SYMPHONY OF DEATH Official Movie [HD] Post – Apocalypse (2008) (Klem Kaan)

America’s Greenland & Pentagon. China, Russia, Ukraine, Annunaki, Reptiles etc: Listen, your Enlightenment is possible, Love is unconditional, the Bible scribes got the Message wrong. But on this side – the world – the ones initiated as Prophets, physical kings or Hebrews, must kill you for you are way too anchored to attack Ascended Master initiatives too, thus are 100% unable to advocate for a less violent chapter closing for your family. Your Ascension thus gets motivated trough extreme pressure by the street preachers seeking & finding hate trough you, hence you are all “ioned” in the same ego battlefield switching worlds rather than releasing the entire thought system. 

In this Psychedelic, neurotic, and very Physically Action packed Post-Apocalypse film, A bunch of unknown Cavemen type criminals aim to kill a lonely drifter who just happens to pass by in a fallen world, where people hear sinister voices to murder. But things do not work out as planned: The drifter takes one of the female members with him and… Well, you will see. Viewer discretion advised due to hard language, and perhaps imagery used in the Film to express the inevitable metaphysical (mind) and physical effects of World War 3. As usual, Youtube shadowbanned the movie back in 2008 among my entire page due to a content that never served their propaganda. I am totally committed to kill the entire staff of Youtube & Hollywood as WW3 is official for de-motivating my friends & aiming to drag me along with them.

Written, Directed & Edited: Klem Kaan

Producers: Niko Karppinen, Joonas Vaattovaara, Klem Kaan

Original Soundtrack: Klem Kaan

Visual FX: Niko Karppinen, Klem Kaan

Camera OP: Klem Kaan
Year: 2008
Country: Finland