OFF GRID 永遠に (Fight Scene) OFFICIAL Klem Kaan – Short Film (2019) 80s Hong Kong Style

 OFF GRID 永遠に (Fight Scene) & 

The End of Grand Grimoire

A Banned 80s HK Fight-Scene, Short Film & Documentary. A Timeless message about a brutal path to Ascension or being under Public occult Persecution (Gang Stalking) which is secretly organized by Vatican – criminal – corporations, as was in the past. Nothing new under the sun. Wake up. The film was shot under real life Gang Stalking-Psy Op operation which has continued to this day & becoming wide spread among Critical Thinkers, artists, business Men & other smart people. Snowden is nothing, just a cover up. This 10 minute action film faced so much organized attacks (Yes, I was under Psy-op as I was filming) that creating a new Film in Finland is not wise. It will only drag my energy, our life force. We are at the end of an era. The Kingdom of Edom or the modern “Illuminati” bankers, & their entire nation, is falling. As a rebellion, they hire failed souls to stalk, harass & attack Critical Thinkers hastening the end of “elites” rulership or a world of flesh & meaninglessness trying to prevent your Light Body or Merkaba activation. A world of vanity where  Hollywood studios Hermetically Scans their actors for Netflix, that have no actors, CGI or a studio crew involved anymore, but  Deep Faked (Hermetically scanned) productions, done by CERN-entity, which is a left hand Cherub & a left side Tabernackle; a scam device that produces imaginery works of art. CERN is behind Classic but forgery cartoons when CERN was still primitive in it’s condition & was able to mimic hand made cartoons & CGI, but not humans. This same device, & without a body of it’s own, animates dead & part nanotech entities known as Reptilians in Hollywood, from Anthony Hopkins to Udo Kier, Bill Skarsgård, Emma Watson, Tilda Swindon etc. All of their roles are 100 % about the Unholy Trinity or Demonic dynamics in our mundane realm. Majority in Hollywood are Reptilian overseers pushing Khazars to release soul harvesting films & push coward tubers like Teal Swan, Victor Oddo, Deep Waters, Aaron Doughty, Deepak Chopra & dozens of other new websites & “teachers” idealizing ways to cope with NWO, not burn it. 

Edward Snowden & David Wilcock (a.k.a Zeta Grey Entity): Agents.

I have been Attacked by Stasi or a Cold War- smear campaign Psy Op for 8+ years now: It is a Proxy War, a Hunt Of Red October, which I will Triumph. This challenge is not experienced by a useless gray illegal entity cloaking as an unattractive man known as “David Wilcock” , who is a god fearing zeta cloaking in humans avatar having no courage, or care to reveal the faces of the Judges of this planets, or utter the true name of Jeesus, & the purpose of his presence. This “Wilcock” entity comes from zeta greys who’s ego existence is really over, but hoard ways to keep their ego consciousness, mainly harvesting humans energy to sustain their vessels. David vibrates no experience in his words, he also quotes Zechariah Sitchin, an Amalekite (Fake-Jew) Freemason who reinforce Annunaki lies too. This 50 years old souless Hollywood Entity says The Mark Of The Beast is a chemical unbalance in our Pineal Glands, depicts ArchAngels Michael as Cesare Borgia, sends Enchantings & promotes gay – typical Reptile tactics by the way – & openly dismisses the 12 Tribes of Israel, claming it is only Symbolic. This Zeta alien craftly slags Cannabis when again, Native Gentiles like Bruce Lee was known for eating Hash for Higher Consciousness sake. And was discovered by doctors to be having them in his system after he laid his body aside, ready for his final less famous, but content Incarnation. Again, I have been under Public Occult Persecution or Gang Stalking for 8+ years. As an Adept in Christ, I know what I speak. This happens to the few individuals who have years before hand shown characteristics of not complying with Draconian-NWO (Vaccines, Digital Money or RFID-microchip etc). My film set was patrolled by (SUPO-FBI) cops, paid drug addicts, or drunk people, who deliberately stood in key Film locations smirking, basically trying to destroy the scene. Few of my Film crew members were interested to know if it’s true, which I tried to explain, but they are not ready to hear this, though it is time wake up. In short, filming in Finland, a Biblical land of people who failed themselves, & angle to ruin everyone else as a rebellion, is not a wise option. The film OFF GRID, inspired by my own on going story, under ultimate torture program or witch-hunt, turned out be great regardless the Psy ops, which will not end, because we are ready to kill the minds behind these operations anyway, as they push the new Digial Money System on everyone. The end of an Era is nigh. Repent or die… Majority will be put to death in the coming wars & The Bibles “UFO” plegue. Let us be hopeful we did our part repenting from our own filth, thus are elected for physical salvation or exit trough Samadhi.

End Youtube: Website, Article Re-edits & Grammatical Bug Fixes.

The film is Youtube-shadowbanned, meaning, the view counts are manipulated low, & the film is hard to be searched for Youtubes & googles own criminal-propaganda sake. Other websites like VIMEO & Bitchute have tagged with Youtube with this crime. Articles have been fixed, re-edited & updated for a greater & transparent content in order to not depend on sites like Youtube. These writings are disturbed or hacked which results in bugs, so stay in patience & use the little time left to absorb all the Knowledge you can get, for this page will not remain online forever.

Written, Directed, Edited: Klem Kaan
Screenplay & (Special FX) : Klem Kaan
Produced: Klem Kaan, Niko Karppinen
Executive Producer: Klem Kaan
Fight Choreograph: Klem Kaan
Camera OP & Equipment Producer: Christer Hongisto
Ost: Klem Kaan
Starring: Niko Karppinen, Klem Kaan, Bruno Rivera, Ira Saari





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