Vivid Memories [Full EP]

Music is the wine which inspires one to new generative processes, and I am Bacchus who presses out this glorious wine for mankind and makes them spiritually drunken. Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend. (Beethoven)

When I open my eyes I must sigh, for what I see is contrary to my religion, and I must despise the world which does not know that music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. (Ludwig van Beethoven, quoted by Bettina von Arnin, letter to Goethe, 1810.

Awakening Will Destroy Everything: Losing Friends & Family. (Public Occult Persecution)

Losing Your Old Life: A Paranormal Initiation.

WARNING: This is one out of many old articles I have re-edited & bug fixed in 01.01.2022: The Final Countdown which ended with a blast of “UFOs” in Ukraine, hence my work is done, and we are at readiness  to see them kill mankind who were at fear to uncover the real purpose of the world and relationships. Now, it is very unfortunate for visitors in this site to just stick with these writings. You have to eat the whole roll, or you will remain a stagnant water, which will eventually rotten. You are called to prepare your mind for Biblical “UFO” euthanasia or WW3. Some less Biblical realm oriented minds Will Ascend as ‘Dr Manhattans” to a state Samadhi which may not deal with the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth volume, for it is still a preference & may not be ideal voyage for the Nomadic or “Dr Manhattan” graduated ones. But the typical scriptual or physical narrative, & accepted as an gentle, ideal transition by the collective, is to be ready for this world to end trough  “UFO” invasion & Atomic bombing of America. Then, to be beamed up to the Biblical clouds; to be part of establishing this planet again, if it’s your desire. Because when it comes to earths pineal codes, you must become a man, and woman must become a woman who follows her mans guidance to receive this metaphysical or spiritual vocation, where teacher & pupil are one, not in alliance. All roles – men & female – must be fulfilled to end the dream of bodies, and it is this that you fear: To disappear as a body trough the fulfillment of your part. This is why you stick with these early writings. This is why women flee from high vibratory men, this is why parents will sell us out to death in COVID19 -Ukraine-Israel-world war 3 era. And this is why we lose people in our lives. Fulfillment actually means the end of dreams, but the secular world, still today, does not want paradise established in this world which evaporates concrete perception & releases the bodily Awareness where the minds-eye need to extract electronic charges from others to establish ones separated identity stops. When you become a means to fulfillment or someone that can lead people to life everlasting, you will learn to read peoples minds saying “Hell no I won’t go!” as hippies did in the 60s before Vietnam war. The modern spiritual concepts from Teal Swan to Echart Tolle, again, are just new ways to cope with a broken dream state; this world, that has become overfamiliarized or overlearned by many that  true change remains avoided & fought against due to this fear to be released from chains. Only by understanding this can you truly forgive our vicious so-called family members & so-called friends. They will not be perceived as part of your life as this Ancient dissonance hits it’s peak, but not trough attack, although in form, things will appear harsh, as with Jesus; especially when you are the only one reflecting the little willingness to experiment the relationship to separate Celestially, or to join as minds, which would allow a possible separation be. The test of time appears more vicious around parents because it was based upon love & hate dynamic, where it appears that peace get’s reestablished after a quarrel, but only to find out that the familiar people invested to the world tend to adjust their egos to seek & find compromise with your new self in fear of losing you, or what they perceive as what is familiar to them. But this compromise they seek creates bitterness & tension in their hearts because they will feel a sense of sacrifice & will eventually, deep inside, blame god for this, taking the form on attacking you again or bating you to attack them. This is why understanding the dynamics of letting go is so imperative.

(Psalm 41:)

Even my best friend, the one I trusted completely, the one who shared my food, has turned against me. 

(Job 19:14)

My relatives have failed, And my close friends have forgotten me.

If you decide to rebel by not eating the whole roll, your beloved “event” or 5D-4D Ascension waves will kill you, not save you. As long as you have the need to project your issues to the people falling away from your life, especially your parents, you are still coming from a childish place of dependency, or neediness. This means you still perceive your self as a child, not Spirit. Eventually you have to let go of your parents or perceiving them as your parents. We are talking about letting go of this self you thought to be you by replacing the physical or neurotic dream with a gentle Awareness which results in the collective gentle dreaming or 12 Tribes of Israel based mountain or governmental body. And it’s projection of a world order or Collective Dream State – a happier illusion – filtered trough the vision of Jesus-Yahawahshi. I think some will be escorted or transported to Plaedians or other earth like realms with a Nomadic touch hence will not participate on Earths second Volume which unfortunately includes the extinction & slavery of Caucasus mt. This transition of worlds between Esau/Flesh to Jacob/metaphysical requires a strong spiritual readiness & your current wounded self can not be released if you still think your self as a child with emotional needs, which, by definition, includes the need to blame others, mainly your parents & extended family members like friends. And even other authority figures, to whom you will eventually project the same neediness as you did with your parents, who you think made you to become who you are, must be released with no ego. This blame of others produces intense guilt that inwardly invites an Alien or Radiactive Shock Wave to your system – a distorted identity. This is the same self hex, or shocking, that gets repeated by separated minds but literally spawned a body, because the people in your life were a means, established by you, to actually continue find meaning to condemn God & authority figures following his Will – like Jesus – to death, due to your perceived suffering, but which you see others as the causative Agent rather than your insane decision to geniously program situations in the entire system, to remain miserable, by participating to share or torrent this Thought System or Spirit, that supports a Freemasonic world or enterprise that was funded Ancestrally by all of us, to sustain it self via our & your spiritual & physical pains which then aims to trap others too, for misery needs company in order to feed it self & declare a Universe within it self that leads no where but further cannibalizations, like a cancer. Meaningless life is same as mindlessness or a reprobate spirit, that can not function in 4D energy where means & end are perceived as One. And where the concept of God, Spirit & his creations, as separate concepts, holds no purpose.

“You, then, have two conflicting evaluations of yourself in your mind, and they cannot both be true. ²You do not yet realize how completely different these evaluations are, because you do not understand how lofty the Holy Spirit’s perception of you really is. ³He is not deceived by anything you do, because He never forgets what you are. ⁴The ego is deceived by everything you do, especially when you respond to the Holy Spirit, because at such times its confusion increases. ⁵The ego is, therefore, particularly likely to attack you when you react lovingly, because it has evaluated you as unloving and you are going against its judgment. ⁶The ego will attack your motives as soon as they become clearly out of accord with its perception of you. ⁷This is when it will shift abruptly from suspiciousness to viciousness, since its uncertainty is increased (ACIM, T-9.VII.4:1-7)”

Awareness: Breaking The Frequency Fence.

Your world is saved when you radiate to others the awareness that their attacks had no effect on you in content – in form, it gets dark – as did with Jesus or Yahawahshi, because everyone is psychotic by believing they exist. And are addicted to guilts nostalgic sensations & the need to use Sin as means to maintain the collective belief in Guilt alive by adjusting their minds to a systematic frequency that stimulates Flesh-awareness deriving from attack. This guilt projects flesh & can be only healed by demonstrating “others” or the guilt driven One sleeping Super Ego, that it’s separated parts (little egos) – from your parents to sell out governments, & friends – were not able to steal your understanding or peace, which in return radiates frequencies of serenity to the cosmos & eternity & will make you feel increasingly better & effective in your tasks. Only from the dwelling place of hard earned peace of mind will you  receive the gift to perceive truly, hence make smart judgements, but without any personal investment to fix others when the people in your life settle to destroy their own  morals or spirit by selling out in WW3 era; which is the need to remain in the dream as bodies & preserve a fragmented image of the One Self. As you demonstrate forgiveness in content- & which does not mean you don’t do this with austerity & firmness – this lets them be released from the nails of unconscious guilt & reinforced belief in Sin or unforgiveness, which is a victimized spirit in contract with Reptilian-Annunaki entities who are foreign entities (illegal aliens) using your drama to harvest energy for their own survival. And so by becoming aware of all this, You truly heal the world, for here you Lightwork by demonstrating it is forgiven regardless of the rest not reflecting any mercy back. This is the mystery of Jesus-Yahawahshi & other masters message. If you do the work, you gain deeper serenity or tranquilty of mind even when they will most likely not be aware of the healing occuring in their unconscious minds. Your parents, especially, want to know they are freed from their debt to you even when they will most likely not graduate this Universal test, by still perceiving themselves as unforgiven. You did your part though, & the compass to know you are becoming free is the feeling of becoming lighter or Joyfull, which are interchangeable in meaning & a peace that passeth this world. Becoming lighter is becoming aware you are  forgiven & being forgiven means you Ascend out of an Ancient burden demonstrated well with Homer’s Sisyphus. This awreness is the end of dreams where you may appear to be here to others like Jesus was, but like Jesus, your Awareness is increasingly outside of the Dreams Dual Frequencies, where you are fully aware you have always been in Heaven but fallen to a coma like dream state, surrounded by minds or sleeper cells that have total belief invested in to the “reality” of a non-existing world. And are under a hypnosis to unconsciously defend their relative belief systems, which in content are all the same: To defend to accept the daily means (relationships) to forgive this collective mess. Then literally leave the stage by Ascending the tough Jacobs Ladder, which is also a Biblical path, because we are surrounded by Ancient demonic traps that are equally Sons in need to be seen, then forgiven. On this phase & which only gets activated after one of the toughest phase which is Ancestral Karma purgation, your life becomes an Angels & Demons movie mixed with other genres. This stage will not be believed by the popular culture, but it will shock the Top Freemasons, Warlocks, or “elites” because they are hiding in this same dwelling place, but by using un-organic means to remain there, like rituals, Unforgiveness of the One, Grimoires & Andrenochromes. Like Saint Teresa of Avila knew: This dwelling or interior castle, is not a physical place, which is just an after effect of a decision: A goal that you set. The effects or means comes second to a goal you set up by deciding to hear, then listen to your Calling, or just continue In believing The Collective Consciousness the brain was programmed by us to work as its receiver or Antenna. This must be accepted to understand fully what it means to be free, & from what are you freed from in the first place.

(Psalm 69:8)

I am become a stranger unto my brethren, and an alien unto my mother’s children.

(Psalm 69:12)

They that sit in the gate speak against me; and I was the song of the drunkards. 

EDIT EDIT: Again, our old friends & family will sacrifice us due the need to feel guilty which the body of flesh stands as a persistent & Ancient reminding symbol, but can be translated to a medium or a static that extends the invitation to others to join the Love of God which produces healing on everyone & will melt the concrete bodily awareness after life time of very hard esoteric practises. This invitation or attitude gets largely punished by individuated minds perceiving the impersonal or Universal invitiation, as personally insulting, because the typical sense of relationships & values do not apply in Heaven. And must be first re-experienced trough a refreshed spiritual lens, then  discard the wordly values authentically as holy valueless before receiving “5D” Awareness. The mission here is to understand & appreciate the power of our minds to remember & forget our Function. In forgetfullness, flesh apparently wraps the mind to forget the Super Egos seeming existence & the Capital Mind (Reality). And where the body is now perceived as an end of it self rather than a means to an end; to use the body as a forgiving instrument to pardon the world by realizing no one attacked you personally, they just had the emotional addiction to remain in the dream of guilty conscious, a foreign sensation of self, which miscreates a distorted illusion of time. In the final sequence of time – which is COVID19, Ukraine or Israel war – the form of times end is to decide to take or decline the Bibles Mark of The Beast. This sequence of a larger movie now focuses in the One disfunctioning realm known as RFID-microchip, but where this unconscious secret or deathwish becomes more pronounced, disturbing the minds who were unconsiously aiming to use WWE 3 as another means to blame. This is because WW3 is a global event – One Symbol – to worhip Justifying attack & where the epic Quest to harm ones self becomes so apparent it hurts & you either listen, or just die in anger, which is not Gods will. Yet, even here A Lightworker can project light on others even as the worker may be possibly put to death by the self abusing people, but people too proud or stiffnecked to admit this is the Truth, being told by a another human fellow, who knows healing is possible. This is another way of saying that the worker can reflect others an understanding that sees others being stupid & afraid to experience Enlightenment that has nothing to do with our Universe & even Heaven on Earth, which deals with physical Universe, a Universe not from God. This is why also the Biblical “UFO” euthanasia is really that: A euthanization of minds wrapped in the frequencies or experiences of fear. It is not an attack that has to do with anything personal, it is highly sophisticated metaphysical psychology that utilizes proxy to lure separated minds to continue their passive & explicit aggrressions in order for them to condemn themselves to a deserved death they chose for themselves.

Forgiving The Archonic Framework.

So, anyone who is embracing this rather difficult life curriculum will notice the people you thought you knew dropping out from your life bit by bit. You are literally jumping timelines or dimensions, which creates cognitive dissonance with the ones strongly magnetized to the Archonic framework, or Linear, one dimensional perception of life. The people who are trapped in the nine to five grid chose to go that way, due to having an unconscious rage towards God which must be projected outward. We have all been there, but some snap out of it, while others wont, due to the attraction to flesh, which follows from quilt. I have had many talented friends who wasted it all. These people chose to have meaningless spouses,  sex and romance (Romance comes from the word Rome, and Rome was about death) The rest who did not choose romance, kids and sex, chose to listen to their parents, got a job (which means persecution in Hebrew) and did not question their parents, and the other so-called authorities. The so-called authorities, starting with the so-called Banking family, are actually the most rebellious beings, due to their ability to express their wrath of God on the entire world. They have blamed God to the point of sabotaging anything living on this planet, and are thus marked to be euthanized by the Loving forces of Creation known as “UFO” chariots. Unfortunately, one of the Elites best mocking towards God, was to use subliminal witchcraft to hijack peoples essence or spirit, and turn almost the entire mankind to adhere to a thought system that is against God, or the Universal intelligence which guides according to the laws of Oneness. This is why A Course in miracles says that the World was created as an attack on God. The situation has indeed escalated to a point that there is no way we have many years to go. The ones that claim otherwise do not seem to be gang stalked enough to realize the wickedness here is un-cureable. You have to use your brains here, dudes, we live a time where sodomy is worse than the times of Sodom and Gomorrah, and that place got destroyed in one night! The end is nigh, and those who can not see this, or are denying this, are for a rude Awakening. For many it has become too late. The country where I was born is a Biblical failure because I came across only one person that was able to prove me wrong on other areas, but I have my suspicions, that he was actually one of those good Reptilian hybrids or demon, which means intelligence, who is going trough their own unique lessons in order to be saved from uncontrolled reincarnation. The rest, especially the ones that are considered as humans, have a long way to go, and some are not going to make it.

Flaming Double Edged Sword Of Death.

The old 3D matrix based relationships are breaking down because majority of the people from your past are addicted to their linear misery, and want to marvel in it due to their fascination towards being miserable or in guilt that clutters the minds with self perserving thoughts patterns, in fearful hopes to defend from the threat a guilty mind perceives the world or others to be. Misery is very seductive only in this sense: it is a Doube Edged Flaming Sword of Death where fear is gladly expected from all corners, hence keeping body locked in ones awareness which also needs to be fed trough seeking & finding drama. Majority of you Awakening from this reality, which is a dream, know that to detach from the dream, we are also asked to look at everything that would keep us cemented in what appears to be here. Majority of our old habits, our thinking, our relationships, were doing exactly that: cementing us into the dream, trough our belief in fear or drama. You will be asked, even forced to let them go. Something dramatic comes eventually to separate you from others, if you have resistance. So, If you go back to your old relationships, it is not unheard that the people of “higher consciousness” feel depleted after spending time with people still not aware of the things happening on this planet: A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. So, we live in an atomic or vibratory Universe, a deeply quarantined part of it, that pretends to be solid, or dense. It seems that we are separated, apart from one another, but we are indeed just one mass of Atoms/Atum as reminded by Hermetica. We are One Mind or A soup of Consciousness and with that comes natural Laws to abide with: This experience can only be reactivated after hard Frogivenss lessons. We are all one Mind, little abstract egos within a Larger Sleeping Super Ego that dreams of death, hence only trough your forgiving aura will you radiate our 5G generation with something which is sacred (5D Awareness) & is a Natural Light always within & healing for you are re-introducing a Ancient vibration to the Collective Sons mind. The body or flesh, is a symbol of the dream of death. Your Old friends perceive the world as solid, and like to pretend we are separated like Iisac Newton and other masons insists us to believe. And do force others to believe the density of our carpet of time as a military tactic. It takes many years to change your perception from upside down to right side up perception. This shift in perception will effect the brain, & skull, hardcore, in ways you may not be able to function in particular careers anymore, and will be forced to move. It takes time to change your perception from linear perception to one which is at vertical axis. Our brains as infants were programming itself to prism-cross our optical vision because we perceive God upside down, hence before the brain renders our vision, we literally see the world upside down as infant, check it out. Again, these changes will effect the physical body as well, & will cause a de-mutation process. You will feel your inside changing, which is why a lot of rest will be required, yet this is where many will not support you, & will bombard you to get a job. You will need much rest because like Paleo Hebrew language, which is red from right to left, or our sun signs that starts from Airies going counter clockwise to Pisces, so does your system or thinking become gradually reversed, & you may not be able to work for some time, but endure, for your job is the greatest one, for you were trained for WW3 & eras of famine. This is where Faith comes in because we live in a system, that attacks God, which means even Gods initiatives will become questioned, or persecuted along their already hard tasking transformation of receiving cosmic knowledge, that will become a golden ticket to survive the coming COVID19, Israel war or WW3 waves. A time people, including your scoffers, will reach out to you for help. Others will die due to their pride of not admitting you did a life time investment. But as always, remember it is all happening within a dream and it is all about forgiving the One hive mind appearing as many & afraid to leave the familiar dream by choosing reincarnation which is not Sin. 

Modern System: A Ego Strategy To Sustain It Self.

Attacking your peace, or rest, is one the worlds favorite ways to distract your divine downloads. This is where Gang stalking steps in for example. It is a phase that reminds you that your transformation is becoming alarmingly obvious that you become classified as Extraterrestial or threat to the government… It is inevitable because you are becoming a receiver to the 4D waves, and spreader of this energy, but an energy which certain nations are bound not to be able to receive anymore. This nation is known as the Caucasus mountain blood line from the human-ape mountains or caves. They are known in the bible as the Nation of Edom who come from the guilt driven criminal consciousness of Kain, who later regenerated as Esau, the hairy and over calcified-swine fleshed Caucasoid human-ape. This family line is behind all organized crimes, and are here to prevent these ascension downloads using COVID19 vaccines, and eventually, the RFID microchip. You will have to use discernment to figure out if you are part of this bloodline or not, because there are people that have Caucasoid physical resemblance but are not Caucasoid by Blood. This concept was revealed to the public implicitly during the times of Hitler as well, who spoke only for his tribe of Biblical Amalekites, the Fake-Jews or Khazars, who are the main tribe of Caucasus human-ape bloodline, the most carnal or flesh based family in our history, but very intellectual to justify attack. Amalekites do not serve other Caucasus human-ape tribes as well, and in fact, are currently using their bastard brothers and sisters to be sacrificed to COVID19 injections; to their pagan gods to fight against the self sacrifice of Jesus & modern Natives, in order to prevent these planetary 4D downloads, which also includes the re-introduction of Biblical “UFOs” that are meant to be channeled to euthanize, then enslave this tired criminal blood line & their allies who suffer different degrees of carnality which is mental illness.

Degrees of High Conscious People Needed Now.

Conscious people are needed on this planet right now. But before that, as your vibration gets higher, the jealousy, & hatred from your old relationships will become apparent, thus the idea to spend time with these people will lose meaning. You see, if your brain is not rewired in a way that can absorb higher consciousness, as earth is raising it’s Atomic vibration, then all the other realms that are less dense than earth, will rip you apart. This same consciousness is coming to this planet day by day which is why there is much confusion on the planet & 5G towers working as barrier from these healing waves. Awakening, thus, is very biological. That is why it is also known as Kundalini awakening. It is a big blow for the system, organs, brain etc. When a person is not aware of these planetary changes, they get depressed, sick, addicted to things or will have compulsions to distract themselves with overworking, and all other madness. Then the body breaks down, and you age fast, most likely will not make it. In my observation, people past the age of 30 without any spiritual initiation or even basic understanding of our global ponze scheme situation, are doomed.

Ascension: The Only Way to be Beamed to “UFOs”.

Awakening is an isolating-or Holy path because the path prepares you spiritually to leave this world behind Biblically or physically via “UFO” chariots, that guided Moses as well, out from Mizraim or “Egypt”. Without getting tired of your old life, you would not have the motivation to  truly question the world, investigate, and find the singular cause of the worlds suffering, then release the world in spirit. Many have found ways to replace their boredom of life with new concepts like Echart Tolle, human design and the rest of new age variations that were militarized to find ways for people to cope an NWO system. We have reached an era now, where mankinds unfulfillment can be replaced with virtual reality trough a RFID-micro chip. I would not go there If I were you.


The Bible is a book that depicts a typical Ego Consciousness algorithm within our plane. It is not a religious book. It depicts the typical ending of criminal based civilizations, the typical attitude of carnal people when famine hits, and the typical reaction of women when government shuts the entire system in order to prevent planetary waves of information. In those times, and before the times of Noah, which some call Atlantian times, it was all the same; the need to continue the dream of bodies, and prevent the increasing awareness that this world is a dream, which never happened. The seeming end within a egocentric thought system is always to try and fuse all separated little ego minds to one AI vessel in order to dwell in illusions as an separated-autonomous egos. The first one who made an impressive, but failed attempt in our time line to shut our entire connection to the rest of creation was in Euphrates river of Ancient Afrika by Nimrod, using a Ziggurat structured portal known as tower of Babel. COVID19-Ukraine war, and the few major chaos magic still left, are just another attempt by the Rothchilds to fuse all little ego minds (people) to be at one with CERN or internet-database-body. To not comply with this, will lead you to trouble, and you will be sold out by the people you thought you loved: people without awareness of the One mind & lack faith in spirit by trusting their flesh & thoughts that seem private, but actually comes from a Larger Thought Bank. Your life falling apart, and becoming disliked by your family, friends or by your woman was a gradual education to accept the impossibility for carnal minds not to sell you out once things get rough: Meaning, smile at the silliness, in content. When Job suffered the chastising of the lord in the Bible, did not his wife curse god & Job out when trouble came? Or when Sodom and Gomorrah was about to be destroyed by Biblical “UFOs”, did not Lot’s wife look back, and died, even when she was told not to look back? This same cautionary discipline applies to today’s Biblical times too where majority of women are going to be put to death by Biblical “UFO”s for not being able to function in faith, which is a fundamental Law in creation, and outside the Laws of men. This example does not only apply to women, for it applies to all minds still hoping to seek & find salvation trough differentiation in intent & action, that leads to a cementing belief system known as the Ego & it’s required tax payments.

Matthew 10:21
And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.

True Ascension: Becoming At Peace With Your Purpose.

Your Devine “Mission” or Purpose is Now.

The reason I am quoting the word “mission” is because like Mozart, who was a direct channel channeling streams of consciousness in his compositions, hence had no sense of an “I” doing the job, so does the same idea apply with your so-called mission, but which is really your planetary function which *IS* & is not related to any form. The form of your function is just the after effect once your function gets integrated to your consciousness. Your divine “mission” or purpose actually starts the instant you have answered your own personal call to consciously follow your divinity or Awakening. Its the good old mundane stuff. Your mission was always within you, you just did not see or hear it, but now you can otherwise you would not be reading this article or resonating with the title and text. When the divine intelligence (God, Universal or Cosmic intelligence) gets re-activated so does your path in life. Your path to consciously wake up & detach from the physical dream (physical universe) is already the mission it self because as said many times in my earlier articles, your willingness to follow your divinity will not only change the cause (your mind) it will also start to effect your external world and at first, things can get messy, especially the relationships you were involvedwith while still unconscious, which is why its crucial to understand that your spiritual mission has already started & is not something that happens in the future in forms like becoming the next famous guru, the next mother Teresa, the next Gandhi, the next Martin Luther King, the next best seller in spiritual books, you know. Your spiritual mission is to go trough the mess of your old life with your intention to release yourself & others from it by not reinforcing passive negativity and physical negativity that went along with it for a very long time, but got numbed with external stimulus (overeating, overworking, alcohol, abuse of sex etc). Your mission is basically to do your best not to react from your ego to other peoples egos – some who will unconsciously try to drag you down by trying to extract electricity charge from your mind trough your positive or negative reaction on them which always teaches or establishes the world of illusions as real. You must be vigilant for your divinity & not put your power outside of you which reacting to the external world from your ego would do, meaning you are adding power to the matrix hive. You would be bound to that relationships vortex or a very similar one in an etheric level, and you would not be moving forward with your day to day lessons. As long as you have the pure intent to change your life (which would include to change your old way of perceiving the world) you are already in your divine “mission”. At first it will be tough and there is a high chance you will loose yourself and fall down once in a while by reacting to other peoples egos, but your intent to grasp life is what really counts and will help you to overcome your own misused ego. I just want to add that ego is just a tool for day to day living. It is not evil although we have abused and miss used it for the purpose of darkness/ separation. You use ego to judge whether to cross the streets or not, you use it whether to buy a processed food or not. These are judgements that do not have any intent to harm, entangle or enslave anybody to your world.

The Only Purpose of The World is To truly Forigve It.

Although your spiritual mission will take a more obvious expression at some point such as starting a creative project, becoming a intuitive healer, becoming a humanitarian, devoted raising a child to become a conscious co- creator in life, and especially a Prophet or Teacher of God, the spiritual mission is ultimately an extraordinary normal day thing that boils down to forgiveness of the entire world, the hidden dark parts of it as well. Everything will always boil down to forgiving yourself, forgiving others, thus forgiving the entire world and the thought system that is the root cause of our insane world. We are here to forgive everything that we find negative, we are also here to use discernment with what we think as positive and release the world. We are talking about a totally different way of being than what we were thought as we were raised.

A Grandiose Test of Time.

There is a big obsession for some of us to find this  grandiose mission thing to do. I sure was one of them in a way. I remember after dropping my Course in miracles book down in my early journey I actually experienced some of my first syncro events that led me to establish a corporate start up business not so far from Sahara deserts. Since it included the “help” of the government it started to feel like an actual mission but ultimately it was actually the simple day to day mundane stuff to forgive the weirdness of homo sapiens and the man made world geared to be unsupportive with even the bases of humanitarian causes. The corporate thing was actually nothing. It was all about forgiving the relationships, the inevitable conflict once dealing with big money – and to actually release these relationships by forgiving them. We have forgot that our presence as single eyed beings with the ability to discern is enough already regarding the healing of this planet. Your awakening and the inner joy that comes out from this inner process is what matters. It is the healing agent for the entire collective sleeping mind that has split itself to many different bodies that think are separate autonomous self (Hindus the world of multiplicity). When you withdraw your investment to perpetuate ego consciousness – which is all about separation and division – by accepting your awakening and the death of your old world that kept you stuck in ego consciousness – you are already working as an example for others to make the same choice. Your mission has nothing to do with preaching about anything to others. Your peace and experience of your divinity is enough and on some level the people around you will sense this which is why as you advance, which can take time, you will notice people becoming attracted to you although they are really attracted to their own potential that they can sense in you. As said earlier in a another post, some will not like you due to jealousy or some other weird reason; this is where your “mission” steps in over and over again: to forgive, in order to prove the gods, angels & satan that even in your own psychological & physical persecutions you have the decency to pardon others far gone in the lust of attacking.

Spirituality Includes the Training to be Stern in Judgement.

Forgiveness does NOT include being passive and letting others abuse you verbally or physically. Its about coming in touch with our ancient decision to participate in this dream and agreeing to experience separation. Once you notice that we are playing a video game dream of separation you will learn not to take people personally which is basically another way to say you are forgiving people in your life for something they did not really do because it is all just a scripted video game dream meant to create an illusion of separation and people are simply actors reading their lines from the collective unconsciousness without knowing they are actors reading their lines that is scripted meant to perpetuate separation. But you know now everything is just an act, which means your spiritual mission is not about making a scripted life real by holding grievances, its all about making beneficial choices that are about reinforcing this divine fairy tale experience of everything being actually just a video game dream play. That the world is literally a stage and people are actors. If you judge people/ actors on a stage you are making the play real in your mind and cementing or rooting your self into the dream and your belief as a physical brain body self gets reinforced and you will be sucked back to the dream and basically feeling awful.

Your “Mission” has Already begun. You must Receive it.

So, if you are reading this then your mission already begun. It re-began the second you decided to wake up. Your mission revolves to forgive the world day in and day out. It has nothing to do with the size of the mission. Whether you are a carpenter or a holistic business owner, a humanitarian, your life will still have challenges, especially with people so its important not to take anything personally/ seriously which means you are already able to forgive in the most deepest level. You are already doing your mission by not adding more negativity to the collective unconsciousness. As said by Yeshua in the Gospel of thomas  found in Naghamadi Egypt: Be passerby.The collective unconsciousness is the sleeping Son of God that is having a strange dream of separation/ multiplicity, it is us, the seeming 8 billion people/egos are that Son of God .a.k.a Super Ego, who extends it self like his father. If you judge the actors on the stage called the world, you are really judging your self of being the one that is dreaming them up and basically punishing your self in a level most are not aware of which is why there is so much sickness. The Testaments prove we all together gave our power outside of ourselves to assumptions. This is another way of saying we all gave our power to pagan gods and shadow figures (demons) known as “Annunakis” or “reptilians” which resulted to a zigzag world & it’s zigzag relationships which in majority were not supposed to occure because Nations are concepts of levels of spiritual readiness, and are not supposed to mingle the way it is now. The ancient, medievil and modern world are equally the means used to shut the Super Ego, and lead ourselves to a belief in separation, and man made laws, the stay in this messed up field forever absent from Creation. Awaken then, You are the Sleeping Son of God, a part of the Sonship that is waking up and hopefully using it’s remaining time wisely by not judging the reflections of his sleeping mind which is the world, and the entities he sees.

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” Lao Tzu


Ascension Basics: Escaping Societal Matrix.

Mandela Effect: The End Of Your Comfort.

Your world as you knew it before is changing very fast. Some people have vanished from your life and some you can not relate with anymore no matter how hard you, and the people in your life try. Some will despise you without any valid reason. So, when this is happening, it means that you are ready to face the unknown, thus, life/universe/god is assisting to speed up your freedom from space time experience, and become a Lucid Dreamer within the physical dream which planet earth, the entire physical cosmos really is although we programmed our sensory organs & the world to report distortions which have become an addictive state to the majority who do not remember purity of mind. This progress of freedom only starts to happen after you are not happy with your old way of living. When you are unhappy with your old life, your mind starts to open to new ideas. Without the curiosity to experiment with the idea that perhaps the world we see is in fact subjective projected objectively, there would be not enough energy or zeal to pull you into a subjective direction which means your life, relationships or comfort zone would have remained the same, and you would be ruining your life just like the rest by remaining in the familiar realms of fearful people seeking for agents to distract (distort) themselves from hearing the Calling. The more your old world breaks down the more you get detached from things, and people in a mental level for preparations sake. The more you get detached, the more you feel content by being by your self which becomes it’s own paradox, because people will be attracted to you since you do not need anything or anybody outside your self. You are thus releasing your self from giving your mental power to the outside matrix world thus its hold on you is weakening. And the ability to hear the Calling increases. The more the matrix voice weakens the stranger your life becomes in both the good, and bad ways, so be prepared, for the dream has indeed manifested an artifical deity known as Satan which indeed can hijack devices, people & animals for it’s on “Agent Smith” purposes to get you back and adjust your mind to our shared, but insane collective maya state.

Dark Night Of The Soul: Between Two Worlds.

As explained in many different ways in my earlier article. The Dark Night (a.k.a Existential Crisis) is a time of grieving the life that you knew before, but which was all a lie. Your system got shocked & you needed time to integrate the fact that we live in an illusion that is trying to lure us back to its grips. This means that the life you thought you were living was not beneficial for you except, of course, if you still wanted to remain living a lie, which some will do by dreaming or overthinking. This means that most of your relationships from the past will not support your change, simply because they are not mentally ready, for the further adjustment to an over-cluttered mind is pervasively attractive. When you go trough the Dark, you are not a cognisant match with the old way of living (cognitive dissonance) which means relationships, things and passions are not a match. At least for a while. Many must be boomeranged back to living with their parents for the final time in order to solve Ancestral karma & start the real process of Biblical Ascension which will demand abundant focus so many have failed to gain. When it comes passios; well, In my case my old passions did re-surfaced but since they are more fun based rather than a serious thing, I have been gaining more opportunities in those fields. This are only a means to an end however & should not be taken seriously no matter how fun it may appear. This world of Flesh-Edom does not work & when you integrate to your new developed understanding, your mind has to eventually frustrate even the possibility to find happiness with a more pure perception within time. Even a cleansed perception will not work to deal with a broken world. You must eventually learn about  magic or witchcraft in order to be a true Priest or Oracle. And join the rest of us to channel a Biblical destruction for this flesh or  mindlessness perserving system, then help a biolocating essence of Jesus to replace a new Native system, which is also an integral part to save or evaporate the one Collective Son of God free.

Diatery Law.

As you progress in your growth, you will discover that the Gift of God is whole, no aspects of his Son is void of Light! Your mind is becoming serene enough to see that a lot of our foods are processed, and the idea behind that is to dull our biological body system, and make it less Aware of your direct connection with the Universe, and that we are made of the exact same fabric as the Stars or Universe: Mass of Atoms. So when you eat a bunch of junk, with no alkaline, you are digesting your body intelligence with information about death & destruction.  Your crown chakra becomes plagued, which leads to a domino effect of more poor choices in all areas of life. Oblivion is total, never partial. Same goes with life eternal.

You Prefer Nature & Peace.

When you start to wake up you will enjoy the intelligence and vibration of nature and will notice how much a simple 30min walk in nature refreshes the body mind. I am not an expert in telling the biological effects of it but the yearning to go to nature, and spend more, and more time there, will be more common. If you go to city central, it tends to be due to a calling/ mission, to use cities as a means, not just to “hang out”.

Less Afraid Of Death.

The beginning stages of awakening from the dream of birth and death is really a conscious way of dying. The experience, that tends to be a gradual process to most of us, is like going beyond our childhood. In order to have that experience however, the things that were blocking this awareness you had even during your first years of childhood must go. When you lose everything, and even your old way of thinking, while still appearing to be in this world, you, my friend, have just died, without having to physically die. You have experienced the loss of your old self and you are ready to live a life on earth as a resurrected Ascended Master, or as some like to call Christ personafied. Personality will usually stay pretty much the same, hence your family will not notice the change immediately, which means the stages of releasing your family has not quite started yet, but is about to start, and this will be usually a hostile situation because your presence alerts the entire Thought System of The Ego, which has become an entity: Spiritual Demon Satan. Basically, your presence reflects Jesus & other oracles that got killed and casted out from society because their presence stimulates the Larger mind to a new life form our bodies were programmed to fight against, like a magic wand that casts spells. You can try to be like Clark Kent and hide your energy, but you will be spotted eventually because we are surrounded by insect entities who are telepathic & like a hive satellite, they are directly controlled by Satan, which They Live film is about. The film is not about Edom, or other people still as sleep. So, when you integrate your learning while suffering in your hermit phase, you eventually become very effective in your daily tasks & will attract the realms of military, FBI, CIA or Gang Stalking that have marked your  highly aware self as ET. This is where Vatican and Crypto Jews in their envy step in: to try and get rid of you, because you managed to activate the Sacred Secretion oil within, which is Gods means to wake up his Sleeping Collective & hallucinating Son.


But you are still not ready to be fully free, and you can not be trusted… After this honeymoon period, you must let go of any hopes for this world to work, and channel the end or “death” to this time-space experience which is clearly a story about a broken system or injustice. We will talk about this as we go along. After dark night and it’s integration you are ready for another stage to salvation. This is a stage where the sifting officially begins, and will attract the world of Freemasons, warlocks, witches and Vatican demons, also beneficial biblical “UFOs” into your life. This is the secret dream of the larger collective mind the mundane world was created to cover or defend, so that this hidden dimension of wickedness can not be healed, and we will forever remain guilty. This is a secret dimension kept hidden from the public. Your friends and family never left you, they literally are in a much lower dimension of time, which looks like a carbon copy of your own, but that dimension from your past self is based on a much lower frequency, and is over peopled, due to their need to be distracted. In a way, you were tricked to be initiated to this next and hardest stage, but the only stage, which will lead you to truly appreciate the contribution of Jesus, the prophets and teachers, thus, to be truly able to join Jesus in One mind, not as a body. Before this stage, and including in your dark night, you are still lying about your love towards all the prophets, Jesus and God. All symbols of love are still meaningless to you, because you are not fully convinced, that the world is meaningless. This is where drinking the cup of Jesus is your only option now, and it will not be easy.  Without this step, you will not sharpen a Law beyond the Newtonian and modern laws of physics – you will not sharpen FAITH, & will remain in a limbo where you analyze only the illusion of a world, which we created to be meaningless, to oppress our souls, which leads to the forgetfulness of God, & to the belief In FAITHLESSNESS. Faithlessness leads to the concrete belief of autonomy as a body brain complex, at the mercy of a hostile world, & where attack & building mental & physical defense appears justified. Thus, do not make the mistake, as so many are doing right now, where they rather continue to read these earlier articles that appear to project blame on other people, or the world. This is not so, and to use these early articles as a means to be right, and judge others as wrong, is still a world type mentality. An advanced mind knows this would be your attempt to blame Jesus and God of why your life did not work by using the world/people as a means, or alibi, to prove how rotten your life is, and how it is Creations fault, and deserves your wrath. This is not a responsible approach and this is not an attitude I recommend because people like Jesus (Yahawahshi) and the apostles were serious men, and can not tolerate the current worlds behavior. Like us. They also, if not more, sacrificed their lives to people that in majority turned out to be full of crap, or wicked, with no respect or appreciation. In fact, majority crucified the image of the real Jesus by replacing him with a hippie, gay and all hugging Leper suffering Jesus, which is a mockery to a man who sacrificed his life, so that the Larger Mind or Super Ego will not shut it self completely, leaving us forever inside the dream bubble of purgatory, but which is hijacked trough witchcraft by modern day Fake Jews or Khazars & their re-established freemasonry, who learned this black magic from earlier attempts, mainly starting in Afrikas Babel, then Afrika Egypt and later Greece, Pagan Rome etc. The idea is to keep this purgatory state running, and exploit people to a point where we lose our spiritual awareness and become hive minded RFID-chipped human androids. The mark of the beast in the bible, which is the RFID-microchip is the final means to dim our atomic awareness to complete forgetfulness.

Awaken From The Dream of Birth & Death: Why Life Falls a Apart.

Why Life Falls Apart In Ascension.

The reason shit starts to hit the fan as you detach from Ego Consciousness of (A Gigiantic Crown of Thorns) that kept you in a sleep like experience of life, is because you are being called to the Unknown by the Universe detaching you from your comfort zones, but which is also a comfort zone of others you made a spiritual agreement with by your presence, and must accept the means to go trough these spiritual contracts or etheric bonds, in detail, then hopefully see the dynamics & values of the ego within these normalized human relations & finally declare your spiritual independence (eventually a physical one) from them, for they were all based upon trading, not Unconditional Love. Yes, you were caught up in a witch craft based system of Freemasonry that has reinforced peoples Ancient desire to justify a role of being a victim, which is same as to justify attack. Both are synonyms with the desire to keep the illusion of indivduated minds stuck in brains. The idea of your life falling apart is to make you prepared to Trust your Self as an extension of the Universe (or God, if you will). It is a period of sorting out the means beneficial for everyone. In this sorting out, it is you who become the light of the world rather than relying on a changing external world, which you were doing before answering the call to Ascend from the frequencies of victim & victimization thought streams. We all did that, because that is how we got programmed by a deceptive & reincarnated Ancient Babylonian system aiming to justify attack which keeps the frequencies of fear buried in our unconscious. And as this Ancient desire remains unconscious, so does the belief we are separated & justified to be defensive stay buried too, for they are the same in content. None of us knew there is a divine order in this insane planet so we never Trusted this intelligence that is within us (Universal energy/ mass of atoms that is One with Source) so we created our own safety with relationships and society in general to keep us in safety from perceived harm. But a safety net which was our own self made prison house due to its limitations or polices. Some people went as far as to accept their semi comfortable nine to five jobs and were willing to stay there until they reach their retirement age. This is not however what universal energy wants from us. The universe wants you to be fully free not semi free. There really is no compromise with this. Everything that was limiting your life even by 2 percent will go. No matter how great the sex was with your spouse, if he or she limits you in other areas of life then it will not last even if you resist the change. It happens step by step to many people because the fear of liberation is so strong. We have gotten too comfortable within our golden cage and are not comfortable with the freedom: doing the creativity work we love, being around amazing people, inspiring and helping people. That is what we all want deep inside, but minds in need to be re-adjusted to a Thought system that can produce these advents, then gently reach brahman where we have fulfilled our earthly function, then leave this realm trough Enlightenment, or semi Enlightenment, which leads the one to be beamed up by “UFO” star ships.

The Hero’s Journey.

The phase where everything goes upside down can take time and tends to be scary to many because the ones who are not ready for this will appear having all things figured out while your life makes no sense anymore. Please take heart. You are simply going trough a divine transformation. You are allowing your self to be crucified to the cross in your own unique way so just allow that to happen and do not fight it. Rebuilding your life will also take few years so allow your self to be a mess for a while. You will also notice the people who are there for you and the ones who are not there for you. Rely on God the most because you must be molded to re-become Kingdom minded, and eventually forget these earlier writings, and hopefully absorb the Universal Warning which articles like these are trying to lead the reader to understand, then exemplify. Ultimately your life is not really falling apart but it is actually falling into place. You just need patience. Life really is like a movie and what you are going trough is a typical heroes journey from the comfortable life towards the unknown. Ultimately the challenges you have will enrich you and you will eventually return to society and spread your knowledge to the people in need. You are literally a gift to planet earth if you endure.


“We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Life Falling apart is an initiation to Dark Night of the soul, or the belief in the entire meaninglessness of todays world. It is an unsettling period, but it will settle as you keep believing in your self. After enough integration you will eventually find out that this Life-falling-apart thing is a mental preparation for a Biblical “UFO” Euthanasia which is rebelled secretly by Rothchild family- Bloodline who are the main target for the Biblical “UFOs” mentioned many times in the Bible as clouds, whirlwinds etc. The “UFOs” and the end of carnal Kingdoms or systems are very basic actually, although in experience, it can be horrible if you are in the frequency red zone, which carnality is all about. After Life-falling-apart, many men are called to channel these “UFOs” to provoke Rothchilds & EU-NATO to hasten declaring War against the Biblical “UFOs” too. The freemasonic thought system must be checkmated to go all the way with depopulating people. You will be grateful that life fell apart, because it was not a life, it was all a slaughter house leading you to slaughter, to prove your self God does not exist; that a world of dreams, not spirit. This dimension of time takes a form of depopulation military tactic known as COVID19-Ukraine war and martial laws which, in reality, is the collectives need to keep the belief in Sin real. And deny our inheritance as abstract spirit or mind which perfection is: A Primal Thought.

Awakening From The Dream: Re-entering Society.

The Beginning: True Lightworking.

“In your relationship you have joined with me in bringing Heaven to the Son of God, who hid in darkness. ²You have been willing to bring the darkness to light, and this willingness has given strength to everyone who would remain in darkness. ³Those who would see will see. ⁴And they will join with me in carrying their light into the darkness, when the darkness in them is offered to the light, and is removed forever. (ACIM, T-18.III.6:1-4)

Once you have gone trough the Dark Night of The Soul (which can last from months to years) there is no turning back. Much has shifted within you as you were rewired by the Cosmic intelligence (Yahawah) as a initiation gift. One major quality within you by this time is that you re-become highly Extra Sensory Perceptive (ESP) to your surroundings & you can now honor this Extra sensitivity & use it well to navigate or discern trough life, both meaning the same really. In other words you have become an empath or psychic; merely outside the One Collective Mind in Awereness, not as a body; not yet. Once you come out of the metaphorical hermit phase & re-enter society, your acquired wisdom and the lack of addiction to Ego Consciousness gets automatically contrasted with the deep misery, search for validation & meaning the majority of our siblings in Christ around you are going trough from all ages and races. Majority of them so distracted by the world that they are not aware that they are miserable by searching for happiness outside of themselves. You will see the Cosmic drama being acted out right in front of you for now you come from a space of none judgement, where your past defense-based curriculum does not filter the facts of the objective realm Now. This is the true beginning of  Lightworking because as you are non-judgemental so will your actions, even the austere ones, such as a possible role to mercy kill people, or at least prepare them for such an event – can actually come from a space where others know deep within that your utterings are not coming from you personally & punitively – they are really Prophetical words & actions of Christ Consciousness trying demonstrate The One Son sense trough a none-ego way of being that naturally understands why people (Separated One Sons) want to maintain their ego fantasies. This understanding brings tremendous healing to the Collective One Mind, and it is not limited in one specific action or role. This is why you are forced back to the darkness, and share your gift, a gift which was not for you alone. The content, intent or understanding behind each action is what matters: Is the intent to establish separation or bring Oneness? So, before I go on with the basics of re-entering the societal matrix I would like to write a summary of the basic phases.

Restating The Basics.

1. Initiation: Everybody starts from this phase and majority of humanity have been stuck here for a long time. This phase is simply to be born into this world. Once you are born you get conditioned by your care takers and later on by your friends, school system, media and society. Unless you were born to an Enlightened being, which is rare, the conditioning you received while growing up were all objective. They all believed in a mysterious external world outside of themselves and something that should be taken seriously for the sake of survival. Once you take things seriously for many years you become addicted to that state and know no other way to navigate trough life. Once you reach adulthood and you notice that you are not happy, that you are still serious or unhappy, you are motivated to question everything you have been thought. Many people however suppress their real feelings regarding their unhappiness by distracting themselves trough relationships, abuse of sex, abuse of substances, beach vocations, overworking and overeating to a point the feeling of misery gets denied & hidden in the subconscious. When this happens the next step your soul will try to do to warn you is trough bodily sickness to motivate you to question what you pass as life but even this will not work in many cases because we will find satisfaction in blaming other people regarding the lot in our lives and the unconscious self hatred of not having the care to do anything about it but blame. The old grumpy man is a good example. Hitler found immense pervasive satisfaction in blaming others of his misery and even killed many to gain some sense of power. Many people at this point of initiation will find interest in conspiracy theories and although the basics are true, that a group of insane powerful individuals are not for the highest good of all and are plotting for a one world government to keep people more in bondage, the people who are miserable will then get stuck in blaming the insane “elites” yet not seeing the full picture of it which is that the miserable people are actually dreaming the elites up and the “elites” are just serving their wish to remain in literal and eternal sleep. They are also innocent in a sense that since we all deathwished our current system of distractions, so must we allow time play it self out so that the “elites” and their Nation of sleeping minds can be mercy killed back to nature Absrtact nature of God.

2. Undoing or Letting go: If you are lucky and you listen to your unhappiness or the sickness, you will start to rebel against everything you have been thought.  You will attract esoteric books, few friends who are also awakening and the right videos. And you will notice the importance of letting go of the false self: your old life which was working as an distraction. Dropping your old life will be a process because we fear the unknown after all of the old is gone. Many people will not go trough this phase and will jump back to their old lives and/ or comfort zones because they fear peer pressure that will inevitably happen with relationships. So many do not want you to be free and very few from your old life will allow you to go trough this radical process of letting go. The people from your old life will channel words and act out unconscious behaviors that will try to root you back in to the comfort zone you were part of for so long. Awakening is a road without distance so you really are not going anywhere but the change occurs at the level of the mind and once you have raised your awareness your life will picture this awareness accordingly which means your external world (the effect) will change based on the change in your thinking (the cause or projector). This is perhaps the most intense process of waking up and can also last for some time. If you live with a spouse, with family, it has been quite typical for them to suggest you should visit a psychiatrist and if you do that (some will be forced to do it) the psychiatrist, unless he/she is aware of jungian or any esoteric psychology, will usually diagnose your behavior as mental illness and you may have to go trough medication. Since you are the dreamer of your life and the people who seem to be outside of you are actually you, you will eventually have to forgive these people who hurt you by trying to drag you down to the old ways. Without forgiving them you will not be able to forgive yourself for being part of this Ancestral craft on Self, and finally release yourself from the experience of linear time: the sins of the past, the absence of present peace due to the fearful expectations of the unforgiving future. All this will be gone only trough forgiveness in a quantum sense. Forgiveness is the key to be released from time. None of us came here pure so waking up from the insane dream of Birth & Death – time & space – will make you more aware of this. We are all doing our best with our current state of awareness. I also want to add that although the psychiatrist have no clue what is happening within you, going to a mental health so-called professional will also be a good justification for others to allow you to take it easy & rest to digest all that is happening with you rather than pushing you to the world. Use this time wisely. Rest whenever you feel like doing so, in the end, you are called to be a end time leader & help others right? So, please, rest, because when you start to let go of your old life you will notice some Ascension Symptoms arising both at the physical & mental level. There are many Ascension Symptom lists on the internet so google search them using discernment. Very common ones are sleep issues, digestive issues, tinnitus, need to change diet, mood swings, lack or increase in libido, change in brain, skull & bone structure etc. This is raw stuff, like a Catepillar turning to a butterfly, but even this is only a beginning phase; this was supposed to launch everyone to Biblical timelines, but a dwelling place majority has failed to adapt, but I digress… Once you are changing your thinking, your biological self shifts accordingly to a more Light based body. Your psychological & physical self are getting trained being a dreamer outside time & space while still maintaining a body in a dense dream thus why all these radical biological shifts in the body (brain, organs etc) & the intense need to rest. When things balance out the body will feel more lighter, healthier & elastic, like a figure in a dream as Gary Renard or his higher selves said, although I do feel Gary might reincarnate to a different timeline for mistakenly suggesting false names & images of the prophets & especially Jesus, hence, although I love his contributions, he alone without his higher selves, is indeed limited & way too repetative. And attracts people who are not joining the high Prophetic ranks in their life time, which is intimidating as a man who is one of the Authorities in “gang stalking” or occult persecution, meaning a life of endless struggle & near deaths. Anyway, when Jesus was crucified he was completely outside of his body & did not feel any pain when the nails went trough his body. The Bible gave a different interpretation based on a suffering Jesus unfortunately, because The Bible has passages trying to compromise non-duality & concrete the Sleeping One Mind & make pain, sin, guilt & sacrifice real. Even those who were not born to the Bible belt, like my self, found it hard to not miss these pain, sin, guilt and sacrifice oriented concepts, because so many books, films and music have borrowed these painful concepts from religious stories just like the religious stories are borrowed from older prophecies which are facts within the dream, but do often miss stressing about the content: The addiction to study the Ego. The seed of manipulating the mind to believe in the dream trough concepts of sin, guilt and fear was placed long time ago even before our modern day religions. The Sumerian tablets and Egypts Hieroglyphs in Afrika are also a statement of that.

3. Dark night of The Soul: At this point you have lost so much and your body is still trying to catch on to all these radical changes. Many from your old life are gone and all that is left is the possibility of there being a God who might help you out. Many are not able to work in a job or will radically reduce their working to have more space for this cocoon process. Here is an earlier post about the Dark Night. At this point it will be hard to relate with anybody who have not gone trough this themselves thus you isolate yourself & become a hermit to digest your experiences alone. The best healing you can find in this phase is to surrender, walk in nature and do gentle exercises. Be glad if you are still diagnosed with mental illness because the few people in your life at this point will be more prone to leave you alone & rest: Your Mental illness is a lie however. You are dwelling in a place of the unknown with no reference points which your old life including the initiation and letting go phase of awakening was showing you as you were progressing trough these phases. At first you found meaning in the process of initiation and letting go but once you have let go enough of your old life even letting go loses its meaning and now suddenly there is no meaning in anything. There was no meaning in your old life/ initiation and even this spiritual letting go thing has lost its meaning! Yes, there really is no meaning in in this current world and this is exactly a phase of realization humanity escapes because the world is like a carrot in a stick trick for us to try and find meaning outside of God when there is none, but symbols with no content except a reminder we are in a dead state. This world was literally born from the wish to find meaning outside heaven trough dream symbols. We have been all tricked trough lies. In the Dark Night of The Soul you are trained to become content with the lack of meaning in life. That happiness is within. The reason why many describe Dark Night of The Soul as “the absence of God” is because we feel deeply the meaninglesness of everything and our systems get shocked for it’s truth. Some commit suicide at this point. Saying that the world is meaningless may sound depressing and harsh to the ones still entrenched in the 3D world. Yet DNOTS is really a sorting out moment, where God fuses it’s sense upon your mind & directs your step hence forth in ways beneficial for everyone. Again, the seed of happiness is within not without. The point of the Dark Night is to accept or love the meaninglesness of everything because this is what God is able to do, and since we are not separated from God but the thought (“image”) of God we must think accordingly like It, to be able to experience It, then move forward with the Word or mind of our Creator attached to your being.

Re – entering society after divine transformation.

When you come out of the dark the dream nature of this world becomes more apparent. The Ancient dream/matrix will start to fall apart & glitch once in a while & it will intensify as you progress. This is because you are becoming aware that planet earth, the universe is not linear, it is multidimensional or Holographic. You can skip dimensions of time if it is beneficial for you to see alternative realities (Mandela Effect). A good example I can come up with is that if you walked to work trough a certain street and you usually saw the same buildings, same people in the same place, this time you will see slight differences. Instead of seeing the same old drunk sitting next to the store and cussing, you might see a bunch of beautiful girls. Instead of seeing the same buildings, perhaps you will see a hotel that was not supposed to be there before. The changes in your world will not be too radical first so you can stay balanced: Mandela Effect. As you raise your frequency your old relationships will also not manifest to your reality as often as usual, and some of them will completely disappear. This shift includes witnessing your new woke friends falling to the way side too, because the idea of letting this solar system go is too alien. Repeating numbers like 1111-1444 should be a basic experience at this point.

Psychic Emergence.

Since you are less rigid in your mind and have evaporated a great chunk of garbage thoughts that distracted you from the present moment, you are gaining your forgotten abilities as an empath/psychic, and are able to see the state of others, majority who are stuck in their mind chatter and are divided to the past, present and future. They are still in Ego Consciousness or Ego Thought Streams; a lower vibration, fully engrossed in the holographic dream, purposed to serve a world of bodily awareness or carnality. So be ready for them not embracing your freedom which is their own call for help in a form people can accept without freaking out, but get’s dismissed for the need to project ones low self esteem on others, which covers the truth of the situation. Sword of Discerning is the Law of Attraction or Vibration Laws at play now. If you stick around “Low vibrating people” happy and free, it will make them aware of their state of misery & their investment to stay miserable, which is why they will prefer not to be around you. And will choose people vibrating at the same level as themselves. Respect that because we are not better than anyone else, technically. “Low vibrating people” will not be able to stick around your world too much unless you climb back down to their vibrational level and pretend to be not free which is not beneficial to you. When you are vibrating high, yes, your body appears to be existing to others (not all), but not only they will be intimidated by your freedom due to becoming aware of their own unhappiness, they will also sense deep within, although unaware, that you can read them like an open book because you are outside of the dream in tune with the One dreamer that is dreaming everybody. This is the so called psychic power, which is a gift & used by Freemasons sorcereres, left hand psychics & Reptilians too.

Techincally: Not Better Than the Rest.

The people who will be in your life are there to learn something from your presence but you will not have attachments to the result of their learning nor are you meant to talk about anything esoteric unless they ask. You will also need discernment in these relationships with lower vibrating friends because they may get dependent on your high energy and try leech onto you not knowing they are doing that. This is why its also beneficial to not have any random sexual encounters with low vibrating beings to avoid etheric attachments which can bind you to that person. The reason relationships with low vibrating people will require discernment is because they are attracted to Ego Consciousness and the only way the ego sustains it self is trough drama, so if you hang around “low vibrating people” for a long time you will notice that they tend to attract weird situations and weird people in to their lives without them knowing they are doing so, just like a young woman tend to date with jerks hoping it will work out, but which was really a rebellion & top reasons many women are marked to be killed, for it was a deliberate covenant with Satan using toxic masculinity as means to attack God or Creation – trying to prove God wrong & the austere presence of Jesus-Yahawashi Spirit or concept of a husband useless. So, alot of unconsious & violent ilmplicit behaviors will come to light at this point. You will notice the subtle sarcastic humor, subtle competition and so on – all are attacks on each other & contributions to our Babylonian vortex of attacks & unsolved issues – kept as secret sins & hidden hates, to power the collective confusion or amnesia alive. Basically, people are mentally cannibalizing one another. Since they are not Extra Sensitive or psychic enough to see what they are doing with their lives, they think all this is normal when it is the exact opposite. Again, “Awakening” can be disturbing at times but you will get used to it. I will also add one more time, that Awakening does not make you better or worse. It is a natural process of remembering who you are. As you know at this point, many people who are not going trough the process, who are fully engrossed in the holographic dream state are actually more prone to be able to function in regular jobs and careers because they have suppressed their feelings & are numb to the satanic structure literally breaking peoples minds & cementing their focus on the animal plane of Horus, yet compelling them to adjust to a system of nails & crown of thorns. We still need these suicidal beings so that our global system can be held together for a little while, before it gets destroyed after Proxy & information war is finalized. The ones waking up will find the demands of the world of thorns stupid & it is very rare, if not impossible, to be a CEO, a football player, a UFC fighter and to be “Enlightened” or highly vibrating at the same time in this messed up frequencyfence known as our world. These kinds of activities absorb your energy to the Matrix. So, allow “Unconscious people” to do their thing, they are Angels too. If everyone would wake up at the same time, nobody would be able to work in the system because remembering your self being a Child of God outside time and space, is a shock to the bodies system. It takes time to integrate this readiness of Knowledge/ Universal Presence on a biological level before you truly experience the body is actually an avatar within a projected holographic simulation or as some, including my self, refer as a Holographic dream. The excelerated experience of not being a body is also orgasmic & the bodies internal system needs to learn how to re-adjust these intense sexual or creational energies, having nothing to do with intercourse, which is not our natural inheritance anyway, but will be used as means to Ascend as Angels in the apparent Heaven on Earth & which may take time, for there will be no rush. In worlds stage this process can take years to master but as you advance, the need for physical sex tends to diminish in Edoms Kingdom of flesh. This is mainly to sustain your sanity as the world is becoming more out of balance & needs examples of none-carnal minds who in majority are men, not women. Again, like the Biblical Clean Lepper collective (Caucasus mt),  so are 99,9% modern females time encapsuled beings along the rest of Biblical “Heathens” who together decided to be adobted as the Children of time, decay & death, by choosing to abuse their bodies trough unconscious means, then rot in their own smell & offer their aging rottened & sexually abused bodies to their Lord Satan, who they love & also hate: The Kingdom of Duality. Hence, women will atone for their attacks on Christ by becoming servants again, because in reality men do not need women for men are able to activate Kundalini Energy & reach Cosmic Consciousness directly too. But since the body will die in that energy, God will step to judge if we should still remain in the dream to help others (mainly women) or reach him directly & finally unplug the dreams of time & decay forever. So, since the dream is one, even Kundalini Activated men & Jesus are counselled to stay, because the leap to eternity must be done together – in Awereness that is – or not at all. This leap includes killing & enslaving over-carnal-minds which means killing alot of women. This strategy to kill is mainly done by using “Spirits of Vengence” tactics to lure rejected & over sexualized psychopaths to kill modern women who are not suitable to be around Kundalini initiated men anymore, for they have become too dirty. The few females that will make it, will go trough a ritualistic cleansing, but if they are advanced, this is not so & why the sciptures had it wrong. The “Heathen” women will receive a servants position for sure, & will have to accept their parents & Nation deserved death, hence their only way to atone for their Ancestral crimes is to be a Concubine & advance spiritually by using their position as a means to an end until they will also become light beings, then leave the planet behind.


A lot of people will come and go in this phase of your life so be ready for nothing to last forever and time to speed up in your experience. The point of letting go and the dark night/ cocoon was a gift for you to learn to enjoy to be alone because all relationships come with an expiration date and unlike most people who try to immortalize their relationships, the ones who are sane, are about letting go. This goes to your like minded esoteric friends as well, be ready to reach a moment of releasing them in joy because we are all here for different expressions of the same mission which is to spread light and glory trough out the Universe by just being us. Not everybody is supposed to blog or make youtube videos with million hits. Some share their light in total obscurity only to find out they stood more than others from a Cosmic perspective, who is sifting the weath from the tares as we speak. Not all are meant to be together, which is why forgiveness needs to be applied to graduating individuals as well who come from different spiritual theologies. Once the purpose of the relationship has been served with a person, you release them in joy. The release must be done ego free with no need to prove or say the last words. That would be a learning error & would tragically force you to repeat a similiar relationship. Again, a lot of things shall unfold – some have already experienced extraeterrestial encounters & prophecies at this point since they are Extra Sensory (Gods Measuring Stick) to the Universe & are ready to be contacted. The dream will still try to lure you back with it’s Masonic-tricks. People will love you for no reason & people will hate you for no reason but neither one will have much effect on you anymore because you have learned to be content by being alone in silence with absolutely no meaning whatsoever in life, and discover that this world was deliberately sustained to be meaningless: But it is you who are the meaning. Release the need to dwell in the Dark Night of The Soul, which is a phase between choosing your old life of darkness or transform your life to receive the means to reinforce what Life of meaning *IS* trough you.

WARNING: COVID19-Ukraine-Israel war is a secret Rothchild rebellion regarding their bloodlines or Caucausus mountains human-ape bloodlines soon- to- come Biblical “UFO” euthanasia which is channeled by Native Israel bloodline. Caucasians and their NATO-EU allies, are unfortunately going to be put to death in our generation, and during Martial law era. The meaninglessness of life and the importance to be content with it, is to be content of the meaninglessness of this world, the world of Biblical Edomites from Mt seir and Caucasus mountains. Once the mind dwells in peace regardless of our Ancient intent to create a dying world with no meaning, you are at least ready to develop a mentality to receive a new one with meaning, but a world, and a World of Thought which is diametrically opposed to every value of this modern world, or kingdom, which is managed by a Freemasonic thought system of flesh. This world is about to be destroyed and dark night of the soul and your life “falling apart” is actually a positive initiation to prepare your mind to receive an ancient energy, and first escape the modern world, and its soon to be Biblical destruction. The letting go must be first mental, otherwise you will become a pile of sand like Lot’s wife in Sodom & Gomorrah. After destruction, there will be a rebuilding of a more ancient system closer to the times of King Solomon. A system of thought that convinced the planets intelligence the most, and is ready to receive it back.

Awakening From The Dream: The Dark Night Of The Soul.

The Dark Night Of The Soul: A Deciding For God.

 And thou hast cast me forth into the deep, in the heart of the sea, and a flood hast compassed me: all thy billows, and thy waves have passed over me. (Jonah 2:3)

Saint John Of  The Cross’s Concept of The Dark Night Of The Soul is a concept of the last steps in the Beginning Stages of Souls purgation where you are not ready to continue because you are holding on to your old life or relationships, regarless of the evident cognitive dissonance, which your Esoteric disciplinary practices brought about, which included the realization that our relationships were really based upon policing one another unconsciously to serve the Egos Thought System. This conflict of man was well hinted trough Saint John of Cross in codes when God fronted Bibles Daniel, an Anointed one, but who still had subconscious or concealed aspects of self still having earthly desires or hopes: From the beginning of thy prayers the word came forth: and I am come to shew it to thee, because thou art a man of desires: therefore do thou mark the word, and understand the vision (Daniel 9:23). And so, DNOTS is a grieving process of a life that is now lost & you don’t know what next. Here you are incresingly aware that you are at unison with a needy dialectrical electro magnetic field – the collective one son – that feeds from your bodies plasma by utilizing mainly reptilians & humans as it’s proxy. And even as you become less angry, less anxious & a more happy forgiving-self, it is still the small self housed in a body & in a world set up where individuality is maintained by playing king of the mountain hence there is no hope in the world except as a means to an end. The full acceptance of this will not happen in a long time; DNOTS just makes you increasingly aware of the worlds hopelessness or that you are not called to make life better in the physical universe – which you are battering trough your third eye – or even establish a heaven on earth. The most ideal is to leave the entire sandbox because the physcal realm was conceived from the principle of sacrifice. You are more than likely surrounded by infant minds at this point, ready to throw you to a mental hospital (Systematic defence) if you talk about this, because infant minds have over learned the linear world, hence are better at adjusting themselves to earthly situations. DNOTS is a half-dead experience because the one in the DNOTS perceives being stuck & unproductive in this stage due to the decreased ego motivations that got gracefully burned trough Celestial Practices, but a motivation – from the perspective of flesh that is – at least motivated the one to achieve things in the past & often was praised by the world. But in the DNOTS, now we look back in purgatory contemplation, often reflecting all our wretched offences we did unconscously living in a normalized Freemasonic system, hence you hear quotes in psalms 39:2 such has: I was dumb, and was humbled, and kept silence from good things: and my sorrow was renewed. This is where the decision making part of the mind (Reality) can sense the gravitational pull of God within, uttering or radiating more psalms like: My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God  (42:2)? Yet, as lovely as the Awareness or pull of Gods omnipresence *IS* within our collective Maya state – now as an offical inbetweener – the pull of the world (Black Mirror, Matrix or Holographic Counter space) becomes also accentuated, but a pull between two opposite Universes which has tortured the body since our birth, but was numbed trough Reptilian vaccines & the worlds culture that reflects the Egos Thought System that vexes bodily or mindless awareness. Since you have melted enough ego beliefs (Clutter of Thoughts) trough your stoic, meditative & esoteric practices, & have reached a deeper sublime heredity, there is no way to deny the conflict everyone suffers as bodies. And the body is a symbol of a deformity of thought (Plane of Inertia) where an abstract mind & seemingly wrapped by flesh, is in between two opposing forces, but is not aware of this anymore, for the Reptilian world was made to suppress this decision making dwelling place between two Thought Systems or spirits to be forever unconscious, or out of our awareness. A dwelling place where we can & must authentically, unequivocally, or Universally, communicate as decisive minds, a path that leads to a gentle conscious way of dying back to Source. Or, choose the other road of thorns that leads to a reprobate dimension of time & where your mind amplyfies the predatorial magnetic grid, producing unconsciouss sense of shame. The ones spiritually engineering themselves, are gradually aware of this pull to two different directions regardless of the GMO foods, vaccines & other masonic abominations we employed to prevent this experience from happening. This undeniable Awareness of our wretched condition as one, but the little hope to re-establish our vision to forgive others, hence ourselves, was spoken thus in psalms: 12 Thou hast corrected man for iniquity. And thou hast made his soul to waste away like a spider: surely in vain is any man disquieted. 13 Hear my prayer, O Lord, and my supplication: give ear to my tears. Be not silent: for I am a stranger with thee, and a sojourner as all my fathers were.14 O forgive me, that I may be refreshed, before I go hence, and be no more (Psalms 12-14) etc. And so it is, that in the Dark Night, this vacillation between two mutually exclusive Thougth Systems (Spirits) is experienced extremely energy consuming or painful: “From above He has sent fire into my bones, And it overpowered them; He has spread a net for my feet And turned me back; He has made me desolate And faint all the day. (Lamentations 1:13)… And where one or the other must be chosen as reality, otherwise you will be only wasting your time, because you are really escaping the advanced or Biblical means that awaits you to forgive this world, meaning, to become like Jesus-Yehushua & the other prophets, saints, shamans etc. Again, in this dwelling place within your mind you either choose or power up God-Yahawah or the Ego, which are Thought Systems a.k.a Spirits. It is a raw crystallization operation taking place, or an undoing of the flesh-man belief (Thought System), denoted in some scriputes too & a phase we can musically refer to as Stanzas.

Flesh Under The Consuming Fire of Divine Light.

10 Heap together the bones, which I will burn with fire: the flesh shall be consumed, and the whole composition shall be sodden, and the bones shall be consumed. 11 Then set it empty upon burning coals, that it may be hot, and the brass thereof may be melted: and let the filth of it be melted in the midst thereof, and let the rust of it be consumed. (Ezekiel 24:10)

Thou hast removed my soul far off from peace. (Lamentation 3:17)

In this often lamenting oriented operation, here we are called to see that we never were in charge of our inspirations, hence can not technically take individual credits of anything. Here, we are basically a moving corpse & this is why It is very common to not have any passion for anything, because you must allow your adjustments to the world be melted & re-adjust your mind or heart to a Universal Course within. And due to the depression that follows from the lack of passion, we tend to be very fatigued, & sleep a lot just to have some sense of peace, but again, it is really Gods finger tips trying to keep you still so that it can mold or shape you like a sculpture. But from the perspective of flesh & the world – like Jobs friends – this does not appear so; It’s more like God has left us because there is no inspiration for that which we once thought as our life. It is very good to know that this phase will pass, & the whole purpose of this process is to make your biological self aligned with Source/God/Universe, and to follow his Will (may lead you to be initiated to channel “UFOs”) so remember to rest a lot. You are being prepared for a more Biblical perception of that which *IS*, so your brain is literally rewired to receive more Cosmic energy, & de-clutter your mind from past concrete linear thinking. Without feeling dead you would be placing goals based on your old way of thinking, your ego. You would stay stuck in the world, & eventually be caught in the up coming Lock Down & vaccine traps, which is Georgia Guide Stone written human sacrifice ploy as means to rebel against the Biblical “UFOs”, which many Dark night survivors are initiated to channel to this planet to kill Rothchilds & their entire Nations, including our Caucasus mt or Clean Leper friends, because they suffer a Clean Leper condition which is an avatar that has paralyzed to flesh & has no hope to ascend 5D waves, hence, are together, along China & Japan, applauding for a 5G system, but expecting the remnant of Nations to join these steps towards a completed atonoment in death of Self.

The Dawn Of Multiverse Reality.

So, during this Dark night, You are officially becoming multidimensional. You will attract so-called new “spiritual” friends but who in majority were reptilian hybrids who appear esoteric, so stay alert. They are garrisoning multiverse timelines by analyzing peoples awareness, then snitching about it to FBI database. Here you are in a important phase of realizing you are the dreamer of the dream (Physical Universe & people) they want to study so allow your physical  biological self to catch on to this realization by resting as much as you can, for there are more intense DNOTS ahead of you that may hint that you are well advanced thus about to sleep soon & enter a secret inner wine cellar which is an advanced dwelling place or a hidden realm within where God has prepared a banquet for you & is not dependant on the world, the bible, prophetical events, or time. You will know when this takes place like a naturally dying bird that sits still In readiness to shed it’s body. As for the first DNOTS experience: Try to enjoy the fact that you are in a sped up process of self realization. Once you are in a DNOTS it is fair to say that there is no turning back. Give up your will back to God for you are far too gone now to return to your own vomit, which has killed many rebellious ones. You have basically raised your consciousness to a degree that it will be very hard to go back into your old habits, old friends & family members who are suffering different levels of forgetfulness, & are not attracted to any forms of reminders or Light. You can’t go back because you are Ascending now and this time you can feel it. Dark night of the soul is very painful process because you are contrasting your old comfort with the unknown future, but once you get out of it, you will have intense confidence in you to a point some people, especially children, animals will sense it and will be attracted to your Christ like Aura. You may also find weird encounters with people in general. Some may look at you with awe and are over curious to know about you, while others will get the hell away from you being angry at you for no reason, usually reptilians who are jealous of you, for their specialness is fading. Some people may even fall in love with you. Nocturnal dreams will get more prophetic. Its also good to to mention that some old relationships with family and old friends will come back but you will be more discerning with them this time and will more than likely not invite them anymore because at this point you are dead to the world of time, and really just waiting to be either lifted up, or be a Prophetical Guide for the little ones: The Biblical elects, who will be the next waves of Kings, celebrities etc. This means that after the energy consuming DNOTS experience, you will get your energy back and start to get hints of what you should be doing with your life, which may have nothing to do with society, so do not place expectations because many people after this stage are guided for end time preparations, and some of us are guided to channel Biblical clouds or “UFOs” to destroy Rothchilds family bloodline & their Nation. You will discover spiritual gifts (healing, prophecy, counselling, guidance) at this point, and you will eventually find the right platform to express this. The benefits are incredible. Hang in there because things will get beautiful. It will not be easy though.

I want to quote something from Patrick John Colemans blog. A Shaman from Chicago who helped me few times in my toughest days in the past, and I pray for him for the temptations he suffers.

What most don’t realize is that the dark night is a gift and you leapfrog over years of spiritual development in a mere matter of weeks or months. Some can stay locked in a Dark Night for years and the quickest way out of it is to give up. Let yourself feel terrible because chances are you’ve covered up those feelings in the past. Perhaps you’ve drowned your terrible feelings in distractions such as TV or engaged in addictions to make you feel artificially better. What’s happening in the Dark Night is that things are being set back into balance. You’re being reset and emotionally cleared for the next phase of your life as a spiritually awakened person. Where the shattered aspects of your soul have been collected and healed and you are now free to move through life unhindered by negative thought patterns or limiting behaviors. For that is the ultimate blessing of the DNOTS.


As you can see, the Dark Night of The Soul is not exactly fun, but beneficial. It will not look like that for a while, and it may take a while before things get brighter. But it will, because it did for me, not materialistically per-se, but on how I was able to view or perceive life and attacks of others. When I say that things will get brighter I am referring to a state of mind & nothing external. You can be in peace regardless of what happens externally, even if you are dragged to COVID19 FEMA-camp, and punished by death for not taking the vax and RFID-Chip which is the Mark Of The Beast in Johns Revelation & explained by the modern Hebrews from their Biblical perspetive. When you are at peace, which is the Cause, then the outside world, which is the effect, may appear to change. It usually does change because you are aware of different parallel realities, but they are all vanity, because the content is separation; Reptilian & Gray invaded, who guide the Fake-Jews. Dark Night of The Soul heals us speedily trough purging ones Ancient Soul like an iron molded & shaped by fire, which is why it is disturbingly painful. And again, there may come more Dark Nights as you progress, but this time you will navigate trough them as an Adept.

DNOTS video.

Awakening From The Dream Of Death: Beginning Stages & Releasing Relationships.

Beginning Steps to End Regeneration.

Since this is about the beginning steps I will keep things simple in explanation, as if talking to children, but the idea here is to build the reader to be ready to read the online book Universal Warning. So, Awakening from the dream of physical world and body, or in other words, awakening from the dream of a life of being born as a body, to eventually work hard to survive and to eventually die as a body is a growing phenomenon happening all around our world now. People have been introduced to this new way of being either true tragic such as a mental breakdown, losing a job, losing a loved one, losing health and so forth, that makes the individual question the meaning of existence in a more authentic and inquired way rather than just intellectualizing it to sound more wiser to others. Many people have been reporting similar stories of collapsing and having an out of body experience where their consciousness gets seemingly removed from the body and they see themselves in a tunnel like place and a light at the very end of the tunnel which reminds the seeming individual that there is more to life than what our perception (5 senses) shows us and that consciousness is not limited to our brain. Some people have a more gentle introduction to this new way of being by simply reading about quantum mechanics or a metaphysical book like the Power Of Now by Echart Tolle or just stumbling across a blog post such as this which makes the reader more obsessed with seeking more information to confirm that this is what is going on and is a topic that should be paid attention to. There are also a number of people who have been into conspiracy theories, and although the basics are true which is that we are all slaves within a system governed by few insane satan/ego consciousness worshipping individuals who invented religion, health care, hollywood and our economic system to exploit souls, these people who are into conspiracy theories have naturally given up on this subject because they have finally understood that all it does is stimulate negativity, paranoia and fear into their minds which keeps us stuck in linear time, so they end up giving it up and lean towards a more positive direction which eventually leads them to metaphysical and mystical direction, the way out of this world or the process of healing the mind that is projecting a dream of a world and body. The dream of separation.

The World Will Not Celebrate Your Esoteric Discovery.

However, being awakened in the beginning stages, although exciting and should be so, does not make you special. It is a natural process of “Evolution”. The word Evolution is quoted because everything has already happened, including your script where you appear to Ascend, but I digress, for now. In fact, from the worlds point of view you may be considered valueless to the world because the people who end up going trough the beginning stages in a western set up especially, will find it very hard to function in a world that was designed almost perfectly to keep the sleepers asleep. Having all the Universal electromagnetic energy running trough your open egoless, less guilty mind, trough spine, can make you very tired at times. For example in Buddhist tradition it is normal to find refuge after decent Awakening because the noise & demands of the world becomes overwhelming, for it was designed to attack our Cosmic Awareness, keeping everyone dull. So the world we see outside of us is basically a result of dreaming, so all it does is that it will always promote complicated systems, people in power, people in medicine, in media, in news, in science, in music and film industry, all that are coming from a place of unconsciousness, in other words, they are coming from a place of making the world and body real to us and something we must take seriously not realizing and admitting that there is nothing to take serious about this world because we are literally dreaming our lives and have the power to change the content of our dreaming at any time. To be co- creators of life.


Releasing The Past of Unconsciousness.

When you start awakening and you see beyond the falsity of this world or matrix which results you being stuck in two opposite worlds, one at the earthly plane and the other one being sometimes blissfully high in a different dimension only to come back to the earthly plane and depressed of not being ready to reach home yet, you will most likely find it hard to function in the physical world, in relationships and in all areas of your life for a while. A typical result is to end up isolating your self from the world around you and find solace in aloness because not only are you realizing that our so called leaders, news reports, scientist, religion, medicine and famous artist are coming from a place of unconsciousness, you will also realize that your previous decisions before your awakening with relationships, hobbies and ambition was also coming from a place of unconsciousness, to serve your ego desires! You will realize that all your decisions regarding friends, relatives, hopes and dreams, prior to your process to awaken from the dream of birth and death, have been made by you to distract you from reaching Enlightenment, the way out of this dream. I think this is why many are avoiding Enlightenment because you are basically seeing the truth of who you really are by contrasting it with who you are not. You are seeing that pretty much all of your relationships, hobbies and ambitions, the good and the bad were conditioned by you to remain in a literal sleep and throw your power away.  This is why so many people who are awakening have reported the same old story which happened to me as well which is that pretty much all relationships with friends, family, hopes and dreams ends up falling apart once the individual sees beyond the veil (starts to awaken from the dream of birth and death). These individuals and activities served you to keep your ego identity intact which was your secret wish and forgotten reason you started dreaming of a world and a body in the first place but if you really are for the job to leave the dream, it also means that you must reach a point of letting go of your false self and everything that perpetuated that false identity. The process of letting go of your old or false self is basically done by what I call mini deaths so if you have a relationship that was chosen from a place of unconsciousness such as the fear of being alone or a need for validation, so will the relationship be removed to learn more self love, & to trust your self. If you have a job only to make money to survive, the job will sooner or later fall apart for you to learn to trust the Universe in difficult times & to see if you are able to be kind to yourself & to others while going trough these difficulties. Since you are the dreamer of physical universe (the dream of birth and death), at some point as you advance in your awakening, you will realize that it is not God that is placing you to go trough these situations, it is your higher self inquiring your curriculum for the sake of everyones salvation from concrete perception. If you have strong resistance to these radical changes that will take place once you answer The Call for everyone to leave this insane stiff & concrete dream I can assure you life will do the work for you, because you can not be around certain individuals or circumstances anymore. You will go trough a cognitive dissonance for sure. Many of your old friends, family & people in general will hate your increasing luminous presence & will try to pull you back to their beliefs that serves to keep minds locked  in purgatory matrix. They will unconsciously, or the fear of losing you, try to pull you back to ego consciousness, to distract you back to body identification rather than being a lucid dreamer. Inside they know that you are indeed dying but in a good way – that you are graduating from the earth plane & going to a fresh vibration or dimensions of existence. And since “they” are too addicted to ego consciousness: the body, the drama, the fear, the mind chatter & the pain – they are not ready to let go of you, & will more than likely express their rebellion viciously, which is really their personal fight with God where you work as their means – it is not a personal thing – & it is only trough this vision you can truly heal or forgive your past, & the people that constitutes your past.

The Addiction to Concrete Consciousness: Our Worst Nemesis.

People who are still asleep are in other words addicted to ego consciousness that gives them the illusion of being a brain body complex. It has been going on for so long that letting it go is hard, and if you know the basics of Alcoholism recovery (AA) well, the most fundamental step is to let go of the people who are into the same habit of being an alcholic. This is basically why the common symptom of awakening/letting go of ego consciousness involves releasing the people who are not ready to do the same. Again, this is a process of conscious death and being prepared for a new life form, which includes the visitations of Biblical “UFOs” in to your life. So when it comes to you past relationships, but not sharing the same addiction for drama – there is basically nothing to share anymore, no reason to be around, nothing to talk about . Hence, It will all fade away, leading you to a state of void or Dark Night of the Soul, which is an Awareness – a boarder land between spiritual and physical realm where the controlling of this world takes place too. If you resist this natural process and stay with your past, you will see things getting very awkward, hopeless and difficult. Conversations with people absorbed by ego consciousness will be an offense from both sides, and the conscious individual will stand as a token for the rests self destruction. Even if you do not talk physically the attacking intent of others remains crystal clear because in reality we are minds and we communicate to one another telepathically so in some level your old relationships will sense that you have changed. Most of them seeing it as a bad thing, because conscousnes is life, hence you will be perceived as the one stealing anothers own life happiness by just being happy. For example in my case, when I went trough the dark night of the soul which is a word for a rapid expansion of consciousness, and I was more introverted than ever, one of my old friend while high and drunk asked me disapointed “what happened to that alpha male Klem I used to know?” But that so called alpha male was praised glorious by a wicked polluted world no one in their right mind wants to receive as their own identity.

Ascension: A Divine Process.

So do not panic when relationships starts to fade away and people will distance themselves from you or you will distance yourself from them. You are growing out of your peer group, this is normal. If you try to save the relationship by pulling your friends or relatives to your frequency by sharing about your esoteric experiences the typical reaction is blank stares – thinking you are crazy. In my case some have gotten aggressive because they have a hard time to accept that their problems and pains in life are all self created to basically sabotage their chances to be truly free. Religious people will have a hard time to accept that the god they pray to is actually the ego god invented by insane but ingenious individuals and left hand extraterrestials who are here to control mankind. In many cases, many people awakening who told their relatives about their esoteric discoveries has led them to mental hospital only to be framed with mental illness by greedy doctors, who are really military warlocks aware of we live the Age of Aquarius or the end of linear time. This happened to me too, so keep this hidden knowledge to your self if possible, but at some point you will also have to speak out. Many are not mentally prepared for this stuff anyway so let them be and wallow in their misery until they have also had enough of their mental & physical pains. If the world continues their murmuring, there is a Biblical “UFO” euthanasia right at the corner ready to put our past relationships, & the entire world to death before a new governmental body becomes established by graduated or fully kundalini awakened individuals: Man, children & women. Some will stay here to govern, while others may leave this planet towards other realms as Nomads. Namaste.