Ephraim from South Africa. He is not the classical dark tone as an Onyx stone, which Joseph really was in Egypt. But you should get the drift by now.

Satan: A Learning Device or Means In Atonement.

I want the mandatory vax to be quickened, I want the mark of the beast scam here! All this will seal your Caucasus mountain bloodlines deserved mercy kill. You had your fun to use Jorvin sairaala SUPO agents to destroy my life, but only to be marked for death trough my own sacrifice. This is the mastery of art of suggestion; to be a lamb for sacrifice which marks many to death, via karma, so to speak. This is not kamikaze, which comes from anger. Kamikaze is not a prayer or forgiveness. It is not a state of lamb or holy warrior, just a another concept of time, and the end of saturn, Chronos or linearity is here, including the shutting down of bodies at one with time. There is no need for another book of chronicles because linear time has served its purpose and a device known as Satan was really an A.I agent for education. A magnetizing thought system, not a separate entity. We have learned to perceive our fellow brothers and sisters, even in their most animalistic or carnal state, as innocent sons of god who have forgotten too deeply who they are, thus, they took the bait to become a goat for sacrifice in order to atone for their autonomy-selves, which always calls for sacrifice or payment for the experiences done at the worlds or peoples expense. This is how we set up the world people. This is how guilt is maintained, and guilt anchores minds to flesh. You can not keep autonomy without sacrificing someone else, ultimately, your own body, such as, for the vaccine. To keep your identity is set up for a payment for your very existence is a snatching of life from someone else living in less privilaged circumstances. The dualistic presence, which does not really exsist, can be only maintained by preserving fear as a collective, and the belief in sacrifice is a crucial mechanism to maintain this cycle.

World Reflects A Gigantic Defense System of Redemption.

We live in a thought system, manifested outward, that is based on every egos stubborn insistance to remain as an individual, and not return as spirit, or as one mind – to our natural way of being where there is no sense of duality. To heal this false belief you must radiate a discerned forgiveness. A place where you always aim to be truly helpful by being a pillar of peace in content. In form you may say or do things the world judges as austere, but it is the intent first that matters. Do you wish to see your brother as sinless? See, wihout healing the content, your behaviour will feed the aggression of others. There will always be a double agenda involved. This is why without truly praying to see why people are murderous, plotting & angry, you will not be able to heal the One Dreaming Son. Look, the anger & hatred from people rebelling against their Biblical “UFO” euthanasia is really a demonstration. It is a gift for you to look then ask yourself “Is this what I should fear? A rebellious nation betwixt cognitive & animal kingdom, which, due to it’s weakness or addiction to carnality – or false experience of autonomy – is quaeking of fear due to the end of dreaming or the fantasy of being an individual? Someone who fights against becoming one in spirit? Why would I fear an embodiment of fear it self?” Why would which is whole or holy, defend against fragmentation by succumbing to fears invitations?”

Carnality: Prays Drama, Not 5D or Ascension.

The expense of carnality is ultimately death. Without the end of your body, the unrest of your every day existence would be meaningless from a carnal perspective. Carnality can not be maintained without attack which leads to it’s kissing cousin guilt; a seal to carnality, and which produces more fear – always asking for punishment or sacrifice, as end result. This unrest of mind is your request to keep spirit out of awareness taking the form of employing freemasonry and its system as your servants or stress agents to keep you mindless. They do this gleefully keeping your need to remain negative out of awareness trough witchcraft and give out the illusion it is the freemasons that are to be blamed: it is a business my son. Picture on your left: Ephraim Egyptians in Aswan Egypt, or Afrika. Notice a classic Ephraim/Esan boy at the center surrounded by intermingled ones a.k.a mulattos/Arabs the world also stigmatizes as North Africans though we come from Imoteph thus we are Israelites and not Arabs. So, although Freemasons can use suggestions to bait people to become negative and die, thus “avoid” their own guilt, the intention to remain as individual self, will always call for payment or sacrifice, in forms freemasons would not want to experience themselves, thus, the entire Freemasonry dwells in infant like understanding of Cause and effect. The belief in duality can not be up hold, without someone winning and someone losing. The lack of meaning in spiritual barter is the “meaning” it self, and meaninglessness or illusiveness, is death for nothing springs from equivocal communication. Its a state of a wandering mind that tries to attack creation by attacking it self or limiting it self in to a limited or specific perception where all else is shut off from holy vision, replaced with imagery you seek to see and blame as the cause of your negativity or on going meaninglesness. The images you seek are always about reinforcing your concrete self which rests on isolation. When over learned, it becomes the only thing you know, and the experience of isolation becomes your god, and where no one wins because you lose. You lose all that *IS* in your *belief*. Once this *principle* is over learned, the mind becomes too analytical to really be able to see here and now, as it truly is. In fact, In its carnality, which is guilt, the mind becomes addicted to loneliness and is increasingly willing to disassociate it self from “others”or Creation and eventually to die for its autonomy or individuality by insisting god knows about your specific quest, conquer and suffering, which is never your fault but other peoples fault, who deserve to die in the altar, as you continue to suffer in your personal hell, not your fault. Guys, god only has One Son, and it is a thought which did not become flesh except in the dreams of death where all seeming bodies are trying to circumvent the One Sleeping Mind with unforgiveness by using their craft of equivocal “Universal” communication to trap themselves to confusion-hurt. The body is an illusion of exclusion and you can re-train the mind to all inclusiveness, but only when you can see your unconsciouss need to shut your self from God which *IS* same as happiness, joy, creation and love. You must awaken first to your everyday need to seek problems and complain until another layer of motivation steps in, which is to truly question the unified purpose to defend your innate agression by aiming to be right all the time. This is the only way to translate the body – born from a seeming Sin – as an agent of inclusiveness. Then act accordingly by literally radiating healing no matter what you do or say. And no matter how likely vicious minds will angle to kill your ancient presence that reminds the collective of the unreality of bodies. This strange need to isolate one self from the means to reach everlasting joy is because of the fear of the inevitable effect of disappearing as the individual you thought you were. It is the dissapearing to the waves of Joy, purpose or Creation not your own that you literally dread for you have over-learned to cope being dualistic: to defend from perceived external enemies. Sometimes feeling “happy” as the world perceives happines, and sometimes raging with fury, ready to enter a school to shoot people with an uzi. This is an altered state of consciousness of good and evil, and before you can actually set it free, you must first *look at it* to know the distorted spirit or “demon posession” is there, & that it’s results are always pain. When you see it, you create a more honest dialoque with yourself (higher self) and perhaps and finally see the Astronomical damage you have done to your self. Then gain the motivation to use your entire life time to re-trace those steps, negative reactions or physical impulses, within an extra sensory universe, that seemingly catapulted you into a state of forgetfullness and a rottening prison of flesh.



Raamatun Rutto Saapuu Suomeen (Suomalaisten UFO Eutanasia noin 2021-2022) I Documentary Film

Raamatun Rutto Saapumassa Suomeen.

Dokumentti elokuva kertoo COVID19 Rokote, Israel sekä Ukrainan Sota-aikakautena tapahtuvasta yllätyksellisestä “UFO” eutanasiasta eli Raamatun Rutosta joka on tällä kertaa ja vihdoin kohdistettu koko Caucasus vuorien tai “ihmisapina” luolien perhepuuhun, johon myös nyky Suomalaiset, eli rikolliskansa tai muurarikansa kuuluu ja jonka Suomen loosit myös kapinoi rälssitiloissaan COVID19 kaaos-magiallaan ja nyt Ukraina-Isrel sodalla sekä saapuvalla digitaalisella rahavaluutalla joka on historiamme kaoottisin pörssiromahdus. Arvioitu maailman sota 3 / UFO eutanasia alkaa noin 2022. Pankkiirit ovat “Shakkimatin” alla ja tahallisesti viivästyttävät heidän seuraavia askeleita. EDIT: Ukrainassa on 2022 havaittu spekuloivia “UFO:ja” jonka Ukrainan valtio myöntää julkisesti. Suomalaisten Tapon päivä & pelkuri tuttavien nukutus valmiustilassa.

27.09.2021: Vanha kanava videoineen bännätty Youtubessa. Dokumentti nyt Vimeo & bitchutessa.

Ohjaus, leikkaus, editointi: Klem Kaan